Friday, September 30, 2022


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To war with tampon? Russian style.

"A tampon is a menstrual product designed to absorb blood and vaginal secretions by insertion into the vagina during menstruation."

"‘Use tampons to staunch bullet wounds’, Russian army recruits told"

Thanks to the story by George Styllis 27 September 2022 • 

Russian military lady doctor instructing recent recruits and mobilized reservists to carry tampons if deployed to the Ukraine battlefield.

Russian military dispensary the Chechen War. Grozny. Surely things can't be this bad?

"A video shows a female military doctor advising the young men they need to bring their own first aid supplies - or the next best thing"

"New recruits to the Russian army are being told to ask their wives and girlfriends for tampons to use as bandages in the event they get shot, as military supplies run out."

"In a video circulating on social media, a woman who has been identified as a military doctor can be seen giving what appears to be an introductory speech to new recruits."

Go see the video here. "Guys, I know this since the Chechen war."



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"During a time of peace, prepare for war" - Cicero.

A Mark Felton You Tube production and thanks to same.

"The incredible story of the Pioneer Panzer Brigade, the East German Boy Scout Tank Unit of the 1970s and '80s."

Scouting but more more than scouting as normally, generally and ordinarily understood.

Go see the video:

East German youth scouting armored corps. Replica 1/3 scale Soviet tanks of the T-34 variety and assault guns apparently of the ASU-85 type [also 1/3 scale] used for training and inculcating martial ability at the most basic of levels. Driving a vehicle, signaling with flags as would armored troops, servicing a vehicle, etc. Those replica tanks are hardly toys! Headgear that padded type helmet true Soviet style armor troops issue.

See additionally Chinese CHILDREN practicing firing mortars: Not really toys. Realistic mortars firing a realistic mortar round.


Thursday, September 29, 2022


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Devoted readers to the blog and those perusing in a much more casual manner are strongly encouraged to see this twitter thread courtesy the English "Telegraph" World News.

A discussion as to what "catastrophic consequences" there might be if the Russian indeed employs tactical nuclear weapons the Ukraine Conflict.

Those words "catastrophic consequences" the words of President Biden. 

Read the ENTIRE thread from top to bottom. All of course thanks to "Telegraph and the tip from Reginald.

Consequences [catastrophic] to possibly mean this? Major Kong rides the bomb?


Those in positions of power seem to be walking toward a cliff with the rest of humanity chained to them. Walk off the cliff and we [all of humanity] will go with them. 

From Colonel Trevor N. Dupuy | 1987:

"Nuclear weapons differ from conventional weapons not just in power, but in kind. If their use in tactical battle could assuredly limited to the fractional kiloton variety, then there might be some validity to the easy assumption that they are merely bigger and better weapons. But any use of even the smallest tactical nuke carriers with it the possibility of escalation. Escalation with conventional weapons is relatively finite. Escalation with nuclear weapons has potentialities as close to infinity as the human mind can imagine. Such an eventuality is so far likely that we can almost ignore it, but it is possible, but should never be ignored completely."

I would hope that many persons in position of high authority are paying close attention to all of this. For the sake of everybody they should be.



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I was waiting for the analysis H. I. Sutton the Nord Stream 1 & 2 sabotage. Here it is.

Not just three incidents of sabotage. Four to be more exact.

"Location Of 4th Leak On Russia's NordStream Gas Pipeline In Baltic"

From the   "Covert Shores" Internet web site By H. I. Sutton 29 September 2022.

"The September 27 attacks on the Nordstream gas pipelines near the Danish island of Bornholm is a serious international incident. There is now little doubt that it was sabotage. The explosions causing leaks in at least four places and affect both Nordstream 1 & Nordstream 2."

"Despite the uncertainties inherent in hybrid warfare (and to an extent seabed warfare), eyes are on Russia."


As to who the culprit is:

"The attacks are likely to be the material of conspiracy theories forever. The allure of these theories will no doubt keep them popular despite their lack of credibility."

"The strong suspicion is that Russia themselves are the most likely actor."

"Russia has a long tradition of seabed warfare and has extensive investments in technologies. That wouldn't make the attack simple, real operations rarely are. And it is an impressive operation from a defense analysis perspective."

Devoted readers to the blog are strongly encouraged to read the entire H. I. Sutton entry. "Covert Shores" hardly ever disappoints.



This is coolbert:

Even the noted Internet web site "The Aviationist" has taken notice of the damage done to the Nord Stream 1 & 2 pipelines. European natural gas supply gravely disrupted at just the wrong time of the year.

"Could Sabotage Have Caused Nord Stream Pipeline Ruptures? And If So, How?"

Thanks to the Internet web site "The Aviationist", the article by TOM DEMERLY September 28, 2022.

"Naval Capabilities Exist That Could Have Caused the Nord Stream Pipeline Damage."


"The circumstances surrounding the Nord Stream pipeline incident invite a world of speculation, some of it pointing to willful interdiction of pipeline operations. The reported facts can be collated to support the hypothesis of deliberate action to disrupt the pipeline. But as of this hour, there is only one problem with these hypotheses: there is no hard evidence of sabotage in the Nord Stream pipeline leak."

"While no hard evidence exists at this time to support the theory of sabotage in the Nord Stream leak, the capabilities to carry out such sabotage exist in some militaries and have been employed before in similar circumstances."

"Aviationist" suggests naval sea bottom mines the culprit in these attacks. Mines pre-positioned on the sea bottom in a relatively inert but still active state. Naval sea mines that can be made ready for use under a variety of circumstances by the user. 

Personally it is PREPOSTEROUS to even suggest that the damage done to the two pipelines was ANYTHING other than sabotage. Pipelines at a critical moment cut in three place more or less simultaneously sabotage plain and simple.



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"Long pig is an antiquated term for human flesh, eaten by cannibals. Purportedly, the term long pig is a translation of a phrase used in the Pacific Islands for human flesh intended for consumption"

Maybe not so antiquated after all?

As extracted from an article by Michael Yon it will be a dark, cold, and dangerous winter for the German?

"The Death of Germany, and Europe"

 Michael Yon@MichaelYon   28 September 2022.

"At this point in history, to destroy the possibility of re-opening Nord Stream 1 (NS1), and opening NS2, all but assures massive famines and detailed destruction of European economy that normally only will be seen in war."

"Nothing short of nuclear war will destroy a nation more completely, more inter-generationally, than turning off the energy followed by famine. Famines burn through the souls of nations. Just read five random books on famine."

