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More "holy mission" of the Russian Orthodox church on display within the context of the Ukraine Conflict?

"Spetsnaz warriors from Sputnik put their faith in brigade's holy patron"

From the the story by Atle Staalesen November 18, 2022.

Holy icon of St. George restored and returned to Russian naval infantry [marines].

"After a period of restoration, the main church icon of the 61st Naval Infantry Brigade is returned to Sputnik, the garrison town located near the border to Norway and Finland. 'It will give the marines inspiration to take part in special military operations,' the local church says."

"There was jubilation in the tiny church building in Sputnik as the icon of St. George, the main patron of the potent military force, was put back on the wall."

"The icon of the military saint had been under restoration for quite some time. It was now back with fresher colors, new frame and materials. On the sword sheath of the warrior saint is now painted the logo of the brigade; a polar bear on top of a hill and an anchor."

Excessive displays of religiosity on the part of the Russian military strange? A declared and militantly atheistic Soviet Union as existed slightly less than thirty years ago has now been replaced with theological devotion the exact polar opposite of what previously existed?

Sixty-first Naval Infantry not really spetsnaz as that term normally understood. Spetsnaz the cut-throat killer elite ranger/commando unit subordinate to Russian army military intelligence. Naval infantry in Russian parlance rather best understood as marines, a conventional fighting force.

Sixty-first Naval Infantry even many years before 24 February 2022 involved in the Donbass stand-off attrition warfare, that prelude to the Ukraine Conflict.



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Russian battlefield concept the artillery-heavy battalion tactical group [BTG] found to be ineffective and now being abandoned. 

"Russia abandons battalion tactical groups [BTG] as conflict reveals weaknesses"

From "The Telegraph" ^ | November 29, 2022 | Verity Bowman the tip from Freeper.

"Russian forces have largely stopped deploying as battalion tactical groups because the formations have proved ineffective, the UK's Ministry of Defense (MoD) has said. In its latest intelligence update on Tuesday, the ministry said that while 'the BTG concept has played a major part in Russian military doctrine for the last ten years' it has proven unsuccessful in the kind of high-intensity fighting seen in Ukraine. A battalion tactical group (BTG) is a temporary formation bringing together troops and equipment from different units to complete particular operational objectives."

[click on either image below to see and enlarged view]

Refreshing our memories from a prior blog entry, the Russian BTG a combined arms unit with organic artillery assets having substantial firepower way and beyond what normally would be found in a NATO unit of roughly the same size. 

Three batteries of mechanized artillery [standard in a BTG?] normally including conventional tube artillery, rocket artillery and mortars of 120 mm or greater caliber.

The "weakness" of the BTG not having enough mechanized infantry to exploit damage as caused by artillery barrage however strong? Not enough "boots" on the ground to either capture or hold terrain.


Tuesday, November 29, 2022


This is coolbert:

"War is terrible, but the causes of war are sometimes laughably trivial. Central America seems to have a special knack for silly casus belli. . . .  in 1937, Nicaragua and Honduras almost came to blows… over a stamp."

Came across this one quite by accident. Not only Nicaragua and Honduras. Bolivia and Paraguay too.

Long before the Chaco War and commencement of actual hostilities there was the war of the stamps.

Competing land claims between Bolivia and Paraguay over the land of the Chaco boreal as expressed by stamps. "This land is OUR land!"

 Click on image to see an enlarged view. "Paraguayan (1924, 1927 and 1932) and Bolivian (1928) stamps. The 1924 Paraguayan stamp shows no border with Bolivia. In 1927, the border is shown to run to the north from Gran Chaco. In 1932, it had moved even farther north with the disputed territory called Paraguayan Chaco; with slogan saying 'was, is and will be [ours]'. The Bolivian stamp labels the region as the Bolivian Chaco."

See previous blog entry with many additional links various media as used to express revanchist ideals or territorial designs:


Monday, November 28, 2022


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It is not so much that I don't believe this. It is more than I don't WANT to believe this!

"Trolling – (verb), as it relates to internet, is the deliberate act, (by a Troll – noun or adjective), of making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments on various internet forums with the intent to provoke an emotional knee jerk reaction from unsuspecting readers to engage in a fight or argument"

"Russian billionaire, Putin's authorized person and founder of 'PMC Wagner Group'' Yevgeny Prigozhin made a sensational statement. In an interview with journalists from the Finnish newspaper 'Helsingin Sanomat', Yevgeny Prigozhin said that many professional army men from NATO countries, including the [a] US Marine general are fighting on the Side of PMC Wagner Group. At the same time, He also stated that a large number of Finnish citizens are fighting in the so-called British battalion as part of the PMC Wagner Group, the commander of which is a US citizen - retired U.S. Marine Corps general."

Mercenaries of the enlisted rank and some of the officer class as well I can expect SOME to have rallied to the Russian cause in search of large pecuniary gain. And some foreign nationals adherents of the Orthodox faith as well might be found in rather significant numbers among Wagner PMC personnel.

BUT a retired U.S. Marine general leading a Wagner battalion? Seems preposterous.

One might recall that rumors have been rife since the start of the Conflict - senior NATO personnel embedded with the Ukrainian military in command positions. Think the Canadian General Cadieu reportedly having disappeared into the Ukraine and never been heard from again.


Sunday, November 27, 2022


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"knave,  scoundrel,  rogue,  villain,  rascal,  cad,  miscreant,  rapscallion,  heel,  scamp,  wretch,  bastard,  bounder,  abuse,  scalawag,  cur,  dog,  criminal, cad, blackguard, scoundrel, lout, rotter, blighter"

Be FOREWARNED! Spoiler not ahead!

"8 unmissable movies about the Netherlands in WWII"

Thanks to the article by SAMANTHA DIXON 2 May 2022.

"Being at home on Liberation Day is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some Dutch war flicks. Snuggle in and delve deep into the trials and tribulations experienced during the last major war." 

Consider in particular this "unmissable" movie a must see! I recommend highly without qualification or reservation! "Riphagen"!

"Riphagen is a WWII-crime thriller based on the life of Andries 'Al Capone' Riphagen. He was a boxer, a smuggler, pimp, but most fervently a Jew hunter who profited immensely from the war, tracking, extorting and betraying Jewish people in hiding. He imagines himself untouchable until the young police officer Jan van Liempd opens up a hunt for him."

Part I. Part II. Part III. You can get English sub-titles by fiddling with the settings.

Actually hard to watch. Scenes of extreme treachery as engaged in by the human species discomforting at a minimum.

