Friday, June 27, 2014


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Troops are massing. Troops are always massing!

From DEBKAfile an understanding that the Iraq crisis is trans-national:

1. "Jordanian jets hit first Al Qaeda-Iraq incursion"

"23 June. Jordanian air strikes hit ISIS armored contingents Monday night, June 23, as they crossed into the kingdom through the Turaibil border crossing, which they seized Saturday. DEBKAfile reports: The Islamist State of Iraq and Levant's capture of Rutba - also Saturday - signposted Saudi Arabia as another target."

2. "King Abdullah calls up Saudi armed forces"

"26 June. Thursday, June 26, the day before US Secretary of State John Kerry was due in Riyadh, King Abdullah summoned a National Security Council meeting 'upon the current security events in the region, especially in Iraq,' and ordered 'all necessary measures to protect the kingdom against terrorist threats.' The Saudi military has been mobilized and placed on high preparedness, after royal reconnaissance flights discovered Iraqi Al Qaeda-linked Sunni fighters (ISIS) heading for the Saudi border to seize the Ar Ar crossing."

3. Egyptian commando units being deployed to Saudi. Bolstering the defenses against ISIL incursions a high priority!

"DEBKAfile: Egyptian commandos are about to fly out to bolster Saudi border defenses."

ISIL was not even on the radar screen just a few months ago. NOW the whole world [Middle East] trembles at their feet! And obey tremble-ing-ly too!


South China Sea.

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Just because of the crisis in Iraq do not think the rest of the world comes to a halt. Here with updates on the situation in the South China Sea.

1. "Historical Fiction: China’s South China Sea Claims"

"The Spratly Islands—not so long ago known primarily as a rich fishing ground—have turned into an international flashpoint as Chinese leaders insist with increasing truculence that the islands, rocks, and reefs have been, in the words of Premier Wen Jiabao, 'China’s historical territory since ancient times.'”

2. "China Now Claims Japan’s Okinawa"

"The Global Times, the newspaper run by China’s Communist Party, ran an editorial this month suggesting that Beijing challenge Japan’s control of Okinawa, part of the Ryukyu island chain.
Why would China want to start a fight over Okinawa?"

3. "China Deploys 'Civilian' Fishing Fleet to Attack Neighbors"

"Today, in the ongoing South China Sea territorial disputes, much analysis is focused on Chinese efforts to expand its blue-water navy capabilities. While the accumulation of submarines, warships, and subsurface torpedoes are certainly important for China’s strategy (and one that it’s pursuing vigorously), one facet of Beijing’s plan that is just as vital, yet hasn’t been as widely discussed, is its use of civilian maritime assets in the South China Sea."

It is always suggested that possession [occupation] is nine-tenths of the law. Law as defined by who in this case?


Air Assault.

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Sounds like something out of the Vietnam War, Ia Drang Valley, First Air Cavalry.

"Iraqi troops air assault into Tikrit"

Recognize instantly Tikrit as the ancestral home of the late Saddam Hussein. A Sunni stronghold.

"Yesterday the Iraqi military launched an air assault into the insurgent-held town of Tikrit. At least three helicopters landed at a stadium in Tikrit University, which is about six miles north of the city.
According to Reuters, 'the helicopters were shot at as they flew low over the city and landed in a stadium at the city's university.' One of the helicopters was said to have been shot down."

"'One helicopter crash-landed in the stadium. Another left after dropping off troops and a third remained on the ground. Army snipers were positioning themselves on tall buildings in the university complex,' the news agency reported."



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Forewarned and forearmed!

And it is confirmed that American combat drones active in the skies over Iraq.

"Armed U.S. Drones Flying Over Baghdad"

"Armed U.S. drones are flying over the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, an American official said Friday, primed to defend U.S. troops and diplomats on the ground—or to attack insurgents challenging the Iraqi government if President Barack Obama orders such strikes."

“'We have the necessary forces not only to protect our own forces, but to be prepared should the President make a decision to do something more,' a senior Pentagon official said Friday."


Thursday, June 26, 2014


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Place this entry in the paranormal category?

"Iraq's 'Exorcist' Temple Falls Into ISIS Jihadist Hands"

"Ancient pre-Christian temple in northern Iraq featured in film The Exorcist at risk of destruction by Isis jihadists"

"An ancient temple made famous in the film The Exorcist has fallen into the hands of the Islamic militants who have taken over northern Iraq, the Telegraph has learnt."

This is a representation of the Babylonian god pazuzu. Christians would recognize him as the devil!

"The pre-Christian worship complex at Hatra, a vast network of 200-ft high sun-god temples that is a Unesco world heritage site, features in the opening sequence of the 1973 horror classic."

This is the land of the Yazidi worshipers? That main spirit [angel] of the Yazid having horns coming out of his head, his color is red, and who lives inside a cave. A spirit [angel] who refused a command by god to bow to man..

And the fate of these gods and spirits will be to have their statues and temple blown to bits by ISIL as was the case of the statues of Buddha in the Bamian valley [Afghan]?

More likely those artifacts of antiquity will be sold in the international black market by the business savvy ISIL to further finance jihad on a more massive scale!!



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From that same previous story the ISIL advance on Haditha Dam also this item:

Private security guards en route to Iraq, the protection of U.S. military personnel the mission.

"Two Iraqi advisers to Mr. Maliki said there would be more than 1,000 American private security guards coming to Iraq to protect the 300 military and intelligence advisers that will be here to help the Iraqi government fight ISIS, far more Americans than previously acknowledged. One adviser said the number of private guards would reach 1,700."

American Special Forces and intelligence analysts as dispatched to Iraq not having an organic combat capacity and an ability to defend themselves?

These might not be Blackwater mercenary personnel [does Blackwater even exist any more?]. Possibly Ghurka, Fijian, South African, etc. Non-American.

NO American boots on the ground other than the original three hundred.


Haditha Dam.

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ISIL insurgents advance on Haditha Dam. The capture of same would be most significant?

"Sunni Militants Advance Toward Large Iraqi Dam"

"BAGHDAD — Iraqi security officials said Wednesday that fighters with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria were advancing on the Haditha Dam, the second-largest in Iraq, raising the possibility of catastrophic damage and flooding."
. . . .

"The ISIS militants advancing on the Euphrates River dam, about 120 miles northwest of Baghdad, were coming from the north, the northeast and the northwest. The fighters had already reached Burwana, on the eastern side of Haditha, and government forces were fighting to halt their advance"

I can recall that this dam was mentioned quite often during the American invasion of Iraq in 2003. A catastrophic release of water deemed as a possible Iraqi defensive measure, flooding on a Biblical scale an impediment to forward advance of U.S. armored units. But nothing ever occurred.




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The ISIL insurgents obviously adept at use of social media and the Internet. The gloating mockery as directed at President Obama having a precedent from over seven hundred years ago in the Middle East.

As extracted from: "THE FLAME OF ISLAM" by Harold Lamb


Baibars the great Mameluke Sultan of Egypt during that most latter stages of the Crusades having captured the Christian stronghold of Antioch in the year 1268, Prince Bohemund discovering in the most sudden and abrupt manner he was now a Count, the humiliation most extreme! And all thanks to Baibars!

As recounted by Harold Lamb:

"Two weeks later, at the end of May [1268], a letter arrived at the castle of Tripoli for Bohemund . . .  Bohemund, opening the missive, beheld at the foot of it Baibar's heavy signature. And when he had read it through he sat without moving or speaking, as if stunned by an un-seen blow. When his companions knew the contents of the letter, amazement and sorrow kept them silent. The letter was the masterpiece of the versatile sultan."