"Germany’s deal with the devil was a deal with themselves. Accepting the cheap Russian gas like cocaine straight to the bloodstream. To be sure, there were extreme benefits to manufacturing using cheaper, easier energy. Such as in the automotive industry."

"Germans and their multi-kulti invaders will devour the Black Forest and roast long-pig over their cuckoo clocks"

Long-pig if prepared properly can be made palatable? I for one don't want to find out.



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Within context of the apparent sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 & 2 this drone reconnaissance [if that is what it is] sounds ominous.

Article by JACK NEWMAN FOR MAILONLINE 28 September 2022 | 

"Norway's North Sea oil rigs step up security after being buzzed by mysterious drones: Fears of 'deliberate attack' on off-shore platforms after Baltic Sea gas leak sabotage"

* "Norway has increased security on its gas and oil sites in the North Sea" * "Mysterious drones have been spotted only 50m [one-hundred fifty feet] away from the offshore rigs" * "Russia has been accused of causing explosions on Nord Stream pipes" 

"Norway is beefing up security on its offshore North Sea oil rigs after mysterious drones came within 50m [one-hundred feet] of its platforms."

"The country's Petroleum Safety Authority said the unmanned aerial vehicles could carry out 'deliberate attacks' on the infrastructure or smash into helicopters transporting offshore workers to and from the rigs."


"Norway is now Europe's biggest gas supplier after the Kremlin turned off its taps, wreaking energy havoc across the continent."


Wednesday, September 28, 2022


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More on the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipe line. Underwater natural gas [NG] pipelines the Baltic. Europe freezes to death in the dark?

Thanks to "Zero Hedge" the article by  TYLER DURDEN SEP 27, 2022.

"EU Chief Calls Nord Stream Attack 'Sabotage', Warns Of 'Strongest Possible Response'"

"Earlier, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen described the three separate leaks on NS1 and NS2 as 'deliberate acts,' adding: 'It’s hard to imagine that it’s accidental.'"

Three incidents of apparent sabotage of the NG pipelines simultaneously to even try to imagine anything like an accident absurd.

That "strongest possible response" I cannot even imagine what the militarily weak EU has in mind. And as to WHO exactly is the culprit we must wait and see?



This is coolbert:

Freeze to death in the dark? Western Europe doomed?

Russian naval spetsnaz [naval commandoes] at work? All within the context of the Ukraine Conflict.

1. "CIA warned Berlin about possible attacks on gas pipelines in summer - Spiegel ('We' did it)"

From Reuters ^ | 9/27/22 | the tip from Freeper.

"BERLIN, Sept 27 (Reuters) - The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had weeks ago warned Germany about possible attacks on gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, German magazine Spiegel said on Tuesday, after gas leaks in Russia pipelines to Germany were reported."

2. "Did Putin’s frogmen blow up Europe’s gas supplies? Western leaders blame ‘deliberate’ sabotage after Nordsteam [sic] pipe from Russia ruptured off Sweden"

Article by DAVID AVERRE and JAMIE PHILLIPS FOR MAILONLINE ^ | 27 September 2022 | once again tip from Freeper.

"Did Putin’s frogmen blow up Europe’s gas supplies? Western leaders blame ‘deliberate’ sabotage after Nordstream pipe[line] from Russia ruptured off Sweden causing 3000ft-wide [1,000 meters] bubbles and sending prices spiking Three leaks reported in Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines near Danish island last night and this morning Pipelines are leaking gas into the Baltic Sea, with one area more than 3,000ft wide [1,000 meters] churning with bubbles"

I am waiting for H. I. Sutton at his authoritative Internet web site "Covert Shores" to make comment as to WHO is responsible for this obvious sabotage operation. Many nations possess naval commando units capable of such a mission. If anyone will know H. I. Sutton will know.


Tuesday, September 27, 2022


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WARNING: If you are easily distressed by images of an intense and adult nature that can cause extreme emotional distress please hit escape now! 

"Appeal raises $135,000 for a released Ukrainian POW to help with medical expenses after his brutal treatment by Russian captors"

From the story by Bethany Dawson September 25, 2022. Original story from "Business Insider"

See the image and read the story, the saga of Mykhailo. A member of the Ukrainian Azov battalion captured at Mariupol? Subjected to extreme brutal treatment as a prisoner-of-war.

Dianov before and after Russian captivity.

* "More than $130,000 has been raised for a Ukrainian man who was held as a POW by Russian" captors.

* "Photos of Dianov show him severely emaciated and scarred after his time in prison."

* "He has a scar on his elbow caused by rusty pliers being used to pull a foreign object out of his arm."

For comparison in the historical context see this image captives of the Japanese during WW2 their physical state after three and one-half years of starvation and general mistreatment.


* My instantaneous reaction was that this was NOT a before and after image of Mykhailo. That is NOT the same person! Such is the state of deterioration in the man that for me it is HARD to tell that is Dianov!

* For anyone to become so emaciated in that short of time will cause dramatic disintegration of internal organs and the entire physical well-being. Outward appearances even bad as is shown alone do not indicate the damage in totality done to Mykhailo. 

* It might be the Russian did single out members of the Azov battalion of exceedingly harsh mistreatment even way beyond the norm. Prisoners their lives forfeit.



This is coolbert:

Border crossing checkpoint Russia and Georgia overwhelmed with young men of military age fleeing conscription? Documents and conscription status being checked even as we speak? 

"Russia sends troops to Georgian border to 'set up checkpoint' as Kremlin denies plan to impose martial law and stop people from leaving after 260,000 fled Putin's draft in five days"

The article by CHRIS PLEASANCE FOR MAILONLINE  26 September 2022 | 

* "Russian troops were filmed arriving at border with Georgia Monday afternoon"  * "FSB said they were there to stop men storming the crossing amid huge queue"  * "But it comes amid rumors Putin is preparing to declare martial law and ban fighting-age men from leaving after 260,000 fled in just five days"  * "Kremlin denied that any conversations about closing border had taken place"

Border not closed but persons attempting to cross from that cohort of young men of military age being subjected to more rigorous questioning I would suspect.

"Russian troops have been deployed near the border with Georgia today even as the Kremlin tries to stamp out rumors that Putin is about to introduce martial law and ban people from leaving [Russia] in order to avoid being conscripted into the army." 

This seems to confirm my intuition is correct regarding opposition to the Russian limited mobilization. Persons who are Russian citizens but of Georgian and Armenian ethnicity decided to cross the border where they will be beyond the reach of Russian authorities.

