Thursday, August 28, 2014


This is coolbert:

Here with explanation as to why ISIL has been so successful. NOT merely to blame is the relative ineptitude of the Iraqi national army.

ISIL not consisting strictly of amateurs but having at the higher echelons of command [?] experienced and trained military men.

"Military skill and terrorist technique fuel success of ISIS"

"BAGHDAD: As fighters for the Islamic State continue to seize territory, the group has quietly built an effective management structure of mostly middle-aged Iraqis, including many military officers under Saddam Hussein, overseeing departments of finance, arms, local governance, military operations and recruitment."

"At the top the organization is the self-declared leader of all Muslims, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a radical chief executive officer of sorts, who handpicked many of his deputies from among the men he met while a prisoner in US custody at the Camp Bucca detention center."

"He had a preference for military men, and so his leadership team includes many officers from Saddam's long-disbanded military."

"The pedigree of its leadership, outlined by an Iraqi expert and US intelligence officials who have seen documents seized from Islamic State by the Iraqi military, helps explain its battlefield successes: [the] Islamic State is in effect a hybrid of terrorists and an army."

That staying power of ISIL will be rather prodigious and don't underestimate the Caliph and his minions. Support, overt or tacit among the Sunni Arab Iraqi might actually be quite strong?


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