"'Greeting to the Count,' it began. 'And commiseration upon his misfortune, inflicted by Allah, who hath deprived him of his princedom and left to him for consolation only his countship. Know, Count, thou who believest thyself to be prince of Antioch art not for WE are lord of Antioch, thy rich and fruitful city.'"

"'Sword in hand, we swept through thy city on the fourth hour of Saturday, the fourth day of Ramadan. If thou hadst seen thy knights rolled under the hoofs of our horses! Thy palaces trampled by the plunderers who filled their bags with booty! Thy treasures weighed out by the heaviest weights! Thy fair women hawked in the streets at four for a dinar and bought with thine own gold!'"

"'If thou hadst seen thy churches broken in, their crosses shattered, their lying gospels tossed from hand to hand in the open under the sun, the tombs of thy noble forefathers overturned, while thy foe the Moslems trod upon thy Holy of Holies, slaughtering monks and priests and deacons like sheep, leading out the rich to misery, and nobles of thy blood to slavery!'"

"'Coulds't thou have seen the flames licking up thy halls thy dead cast into the flames temporal while the flames eter-nal awaited them the churches of the Apostles rocking and going down . . . Then wouldst thou have said,'" "'0 God that I were dust!'"

"'Since no man of thine hath escaped to tell thee the tale, I TELL IT TO THEE!'"

Baibars certainly had a way with the words!!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014


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Here is yet one example of how the insurgent ISIL uses social media and the Internet to promote their cause. And displaying a savvy that is surprising.

Thanks as posted from RT, Russian Times.

"ISIS mocks Michelle Obama on Twitter, boasts of Iraq victory"

"The photoshopped image of Michelle Obama with the #bringbackourhumvee hashtag is a take-off of her #bringbackourgirls Tweet aimed at the kidnapping of 276 Nigerian schoolgirls by militant group Boko Haram in that country."

 "#Humvees_AsPurchased_WithYourTaxDollars Islamists Mock Michelle with:  #BringBackOurHumvee …
— Tom T. (@VRWCTexan) June 18, 2014"

"It’s not the first time the Obama tweet has been hijacked. In May, a viral anti-drone meme campaign took off with photoshopped pictures of the US first lady holding signs such as 'My husband has killed more young girls than Boko Haram ever could' and '#Stop drone murder.'"

"#BringBackOurHumvee we miss them, it would be a shame to #drone them.
— Caz Nova (@caz_nova) June 19, 2014"

That particular reference to Humvee those vehicles captured by ISIL in Mosul. The Iraqi National Army having fled and left behind about $1 billion in military gear, all courtesy of the United States.

Boko Haram incidentally only today it is announced having kidnapped about sixty more schoolgirls in addition to the previous two hundred girls abducted, that latter never having been found or returned to their families.


John Kerry.

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The Kurds and their ways. And John Kerry too.

Please help us! OH, please help us!!

"Kerry to Kurds: Help Save Iraq from Total Collapse"

"US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke with leaders of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region on Tuesday and implored them to unite with Baghdad against the recent Sunni insurgent onslaught that continues to threaten the sovereignty of the country."

"I implore you!" "OH, I implore you!"


Kurds vs. ISIL.

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That Iraqi National Army having fallen apart, do not expect the Kurdish militia to do the same. The Kurd Sunni but not Arab. More determined and resolute too.

"BBC News Struggle for Iraq: Kurdish snipers in fierce gun battle w/Isis fighters [Disturbing images]"

"There has been more fierce fighting in Iraq as Isis forces battle to control areas in the north and east of the country."

"The fate of the country's biggest oil refinery remains unclear, as fighting continues between Sunni jihadists led by Isis, and Iraqi government and Kurdish forces."

The situation for the largest oil refinery in Iraq remains in doubt. And also an unclear situation.

Seems that almost all the images coming out of Iraq nowadays are disturbing.



This is coolbert:

As was shown on the evening news last night, reputedly an American drone strike has killed several ISIL insurgent high value targets.

Pentagon denies! CIA maybe then? Or perhaps even Israeli?

"US Drones Strike ISIS Targets BBC Reports; Pentagon Denies"

"Moments ago, in what would be a clear escalation in the Iraq war, and confirmation that the US has finally gone 'kinetic' as it warned on several occasions in the past it would, Iraq state-sponsored Iraqiya TV reported that US drones had struck ISIS targets near the Iraq-Syria border attack without giving details or saying how it obtained the information."

High value targets that most senior command leadership of ISIL. Al-Baghdadi even himself hopefully.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


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Your worst nightmare.

I had thought the advance on Baghdad had either stalled on ISIL was consolidating their gains with good reason. Perhaps that is not so.

"Islamist Fighters Reportedly Attempting to Encircle Baghdad"

"IRBIL, Iraq — Iraq’s dire situation has gone from bad dream to nightmare in two weeks of fighting that have seen Sunni Muslim gunmen assert control over a growing area, including, Kurdish officials said Tuesday, at least two towns that lie on a crucial supply route linking Baghdad, the capital, with the mostly Shiite Muslim south."

. . . .

“'The picture is no longer scary,' . . . 'It has become close to a nightmare scenario, where we see Daash expanding and taking control of its borders.' 'Daash' is the Arabic acronym for ISIS [ISIL]."



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What is next?

"Iraq invaders threaten nuke attack on Israel (Claim they already have nuclear weapons)"

"ISIS focus on 'destroying Zionist regime' to 'liberate Palestine'"

"The well-organized army of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, claims it has access to nuclear weapons and a will to use them to 'liberate' Palestine from Israel as part of its “Islamic Spring,'”

First Iraq, then Syria, then Israel, then the world I assume!



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Front, where is the front? The front is where ever there is one person viewing the Internet or social media. That is where the front is!!

"ISIL's second front: How the militant outfit is taking on social media"

"Baghdad: Supporters of a powerful jihadist group are waging an online propaganda war in concert with its battles on the ground in Iraq, where Sunni militants have overrun swathes of the country."

"For militant groups, the fight over public perception can be even more important than actual combat, turning military losses into propaganda victories and battlefield successes into powerful tools to build support for the cause."



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"We had to destroy the village to save it!" - - from the Vietnam War.

Also the French from the era of World War Two [WW2] large portions of the landscape and infrastructure laid waste by ALLIED FORCES, casualties among the civilian population astronomical, and all in the effort to liberate the country from Nazi rule and occupation!!

Thanks to the article from the BBC:

1. "D-Day anniversary: France's forgotten Blitz"

The French rail system in that month prior to the Normandy invasion [6 June] subjected to intense and sustained bombardment by the allied air forces. Marshaling yards, train depots, bridges, the track system itself subjected to attack by the massed heavy and medium bomber forces of the RAF and USAAF.

"It has been a taboo subject in France for 70 years but in his D-Day commemoration speech on 6 June, President Francois Hollande will pay tribute to the terrible civilian casualties suffered by the French due to Allied bombing up to and during the liberation of France."

Allied military planners fully aware the bombardment would kill, wound or maim as many as 160,00 French civilians in the process.

"Historians believe Allied bombardments killed almost as many French people as German bombs killed Britons during the Blitz [that German aerial bombardment of English cities during WW2]."

2. "The War on the Rails Rommel could not be allowed to mass his forces at Normandy."

"Eisenhower took a gamble—and won. US and British bomber attacks on German strategic targets. ... Divert these airplanes to strike railways and bridges in occupied but allied France. ... Accept in the process up to 160,000 French casualties. ... That, in the spring of 1944, was what Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe, chose to do."