Understand too of all the collaborationist government in Nazi-occupied Europe during World War Two the Dutch most notorious for their willingness to aid and abet the German.

I image this collaborationist behavior an aspect of Dutch history neither widely taught or appreciated in modern day Holland.


Saturday, November 26, 2022


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Maps. Coins. Stamps. Television weather broadcast insets. Cinema. Now scarves?

Historical revanchist claims of a NATO constituent member made against Ukrainian territory?

"revanchist: adjective - of or relating to a policy designed to recover lost territory or status"

"Anger as Viktor Orban wears scarf showing Ukrainian territory as Hungarian"

"‘Soccer is not politics!’ PM says." Orban. Prime Minister of Hungary.

From | Maryam Zakir-Hussain 11/23.

"Viktor Orbán wears scarf appearing to show Ukrainian territory as part of Hungary"

"Ukraine will protest the scarf the Hungarian prime minister wore to a football match, claiming it depicted some of Ukrainian territory as Hungary’s."

Hardly is any dissension among the NATO allies needed at this exact point in time. Is it even necessary for me to say so?

See the wiki article the entire topic what is referred to as Greater Hungary.

See also a prior blog entry [with many additional embedded links] a Chinese cinematic production expressing pronounced Chinese territorial claims:


Decoy AS-15.

This is coolbert:

Russian AS-15 Kent [NATO code name] cruise missiles in use the Ukraine Conflict. Designed specifically to carry an atomic warhead 

Kent in this particular incident without payload?

1. "Russia Firing Ageing Cruise Missiles Because Stocks Are Depleted, MoD [British] Suggests"

"Russia is firing ageing cruise missiles stripped of their nuclear warheads at Ukrainian targets because Vladimir Putin’s stocks are so depleted, the Ministry of Defense has suggested."

"An intelligence update from the British MoD on Saturday said the desperate improvisation by the Russian president’s struggling forces are 'unlikely to achieve reliable effects'."

"The evidence cited is pictures of apparently shot down AS-15 Kent air-launched cruise missiles, which were said to have been designed in the 1980s as a nuclear delivery system."

R and D work of the Kent began in the early 1970's, the first units deployed a decade later. 

2. "UK: Russia Hitting Ukraine with Old Nuclear Missiles – Minus the Warheads"

Original story the AP | JACK MONTGOMERY 26 Nov 2022.

"Russian forces are striking Ukraine with Cold War-era nuclear missiles – with the nuclear warheads removed, crucially – according to British intelligence."


“'Russia is likely removing the nuclear warheads from aging nuclear cruise missiles and firing the unarmed munitions at Ukraine,' the Ministry of Defencs (MoD) claimed in its Saturday update on the course of the Russo-Ukrainian war, citing '[o]pen source imagery show[ing] wreckage of an apparently shot-down AS-15 KENT air launched cruise missile (ALCM), designed in the 1980s exclusively as a nuclear delivery system.'”


See previous blog entry those Russian high-precision missiles as expended less than half of the existing inventory as of 24 February 2022:


Wednesday, November 23, 2022


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ONE or TWO days only? Maximum. Known for years?

"German army has ammo for only two days of war – media"

"The problem has been known 'for years' but is being aggravated by the Ukraine crisis"

From Russian controlled [?] media 9 Oct, 2022.

"German army has ammo for only two days of war – media"

"The German Army (Bundeswehr) has enough ammunition for only one or two days of warfare, the German edition of news website Business Insider (BI) reported on Saturday, citing defense industry and parliamentary sources."

"According to BI, Berlin is significantly lagging behind the NATO requirement of maintaining stocks for at least 30 days of fighting. It was said that the problem 'has been known for years,' as military drills have suffered from insufficient stores."

Since the expenditure of ammunition during the Ukraine Conflict has been reported to be 2 1/2 times greater than at Stalingrad that stockpiled supply of the Germans can be expected to last more likely a day or less?

Keep in mind that ramping up production for war munitions going to take time and going to be expensive. Guns or butter going to have to be the choice and in the socialist/welfare states such a decision not going to be easy.

See this comment:

"Trash CanMan:

Should make the people wonder where all the billions spent on defense over the last 40 or so years has gone."

Indeed. And to all this General Rommel would say?



This is coolbert: 

"Stealth aircraft, such as the F-22 Raptor or the F-35 Lightning II 5th generation jets are equipped with Luneburg (or Luneberg) lenses: radar reflectors used to make the LO (Low Observable) aircraft (consciously) visible to radars. These devices are installed on the aircraft on the ground are used whenever the aircraft don’t need to evade the radars: during ferry flights when the aircraft use also the transponder in a cooperative way with the ATC (Air Traffic Control) agencies; during training or operative missions that do not require stealthiness; or, more importantly, when the aircraft operate close to the enemy whose ground or flying radars, intelligence gathering sensors."

"Looked for cannot be seen. Listened for cannot be heard. Felt for cannot be touched" - Shaolin warrior/monk.

"U.S. And Dutch F-35s Have Flown Without Radar Reflectors During First Week Of ‘Falcon Strike 2022’"

From "The Aviationist" Internet web site the article by STEFANO D'URSO DAVID CENCIOTTI November 20, 2022.

"Some of 5th gen. aircraft have operated in 'full stealth mode' to train in the most realistic scenarios."

Full stealth as corner reflectors removed. Radar image far less than normal. Stealth as meaning not totally invisible. Just that stealth mode is MUCH LESS VISIBLE to sensors than normal.

"As we already reported, F-35s from Italy, United States and the Netherlands are training together at Amendola Air Base, in southern Italy, during the exercise 'Falcon Strike 2022', which runs from November 15 to 28, 2022. The exercise is focused on the integration between fifth and fourth-generation aircraft and between different F-35 operators."

"In our previous story, we mentioned that the F-35 is part of both the Blue Air and Red Air, in simulated scenarios that might see NATO involved in combat operations against adversaries flying other 5th generation aircraft. This possibility seems increasingly plausible as the world is in a new era of great-power competition where the main players (US, NATO, China and Russia) have 5th generation aircraft in service."

Stealth versus stealth. Peer versus peer. How your adversary will appear to you and how you will appear to the adversary! Good training.


Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Militia DPR.

This is coolbert:

Frightening and discouraging both.

"The Donetsk Separatist Army Went To War In Ukraine With 20,000 Men. Statistically, Almost Every Single One Was Killed Or Wounded."

From the article by David Axe |  Forbes Staff Nov 18, 2022.

