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Ivan Chernyakhovsky.

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That statue a World War Two Soviet Era memorial dedicated to General Ivan Chernyakhovsky now having been removed, FURTHER NOW WITH THE REST OF THE STORY!

From the wiki as copied in entirety:

"1944: Responsibility for the Liquidation of Polish Resistance in Wilno"

"July 17, 1944 as part of a covert operation aimed at disarming Polish Resistance (Armia Krajowa or 'AK') soldiers Gen. Ivan Chernyakhovsky, along with the Gen. Ivan Serov, sent by the NKVD, held talks with the leadership of Wilno Branch of the AK. Under the false pretenses of discussing the further fight against the Nazis, Polish resistance officers were invited to a briefing in the headquarters of the Belarusian People's Front. The meeting was attended by Polish resistance officers Lt. Col. Alexander Krzyzanowski, nom de guerre 'Wolf' and the Chief of Staff Major Teodor Cetys, codename 'Fame'. Both were immediately disarmed and arrested. On the same day in the village of Bogusze, a similar meeting was announced to brief commanders of other Polish partisan units in the presence of both Lieutenant-Colonel 'Wolf' and Gen. Ivan Chernyakhovsky. However the 'briefing' ended with the disarming and arrest of the Polish officers by the NKVD. In this period, up to 8,000 Polish resistance fighters were arrested. They were either press-ganged into the Soviet Army, sent to camps or executed."

Armia Krajowa the Polish Home Army during the Second World War. Underground fighting force of the legitimate Polish government in exile.



NOW you know the rest of the story and are better for it too!!



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A war of words so far and only that. Almost 1939 deja vu all over again.

These incidents GERMANE within the context of the Polish "Free Shooters" Association.

1. "Russia summons Polish ambassador to protest removal of Soviet era statue"

"MOSCOW/WARSAW (Reuters) - Russia summoned Poland's ambassador on Thursday to protest at the removal of a Soviet-era statue in a Polish town on the 76th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland, highlighting increased tensions between the neighbors."

That statue and memorial of the General a portion of which being carried away. The removal is a done deal.

"Warsaw's envoy in Moscow, was called to the Russian Foreign Ministry to explain the dismantling on Thursday of a statue of Soviet General Ivan Chernyakhovsky in the Polish town of Pieniezno."

Here with an image of a Soviet era stamp honoring the General: "Chernyakhovsky was the youngest ever general in the Red Army and a decorated commander in its massive westward advance on Nazi Germany that helped end World War Two. He was killed in action at age 38 in February 1945."

2. "Poles furious after Russia blames them for starting WWII"

"WARSAW, Poland (AP) — The Russian ambassador to Poland has sparked outrage for putting some of the blame for World War II on Poland, creating a new spat amid deepening tensions between the Slavic nations."

The two Slavic nations but not friendly Slavic nations. Indeed, the modern historical perspective is that without the connivance of Hitler AND Stalin [the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact] the German would have hesitated to invade Poland in 1939.

Poland si, Russian nyet!


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From the post-war [WW2] debriefing of General Schimpf. Commanding the German Third Parachute Division [3 FJ] during the fighting in the bocage of Normandy immediately subsequent to the D-Day invasion, 6 June, 1944.

As extracted and of particular interest the influence of the terrain as regarding defensive operations of the 3 FJ. "Peculiarities" of the landscape as it is referred to.

"I am Schimpf commanding and I speak!"

"Peculiarities in the 'Bocage' terrain."

"The peculiarities in the terrain of Normandy were a considerable advantage to the defenders. Good camouflage and cover, as well as limited movement for all enemy vehicles including track-laying vehicles [tanks] on both sides of the roads, were all advantages. The only disadvantage was the limited observation for artillery and heavy infantry weapons. The terrain hindered an attacking enemy in his full development and deployment of air and tank superiority . . . Next to courage and ability, it was the terrain of Normandy that enabled the division [3FJ] to hold off the superior enemy with his modern weapons for so long."

". . . The most effective heavy weapons in this bush war were the mortars." [3 FJ possessing three time as many mortars as the American counterpart and bigger mortars for the most part too.]

Schimpf at that exact moment of time a combat experienced  general officer of some gravitas!

Schimpf able to combine 3 FJ organic firepower and ad hoc tactics to severely flummox the advancing American troops. Schimpf apparently an aggressive and dynamic commander perhaps without [?] peer even. That combination of good troops as commanded by a proficient senior officer formidable.

Schimpf also serving as a senior commander of the Bundeswehr! The German army as constituted after 1955.

German general officers of the WW2 era finding an additional career with the Bundeswehr an interesting topic perhaps too worthy of a PhD thesis?


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Unprecedented & Dangerous.

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Yet more from the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter, that Russian dimension to the Syrian Civil War continues to escalate:

1. "Russia ramps up military buildup to 28 combat aircraft"

21 September.

"Russia's continuous military buildup in Syria reached a total of 28 combat aircraft plus 16 helicopters on the ground and drones, US national security sources reported. The Russians masked the arrival of the military aircraft by flying them in behind the giant Antonov-124 transport aircraft."

2. "Putin's slippery evasions for Netanyahu's concerns about Iran"

21 September.

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and President Vladimir Putin talked mostly at cross-purposes when they met in the presidential residence outside Moscow Monday, Sept. 21."

"Netanyahu presented his host with intelligence evidence to demonstrate that Iran - under the cover of the Syrian army - is trying to 'build a second terrorist front against us from the Golan Heights.' He indicated that Israel would resort to military action to counter this front and asked to see Putin in order to avert any collision between Israeli and Russian forces on Syrian soil . . .  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was attended by twelve military officers including IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkot, Military Intelligence Chief Maj. Gen. Hertzi Halevy"

3. "Netanyahu summit with Putin under cloud of Russian S-300 anti-air missiles for Syria" 

21 September.

"On Saturday, Sept. 19, just two days before the Netanyahu-Putin summit, Russian troops at the Russian base outside the coastal Syrian city of Latakia were seen preparing to deploy advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missiles at the Russian base near Latakia. Against which air power are they being deployed? The Islamic State has no air force and no other air force threatens the Russian forces. Furthermore, while first reports said several hundred Russian marines were being sent to Syria, an intake of 2,000 is on the way. The arrival of four advanced multi-role Sukhoi 30SM (Flanker) tactical jets in Latakia on Sept. 18 has also raised eyebrows."