German forces not able to deploy or move their units in an expeditious manner in response to the Normandy invasion, the rail system of France destroyed to such an extent to be more or less inoperable.

3. That bombardment the idea of Baron Zuckerman. A English operational research analyst from that era of WW2.

"Sir Solly Zuckerman, Baron Zuckerman . . . was a British public servant, zoologist and operational research pioneer."

"Zuckerman's suggestion, made when he was Scientific Director of the British Bombing Survey Unit (BBSU), and accepted by Air Chief Marshal Arthur Tedder and Supreme Allied Commander U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower in the lead-up to the Normandy landings, that the Allies concentrate on disrupting the German-controlled French transportation system through heavy aerial bombing of rail lines and marshaling yards, was officially called the Transportation Plan"

The "Transportation Plan" with hindsight can be seen as COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE! So badly damaged was the French rail system that the allied forces after the break-out from Normandy became too reliant on inefficient truck transport for the massive logistical effort that confronted them.

French trains and railroads were not longer use-able, at a time when most needed. Train transport nine to ten times more efficient in moving cargo [logistics] than truck traffic.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Nigeria & Sri Lanka.

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From Sri Lanka with love.

The insurgency of Boko Haram in Nigeria continues unabated, those kidnapped schoolgirls not returned home, indeed, the issue is now eclipsed by the Iraqi situation, the girls seemingly forgotten.

As seen at Strategy Page an update:

"Nigeria: The Sri Lanka Solution"

"June 20, 2014: In the north troops have been ordered to be more active in searching for Boko Haram gunmen and dealing with them. This means patrolling roads frequently and carefully to keep these routes free of Boko Haram roadblocks (that mainly prey on passing vehicles and provide supplies of vehicles, fuel and other goods) and ambushes." 

. . . .

"The Sri Lankan Solution"

"Military leaders [Nigerian] have been meeting with their counterparts from Sri Lanka (an island nation off the southern coast of India) to discuss how the Sri Lankan security forces defeated the LTTE rebels there. The destruction of the LTTE fighting force in 2009 did not end the war that killed over 90,000 people in three decades of strife but the defeat did end a long period of major combat."

Boko having now and perhaps for some time crossed the border into Cameroon, the conflict now a regional war and counter-insurgency, not confined merely to Nigeria. Borders immaterial to the insurgents, having been drawn on maps by the colonial powers in times past.

With regard to Sri Lanka, we cannot forget General Fonseka. BEST army commander in the world and regarded as personally responsible for the defeat of LTTE.

Fonseka increasing the size of the Sri Lanka military, mobilizing and marshaling his forces, that final offensive against LTTE unremitting and absolutely harsh, come at the adversary from all sides at once, not one moment of respite for the rebels.

Fonseka politically having sustained some hard times since the defeat of LTTE but nonetheless his opinions, knowledge and experience to be highly regarded.



This is coolbert:

American troops returning to Iraq not subject to Iraqi law.

"No Danger Pay for Special Forces Headed To Iraq"

"Special Forces troops heading to Iraq to advise the Iraqi security forces will not receive combat pay but will have immunity from local law, Pentagon officials said Friday."

Persons here making it clear that those three hundred or so Special Forces [SF] men returning to Iraq will NOT be eligible for combat pay.

Perhaps even more important is that those SF soldiers also WILL NOT BE SUBJECT TO IRAQI LAW.

This was the point of contention that caused Obama to withdraw ALL American military forces from Iraq in 2011.

A satisfactory [from the American standpoint] SOFA agreement could not be reached with the Iraqi government.

SOFA, Status of Forces Agreement, defining how and when the prevailing local law will apply to American soldiers.

SOFA agreement exist where ever and when ever American soldiers are stationed in foreign nations. Agreements amicably and fairly arrived at, normally not controversial but in the case of the Iraq becoming so much so that American forces decamped and quite quickly.

In this emergency situation SOFA is not even hardly a consideration.



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From the Chicago Tribune today copied in entirety:

"Chicago Tribune PERSPECTIVE"

"10 things you might not know about TATTOOS"

# 3 "The fear of nuclear attack during he Cold War inspired officials to call for every American to be tattooed with his or her blood type. Chicago civil defense leaders said they favored tattooing on the left underarm rather than on the legs or arms, which might be blown off in an atomic blast. When the Tribune's 'Inquiring Camera Girl' asked people about the idea in 1950, the paper printed five responses, and not one opposed the notion. Law student Francis O'Byrne said: 'I think the tattoo should be put in the a less conspicuous spot than  under the army because many women will object because of strapless evening gowns.' The blood type tattoo idea never really took off."

German SS mann during the Second World War [WW2] also had their blood type tattooed under the armpit. Which arm I am not sure.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Canned Goods.

This is coolbert:

Since the Iraq crisis has begun and combined with the precipitous and unexpected advance of ISIL all things Ukraine have been placed on the back burner. UNTIL NOW!

Within the context of a very recent blog entry, consider:

"UKRAINE: Russia is getting ready to repeat Gleiwitz incident"

Gleititz German false flag operation used as justification of the invasion of Poland, 1939.

"Heightened rhetoric by RF (Russian Federation) representatives about “allegedly repeated” invasions of Ukrainian armed forces reminded similar tactics of Nazi Germany that started World War II."

"Declarations of the last days about violations of the airspace, arrival of the 2 APCs and shelling Russian territory from Ukrainian side – not only unjustified but, frankly speaking, – completely false. Let’s go back in history and we will see that they are repeating the same methods and provocations that are harbingers of great wars and tragedies. For the information: Gleiwitz incident (or Gleiwitz provocation) – operation with code name “Operation Canned Goods” , 'konservy', operation lead by SS in Gleiwitz city (now Gliwice). Served as one of the reasons for attack of Germany to Poland at the 1st of September 1939, and started the WWII"

If you are able to rent the movie "Der Fall Gleiwitz" please do so. I recommend highly. Historical context essential to a proper understanding of current events.



This is coolbert:

The "white Messiah"!

From we have this story of the "white messiah".

"White man allegedly led Kenya Islamist attack that killed 60"

"Survivors of a militant Islamist attack on a Kenyan coastal town said they witnessed a white man speaking in English and Arabic coordinating the operation that left 60 people dead . . . But survivors of the horrific raid have told British newspaper The Daily Telegraph that the leader of the attackers was 'pale-skinned' and 'spoke English and Arabic' . . . . 'a white man who was speaking in fluent British English commanding the rest of the attackers'."

The "white messiah" that man either European or American, often with a military background, able to organize, train, plan, and lead into battle the indigenous force of insurgents or rebels.

The :white messiah" a charismatic outsider, an inspired leader, a zealot and OFTEN DISAFFECTED FROM HIS OWN SOCIETY AND PEOPLE.

Historical examples of the "white messiah" being T.E. Lawrence, Orde Wingate, Brookes Rajah of Sarawak, the American Homer Lea, etc.

The "white messiah" also a popular theme in the Hollywood cinematic tradition. "Dances with Wolves", "The Last Samurai", "Avatar", etc.

This bloke [if he is an Englishman] is a convert to Islam, an eccentric, a rogue and maybe even SAS. Very dangerous.



This is coolbert:

The Caliphate is at hand. Islamic ISIL fighters controlling a contiguous territory from which they cannot be dislodged!

"Iraq militants take Syria-border post in drive for caliphate"

"Sunni fighters seized a border post on the Iraq-Syria frontier, security sources said on Saturday, smashing a line drawn by colonial powers almost a century ago and potentially creating an Islamic Caliphate from the Mediterranean Sea to Iran."

