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Hazara & Zaynubian.

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From DEBKAfile more info on the deployment of Shia mercenary forces to the Syrian battlefield.

1. "Thousands of Afghan, Pakistani Shiites in Hizballah's advance on Golan"

"16 Feb. The Iranian-backed “Operation Quneitra Martyrs” for the capture of the Golan brings Afghan and Pakistani Shiite fighters to an Israeli border for the first time, DEBKAfile reveals. Some 2,000 of these fighters have joined an equal number of Hizballah troops spearheading a march on the Golan from southern Syria. Recruited from the Hazara and Zaynubian militias, Tehran plans to send them on to Lebanon for a second Iran-led front against Israel."

2. "Iran airlifts thousands of Shiite fighters to boost Aleppo warfront through Latakia"

"21 Feb. DEBKAfile has revealed a large-scale Iranian airlift flying thousands of Shiite fighters to the Syrian Mediterranean port of Latakia to reinforce the Syrian forces defeated at rebel hands in Aleppo and save them from retreat. Their arrival seriously disturbs Israel’s army chiefs. They reckon Tehran would be just as prompt in sending reinforcements if the Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers leading the offensive to capture the Golan town of Quneitra opposite Israel’s lines faced a setback."

Shia in Afghan and Pakistan a small minority of the population and in serious conflict with the predominant Sunni Muslim citizenry of those two nations [Afghanistan and Pakistan].

Apparently fighters now recruited by the Shia Iranian and introduced into the Syrian civil war, bolstering the forces of Hezbollah and the Alawite Syrian military contingents.

The Iranian also now confronting Israel with proxies in an increased and most menacing manner.



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A Great Pharaoh [king] of Egypt whose identity was only recently determined AND also found to be a casualty of war:

"Pharaoh Brutally Killed in Battle, Analysis Shows"

"Pharaoh Senebkay, one of the earliest kings of a forgotten Abydos Dynasty, was brutally killed in battle more than 3,600 years ago, says a study that has reconstructed, blow by blow, the king’s last moments."

"The research identified 18 wounds on the pharaoh’s bones. It also established that Senebkay is the earliest Egyptian pharaoh to have died in battle."

. . . .

"According to the researchers, the angle and direction of Senebkay’s wounds indicate he was in an elevated position — possibly on horseback or on a chariot — when he was attacked and killed."

“'His assailants first cut his lower back, ankles and feet to bring him to the ground and then finished him with axe blows to the skull,'”

The mounted Pharaoh astride a horse as killed by multiple attackers, possibly men-a-foot [infantry] acting as part of a team, according to a plan, with training and equipped to receive cavalry.

That ancient history of Egypt covering a span of 3,000 years. That ancient Egyptian a most remarkable people. NOT necessarily seen as a martial race, warfare with an expansionist motivation generally NOT part of the Egyptian story. Egypt isolated geographically and more predisposed to solve conflict with diplomatic negotiations and amicable resolution. BUT on occasion resorting to force and WAR when also confronted with an intractable problem.


Friday, February 27, 2015


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My blog as described "eclectic and free-ranging". Ideas for blog entries taken from a variety of sources.

To include the satirical Internet web site "Cracked". From "Cracked":

"5 Unfought Wars That Would Have Changed Everything"

# 1. Operation Unthinkable.

# 2. Defense Scheme No. 1, aka The Canadian Invasion of the U.S.

#  3. War Plan Red, aka The U.S. Invasion of Canada.

# 4. Fall Grun aka Stopping Hitler Before WWII.

# 5. MacArthur's Nuclear War.

Go read it all!!


* War between Canada and the United States and planning for same has to be taken within the context of Anglo-American relations.

Hostility between Great Britain and the United States with the possibility of armed conflict lasting until relatively quite recently historically, at least up unto the time of the Great War. Canada as a nation not totally fully sovereign and independent until 1977.

* Mac Arthur at various times during the Korean War wanting to use nuclear weapons or creating a radioactive cobalt barrier to extend the entire width of the Korean Peninsula. The radiological weapon!

"'a belt of radioactive cobalt . . . it has an active life of between 60 and 120 years. For at least 60 years there could have been no land invasion of Korea from the North.'"

Wars as "unfought" and all for the better? You the devoted reader to the blog will have to decide for yourselves.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Drone Hysteria!

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Follow-up number # 1 to the previous blog entry, Hot Red Flash,  drones over Paris.

Drones over Paris but way beyond that!

Seems the reporters as detained are not the culprits. But the story unfolds. Thanks to and Joseph and quoted almost in entirety:

"Al Jazeera reporters not linked to mystery drones seen over Paris"

"Three Al Jazeera journalists, who were arrested yesterday for flying a drone over a Paris park, are not linked to the earlier mysterious sightings of drones flying over famous landmarks and security installations in the French capital, according to media reports. The bizarre sightings began last October, when security officials from France’s state-owned power company EDF filed a police complaint after noticing several mini-drones flying over at least seven nuclear power plants. Another 20 sightings of drones were documented in November, all of them seen flying over nuclear installations in various parts of France."

"On January 20, another drone was seen hovering over the Elysee Palace in Paris, which is the official residence French President Francois Hollande. Less than a week later, several drones were observed flying over a maximum-security French naval base in Brittany, which houses nuclear submarines. At least ten more sightings were reported on Monday and Tuesday night this week, this time flying over important buildings and landmarks in Paris. Among the apparent surveillance targets of the mysterious drones were the embassy of the United States, the Eiffel Tower, the Invalides national military museum, the Place de la Concorde at the eastern end of the Champs-Élysées, and the Bastille monument. Security forces also reported drone sightings near major public thoroughfares leading in and out of the French capital. French authorities said on Tuesday that they were investigating the incidents under the assumption that they were linked."

"On Wednesday, French police announced that three journalists working for Qatar-based television station Al Jazeera had been detained for piloting a drone that was seen flying over a park in Bois de Boulogne, an area located at the edge of the French capital. But initial reports in the media that the three Al Jazeera reporters were somehow linked to the mysterious drone sightings of earlier weeks appear to be dismissed by the authorities."

A mere single incident can be dismissed. A WHOLE bunch of them cannot be.

We wait with anticipation!


Sixty Percent.

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The Sixty Percent solution! OPSEC Ukraine.

From Breitbart the comments of a British national, a military veteran, [a man with Ukrainian ancestry and heritage] most disturbing. Those Ukrainian forces suffering excessive and very embarrassing casualties due to friendly fire [blue on blue incidents] mostly [?] from injudicious or errant use of radio communications.

"60 Percent of Ukrainian Casualties Due to Friendly Fire and Incompetence"

"More than half of the Ukrainian casualties in the battle against Russian-backed separatists are killed by friendly fire and lack of training, a British army veteran who volunteered with the Ukrainian forces has revealed."

"There are nearly 30 voluntary battalions and a number of regular units, but every group is fighting their own war. They don’t have central command, they don’t co-ordinate and they don’t even share radio frequencies between themselves, which makes it impossible to communicate.”

. . . .

"soldiers would resort to using mobile phones for convenience [even when provided with Motorola digital radios which enable scrambled communication], even though phones can be easily tracked and bugged by using basic surveillance systems supplied to the separatists by the Russians."

"they also keep tweeting and posting their pictures on Facebook,”



Wednesday, February 25, 2015


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Place this blog entry in the super hot red FLASH category.