See my previous blog entry as germane:


Monday, September 26, 2022


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As it was with G. Washington in 1776 so as it is now with V. Zelensky in 2022?

The Ukrainian maintains the moral high ground and follows the proper path.

"Zelensky promises three protections to Russian soldiers willing to surrender"

From the article by KAREN TOWNSEND September 25, 2022.

"Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is promising three protections to Russian soldiers who willingly surrender. Zelensky’s offer comes as Vladimir Putin announced plans to call up 300,000 reservists to replenish the troops who have died in battle. Zelensky delivered his offer directly to Russians as he made his nightly video address."

"Zelensky addressed them in Russian. He said every Russian soldier who surrenders is guaranteed three protections."


1. "You will be treated in a civilized manner, in accordance with all conventions"

2. "No one will know the circumstances of your surrender, no one in Russia will know that your surrender was voluntary"

3. "If you are afraid to return to Russia and do not want an exchange, we will find a way to ensure this as well.”

My instantaneous reaction was the inducements offered by George Washington to the Hessian [German] mercenaries fighting for the British during the American Revolutionary War. Desert and surrender to the American Continental army and you will receive land grants and settlement peaceably so in the aftermath of the conflict.

"This Day In History: Washington Tried to Persuade Hessian Mercenaries to Desert (1776)"

From Ed - August 26, 2016.

Considerable numbers of Hessian mercenaries indeed settling in the USA after the war and quite successfully so. Germans make the best Americans.

See also:

"What Happened to the Captured Hessians?"

Again, the carrot rather than the stick. An offer [inducement] of land, citizenship, a new start in life for a peasant German mercenary almost an unheard offer to good to refuse.

"CARROT-AND-STICK is characterized by the use of both reward and punishment to induce cooperation."

Hessians knowing an offer too good to refuse. Russians conscripts the Ukraine Conflict will react the same way?


Sunday, September 25, 2022


This is coolbert:

From the Internet web site "South Front" and thanks to same.


"The UR-77 Meteorit (Russian: УР-77 «Метеорит», lit. 'Meteorite') is a Soviet mine clearing vehicle." 

UR-77 rocket firing mine clearing weapon system. And as being used in the urban warfare setting the Ukraine Conflict. Russian BRUTE FORCE approach on display.

"The vehicle [UR-77] is armed with a launcher and two mine-clearing line charges. When launched, a charge causes a shock wave that destroys or disables all the shells or mines along the area of the line charge (with a width of 6 meters [about eighteen feet] and length up to 90 meters [about two-hundred seventy feet])."

"The UR-77 Meteorite is a Soviet/Russian self-propelled mine clearance rocket launcher. It is based on the 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer. It has been in serial production since 1978, replacing the UR-67. The UR-77 is capable of cutting through passages in anti-tank minefields during combat. The passage width is about 6 meters and length is 80 to 90 meters. While not designed for anti-personnel mine clearance, the UR-77 can clear U.S. M14 pressure mines from anti-personnel minefields by creating a clearance width of up to 14 meters [about forty-two feet]."

Go see the embedded videos also all courtesy "South Front". UR-77 in action. Russians throwing everything at the Ukrainian including almost literally the kitchen sink!


"The mine clearance is carried out by generating a shock wave from the detonation of a payload that affects the mine’s fuse."



Saturday, September 24, 2022


This is coolbert:

"'If you are a cisgender woman, a transgender woman, non-binary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demigender, genderfluid, genderqueer, or another form of gender minority, this program is for you,'. . . 'If you are a cisgender man, this program isn’t for you... but we encourage you to check out our spinoff programs, the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship and the Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program.'"

"Cisgender: Cisgender (sometimes cissexual or shortened to cis) describes a person whose gender identity corresponds to their sex assigned at birth."

Once again with apprehension and anxiety I discuss a "woke" topic within the military dimension.

"Air Force Academy promotes fellowship that bans ‘cisgender' men: ‘This program isn’t for you’"

"Eligible applicants must be cisgender women, transgender women, non-binary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demigender, genderfluid or genderqueer"

By Jessica Chasmar | Fox News | September 23, 2022.

"EXCLUSIVE: The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado is encouraging cadets to apply for a fellowship program for 'gender minorities' that specifies 'cisgender' men need not apply."

"The academy sent an email on Sept. 14 informing cadets that the 2023 application for the Brooke Owens Fellowship for 'undergraduate women and gender minorities interested in aerospace' is due by Oct. 10."

I hardly think such an endorsement by the Air Force Academy or for that matter any other U.S. government entity is legal. And if legal surely a violation of some sort of policy. Discrimination if even with good intentions [if discrimination can be ever said to have good intentions] not allowed.


To encourage cadets at the academy to even apply for these programs should be strongly condemned. Alumni of the USAFA where are you??

Please also consider the use of that word and term "fellowship" within context.



This is coolbert:

"A sucker born every minute!"

False flag the Ukraine Conflict! Courtesy Russian Internet "Dark Web" operatives.

"Undercover With Russia’s Fake Arms Dealers"

From and thanks to same.

"Russian state TV claims Ukrainians are selling US-donated weapons on the dark web. The BBC investigated one such marketplace, spoke undercover to those apparently selling weapons, and gathered evidence that suggests the adverts for weapons are fake."

“'Ukrops [a derogatory Russian slang term used to refer to Ukrainians] are selling Javelins on the darknet. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine resells equipment and weapons supplied by Nato.' This message about anti-tank weapons was posted on Twitter and Telegram on 2 June by pro-Kremlin English-language account ASB Military News."

WARNING: All devoted readers to the blog and those merely perusing casually. Military-grade ordnance of whatever type you CAN buy via the Dark Web more than likely defective. You will KILL yourself just trying to fire whatever weapon it is.

$30,000 USD for a Javelin a tidy sum indeed! 


Friday, September 23, 2022


This is coolbert:

Remarkable. Special duty pay U.S Airforce not to be reduced.

Only about 10 % of the USAF personnel receiving such SDAP additional pay rest assured deliverance has arrived..

From article by Matt White September 21, 2022.


"Hundreds of Air Force special ops troops, recruiters, cryptology specialists, and others with high-tempo jobs will not see pay cuts next month."

"Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall announced at the annual Air & Space Forces Association’s conference this week that planned reductions to special duty assignment pay, or SDAP, would not go into effect in October. About 30,000 airmen, or slightly less than 10% of the active-duty force, receive SDAP pay each month, which can vary from $75 for junior troops to as high as $450 for senior leaders."