"The militants, led by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), first moved into the nearby town of al-Qaim on Friday, pushing out security forces, the sources said."

"Once border guards heard that al-Qaim had fallen, they left their posts and militants moved in"

Presumably these border guards are Alawites loyal to the Syrian government of Assad.

NOT even a fight occurring? The guards just took off and fled?



This is coolbert:

That major refinery in Iraq NOT captured by the ISIL insurgents. But the refinery and Iraqi troops defending besieged with little or no hope of relief.

That refinery as good as occupied by the ISIL insurgents. Unable to produce usable petroleum product now and for some time into the future.

"Hundreds of Troops Remain Surrounded in Iraq's Key Refinery"

"BAGHDAD, Iraq — Hundreds of Iraqi troops battling for control of the vital Baiji oil refinery are outnumbered, surrounded and remain trapped inside the facility, a U.S. official told ABC News".

"The battle for the refinery was in its fifth day today, although fighters for the radical Islamic militia ISIS have apparently taken control of much of the facility and are willing to keep the government forces isolated until they run out of food and ammunition"

 The timid and ineffectual central government in Baghdad full of rot and next to useless.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Technical II.

This is coolbert:


As taken from the web, some images of technicals.

Showing the heavy Soviet era machine gun [.57 caliber] mounted on a tripod. That tripod tightly secured to the flat bed of the pick up truck. This is the basic model.
This is a ZPU-4. Four barrel unit, heavy Soviet machine guns designed as an anti-aircraft weapon. Can be used in the ground support role I might assume. Flag of the Libyan rebels that overthrew the regime of the Colonel.  Click here to better read details of text.
Kurdish fighters mounting a 23 mm gun on a truck. In almost all cases the gunner of a technical must stand upright in the back of the truck without any protection. But the technical and associated weapon are an offensive weapon. That considerable firepower makes the adversary keep his head down!

Insurgents adept at scavenging and ripping weapons out of more sophisticated weapons systems and mounting on a pick up truck.

Technicals when massed that considerable firepower demoralizing to those on the receiving without doubt.

Just don't leave home without one!


Technical I.

This is coolbert:

The technical!!

That favorite weapon of the irregular fighter in the modern sense. Third world nations or insurgencies such as ISIL in Iraq employing a pick up truck [Toyota preferred] with a heavy weapon mounted on it.

That correct combination mobility, firepower, maintenance-free for the most part! PREFERRED! Ideal from the stand-point of the third world insurgent.

"A technical is a type of improvised fighting vehicle, typically a civilian or military non-combat vehicle, modified to provide an offensive capability similar to a military gun truck. It is usually an open-backed civilian pickup truck [Toyota versions preferred] or four-wheel drive vehicle mounting a machine gun, light anti-aircraft gun, recoilless rifle, or other support weapon."

Firepower often that heavy Soviet era machine gun, a .57 caliber [14.5 mm] mounted on a tripod attached to the flat-bed of the pick up truck.

"Among irregular armies, often centered around the perceived strength and charisma of warlords, the prestige power of technicals is strong. According to one article, 'The Technical is the most significant symbol of power in southern Somalia. It is a small truck with large tripod machine guns mounted on the back. A warlord's power is measured by how many of these vehicles he has.'"

Those Polisario guerrillas pioneering the use of the technical, the Somali popularizing to the greatest degree, and as recently used by ISIL insurgents that Iraqi army put to sudden and humiliating rout.

"Tactics for employing technicals were pioneered by the Sahrawi People's Liberation Army . . . Algeria provided arms and Land Rovers to Sahrawi guerrillas, who successfully used them in long-range desert raids against the less agile conventional armies of their opponents, recalling Sahrawi tribal raids (ghazzis) of the pre-colonial period."

Within the Islamic world consider the technical as the modern day version of the Muslim warrior of old. Riding fast, not encumbered in the usual fashion as is the conventional military force, logistical support hardly a consideration for the irregular fighter manning that heavy machine gun.

Again, ISIL and others not only using quite successfully using the technical, but PREFERRING to employ same!!

See here an entire web site devoted to the technical including short documentary film.


Thursday, June 19, 2014


This is coolbert:

NOT oil flow production but refined oil flow production now in jeopardy.

I assume for internal Iraqi use?

"Iraqi Government Denies Loss of Baiji Refinery to #ISIS Jihadists"

"Well, if that ISIS video from last night is authentic, it doesn't much look like Iraq forces control much around that refinery."

Merely denying the output of the refinery is a great victory for ISIL.

This will become a "coal to Newcastle" situation? This is the largest refinery in all of Iraq.



This is coolbert:

"Belay that order sailor". Continuing with those blog entries concerning the Iraq crisis, as done in the manner of a FLASH report.

"No WMDs? #ISIS Jihadists Seize Saddam's 'Premiere' Chemical Weapons Production Facility" 

At the Wall Street Journal, 'Sunni Extremists in Iraq Occupy Hussein's Chemical Weapons Facility: Officials Don't Believe the Militants Will Be Able to Create a Functional Weapon From the Material.'"

"WSJ's report suggests there's no immediate danger that ISIS could convert old chemical materials into working weapons of mass destruction"

NO immediate danger. Don't believe, don't believe, don't believe. NO immediate danger! Etc.



This is coolbert:

Finland forever!


The Russian already have sore feelings over Ukraine NOW such a suggestion by the Finn only going to exacerbate tensions!

"Finnish reasons for joining NATO 'stronger than ever': defense minister"
"Finland should seriously consider joining NATO because of Russia's aggressive actions in Ukraine and could hold a referendum on the issue some time after its 2015 election, its defense minister told Reuters."

"Opinion polls show only one fifth of Finns favor joining the Atlantic alliance but Carl Haglund said he expected that to change if Finland, which shares a 1,300 kilometer border with Russia, had an honest and open debate about NATO membership."

Mark this and mark this well! An enraged Kremlin is not going to react well to the Finn approaching NATO.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fifteenth Air Force.

This is coolbert:

Need your help one and all!

A Fifteenth Air force B-24 bomber combat aircrew from that era of the Second World War [WW2].

Flying out of bases in Italy and having missions against targets in eastern Europe beyond the reach of American and British warplanes stationed and flying out of England.

Crew members of a B-24 bomber pose in front of their warplane. Can we identify these men? Aviators of the Fifteenth Air Force flying out of Italy during the Second World War [WW2]. That nose art provocative and risqué might be a hint that can help researchers.

Names please if possible. Send replies to my Gmail address:

Thanks in advance.



This is coolbert:

"US shifts focus away from Iraq airstrikes"

"WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has shifted his focus away from airstrikes in Iraq as an imminent option for slowing a fast-moving Islamic insurgency, in part because there are few clear targets that U.S. could hit, officials said."

"Officials said Obama has made no final decisions and could ultimately approve limited strikes if stronger targets emerge. The CIA and other spy agencies are scrambling to close intelligence gaps in the region and track the movements of key figures in the militant group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant [ISIL]"

I assume high-value targets for drone strikes are the objective. Located, target, destroy!

NOW that the forward movement of the ISIL insurgents seems to have waned at least temporarily, this blog entry ends the process of reporting the crisis in the form of the FLASH report.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This is coolbert:

ISIL displaying considerable financial acumen and also a savvy for business as well.

Terrorism as a business?