As seen this evening on France 24:

"Al-Jazeera journalists arrested for flying drone in Paris"

"French police on Wednesday detained three Al-Jazeera journalists for illegally flying a drone from a Paris park. Their arrests come as authorities are investigating sightings of drones flying over key Parisian landmarks for two consecutive nights."

"The journalists -- all foreign nationals -- were taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon after police saw a drone flying in the Bois de Boulogne woods in western Paris"


"Last month a drone caused worry after being sighted flying over the Elysée Palace, the residence of President François Hollande - following dozens of sightings of drones over nuclear plants and military installations."

Journalists undoubtedly working for Al Jazeera and having Islamic or Muslim names? French counter-intelligence was on this one in an instant!!

Journalists too in name only? The claim will be made that this merely a matter of INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING AND SUCH!

I can imagine this all was brought to the immediate attention of the French President! Especially in the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo, the kosher deli, and the Copenhagen attacks.

See also those most recent blog entries regarding the use of drones for possible terrorist attacks:

Devoted reader to the blog you take it from there.



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I had originally thought this was a case of jahhaliya. Islamic response to ignorance. Books and manuscripts from the time BEFORE Mohammad. But that is not the case.

"ISIS Burns 8000 Rare Books and Manuscripts in Mosul"

"While the world was watching the Academy Awards ceremony, the people of Mosul were watching a different show. They were horrified to see ISIS members burn the Mosul public library. Among the many thousands of books it housed, more than 8,000 rare old books and manuscripts were burned."

 “If the books agree with the Qur’an, they are superfluous. If they disagree with it, they are heretical.” - - Omar.

Omar the Caliph from the time of Mohammad. The ISIL Salafists emulating those first three generations of Muslims.

We can think of the burning of libraries in the historical context during a time of war and conflict.

Alexandria, Baghdad, Louvain and now Mosul. That Great Library of Alexandria as set afire on a number of occasions during a time of war or conflict so it seems, that collection of original works from antiquity lost forever much to the detriment of all mankind.



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From that prior blog entry:

"General de Villiers, in charge of the operation, explained how difficult it is for soldiers on patrol to walk a total of 30 kilometers on foot every day, in their bullet-proof armor, in all kinds of weather."

A main attribute of a soldier being able to stand in one position for a prolonged period of time. Standing sentry duty or guarding an installation. Beyond walking a post QUITE OFTEN MERELY STANDING IN PLACE!! Sometimes for hours on end, even for half a day or more, and no going to the bathroom either. There might NOT EVEN BE A BATHROOM!

Troops during a battle [during that period of the Napoleonic era for instance] allocated as reserves NOT even in direct combat standing in formation even for an entire day without being committed.

Traditionally and historically the two biggest killers during wartime have been water and feet.

NOT having enough water to drink or consuming dirty and diseased water OR having bad feet, unable to keep up with a march. Falling out from formation being separated from your unit that lone troop subject to attack by local civilians, marauders, partisans.

Cold, hungry, wet, sleepless, tired, feet hurt! Being able to endure is all part of the soldierly ethic.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mall of America.

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The North American connection!

American and Canadian both!

"Somali Terrorist Group Targets Western Shopping Malls In Call For Lone Wolf Attacks"

"The al Qaeda branch in Somalia released a video Saturday celebrating the September 2013 attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, that killed 60 people in a four-day siege . . . al-Shabab called for attacks on specific targets in the U.S., Canada and Britain."

“'If just a handful of mujahedeen [militant jihadists] fighters could bring Kenya to a complete standstill for nearly a week, just imagine what the dedicated mujahedeen could do in the West to American or Jewish shopping centers across the world,' . . . 'What if such an attack were to occur in the Mall of America in Minnesota? Or the West Edmonton Mall in Canada? Or in London's Oxford Street?'”

See those previous blog entries Somali as residing in the United States and Canada having taken to the international battlefield of the global war on terror:

"...the FBI has been staging mock attacks in US malls for nearly two years to test readiness"

"Amid Al-Shabaab terror threats officials reveal the FBI has been staging mock attacks in US malls for nearly two years to test readiness"

"After a recent terror threat on an American mall, an official has revealed that the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation has been staging mock attacks in U.S. shopping centers for nearly two years to test their readiness."

A mall as it was with the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai presents a particular difficulty for counter-terror or SWAT type commando units?

Many stores and levels inside a mall that all have to be cleared, a service area in addition to the shops themselves, terrorists mixing in with the civilians and using the latter as human shields, maybe even an underground, etc. DIFFICULT!


Knight's Gambit.

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An extract from an Internet web site the topic of which is reserves as allocated by the combat commander!!

Reserves as that term understood a concept unique to ground warfare.

Reserves during combat fulfilling a variety of functions to include but not limited to:

* Relieving spent and exhausted combat units.

* Plugging a breach in the defenses.

* Pursue a retreating enemy!

"It is basically for this reason that the maintenance of an 'unblown' reserve has historically been essential in combat, with battles often revolving around which side can hold out and deploy their reserves last."

"The reserve has always played a vital role in combat, but du Picq [Charles J.J.J. Ardant du Picq] was one of the earliest advocates not only of 'holding out a reserve as long as possible for independent action when the enemy has used his own,' but he also insisted on the revolutionary concept that this process 'ought to be applied downward' to the lowest levels." 

"He [Ardant du Picq] also perceived the technological process of increasing lethality on the battlefield which continues today. 'There is more need than ever to-day, for protecting… the reserves. The power of destruction increases, the morale [of human beings] stays the same.'”

"Clausewitz further understood and put great emphasis on the danger of reserve forces becoming prematurely enervated and exhausted when he cautioned that the reserves should always be maintained out of sight of the battle."

Denying the enemy commander [Napoleon in this case at Borodino] the use of his reserves a dynamic stratagem quite often a crucial factor during combat.

As described by Suvorov:

"Think of the battle of Borodino and the cavalry raid carried out by Uvarov and Platov on Bonparte's rear. That was 'knight's gambit' for you in both meaning and form . . . The Russian cavalry neither fought nor charged, but simply appeared in the rear and that was that, but their appearance stopped Bonaparte from sending his guard into battle. And in many respects this one move decided both the battle and the whole destiny of Russia."

"Borodino - - Afternoon: North"

"By noon Prince Eugene [French] was preparing for a second attack on the Grand Redoubt [Russian strong point], but his plans would be delayed by a daring Russian cavalry attack. General Platov, the commander of the Cossacks, had spent part of the morning examining the lower reaches of the Kalatsha River. He had made two key discoveries - the river could easily be forded by cavalry and it was undefended by the French."

"Platov's Cossacks crossed the stream some way to the north of Borodino and threatened the French left-rear . . . The Russian cavalry did remain on the north bank of the Kalatsha for most of the early afternoon and wasn't recalled to the south bank until about 4pm. Some of the Cossacks may have stayed on the north bank for much longer."

"At the time the Russian high commander was very unimpressed with the cavalry raid . . . Only later did the Russians realize how much they owed to this cavalry raid. The French over-reacted, sending seventeen cavalry regiments north to deal with the perceived threat. Eugene's attack on the Grand Redoubt was delayed for two hours and Napoleon became even more convinced that he needed to keep the Old Guard out of the battle." 

Understand also that Napoleon at Waterloo unable to commit his Imperial Guard units held in reserve as he so wished that amount of fully concentrated and focused energy necessary for final victory lacking.


Monday, February 23, 2015


This is coolbert:

Those rebels in the Ukraine in opposition to the central government  in Kiev having just captured an up-to-date and most [?] advanced American counter-mortar radar set.

