Saturday, September 30, 2023

VKS Russia.

This is coolbert:

It has [?] been a big surprise that the Russian air force [VKS] has played as perceived a relatively minor role in the Ukraine Conflict?

"Russia's air force has lost 90 planes in Ukraine and is becoming less formidable by overworking its jets, UK intel says"

From |  story by Sophia Ankel | Sep 28, 2023. Thanks the tip from Freeper.

Graphic Intelligence Update thanks to the British Ministry of Defense [MoD].

* "Russia's air force has lost 90 planes in Ukraine since February 2022, British intelligence said."

* "Their jets are wearing out faster due to the intensive amount of combat missions, it added."

* "Despite this, Russia still has the ability to fly missions over occupied Ukraine, the update said."

I believe that when the MoD states ninety planes lost they are referring to high-performance fixed-wing aviation. Rotary wing helicopters not included in the ninety total.

That Russian overwhelming advantage numbers of combat warplanes the VKS had prior to 24 February 2022 in contrast to the Ukrainian quite obvious:

* Russian aerospace  aircraft - 1,172 |  Ukrainian - 124.

* Russian helicopters > 821 |  Ukrainian - 46.

* Russian Air defense - 714 |  Ukrainian  > 322.

Keep in mind that Russian air defense is a separate military service and not part of the VKS. MiG-31 Foxhound being however used as delivery system for the Kinzhal hypersonic system.



This is coolbert:

The musicians [Wagner] no longer minus a conductor.

I am not sure if that is good or bad. For the musicians [Wagner mercenaries] and Andrei both.

"New Wagner Chief, Tasked With Sending Fighters Back To Ukraine"

Handpicked by Vlad Putin himself! Again, I am not sure if that is good or bad!

From | article by TYLER DURDEN | SEP 29, 2023.

"The future fate and leadership of PMC Wagner has become clearer on Friday, following the Aug. 23 death of Yevgeny Prigozhin and much of his senior leadership when their private plane went down outside Moscow while en route to St. Petersburg. It is believed that either a bomb was detonated, or it was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile."

I think we can now justifiably assume that reports of the death of Yevgenyy [Prigozhin] are valid. Regardless that in the future Yevgenyy will be spotted in the Burger King restaurant Irkutsk on numerous occasions!!

"The lingering question since then has centered on who will take command of Wagner, and whether it will remain a private entity, or possibly be broken apart. Those questions appear to have been at least partially answered with Putin's Friday Kremlin meeting with Andrei Troshev, among the most senior ex-commanders of the Wagner mercenary group and former aide to Prigozhin."

From the standpoint of the Russian and Vlad it is important that the Wagner entity remain intact and active. Not only as shock troops in the Ukraine but also in the mercenary world with many overseas adventures in furtherance of Kremlin global goals and ambitions.

According to the wiki entry this Andrei does have a military background by training and experience, in contrast to the late great Yevgenyy.

"Andrey Nikolaevich Troshev . . . is a retired colonel, former agent for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and a veteran of the Soviet-Afghan War, the Second Chechen War, and the Russian military intervention in the Syrian civil war."

As for the rank and file Wagner mercenary, I would expect each and everyone from this moment forward to step easy, as if walking on eggs.


Friday, September 29, 2023


This is coolbert:

"One pill makes you happy, one pill makes you small, and the one that mother gives you doesn't do anything for you at all!"

"The Navy will start randomly testing SEALs and special warfare troops for steroids"

From | September 29, 2023 | LOLITA C. BALDOR The Associated Press.

"WASHINGTON (AP) — The Navy will begin randomly testing its special operations forces for steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs beginning in November, taking a groundbreaking step that military leaders have long resisted."

"Rear Adm. Keith Davids, commander of Naval Special Warfare Command, announced the new program Friday in a message to his force, calling it necessary to protect their health and military readiness."

As summarized from The Search Engine: "The most commonly used PEDs are anabolic androgenic steroids, known for their ability to build and strengthen muscle as well as reduce body fat. Forty trainees either tested positive or admitted to using 'steroids or other drugs in violation of Navy regulations.'”

Steroids do work! Allows and individual to build muscle-mass greater and quicker. Gives an advantage to the individual who consumes the drug while engaging in preparation for intense physical activity. A BODYBUILDER favorite.

But can damage the body and cause PSYCHIATRIC problems very negative!

Admittedly the military special operations troop of whatever branch pushing the limits of physical ability. That ideal being someone who has a combination of strength and endurance. Preparation for a program such as SEAL a must but do so drug free!



This is coolbert:

IMHO [in my  humble opinion] 100 % so. Let no one try to sugarcoat.

"sugarcoat: transitive verb - To cause to seem more appealing or pleasant."

"RFK Jr. Warns ‘Next Step’ Is Military Advisers in Ukraine: ‘Have They Forgotten’ Vietnam?"

From  |   KRISTINA WONG | 28 Sep 2023.

* "Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned on Thursday that the 'next step of Ukraine War escalation' is stationing United States military advisers on the ground.


* "He flagged a recent article by Foreign Affairs titled 'Why America Should Send Military Advisers to Ukraine: On-the-Ground Help Will Bolster Kyiv Without Risking Escalation.'”

* "He posted on X: 'Establishment journal Foreign Affairs signals the next step of Ukraine War escalation: stationing U.S. military advisors on the ground. Have they forgotten how we got embroiled in Vietnam?'”


* American adviser [bolstered by other NATO nations military personnel] having been training Ukrainian forces for some now. now. But only outside of Ukraine proper.

* Based on my observations it is that the Ukrainian that can teach NATO personnel to fight rather than the other way around.

* Nonetheless, I agree with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.



This is coolbert:

HMCS Windsor that is!

"Only One Submarine In Canada’s Costly Naval Fleet Has Been To Sea In Years: Records"


"Only one of the vessels in Canada’s expensive submarine fleet has been to sea in recent years. Submarine maintenance and upgrade costs have surpassed $3 billion, records show."