"The pay goes to most troops in the service’s special ops jobs, as well as those in high-intensity jobs around national defense assets like nuclear weapons, cryptology, and airborne command posts. SDAP also goes to several public-facing jobs, like flight attendants and crew chiefs on VIP jets, contracting troops, those assigned to presidential details, and professional military education instructors."

SDAP as a result of budget shortfall the plan was: "half their special pay in October due to the budget shortfall, with the other half going away in 2024"

Let me reiterate this was not a "cut" in base pay but a "cut" in special duty pay for those personnel their assignment and function in such a category.

I might suggest too that this pay "cut" created a minor hubbub in the ranks that prompted the higher-ups to reconsider their original decision. No need to create rancor in the ranks when none needed.


Thursday, September 22, 2022


This is coolbert:

More bad American combat warplanes ejection seats!

"F-16 Pilot Died Because His Ejection Seat May Have Been Counterfeit"

From BY TYLER DURDEN original story Rachel Cohen of DefenseNews | SEP 16, 2022.

"An Air Force investigation of a fatal fighter jet crash in 2020 quietly discovered that key components of the pilot’s ejection seat may have been counterfeit, Air Force Times has learned."

"First Lt. David Schmitz, an F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot at South Carolina’s Shaw Air Force Base, died June 30, 2020, when his ejection seat malfunctioned as he tried to escape from a failed nighttime landing. He was 32."

"The Air Force’s official inquiry in the months following the accident found that electronics inside the seat were scratched, unevenly sanded and showed otherwise shoddy craftsmanship."


* Counterfeit as meaning perhaps active electronic component of lesser than MILSPEC level quality?

* Defective circuit boards normally returned to depot for repair. Replacing a defective component in a circuit board with a corrosion-resistant conformal coating rather difficult. Coating must be removed, part replaced, conformal coating once again applied.

* F-16 has been around for a long time. I assume a number of ejections from the warplane have already occurred. But until this time no real problems were found? Defective or "shoddy craftsmanship" a depot problem?



This is coolbert:

Flight here that word here as having several meanings!

Russian young men again immediately in the aftermath of the partial mobilization of the Russian military as announced by President Putin attempting to avoid military service?

"Russian airlines ordered to stop selling tickets to Russian men aged 18 to 65"

From AirLive ^ | 9/21/2022 | Staff the tip from Freeper.

"Russian airlines have stopped selling tickets to Russian men aged 18 to 65 unless they can provide evidence of approval to travel from the Ministry of Defense. All flights from Russia to available foreign destinations were sold out Wednesday after President Vladimir Putin declared a “partial” mobilization of the country’s 25 million reservists. Flights from Moscow to the capitals of Georgia, Turkey and Armenia — which do not require visas for Russians — for Sept. 21 were unavailable within minutes of Putin’s announcement, according to Russia’s top travel planning website"

These persons seeking immediate departure from Russia might be Russian citizens but not Great Russians as of the Russian ethnicity. Georgians, Armenians. Persons who see the Russian fight in Ukraine as NOT their fight.

Allow me to reiterate the Russian government attitude:

"Anti-patriotic (actions or diction) and military service-related ill behaviors are the worst crimes which celebrities and public figures should never be making. Those are even worse than physical violation and drug issues"



This is coolbert:

"Anti-patriotic (actions or diction) and military service-related ill behaviors are the worst crimes which celebrities and public figures should never be making. Those are even worse than physical violation and drug issues… In case of military service, the condemnation can follow the person (who committed fraud in relevant fields) for years like a scarlet letter. These two issues are inexcusable… Male entertainers, out of fear that their fame will fade and their names be forgotten, commit various illicit acts to get exempted from military duty. But I sincerely hope that they can stop the act."

Fallout from the announcement by Vlad Putin of a partial mobilization of Russian military reservists for the Ukraine Conflict.

"Search requests for how to break limbs 'painlessly' trend after Putin’s ‘mobilization’ announcement"

"Flights out of Russia quickly sold out following the announcement of the country's first military mobilization since the Second World War"

Thanks to the National Post Staff Sep 21, 2022  •  

"Google saw a spike in searches for how to break a limb painlessly in the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s mass mobilization order, according to media reports."

"In what would be Russia’s first mobilization since the Second World War, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in a televised interview that 300,000 reservists with relevant combat and service experience initially would be mobilized. The reservists’ main task, according to Shoigu, will be to reinforce the front line in Ukraine, which is currently over 1,000 kilometres long [about six-hundred miles]."

Is there a way to break bones painlessly? Rather I would not like to even find out. Cutting off the index fingers of both hands also a way to go? I speak in a jocular but somewhat serious manner. 

Such behavior also in peacetime to avoid a mobilization or even conscription hardly confined to Russia. See this item a young South Korean celebrity figure having his four front [?] teeth pulled to avoid conscription".


Grumble III.

This is coolbert:

More Russian S-300 missiles for the Ukraine Conflict. Ballistic role.

"Russia Transfers Old St. Petersburg Defense Missiles To Ukraine Front: Report"

From the article BY TYLER DURDEN | SEP 19, 2022.

"Finland’s Yle broadcaster said in a lengthy investigative report issued Sunday that Russia's military has taken the unprecedented step of moving old anti-aircraft missile systems to its captured regions of Ukraine amid an ongoing shortage of advanced weapons."

Russian S-300 surface-to-air missiles being moved to the Ukrainian front. To be used more than likely in the ballistic missile ground attack mode!

"Finnish military expert Marko Eklund was cited in the report as saying at least four anti-aircraft missile installations which surround St. Petersburg had been 'emptied of equipment' as of August and early September."

"The Yle report relies heavily on satellite imagery analysis which purports to show the transfers away from the Petersburg bases."

Isn't it just amazing and remarkable that technology once only within the purview of those persons functioning at the highest governmental positions of national security is now available almost to one and all!

"The Finnish expert explained 'It is most likely that the equipment that has been removed is primarily from the old S-300 system.' Eklund further said that St. Petersburg air defense capabilities are still intact given that all or most of the equipment moved included older, or less advanced technology"

Older S-300 system being replaced by the more modern S-400 air defense missiles. Air Defenses St. Petersburg hardly less well defended.

See previous blog entries S-300 missile being employed in the ballistic missile role rather than anti-aircraft:


Wednesday, September 21, 2022


This is coolbert:

Here with a retweet by Hernan Cortes the original from Dmitri.

Russian partial military mobilization to be backed up by rather draconian measures. New "amendment" to existing law punishing shirkers, malingerers and those less-than-willing to participate in the Ukraine Conflict.