4. "An Israeli-Russian team will coordinate aerial and sea operations"

24 September.

"An Israeli military officer reported Thursday that an Israeli-Russian coordination team set up to prevent the countries accidentally trading fire in Syria will be headed by their deputy armed forces chiefs and hold its first meeting by Oct. 5. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the officer said the talks would focus on aerial operations in Syria and 'electromagnetic coordination' - referring to agreement not to scramble each other's radio or radar-tracking systems and identifying each other's forces in the heat of battle."

"Israel and Russia will also coordinate sea operations off Syria's Mediterranean coast, where Moscow has a major naval base."

5. "Russian marines join Hizballah in first Syrian combat engagement - an ominous slap for the US, Israel"

24 September.

"The launching Thursday, Sept. 24, of joint offensive operations by Russian marines and Hizballah special forces on the ISIS-held Kweiris air base - - runs counter to Russian President Vladimir Putin's assurances to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu just three days earlier that Russian marines in Syria would not fight with Hizballah. This new development places the Syrian war on an unprecedented and dangerous path for the United States and Israel."




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From the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter some further clarification regarding the use of the .22 caliber Ruger rifle as an anti-riot weapon:

"Israel security forces may use live fire for Palestinian rocks, firebombs, and 'popular terror'"

20 September.

"Israeli security forces now authorized to use Ruger rifles in life-threatening situations generated by Palestinian terrorist attacks with stones, fire bombs or mob riots. This weapon fires light 0.22 (5.59mm) bullets packed with a small amount of explosive which can cause injury within a 100m radius. The new rules of engagement are effective in all parts of Israel, not just Jerusalem, in view of extremist Islamist unrest in Israeli Arab districts."

The use of ammunition smaller than a certain caliber AND CONTAINING EXPLOSIVE MATERIAL FORBIDDEN BY THE ST. PETERSBURG CONVENTION OF 1868!

And from a source knowledgeable in JAG the use of such explosive weaponry not so totally illegal as I might have thought:

"Those rules apply in the event of war. Unless someone declares Palestine to be a state, the rock throwers to be soldiers, and a state of declared war under way, nothing legal or illegal is in effect here."  

"The only laws applying would be the laws of the nation-state where things are happening--as in Israel . . . But there are no violations of any actual international laws."


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Fallschirmjäger IV.

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"'Those Germans are the best damned soldiers I ever saw. They're smart and they don't know what 'fear' means. They come in and they keep coming until they get their job done or you kill em.'"

The American commander of the 29th Infantry Division [29th ID] speaking of the troops of the German Third Parachute Division [3 FJ]. 3 FJ occupying the bocage of Normandy and opposing further inland movement of the 29th ID in the aftermath of the D-Day landings, 6 June 1944.

Fallschirmjäger conclusion!

For a period of time and in an unanticipated manner the duel between the American 29th ID and the German 3 FJ decidedly in favor of the latter.

For a variety of reasons to include:

* 3 FJ in the bocage of Normandy possessing an extraordinary amount of organic firepower, a preponderance of automatic weapons in abundance. To include the selective fire FG 42. Automatic weaponry far in excess of the American 29th ID counterpart.

"Whoever said the pen was mightier than the sword obviously has not encountered automatic weapons!" - - D. Mac Arthur.

* 3 FJ in the bocage of Normandy also possessing many more organic mortars [three times as many] most of larger size than those employed by the American 29th ID counterpart.

* 3 FJ in the bocage of Normandy occupying that terrain the second most suitable in the world for conducting defensive operations.

ONLY the coral and rock caves of the Pacific islands superior to the bocage as potential defensive terrain.

* 3 FJ in the bocage of Normandy also employing superior and effective defensive methodology, ad hoc, but tactics and techniques suited to the terrain and difficult for the American 29th ID to combat.

* 3 FJ in the bocage of Normandy using "hugging" tactics to negate American overwhelming firepower superiority in the instance of artillery, armor, naval gunfire and close-air-support ground attack aircraft.

* 3 FJ during that battle in the bocage of Normandy at both the senior and junior leadership level having superior combat tested personnel. That preponderance [again the use of the word preponderance!] of 3 FJ "green" troops as was the American personnel of the 29th ID.

"Green" as having never seen combat before but highly motivated and trained to a high degree of proficiency. Those 3 FJ leadership positions at all echelons. occupied by troops having underwent a Darwinian selection process, having previously experienced combat and survived, even thriving and surely knowing what to do when in contact with the enemy.

IT WAS NOT that the American 29th ID in the bocage was so poor but rather that the German 3 FJ was so good? That is the question? Also the 29th ID having adapted to an unfamiliar and difficult situation, prevailing over a tough and determined enemy recognize this as a positive rather than a negative?


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Fallschirmjäger III.

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Germans behaving badly! NOT OBEYING ORDERS!

Call out the fallschirmjager!

Yet one more instance of Germans fighting Germans at the very end of the Second World War in Europe.

Waffen SS men deciding not to obey orders as from constituted command. Their actions thwarted by German fallschirmjager.  Thanks to the Internet web site article "Some FJ Facts"

"Men of the 8th Parachute Division were called upon to neutralize a group of die hard SS and German Partisan's (Werewolf units) in the first days of May 1945. They dug themselves in within a forest called Forst Segeberg in Northern Germany. They were intent on battling against 2 Battalions of the British 11th Armoured Division. In Flensburg on the German/Danish border, Admiral Dönitz, now chief of state after Hitler's death, ordered them to surrender. When they refused Dönitz dispatched some splinter groups of the 8th Parachute Division to deal with them. Under the eyes of the British, a fierce battle broke out between the two German forces. The remnants of the fanatical SS Kampfgruppe surrendered a couple of days later."


See previous blog entry regarding Waffen SS  and SS recalcitrance and the response of Heer [German army] subsequent to VE Day:

Such events were not so uncommon as we might think? This perhaps might make the subject of a PhD thesis?


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Fallschirmjäger II.

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Titanic and Rupert!

To war with dummies!

As was the case during the airborne landings in Normandy, 6 June 1944, the allied using stuffed manikins resembling paratroopers to deceive and fool the German. This was Titanic!

"Operation Titanic was a series of military deceptions carried out by the Allied Nations during the Second World War. The operation formed part of Operation Bodyguard, the cover plan for the Normandy landings in 1944. Titanic was carried out on 5–6 June 1944 by the Royal Air Force and the Special Air Service. The objective of the operation was to drop 500 dummy parachutists in places other than the real Normandy drop zones, to deceive the German defenders into believing that a large force had landed, drawing their troops away from the beachheads. The episode was depicted in the 1962 film The Longest Day."