"In nine months of brutal fighting, the army of the pro-Russian Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region has buried or sent to the hospital as many men as it had in its entire pre-war army."

"The separatist DPR began Russia’s wider war on Ukraine in February with around 20,000 men in six light infantry brigades. By November, the army had lost 3,746 killed in action and 15,794 wounded in action, according to the DPR’s ombudsman."

"That’s 19,540 KIAs or WIAs. While many of the wounded undoubtedly returned to front-line service, many didn’t. And yes, the DPR army has expanded over the course of the nine-month wider war through the forced mobilization of thousands of men [conscription] from the separatist state’s 2.3 million population."


* By rule-of-thumb very general calculations the Donetsk Republic given their population only able to support with manpower and material a force numbering about two conventional army divisions of 10,000 men each. That is maximum.

* For each man killed about four wounded. Militia DPR not at the breaking point as defined in a previous blog entry. Those announced casualties still rather large. DPR troops in nine months 100 % KIA or WIA of the initial fighting force. GRIM and DIRE.

HEY! No one ever said this was going to be easy! Did they?



This is coolbert:

From the Strategy Page CIC # 477 of Professor Al Nofi.

"artifice: noun - Deception or trickery. Something contrived or made up to achieve an end, especially by deceiving; a stratagem or ruse: synonym: wile."

"The Roman Senator Pliny the Younger (AD 61-c. 113) once complimented the Emperor Trajan (r. AD 98-117) by noting 'you can call nearly all your soldiers by name, and know the deeds of bravery of each one . . . .' Trajan is not the only Great Captain said to have displayed this talent. Similar tales are told of other notable commanders, Mithridates VI of Pontus, Caesar, Hadrian, Gonzalvo de Cordoba, Frederick the Great, Napoleon, and more. These men seemingly could spot old soldiers in the ranks and would sometimes exchange pleasantries with them, often mentioning little details of a man’s service or family, thus letting the troops know that their commander knew them personally and worried about their well-being. A powerful gift for a commander, this talent may have involved less talent than artifice."


American General as reputed to have known by name [could recognize and recall] no less than 4,000 servicemen he had served with at one time or another. 

As to how this talent among the ancients was  due to "artifice" the reader to the blog will have to read the article for themselves.



This is coolbert:

More OSINT the Ukraine Conflict. OSINT = Open Source Intelligence.

Questions regarding the recent intrusion into Polish airspace [NATO] of a missile with detonation killing one man on the ground.

The missile is Russian? The missile Ukrainian? The intrusion was deliberate? The intrusion was not deliberate?

1. "Open-source analysts pored over pictures of the wreckage even as Nato leaders were still working out whether Russia was to blame"

From the story by Dean Kirby | November 16, 2022.

See the Chuck Pfarrer thread the missile bits and pieces identified as a Russian Kh-101 cruise missile as the culprit.

"Chuck Pfarrer | Indications & Warnings |


LETHAL WEAPON: Debris collected following the missile strike on the Polish village of Przewodow indicates that a Russian Kh-101 cruise missile was used in the attack. This weapon has a CEP (circular error probable) of less than 5 meters, suggesting a deliberate Russian attack."


2. See also this twitter thread on the topic of the missile or missiles landing in Poland.

"Thread | Oliver Alexander


New image from the impact site in Poland shows two distinct pieces of 5V55 (S-300) debris.

Poland missile: Clues in the wreckage as analysts pore over rocket which brought Putin’s war to Nato soil"



* One missile violating Polish airspace with death and destruction need not be a reason for Article 5 of the NATO charter to be invoked.

* Ukrainian S-300 missile perhaps chasing a target and went rogue without self-detonating a possible.

* The Ukrainian purposefully fired the missile to create an incident with NATO indeed invoking Article five I would like to THINK only a remote possibility.

* NATO surveillance aircraft I would think too only obvious constantly the airspace the border between Poland and Ukraine. Someone in a high position of authority MUST the TRUE story with regard to this circumstance.


Monday, November 21, 2022


This is coolbert:

Consider this to be almost an act of desperation? U.S Navy short of recruits taking drastic measures to overcome personnel shortfall?

"US Navy Recruits Older Middle Age Sailors"

From | 11/20/2022. 

"The US Navy is facing recruiting challenges in a tight labor market, and has raised its maximum enlistment age to 41 in order to attract more sailors to the fleet. The Navy is also looking to increase its use of bonuses and other financial incentives to attract recruits"


* War and military service is generally if not almost exclusively an activity of young men. Fewer prior commitments and responsibilities.

* At least for U.S. Army the maximum age for enlistment WITHOUT prior military experience is thirty-two years.

* For persons beyond the age of thirty-two enlistments will be allowed for those with prior military experience BUT only if by age sixty you will have twenty good years of service total toward retirement.

* During the Second World War all men between the ages of eighteen and forty-five were required to register for military service. Conscription and induction however limited to those men thirty-five years or younger.

Such a drastic measure can be seen as an omen of bad? I might think so.



This is coolbert:

Countering the Iranian Shahed-136 as currently being used by Russian forces in the Ukraine Conflict obviously involves a multi-faceted approach.

Here is one facet of a multi-layered anti-drone defense under consideration.

"Ukraine to deploy ‘drone catchers’ that can smash Iranian-made flying bombs out of the air"

Story by Hatty Collier • courtesy

"Ukraine is seeking to reinforce its defenses against Iranian-made flying bombs launched by Russian forces by acquiring advanced 'drone catchers' designed to smash the weapons out of the air."

"Some two months after the Kremlin started using Shahed-136 drones to destroy civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, it is understood Kyiv is in advanced discussions to buy state-of-the-art interceptor drones capable of destroying the munitions before they can reach their target."


"The 'drone killers' being sought by Kyiv are in effect small UAVs designed to launch at high-speed and track incoming weapons like the Shahed-136 before disabling them by smashing into them in mid-air."

"Among the products thought to be under consideration by Kyiv is the Anvil system, made by American start-up defense company Anduril, which uses sensors driven by artificial intelligence (AI) to launch two interceptors at a time to fly at 100mph towards incoming drones."

See at the linked Anduril web site a video showing Anvil in action.

See also from the wiki manned British interceptor warplanes countering the German V-1 cruise missile "buzz-bombs" of WW2 using a technique known as "toppling" or "turtling". Anvil is kind of reminiscent in it's own peculiar way of attack?