We are not at the Stalinist level of forced compliance. But taking a step in that direction without question.

Click on image to see an enlarged view. 

* "Voluntary surrender, looting and unauthorized leaving from a unit during the period of hostilities entails imprisonment of up to 15 years."

Like I said, not quite up to Stalinist standards. Old Joe during WW2 punishing those who surrendered twenty-five years in the Gulag from which I imagine few surviving their ordeal.



This is coolbert:

Item # 2 follows item # 1 in order.

1. "4 Ukrainian regions schedule votes this week to join Russia"

From the AP article By JON GAMBRELL September 20, 2022 courtesy the Press Democratic.

"KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian-controlled regions of eastern and southern Ukraine announced plans Tuesday to start voting this week to become integral parts of Russia. The concerted and quickening Kremlin-backed efforts to swallow up four regions could set the stage for Moscow to escalate the war following Ukrainian successes on the battlefield."

Those four regions and areas to include

"Luhansk, Kherson and partly Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk regions"

Predominantly Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine voting in what will be seen as a sham election to join the Russian federation. It can reasonably be inferred that international recognition is not going to be forthcoming. Protracted war without a negotiated settlement now a given!

2. "Putin sets partial military call-up, won’t ‘bluff’ on nukes"

More thanks to the AP the story By KARL RITTER Sept. 21, 2022. (Russian Presidential Press Service via AP).

"KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization of reservists in Russia on Wednesday, risking a deeply unpopular step that follows a string of humiliating setbacks for his troops nearly seven months after invading Ukraine."

"It’s the first call-up in Russia since World War II and is sure to further fuel tensions with the Western backers of Ukraine, who derided the move as an act of weakness. The move also sent Russians scrambling to buy plane tickets out of the country."


"The Russian leader, in a seven-minute televised address to the nation aired Wednesday morning, also warned the West that he isn’t bluffing over using all the means at his disposal to protect Russia’s territory, in what appeared to be a veiled reference to Russia’s nuclear capability."

Weapons of Mass destruction [WMD] Russian style. ABC. Atomic, biological, chemical. The Russian still has a capability for biological and chemical warfare or was that all dismantled? Atomics with tactical warheads assuredly they do exist and are on-call.

Threats of Vlad must be taken seriously. If I was in a major position of power I would taking his comments most seriously. And with good reason.


Tuesday, September 20, 2022


This is coolbert:

More mortar stuff the Russian army.

"New mortars for the Russian Army"

From the story By Paolo Valpolini 29/08/2018.

"While increasing the firepower of its long-range artillery, the Russian Army is not neglecting the 'infantryman artillery', that is mortars. Two new systems of that category were exhibited in the Uralvagonzavod stand, both in the 82 mm caliber, the mortars being developed by the Burevestnik Institute."

Two new Russian infantry mortars. One a standard mortar of 82 mm caliber and designed with mountain and airborne units in mind. The second a spigot mortar presumably to be used by Russian special purpose [spetsnaz] units. That spigot mortar referred to as "silenced".

See the You Tube video a description of the spigot mortar 2B25.

"The Russian 2B25 Mortar is often described in the media as 'cutting edge' but its actually based on century old technology - it's a spigot mortar! In this video we'll explore how the 2B25 works and just what is a 'spigot mortar'!"

Traditionally as mentioned in the previous blog entry the Soviet/Russian army infatuated and very fond of larger-sized mortars, cast-iron smooth-bore weapons firing cast-iron mortar bombs [rounds in American military parlance]. You can manufacture many more cheaper and easier.

Now the Russian goes more for high-tech mortars?

That one Soviet spetsnaz troop with combat experience in Afghan said the only western nation small-arms superior to the Soviet version were American mortars.

It is easy for me to imagine the spetsnaz unit attacking and destroying NATO warplanes parked on the tarmac with this mortar. No need to get within whites-of-the-eyes distance.



This is coolbert:

Alarmist but somewhat meaningless headline courtesy Hal Turner.

NOT the rasputitsa of the Ukrainian black earth steppe-land. Snow the Carpathian Mountains.

"First Snow Reaches Ukraine; Europe Headed into COLD, DARK, (Deadly) Winter"


"First Snow Reaches Ukraine; Europe Headed into COLD, DARK, (Deadly) Winter"

"This morning, September 18, 2022, in the far southwestern region of Ukraine, the first snow fell in the Carpathian Mountains.  Winter is coming, and soon, western Europe will be plunged into a COLD, DARK, deadly time . . . because Europe has sanctioned Russian natural gas and oil; and will freeze to death from their own actions!"

You can well imagine that snow at this time of year in the high mountain area of the Carpathians not so unusual. A prelude that signals however an urgency to western Europe and the EU finding alternative sources of energy.

Rasputitsa prior to the cold of a Russian winter both in spring and fall making a war of movement historically impossible. 

Troops if not equipped with uniforms and shelter adequate for winter warfare the non-battlefield casualties from the cold more than actual injuries from combat action!



This is coolbert:

russian as spelled here with lower case letter r in a deliberate manner. Indicating a contempt for.

Chinese war munitions and weapon systems already reaching the Ukrainian Conflict? As promised by Xi and now given to Vlad.

​"Chinese-made Bombs Were Found on russian Troop’s Positions Captured by Ukraine’s Military

From Defense Express September 17, 2022 and thanks to same.

"60mm M-83A mortar bomb found on russian troop’s position"

Projectiles as fired from mortars called "bomb" in all military other than USA. 

"This finding may indicate that the russian troops are forced to use Chinese ammunition due to the lack of their own"

"Warriors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine found Chinese-made mortar bombs at one of the positions left by the russian troops. These are 60mm munitions that are fairly easily identified as Chinese 60mm M-83A, a high-explosive (HE), fin stabilized, fragmentation mortar bombs."

No where can I find a reference that the Soviet/Russian army ever used a mortar of LESS than 82 mm caliber. The Russian traditionally enthralled by large sized mortars, the bigger the better. Mortars too cast-iron not rifled and firing a cast-iron bomb.

You CANNOT fire a 60 mm mortar bomb from a 82 mm tube? I guess that is correct but my knowledge is limited in this regard.


Monday, September 19, 2022


This is coolbert:

In a planned and orderly withdrawal from the battlefield such important equipment would not abandoned. And if was left behind would have been destroyed?

"Ukraine Just Captured Another Rare Russian Electronic Warfare [EW] Vehicle"

BY ADMIN · September 16 2022 original story from

Russian Taran-M electronic-warfare equipment of value captured the Kharkov sector?