"Donbass Rebels Thank US for New Counter-Mortar Radar"

"Hi-tech piece of equipment now in rebel hands, courtesy of US military supplies and Ukraine withdrawal from Debaltsevo"

This counter-mortar radar:

"LCMR (Lightweight Counter-Mortar Radar), supplied by the United States as part of military assistance to Ukraine."

"The U.S. has decided to send to the armed forces of Ukraine 20 LCMR radars, the first three of which were delivered in November 2014".

"According to the information, received by our blog from the most serious sources [GRU?], soon after the transfer one of the stations was damaged during transportation, and then another station was damaged by artillery fire of the enemy at the first attempt of its combat use by the Ukrainians."

"We can assume that the LCMR radar, abandoned by the Ukrainian troops in Debaltsevo is the third of this ill-fated first batch of the three stations."

LCMR not existing in a vacuum. Data used to locate enemy mortar tubes with preciseness, LCMR net-centric. Counter-mortar FC [fire control] instructions acquired and transmitted to friendly units more or less instantly and automatically.

GRU at this very moment I imagine doing a careful analysis of LCMR, technical intelligence as gleaned from such an evaluation vital!



This is coolbert:

"Italy on high alert for ISIL attack!"


"Extra Troops Posted in Rome Following ISIS Threat"


"Rome on high alert with Islamic State just 300 miles from Italy"

Elements in league with the Islamic State three hundred miles from Italy. Elements the size of which undetermined.

"About 500 extra troops have been stationed around historic sites in Rome after ISIS made threats against the city last week." 

I can imagine full well an attack on the Vatican however effective or ineffectual for that matter having a propaganda and psychological value for ISIL almost beyond measure!!

"Italy, which is just 300-miles from jihadi-controlled territory in Libya, was referred to by the terrorists as 'the nation signed with the blood of the cross' in a recent video."

"ISIS has made repeated references to conquering Rome in its various messages, although there is some debate about whether 'Rome' in fact refers to a symbolic enemy, or perhaps Turkey or the United States."

The Salafists drawing inspiration from those first three generations of Muslims to include Mohammad. During that time of the Prophet there existing two "Romes". The first being the Patriarchy in Constantinople and the second the Papacy in Rome. One of those two "Romes" one gone for over five hundred years now, the second "Rome" as referred to by the jihadists obviously the Vatican!!

NOT for seventy years now during the era if the Second World War [WW2] during the Italian campaign has the Vatican been threatened. The fear at that time of the French colonial troops known as the goum rampaging through the Eternal City quite real!

History repeats itself? We hope not!


Sunday, February 22, 2015


This is coolbert:

Without question the military profession dangerous at all times. Combat aviation pilots and aircrews NOT even in contact with the enemy their fatality rate quite high.

As was noted at an Internet web site:

"millions of men had to risk their lives in WWII and were thus nervous about how they would respond to danger. (And it wasn’t just combat that could kill them, but also training and transportation. Here’s a statistic I have heard but haven’t seen confirmed, but it sounds plausible: 30,000 American troops died during WWII in non-combat airplane accidents: that’s like a packed 737 going down every week.)"

To which we can add the comment of an acknowledged aviation authority:

"I've read the loss figures--seems like 1/3 of combat planes from the US never made it to the front from accidents, 1/3 got shot down or otherwise crashed during combat ops, and perhaps 1/3 survived to make it to the wrecker's ball afterwards.  Something like 120,000 planes made in the US, and 40,000 lost to accidents". 


Front! Where is the front? For the combat aviator the front is anytime he gets into the cockpit of a warplane.


Saturday, February 21, 2015


This is coolbert:

From DEBKAfile the Golan Heights as occupied by Israeli troops now imperiled by an influx of Shia fighters loyal to, trained and commanded by Iranian senior officers.

NO major combat on the Golan for over forty years now! Wait a while!

1. "16 Feb. Thousands of Afghan, Pakistani Shiites in Hizballah's advance on Golan"

"The Iranian-backed "Operation Quneitra Martyrs" for the capture of the Golan brings Afghan and Pakistani Shiite fighters to an Israeli border for the first time, DEBKAfile reveals. Some 2,000 of these fighters have joined an equal number of Hizballah troops who are spearheading a march on the Golan from southern Syria . . . Iran plans to deploy them in Lebanon to augment Hizballah's war effort against Israel from two fronts, both now coming under Iranian command."

2. "18 Feb. Damascus: Rebels [FSA] confer with Israel on defending Quneitra"

FSA = Free Syrian Army. Presumably this is who the "rebels" are?

"Even in stormy winter conditions, the Syrian army continued Wednesday to press forward with Iranian, Hizballah and imported Afghani and Pakistani Shiite forces towards the Golan and Israeli lines. Their immediate objective appears to be the lofty Tel al-Hara mountain fortress, which the Syrian army lost to rebel forces . . . the fall of Tel al-Hara would lay Quneitra open to attack."

3. "18 Feb. Syrian 'friendly fire' kills scores of Iranian, Hizballah soldiers in S. Syria heading for Golan"

"Scores of Iranian and Hizballah fighters and a Syrian general were killed by 'friendly fire' from the Syrian army's 9th Division's artillery and missiles, Wednesday, Feb. 18  . . . They were pushing from S. Syria to the Golan. The incident is attributed to faulty coordination among the assorted forces in the drive towards Quneitra, where Tehran plans to establish a major military outpost and forward command center up against Israel's Golan deployment."




This is coolbert:

Even in the aftermath of the Kobani defeat the ISIL onslaught continues.

From DEBKAfile the Kurdish city of Irbil [Er-beel] now in danger.

"18 Feb. Islamic State launches major offensive on Kurdish capital defenses"

"Forces of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant have embarked on a major assault to breach the security belt defending the Iraqi Kurdish Republic's capital Irbil and reached within 45 km of the city. International coalition aircraft in the area are unable to strike ISIS units because the two sides are in close-proximity combat on the ground. DEBKAfile: That the Islamists were able to mass forces so close to the Kurdish capital attests to the inefficacy of the US-Jordanian-UAR air offensive against the invaders."

Hugging tactics!! A legacy from the Vietnam War. Close-air-support [CAS] unable to drop munitions! That space between the friendly and foe too small for accurate and safe bombing.

ISIL masters the basics quickly.


Friday, February 20, 2015


This is coolbert:

Breaking news that I did not see covered anywhere else in the main stream media.

Egyptian intervention in Libya no longer confined to air strikes.

NOW the proverbial boots on the ground.

Obviously this all in response to the beheadings of the Coptic Christians, each and everyone an Egyptian citizen.

That Libyan central government no longer in control of large portions of the country. Egyptian intervention warranted and understandable.

"Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has escalated his battle with ISIS in Libya by sending in Egypt’s special forces, which are considered some of the best in the world."

"Egyptian special forces have allegedly launched a ground attack in Libya’s Islamic State-held Derna capturing dozens of Islamist militants, according to Egyptian and Libyan reports."

"Ansa news agency cited unnamed local sources as saying that an Egyptian commando stormed the eastern Libyan town, a stronghold of the Islamic State (Isis) there, 'capturing 55 Daesh [IS] militants'."

DAESH that term in Arabic referring to ISIL!

"The Libyan National Army wrote on its Facebook page that Egyptian forces in coordination with the local army stormed IS camp in Derna, 'killing a large number of IS militants and capturing several terrorists including Egyptians, foreigners and Arabs'."