"An inquiry tabled in the Commons revealed the Royal Canadian Navy stated that only one vessel, HMCS Windsor, has been at sea since Dec. 1, 2021, as first reported by Blacklock’s Reporter. The submarine was at sea for 43 days last year."

From the wiki: "HMCS Windsor is a long-range hunter-killer (SSK) submarine of the Royal Canadian Navy, the second submarine of the Victoria class. She is named after the city of Windsor, Ontario. Built for the Royal Navy as the Upholder-class submarine HMS Unicorn (pennant number S43) she was purchased by Canada"

British-built and somewhat aged Upholder class diesel-electric boat refurbished and retrofitted for Canadian navy. Four boats total, I had thought it was six! ONLY one service-able? Record poor at best. Hardly high-tempo operations.

As was already noted, what the Canadian navy needs is the latest and greatest brand-spanking new Italian designed and made S800 underwater boat!

See previous blog entries Canadian submarine force pain and woe:


Thursday, September 28, 2023


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Israel elite military unit riots during a training exercise? Is as filmed part of the training exercise or a response to the training exercise?

"Dozens of Israeli soldiers were punished, including sergeants, and a number put in military jail after riots erupted during a training session for the Israeli Defense Force's infantry units. The IDF's Golani Brigade is mostly made up of 'elite soldiers' who carry out armed combat missions, and this leaked video appears to show discontent among the rank and file fighters."

From | September 7, 2023.

A training exercise?

See courtesy You Tube the Israeli Golani brigade troops apparently ripping their barracks apart:

About Middle East Monitor [MEMO]: "The use or misuse of information is central to the conflict in the Middle East. There has been a growing need for supporters of, in particular, the Palestinian cause, to master the art of information gathering, analysis and dissemination. This requires well organized, focused and targeted operations. Such initiatives are virtually non-existent in the West today. Middle East Monitor."

As to the source of discontent [if indeed discontent not feigned] nothing can be gleaned. Perhaps this is all part of anger within the Israeli body politic judicial reform legislation controversial!



This is coolbert:

Possibly a war warning? Holland threatened! Russian propagandist gadfly speaks!

"gadfly: noun - A persistent irritating critic; a nuisance. One that acts as a provocative stimulus; a goad."

"Russian State TV Threatens Cluster Munitions Attack on NATO Member"

From |  Story by Isabel van Brugen •

"Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov suggested Moscow could attack the Netherlands, a member of the NATO military alliance, with dual-purpose improved conventional munitions (DPICM), or cluster bombs."

Specifically refineries the Netherlands. 50 % of European refining capacity located in a confined area of the Netherlands. A very temping target under any circumstances. Cripple that refining capacity and all of Europe and NATO severely handicapped for a long time to come.

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it". - Artistotle.

Vlad I surely hope so in your case. Your utterances serve only a bad purpose.


Wednesday, September 27, 2023


This is coolbert:

UNCLASSIFIED. OH, I am glad it is just unclassified. I thought for a moment we were going to another massive classified document scandal to deal with.

"China's Shipbuilding Capacity More Than 200 Times Greater Than US: Leaked Navy Slide"

From | TYLER DURDEN | via J.M.Phelps of The Epoch Times SEP 25, 2023.

"A leaked U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) slide is garnering concern about the Chinese regime’s continued capability to produce naval vessels at an alarmingly faster rate than the United States."

Think not just at an alarming rate. Think at a mind-boggling greater rate!

Click on image to see an enlarged view. Figures from the graphic shocking and stunning both.

Chinese shipbuilding capacity about two-hundred thirty times that of the USA. Chinese have a force also where commercial vessels can serve a dual-purpose [quasi-military] in a traditional sea-power role. 

The Chinese too in time of conflict with USA able to concentrate their naval assets [bolstered by commercial dual-purpose vessels] in one general location, presenting an overwhelming numerical advantage.

“China is a sleeping giant; let him sleep, for if he wakes, he will shake the World.” ― Napoleon.

And remember, only UNCLASSIFIED!



This is coolbert:

Day of the Daleks? Exterminate! Almost so! 

"Wild moment US Navy phalanx anti-aircraft gun trains its sights on passenger [Boeing jet airliner] 737 as sailors laugh and tell the autonomous gun 'no no no'"

From | article by KAMAL SULTAN FOR DAILYMAIL.COM | 26 September 2023.

Nearly had a tremendous disaster here!!

* "The military MK 15 Phalanx Close-In Weapon System [CIWS] tracked the aircraft with its powerful six-barrel 20mm cannon as crew members laughed"  * "It followed the passenger plane, believed to be a Boeing 737 for a few seconds before it powered down and lowered its weapon, to the relief of the sailors"  * "The MK 15 Phalanx is a powerful weapon that is designed to defend military ships automatically and can fire up to 4,500 rounds per minute"

"A US Navy anti-aircraft system was spotted training its sights on a passenger plane in the sky as sailors laughed and pleaded for the machine to change its seeming course."

That question can reasonably asked and MUST be asked: was the Phalanx operating in auto-mode or was there an operator at the controls playing a game in an unauthorized manner!!

Anyhow calamity was averted but perhaps only barely.


Tuesday, September 26, 2023


This is coolbert:

See here a You Tube video a mockery, an animation, feeble and relatively useless measures as taken by the Russian to safeguard vital and limited in number military long-range aviation assets from Ukrainian drone attack.

Go to previous blog entries here and here as pertinent.

This Freeonis Internet web site a Ukrainian animation satirist, self-publishing.

See here the entire Freeonis You Tube collection.

See here tweets from Freeonis.

And about Freeonis: 

"Роблю військово-політичну сатиру у вигляді анімацій. 
Спочатку планував виключно розважальний контент. Але зрозумів що анімації можуть не лише веселити, але і доносити більш важливі думки. 
Анімація - це один з найважчих і трудомістких форматів на Ютубі.
Тому буду дуже вдячний за підтримку :)
Дякую за увагу!