"Iraq crisis: Isis cracks a savvy social media advance"

"Isis has harnessed a range of social media tools to spread graphic pictures of slaughter and territorial gains, facing few if any curbs from the world’s biggest technological companies."

"The terror group’s use of Twitter from an array of accounts has hit the headlines, but the group has also designed and put up for sale applications that allow it to post its propaganda direct to users."

That "propaganda" and images of atrocity indicative of a malevolent and evil mentality. You decide?



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From Jungle Trader the tip, a topic that is germane to a most recent blog entry:


Voice of America:

"U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said wildlife poaching is funding terrorism and corruption."

"For that reason, Froman said, the U.S. considers poaching a threat to global security because it's driven by criminal elements, including terrorists using profits from items such as rhinoceros horns and elephant tusks to finance their activities."

Yemen [the ancestral home of the late Osama bin Laden] the horn of the rhinoceros used as the decorative handle for the obligatory jambiya dagger. NO self-respecting Yemeni male leaving home unless carrying a jambiya.

Blood diamonds, the RUF of Sierra Leone, the harvesting, illegal of elephant tusks and the decimation of the last large herds in Africa for the Asian market. Etc.

Terrorists not preferring transactions in the legal tender, commodities valuable and easy to smuggle preferred. Antiquities as stolen and sold in the international underground market by ISIL apparently now a hot item!

That paper trail of monetary transactions if sparse or non-existent. Analysts unable to follow the flow of funding for terrorist organizations.


Sunni & Shia.

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Escalating involvement, the invasion of Iraq by the forces of ISIL now creating a regional war, Iran, Syria and Iran all involved.

"Syrian war planes strike inside Iraq, sources say"

"Syria war planes struck two separate Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) convoys near the town of Al Qaim just inside Iraq over the weekend, two well-placed senior U.S. defense officials told Fox News. The Syrian planes struck on Saturday with the help of Iranian intelligence, sources familiar with the incident said."

Sunni versus Shia no-holds-barred and no-quarter combat!



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"Iraq conflict: Clashes on approaches to Baghdad"

 "Iraqi forces have hit back with air strikes near Tal Afar"
"Iraqi government forces are engaged in heavy clashes with Sunni insurgents who have made major advances in the past week."

"Parts of the city of Baquba - just 60km (37 miles) from Baghdad - were briefly taken over by the rebels."

The ISIL advance on Baghdad continues. A brief respite, then further military action. To be opposed by Iranian and various Shia militias.


Monday, June 16, 2014


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Very troubling! Man portable air defense.

"Iraq: ISIS guerilla’s have U.S. Stinger’s, Spec Ops enroute"

In only a scene from a bad movie, The Pentagon has now stated that the violent ISIS Sunni guerrilla insurgency that is destroying Iraq-have captured American made, advanced Stinger missiles [MANPAD] from abandoned U.S. military bases.

. . . .

"The missiles, ‘most likely captured in overrun abandoned military bases’, have the capability to shoot down military aircraft, defeat chaff counter measures, and can easily take down a passenger jetliner"

AND WHY exactly was the Iraqi National Army even given American MANPAD in the first place?

From bad to worse and even more so!



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The financial acumen of the insurgents is quite profound.

"How ISIS War Chest May Be $2B and Growing"

"The jihadist terror group Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham has become a powerful military force, wreaking havoc throughout Iraq. But ISIS is more powerful than just its estimated 10,000 fighters and ever-expanding weapons cache: It is also believed to control $2 billion in total assets."

"the group, whose actions in Iraq could derail the world economy, began its sizable cash reserves with the acquisition of oilfields in eastern Syria. From there, ISIS grew its treasury by smuggling antiquities and resources out of the embattled state."

These rebels too are probably NOT EVEN PAID? Reward enough to fight for jihad and their perception of the Islamic way more than adequate?



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We have heard of the stamp that nearly caused a war.

And too now we are aware of the weather broadcast provocative as seen on CCTV. Chinese international television broadcast.

Insets used to highlight the South China Sea and the Nine Dash Line as integral and sovereign territory of the PRC [Peoples Republic of China].
Note the inset in the lower central of the image. The South China Sea, that area claimed by China as sovereign territory. All waters the depth 200 meters or greater within the Nine Dash Line.
A composite weather radar image showing PRC precipitation at that exact moment. Inset lower left the South China Sea. Again, waters of the 200 meter depth or greater within that area of the Nine Dash Line.

"This is OURS!"

And you had better understand it too!

Am I being excessive here? Somehow I don't think so.


Edward Gibbon.

This is coolbert:


1. Expect oil prices and prices also at the pump to increase because of the chaos and insurrection in Iraq? Those sanctions in place against Iran for some time and a potentiality of a shortage or shortfall of crude from Iraq exacerbating an already tight market.

As we speak and as of the exact moment of this post the gas price at the pump in my location is $4.05 USD. Highest price in the nation [U.S.] because of excessive local taxation.

And in the weeks to come that price will do what exactly? Let us observe and report.

2. Michael Wood the English documentary film maker, world traveler and advocate of all things Indian repeats the amazing assertion of the famous English historian Gibbon :

"the second century AD [100 A.D. - 200 A.D.] was the time when 'the condition of the human race was most happy and prosperous'."

Gibbon speaking specifically of the Roman Empire during the rule of the Antonine Emperors.

But also the same can be said of those populations of Han China, Kushan India and Parthian Persia during that same time period?

Governance generally benevolent and not oppressive, wars of a limited and less destructive nature, no famine or pestilence on a widespread basis, international trade [the Silk Road] benefiting everyone the norm, no natural disasters of Biblical proportions disruptive to large portions of the globe. Etc.

Devoted readers to the blog can think of a time when the "the condition of the human race" WAS MORE happy and prosperous?



This is coolbert:

Movie review!

The movie being reviewed is "Phantom" from  (2013).

 Submarine movie. The Soviet as hero.

"The haunted Captain of a Soviet submarine holds the fate of the world in his hands. Forced to leave his family behind, he is charged with leading a covert mission cloaked in mystery."

I rate this movie as good, but only barely so. Has a distinguished cast, Ed Harris and David Duchovny, but the movie generally lacking in some regards.

"Inspired by actual events." So it is suggested. 

That "actual event" indeed the sinking of the Soviet era submarine K-129. That Golf class submarine carrying intermediate-range ballistic missiles with a megaton scale thermonuclear warhead.

"K-129 was a Project 629A (NATO reporting name Golf-II) diesel-electric powered submarine of the Soviet Pacific Fleet"

"K-129 carried hull number 722 on her final deployment during which she sank on 8 March 1968."

K-129 it is known did go the bottom for reasons NEVER explained. 

The movie story line being that the K-129 went ROGUE, KGB elements aboard attempting a false-flag missile launch the purpose of which was to instigate a war between the United States and China.

Various scenes of the movie show extensive small-arms gun play, arms lockers emptied and crew members fighting it while the boat is submerged. I somehow find this type of action highly unlikely! Devoted readers to the blog can comment?



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More details on the Mosul debacle.

"Iraqi Soldiers Fleeing ISIS Claim They Were 'Abandoned' by Senior Officers"

"Some of the 60,000 Iraqi soldiers who retreated as a much smaller force of Sunni militants overran Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul last week told VICE News that they fled after being 'abandoned' by their commanders. [....] 'We had no orders, and didn’t know what to do, so we went,' he said. 'There was no real fight. '"

An army of 60,000 trained and well equipped men routed totally by several thousand [??] insurgents armed with AK, PKM, RPG and technicals [a pick up truck with a heavy Soviet era machine gun mounted on it]? YES, it is true.

