Thursday, February 29, 2024


This is coolbert:

AWAC =  Airborne early warning and control.

AWAC F-35? F-35 Lightning? AWAC?

F-35 morphing in a direction as originally never envisioned?

"F-35 is turning into a 'flying sensor' for UAV ground targeting"

From | By Boyko Nikolov On Feb 28, 2024.

"US developers have embarked on fresh testing trials of their extraordinary F-35 Lightning II alongside unmanned aerial vehicles [UAVs or UCAVs]. These evaluations are part of the Project Convergence Capstone 4 [PC-C4] agenda managed by the US Army. "

The principal objective of these tests is to examine the F-35’s sensors in an alternate use case – AWAC. In other words, the sensors on this stealth fighter craft will relay information regarding a ground target’s location to a drone. Consequently, the ground target becomes the drone’s objective, directed by the data from the F-35. This unique approach allows the F-35 to stay out of combat range, preserving its valuable services, and instead employing the cost-effective yet efficient Kamikaze drone. 

Targets of U.S Army combat one-way drones to be provided by high-flying sensors of a F-35 Lightning. Presumably the Lightning in a stand-off mode relaying targeting data to drone operators. An "alternate use" mission for the F-35 but still a worthy application of sensor resources.

F-35 onboard sensors sophisticated enough the the aircraft can be used in an anti-ballistic missile [ABM] mode of operation? That too. 



This is coolbert:

"Lifestyle diseases can be defined as diseases linked with one's lifestyle. These diseases are non-communicable diseases. They are caused by lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating, alcohol, substance use disorders and smoking tobacco, which can lead to heart disease, stroke, obesity, type II diabetes and lung cancer."

Even in the army of India. Even there? The last bastion of the traditional Englishman falls victim to the "sweet life".

"Indian Army implements new fitness policy to tackle 'lifestyle diseases'"

From | Nisha Anand | New Delhi | Jan 29 2024.

"The new policy imposes punitive action for overweight personnel with no improvement within 30 days. It also introduces additional tests for army personnel"

See the You Tube Short means, methods and techniques as now incorporated to remedy the problem of lifestyle diseases the Indian army:

Three-quarters of young Americans not eligible for enlistment in the military due to lifestyle disease. Drug use and overweight primarily responsible.

Think lifestyle disease scarcely a phenomenon confined to the USA or Indian military.

See here and here prior blog entries the Spanish Legion no longer a lean and mean fighting machine. Too much out-of-shape of corpulent troops needing remedial measures, diet and exercise. Even those units traditionally priding themselves on appearance and military bearing at fault. And realizing it too.


Wednesday, February 28, 2024


This is coolbert:

Our people pay with gold!! The Iranian drives a hard bargain with the Russian!

"Gold for Drones: Massive Leak Reveals the Iranian Shahed Project in Russia"

"Documents reveal how the Shahed 136– with a $200,000 price tag – has become a lethal weapon in Russia's arsenal in Ukraine, and what the advanced models look like"

From | Feb 21, 2024.

"A massive leak of thousands of internal emails and documents from an Iranian company connected to that country's Defense Ministry has revealed a wealth of information about Tehran's close cooperation with Moscow on suicide drones."

"The leaked documents show that since the war in Ukraine began, Russia has purchased at least 6,000 Shahed 136 drones and received extensive aid in setting up local production lines for the drones, while paying for these deals in part with several tons of gold ingots. Now, Russia is seeking both to buy and to manufacture thousands of more advanced drones."

Normally the cost of a Shahed-136 estimated at about $20,000 USD. This figure as touted of $200,000 USD per drone including the cost of the factory and not drones alone? AND PAYMENT ONLY IN GOLD!


Hessen (F221).

This is coolbert:

German naval vessel the Red Sea successfully engages Hootie Tootie drones.

"Operation Aspides, led by Greece and Italy, is the latest EU counter-piracy initiative designed to protect commercial vessels navigating the south Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden."

"German frigate deployed to Red Sea repels first Houthi attack"

From Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

"The German naval frigate Hessen, deployed to Red Sea as part of an EU naval mission to protect shipping, has repelled an attack by the Iran-backed Houthi militia in Yemen for the first time, according to DPA sources."

"The vessel successfully engaged two enemy targets Tuesday [27 February] night, sources said."

"This was the German navy's first live weapons engagement of the deployment, which began on Friday and is considered one of the German armed forces' most dangerous missions in decades."

Hessen not part of Operation Prosperity Guardian. Mission to secure the Red Sea for commercial traffic in this case an European commanded and approved naval deployment.

Gute Jagddeutsche. Gute Winde wehen in deinem Rücken.


Tuesday, February 27, 2024


This is coolbert:

"Asymmetric warfare (or asymmetric engagement) is a type of war between belligerents whose relative military power, strategy, or tactics differ significantly."

Land, ground, air.

See a You Tube Short a video the topic naval asymmetric warfare:

Think in the current context the confrontation the American navy versus the Yemeni Hootie Tootie insurgents the Red Sea/Gulf of Aden.