Sunday, November 20, 2022


This coolbert:

"The Ukrainian liberation of Kherson has been yet another success on the side of the defenders in the war, though it is also easy to assume it will lead to something of a pause on the southern part of the frontline. The withdrawal [Russian] to the left bank of the Dnipro – even if the losses to heavy equipment are on the scale expected – will still put the battered Russian forces behind one of the more formidable natural obstacles in Europe, and any Ukrainian assault over the river will require either serious amphibious equipment, a lot of luck and daring, or preferably both."


Crossing of the Dneiper in furtherance of the Ukrainian offensive that captured Kherson out of the question?

Consider the difficulty of such a crossing within the context of the World War Two allied operation in 1945 - crossing the Rhine.

This was Plunder accompanied by Varsity.

A massive military operation requiring organization and management on the order of the Normandy D-Day invasion of France, 6 June 1944. Boats, landing craft, pontoon bridges, ferries, etc. All in readiness. Just to get the troops of the other side of the river.

Two allied armies [one British, one American] and four parachute divisions [three American and one British] dropped on the right bank of the Rhine river.

Mission to establish a bridgehead right bank of the Rhine. To be followed by further exploitation eastward. Exploitation of course requiring massive resupply. The higher command of course more concerned with LOGISTICS than TACTICS during any further offensive action of allied forces in the aftermath of a secure bridgehead.

Regarding the WIDTH of the Rhine at the various points of attack: * Rhine river at Rees = 333 meters [1,000 feet]. * Rhine river at Wessels = 275 meters [900 feet]. * Rhine river at Remagen = 365 meters [2,200 feet].

Contrast next the width of the Rhine with the width of the Dneiper vicinity Kherson: * Dneiper at Antonovskiy bridge = 1,000 meters [3,500 feet].* Dneiper at Kherson = 450 meters [1,500 feet].

For American readers the width of the Mississippi river at Memphis USA = 1,100 meters [3,750 feet].

General Montgomery during the crossing of the Rhine did have at his disposal almost unlimited resources of manpower, equipment, resupply. The wherewithal of the Ukrainian in such areas of obvious concern to the combat commander exceedingly scant in comparison.

Ukrainian combat assets badly need else where. The capture of Kherson was an achievement to be sure, but Kiev needs to be prudent when needed and not foolhardy.



This is coolbert:

Really! Is all this necessary? Maybe interpreted wrongly in the wrong place?

Unprecedented? Unheard of? At a time of crisis!

"5 NATO aircraft carriers patrolling together in show of force around Europe"

From American Military News ^ | 11/18/22 | Justin Cooper the tip from Freeper.

"NATO is making a show of force this month with five aircraft carriers operating in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, one month after the alliance and Russia held rival nuclear exercises amid the latter’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Two U.S. carriers are involved: the USS George H.W. Bush and the USS Gerald R. Ford, according to a U.S. Navy press release. The other three carriers are the U.K.’s HMS Queen Elizabeth and the flagships of the French and Italian navies: the Charles De Gaulle and Cavour. The exercise allows NATO forces to practice working together."

Always in such circumstances think Proud Prophet and Able Archer. War game simulations and command post exercises that honestly frightened certain elements of the Soviet political and military hierarchy during the Cold War. 

Decision makers in Moscow within the context of the tense international situation caused by the Ukraine Conflict can easily see such an exercise as a prelude to WAR with NATO? Rehearsal for the possible beginning of WW3 for all that will mean.


Saturday, November 19, 2022

FFH 331.

This is coolbert:

"Following their participation in RIMPAC, Her [His] Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS) Vancouver [FFH 331] and Winnipeg continue to operate in the Indo-Pacific, where they will remain deployed until December 2022, on Operation (Op) PROJECTION and Operation NEON. - August 15, 2022 – Ottawa, ON.

Canada moves WEST!

HMCS warships on the move, the Pacific ocean. Canada is a Pacific power.

From the Toronto Star the original story Lee Berthiaume | The Canadian Press | Nov. 18, 2022

"Canadian military can work in Europe, Asia at same time: defense minister"

"OTTAWA - Defense Minister Anita Anand pushed back on Friday against suggestions that growing Canada’s military’s footprint in Asia will come at a cost to the country’s long-standing commitments to Europe, where NATO allies are expecting to see more Canadian troops."

"The issue emerged after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced at an international summit in Bangkok that the government’s new Indo-Pacific strategy will include 'increased defense investments' to ensure peace and stability in the region."

"While the prime minister did not offer further details, the statement followed the government’s decision in the summer to send two Royal Canadian Navy frigates to the Asia-Pacific region at the same time, as a sign of Canada’s increased engagement."

1. Canadians are even aware [?] their nation operates on the scale of geo-politics to include the Indo-`Pacific oceans area. 2. Besides warships [only a very limited number] the Canadian can make valuable contributions in the manner of naval aviation surveillance warplanes. 3. I suspect this is a response of a coalition of nations their concerns Taiwan and the South China Sea.



This is coolbert:

"Follow, lead, get out of the way!

State response to a perceived dire situation where no action is being taken by the federal government USA.

Never in my life time has such a thing occurred. The federal government USA normally reserves unto itself border security USA. Until this exact moment. Nor can I even think of a precedent. A vacuum is being filled?

"Now Texas Governor Abbott sends TANKS to the border after threatening to send gunboats - as Republican invokes invasion clause to deal with migrants flooding over border"

From  DAILYMAIL.COM the article by JOSEPH MICHALITSIANOS 19 November 2022.

* "Texas Governor Greg Abbott is deploying National Guard troops in M113 armored personnel carrier [not tanks] to various positions along the border"

* "The news comes days after Abbott sent a letter to President Biden threatening to deploy gunboats and invoking a constitutional clause"

* "Abbott invoked Article I Section 10 of the Constitution which forbids states from military action 'unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger'"

Are these Texas National Guardsmen or Texas State Guard? Texas does have a state guard that is strictly under the control of Governor Abbot. At his beck and call and not under control of the President USA.

Seems that the actions of Governor Abbot are totally legal! I can also predict this might create a minor political storm [or even a major one]. Even a constitutional crisis.

This should not be seen a simply bluster on the part of Governor Abbot.


Friday, November 18, 2022


This is coolbert:

More Iranian combat kamikaze drones on the way to the Ukraine Conflict? Arash-2 a more potent version of the Shahed-136 already being employed by the Russian. Arash-2 better defined as a cruise missile?


From | 16.10.2022. Graphic courtesy also

"Iran Will Supply Russia With ‘Arash-2’ Heavy Suicide Drones"

"A handout picture provided by the Iranian army on May 28, 2022 shows Arash-2 suicide drone in an underground base at an unknown location in Iran."