The translation from Ukrainian to English courtesy google translate:

"I make military-political satire in the form of animations.
Initially, I planned exclusively entertainment content. But I realized that animations can not only entertain, but also convey more important thoughts.
Animation is one of the most difficult and time-consuming formats on YouTube.
Therefore, I will be very grateful for your support :)
Thank you for attention!"


Monday, September 25, 2023

105mm HMMWV.

This is coolbert:

See previous blog entry the "soft recoil" indirect fire weapon. Not just a pie-in-the-sky mirage. Already in use.

"pie in the sky: noun - A fanciful notion; ludicrous concept; the illusory promise of a desired outcome that is unlikely to happen."

From | article SYDNEY J. FREEDBERG JR. | May 18, 2021.

"How do you safely fire a 105 mm cannon off the back of a Humvee? With a unique recoil-reduction system."

See the You Tube short video the American Humvee mounted howitzer:


"The Army [USA] is checking out two sizes of a unique low-recoil howitzer system: a 155mm gun on a 6×6 truck, Brutus, and a 105mm on a 4×4 Humvee, Hawkeye. That’s an extraordinarily small vehicle to mount an artillery piece, and reducing recoil is the key to making it work."

I can imagine there is merit to these 105 mm low-recoil artillery systems. You can proliferate the battlefield with greater numbers a much more mobile unit less susceptible to enemy counter-battery/counter-mortar fire.

All that additional weight of the tube firing piece will strain the Humvee too much? Wear and tear on engine, suspension, tires, transmission will greatly reduce the vehicle life-expectancy and usefulness.?

US Army going to go with self-propelled heavy artillery of the 155 mm variety. Shoot-of as deemed of proven systems with evaluation for future purpose or USA manufacturing under license underway even as we speak. 


Sunday, September 24, 2023

2B9 Vasilek.

This is coolbert:

See here and here previous blog entries the Soviet/Russian Vasilek automatic mortar.

See also a You Tube short the loading process the Vasilek mortar.

From the Soviet era defector Suvorov concerning the Vasilek automatic mortar:

"In 1971 the 'Vasilek' automatic mortar was issued to the battalions [infantry]. Its automatic weapon is as uncomplicated as the Kalashnikov [AK]. When necessary, it can fire single shots. As an automatic weapon it fires 120 bombs a minute. It differs from all earlier mortars in being capable of both high and flat trajectory fire. It can fire both normal and anti-tank bombs. If necessary, the battalion commander can move his whole mortar battery to a sector threatened by enemy tanks and can shower them with 120 anti-tank bombs a minutes." [all nations than the USA refer to mortar rounds as bombs]

Vasilek being put to good use in the Ukraine Conflict?


Saturday, September 23, 2023


This is coolbert:

“'Bringing back land navigation, understanding how to read [read and use] a map and a compass — that skill is extremely important as we look for large-scale combat and integrated environments,' . . . 'You need to know how to navigate from one point to the next without a GPS, and that’s a skill that we’re going to bring back in the future.'"

“'We’re looking for field craft, bringing back a field training exercise,' . . . 'We took that out of the Basic Leader Course [BLC], and we’re trying to put that back in.'”



From  | October 13, 2022.

"WASHINGTON, DC — Since the Army put land navigation back into its mandatory curriculum for would-be sergeants, about half of the soldiers who have participated in a trial program have failed, a senior enlisted leader said on Tuesday, Oct. 11."

"Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel Hendrex from the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command, or TRADOC, said the trial program has seen 'on average, 40% to 60% failure rate on the basic skill set of land navigation.'"

Correct. Peer foe on the future battlefield going to be able to deny access to the American Ground Positioning System [GPS]. Troops at the first-line supervisor level and beyond that going to need to do map reading and land navigation in the ancient and venerable way, map, compass, protractor. Alternative method for the American GI to find his way on the battlefield of the future has be learned and practiced. Now!

In my experience map reading and land navigation that # 1 reason a troop will fail a NCO course.

And remember your pacing. How many steps do you take to equal a distance of 100 meters!



This is coolbert:

Black Sea again the Ukraine Conflict a side-show and nothing more. Or is it?

Missile strike the Russian naval headquarters Crimea doing great damage as is reported.

"Video: SCALP cruise missile 'tears in two' the headquarters of the Russian Fleet in Sevastopol - Fury in Moscow: 'It's time for an ultimatum to the West'"

From https://warnews247-gr. | 22/09/2023.

"Another video of today's Ukrainian attack against the Headquarters of the Russian Fleet in Sevastopol was made public."


"Russian sources are talking about two SCALP missions [missiles] and not Storm Shadow."

Understand the SCALP [French] and Storm Shadow [English] basically one and the same missile.

"It is a given that the number of casualties will increase for the Russians. The building has been torn apart as the rockets penetrated several floors. The fire was burning until a while ago."

"The Ukrainians report that Admiral Viktor Sokolov, Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, was killed but this information is not confirmed."

Further from a tweet by Victor and thanks to same:

Victor vicktop55


"An evacuation was announced at the Black Sea Fleet headquarters at the time of the missile strike.  The main personnel and civil servants were withdrawn.  A conscript from the guard died."  

"In Sevastopol, after the missile attack, judging by the video, smoke screens were put up"

Russians understandably so IRATE. Warning in the form of an ULTIMATUM will be given to the NATO alliance. Cease giving the Ukrainian these "deep strike" weapons.


Friday, September 22, 2023

4 1/2.

This is coolbert:

Conscripts indeed cannon fodder the Ukraine Conflict?

Startling and greatly alarming headlines.

"Russian conscripts are killed after 4½ months on average, with one in five dead less than two months after being conscripted: Data shows how Putin is sending civilians to their doom in Ukraine"

* "Conscripts began reporting horror stories from the front line within weeks"

From | article by DAVID AVERRE |  22 September 2023.

Conscripts normally defined I am not sure what type of military personal they are speaking about. Raw recruits without any prior military experience? Or troops having been been previously on active duty, possessing a modicum of military skills, reservists called to active-duty?