Rupert the dummy with medals! English dummy paratrooper of the type as might have been dropped at Normandy. ONLY three feet [one meter] high! The dropping of dummies when COMBINED WITH AN ACTUAL PARACHUTE ASSAULT I MIGHT THINK MOST EFFECTIVE!

DO NOT think however the allied forces were alone in the use of stuffed dummies dropped from airplanes as a deception maneuver. The Germans did it too!!

From that "Some FJ Facts" Internet web site article:

"Allied and German airborne forces alike used dummies to deceive enemy forces. The problem associated with dropping dummies, however realistic the dummies may be, was the fact that the deception does not last very long. It does not take long for the cover to be blown by alert ground troops. Dummies manufactured by the Allies were quite realistic, when they hit the ground they let off firecrackers imitating gunfire. The Germans decided that the best use for dummies was alongside real paratroops to give the deception of numbers involved in the operation and to mask the real objective. The Germans even experimented with the use of smoke pots attached to the dummies to shroud them on landing, therefore elongating the period of deception."

"Some of the JU-52 aircraft that towed the DFS-230 gliders to their objectives in Belgium in May 1940, did not returned straight back to their bases. They carried on 25-30 miles behind the Belgian lines and dropped straw filled dummies to deceive the Belgians that they were being attacked from the rear."

That particular German airborne operation of May 1940 the glider attacks on the Belgian forts of Eban Emael. 

"All war is based on deception." Even a simple deception gimmick and trick as using stuffed dummies dropped from airplanes can cause just that degree of hesitancy on the part of your adversary that is to your advantage. The allies and Germans both during WW2 thought so!


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Fallschirmjäger I.

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Paratrooper rifle FG 42.

Until a few days ago the very existence of this weapon unknown to me!

"The FG 42 (German: Fallschirmjägergewehr 42, 'paratrooper rifle 42') is a selective-fire battle rifle produced in Nazi Germany during World War II. The weapon was developed specifically for the use of the Fallschirmjäger airborne infantry in 1942 and was used in very limited numbers until the end of the war."

Fallschimrjager firing the FG 42.

"It combined the characteristics and firepower of a light machine gun in a lightweight form no larger than the standard-issue Kar 98k bolt-action rifle . . . the FG 42 influenced post-war small arms development, and most of its design was copied by the US Army when they developed the M60 machine gun."

ALMOST an assault rifle as that term normally, commonly and generally understood: Those attributes of the assault rifle included in the design of the FG 42 to include:

* High-capacity detachable magazine.

* Selective fire switch.

* Pistol grip stock.

But not firing that intermediate cartridge. Using the same round as the  German "Kar 98k bolt-action rifle". Intermediate cartridge defined as the German 7.92 X 33 mm Kurz or the Soviet 7.62 X 39 mm AK

Another view of the FG 42. Elements of the FG 42 and the German MG 42 incorporated into the design of the post-war American machine gun M60!

German paratroopers of the Third Fallschirmjäger during those battles in the bocage in the aftermath of the D-Day landings [6 June 1944] had this weapon available to them? As rated at that exact instant of time the German paratrooper BEST light infantry in the world superior personnel wielding superior weaponry of which the FG 42 was just one example.

NO wonder that American 29th Infantry Division in Normandy had such a hard time!


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Sarmat I.

This is coolbert:

From  MARCO POLO through Harry:

"Report from Russia has said today that their new ICBM 'Sarmat' now under development is likely to be test launched on a limited trajectory in March 2016. The flight test on the full trajectory is likely to be conducted in the third quarter of that year."

"It is said that there has been argument in the Russian Defense Ministry on whether to conduct the test at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, or at the Plesetsk test ground in northern Russia -- about 800 kilometers north of Moscow."

[. . . .]

"the new 'Sarmat' has many improved features. The Russians, for instance, boast that it may fly to a designated target in North America either over the North Pole or the South Pole. Its last stage is said to weigh ten tons. It is not known yet how many, or what kinds of, warheads it contains."

From the wiki:

"The RS-28 . . . also known as Sarmat . . is a future Russian liquid-fueled, MIRV-equipped, super-heavy thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missile in development . . . intended to replace the previous SS-18 Satan. Its large payload would allow for up to 10 heavy warheads or 15 lighter ones . . .  it was heralded by the Russian military as a response to the U.S. Prompt Global Strike."

North Pole or South Pole? That is the question. Liquid-fuel too! For that heavy lift capability.

Similar also in some regard the Cold War relic the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System [FOBS]. At that time a Soviet development that was subsequently outlawed [?] by treaty. An orbiting satellite carrying a thermonuclear warhead the descent of which when detected would give American national command authority decision-makers only five-minutes of warning.

The United States to my knowledge NOT having any plans to develop a new generation of ICBM. Prompt Global Strike as well relying on kinetic energy weaponry and NOT nuclear warheads.

I guess that it can be reasoned that the Russian is merely planning to REPLACE older and perhaps antiquated existing ICBM.


Free Shooters.

This is coolbert:

"During a time of peace prepare for war!" - - Cicero.

Understand too this not Gladio! Private rifleman and marksmanship organizations but NOT Gladio.

Polish private and autonomous groups teaching the basics of rifle marksmanship and rudimentary military skills. Private and autonomous groups that during a time of war and invasion could very well form the nucleus of a guerrilla/partisan/insurgent force.

1. "Eyeing Russia nervously, Poles enroll in volunteer militias"

"Spurred by the war in Ukraine, growing numbers of Poles are joining volunteer paramilitary groups to get basic military training and prepare to defend their homeland from what some see as a looming Russian invasion."

. . . .

"There are an estimated 120 such groups in Poland, with total membership around 10,000. Eight hundred members gathered on Friday in Warsaw at a meeting organized by the Defense Ministry, the first time they have been given official recognition."

2. "Youths march through Warsaw on Soviet invasion anniversary"

"Warsaw (AFP) - Around 5,000 Polish youths wearing military uniform and carrying Kalashnikov replicas marched through Warsaw Thursday, pledging to come to their country's aid if necessary amid concern over Russian activity in neighbouring Ukraine."

Rifleman and marksmanship clubs with a military orientation having a long history in Poland.

These were the "Riflemen's Association".