"Iran is set to supply Russia with a shipment of Arash-2 suicide drones which can hit targets thousands of kilometers away, several Iranian news channels on Telegram reported on October 15."

"Very little is known about the Arash-2, which have a range of around 2,000 [kilometers, 1,200 miles]. The warhead of the Arash-2 is said to be heavier then those in Iran’s Shahed-131 and 136 suicide drones, which are currently in service with the Russian military as Geran-1 and 2."

"The Shahed-131 has a range of 900 kilometers [540 miles] and a 15 kg [33 pounds] warhead, while the Shahed-136 has a range of up to 2,500 kilometers[1,500 miles' and a 40 kg [88 pounds] warhead."

Arash-2 is not be confused with the Arash family of Iranian rocket artillery. Arash-2 not a rocket. A propeller [pusher] configured drone [perhaps better called a cruise missile]. But not a lot further known about Arash-2.

Arash-2 designed specifically with the mission of bombarding Israeli cities. Now to be combat tested.


Thursday, November 17, 2022


This is coolbert:

Mother Russia, the Third Rome, the holy mission of the Russian.

Mitrofan speaks!

From the article by Atle Staalesen November 11, 2022.

"As military collapse looms, Murmansk church leader says 'this is the moment of truth for mankind'"

"During his visit to the garrison of Russia's Arctic Brigade in Alakurtti, the ultra-conservative Metropolitan Mitrofan of Murmansk underlined that Russian warriors now are fighting against the 'Prince of Darkness' and warned against apocalypse."


“It is all being decided now. And from our prayers depends the fate of the whole world. The Lord decides the way it suits him, from what is happening on earth. Is there any point to continue history? Or is it time to bring fire and sulphur to earth and let everything burn?”

"Metropolitan Mitrofan, the top prelate in the Kola Peninsula, spoke about burning hate and inferno. But the sermon delivered by the Orthodox Church leader must rather have stirred great chill among the locals that had attended mass in Alakurtti, the small military town located near the border to Finland."

Mitrofan noted for his extreme views, pronouncements and apocalyptic pronouncements of a frightful nature!

See the previous blog entry of the "holy mission" of the Russian in the historical sense:



This is coolbet:

War tourism? Visit a warzone as a tourist? See the damage and devastation close up and in personal?

Sounds absurd. Not so absurd however. 

"Visit ‘Awesome Ukraine’ Right Now – With Sounds Of Gunfire & Views Of Destroyed Cities, War Tourism Is Growing In Devastated Country"

From the article by Sakshi Tiwari August 10, 2022.

"Despite the devastation caused by the very nature of war, there are people around the world who want to visit conflict sites to witness it firsthand. It is happening in Ukraine now, after six months of Russia launching a bloody invasion on February 24."

"It is probably on nobody’s vacation bucket list to travel to Ukraine to experience living amid a conflict, see its devastated cities, and interact with its combatants. Six months of continuous fighting has turned once bustling towns into rubble."

"An organization called ‘Visit Ukraine’ is urging tourists to visit Ukraine to watch the devastation and resilience. While the idea sounds bizarre, it is also fast gathering steam and making headlines."

"Guided day tours of the so-called 'Brave Cities' that have resisted Russian invasion and are still doing so were started last month, giving tourists a look at how the nation survives amid conflict"

Go see the "Visit Ukraine" Internet web site. Personally I am staying away.



This is coolbert:

"Fortress of Kinburn | Ochakiv, Ukraine (UA)"

"Strong fortifications were built at Ochakiv and on the Kinburn promontory, to protect the entrance to the Dnieper, by the medieval Poles and then by Crimean khan Meñli I Giray in 1492 when it was known as Kara Kerman. Several decades later, the fortress fell to the Ottomans and was subsequently known as Özi."

Crimean War of 1855 Battle of Kinburn deja vu all over again?

"Kinburn – the Indirect Approach"


Red dot marks the spot | Kinman. Dneiper delta securely [?] in the hands of the Ukrainian.

"The Ukrainian liberation of Kherson has been yet another success on the side of the defenders in the war, though it is also easy to assume it will lead to something of a pause on the southern part of the frontline. The withdrawal [Russian] to the left bank of the Dnipro – even if the losses to heavy equipment are on the scale expected – will still put the battered Russian forces behind one of the more formidable natural obstacles in Europe, and any Ukrainian assault over the river will require either serious amphibious equipment, a lot of luck and daring, or preferably both."


"Reports have namely come in that the Ukrainian forces have landed on the Kinburn peninsula, a narrow peninsula stretching out to the west and forming the southernmost part of the Dniprovska gulf, which sees the river outlet situated in the easternmost end of the gulf. Exactly what is happening is somewhat open, but there seem to be Ukrainian light troops on the move, with Herois’ke being reported as having been liberated. And it is a development that causes some major headaches for the Russians."

Ukrainians on the left bank of the Dneiper no longer need to make a DIRECT assault across the river with the consequence of heavy loss of life and gear. This Ukrainian seizure of Kinman too unexpected?

Very good further analysis of the situation by Corporal Frisk. The Corporal does seem to have some gravitas in such matters! Eternal warfare! Kinburn 1855 | Kinburn 2022.


Wednesday, November 16, 2022


This is coolbert:

“It takes a lot of guts to stand up anonymously in a western democracy and call for things no-one else believes in like peace and justice and freedom”

Banksy the guerrilla graffiti street artist at work Ukraine! 

1. "Banksy has unveiled a new artwork on the side of a Russian shelled building in Ukraine."

From the article by Kirsten Robertson 12 Nov 2022.

"Speculation had been mounting that the anonymous graffiti artist was in the war-torn country after a series of murals appeared in the town of Borodyanka, near Kyiv."

Go read the article and see the most recent Banksy images.

2. "Unofficial War Artist".

"Banksy is a vocal anti-war activist; as such protesting modern warfare is one of the most important topics explored in his work. Banksy‘s early works, from 2000 to 2003, are a were executed during a time of escalating tensions in the UK, as the US government began publicly setting out the groundwork for an invasion of Iraq supported by key allies. This war provoked intense controversy amongst the UK civilian and military population."

Banksy an admitted "anti-war activist" his efforts at guerrilla street graffiti not only confined to the Ukraine Conflict. Banksy his collection of anti-war street graffiti quite impressive over the years.

Read again the entire article and admire the entire Banksy portfolio anti-war street art.