"The potential intelligence windfall from the electronic warfare battle in Ukraine continues, with the first confirmed capture of a vehicle from the Russian Taran-M signals intelligence, or SIGINT, system. The vehicle, captured by Ukrainian forces in the ongoing counter-offensive in the east of the country, is the latest addition to a growing collection of seized modern Russian electronic warfare (EW) equipment, which ranges from containerized components of vehicle-borne systems to airborne jamming pods."

"The R-381T2M doesn’t perhaps offer the kind of intelligence goldmine as the Krasukha-4 mobile EW system, part of which was captured by Ukraine earlier in the war. Nevertheless, it still would be of very significant interest to military intelligence agencies, especially those of the United States, providing an idea of the kinds of battlefield SIGINT capabilities that Russia can currently bring to bear, as well as its differences compared to the original Taran system."


* Consider this only a partial capture the Taran-M EW system?

* Documents and operational personnel the Taran-M also captured? 

* American intelligence services I am sure immensely interested in the Taran-M.

Consider this once again this capture an indicator the Russian withdrawal the Kharkov sector not so planned and done in a cool and deliberate manner. Such valuable equipment would not be left behind so easily?



This is coolbert:

Demonstration of Russian military prowess only nine miles from the border between Russian and Norway. "Day of the Tanker" it is called.

A celebration without much to celebrate about?

"Tankers day celebrated in Pechenga despite reports of massive new war losses"

"An unconfirmed Ukrainian military source claims that up to 250 soldiers from the Northern Fleet’s 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade in Pechenga are killed in the latest counter-offensive in the Kharkiv region."

Once more from the story by Thomas Nilsen September 11, 2022.

"There were few signs of mourning as people flocked to the ‘tankodrome’ near Korzunovo on Sunday to celebrate the Day of the Tanker, an annual military festive in Russia honoring soldiers driving tanks."

"The venue is next to an abandoned cold war air base, some 15 kilometers [about nine miles] from Russia’s border with Norway. It serves as a training ground for the fleet of T-80 battle tanks, of which most are sent south and take part in Putin’s onslaught on Ukraine."

Elements of the Russian 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade heavily involved in the recent fighting the Kharkov sector. Sustaining severe losses? This will not go over well in Pechenga.

Go see the embedded videos of Russian tanker driving skills. Demonstration topped off by a firing of the tank main gun.

See previous blog entries the topic the Russian 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade:



This is coolbert:

The Komi people go to war. Doing their bit for the Russian side the Ukrainian Conflict.

Komi people? Yet one more Russian military unit with a distinct ethnicity.

Recruits from the far north, the Komi Republic.

"Here Komi fighters go to war"

From the story by Atle Staalesen. September 02, 2022.

"Regional Governor Vladimir Uiba says the warriors from his Komi Republic will be a an important 'contribution to great victory.' But the group of men that this week was sent to the battlefields in Ukraine did not look victorious.

“'The Republic of Komi and the whole country are proud of you,' regional leader Vladimir Uiba underlined to the about 30 men that were lined up in a ceremony ahead of their departure to Ukraine.

“'For us, this unit is a contribution to the great victory,' Uiba told journalists after the staged show that took place in Severomorsk-3, the Northern Fleet air base outside Murmansk."

Russian army Ukraine Conflict consisting of ethnically distinct combat units already have seen combat to include the Chechens, Buryats and now Komi.

Komi as best I can determine related to the Sami people quite often referred to as Lapps or Lapplanders.


Sunday, September 18, 2022


This is coolbert:

Special Duty Assignment Pay = SDAP is designed to recognize Service members assigned duties determined to be extremely demanding, require a greater than normal degree of responsibility or difficult, or require special qualifications.

From Sep 7, 2022.

U.S. Air Force cheap. Airmen their pay to be cut?

"Military Pay Cut: Air Force Airmen’s Salary is Next"

"SOFREP has just reported about the pay cuts for Air Force recruiters that amounts to $900 in losses in their annual salary. We have also extensively covered the marketing problem in the military’s recruitment and the massive challenge of different US military branches failing to hit recruitment numbers for years since the Iraq war. Still, we have learned that military recruitment woes are not stopping there."


Here is a list [only partial.] of Air Force positions that would receive pay cuts starting Oct. 1:

" * Recruiters * Basic * Military * Training instructors * Human Intelligence debriefers * Combat Controllers * Pararescue operators" 


SDAP only for personnel with certain job skills beyond norm. 

Back in my day you had additional add-ons to your basic pay to include [but again not limited to] overseas pay, hardship tour pay, parachute pay, demolition pay, proficiency pay, etc.

PAY CUT nor ordinarily as we understand a PAY CUT!



This is coolbert:

The Poles have responded. The deed is done. See previous blog entry the "Baltic Strip".

The sole existing point of entry/exit the Vistula river/lagoon and the Baltic now bypassed. 

"Poland Opens New Canal Intended to Bypass Russia"

From BREITBART LONDON 17 Sep 2022.

"WARSAW, Poland (AP) – Poland’s top leaders celebrated the opening Saturday of a new – albeit unfinished – canal that they say will mean ships no longer must secure Russia’s permission to sail from the Baltic Sea to the ports of the Vistula Lagoon."


"The event was timed to mark 83 years since the Soviet invasion of Poland during World War II and to demonstrate symbolically the end of Moscow’s say on the economy and development of a region that borders Russia’s Kaliningrad exclave. The government says the waterway gives Poland full sovereignty in the northeastern region, which needs investment and economic development."


YES indeed! The Soviet invasion of Poland WW2 1939. Result of the Molotov-Ribbentrop non-aggression treaty. Poland as a nation-state obliterated. 

The Poles generally speaking have a highly developed sense of national honor. Being able to do business as a sovereign nation without the sufferance of the Russian high on the agenda.


Saturday, September 17, 2022


This is coolbert:

“There’s an ongoing debate about the nature of the Russian drawdown, however it’s likely that in strict military terms, this was a withdrawal, ordered and sanctioned by the general staff, rather than an outright collapse.” 

The Ukrainian counter-offensive the Kharkov sector a resounding victory. Or a gain without a lot of consequence substance. You the devoted reader to the blog have to read between the lines.

"read between the lines: verb - to infer a meaning that is not stated explicitly"


From the Internet web site and thanks to same. 9 September 2022.

Consider this web site to be unabashedly and unashamedly pro-Russian. To an extent but as to what extent rapeatedly making highly exaggerated claims the Ukraine Conflict. 