"An Egyptian newspaper, ElWatan News, reported that several jihadists were killed in the operation."

Action taken now action forestalled for later. This is the intent?



This is coolbert:

In response to the Charlie Hebdo and Copenhagen attacks the various European nations using conventional military troops for internal guard duty and security patrols, the statistics quite surprising.

1. France. Opération Sentinelle.

"The number of men had reached 10, 412 for Opération Sentinelle. The effort was to be 'short term', because, since the attacks, and for the first time, the government was employing as many soldiers on national territory as abroad, from the Sahel to Iraq."


"Almost all the 154 units deployed at 722 Jewish sites will be  replaced by mobile patrols: the army has just rented 300 vehicles: minivans with nine seats."

"General de Villiers, in charge of the operation, explained how difficult it is for soldiers on patrol to walk a total of 30 kilometers on foot every day, in their bullet-proof armor, in all kinds of weather. Living conditions for them are rudimentary; some had just returned from four months in the Sahel, only to be deployed in Paris. Others on leave were called back without warning."

Part of the soldierly duty is to be tired, wet, cold, hungry, sleepless, NOT BEING ABLE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM! As the mission entails and demands! AND DON'T TRY TO TELL ME THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU HAD IN MIND WHEN YOU ENLISTED!

2. Italy.

"Italian security chiefs have approved a plan to put 4,800 soldiers on the streets throughout the country to help guard against potential terrorist attacks."

"A statement by the interior ministry after a meeting on Tuesday of military and security officials said they would guard sensitive sites and targets until at least June."

"Italian media said about 500 would be deployed in Rome, where army troops already help guard diplomatic missions and residences, the capital’s synagogue and Jewish schools."

ISIL adherents in Libya having just made dire and bombastic threats directed against Italy, this concerns of the Italian military quite warranted!!

OH, this is going to get worse.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Italy GWOT.

This is coolbert:

Obviously in the aftermath of those Coptic Christians being beheaded, adherents to the cause of global jihad and ISIL making yet more dire and blood-curdling threats. THAT MAKING FOR ALARMING AND LURID HEADLINES!

That Mediterranean already and has been for some time a "sea of chaos".

NOW to be made worse?

1. "ISIS threatens to send 500,000 migrants to Europe as a 'psychological weapon' in chilling echo of Gaddafi's prophecy that the Mediterranean 'will become a sea of chaos'"

2. "Italy Fears ISIS Invasion From Libya"

"As ISIS makes inroads into Libya, officials in Rome are panicking about an Islamic State just across the sea—but have no idea how to combat the crisis."

Threats an integral part of which is illegal migration from Africa to Italy THE MIXING OF TERRORISTS INTO THE THRONGS SEEKING REFUGE TO BE EXPECTED!


Those predictions of the British Admiral Parry coming to fruition so it seems.

Some clarification regarding "Rome" when spoken of by the Salafists as engaged in jihad. Two "Rome" existed during the time of Mohammad and those first three generations of Muslims. One Rome [Constantinople] having been destroyed by the Turk over five hundred years ago now, that second Rome [the Vatican] the destruction of which essential to the jihadist and Salafist world message.


Struggle, Death & Danger.

This is coolbert:

 “I offer you struggle, danger, and death,” - - A. Hitler!

"What ISIS Really Wants" by Graeme Wood

I strongly suggest you read this excellent article by Wood!

"The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it."

"What is the Islamic State?"

Those main points:

I. Devotion

II. Territory

III. The Apocalypse

IV. The Fight

V. Dissuasion



Shock & Awe!

 This is coolbert:

From the Internet web site we have an item concerning shock and awe as understood in the military dimension.

Shock and awe recognized as effective but temporary BUT hardly 100 % conclusive in totality.

"Will to Resist"

"Victory is rarely defined by killing everyone on the other side but rather by breaking the enemy’s will to resist"

Therefore, our object in applying firepower must be to exploit its substantial paralytic effects to gain advantage.
. . . .

"So, within the Army War College, in the year 2000, it was well understood that Shock and Awe was an extremely temporary effect."

Some historical incidents of massive and overwhelming firepower put to good use, shock and awe the result, but as noted, that temporary effect not always so very consequential or conclusive.

* Blood River. 1838.

* Bandera Pass. 1841.

* Mosby's Rangers. [1861-1865]

* Gettysburg. 1863.

* Cold Harbor. 1864.

* St. Privat. 1870.  Mars-La -Tour. 1870.

* Plevna. 1877

* The Kassel Mission. 1944.

Devoted readers to the blog can suggest additions to the list. I am sure!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Unit 731.

This is coolbert:

If indeed these allegations are true, NOTHING LIKE THIS HAS OCCURRED IN THE LAST SEVENTY YEARS!!

"ISIS Might Be Harvesting Organs To Finance Operations, Iraqi Envoy Tells UN"

"In a bid to finance its operations, the Islamic State group might be harvesting human organs, Iraq’s ambassador to the U.N. told the intergovernmental organization on Tuesday, and asked the Security Council to investigate the allegations."

"In the past few weeks, authorities have discovered bodies with surgical incisions and missing kidneys or other organs in several shallow mass graves, leading many to believe that the extremist group might be harvesting these organs to fund its caliphate"

Instantaneously this all reminiscent of the Japanese Unit 731 and their germ warfare research as carried out during World War Two [WW2]. Dissections of the poor unfortunates experimented on an important part of the research. 

Other-worldly figures dressed in gowns, capes, hoods, goggles, carrying a corpse of a person done in by germ warfare experimentation. Such is the danger to those handling the bodies of the dead, infection of "friendlies" a real possibility.

A vivisection of a corpse subjected to germ warfare. Examine the innards to see the progress of the infection and how the internal organs are damaged. Important to record it all for posterity.

The Japanese army particularly interested in germ warfare. That banning of biological agents by international treaty in those years prior to WW2 indicating to the Japanese that there was something particularly diabolical about this form of warfare that could be used to advantage.

"There's a possibility this could happen again," . . . "Because in a war, you have to win."

As was Unit 731 as is ISIL? NOT exactly the same, but they are on a somewhat same course.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Poacher One.

This is coolbert:

Chinese ASAT. Anti-satellite.

From MARCONI through Harry at Sharkhunters:

"The space intelligence section of Japan Self-Defense Forces revealed in its newest intelligence: China has destroyed the control chip of a Japanese spy satellite with a secret weapon when the satellite was tracing a Chinese J-20 stealth fighter jet in northwestern China."

"According to the analysis by US military, like the previous incident of Chinese military blinding a US spy satellite with laser, it was China's move to display its military strength in space."

"US analysts believe that China used electromagnetic pulse weapon Poacher One in the attack. . . [Poacher One is an] electromagnetic weapon. Poacher One is able to transmit electromagnetic pulse of several megawatt continuously for one minute to destroy all military and civil electronic information and communications systems operating within a few kilometers. It can also destroy enemy's internal chips."

"Previously, US military revealed that the PLA [People's Liberation Army] sent a satellite near a US spy satellite to blind it with a coating of spray on its camera."

Like throwing sand in your eyes!

"However, the development of anti-satellite technology does not stop there. It may be the basis for the technology to intercept an ICBM. That will be a much greater worry for US military."

This sort of event did also occur during the Carter Administration but in that instance the Soviet was the culprit. The warning was issued that further occurrences would be considered as AN ACT OF WAR!