Tuesday, November 15, 2022


This is coolbert:

Claude Berube speaks! Thanks to Commander Salamander.

Hoist the Flag and Sound the Trumpet

"Following is an address delivered by Claude Berube, PhD in which he was asked to address the issue of readiness for war at the Annual Congress of the Naval Order of the United States. I asked him to make it available here."

November 14, 2022.

With particular interest to a graphic as presented by Claude Berube:

"How do you quantify administration interest in the Navy? We can start with a simple criterion. Under the current administration, it took more than 200 days for a Secretary of the Navy to be confirmed – that’s a longer period from inauguration to confirmation than any other presidency."

Click on image to see an enlarged view.

From that period of William Henry Harrison through the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt [1841 through 1945] that time of confirmation of a Secretary of the Navy usually measured in days, often less than a week. The current confirmation process now taking many months to include beyond a half-year for the current Biden administration! Those administrations since the time of President Bush the Elder time before confirmation markedly increased!

Realize that the USA military is best defined as a naval power and not a land power. From the time of the Barbary Wars, the USA military has through sea power projected power to all points of the world in furtherance of national interests as perceived.

Devoted readers to the blog will have to judge for themselves the significance of the graph and correct interpretation thereof. 



This is coolbert:

As extracted from the English tabloid "Daily Mail" the attack by CHRIS MATTHEWS and WILL STEWART and ELENA SALVONI FOR MAILONLINE 12 November 2022.

Cease fire, truce, armistice talks? All a result of the Ukrainian capture of Kherson from the Russian. Conditions have arrived for negotiation the Ukraine Conflict?

"Russian troops DESTROY Ukraine dam then flee Kherson dressed as CIVILIANS in the face of furious Ukraine fire as liberated locals celebrate and shamed Putin suffers 'significant reputational damage' from retreat"

Those relevant a most pertinent paragraphs:

"Vladimir Putin 'has been offered surrender terms by the West' as he loses control of Kherson - and 'his cronies have reacted positively because it allows them to stay in power and avoid criminal charges'"

"Vladimir Putin has been offered surrender terms [negotiated settlement] by the West, a respected Russian policy expert revealed, as Moscow's troops were forced to withdraw from the city of Kherson in yet another humiliating defeat."


"Professor Valery Solovey, formerly at Moscow's prestigious Institute of International Relations and who claims to have connections in the Kremlin, said the surrender would see Russia give up all territory in Ukraine with the exception of Crimea, which would become a demilitarized zone and its status would not be discussed again until 2029."

"In return, Putin and his cronies would avoid criminal charges over the war and be allowed to remain in power, Professor Solovey claimed.

"He [Solovey] said the proposal had been discussed between Kyiv and its Western allies before being presented to Putin's inner circle - who had reacted positively to the idea."


"Solovey said the exact terms of the deal would mean Russia giving up any claim to the rest of the Kherson region, along with Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk - including areas occupied since 2014. Crimea would remain a part of Russia but would be forced to demilitarize, with the Black Sea Fleet relocated."

"A 60 mile-wide [100 kilometer] demilitarized zone would be created along the borders between Belarus, Russia and Ukraine with no heavy weapons allowed inside the zone. Russia would also have to give up its military presence in the Transnistria region of Moldova, while Ukraine would pledge not to join NATO for at least seven years."

"Six countries have agreed to provide security guarantees underwriting the deal, Solovey claimed, though he did not name them. Guarantees would likely include a pact to come to Ukraine's defense if it were attacked again, and guarantors would likely include Kyiv's closest allies - the US and UK among them."


Rather than the Conflict persisting for a prolonged period fraught with danger to both sides and the international community as well, can anyone suggest a better way to end the conflict? Bitter will have to be swallowed with the sweet, both sides.

Devoted readers to the blog will fully understand I am not holding my breath in anticipation of a truce, cease fire, armistice.


Monday, November 14, 2022


This is coolbert:

Russian super-weapon carried by a super-weapon neither so super?

From Radar Online | 11 November 22 the original [?] story MSN.

"'Tried & Failed': Vladimir Putin Suffers Another Devastating Loss After 'Doomsday' Nuclear-Powered Torpedo Fails To Launch"

"Vladimir Putin’s infamous submarine, dubbed the Belgorod, is reportedly headed back to port after a series of failed tests in the Arctic Sea, has learned."

"The development comes just years after the submarine was first put into service in 2019 and its return to port marks just the latest loss for the already struggling Russian leader."

"Even more startling is the fact that the nuclear-powered torpedo launched from the Belgorod, named the 'Poseidon' and put into service in July, failed to launch from the submarine during a series of test launches."


Once more the proud Russian military with big time egg-on-face?

"have egg on your face - idiom  informal | egg on your face, you look stupid because of something that you have done" [or did not do]

Those original Soviet era nuclear submarines [November class] went right into production without having built a prototype for testing. November as a consequence had many problems with quality control and untested and untried systems.

This one informed Soviet admiral said this did NOT pose a problem. Difficulties were "worked out" went vessels went on patrol, encountered difficulties, solutions found!

I can imagine the orders came from the very top, "get those boats underway and do it now".



This is coolbert:

Courtesy the Lew Rockwell Internet web site the links to a number of Charles Burris articles the topic the Great War [WW1].

1. "Aftermath, By Siegfried Sassoon".

"Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day to commemorate that at 11:00 0’Clock on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 a formal armistice was concluded ending hostilities of the greatest conflagration and warfare in world history up to that point. This grim sardonic poem, Aftermath, captures the senseless tragedy and banal futility of that conflict."

2. "Paths of Glory".

"Stanley Kubrick’s searing cinematic masterpiece indicting mendacious incompetents leading French troops to the slaughter during the Great War was forbidden in France for decades."

See also:

See additionally:

3. "Royal Cousins At War".

"In May 1910, the monarchies of Europe came together in London, in an opulent show of strength, for the funeral of Edward VII. War and revolution in the ensuing decade heaped assassination, defeat and exile upon them. Theo Aronson portrays the European Royal Families at War."

4. "Analyzing 'The Why' Behind The Great War".



5. "World War I: The American Legacy".

"My grandfather [Burris?] severed in The Great War (The First World War) in the Meuse-Argonne campaign with General John J. Pershing, I wish I had listened more carefully to his recounting of his tales in the Argonne forest when I was a young teenager. Luckily there are excellent documentaries such as this one that can relay some of the story of the War to present generations."

Lew Rockwell self-admitted anti-state•anti-war•pro-market and proud of it.