"A report has found the average Russian conscript survived just four and half months at the front line - with one in five dying within just two months."

Average usually meaning 50 %.

"Last year Vladimir Putin signed a decree to initiate a 'partial military mobilization', drafting some 300,000 Russian citizens and shipping them off to fight in Ukraine to bolster his crumbling military force." 

It was all supposed to take about two weeks max for the war to over. Wasn't it?


Thursday, September 21, 2023


This is coolbert:

More on the American F-35 combat warplane recently crashed in South Carolina.

"Marines under fire for flying $80M F-35 over SC during thunderstorm when report shows jets CAN'T handle storms: Pilot ejected due to 'bad weather' before jet 'flipped', flew 100ft above trees in 'zombie mode' and crashed in field"

"A F-35 jet could have crashed on Sunday due to poor weather in South Carolina, new audio suggests - as questions mount as to why the disastrous training exercise was allowed to proceed. The F-35B Lightning II which the unnamed Marine pilot was flying is believed to be at risk of malfunctions if it flies in thunderstorms"

From the "Daily Mail" | ^ | 9/20/2023. The tip from Freeper.

The problem with the crashed F-35 NOT due to hacking. Difficulty as the subject of a prior blog entry the F-35 susceptible to complications and possible crisis when flying in the vicinity of a thunderstorm.

Further from the "Daily Mail" article:

* "A Marine flying a F-35 Lightning II ejected on Sunday only 1,000ft above ground" * The F-35 kept flying for around 60 miles before crashing in a South Carolina field" * "Questions are now being asked as to why the training exercise was carried out" * "The plane is at risk during thunderstorms and there was bad weather at take off"

See and read the entire Mail article the crashed F-35.

As previously stated, hacking not to blame in this instance. OBIGGS rather at fault:

"The issue lies within the F-35's OBIGGS (Onboard Inert Gas Generation) system, which pumps nitrogen-enriched air into its fuel tanks to inert them, preventing the aircraft from exploding if it is struck by lightning."

OBIGGS not [?] a system unique to the F-35. Other aircraft including commercial also equipped with OBIGGS.


Wednesday, September 20, 2023


This is coolbert:

Everyone making ready. NATO aviation warplanes practicing landing and take-off dispersal highway landing strips. Able to operate in a time of war without be constrained to operate from conventional peacetime military air bases.

1. "RAF Typhoon Jet Operates From Finnish Road Strip For The First Time Ever" | September 20, 2023 | article by DAVID CENCIOTTI.

"A British Typhoon has carried out the first ever landing on a Finnish road strip."

On Sept. 20, 2023, a RAF Typhoon landed on a Finnish road as part of a demonstration that the RAF has planned to validate the ability of its frontline assets to operate from dispersed locations, including highways in the Nordic countries.

Additionally from a tweet by Ilmavoimat and thanks to same.


On 20 September, 2023.


 "Typhoon fighter landed for the first time on a Finnish road base in Tervo during #Baana23 dispersed operations exercise. Uniting expertise and advancing #joint capabilities, this collaboration highlights the strength of 🇫🇮🇬🇧 defense cooperation."

2. "ROUTE 604: Polish Air Force’s First Highway Strip Exercise In Decades Has Begun"

From | September 19, 2023 | article by JACEK SIMINSKI.

"First Highway Strip Exercise in Poland in 20 years underway."

"According to a release issued by the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces, the Polish Air Force is going to engage in the first highway strip [landing] exercise. Notably, this is the first operation of this type organized in two decades in Poland."

Making ready for what you ask! Do you need to be told!



This is coolbert:

Missing F-35B American warplane has been found! Questions abound! Among them was the onboard computer system hacked!

"Hacked: to get into someone else's computer system without permission in order to find out information or do something illegal"

"New Footage Reveals Wreckage Of F-35 Jet Amidst Speculation Of Potential 'Cyberattack'"

From | article by TYLER DURDEN | TUESDAY, SEP 19, 2023 - 

"New footage shows the wreckage of the missing F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter in Williamsburg County, South Carolina. The F-35's debris field is approximately 80 miles from Joint Base Charleston. The military has confirmed the stealth jet was on autopilot when the pilot ejected, but the reasons for the ejection remain unknown. As a result, aviation commanders have grounded Marine Corps aircraft on Tuesday." 

Further from a tweet by Ian Miles Cheong and thanks to same.


"Green Hills Software produces the Integrity 178B Operating System that powers the F-35, F-22, F-16, and B-2. It also powers the Airbus A380. It was also quite possibly leaked. Now you understand why the entire USMC air fleet has been grounded."

Go see here a much more clear aerial view of the debris field, the F-35B warplane gone-to-ground.


Tuesday, September 19, 2023


This is coolbert:

Signalers in the sense of strictly couriers/runner? But could be and were much more?

Bicycle troops the Russian Revolution.

"Who did the Russian bicycle troops fight?"

 From | SEPT 20 2022 | article by BORIS EGOROV.

"Several military cyclists are buried just by the Moscow Kremlin Wall. Even a street in the capital is named in their honor."

This image purportedly showing bicycle troops of the Red Latvian Riflemen. Most loyal contingent of the communist Soviet Red Army. Personally responsible for guarding Lenin. Extreme communist adherents.

"They could approach the enemy’s positions quickly, quietly and unexpectedly, strike hard and no less swiftly escape. In the early 20th century, when cavalry was already a thing of the past, but the era of motorized infantry hadn’t yet arrived, mobile bicycle troops were hugely popular in the armed forces of different countries around the world."


"On the battlefields of the 'Great War', the bicycle troops were deployed as scouts or signal personnel [couriers/runners]; also, they were supposed to cover [screen] the cavalry and infantry. Thanks to their noiselessness, they launched effective night attacks against the enemy. The command also used them as a highly mobile reserve force to compensate for defense breaches or, alternatively, to strengthen the army’s position in enemy territory more quickly during offensives. Due to their specific nature, bicycle units didn’t typically take hostages [prisoners]."