Związek Strzelecki 'Strzelec'  ('Rifleman') was a Polish paramilitary cultural and educational organization created in 1910 in Lwów . . . and revived in Poland in 1991.

"An important part of the Association's mission was training young Poles in military skills. Before World War I, the Riflemen's Association provided military training to over 8,000 people, and its trainees subsequently formed an important part of the Polish Legions in World War I."

And before the riflemen were the francs-de-tireurs.

French civilians in the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian war organizing themselves into private marksmanship clubs. Marksmen whose ability with the long-gun allowing them to function as the sniper, the irregular/guerrilla/partisan/insurgent in time of war and invasion by the foreign power.

"Francs-tireurs . . . was a term for irregular military applied to formations deployed by France during the early stages of the Franco-Prussian War (1870–71)"

"It is sometimes used to refer more generally to guerrilla fighters who operate outside the laws of war"

Again, NONE of this is Gladio. Conspiracy theorists and advocates rest easy!!


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This is coolbert:

Congestion in the skies over Syria and contiguous areas becoming acute. In the near future to become even more extreme.

Warplanes of a variety of nations now having a combat mission, manned combat aircraft and drones.

"Freedom of action" what is deemed without conflict the goal! Without consultation and prior agreement this becomes difficult.

First from DEBKAfile:

"Netanyahu, Putin to discuss continued Israeli air force freedom of action over Syria"

16 September.

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will discuss with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Sept. 21 continued Israeli Air Force freedom of action against threats coming from Syria. This would necessitate coordination between the Russian and Israeli air commands to avoid accidental collisions between their warplanes. A deal on these lines, tacitly agreed between Washington and Moscow, enables US air strikes against ISIS."

Furthermore and more recently from

"Kerry: Russian fighter jets in Syria raise serious questions"

"LONDON (AP) The United States is disturbed by Russia's movement of tactical aircraft to Syria, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday, acknowledging that the jets could pose a threat to American and allied military forces."



Uighur Thailand.

This is coolbert:

More on the recent Bangkok bombing of the Erawan Temple and the Uighur [Wee-ghar] connection.

NOT Grey Wolves. NOT Gladio. Human trafficking.

"Thai police say Uighur trafficking ring behind Bangkok bombing"

"Authorities say the Erawan shrine bombing was carried out by criminals in retaliation for a crackdown on their trade"


"Thai police have blamed a criminal gang that trafficked Uighur Muslims from China to Turkey for last month’s deadly bombing at a Bangkok shrine, saying it was carried out in retaliation for a crackdown on their trade."

. . . .

"In July, Thailand forcibly returned 109 Uighurs to China, causing an international outcry and anger among the Uighur community."

Within the context of the arrest and forcible repatriation of those Uighur to China the Erawan bombing as retaliation we much better understand the situation now.

Again, apparently NOT Grey Wolves and NOT Gladio. I am so glad it is not Gladio.

What is your trade?



This is coolbert:

From the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter those items concentrating on further and massive Russian involvement in the Syrian Civil War. At least from my perspective events building to a crescendo.

1. "Cyprus alerted to divert passing aircraft for Russian exercise off Syria"

12 September.

"Russia has issued an alert for Cyprus to divert aircraft from normal flight paths for the military exercises, to be conducted off the Syrian coast next week. Moscow has also sent NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) to the US Federal Aviation Administration about the exercise, including 'rocket firings' between the Syrian port of Tartus and Cyprus."

2. "Five Russian ships equipped with guided missiles arrive off Syria"

 12 September.

"Russia called on Friday for military-to-military cooperation with the United States to avert 'unintended incidents' during its navy exercises off the coast of Syria. A squadron of five Russian ships equipped with guided missiles is taking part in the exercises which continue up until Oct. 7, and include 'the testing of artillery and short-range air defense systems.'" 

3. "US sources: Russia deploys tanks at Latakia airfield"

14 September.

"Russia has posted at least seven heavy T-90 tanks and an artillery unit around the Syrian airbase near Latakia, which is home to incoming Russian forces, say US sources. DEBKAfile earlier named the airbase as Jablah and reported landings by giant Antonov-124 transport planes (Condors) loaded with military supplies."  

4. "Russian troops already engaged in battles against ISIS around Homs"

17 September.

"Contrary to the impression conveyed by Moscow that Russian troops in Syria are not engaged in combat and that none of the sophisticated arms deliveries were destined to the Syrian army, new developments belie both these claims. Russia has sent the Syrian army advanced MIL MI-28 (Havoc) assault helicopters - belying one of two Moscow’s denials about its intentions in Syria, and, contrary to another denial, sophisticated Russian 'mobile war rooms' and troop carriers transporting Russian marines were, according to DEBKAfile, sighted on the Homs-Aleppo Highway 4. They were heading for battle to save beleaguered Aleppo from falling to the Islamic State."

Russian participation in the Syrian Civil War now a done deal as they say. NO going back now?


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ruger .22.

This is coolbert:

Haim, maim but do not kill, break out the Ruger!

Some extracts from various articles as seen at the Friday edition of the Sheldon Adelson Internet newspaper "Israel Hayom"

"I would station snipers at the hot spots . . . and shoot at [people who] throw rocks and Molotov cocktails. The snipers would have to operate selectively and methodically. They don't have to kill. They can maim."

"Netanyahu has in fact asked Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein for authorization to set up posts [for] snipers armed with Ruger rifles"

"The IDF is currently authorized to use the low-powered .22 Ruger, aimed at the lower body, in Judea and Samaria to contain violence"

"Israel beefs up security in capital . . . Potential measures include . . . Ruger sniper fire during riots."

Comments of the Israeli public in response to an upsurge of riotous behavior vis-a-vis the Temple Mount, Al Aqsa Mosque, the Old City of Jerusalem. Use of the Ruger .22 caliber sporting rifle in a military version suggested as a remedy to the chaos and disruption. .22 caliber =  5.6 mm.

That use of the Ruger .22 caliber rifle the topic of previous Internet web site articles:

"Terminating Interest in Leading a Riot"

"Col. Jeff Cooper suggested a system that 'would make sure, first, that a riot would stop; and second, that only the leaders would feel the weight of social disapproval.' Of course, since this is Col. Jeff Cooper we’re talking about, his recommended system was a weapon system, a suppressed .22"

"This weapon, properly sighted and equipped with a noise suppressor, may be used with surgical delicacy to neutralize mob leaders without risk to other members of the group, without noise and with scant danger of death to the subject."