Sunday, November 13, 2022


This is coolbert:

Asymmetric warfare on the high seas. Ukrainian uncrewed surface vessels [USV] posing a significant threat to the Russian navy Black Sea Fleet. War of the Flea naval action the Ukraine Conflict.

"Ukraine's Maritime Drones (USV) What You Need To Know"

From the article by H I Sutton11 November 2022.

"Ukraine's Maritime Drones (USV) What You Need To Know"

"Ukraine’s unique maritime drones, termed uncrewed surface vessels (USVs) in naval parlance, have taken the war to the Russian Navy. They are part of a major switch in the fortunes for the Russian invasion."

"The Ukrainians list stopping “Russian ships carrying missiles from leaving the [Sevastopol] bay” as part of the USV’s mission. This part has already been modestly successful."


"As the Russians continue to lose ground to Ukrainian forces, their navy is largely locked up in her base at Sevastopol."

"On October 29 these maritime drones were used, together with UAVs, to attack the Russian Navy at Sevastopol. Two warships, the frigate Admiral Makarov and the minesweeper Ivan Golubets were damaged. And the attack sent the Russian Navy even further into their shell."

Ukrainian USV attacks "modestly successful", damage done relatively mild but the threat enough to make the Russian super-cautious. Also able to divert valuable resources to counter the USV threat. Where the Russian thought they were omnipotent they no longer are.




This is coolbert:

From a of Big Serge we have an interesting take on the now successfully completed Russian retrograde movement from Kherson. Retrograde = movement to the rear.

"Surovikin’s Difficult Choice"

"Russia Abandons Kherson"

As extracted some key paragraphs:


"I [Serge] would like to parse through this issue. First off, one cannot deny that the withdrawal is politically a significant humiliation for Russia. The question becomes, however, whether this sacrifice was necessary on military or political grounds, and what it may signify about the future course of the conflict."


"While holding the bridgehead in Kherson, the Dnieper River becomes a negative force multiplier - increasing the sustainment and logistics burden and ever threatening to leave forces cut off if Ukraine succeeds in destroying the bridges or bursting the dam. Projecting force across the river becomes a heavy burden with no obvious benefit. But by withdrawing to the east bank, the river becomes a positive force multiplier by serving as a defensive barrier.

YES indeed. Russian forces defending Kherson at a distinct disadvantage if the bridge [main supply link] blown or damaged. Resupply by ferry or barge insufficient. Evacuate Kherson and defend on the left bank of the Dneiper a prudent measure.

Devoted readers to the blog are strongly encouraged to read the entire Big Serge substack article.

Big Serge his analysis more or less totally correct. I agree with 100 %.


Saturday, November 12, 2022


This is coolbert:

Herewith a pair of You Tube video the subject the Iranian Shahed-136 kamikaze drone now in action the Ukraine Conflict.

Everything you always wanted to know however with a slight degree of confusion.

Prudent measures but not necessarily what I would describe as "genius".

"Oct 22, 2022. Russia is alleged to have upgraded the Iranian Shahed-136 kamikaze drone guidance system, increasing its lethality and accuracy against targets. Revealed that Russian drones manufactured in Iran have an inertial guidance system replaced by the control unit GLONASS, Russia's satellite navigation system"

2. "Kamikaze Drone upgrade from Shahed 136 | How it works #geran2 #drones #kamikazedrone"

"Oct 28, 2022. Russian Kamikaze drone upgraded from Shaheed 136"

"There are slight differences and upgrades between the two."

"The Iranian Shaheed 136 uses an Inertial Navigation System [INS], which cannot be jammed by Radio Frequency Interference."


"Once released it is difficult to track or command. The Russians upgraded these drones with GLONASS, a Russian alternative to GPS."


* No comparison between the Iranian Shahed drones and the Turkish Bayraktar analog. The former a fire-and-forget weapon not controllable on a one-way mission. Gone forever when launched. The later a general purpose drone, controlled, returns to base when mission complete, can be configured for a variety of missions.

* Original versions Shahed according to what I read having BOTH the INS and American GPS system for guidance. Russians have replaced the GPS with their GLONASS receiver, retaining the Iranian INS.

* Shahed also equipped with an anti-radiation seeker? Can detect and attack radar installations as does the American Shrike?

* Think of the Shahed as rather more a cruise missile than a drone. Fire-and-forget weapon the cost of a single Shahed one-twentieth [1/20] that of a Russian Kalibr conventional cruise missile!

* Many of those video show a mock-up of the Israeli Dimona nuclear reactor/facility under attack from a concentrated swarm of Shahed drones. 

* The Shahed can now be dropped from Russian Tu-22M3 medium-range bombers or carried and launched from a Sukhoi-37 fighter-bomber. Range of the Shahed greatly increased in the process.

* As to possible Ukrainian counter-measures The anti-aircraft gun [AAG] rapid-fire cannon preferred over all over weapons.


Friday, November 11, 2022


This is coolbert:

A long way from Ukraine but close to NATO.

Ukrainian saboteurs once again active. Russian warplanes destroyed on the ground. 

"Ukraine destroys two Russian Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters at Pskov airfield in Russia"

From euroweeklynews the story by Matthew Roscoe • 31 October 2022 • 

"Two Russian Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters were destroyed at the airfield in Russia’s Pskov region, and two more were seriously damaged, according to reports on Monday, October 31."

"Ukrainian saboteurs did destroy two Ka-52 attack helicopters at an airbase in the Pskov region, some 500 miles [800 kilometers]  from the border of Ukraine, but within 15 miles [24 kilometers] of the border of Latvia (a NATO member). This is becoming common, with a daughter of a nationalist leader being assassinated in Moscow, two attacks on airbases in Crimea, a truck bomb blowing up the bridge to Crimea, and now this."

See previous blog entries incidents of suspected Ukrainian sabotage behind-the-lines missions:

The coat of arms Pskov the right hand of GOD reaching down to touch the leopard as protector of the city of Pskov. The Russian "holy mission" as incorporated into all symbolic emblems of Russian sovereignty.



This is coolbert:

Only a 10 % [??] success rate considered to be FAVORABLE?

Russian combat drone the Ukraine Conflict.

1. "2,000 Lancets have destroyed 200 targets and damaged hundreds more"

From | October 19th, 2023.

"The Lancet loitering munition is a standout success for Russia"

"While other weapons have performed below expectation during the invasion of Ukraine, this 35-pound [16 kg.]  kamikaze drone has proven capable of taking out a wide range of targets, including main battle tanks and parked aircraft, from far over the horizon."