Retreat in an organized manner not shameful. Retreat in a disorganized manner shameful.



This is coolbert:

"Escaping Iraq: US Contractors Engaging in Gun Battles"

“Contractor evacuations began Wednesday, if not earlier, said Ginger Cruz, CEO of Mantid International LLC, a consulting firm that works with numerous companies in Iraq…

“'On Thursday, the electronics giant Siemens was working to get about 50 employees out of Baiji,' Cruz said. It was not clear exactly what their operation there entails, but the company announced in February that it had signed a deal to provide service and maintenance to a large gas power plant there. The oil refinery city is some 130 miles north of Baghdad."

If you are an American civilian contractor working in Iraq, you had better get your hands on a firearm and quick. And if you don't know to use, learn quickly also.

A fighting retreat to who knows where may be your last resort.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tal Afar.

This is coolbert:

ISIL military operations continue unabated. Yet one more town falls to the insurgents. Al-Baghdadi knows he has the adversary on the run. Pursue until all objectives achieved, no abatement or let to the attack, relentlessly forward.

"U.S. starts removing embassy staff from Baghdad as ISIS grabs Iraqi town of Tal Afar"

"June 15 BAGHDADAl-Qaeda renegades captured another major town in northern Iraq on Sunday, forcing hundreds of families to flee into the surrounding desert as their country’s grim descent into a new round of bloodletting continued unchecked."
. . . .

"A separate Pentagon statement said 'a small number' of Defense Department personnel was being sent to augment security at the facility"

Renegades they call em'. Much more than that now.


Green Zone.

This is coolbert:;

"U.S. to evacuate substantial number of personnel from Baghdad embassy"
"The embassy is going to remain open, however. This is, then, another equivocal half-measure from Obama. If Sunni jihadists enter Baghdad, Americans may end up wishing he had evacuated the embassy entirely. As it is, he is hedging his bets."

Largest American embassy in the world with the largest staff. And in the Baghdad area, that "Green Zone" many American contractors I might assume. Winnow the number down considerably in advance so if the heliborne operation ala Saigon 1975 begins again then fewer persons to evacuate.

Merely the appearance of American withdrawal a bad sign, and interpreted correctly by all observers. Panic the result, to the detriment of all.



This is coolbert:

The proverbial everything you ever wanted to know about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The man of the hour with an air of great power!

"Who is Iraq’s Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, world’s new top terrorist?"

"WASHINGTON — Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the jihadist powerhouse that’s steamrolling across northwestern Iraq, remains a cypher despite his years in an American-run prison and the $10 million U.S. bounty on his head."

A cleric, a poet, a guerrilla/insurgent leader, a man who disguises himself and moves among his fellow insurrectionists not recognized, etc.

Also at one time incarcerated by American forces. A guest of the Yankee!



This is coolbert:

NOT since the Vietnamese debacle, the Easter Offensive of 1972 and the final climactic evacuation from the roof top of the American embassy in Saigon, 1975, has this sort of thing occurred.

"Latest turn in Iraq spreads dismay among US veterans"

"PHILADELPHIA — Michael Vey says he's 'seen it all before.' The Vietnam War veteran watched the TV news footage of Saigon's fall in 1975 — a few years after he returned home from combat duty."

"'I remember thinking, What a waste,'  he said. 'Ten years, 58,000 American lives, and we let it fall.'"

"Now, Vey, 62, of North Cape May, is watching Islamist militants trying to take over Iraq city by city, a decade after he and members of his New Jersey Army National Guard unit helped topple Saddam Hussein."

"'It's happening all over again,' said Vey, a retired first sergeant who served in the 253d Transportation Company."

The fat lady has not sung yet, but that scene and episode seems to be not too far off.



This is coolbert:

Militants = ISIL.

"Militants post images of mass killing in Iraq"

"BAGHDAD (AP) — As the Iraqi government bolstered Baghdad's defenses Sunday, the Islamic militant group that captured two major cities last week posted graphic photos that appeared to show its fighters massacring dozens of captured Iraqi soldiers."

According to one of the brothers Villas Boas, the difference between the barbarian and the civilized man is that both commit the same crimes, one [the barbarian] however, makes no pretense about what was done or attempts to hide uncivil action or atrocity.



This is coolbert:

Wishful thinking??

"Iraq Says It's Halted Militant Group's Advance On Baghdad"

"The Iraqi government says it has halted a militant group's advance on Baghdad."

"As The Telegraph reports, the Iraqi army started engaging the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, after it made a rapid advance in which it captured the key city of Mosul."

"'Our security forces have regained the initiative,' said Maj Gen al-Moussawi, adding that the Iraqi army had won 'remarkable victories with the help of volunteers'."

Remarkable victories?

Those volunteers to include various Shia militia, Al Qods forces, etc. Who knows?


Reconnaissance & Intercept.

This is coolbert:

From Harry at Sharkhunters and thanks to MARCONI we have this item:

"This past week, Russian Tu-95MS 'Bear' bombers, supported by IL-78 'Midas' fighters [refueling tankers, a modified Il-76] have been operating off the coasts of California and Alaska.  They were intercepted by USAF F-22 fighters.  What is going on and where will it end?  Who is testing whom?"

The Cold War deja vu all over again!

There has not been any sort of this stuff in a period of more than twenty years. Now back to the future.

As reported by several sources, story line by Bill Gertz in some instances.

1. "Russian jet nearly collides with U.S. surveillance aircraft in ‘reckless’ intercept in Asia"

"A Russian Su-27 jet flew dangerously close to a U.S. reconnaissance plane over the Pacific northeast recently in an aerial clash not seen since the Cold War."

"An Air Force RC-135 electronic intelligence jet was flying a surveillance run some 60 miles off the Russian Far East coast, north of Japan, on April 23 when the incident occurred, according to defense officials familiar with the incident."

2. "Intelligence: Another Sign The Cold War Has Returned"

"June 11, 2014: It was recently revealed that in April a Russian Su-27 fighter buzzed an American RC-135 signals (electronic) reconnaissance aircraft off the Pacific coast of Russia. Without making radio contact the Su-27 flew within 30 meters (100 feet) of the RC-135 while both were in international airspace."

3. "Russian Bombers Fly Within 50 Miles of California Coast"

"U.S. F-22, F-15 jets intercept four Bear H bombers near Alaska, Northern California"

"Four Russian strategic bombers triggered U.S. air defense systems while conducting practice bombing runs near Alaska this week, with two of the Tu-95 Bear H aircraft coming within 50 miles of the California coast"

Tit for tat type of action presumably in response to the Ukraine crisis that does no one any good.



This is coolbert:

"Iraq crisis: army deserter speaks out"

"A group of military deserters have painted a devastating picture of the ability of the Iraqi army to stand and fight, telling The Telegraph how entire divisions surrendered Mosul, Iraq's second city, without firing a single shot."

"Speaking from the Kurdish city of Erbil, the defectors accused their officers of cowardice and betrayal, saying generals in Mosul 'handed over' the city over to Sunni insurgents, with whom they shared sectarian and historical ties."

Position [general officer] based on personal fealty and loyalty to Maliki rather than merit and ability a major factor.



This is coolbert:

"Jihadi Militants Ban Smoking And Guns In Conquered Territories"

"In a major coup for public health and safety the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has banned smoking, alcohol, and guns in the provinces it conquered just days ago, the International Business Times reports."

"The Sunni militant group, which seized control of Iraq’s second largest city Thursday and is pushing toward Baghdad, 'has a surprisingly sophisticated bureaucracy,'"

Shariah law implemented and without further ado. NO discussion either.



This is coolbert:

"Iran Deploys Forces to Fight al Qaeda-Inspired Militants in Iraq"

"The threat of Sunni extremists eclipsing the power of its Shiite-dominated Arab ally presents Iran with the biggest security and strategic challenge it has faced since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003."

"With the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, an offshoot of al Qaeda, rapidly gaining territory, Iran deployed Revolutionary Guards units to Iraq, according to Iranian security officials."

Al Qods force, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Basiji Corps, Shia militias. Etc. The Shia does have considerable manpower resources available to combat the ISIL onslaught.


Saturday, June 14, 2014


This is coolbert:

Whoa boy! From bad to worse and perhaps even way beyond that!

"Iraqi leader threatens deserters with execution amid militant blitz"

"Iraq's prime minister on Saturday threatened his nation’s troops with execution if they had abandoned their posts in the face of a blitz attack by Islamic militants who swept through northern provinces this week."

"Speaking to a group of army officers in a televised address from the central city of Samarra, Prime Minister Nouri Maliki promised accountability and punishment for any soldiers who had contributed Tuesday to the swift fall of Mosul, one of the nation’s largest cities, as well as other areas in the country."

If and when such executions actually take place, NOTHING LIKE IT HAS OCCURRED IN AT LEAST THE LAST ONE HUNDRED YEARS!!

Italy during the Great War, Cadorna, Caporetto and the route of the Italian army. Summary executions and decimation reputed to the norm so as to enforce discipline:

"During the course of the war Cadorna dismissed 217 officers and during the Battle of Caporetto he would order the summary execution of officers whose units retreated . . . Claims have been made that he also reintroduced the ancient Roman practice of decimation - the killing of every tenth man - for units which failed to perform in battle."

The moral is as to the physical as three is to one and in the case of Iraq that moral is sadly LACKING.!



This is coolbert:

Debate and dispute lasting over a decade settled in less than two hours.

"Kurds Seize Disputed Oil Hub Amid Iraq Chaos (assume control of 'majority of the Kurdistan region')"

"After a decades-long dispute between Arabs and Kurds over the oil-rich northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, it took just an hour and a half for its fate to be decided."

"A spokesman for Kurdish forces, known as the peshmerga, said they had only moved in after Iraqi troops retreated, assuming control of the "majority of the Kurdistan region" outside the semi-autonomous Kurdish Regional Government."

Kurds Sunni but not allied with that ISIL elements currently marching on Baghdad.



This is coolbert:

Iran enters the fray?

"Iranian military forces are fighting ISIS in Iraq, as Gen. Soleimani arrives in Baghdad. Obama may send Iraq arms" 13 June.

"President Barack Obama is close to deciding on US military steps for thwarting Al-Qaeda whose march has halted 70 km short of Baghdad . . . Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki may finally get the US Apache helicopters and Hellfire rockets he has been appealing for, for months. Al Qods Brigades [Iranian] chief Gen. Qassem Soleimani has meanwhile arrived in Baghdad to prop al-Maliki up and pull the Iraqi army together as Iranian troops cross into Iraq and engage ISIS fighters."

Source DEBKAfile.

It is not a lack of helicopters and missiles that is causing the Iraqi National Army to fall apart.

Al Qods understand as Iranian paramilitary units.



This is coolbert:

The Kurds and their ways.

"ISIS moves in on two more Iraqi towns" 13 June.

"Al-Qaeda-Iraq fighters moved in on two more Iraqi towns early Friday - Jlawla and Saadiyeh, both in eastern Iraqi Diyala region near the Iranian border. Iraqi troops melted away as the jihadis moved in. Kurdish militiamen secured their party HQ in Jalawla before the Islamists arrive and were not attacked. Thursday, the Kurdish autonomous region in the north took advantage of the Iraqi army's flight to take control of Kirkuk and its oil fields just outside their border."

Source DEBKAfile.

Kurdish forces autonomous responding to the forward progress of ISIL rebels by safeguarding important cities and the oil fields of Iraq. Better understood as part of the Kurdish autonomous region.

Nature abhors a vacuum and so does mankind. A void [the lack of resolve on the part of the Iraqi National Army] is being filled. And done so by the Kurd.



This is coolbert:

This too not a good sign. NO concerted and unified and focus action possible against the ISIL rebels?

"Failed Iraqi parliament attendance for emergency plan"   12 June.

"The Iraqi parliament failed to muster a quorum for approving the Shiite prime minister Nuri al-Maliki's plan to impose a national state of emergency to ward off ISIS's threatened march on Baghdad. Sunni and most Kurdish lawmakers absented themselves from the session."

Source DEBKAfile.

NOT even a quorum can be assembled. That minimum number of delegates needed to conduct business and take action not present and not willing apparently to even be present.


Abu Bakr.

This is coolbert:

"Al Qaeda forms up to march on Baghdad, gathering up Iraqi Sunni insurgents" 11 June.

"Under its commander, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Al Qaeda's Islamic State in Iraq and Levant - ISIS - formed up Wednesday night, June 6, to march on Baghdad in two columns from Tikrit and Tuz Khormato, south of Kirkuk. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki ordered the last two divisions and six mechanized brigades still operational with 50,000 men, out of his million-strong army, to build a defensive line to save Baghdad."
 . . . .

"Wednesday alone, in a lightening push, ISIS fighters captured the Iraqi oil refinery and electricity power center of Biji (Baiji), 200 km southeast of Mosul, torched the court and policy buildings and warned local police and soldiers not to challenge them."

Source DEBKAfile.

One good swift kick and the whole rotten mess comes toppling down?



This is coolbert:

That capture of heavy weaponry by the rebel forces of ISIL most appalling. Indicative of a major break up on the part of the Iraqi National Army.

"After Mosul, Al Qaeda seizes 38,000 sq. km of Iraqi territory, division-size armored vehicle fleet" 11 June.

"After occupying the northern Iraqi oil town of Mosul, Al Qaeda's ISIS (Islamist State of Iraq and the Levant) went on to seize more slices of Nineveh province . . . they were in control of around 38,000 sq. km. or one-tenth of Iraqi territory and 3.5 million inhabitants. They have also taken over the main Iraq-Syrian crossing at Yaaroubiyeh. The Islamists rode out of Mosul Tuesday with 260 new armored vehicles of various types - enough to arm a full division - and put half a million refugees to flight."

Source DEBKAfile.

Half a million refugees and a division sized amount of heavy armaments. That equipment captured all at once the seizure of which accomplished almost in a leisurely manner.



This is coolbert:

The capture of a consulate, the taking of hostages including diplomatic personnel of any nation very sinister indeed.

"ISIS storms Turkish consulate in Mosul, takes 80 hostages" 11 June.

"Al Qaeda-Iraq stormed the Turkish Consulate in Mosul Wednesday and took 48 hostages including the consul and three children."

Source: DEBKAfile.

ISIS [the rebels in Iraq] also referred to as ISIL. Controversial if ISIL is actually Al Qaeda inspired or affiliated. This is not clear.



This is coolbert:

The Sunni forces of ISIL having threatened to destroy the holy places of Shia Islam in Iraq, the response has been made.