"Israeli Ruger 10/22 Suppressed Sniper Rifle"

"The Ruger 10/22 is a popular .22 rifle. Apparently the Israeli Ruger 10/22 Suppressed Sniper Rifle was customized for anti-riot use during the 1987 Palestinian intifada "

"[T]he Israeli security forces needed a weapon with a more potent firepower then the standard riot control metal covered rubber round, but at the same time less lethal then the standard issue 5.56 mm round of the M16/Galil assault rifles. So the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) searched for a 0.22 caliber accurate rifle that will be used to take out the key protest leaders by shooting them in the legs."

"The Ruger 10/22, fitted with a X4 day optic, a full length suppressor and a Harris bipod was selected for this role and was due to be issued to all infantry oriented units, including both special and conventional forces."

That Israeli using the Ruger .22 since 1987 so understand this use of the weapon and the tactic of riot suppression not new. NORMALLY any use of firearms being a use of lethal force. Snipers using the Ruger instructed to fire for the lower portions of the body only and aim at "mob leaders".



This is coolbert:

"It was known only to a very few people that I had been approached by the Chief of the Air Staff, who told me we had the only instrument in the world that could detect a Soviet missile. I simply wanted to do research, but events wouldn't allow me to." - - Sir Bernard Lovell.

Sir Bernard in that particular instance speaking of the Jodrell Bank radio telescope and the secret military mission as was the case from the period of the Cold War.

Part and parcel of what was called the "Four-minute Warning".

Soviet ballistic missiles in-bound toward English targets and carrying thermonuclear warheads that amount of warning for the British command and decision-making establishment a grand total of four minutes!!

"The Four-minute Warning."

"Early in the Cold War, Jodrell Bank was used to detect and track incoming missiles, while continuing to be used for astronomical research. From 1958 to 1963, the radio telescope had the task of giving early warning of a Soviet attack. Plainclothes Royal Air Force officers even worked alongside scientists, engineers, and undergraduates, with only the director, Bernard Lovell, and the Air Ministry knowing who they were."

Radio telescopes normally only "listening".  Jodrell Bank and other facilities of a similar nature, at least some of them, also having a capacity [hidden perhaps] on demand to act as a giant radar when needed. That detection of inbound Soviet missiles too only possible when the "dish" pointed in the right direction.

Jodrell Bank yesterday, Chilbolton today? Who knows?



This is coolbert:

Place this one in the strange but true category. The episode much more clarified in my mind now.

From many years ago now [year 2000?] that phenomenon of the crop circles and the military connection.

Crop circles the phenomenon found in the vicinity [very close] of what described in the newspapers as an "important" English governmental facility [but not military] and having appeared without warning, unexpectedly JUST THERE!

My initial thought was that the "important" governmental facility was the radio telescope at Jodrell Bank but this apparently is not so. Rather think Chilbolton Observatory. That installation the vicinity of Chilbolton a large "meteorological radar experimental facility".

"Chilbolton Facility for Atmospheric and Radio Research (CFARR)".

"CFARR is one of the world's most advanced meteorological radar experimental facilities, and is home to the world's largest fully steerable meteorological radar"

. . . .

"Recent developments have added new capability to detect orbiting satellites and space debris."

That "phenomenon" of crop circles controversial and having been so for a very long time. Often thought to be either the work of space aliens OR merely human pranksters of amazing ability. The issue unresolved.

So great was the concern at the time [2000?] and as was reported the British dispatched secret military units to conduct surreptitious surveillance of the area. Units [I think this was detachments of the SAS] whose mission was to secretly observe and report future similar crop circle events. WHO exactly was creating these crop circles and HOW was this being done. Establishing and maintaining a hide-spot for surreptitious surveillance a specialty of the SAS [Special Air Services].

Here with an image of the crop circles vicinity Chilbolton much to the amazement of everyone.  

This image showing an overhead view of the crop circles and Chilbolton. The observatory as is obvious to even the most casual of observers very isolated, surrounded by farm fields in all directions. NO ONE supposedly saw a thing. How did those crop circles get there and who put them there?

That undetected trespass in the near vicinity of the Chilboton within the context of: "new capability to detect orbiting satellites and space debris" suggests that the deployment of military special operations type units in response was not only WARRANTED BUT MANDATED! TRESPASS OF THIS NATURE NOT MERELY A POLICE MATTER!

The jury still out on the entire topic of crop circles? Space aliens, human pranksters, a natural event, the WHO and HOW of the occurrences remains unclear and undetermined? Many theories having been proposed, but nothing ever confirmed or denied.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

P-47 & WN27.

This is coolbert:

Found this Internet web site that I high recommend without qualification or reservation..

"Normandy 1944 – Then and Now"


Thanks in all instances to allpics4u.

These two particular images most evocative.

"SAINT AUBIN SUR MER Juno Beach, Nan Red sector. A P-47 crash landed on the beach near the strong point WN27. (Photo : I.W.M)"

Oui , nous nous souvenons. That is the Canadian and French flag flying alongside one another, Juno beach.

NOT only do we remember, we should remember.

Indeed there is an English magazine quarterly publication that deals with such matter, HOW it was then, HOW it is NOW. "After the Battle":

"For over 35 years, After the Battle has been presenting the history of the world's conflicts through 'then and now' comparison photographs. From the Zulu wars, through the First and Second World Wars; to the Falklands, all are researched on the actual battlefield to show how they appear today."


Tarkhan Batirashvili.

This is coolbert:

More on Red Beard and the Chechen boys.

Those most dedicated combatants of ISIL. Making their mark on the battlefield where ever you find them.

That headline too from McClatchy in a way misleading.

"U.S. training helped mold top Islamic State military commander"

* "Tarkhan Batirashvili was a natural military star when he joined Georgia’s military"

* "Fought the Russians during 2008 war, but left Georgia for Turkey in 2012"

* "In Syria, he’s known as Abu Omar al Shishani, commander in several major victories"

Abu Omar having attributes of what might be termed the "white messiah". That charismatic and talented military man, the foreigner and outsider quite often an American or an European, able to unite, organize, train, plan, lead into battle the insurgent factions of a rebellious people not his own.

Abu Omar also NOT directly trained by the American military. That should be clear. WAS the graduate of a Georgian military special operations training course that syllabus of which was suggested by the U.S. military. BUT Abu Omar NOT an American product by any means. NOR would his activities in any shape, manner or form be condoned.