Reconnaissance, screening, scouting, patrolling, guard duty, messengers. All valid duty for bicycle troops. But as with all unconventional methods, must be used judiciously in modern warfare.

And NO NEED as with horse cavalry to spend a goodly part of the day grooming the horses. Feed, water, check for injury, get shod when necessary. 

Take no prisoners also!



This is coolbert:

Think not that a wandering pilotless warplane on auto-pilot so totally unusual.

Here with an instance from the era of the Cold War.

'Soesterberg we have a problem': the story of a pilotless Soviet MiG-23 over Belgium"

From October 3, 2012 DARIO LEONE.

"That time a Soviet MiG-23 crossed Europe before crashing in Belgium."


"Jul. 4 1989 was a hell of an Independence Day for the American 32nd TFS (Tactical Fighter Squadron) . . . based at Soesterberg Air Base, in the Netherlands."

"In fact when Captains J.D. 'JD' Martin and Bill 'Turf' Murphy were scrambled with their F-15C Eagle fighter jets, they could not imagine that their mission was to intercept a very strange MiG."

"On the very same day a Soviet MiG-23M 'Flogger B' and its pilot, Colonel Nikolai Skurigin, had taken off for a routine training mission from Kolobzreg, in Poland. During the mission, the MiG suffered what seemed to be an engine failure that forced Skurigin to eject from his jet."


The story as also reported by the wiki:

"On 4 July 1989, a pair of 32nd TFS F-15Cs scrambled to intercept what turned out to be an unoccupied Soviet Air Forces MiG-23M 'Flogger' which had flown on autopilot from its base in Bagicz, Poland, to West Germany after the pilot had ejected. The pilots were instructed to shoot it down over the North Sea however the MiG-23 ran out of fuel and crashed into a house in Kortrijk, Belgium, killing an occupant."

Read here also and as is germane the saga of the Libyan MiG-23 found crashed on an Italian mountainside, dead pilot inside. Having flown on auto-pilot a consider distance prior to coming-to-earth.



This is coolbert:

Preface: Debris field of the missing F-35B has been found.

"US Military Can’t Find Missing F-35B, Asks For Public Help" | September 18, 2023 | article by DAVID CENCIOTTI.

"U.S. military asking for public’s help finding F-35B gone missing after pilot ejected. But, how do you lose an F-35 after the pilot ejected?"

"As already reported here, a pilot ejected safely from an F-35B Lighting II jet belonging to Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 . . .  in the afternoon on Sept. 17, 2023."

"The weird thing is that the aircraft has not been located yet."

"In a post on X, Joint Base Charleston said that based on the missing plane’s location and trajectory, the search for the F-35 Lightning II jet was focused on Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, north of North Charleston . . . Joint Base Charleston asked the public on social media."

Big-time egg-on-face American military aviation. Missing warplane gone and cannot be located? What is that?

Stealth American military aircraft F-35B continuing to fly on auto-pilot after pilot having ejected. Transponder turned off, radar evidently UNABLE to further monitor the flight, ordinary conventional  radars unable to follow.

STEALTH of course not meaning total 100 % invisibility. Just means much less VISIBILITY! Enemy air defenses unable to act quick enough at the approach of an F-35B.


Monday, September 18, 2023


This is coolbert:

Hard to say if this combat action as reported is a mere continuation of the Ogaden War from the late 1970's.

Events as occurring decades ago now some persons have long memories and a grudge. The war continues but for the most part under the radar. 

"Over 160 Ethiopian Soldiers Killed by Al-Shabaab Militants in Western Somalia"

The Battle of Wajid. The story courtesy

"MOSCOW (Sputnik) - At least 167 Ethiopian soldiers were killed in an ambush by militants of the radical Islamist group Al-Shabaab in western Somalia, the Somali Guardian news portal reported on Sunday, citing the group."

"The group also said that surviving Ethiopian soldiers had been captured and the advance of Ethiopian troops had been stopped, the report said, adding that the militants also destroyed Ethiopian military equipment and seized a large amount of weapons."

Consider the Ogaden War within context of the most recent fighting. Thanks to the wiki entry:

"The Ogaden War, also known as the Ethio-Somali War . . . was a military conflict fought between Somalia and Ethiopia from July 1977 to March 1978 over the Ethiopian region of Ogaden. Somalia's invasion of the region, precursor to the wider war, met with the Soviet Union's disapproval, leading the superpower to end its support of Somalia and support Ethiopia instead."

Not sure if this Wajid east of the "administrative line" de facto border between Ethiopia and Somalia. That Ogaden 

Ogaden War fought to create a Greater Somali state incorporating all ethnic Somali into a single unified nation-state. A war involving Cuban interventionists with victory to the Ethiopian side.

Wajid merely a continuation of events as transpired in 1977/1978? Probably a stretch but maybe not so much so. As I said, those people have long memories.


Li Shangfu.

This is coolbert:

As was with Jack Ma so too will it be with Li Shangfu. Here yesterday, gone today? Purged? Out of favor? Banished? It is all unclear.

"Missing Chinese defense chief signals turmoil in Xi's government"

From | the article JESSE JOHNSON | STAFF WRITER | Sep 15, 2023.

"The United States believes Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu has been placed under investigation and relieved of his command, reports said Friday, in what could be the latest sign of turmoil in Chinese leader Xi Jinping's government, just over six months after he installed a collection of loyalist leaders in his Cabinet."

"Three U.S. officials and two people briefed on intelligence surrounding Li told the Financial Times that Washington has concluded that the defense chief, who took up his post in March, had been stripped of his responsibilities."

Jack Ma of Alibaba having made what was perceived as a mild criticism of the Chinese Communist party ruling elite disappearing for a period of weeks or months without a trace. Jack at the time of his   vanishing one of the richest men in the world. Jack having dropped out of sight and mind for a while only later to return but in a much chastised state, his pronouncements much more muted.

As with Jack, so too with Li?


Sunday, September 17, 2023

D + 1.