"The offensive operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO in the Kharkov region was planned by the US military command. About 200 units of heavy military vehicles and up to 9 thousand soldiers were involved in the offensive. Reportedly, every third soldier operating under the Ukrainian chevron was a citizen of a NATO member state. These forces were 4-5 times superior to the units of the DPR, LPR and Russia defending their positions in the region."


2. "The Kharkov Counterattack – No Big Success – No Large Defeat"

From the article by Curt on 14 September, 2022.

"The ‘western’ media are euphoric about the ‘successful’ Ukrainian counterattack in Kharkov oblast."

Western media sources ecstatic almost beyond measure the Ukrainian counter-offensive the Kharkov sector.

Not so fast comrade!

"The main Russian forces had already left the area. What was left were sentry guards of the Luhansk People’s Republic and a few companies of the Russian National Guard which is more or less a police force."

You have the two extremes. One a tremendous Ukrainian victory undisputable. The other a less than impressive Ukrainian advance with Russian battlefield losses far less than claimed.

And the truth is somewhere in between?


Friday, September 16, 2022


This is coolbert:

I hardly think these are "secret" codes. QR code establishing conditions allowing Russian soldiers to safely surrender to the Ukrainian.

"SCAN TO SURVIVE Bizarre secret codes being handed to fleeing Russian troops on ‘surrender cards’ to help them escape war alive"

From The Sun ^ | 12:55, 14 Sep 2022 | Anthony Blair the tip from Freeper.

"UKRAINE has been handing out 'surrender cards' to Russian soldiers containing secret codes with advice on how they can return home alive, reports have claimed. The cards feature a message in Russian for Vlad's invading forces, as well as a QR code on the back with links to further information on how soldiers can surrender to Ukraine"

Indeed surrendering on the battlefield can be a very risky business. Your adversary may not be in any position for a variety or reasons to take prisoners. Especially you do not want to try to surrender to an armored vehicle of any type. The crew of the vehicle cannot detail one man to guard you and at the same time cannot just let you go. You might might get shot dead on the spot!!



This is coolbert:

All items here courtesy the Internet web site

1. "This new technology that detects deadly landmines with 92% accuracy could help Ukraine"

Article by Baba Tamim Sep 11, 2022.

"160,000 square kilometers [about 96,000 square miles] of the Ukrainian territory of land may be 'contaminated' by landmines."

We are not even including unexploded tube artillery rounds, a fairly high percentage of which fail to detonate. Demining that eternal threat for which there is NO easy solution and possibly never will be.

2. "Ukraine has allegedly captured one of Russia's most advanced aerial electronic warfare pods"

Article by Ameya Paleja Sep 13, 2022.

"It could be a boon for U.S. intelligence."

This is one pod of the two-pod SAP 518-SM or Regata aviation electronic-warfare system. 

Indeed will be a boon for the intelligence of many nations as possibly might face a future confrontation or war with the Russians. 

3. "Video: Ukraine Air Force retrofits modern anti-radar missiles into analog cockpits"

"The MiG-29s can now fire U.S.-supplied anti-radar missiles."

HARM American anti-radar missiles now in use with Soviet/Russian era combat aviation. Conversion completed successfully in record time!

4. "Watch Ukrainian soldiers use motorcycle sidecars for missile launches"

Article by Ameya Paleja Jul 8, 2022.

"Could they trouble the Russian invaders?"

"German military motorcycle w/sidecar troops a common feature of WW2. Motorcycle units used for screening, patrolling, reconnaissance, scouting, dispatch riders."

Ukrainian motorcycle troops in context of the current conflict equipped with anti-tank guided-missiles [ATGM]. Move fast, fire, move fast again. Repeat the process over and over.

The devoted reader to the blog is encouraged to read all four articles in entirety. Very informative.


Thursday, September 15, 2022


This is coolbert:

Russian ammunition expenditure the Ukraine Conflict 2 1/2 times greater than at Stalingrad!!

From the story by Charles R. Davis Sep 14, 2022.

Recruitment Wagner PMC Russian convicts currently serving extended sentences.

I highly recommend without qualification or reservation the video. See this link for video. Please watch!! I am actually astonished such a video can be seen!!

"Video shows the head of a shadowy mercenary group recruiting at a Russian prison, offering inmates freedom if they fight in Ukraine but death if they run"

* "Wagner is a Russian private military company with close ties to the Kremlin that is now in Ukraine."

* "In a video shared on Telegram, the group's founder can be seen recruiting at a Russian prison."

* "Wagner's Yevgeny Prigozhin claims the men will receive pardons if they agree to fight in Ukraine."

Russian prison code of the Thieves in Law [Russian mafia] precludes any cooperation with the government no matter what. Any Thief returning to prison after doing military duty with Wagner PMC  will perhaps have his life expectancy exceedingly shortened. See previous blog entry "The Bitches War".




This is coolbert:

The Russian suddenly having to rely on foreign imported weapon systems/munitions the Ukraine Conflict?

"Russia forced to import North Korean military kit, Ministry of Defense [British] says"

From UK News PA Media the story by David Hughes, PA Political Editor | September 14, 2022.

"Vladimir Putin’s forces are being forced to source equipment from North Korea and Iran as the impacts of sanctions and military losses in Ukraine bite, defense experts believe."

Click on image to see an enlarged view.


* "...Ukrainian officials reported that their forces had shot down a Shahed-136 UAV near Kupiansk, in the area of Ukraine's success ongoing offensive."

* "The Shahed-136 is a one-way attack UAV kamikaze drone with a claimed range of 2,500 kilometres [Fifteen-hundred miles]. Similar Iranian-manufactured systems have likely been used in attacks in the Middle East, including against the oil tanker MT MERCER STREET in July 2021."

* See from this Internet web site some specifications of the Shahed-136 drone.

* The Ukrainian already has captured a Shahed-136 that either crashed or was shot down. The UAV intact or mostly so? The intelligence services of a variety of nations are going to want to examine that drone and pronto.

* That range of the Shahed-136 exaggerated? Kamikaze drone well within range of Jerusalem from almost location in Iran or Yemen. Swarm attack from a multitude of drones incoming from all directions simultaneously overwhelming air defenses.


Wednesday, September 14, 2022

1 GTA.

This is coolbert:

Russian BEST tank division in the BEST Russian tank army. Gone!

If true, sounds like a real Russian disaster.