See previous blog entries regarding Abu Omar and the Chechen boys:


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Obstacles Normandy.

This is coolbert:

The German at Normandy during the Second World War [WW2] employing beach obstacles in depth. Obstacles among which teller mines were liberally and lavishly strewn. 

Beach obstacles at Normandy. Obstacles submerged at high tide but above the water line during low tide. Click on image to see an enlarged view.

A C Element. Also called a Belgian Gate. An anti-tank obstacle formidable, very sturdy and robust. Those men and the tank give you some sense of the scale. It would take fourteen one kilogram [two and one half pounds] demolition charges to destroy a Belgian Gate. The idea was to collapse the obstacle in a compact mass rather than spread the metal fragments all over the place.

Vertical pole with a teller mine. Facing toward the ocean.

Poles in the form of a ramp obstacle. Facing toward the shore and not toward the water. Sometimes the ramp obstacles would have teller mines attached. That contingent of German officers might be led by Rommel himself!

Tetrahedron. Steel posts joined and a considerable obstacle for an armored vehicle or a landing craft. As you can see tetrahedron on this beach strewn in profusion.

Specially constituted combined units of army and navy personnel called Gap Assault Teams their mission to clear the beaches of Normandy of obstacles. Units their existence and mission totally unique within the history of the U.S. military? Platoon sized elements [three squads of army combat engineers and one squad of navy underwater demolition experts] trained and equipped for such a mission. IT IS FROM THE NAVAL PERSONNEL OF UNDERWATER DEMOLITIONS THAT THE NAVY SEAL'S AS WE KNOW THEM TODAY HAD THEIR GENESIS.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Black Buck & El Dorado.

This is coolbert:

As extracted from an article at the ListVerse Internet web site:

"10 Air Attacks that Shook the World"

In two of those ten instances NOT SO much the dropping of the bombs in itself but the LOGISTICAL effort involved quite stupendous.

"logistics involved were staggering"

1. "The Falklands Black Buck Attacks"

"The missions to the Falklands, to destroy the Stanley runway and two other radar sites, were codenamed Operation Black Buck."

"There were five missions in all, and the logistics involved were staggering – Each round trip was close to 13000 kilometers – the longest in human history."

"The Black Buck Vulcans had to be refueled several times during the long flights to the Falklands and back. Refueling was done by RAF Victor Tankers using refueling probes. Two Vulcans took off on the 30th of April 1982. Each had 21 bombs weighing 1000 pounds each."

"It was an eight hour journey to the Falklands, and the Vulcans were escorted by no less than eleven Victor Tanker aircrafts. One Vulcan developed some technical problems and had to fly back to base. The mission thus boiled down to a single Vulcan accompanied by steadily decreasing numbers of Victors heading for enemy territory."

Hadley Page Victor. Originally designed as a long-range bomber aircraft, one of three types of British warplanes that constituted the "Vee" series of nuclear deterrent. Converted into an aerial refueling tanker, still very sleek looking and reputed to the largest aircraft ever to break the sound barrier!

"The last Victor pumped in so much fuel in the remaining Vulcan so that it would manage to get within 400 miles of Ascension Island where a new Victor would arrive and refuel the returning 'dry' Vulcan."

Avro Vulcan. Also one of the three types of "Vee" nuclear capable long-range bomber aircraft in the British arsenal. Also very aerodynamic with elegant aesthetics perhaps unsurpassed. Engines: "the  . . . engines to be within the wing rather than on pods . . . This 'buried engine' fit contributed to the aircraft's aerodynamic cleanliness." Clean!

2. "Operation El Dorado Canyon"

"Following a series of terrorist attacks on America in 1986, US intelligence agencies claimed that they had 'incontrovertible' evidence that the incidents had all been sponsored by Libya. The Operation El Dorado was America’s response to this growing terror threat. This operation involved a British based-USAF mission to lead a bombing mission, even longer than the Black Buck Raids of 1982."

"The logistics of the missions were further complicated when France, Italy, Germany and Spain refused to co-operate with the US. Only UK was willing to give to the USAF some territory to serve as a base. The bomber chosen for his mission was extremely fast, low flying F-111. Though it was a very advanced bomber, it had never [been] built keeping such long missions in mind.

"Operation El Dorado Canyon would involve a round trip of 6400 miles, taking 13 hours and requiring no less than twelve in-flight refuelings, for each of the 24 F-111s. It was an ambitious mission with almost no room for error."

"NO room for error!" That adage that lieutenants think tactics and generals think logistics undeniably true? Perhaps without question and always will be!!


Monday, September 14, 2015


This is coolbert:

Thanks to the article as seen at the Internet web site "The Aviationist" and the tip from Freeper we have some details of the massive Russian airlift to Syria and the "roundabout" air bridge as it is referred to:

"Online flight tracking provides interesting details about Russian air bridge to Syria"

"Once again, provides an insight into military operations. This time, the Russian air bridge to Syria. Some days ago we explained how everyone (including low-tech terrorists “armed” with a mobile device and an Internet connection), could have the operational equivalent of a ground-based radar detection system to predict (and avoid) U.S. airstrikes and reconnaissance missions thanks to ADS-B, Multilateration, online tracking systems and some poor OPSEC procedures."

. . . .

"On Sept. 9, aviation enthusiasts from all around the world tracked as much as five An-124 Condor airlifters heading towards Syria. An additional one could be tracked on Sept. 10."

"Unlike the flights tracked on the previous days, the six cargo planes spotted on Sept. 9 and 10 took an easterly roundabout route to avoid the airspaces of Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus, closed to Russian aircraft supporting the military buildup in Syria."


Also that talented amateur "plane spotter" now having at his disposal a capability at one time only within the purview of specific elite branches of the military or civilian intelligence agencies. Formidable, amazing and also for free!


Caracal MOUT.

This is coolbert:

The Israeli high command having observed the most activity of Islamic State combatants in Sinai are making preparations to thwart  possible ISIL incursions into Israeli territory. Thanks to Ynet for the article.

Preparations that include training for military operations urban environment [MOUT].

Military training exercises and training for MOUT of which Caracal is a participant.

Caracal the mixed gender combat battalion. Caracal their main role as I understand it patrolling, reconnaissance, observe and report, engage when necessary.

"Caracal fighters training for ISIS incursion"

"Amid the rising threat of a coordinated ISIS attack from Sinai, the mixed-gender battalion has begun training on complex urban warfare scenarios like those they may face after an ISIS attack."