This is coolbert:

An iconic image from the Normandy Invasion of France the Second World War, my perspective originally 100 % wrong and I admit so without reservation or qualification.

Famous [iconic] image of an American soldier Omaha beach Normandy having landed in a sorry state, totally sodden and soaked, having lost his helmet, weapon, battle kit, kneeling on the beach, looking inland with a dazed and bewildered look on his face. A man obviously hors de combat and acknowledged as being so. So has been my frame of reference.

But you have to know the rest of the story and thanks to "Coffee or Die" you can read it all and even more.

From the Internet webzine of | October 15, 2022 | article by Matt Fratus.

"The morning after more than 130,000 Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, US Army Signal Corps photographer Pfc. Walter Rosenblum captured one of the most iconic images of the invasion — a black-and-white photograph of 2nd Lt. Walter Sidlowski recovering from a harrowing rescue effort to save a group of soldiers from drowning."

See the You Tube the iconic photograph within context of that rescue effort:

"The craft was going down Remembering the D Day plus 1 rescue at Omaha Beach"

"Second Lieutenant Walter Sidlowski and photographer Walter Rosenblum recall a raft rescue at Omaha Beach on June 7, 1944, in this clip from 'Walter Rosenblum: In Search of Pitt Street,' courtesy of Daedalus Productions, Inc."

This also yet additionally the same incident:

From | Tim Lambert | JUNE 5, 2019.

"To the photographers who captured the moment, it was 'an act of heroism performed that we shall always remember.'”

This particular event the rescue in occurring D + 1 [7 June 1944]. Devoted readers to the blog and those merely perusing in a much more casual manner you now know the rest of the story and are so much the better for it too. Yours truly also.


Normandy #ww2.

This is coolbert:

More You Tube shorts. All the Battle of Normandy 1944. Yesterday and today. I must say I  enjoy this sort of stuff.

WN 65 Omaha Beach, Normandy. This was a H667 bunker which housed a 50 mm anti-tank gun.


Also I think that some person touring the Normandy region of France totally oblivious and uneducated in world history and especially events as pertain to the Second World War might very well ask the question: "Why are persons so interested in this part of France? Seems little of consequence has ever occurred here." Or am I wrong about that?


Saturday, September 16, 2023


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"If he [Putin] believed that we were threatening Russia, he couldn't have moved on his troops to Ukraine to fight the war there." - Kristoffersen.

Eirik Johan Kristoffersen Norwegian Chief of Defense speaks!

"Russian forces near Norway at '20% or less' than before Ukraine war - Norway's armed forces chief"

From Reuters via | September 16, 2023.

"OSLO (Reuters) - Russian forces stationed in the Arctic near Norway are '20% or less' of the number they were before the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine, Norway's chief of defense said on Saturday."

"Norway is part of NATO and shares a border with Russia in the Arctic. The Nordic country borders the Kola Peninsula, home to most of Russia's nuclear weapons as well as its Northern Fleet, which operates Russia's nuclear submarines."


"'On our border, on the Russian border, there is maybe 20% or less (Russian) forces left than it used to be before Feb. 24, 2022,'" 

See previous blog entries Russian troops of the Far Arctic North deployed for combat, the Ukraine Conflict:


Friday, September 15, 2023


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Lurid! Salacious! Licentious! Tittilatting! British army lads, elite troops, behaving badly.

"orgy : noun - A social gathering involving unrestrained indulgence, especially sexual activity and drinking."

The Blockrat phenomenon. See my previous blog entry on the topic from over a year ago. Further details all courtesy here the English tabloid "The Sun".

1. "ORGY ALL-CLEAR Parachute Regiment troops who filmed sex romps with woman on Army base broke NO laws, police say" | Jerome Starkey | 10 Jun 2022.

"A PARA gang-bang on an Army base broke no laws police have concluded."

Parachute troops the British army referred to as PARA. Gang-bang usually refers to many men engaging in sexual behavior with a single female individual.

2. "SQUADDIE SEX SHAME Crack troops from Parachute Regiment recorded having ORGY at their barracks" | Jerome Starkey James Somper | 7 Jun 2022.

"CRACK troops from the Parachute Regiment have been recorded having an orgy at their barrack"

SQUADDIE = British military parlance for: A private in the army.

3. "NO DEFENCE Squaddies’ shock orgy shows Army is stuck in the 1990s, Ben Wallace fumes" | Jonathan Reilly | 8 Jun 2022.l

"SQUADDIES who filmed themselves having an orgy in their barracks show the Army is still stuck in the 1990s, the Defense Secretary fumed."


4. "'DISGUSTED' Parachute Regiment troops told to take STD tests after woman they had orgy with visited base 31 times since January" | Jerome Starkey | 8 Jun 2022.

"DOZENS of soldiers have been told to take STD tests after it emerged that a woman filmed in an orgy had visited their base at least 31 times since January."

I guess that worst aspect of all this is that this woman [evidently the same woman each and every time] managed to enter a restricted military facility so many times unimpeded? But this is just my opinion.


Thursday, September 14, 2023


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Alert Sebastopol! Damage done. Russian naval assets the Black Sea once more hurt.

British Storm Shadow missiles to blame?

1. "Kiev uses British missiles Storm Shadow to attack Sevastopol shipyard — Sky News"

From | Russian controlled Internet media TASS.

"As the Russian Defense Ministry said earlier, Ukraine’s ten cruise missiles attacked a shipyard in Sevastopol at night. Seven were intercepted by air defense systems"

"LONDON, September 13. /TASS/. British-made Storm Shadow cruise missiles were used by Ukraine in an attack on the Ordzhonikidze shipyard in Sevastopol, the Sky News TV channel said with reference to Western and Ukrainian officials."

Evidently two Russian warships in DRYDOCK hit and damaged by ensuing fire. One submarine and one surface vessel.

According to the Ukrainian the Crimea not an integral part of Russia proper. Crimea illegally occupied by Russian military forces. Attacking the Russian military Crimea seen as fair game by the Ukrainian.