This is coolbert:

As was previously noted, OPEN SKIES the treaty is no longer in abeyance.

Even as we speak and the devoted reader to the blog reads this entry a mission is being conducted over American air space. Russian monitors are doing a surveillance of U.S. military installations.

From MARCONI through Harry that message sent and heard loud and clear:

"This is an Open Skies Message from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.  This is Notification SESSION NUMBER 1 for Open Skies Mission Number OS15002.  The Russian Federation has filed an Intent to Conduct an Observation Flight."

"Takeoff will occur no sooner than 1859 Eastern Standard Time, 2359 Zulu Time, on February 17, 2015.  This Mission must be completed by 1530 Eastern Standard Time, 2030 Zulu Time, on February 20, 2015.  CALL SIGN: OSY-33F"

"This is an Open Skies observation mission with 30 foreign observers onboard the aircraft. Imagery will be taken. The point of entry will be Dulles International, Washington D.C. Estimated time of arrival is 16 February 2015 at 2030Z. The Open Skies airfield where the flight will commence is McConnell AFB, KS. Approximate flight distance is 4800km [3,000 miles]. The next Notification will be transmitted upon a Mission Negotiated Final Plan."

Thirty foreign observers I assume are Russians. Presumably from the GRU. Inquiring minds want to know! No hanky-panky here. Merely compliance with internationally agreed upon protocols that benefit everyone. We hope.



This is coolbert:

What is this? I thought this was all settled? A truce had been agreed upon and was being implemented. The warring parties in the eastern part of the Ukraine had agreed to negotiations as part of a package deal what it is called and a cessation in the interim of hostilities. But apparently not.

1. "Fierce fighting reported near Shyrokine, east of Mariupol: 50 gunmen killed and 300 wounded"

"February 16 /Ukrinform/.Ukrainian troops are fiercely fighting in the vicinity of Mariupol for the village of Shyrokyne defending it from the Russian-terrorist forces who have been trying to capture it for the last five days despite the declared ceasefire."

2. "Ukrainian military fight off Pro-Russian rebel tank attack in Debaltseve - Ukraine's General Staff"

"February 16 /Ukrinform/. Ukrainian military had to use artillery to stop the tank attacks of the Russian-terrorist forces on position held by Kryvbas battalion around the town of Debaltseve, 25 kilometers northeast of Donetsk"

Donbass today, Chisinau tomorrow, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn watch out!



 This is coolbert:

More on the "big data" approach to submarine detection:

 "Are Submarines About to Become Obsolete?"

"methods mature that rely on phenomena other than sounds emanating from a submarine. These techniques include lower frequency active sonar and non-acoustic methods that detect submarine wakes or (at short ranges) bounce laser or light-emitting diode (LED) light off a submarine hull. The physics behind most of these alternative techniques has been known for decades, but was not exploited because computer processors were too slow to run the detailed models needed to see small changes in the environment caused by a quiet submarine. Today, 'big data' processing enables advanced navies to run sophisticated oceanographic models in real time to exploit these detection techniques."

Submarines becoming obsolete in the conventional sense of the word submarine as we understand it. A MANNED submarine  of the conventional sort, nuclear or diesel/electric powered.

The use of drones [UUV] is the answer? Expendable and much cheaper not totally undetectable but much more so and UNMANNED, the loss not so significant?


Sunday, February 15, 2015


This is coolbert:

1939 deja vu all  over again?

Those eastern European nations now constituent members of NATO keenly aware of Russian revanchist attitudes, alert and to a degree wary of American and NATO reassurance!

1. "Baltic States Compete With Russia in TV Battle for Hearts and Minds"

"RIGA/VILNIUS — Responding to what they see as a wave of Kremlin propaganda over Ukraine, the governments of the three Baltic states are keeping a wary eye on pro-Moscow television channels and stepping up their own broadcasts in Russian."

"Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, all part of the Soviet Union until 1991, are nervous of a newly assertive Russia and fret that their large Russian-speaking minorities could be susceptible to Moscow's message."

2. "Romania Keen to Help Moldova Drive for Closer Ties with EU to Dampen Russian Influence"

"A stone's throw from the mounted T-34 Soviet tank in the center of this Moldovan city is an emergency ambulance service set up by Romania, one of several soft power moves to steer its eastern neighbor away from Moscow's orbit."

"Wary of Russian intentions after Ukraine lost control of Crimea and much of its east to Russian-backed forces last year, Romania is trying to bring Moldova towards the European Union."

These eastern European nations perceive, rightly or wrongly, that the Crimea and Ukraine ARE NOT THE END! Russian meddling is not going to stop. AND NATO IS HARDLY A GUARANTEE IF BAD BECOMES WORSE!

In particular see prior blog entries regarding Moldova:

Donbass today, Chisinau tomorrow?



This is coolbert:

The Russian parliament [Duma] once more engaging in machinations that are counter-productive? The entire aspect of German re-unification now being called into question. AND FOR WHAT REASON OR GAIN?

"Russia may condemn annexation of German Democratic Republic"

"Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Sergey Naryshkin entrusted the Committee for Foreign Affairs to study the proposal from Communist Party deputy Nikolai Ivanov. It goes about the possible adoption of the statement from the Russian parliament condemning 'the annexation of the German Democratic Republic [communist East Germany] by the Federal Republic of Germany in 1989'"

This is all part and parcel of the Russian objections to NATO moving eastward in the aftermath of the dissolution of the old Soviet Union?

ONLY a statement YES but in the context of the Ukraine Crisis and continued Russian military aggressive and unnecessary provocation such "statements" once more counter-productive and unnecessary!!


Hot Line.

This is coolbert:

From Der Spiegel concerns as to a confrontation between Russia and NATO escalating. Escalating tensions possibly resulting in armed confrontation with an atomic aspect in the background at all times!!

"Nuclear Specter Returns: 'Threat of War Is Higher than in the Cold War'"

"The Ukraine crisis has dramatically worsened relations between NATO and Russia. With cooperation on nuclear security now suspended and the lack of a 'red telephone,' experts at the Munich Security Conference warn any escalation in tensions could grow deadly."


"these channels currently do not exist . . . A direct line had been set up between NATO and the Russian military's general staff in February 2013, but it was cut as a result of the Ukraine crisis."

Germany too a NUCLEAR POWER! German warplanes in case of attack can retaliate using NUCLEAR WEAPONS AS PROVIDED BY THE UNITED STATES!

"It is common knowledge that some of these weapons are also stationed in Germany. Up to 20 B61 aerial bombs, now being updated at great expense, are stored at the Büchel Air Base in the Eifel region of western Germany. They are under US command, but German Tornado fighter jets would drop the bombs in the event of a war."

That go-signal to use battlefield atomic munitions ONLY upon release from American authority. German military units did possess atomic weapons all throughout the era of the Cold War in a similar fashion. This is NOT new!



Saturday, February 14, 2015

M2 & M-16.

This is coolbert:

Here with an extract from that report comparing the advantages of the AR-15 rifle as issued to American and South Vietnamese [VN] troops for field trials during that most early stage of the Second Indo-China War.