An image of Caracal troops practicing how to clear a building. Those are Tavor bullpup assault rifles they are using. "The first class of Caracal fighters recently trained on clearing buildings at the Kziot base, while using pyrotechnic effects which simulated live fire and grenades. In addition to the urban warfare training, the fighters practiced camouflage and observation techniques against militant forces across the border."

This is the lady commanding officer of a Caracal company. It would seem that officers as well as enlisted are gender mixed in Caracal..

Always looking for items regarding Caracal. Caracal that desert-dwelling cat androgynous, having features both of male and female. See previous blog entries regarding Caracal and associated units:


Sunday, September 13, 2015


This is coolbert:

A period of warfare and armed conflict must be thought of as progressing through three discernible stages. 1. What led up to the war. 2. The actual fighting of the war itself. 3. The aftermath of the war and the consequences.

This Internet article suggests that French culture in slow but steady decline since the end of the Second World War onward. A decline resulting from post-war purge occurring among the French intellectual hierarchy, those persons deemed as collaborationist, friendly toward Vichy or fascism.

Many of those purged from the ranks of the literary elite, much to the detriment of future generations.

"THE PURGE AND THE POETS" by Rémi Tremblay.

"When one thinks of the French language, it is impossible not to think of the richness of its literature. Known for its theater and poetry, its classicism and romanticism, French has produced some of the world’s best authors. But like many things in France, its culture is declining. Where did this decline start? Did it start with the Cultural Marxist revolution of the 60’s? French author Léon Arnoux who recently published L’épuration et les Poètes (The Purge and the Poets) claims the origins of the decline coincide with the purges at the end of the Second World War."

"When France was liberated at the end of the Second World War, a wind of vengeance swept the country. After being defeated and enduring four years under foreign rule, it was now time to settle the score. Thousands of French [estimates greatly vary as to the exact numbers] were murdered and executed while as many were imprisoned in concentration camps in a purge similar to the one that followed the French Revolution of 1789."

"Whoever had collaborated in one way or another with the German foe became a prey. Any artist who had continued his work, even if it was totally apolitical, like that of Georges Simenon, the father of Maigret, was targeted"

These literati in the vast preponderance of cases not taking up ARMS on behalf of Vichy or the German. Treason and treachery as defined in a very broad sense, even the slightest smidgen of approval for Vichy or the fascist cause liable to get you in big trouble.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Black Death Syria.

This is coolbert:

Black Death = Russian Marines.

Yet more from the DEBKAfile weekly newsletter.

"First Iranian troops land in Syria, link up with Russian marines"

11 September.

"Iran this week sent its first ground troops to Syria, around 1,000 marines and elite Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) troops. They moved into the small military air facility of Ghorin south of Latakia, and hooked up with the just-landed Russian marines, settling in nearby at Jablah. Three weeks ago, DEBKAfile . . . now [can] report that Russia is ending S-300 air defense missiles for deployment at the Russian and Iranian bases [located in Syria]."

See previous blog entries regarding the Black Death to include the previously reported Syrian connection:



This is coolbert:

From DEBKAfile and only as you might find reported by DEBKA:

Egyptians return to Yemen for the first time in fifty years!

"First Egyptian troops in Yemen to fight Houthi rebels"

10 September.

"The first 800 Egyptian ground troops sent to fight in Yemen will broaden the Saudi-led Arab coalition battling the Iranian-backed Houthi insurgency, arriving with artillery and tanks. Wednesday, a thousand Qatari troops landed in Yemen, to be followed by ground troops from Jordan, Morocco, Sudan and Kuwait."

Shia versus Sunni. As it has been ever since the time of the Battle of Karbala in 680 (61 AH). And perhaps always will be.



This is coolbert:

"Ask and you shall receive". NOT always the case. From DEBKAfile:

1. "US asks Greece to close airspace for Russian flights to Syria"

7 September.

"The United States has asked Greece to deny Russia the use of its airspace for supply flights to Syria which Moscow requested to run up to Sept. 24. Russian sources said Greece had refused the US request. The US is seeking to block the Russian military airlift into Syria"

2. "Russia eludes US ban on NATO airspace by roundabout route to Syria via Iraq and Iran"  

9 September.

"Moscow has opened a new route for running its military shipments from Sevastopol in Crimea and other South Russian bases to Syria. To circumvent US efforts to block the airspace of NATO nations, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria, along the Mediterranean route, the Russian now sends its military transports over the Caspian Sea, northern Iran and Iraq, to reach Mezze airbase in Damascus and supply the new Russian base at Jablah."

Greece a constituent partner and member of NATO and when you need them they are hesitant if not downright rude and impudent! If that don't beat all!


Friday, September 11, 2015

Tochka SS-21.

This is coolbert:

First the Houthi have SCUD. Then the Houthi have SCARAB. What else do the Houthi have?

From DEBKAfile:

"Rebel Houthi missile kills 45 UAE troops in Yemen"

4 September.

"The UAE [United Arab Emirates] troops and an ammunition dump were struck by a Soviet-era Tochka missile while taking part in a Saudi-led operation against the Yemeni Houthi rebels in Marib province, some 120 km east of the capital Sanaa. This was the deadliest day for the UAE military in all its 44 years."

Tochka the SS-21 codenamed SCARAB! Tactical battlefield ballistic missile.

"OTR-21 Tochka . . . is a Soviet tactical ballistic missile . . . its NATO reporting name is SS-21 Scarab . . . It uses an inertial guidance system."

NOR is this the first time the Tochka has been used with effect during that Yemeni Civil War.

* "On 20 August 2015, during the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen, Houthi fighters supported by regular Yemeni Army units loyal to ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh fired an OTR-21 targeting a Saudi Naval base"



Saudi & Houthi.

This is coolbert:

From a previous blog entry:

"Houthi trans-national. NOT recognizing borders as exist between Saudi and Yemen for instance."

And as reported by the DEBKAfile Weekly:

"Saudi troops deployed in Najran on Yemen border"

28 April.

"The elite Saudi Arabia National Guard has deployed to the Najran border region with Yemen region a mechanized infantry brigade, artillery, air defense, reconnaissance, engineering logistics and anti-armor units, several Yemeni Houth rebel cross-border attacks which left a number of Saudi soldiers and officers dead . . . Many Najran inhabitants belong to the Shite Ismaili sect and are close to the Yemeni Zaydi Shiites. Riyadh does not trust them not to collaborate with Yemeni rebel intruders"

The Houthi tribesmen [Shia] move north! Allied themselves with fellow Shia who live on the Saudi side of the border.