2. "Russian Ships Damaged in Sevastopol Missile Attack to Be Repaired"

From Sputnik International | 13.09.2023.

"MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Two Russian navy ships damaged in a Ukrainian missile attack on Sevastopol on Wednesday will be fully repaired, the Defense Ministry said. [Russian MoD]"

"'Two naval vessels, which were damaged by a missile attack of the Kiev regime on 13 September, undergoing scheduled repairs at the ship repair plant named after S. Ordzhonikidze in Sevastopol, will be fully restored and will continue their combat service as part of their fleets,' the ministry said in a statement.

See additionally the recent capture of the Boyko Towers by Ukrainian military. Vital [how vital I am not sure] infrastructure the Black Sea now denied to the Russian. More egg on face the Russian.

"egg on one's face: means appearing foolish, usually because something one said would happen has not happened. It implies making an embarrassing error or blunder"

Comrade Russian, what is happening?



This is coolbert:

"démarche: noun 2 - a petition or protest presented through diplomatic channels"

Ukrainian special operations sabotage caught. Trained by the British. Outrage.

1. "Russia to Deliver Demarche to UK for Training Ukrainian Saboteurs"

From Sputnik International | 13.09.2023.

"VLADIVOSTOK (Sputnik) - Moscow will deliver a demarche to London in connection with the information that the UK was engaged in training Ukrainian sabotage groups that planned attacks in Russia, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova when being interviewed by Sputnik."

"On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a Ukrainian sabotage group, which sought to blow up power lines in Russia and was captured, admitted that they were trained by instructors from the United Kingdom."

2. "UK Eyeing Use of 'Ukrainian Puppets' to Secure Global Wins Amid MI6 Sabotage Reports - Zakharova"

From |19 August. 

"Yes, indeed, [Russia] will [deliver a demarche], as we did previously and continuously, and conveyed to London both through open channels, making it public, and through diplomatic channels, the inadmissibility of participating in such activities,"

3. "Hal Turner Radio Show"

 From the Internet web sit of HAL TURNER | 12 SEPTEMBER 2023.

"Ukrainians Caught Trying to Sabotage Russian Nuke Plant; Putin says 'Trained by British' - for whom 'There will be consequences'"

"Vladimir Putin today warned Britain of 'serious consequences' and said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak 'doesn't understand' the risks after the UK's special forces tried to disrupt Russian nuclear power plants.

This all sounds like British Special Operation Executive [SOE] type missions during World War Two. Targeting Russian atomic power plants? I can fully well understand the Russian their attitude much less than conciliatory. An affront and offense that cannot be ignored.



This is coolbert:

“We’re going to be clearing out the jungle [and] we’re going to be resurfacing some of the surfaces there so that we will have a fairly large and very functional Agile Combat Employment [ACE] base, an additional base to be able to operate from and we have several other projects like that around the region that we’ll be getting after,” - Gen. Kenneth Wilsbach.

"US Air Force Clearing Out Jungles in Pacific for New Airfields"

"The US Air Force is increasing its number of bases in the Pacific to prepare for a future war with China"

From | by Dave DeCamp | September 13, 2023.

"The head of US Pacific Air Forces said Monday that the Air Force was clearing out jungles in the Pacific to build new airfields and restore old ones as part of the branch’s preparation for war with China in the region."

YES indeed. Restoration and improvement for existing airfields. Construction of new air fields. One, two, three, many.

"The Air Force is working to expand its bases as part of a plan to become more mobile in the Pacific, a concept known as Agile Combat Employment (ACE). Pacific Air Forces Commander Gen. Kenneth Wilsbach said the Air Force is looking for more money to facilitate the military buildup."

See previous blog entries American air force REDHORSE construction units:

See also the wiki entry the American air force Prime BEEF unit:



This is coolbert:


Sep 14, 2023.

"Supposedly on October 4th at 2:20 pm a nationwide test is reportedly going to be conducted by FEMA and the FCC.  All cell phones, all TV stations and all radio stations will be carrying the message apparently for 30 minutes.  It will be just a test. Please let your friends know about it."


See the You Tube video for yourself. All thanks to You Tube and W6LG the tip from Pablo.

It is just a test. A major test of the USA national emergency broadcast system. Commandeer the television and phone system in case of emergency. Send instructions to the entire populace USA.

Emergency that might occur because of developing circumstances of a critical and dreadful nature the Ukraine Conflict I am afraid.

ATOMIC WAR! My perception. Making ready and with reason. And indeed, tell all your friends citizens and residents USA. 


Wednesday, September 13, 2023


This is coolbert:

“equivalent to the internet traffic of a large city every second”. 

That Italian designed and developed Multi-Function Radar Frequency System (MRFS) able to input data and process at a phenomenal rate!

MORE GCAP! See my previous blog entry GCAP.

"Italy, UK And Japan Sign GCAP Collaboration Agreement"

From | September 12, 2023 | ARTICLE BY STEFANO D'URSO.

"The agreement defines the next steps of the work needed to deliver the concept phase requirements of the next generation [6th] combat aircraft."

Sixth generation warplane characterized by stealth plus + the incorporation of directed energy weaponry [DEW].

"Leonardo, BAE Systems and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries announced today a new trilateral Collaboration Agreement to deliver the concept phase requirements of a next generation combat aircraft for the GCAP (Global Combat Air Program)."


"As already disclosed by Leonardo, the radar being developed for GCAP will push the boundaries of radar technology. In fact, the new Multi-Function Radar Frequency System (MRFS), the radar initially developed to equip the Tempest sixth generation aircraft, will collect and process 10,000 times more data than existing systems . . . The key words that describe the work of the developers are miniaturization and digitalization."

Surely the combined talents of the British, Japanese and Italians cannot fail!

"before the Second World War Italy's technology was at an incredibly high level . . . achievements, especially in the sphere of aviation, submarines and high-speed launches, were really amazing . . . the Italians were the unrecognized geniuses of military and naval technology." - Suvorov.