"Weekly DTIC: The AR-15 In Vietnam, 1962"

"Analysis: Based on the numerical ratings and the comments of US Advisors and VN Unit Commanders, the AR-15 is the most desirable weapon for use in Vietnam for the following reasons: 1. Ease of training. 2. Suitable physical characteristics. 3. It is easy to maintain. 4. It is more rugged and durable than present weapons. 5. It imposes the least logistical burden. 6. It is the best weapon for all-around tactical employment. 7. Its semi-automatic firing accuracy is comparable to that of the M1 Rifle, while its automatic firing accuracy is considered superior to that of the Browning Automatic Rifle. 8. Vietnamese troops, Commanders and US Advisors prefer it to any other weapon presently being used in Vietnam."

Within the context of the Vietnam War the AR-15 [became the M-16] superior to any other weapon.

That close quarter combat as experienced in Vietnam made the M-16 the American weapon of choice.

About half [50 %] of those firefights as occurred in Vietnam at a distance of twenty meters or less!

This particular evaluation only considering the accuracy and penetrating power of the AR-15 round in contrast to that of the M2 carbine.

That M2 carbine originally the M1 from the era of the Second World War. The M2 having a larger magazine capacity and also automatic capable on demand!

"Selective fire (capable of fully automatic fire), 30-round magazine"

A troop in Vietnam subsequent to the adoption of the M-16 as the standard American battle rifle [replacing the much heavier M-14] ABLE TO CARRY TWICE THE AMOUNT OF AMMUNITION FOR THE SAME WEIGHT! But that was for the future!

That attribute of the AR-15 in both selective fire modes at least as good as or superior to the M1 rifle and the BAR. That also had to be considered as a plus.


F-16 & F-22.

This is coolbert:

Some updates and clarification from the DEBKAfile:

1. "Jordanian air strikes against ISIS with US air escort"

"7 Feb. Jordanian F-16 planes raided ISIS in Syria for the third straight day Saturday in reprisal for the murder of their pilot. DEBKAfile: They were escorted by two US F-22 Raptor tactical fighter stealth planes tasked with neutralizing anti-air fire directed from ISIS bases against the Jordanian bombers."

F-22 providing SEAD [suppression enemy air defense] during those Jordanian F-16 missions flown against ISIL targets. AND WHAT EXACTLY OTHER THAN MANPAD DOES ISIL HAVE IN THE WAY OF AIR DEFENSE?


2. "Greece plans joint military drills with Israel, Cyprus, Egypt"

"12 Feb. The Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos said in Cyprus Wednesday that the newly-elected government in Athens planned joint military exercises in the coming months with Israel, Cyprus and Egypt to enhance regional security in view of tensions with Turkey over oil exploration in the eastern Mediterranean."

So Greece and Israel are still a go-couple then? That alliance informal is not a shambles? The very leftist government and pro-Palestinian regime in Athens is not above continued and agreed upon collaboration with Israel. It seems so!


Oko & Molniya.

 This is coolbert:

The Russian Bear appearing strong but to a degree blind?

From MARCO POLO through Harry at Sharkhunters:

"Very important news from Russia is just in.  The Russians say that their missile early warning system 'Oko' (meaning 'eye' in Russian) has stopped functioning. 'Oko' consists of several geosynchronous (static in relation to the earth) satellites as well as other satellites in the 'Molnya' (meaning 'lightning') orbit, which is a highly elliptical orbit around the earth."

"Now, their last geosynchronous satellite had stopped functioning in April, 2014. The Russians are now saying that the last two satellites in the Molnya orbit also stopped working at the end of January, shutting down the whole system.  They had intended to put up a new set of satellites, called 'Tundra' in 2013, but this is being delayed. They will try to do this in coming June."

Further regarding Oko and Molniya:

"Oko . . . is a Russian (previously Soviet) missile defence early warning programme consisting of satellites in Molniya and geosynchronous orbits. Oko satellites are used to identify launches of ballistic missiles by detection of their engines' exhaust plume in infrared light". Oko apparently analogous or downright identical to the very early and now for sometime obsolete American MIDAS series of satellites.

"The Missile Defense Alarm System (MIDAS) was an American system of 12 early-warning satellites that provided limited notice of Soviet intercontinental ballistic missile launches between 1960 and 1966"Molniya orbit what it is called quite eccentric and even surprising.

"Molniya orbit . . . is a type of highly elliptical orbit with an inclination of 63.4 degrees, an argument of perigee of −90 degrees and an orbital period of one half of a sidereal day. Molniya orbits are named after a series of Soviet/Russian Molniya communications satellites which have been using this type of orbit since the mid-1960s."

This is the Molniya orbit. This is NOT geosynchronous as I understand that term.

Molniya referring to a type of orbit around the planet but also referring to the family of Soviet/Russian military communications satellites.

"Molniya  . . . was a military communications satellite system used by the Soviet Union. The satellites were placed into highly eccentric elliptical orbits known as Molniya orbits"

That symbol of Soviet/Russian military intelligence [GRU] the bat. The Russian now as blind as the proverbial bat with regard to missile launches? At least for a short time maybe?


Friday, February 13, 2015

Al Assad.

This is coolbert:

Follow-up number one to that original blog entry, the Iraqi city of Al-Baghdadi now captured by ISIL combatants and a contingent of American Marines at the nearby air base of Al Assad in great danger.

This particular story I had might thought would be major but apparently NOT! The situation not so dire but undeniably potentially so!

"ISIS Captures Iraqi Town, Threatens Airbase Where U.S. Marines Are Training Iraqi Troops"

"Some early reports said ISIS had actually stormed and captured the air base, trapping the Marines inside, but fortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.  This is not the first time ISIS has taken a swing at al-Assad; in January, NBC News reported senior defense officials saying the base received 'almost daily' pounding from Islamic State mortars, but the shelling had been 'completely ineffective.'”

Al-Baghdadi captured by ISIL after a prolonged siege but the airbase for the moment rather intact, all the Marines safe.

Indirect fire being received and has been for some time but described as INEFFECTIVE!

For now!



This is coolbert:

That hierarchy of combat as enunciated by Dupuy. And as recognized by military professionals. Definitions as used to differentiate between the "levels and interactions of combat". All quotations direct from Dupuy.

From top to bottom, macro to micro:

1. War. Politics by other means! Two groups of persons using weapons in conflict, each attempting to impose their will on the other. "War is an armed conflict, or a state of belligerence, involving military combat between two factions, states, nations, or coalitions."

2. Campaign. A series of battles [perhaps even a single battle?] the goal of which is to achieve a strategic objective.  "a phase of a war involving a series of operations . . . aimed toward achieving a single specific strategic objective or result".

3. Battle. Combat fought by units at the operational level. Normally fought by units at the corps level [multiple numbers of divisions] or greater.

4. Engagements. Combat fought normally by units no greater than divisional strength but no lesser than company size.

5. Actions. Combat fought normally by units no greater than battalion strength but no lesser than squad level. Lesser would be a fire team [half a squad] or a buddy team [two men].

6. Duel. Combat fought by two soldiers [sniper versus sniper perhaps] or two machines in opposition to one another [tank, plane, submarine].

There existing that overlap between engagement and action. An action normally lasting no more than a day, an engagement no more than a week.

Military professionals pay a lot or indeed any attention to these types of definitions and hierarchies? Devoted readers to the blog know better?


Thursday, February 12, 2015


This is coolbert:

Breaking! A story that is going to have legs as they said and could be very big. Thanks to Freeper in all instances.

1. "BREAKING: Reports Claim ISIS Just Captured al-Asad Air Base Where 300 U.S. Marines Could Be Trapped"

"This is a story with various reports flying from multiple directions and it’s hard to get a grasp on exactly what’s happening. What we know at the moment is that ISIS is claiming it has seized control of the al-Asad air base in the Ramadi area of Iraq. According to multiple twitter feeds the Iraqi army has lost contact with its people inside the base. From what we can tell the 300 Marines are on location to train Iraqi military."

2. "ISIS on the doorstep? Fighters reportedly seize Iraqi town near base holding US Marines"

"Islamic State fighters reportedly seized most of a western Iraqi town on Thursday, in fighting taking place mere miles from an air base where hundreds of U.S. Marines are training Iraqis."

"'Ninety percent of al-Baghdadi district has fallen under the control of the insurgents.'"

3. "ISIS Captures Iraqi Town, Threatens Airbase Where U.S. Marines Are Training Iraqi Troops"

"Reuters reports that the Islamic State has taken over most of the Western Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi, putting them dangerously close to the Ain al-Asad air base, where 320 U.S. Marines are engaged in training soldiers from the Iraqi 7th Division."

"Al-Baghdadi, about 85 km (50 miles) northwest of Ramadi in Anbar province, had been besieged for months by the radical Sunni Islamist militants who captured vast swathes of northern and western Iraq last year."

4. "ISIS Fighters Reportedly Seize Parts Of Iraqi Town, Threatening U.S. Marine Base"

"Islamic State insurgents took control on Thursday of large parts of the western Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi, threatening an air base where U.S. Marines are training Iraqi troops, officials said."




This is coolbert:

Regret that recent events in Russian only confirming the lack of airworthiness of the Soviet/Russian Su-24 [Fencer] a contingent of which have just been recently sold to Argentina. Thanks to MARCO POLO through Harry.

"in Russia, flights of the Sukhoi Su-24 fighter-bombers . . . have been banned until the cause of the Wednesday morning crash of this type of aircraft, which took place outside of the city 'Volgograd'"

"The Su-24 jet crashed seven kilometers from the runway. The fate of the two crew-members is unknown so far. According to a law enforcement source, the pilots have presumably ejected."

"On the order of the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Force, flights of the Su-24 planes are suspended until the cause of the accident is investigated."

"The Russian Defense Ministry has established a special commission to investigate the crash, and a search and rescue team has been dispatched. The Su-24 flight was being performed without combat ammunition load, by experienced pilots who had logged more than 1,000 flight hours each."

Even this plane flown CLEAN by experience aviators and this happens.


Fencer too not so airworthy an aircraft any longer.  See previous blog entry regarding Fencer. Argentina would be better off purchasing FULLBACK type aircraft from the Russian but those probably too expensive.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015


This is coolbert:

Thanks to the Sheldon Adelson Internet web site Israel Hayom an update presumably in the aftermath of that recent incident where Israeli troops were ambushed by Hezbollah.

Measures taken during missions or operations and during classified briefings and meetings.

"Israeli military to ban use of 'smart apparel' to prevent leaks"

"IDF will soon prohibit the use of smartwatches, rings, glasses, fitness tracking wristbands and shoes in classified settings . . . IDF: Microphones, cameras, GPS systems and more can be activated by the enemy without the owner knowing."

"the Israel Defense Forces will not allow 'computerized apparel' such as smartwatches and fitness tracking wristbands to be worn in classified meetings"

That criteria as to WHAT constitutes "computerized apparel" being:

"The new orders cover devices under three criteria: First [1], a device with the ability to compute, because only these can be targeted; second [2], a device connected to an Internet 'cloud,' possibly via Bluetooth; and finally [3], a device with an audio, video, camera or GPS component, among others"

Smart ain't always so smart!



This is coolbert:

Consider this to be Vietnam deja vu all  over again!


Acknowledging the number of combatants within the ranks of ISIL difficult to determine with a precise degree of accuracy or even really ANY modicum of accuracy!

"Estimates of the number of fighters in the ranks of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are extraordinarily wide-ranging."

According to U.S. sources those numbers:

On the low end of things, CNN’s Barbara Starr recently reported that “U.S. intelligence estimates that ISIL has a total force of somewhere between 9,000 to 18,000 fighters.” In late 2014, the CIA’s estimate of ISIL’s numbers was slightly higher, as its analysts assessed that the group had between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters between its Iraq and Syria holdings.

And from foreign sources those numbers:

Other estimates are far higher. Rami Abdel Rahman, the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, has said that ISIL has more than 50,000 fighters in Syria alone. The chief of the Russian General Staff recently said that Russia estimates ISIL to have “70,000 gunmen of various nationalities.” In late August of 2014, Baghdad-based security expert Hisham al-Hashimi claimed that ISIL’s total membership could be close to 100,000. By November, Fuad Hussein, the chief of staff to Kurdish president Massoud Barzani, told Patrick Cockburn of The Independent that the CIA’s estimates were far too low, and that ISIL had at least 200,000 fighters.

It all depends on how you count them. Read the whole article for the details!!

More to follow on this topic. Stay tuned!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

USS Cole.

This is coolbert:

Freedom of the seas is not so 100 % absolutely free!!

Within the context of the recent alleged incident involving the American naval vessel USS Donald Cook this voyage should be most interesting.

"US Missile Destroyer USS Cole Heading to Black Sea"

"The US guided missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG-67) is set to enter the Black Sea on Sunday with the declared purpose of promoting peace and stability in the region."

Entering the Black Sea thought that narrow passage historically referred to at various points in history as the: "Hellespont, Dardanelles, Bosporus."

Consider also that international treaty regarding the presence of naval vessels in the Black Sea,.

"All warships from countries without a coast on the Black Sea operate under the 1936 Montreux Convention: Regarding the Regime of the Straits. Montreux rules call for foreign warships to depart the Black Sea after 21 days."

All warships entering and exiting the Black Sea undoubtedly being closely observed, that passage right through the middle of Istanbul and easily monitored. Count the days!

That USS Cole nearly sunk by the putt-putt boat attack but now performing yeoman duty.


Musa Abu Yusuf.

This is coolbert:

ISIL not content with controlling a landmass nearly about half the size of the United States east of the Mississippi.

Even before consolidating rule in those areas as captured ISIL making plans for future jihad and conquest.

Such are the pronouncements of the Chechen jihadi Musa Abu Yusuf Shishani in a most recent statement. Thanks to Jungle Trader for the tip and the article by Radio Free Europe.

"At Saddam's Palace, Islamic State Militants Threaten To Take Over World"

"'We are coming for you, just like the Prophet Muhammad came for the...polytheists in Mecca. Whether it is us or those who come after us, the offensive that our caliph Ibrahim [Baghdadi] began cannot be stopped,'"

That historical land of Al-Shams extending all the way to the eastern shore of the Mediterranean.

The Islamic State group intends to bring 'the religion of Allah to every home,' Musa Abu Yusuf adds, saying that the militants will fly their banner everywhere, including at the 'palaces of Bashar [al-Assad], the towers of Washington, and the towers of the Pentagon, in every capital, in Paris, on the Kremlin.'"

Musa Abu Yusuf of course one of the Chechen boys. Just about the most dangerous group of people on the planet. Volatile and determined, aggressive and downright vicious when provoked.

See my previous blog entry numbers # 2, 3, and 4 regarding further ISIL expansion and continued aggression.

This Musa Abu Yusuf Shishani is a newcomer we are not familiar with? Is not Abu Omar al-Shishani or Muslim al-Shishani?


Monday, February 9, 2015

Abu Omar.

This is coolbert:

Abu Omar al-Shishani! A man in the manner of a Baybars.