The Ismaili sect of Islam associated with the Aga Khan. The Aga Khan after 9/11 seen as a possible for remediation and reconciliation between Islam and the Christian "west". But after WTC I have heard nothing further.

P.S.: Blogger has reposted this entry originally from a much earlier date. Sorry.



This is coolbert:

From the Washington Free Beacon, Bill Gertz and the tip from Harry we have more alarmist headlines. Russian mega-tonnage underwater nuclear warhead as carried by a new and very advanced unattended underwater vehicle [UUV]. This UUV called Kanyon?

"Russia Building Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine"

"‘Kanyon’ unmanned sub to target harbors, cities"

"Russia is building a drone submarine to deliver large-scale nuclear weapons against U.S. harbors and coastal cities, according to Pentagon officials."

"The developmental unmanned underwater vehicle, or UUV, when deployed, will be equipped with megaton-class warheads capable of blowing up key ports used by U.S. nuclear missile submarines, such as Kings Bay, Ga., and Puget Sound in Washington state."

. . . .

"Based on Soviet nuclear torpedo" That nuclear torpedo [not a UUV] from the era of the Cold War NEVER HAVING GOTTEN THE CONCEPT STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT.

. . . .

"The T-15 torpedo was about 75 feet long and was capable of carrying a high-yield thermonuclear warhead some 15 miles [distance and not depth] underwater . . . called 'a truly innovative concept.'”

The one-way mission to destroy a port facility in time of war using a thermonuclear warhead to do so.

Kanyon if deployed carried to the scene of the action by a mother ship, either a submarine or surface vessel [even a commercial ship] and then released.

That development of mega-tonnage thermonuclear weaponry something the United States has eschewed for quite a long time. Those large size bombs already in the American arsenal either being decommissioned or put into moth-balls, deactivated and stored or just having been for the most part gotten rid of. For a variety of reasons.

NOW we read about this. A blast from the past almost literally so you might say. Russians now but the Soviet before them very fond of the super-bomb, the super-weapon, the grandiose-destroy-all munition able to create devastation of Biblical proportions and perhaps even them some.

San Francisco, Long Beach, Seattle, Boston, New York City, etc. All beware!! Norfolk, Jacksonville, King's Bay, Bremerton,  San Diego, Pearl Harbor, all be on high alert as well!


Thursday, September 10, 2015


This is coolbert:

It would seem that locating buried treasure as hidden from the time of the Second World War [WW2] is a growth business.

From Harry at Sharkhunters:

"MORE TREASURE TRAINS -  a Russian engineer . . . claims that he KNOWS where a number of lorries loaded with the obligatory gold, silver and jewels taken from the bank of Smolensk is hidden.  According to this story, the Soviet Government took all this treasure for safekeeping from the German Army but to no avail, as this unnamed engineer claims that the German Army overran this convoy and seized the loot - and buried it near the village of Otnosovo to the southwest of another abandoned tunnel.  He claimed that the paper money and the priceless paintings were all burned and just the gold, silver and jewels were buried."

Even the infamous massacre at Ouradour-sur-Glane from WW2 as is the allegation part of a search for lost and hidden  gold. 

"On 10 June 1944, the village of Oradour-sur-Glane in Haute-Vienne in then Nazi occupied France was destroyed, when 642 of its inhabitants, including women and children, were massacred by a Nazi Waffen-SS company."

That entire episode of Oradour disputed, no real finality to the true motivation and behavior of the German ever agreed upon.

"The Story of Oradour-sur-Glane"

"on 9 June 1944, Raoul [French resistance fighter] had stolen 30 boxes of gold bars from a German military vehicle, after all but one of the SS soldiers in the convoy had been killed in an ambush, along with all the Resistance fighters except for him. The one SS soldier, who had managed to escape, reported the ambush to his superior officer. The next day, the SS found the charred bodies, which Raoul had doused with gasoline siphoned from the trucks, and set on fire after burying the 30 boxes of gold by the side of the road"

"the theft of the gold provided the motive for Dickmann to go to Oradour-sur-Glane, which was only four kilometers from where the looted truck was found. According to Raoul, Major Dickmann and his superior officer, Brigadier General Heinz Lammerding, had been systematically stealing Nazi gold for their private "pension fund." At the time of the ambush, they were secretly transporting the gold in a heavily guarded truck which contained important military records. Raoul had discovered the gold by chance after the ambush."

As to incredible stories of gold and hidden or lost gold treasure go read the accounts of Lasseter's Gold!!

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world". - - Tolkien.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Grey Wolves.

This is coolbert:

From an Internet conspiracy web site we have an allegation that the recent terrorist bombings in Thailand are the work of an organization having a connection to NATO and specifically so to Gladio.

Gladio that NATO organized stay-behind operation designed to be activated in case of Soviet attack on western Europe [including Turkey]. Gladio units to be the nucleus of an insurgency against Soviet rule. Practitioners [Gladio] of guerrilla warfare and armed resistance to occupation. Organized trained and equipped in advance, ready for the go-signal.

"Global Gladio: NATO Terror Network Reaches into Asia"

"NATO terror network implicated in Bangkok blasts, appears to have been running Uyghur terrorists through Asia, into Turkey and onward to fight NATO’s proxy war in Syria."

"An unprecedented blast in Bangkok, Thailand last month left 20 dead and over 100 injured."

"NATO created and funded the Grey Wolves terrorist network during the Cold War as part of its stay behind networks . . . Today, the Grey Wolves are represented by the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), the third largest in Turkey’s parliament. They are reported to operate globally, including terrorist training camps in Xinjiang, China."

Grey Wolves described as that Turkish element of Gladio. Militants also advocating a Pan-Turkic and Islamic homeland consisting of those people and lands of Central Asia from Europe to China.

To include the UIGHUR PEOPLE. [WEE-GHUR]. Uighur nominally Chinese nationals but very restive. From time to time engaging in their own brand of insurrection and terrorism.

Exactly why the Grey Wolves if indeed they are involved in the recent Thailand bombings are targeting a Hindu temple in Bangkok as popular with foreign tourists is not clear. Other than the suspects apprehended had dozens of Turkish passports in their possession nothing more seems to be forthcoming.

See further blog entries regarding Gladio: