Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tal Afar.

This is coolbert:

ISIL military operations continue unabated. Yet one more town falls to the insurgents. Al-Baghdadi knows he has the adversary on the run. Pursue until all objectives achieved, no abatement or let to the attack, relentlessly forward.

"U.S. starts removing embassy staff from Baghdad as ISIS grabs Iraqi town of Tal Afar"

"June 15 BAGHDADAl-Qaeda renegades captured another major town in northern Iraq on Sunday, forcing hundreds of families to flee into the surrounding desert as their country’s grim descent into a new round of bloodletting continued unchecked."
. . . .

"A separate Pentagon statement said 'a small number' of Defense Department personnel was being sent to augment security at the facility"

Renegades they call em'. Much more than that now.


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