"Iraq unraveling as top Shiite cleric issues call to arms"

"ISTANBUL — The likely breakup of Iraq into feuding ethnic and sectarian bastions accelerated Friday as Iraq’s senior Shiite Muslim cleric broke years of support for the central government and decreed that every able-bodied Shiite man had a religious obligation to defend the sect’s holy sites from rebellious Sunni Muslims led by fighters from the extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria"

"Iraqis flock to volunteer to fight insurgents"

"Hundreds of young Iraqi men flocked to volunteer centers across Baghdad Saturday to join the fight against Islamic militants who have advanced across the country’s north this week. They were responding to a call by Iraq’s most revered Shiite cleric for Iraqis to defend their country against the Sunni Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which seized Iraq’s second-largest city Mosul and Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit in a lightning advance. … "

We are speaking of Karbala and Najaf. NOW in the hands of Sunni Muslims as it was in the days of Saddam. ISIL sometimes referred to as ISIS.



This is coolbert:

Iraqi counter-offensive?

"Iraq forces preparing for counter-offensive: officer"
"Iraqi security forces readied a counter-offensive against militants north of Baghdad on Saturday, an army colonel said, after the prime minister announced the cabinet granted him 'unlimited powers.'"

Counter-offensive. Unlimited powers. We shall see!


Friday, June 13, 2014


This is coolbert:

Given that volatile and extremely dynamic situation in Iraq, future posts regarding same will be done in the manner of a FLASH update, no further elaboration.

Devoted readers to the blog can do further homework if they so desire.

"Iraqi Air Force evacuating besieged American contractors"

"A U.S. contractor in Iraq told WND [World Net Daily] the Iraqi Air Force has begun evacuations from Balad Air Force Base, where 200 American contractors were trapped by the al-Qaida-inspired jihadists who have seized control of two cities and are now threatening Baghdad. Frank Biggs, a contractor with Sallyport Global, told WND through a Skype instant message that he was transported from Balad to Baghdad and was communicating from a C-130 preparing to take off to Dubai. Biggs said 300 in total have been evacuated from Balad and another 100 are still awaiting airlift"

From bad to worse, right?

And if you are an American contractor in Iraq and do not know how to use a firearm, better learn really quick!!


Iraq & ISIL.

This is coolbert:

Is everyone following events in Iraq?

That collapse of the army loyal to the central government in Baghdad rather precipitous and unexpected.

The lightly armed but inspired highly motivated Sunni rebels [ISIL] now capturing and occupying that center of the nation.

The cities of Ramadi, Fallujah, Tikrit, and now Mosul and perhaps Kirkuk. Mosul the second largest city in the country.

Years of training the Iraqi National Army [regular forces] seems to have gone for naught.

NO MATTER that degree of training and equipment as supplied by American forces, the Iraqi regular forces seem to have just melted away and vanished. The rebels now having gotten their hands on heavy equipment.

The situation so dynamic and fast-changing even the proverbial score-card is not of help in this instance.

Almost seems too like Vietnam was in 1975. Those many of thousands or tens of thousands of Americans remaining in the country had better be prepared to flee for their lives. Or so it seems.

From a source however who knows this stuff we have a less depressing assessment:

"The radicals, I think, have shot their bolt.  They are strong, have control of much territory, and have captured heavy weapons, but I think they will end up like the radical Islamist groups in Lebanon, Somalia, and Syria: controlling a segment of a country but unable to take over, leaving what is like a festering, unhealing wound for years or decades.  At that point, one might consider Iraq a failed state, if ISIL [the rebels] stays in a portion of the country. "

That combination of Kurd militia [much more than a mere militia], Shia militia, and various Iranian factions to include regular army units if needed able to stop the forward progress of these Sunni fighters. The whole place NOT GOING DOWN THE DRAIN!

But a failed state nonetheless.

And failure for U.S. policy and efforts too.


France & Israel.

This is coolbert:

An extract from the wiki entry for French nuclear weapons development:

 "In 1986 Francis Perrin, French high-commissioner for atomic energy from 1951 to 1970 stated publicly that in 1949 Israeli scientists were invited to the Saclay nuclear research facility, this cooperation leading to a joint effort including sharing of knowledge between French and Israeli scientists especially those with knowledge from the Manhattan Project. In 1956 as part their military alliance during the Suez Crisis the French agreed to secretly build the Dimona nuclear reactor in Israel and soon after agreed to construct a reprocessing plant for the extraction of plutonium at the site . . . while France was previously a leader in nuclear research [prior to the Second World War] 'Israel and France were at a similar level of expertise after the war, and Israeli scientists could make significant contributions to the French effort. Progress in nuclear science and technology in France and Israel remained closely linked throughout the early fifties. Israeli scientists probably helped construct the G-1 plutonium production reactor and UP-1 reprocessing plant at Marcoule.'"

French nuclear research and development prior to the Second World War [WW2] the BEST and most ADVANCED in the world?

And portions of such research continuing under the Vichy regime as well at the behest of the German. The French had quite of bit of knowledge of nuclear weapons development and apparently were quite willing to share a lot with the Israeli.

That involvement of the Israeli an interest in nuclear weapons development even prior to 1951!. NOT even one full year it would seem after the Israeli War of Independence were the French and Israeli in collaboration.

Collaboration even beyond that of the TOTAL PACKAGE deal for a reactor, processing plant, and missile delivery system.

I had thought also perhaps the French Pluton missile was based on the MD-620 as originally designed for the Israeli, but that is not the case, Pluton much shorter range and strictly tactical.

That wall of opacity as created by the Israeli and guarding their nuclear weapons the general public only ever gets a brief and imprecise glimpse through and don't be to sure about what you see either!

[P.S. Within that context Israeli involvement in the French nuclear program not merely peripheral but integral and can even be seen as essential?]


Israel Atomic V.

This is coolbert:


Amos Yadlin.

Continuing with excerpts for the Ari Shavit book: "My Promised Land".

"Existential Challenge"   Chapter 16.

An interview with General Amos Yadlin. Commander of Israel military intelligence [AMAN] now retired. NOT Mossad.

From the Israeli perspective the Iranian threat that analysis of Yadlin:

"'With the Iranians, one finds a fascinating combination of religious fanaticism and strategic prudence', says the bespectacled, solicitous retired general sitting across from me. 'They are very ambitious. They regard their struggle with America and Israel as a clash of civilizations. As they see it, their civilization is the more pure and more just, and therefore it is the stronger. The Judeo-Christian civilization is for them an evil imperialist civilization that is now in a state of decline. They feel genuine rage because of the what the British and the Americans and the Russians did in Iran, and because of what the Zionists did in Palestine. They're totally convinced that because our civilization is spoiled and corrupt it cannot endure suffering, has no resilience, and is bound to rot. That's why they have no doubt that they will have the upper hand and eventually bring about the
downfall of Israel, Europe, and America. The future is theirs, they believe. Their rising culture will topple ours.'"

"'And yet' Yadlin goes on, 'in their day-to-day-conduct, these zealots act with sophistication and restraint. They are not in a hurry, they are not hasty, they make few mistakes. Rather than advance directly toward their goal and attract fire, they built a wide and steady front that is slowly approaching the goal, so at the right moment it may be conquered with a high degree of

Endure suffering and lacking in resilience!

The Shia.

That Shia aspect of Islam adherents not only as they see themselves as much maligned and having enemies in all direction, but also FOND of suffering!!

Those leaders of Iran to include the secular and the mullah alike NOT persons in my estimation so well informed about the world. Insular for the most part, NEVER having traveled the outside world and experienced what different cultures and nationalities are all about. Perspective as gained from watching American soap opera and Hollywood cinematic productions hardly an adequate way to obtain a nuanced and true evaluation and analysis.

Warped and distorted thinking the result, much to the detriment of everyone!!

"Warped and distorted thinking" combined with atomic weapons [on the part of the Iranian] a bad combination.