"A Hundred Wrecked Tanks In A Hundred Hours: Ukraine Guts Russia’s Best Tank Army"

From Forbes ^ | 13-SEP-2022 | David Axe tip from Freeper.

"The Ukrainian army’s counteroffensive around the city of Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine starting on Sept. 6 destroyed half of the best tank division in the best tank army in the Russian armed forces. A hundred wrecked or captured tanks in a hundred furious hours. That’s how much destruction the Ukrainians inflicted on the Russian 4th Guards Tank Division, part of the elite 1st Guards Tank Army, the Russian army’s best armor formation. Now the 1st GTA is retreating north in order to preserve what remains of its front-line divisions"

4th Guards tank division involved in the attempted 1991 Moscow coup.

Soviet and Russian military commander historically always able to accept a defeat with comparative calm. No matter what the losses in men and material resources at the disposal of the senior commanders great enough to make up for what is gone. I can suggest that such an attitude no longer suffices in the modern era. Equipment too expensive and hard to replace. You can fight a war with old "stuff" but results will be less than satisfactory.



This is coolbert:

Yet one more excellent video from Mark Felton:

British civilian fire fighters as assigned the Normandy invasion, 6 June 1944.

British National Fire Service volunteers the Normandy invasion WW2. Accompanying allied troops into France. Civilians BEST of the BEST for overseas duty in a fire fighting capacity while in a combat zone.

See the You Tube video. Courtesy the tip from Lorenzo.


* NFS personnel specially selected already trained and with a whole lot of experience. Yeoman duty as performed by yeoman.

* British civilian NFS contingents only active in the U.S. Army 12th Army Group sector.

* Firefighting even in peacetime just about the closest [if not the closest] you can get to mortal combat without having an adversary trying to kill you. 

* NSF deemed for legal purposes as camp followers. NFS if captured by the German allowed prisoner-of-war status. That designation of camp follower in some circumstances pejorative. Not for NFS however. Yeomen at work and doing it well. 



This is coolbert:

The chickens come home to roost Ukrainian style!

Collaborators beware!

Ukrainian citizens having accepted a Russian passport not being allowed to enter Russia as a refugee. Fallout from that most recent Ukrainian army counter-offensive the Kharkov sector.

From ^ | 9/13/2022 | Staff 9/13/2022 that tip from Freeper.

"Kilometre-long queues have formed at the Ukrainian-Russian border, which is controlled by militants from occupied Donbass and Russians. Huge queues have appeared on the border with Russia of people fleeing because of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' counter-offensive. However, the Russians are simply not letting the collaborators through. Border guards have a clear instruction not to allow people with Russian passports issued in Ukraine's occupied territories to enter Russian territory."

These folks probably predominantly Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens of the Donbass region. Their loyalties to Russia pronounced but now they are betrayed.

Strange [?] that the Russian authorities are less than accommodating to those persons who had been offered and then adopted Russian citizenship. Abandonment extremely callous and very cold-hearted.

I hope the Ukrainian not too harsh on these individuals.


Tuesday, September 13, 2022


This is coolbert:

Further on the topic of the magnets used in the jet engines of the American F-35 warplane. Magnets as manufactured with perhaps sub-standard alloy. 

"F-35 Deliveries Halted As Chinese Alloy Was Found In Turbomachine Pumps"

From thanks to the article by STEFANO D'URSO September 10.

"The alloy is used by a contractor to make magnets for Honeywell’s turbomachine pumps."

Alloy as from a proscribed nation as seen hostile to the USA. An alloy I would like to think was quality-controlled tested and as being within specifications. Alloy and not the magnets themselves only the question.

"The Pentagon has temporally stopped F-35 deliveries after officials discovered that an alloy used in magnets on the jet’s turbomachine pumps was produced in China."

"The F-35 program office 'temporarily paused the acceptance of new F-35 aircraft to ensure the F-35 program’s compliance; with defense regulations 'pertaining to specialty metals,' . . . the pause won’t interfere with operations of F-35s already delivered because 'the magnet does not transmit information or harm the integrity of the aircraft and there are no performance, quality, safety or security risks associated with this issue.'”

I might think that "quality, safety, security" would ALL be an issue. What reassurance is there those alloys were of the proper specification? Only the government knows for sure?

My original thought also was that all the engines of the every last F-35 currently in the inventory would have to ripped apart and the magnets replaced by an alloy according to specs. These magnets were tested for specs I hope. It might be that all of the magnets are in specs but it was just that buying from China the alloy alone there was a risk and should not have been done in the first place.

See my previous blog entry on topic:



This is coolbert:

Follow up to the original blog entry the USS Texas museum ship in drydock for substantial repairs to the hull.

"First Walk Around The Dry Dock | Battleship Texas"

Thanks to Travis and You Tube Sep 10, 2022.

"Hey y'all, we're back with our first video walking around the dock floor. Here Travis is going to explain some of the work that's been going on as well as what's to come. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! One thing we would like to say is that due the huge amount of support y'all have been showing us, we are completely inundated with orders from our shop! We are shipping them out as fast as we can but please note that orders from our store will take a moment to get to you! Thank you so much for y'all's support, we cannot thank y'all enough!"

USS Texas the museum ship while docked was SINKING. Too much water leaking into the ship from openings in the hull. Some drastic measures had to be taken and are. None of the repairs going to be accomplished fast or cheaply.

Why shoot! There should be a whole bunch of those Texas oil billionaires that are willing to fork over a million here and there [tax deductible of course] for the reconstruction work.


Monday, September 12, 2022


This is coolbert:

Romanian navy enters the fray the Ukrainian Conflict? Romanians? Yes Romanians.

NATO naval contingent the Black Sea active in mine clearing operations now a casualty of war.

Minesweeper struck a mine? Russians say the Ukrainian is to blame. Ukrainians say the Russian did it?

"Military ship hits mine in Black Sea"

From | 9 Sep, 2022.

"Russia had warned earlier that drifting Ukrainian sea mines pose a threat to maritime navigation in the region"

"A Romanian military vessel designed to remove sea mines has hit one during a mission in the Black Sea, the country’s Navy has revealed."

"According to a statement, the incident involving the . . . minesweeper happened on Thursday. The ship is said to have arrived in the area to eliminate a mine that had been located by another vessel. However, when the FNR 'Lieutenant Dimitrie Nicolescu' approached the freely drifting mine, the wind picked up, preventing the crew from accomplishing the task."

Shipments of Ukrainian grain via Black Sea ports vital to the world economy and food security. A route of SAFE PASSAGE commercial vessels must be maintained. Need I add more?