See additionally:


From | as published nearly a year ago | 11.11.2022.

"On November 11, several videos documenting recent Russian strikes on Ukrainian forces with Lancet loitering munitions were released by RIA Novosti and other Russian news sources."

"Footage Shows How Lancet 3 is Successful Against Leopard 2A6". German main battle tank kaput!

"The small radar cross-section and minimal infrared signature of small loitering munitions like the Lancet make them nearly impossible to track and intercept."

Can autonomously find and destroy a target? No operator interface once launched? Skynet in action?



This is coolbert:

AFU = Armed Forces Ukraine.

Herewith the take from the Russian-aligned Internet web site "South Front" the Kherson withdrawal.


"Deputy Head Of Kherson Regional Administration Kirill Stremousov Died In Road Traffic Incident"

"On November 9, the deputy head of the Kherson regional administration Kirill Stremousov died in a road traffic incident. The fatal accident took place near the town of Genichesk, where the Kherson regional administration was transferred amid the evacuation of civilians from the city of Kherson."


"The first big city which recently became the capital of a new region of Russia will be abandoned by Russian forces. On November 9, the Russian military announced the withdrawal from Kherson."

"Commander of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Russian General Surovikin, reported to Defense Minister Shoigu a plan to withdraw Russian troops to new defensive lines along the [left bank] Dnieper River. The Russian Defense Minister approved it. The transfer of Russian forces from the right bank of the river will be carried out in the near future."


"The Kherson region is preparing for heavy battles. The situation on the front lines remains extremely tense as the Armed Forces of Ukraine [AFU] launch attacks on Russian positions in different areas in an attempt to advance towards the city of Kherson, where the official evacuation of civilians ended."


"For two days now, the city of Kherson has been subjected to massive shelling by all types of artillery systems, from barrel artillery of various calibers to multiple launch rocket systems of Soviet and Western production. The AFU [Armed Forces Ukraine] units are deployed in the immediate vicinity of the city limits"

Retrograde movement as now evidently complete totally warranted. Resupply of all Russian forces on the right bank of the Dneiper river untenable and necessitating the movement to the left bank of the river.

Retrograde movement apparently too carried out in a planned and organized manner. Retrograde of this sort not shameful. Troops live to fight another day!


Thursday, November 10, 2022


This is coolbert:

Consider this a very big negative for the Russian?

From the story by CHRIS PLEASANCE  and DAVID AVERRE FOR MAILONLINE 9 November 2022.

"Putin's troops FLEE Kherson as Kremlin orders humiliating withdrawal across the Dnipro river - abandoning the ONLY local capital still held after their disastrous invasion - while the city's Russia-installed deputy leader dies in crash amid rush to escape"

* "Putin's top military commander said troops will retreat from Kherson on orders from Russian Defense Minister" * "Troops will leave 'in the near future' and take up positions across Dnipro River, General Sergei Surovikin said" * "Giving up the city - capital of a region Putin annexed to Russia just weeks ago - is the most humiliating loss yet" * "General Surovikin said city was impossible to defend as Ukraine's armed forces continue to counterattack"


"General Sergei Surovikin was hauled on to state TV alongside Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu who ordered him to pull his men back across the Dnipro River and surrender Kherson to the Ukrainians in a heavily stage-managed affair."

Just from a brief perusal of the map I can understand this decision fully. Kherson city located on the right bank [downstream] of the Dnipro river. To resupply the Russian troops a constant stream of truck convoy required. Bridges across the river tenuous if not knocked down. Pontoon bridges also  susceptible to Ukrainian artillery and HIMARS fire.




This is coolbert:

Rector of the Church of the Russian airborne troops vanquished during battle.

"UPDATE: Russian military archpriest Mikhail Vasiliev awarded ‘Hero of Russia’ title posthumously following death in Ukraine"

From the story by Matthew Roscoe • 09 November 2022 • 

"RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin awarded military archpriest Mikhail Vasiliev the title of ‘Hero of Russia’ posthumously following his death from HIMARS shrapnel wounds in Ukraine."

"UPDATE 12.05 am (November 9) – Following the death of Russian military archpriest Mikhail Vasiliev, who worked as the rector of the Church of St. Ilya Muromets and the Holy Great Martyr Barbara in Vlasikha, Moscow region, which was reported on Sunday, November 6, Putin posthumously awarded him the title of Hero of Russia."

The Russian indeed believes in their "holy mission". See my prior blog entry as relevant.

Regardless of whatever controversial statements he made; the death of Father Mike we must consider always within the context of Proverbs 24:17.



This is coolbert:

"While the officials cautioned that these are early days, and very often the names that surface first do not survive the bargaining among NATO’s 30 members, they said one prime candidate has surfaced in Washington: Chrystia Freeland, 54, the Canadian-Ukrainian deputy prime minister and finance minister of Canada," - New York Times.

Consider this will be seen as a direct insult to the Russian.

It will only confirm their suspicions that NATO is out to get them.

From the story by TYLER DURDEN NOV 07, 2022.

"US Wants Official Of Ukrainian Descent As Next NATO Chief"

"A person of Ukrainian descent to fill NATO's top post? That's what a recent New York Times report suggested could happen as it detailed 'the race is on' to select NATO's next Secretary General."

"Freeland has long been seen as Ukraine's top ally within Canadian political leadership. The Times called her a 'prime candidate' in the eyes of Washington insiders to replace NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg."

"The report described further, 'Ms. Freeland, 54, a former journalist . . . has also been Canada’s foreign minister.' And listed that: 'Her advantages are considerable: she speaks English, French, Italian, Ukrainian and Russian; she has run complicated ministries; she is good at news conferences and other public appearances; and she would be the first woman and first Canadian ever to run NATO.'"

"Russian state media over the last few days has highlighted Freeland's candidacy for the top NATO spot, strongly hinting that Moscow would see someone of Ukrainian [ancestry] in the position as somewhat of an intentional and highly symbolic provocation."


"Freeland's maternal grandparents emigrated from Ukraine to Alberta, Canada in 1939 - though her mother later returned to the family's homeland and was a well-known figure within the Ukrainian independence movement which sought to undermine Soviet power there."

Mother of  Chrystia prior to emigrating to Canada active in one of the many Ukrainian nationalist movements. Chrystia too on a Russian blacklist. NO-ENTRY.

Good luck with all that Chrystia! I fear Chrystia will be tagged as a Nazi by the Russian.