This is coolbert:

The proud Russian having to swallow their pride and admit the Ukraine Conflict not going well. Negotiate that a foreign nation will provide ammunition as needed to further Russian war aims. Not exactly humiliation but close too it.

"North Korean weapons cache gives Kim a role in Putin’s invasion"

From | September 11, 2023 | original story Jon Herskovitz and Sangmi Cha | Bloomberg News

"North Korean weaponry could allow Russia to prolong the storm of steel it has rained down on Ukraine but probably isn’t advanced enough to alter the course of the Kremlin’s war on its neighbor, now well into its second year."

"Leader Kim Jong Un is expected to cross into Russia this week for his first trip outside the peninsula in four years for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The U.S. has said the meeting would focus on supplying munitions to Moscow."

With special attention to providing artillery rounds of the 122 mm and 152 mm type. Also for 122 mm rocket of the GRAD rocket artillery variety.

Additionally furnish spare parts for antiquated Soviet-era tanks of the T-54/55 and T-62 models. This also on the table for negotiation.

I can well imagine that Kim Jong Un relishes his role as a minor player on the world stage, all attention on me. Hardly does that make for a better world!


Tuesday, September 12, 2023


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American air force mission England guaranteed to generate a lot of controversy. 

"ORIGIN OF SURETY: from Middle French; Old French seurte from Latin sēcūritāt-, stem of sēcūritās security"

"The ‘Real Nuclear Crisis’ Fear Behind a Single Pentagon Document"

From | September 8, 2023 the tip from Mihash.

"The United States may be looking to station nuclear weapons in the United Kingdom for the first time in 15 years—and the move threatens to set off a tidal wave of controversy, backlash, and hostility from Russia, according to U.S. Air Force budget documents and experts."


"Notes in a document detailing the U.S. Air Force budget for 2024 indicate that the Air Force has plans to construct what’s called a 'surety dormitory' at Royal Air Force (RAF) Lakenheath, a base 70 miles northeast of London. It is the largest U.S. Air Force-operated base in England."

"The plan is to 'construct a 144-bed dormitory to house the increase in enlisted personnel as the result of the potential Surety Mission,' the document states."

Surety mission Lakenheath an atomic mission it can reasonably inferred. Housing for specially trained/screened/reliable personnel their job to service atomic weapons. F-35 Lightning warplanes nuclear capable already permanently stationed Lakenheath.

OH MY! Where are we headed.



This is coolbert:

Yes indeed it makes particular hard viewing the collage as accompanies the Barents Observer article. Young men from the Russian Far North having perished the Ukraine Conflict.

"More indigenous men from Russian Arctic are killed in Moscow's war of aggression"

"On a cold morning in late January, the relatives of Vasily Taleev assembled to say a last farewell. The 33 years old soldier was the third man from the Nenets village of Nelmin Nos killed in Ukraine."

From | article by Atle Staalesen | September 07, 2023.

"The farewell ceremony for Vasily Ivanovich Taleev took place in the hospital morgue of Naryan-Mar, the regional capital, on the 31st of January 2023. He was later buried in his home town of Nelmin Nos, local social media inform."

"Taleev had signed up for service for mercenary group Wagner and was reported killed in early December. He was an ethnic Nenets and belonged to a family of reindeer herders from the far northern Nenets Autonomous Okrug."

The thought is that persons of Russian ethnic and racial minorities their casualties the Ukrainian Conflict disproportionate to their numbers in the overall population.

See additional Barents Observer articles the Ukraine Conflict:


Monday, September 11, 2023


This is coolbert:


Typical alarmist headlines and story from the Internet web site of the provocateur Hal Turner.

"FLASH: Five Russian "Doomsday Planes" in the air 0300 Russia time- Shut Off Transponders mid-flight" | HAL TURNER |10 SEPTEMBER 2023.

"Five Russian 'Doomsday' aircraft are in the air over Russia or have landed after shutting off transponders near the Ural Mountains, including Aircraft PA-96024, ID  RSD309, which is the Presidential plane."

HEADED EASTWARD! President Putin on his way to a nuclear-safe bunker?

"While no one can be sure who - if anyone - is actually on these government evacuation aircraft which took off out of Moscow, and having shut their transponders off, we cannot know the exact landing site, it is very disconcerting to see this type of military aircraft activity inside Russia at this ungodly hour."

The Soviet era defector Suvorov stated that he BELIEVED the main command post of the Soviet military and shelter for the communist high-echelon personnel in a time a nuclear war would have been located in Zhiguli. This Mezhgorye about three-hundred miles [500 kilometers] EAST of Zhiguli.

Devoted readers to the blog will remember from a prior post an event as observed evidently by Russian intelligence just before the election of 2016 causing a degree of concern in Moscow. 

AF-1, AF-2, SAM's flights and the American "Doomsday" plane all in the air simultaneously.

At the time [2016] cause for concern but undue cause for concern. The same here?


Sunday, September 10, 2023


This is coolbert:

Not a death card. Think rather a WANTED card. See my previous blog entry the death card within context of the Ukraine Conflict.

"Card decks: 'Covered card of Ruscism' and 'War Criminals' projects by InformNapalm"

From | 05/16/2022 | | Crimea | Donbas | News | Russian-Ukrainian war.

"Since ancient times, games have been a way of quick learning and memorizing information. Through games children start exploring this world and acquiring basic skills from the very birth. Game is a powerful instrument of learning and exploration."

"Exactly 20 years ago, in 2002, the US Army Central Command released a wanted list of former Iraqi leaders and war criminals in the form of decks of cards. Playing these cards, soldiers memorized the targets they needed to capture and bring to justice or liquidate."

"Following this interesting military tradition, the volunteers of InformNapalm international intelligence community created two card decks: the first one with mostly military targets is for military use only, and the second one with Russian politicians and propagandists as characters is for civilians. The second deck is more public and has rather [a] psychological effect"

See additionally from the wiki the definition and further elaboration of the word Ruscism.

"Ruscism, also known as Rashism,[a] Russism,[b] or Russian fascism,[c]"