From that previous blog entry:

"Also, YES, there are Chechen fighters embedded within the combat units of ISIL. Combatants I would have to think with a lot of military experience and also possessing a fanaticism almost unmatched and without peer."


Abu Omar now swims with the fishes? NO MORE bombastic pronouncements? We shall see.

Here with the identification:

Abu Omar al-Shishani that nom de guerre his given name Tarkhan Batirashvili. An ethnic Chechen correctly called a Kist. A Chechen from Georgia.

"Tarkhan Batirashvili . . . more commonly known by his nom de guerre Abu Omar al-Shishani or Omar al-Shishani . . . is an ethnic Georgian, Kist (Chechens from Georgia) from the mother side and a leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Syria. Batirashvili was the leader of the rebel group Katibat al-Muhajireen (Emigrants Brigade), also known as the Muhajireen Brigade, and its successor, Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar (Army of Emigrants and Supporters) . . . He reportedly became Minister of War in June 2014 before reportedly being killed by Kurdish fighters at Mosul Dam in the 2014 Northern Iraq offensive on or slightly before August 7, 2014."

And a man with a military background, a special operations type soldier with combat service before his ISIL experience. Reputedly killed in action just a few days ago? This remains to be seen.

P.S.: When editing this blog entry it became posted for some reason as brand new. Understand it was originally seen from last summer and the original ISIL onslaught.



This is coolbert:

All this has to be taken within the context of the Ukraine crisis and Greek monetary instability!

"Russian lawmakers will reevaluate Germany's reparations for WWII damage"

"MOSCOW, February 3. /TASS/. Deputies of the State Duma, the lower house of Russian parliament are setting up a workgroup that will calculate the damage that Germany inflicted on the Soviet Union during World War II, Izvestia daily said in an article published on Tuesday."

"Upon the completion of computations, the workgroup plans to issue a demand to Germany for reparations."

. . . .

"The USSR got some German assets, furniture, clothes and manufacturing equipment under Yalta agreements from the Soviet sector of control."

. . . .

"that the final amount of reparations to be paid to Russia, which is the legal successor to the USSR, will stand at €3-4 trillion [Euro]."

NO! A thousand times NO! Those "Trophy Brigades" marching with the Red Army almost literally took apart that Soviet Zone of Control in Germany in the aftermath of WW2. Laid bare the industrial base, factories and more or less anything of value looted, taken apart and sent back to the Soviet Union. Indeed, such activity common where ever the Red Army was victorious. Objects d'art hardly the only and unique item as sent back to the Soviet Union!

. . . .

Germany the wealthiest and most prosperous nation in the European Union and has been for some time. ALL THAT WAR GUILT AND REPARATIONS I HAVE THOUGHT A SETTLED MANNER FROM THE YALTA ACCORDS AND SUBSEQUENT!



Stalingrad & Kobani.

This is coolbert:

Russian triumphalism as seen at Itar-Tass!

"Victory in the battle of Stalingrad"

"Historic battle of Stalingrad fought between July 17, 1942 and February 2, 1943 heralded total defeat of Nazi troops and full victory over Nazism"

This Soviet troop is wearing some sort of body armor? And is wearing too the amoeba type of camouflage battle dress. Most Soviet soldiers went into battle at Stalingrad wearing a cloth cap?

"On February 2, 2015 Russia celebrates 72nd anniversary of major battle of World War II. Historic battle was fought from July 17, 1942 to February 2, 1943. It heralded total defeat of Nazi troops and full victory over Nazism, after which German forces never regained the initiative in the World War II"

Juxtapose this picture of the damage at Stalingrad in the aftermath of the battle with those much more recent images of Kobani.

See also these additional photo essay blog entries here and here regarding the damage as done to modern cities the devastation of urban warfare most terrible!

Atomic weapons not always needed!! Nobody ever said this was going to be easy!


Sunday, February 8, 2015


This is coolbert:

Nice is not nice!!

Some further clarification and items of interest from DEBKAfile:

1. "Two French soldiers injured by Muslim with knife in Nice"

2 Feb. "Three French soldiers on anti-terror patrol at a building housing the Consistoire Israelite de Nice, a Jewish organization, at the southern French town of Nice town center, were attacked Tuesday by three Muslim men One wielding a knife injured two of the soldiers . . . He was caught, but his two accomplices fled."

NOT merely one assassin attacking the French soldiers. According to DEBKA it was three. Two of which got AWAY!

2. "ISIS in full swing under ex-Iraqi general with 70 deaths in a month, on the march in 10 countries"

2 Feb.  "the Islamists are known to have killed at least 70 people in 10 targeted European and Middle East countries: France, Spain, Belgium, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Libya. This sweep is orchestrated by ISIS master strategist Abu Alki al-Anbari, a former major general in Saddam Hussein's army and now its top commander. His appears to be the brain charting three major strategic thrusts in motion today: 1. the activation of sleeper cells in Europe for coordinated terrorist operations: 2. multiple, synchronized attacks in the Middle East along a line running from Tripoli, Libya, through Egyptian Suez Canal cities and encompassing the Sinai Peninsula; and 3. the full-dress Iraqi-Syrian war front, with the accent currently on the major offensive launched Thursday, January 29 [?], to capture the big Iraq oil town of Kirkuk."

So ISIL does have a trained senior military officer in command of the combat units. Abu Alki al-Anbari. Perhaps a nom de guerre but nonetheless the man is a professional and competent military officer.

3. "Islamist State plots terror attacks inside Tehran. Hizballah high-up killed in Damascus bus blast for starters"
2 Feb. "The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has launched a new terror offensive against Iranians and other Shiites . . . ISIS has set its sights on the Muslim Shiite heartland, Iran and its cities - especially the capital Tehran."

4. "ISIS forces capture big Libyan oil field"

4 Feb. "Islamist State  forces have seized the al-Mabrook oil field south of Sirte, one of the largest in Libya . . . The head of the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency, Gen. Vincent Stewart, disclosed Tuesday that at least 20 terrorist organizations in Egypt, Libya and Algeria had recently joined ISIS."

Those groups adherents and in league with, swearing allegiance to ISIL the number continue to grow. Everybody loves the winner.


Saturday, February 7, 2015


This is coolbert:

Pararescue to the rescue!

Here with an escalation [?] of American military activities in the current counter-insurgency, ISIL now and for some months now under allied warplane bombardment.



"US moves pilot rescue aircraft closer to Syria battlefield"

"WASHINGTON — The gruesome killing [murder] of a Jordanian pilot who had crashed in Islamic State territory laid bare a problem of the U.S.-led coalition: There's no sure way to rescue an airman who's down behind enemy lines. Now, in response, the U.S. has moved search-and-rescue aircraft closer to the battlefield, defense officials said Thursday."

And from a discussion of the matter with a combat veteran his comments:

 "This is typical on how 'ruling elites' 'back into' a real war."

"Afraid to take the decisive steps needed to resolve the situation . . . any response must be 'proportional' in order to validate the move and their own self identify as 'just' and 'humane', they engage in gradual escalation, as was done by . . . the US ruling elites in Vietnam.  This leads to the perception, probably correct, that the US hasn't the heart nor the desire to enforce its' will on the enemy.  It also leads to the tactical result that an enemy has time to see the American method and means of doing war, and form responses to the American way over time." 

". . . the message the enemy receives is 'we can beat these Americans!'. "

Such incremental escalation [?] reactive rather than proactive and reminiscent of Vietnam.