As extracted from an Internet web site an intimation modern asymmetric naval warfare as an actualization and attainment of  the French 19th Century naval concept Jeune École.        

"If commentators today agree that the Jeune École was a failed attempt at a revolution in military affairs, they disagree over what caused that failure and what lessons, if any, it holds for contemporary military planners. Two schools of thought can be seen in the literature. The first, and predominant, view holds that Aube and his followers were misguided in their overemphasis on technology; it sees the movement as an anomaly, with nothing positive to teach today’s military. The second school of thought is that the Jeune École offered truly valuable and innovative ideas but that for technical, tactical, and strategic reasons they could not be implemented—"




This is coolbert:

See this You Tube Short the sinking of the Russian naval warship Caesar Kunikov.

Asymmetric naval warfare the epitome. An expensive and very valuable large naval vessel sent to the bottom by a small and relatively inexpensive putt-putt type unmanned surface vessel [U
SV] Ukrainian MAGURA V5. 

To reiterate from the prior blog entry: "This is Jeune École in action. Young School. French Nineteenth Century naval asymmetric naval warfare concept never coming to full attainment until now!"

"The Jeune École ('Young School') was a strategic naval concept developed during the 19th century. It advocated the use of small, heavily armed vessels to combat larger battleships"

I must admit this Ukrainian MAGURA V5 does have some impressive operational characteristics. A range [on a one-way kamikaze mission] 800 km. [about 500 miles] and carries good amount of war-making bang-stuff explosive. Has a variety of navigational methods to include video transmission AND cheap [about $250,000 per copy]. Not just an expedient means of attack but a well thought design production USV with good combat potential.


Monday, February 26, 2024


This is coolbert:

"All war is based on deception"

Fakebook and not Facebook! U.S. Army deception and intrigue!

"An unusual twist during US Army training had noncombatants posting photos and videos to Fakebook [sic] for the enemy to see: report"

From | Story by (Jake Epstein) •

* "Western militaries are studying and learning a lot from watching the war in Ukraine."

* "One area of interest is the way that cellphones play a role on the battlefield."

* "Recent training included an usual drill where civilians posted photos to fake social media for the 'enemy' to see, according to a new report."

BOGUS images of American troops in the field posted to FAKE social media accounts.

Practitioners of Open-Source-Intelligence [OSINT] and geo-positioning/geo-location from Internet images beware?

It is not so much you are looking at the adversary but that the adversary is looking at you using some sort of cyber/malware techniques or methods?



This is coolbert:

Alternative to the Global Positioning System [GPS] has been found?

Jamming of wartime GPS signals no longer going to be a problem?

Never heard of this before. A "demonstration" at this point and that alone?

"MagNav project successfully demonstrates real-time magnetic navigation"

"February 23, 2024: After nearly a decade of effort the U.S. Air Force has finally developed a MagNav (Magnetic Navigation) system that works reliably enough to supplement or replace GPS for navigation. MagNav takes advantage of the universal presence of magnetic activity worldwide. MagNav uses an AI (Artificial Intelligence) neural network running on a laptop, or any other small computer, to compare the known location of the aircraft and magnetic activity generated by the aircraft to a worldwide map of background magnetic activity. Once this calibration is done the aircraft can takeoff and fly as far as it has to using MagNav as well as GPS to keep track of where it is. MagNav will supplement GPS and also act as a backup if GPS is being jammed or encountering some other form of interference. MagNav also does not rely on a network of space satellites to make it work."

See further:

"MagNav project successfully demonstrates real-time magnetic navigation"

"C-17 Tests Magnetic Navigation System That Works When GPS Doesn’t"

Again, MagNav at this juncture just a "demonstration"? A lot more needs to be done before a viable alternative to GPS is do-able? Someone is thinking hard about this, you can be sure.



This is coolbert:

"ghoul: noun - one who shows morbid interest in things considered shocking or repulsive"

Unseemly behavior the Israeli citizen? 

"Ghoulish ‘war safaris’ force Israeli kibbutzim to close doors to visitors"

"Residents of communities attacked in Hamas atrocities of Oct 7 horrified as sightseers on organized tours take souvenirs from homes"

From | Melanie Swan | 25 February 2024 • 

"Kibbutzim in southern Israel have been forced to close their doors to visitors after busloads of souvenir-hunting tourists turned the sites of the Oct 7 attacks into a 'safari'."

"Hundreds of people now arrive daily for 'war tours' of the devastated communities to take selfies with the burnt-out homes and blood-stained walls left after the Hamas atrocities, in which 1,200 people died."

"Some tourists even enter abandoned homes without permission and steal 'souvenirs' such as spent bullet casings."

See prior blog entry the topic war tourism:



This is coolbert:

Citizens of India recruited as menial laborers the Ukrainian Conflict flimflammed and conned by the Russian!

"conned: adjective - relating to, or being the victim of, a swindle, scam, or trick"

"The Center acknowledged media reports that some Indians are entangled in Russia's ongoing war with Ukraine. MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said, 'We are aware that a few Indian nationals have signed up for support jobs with the Russian army.' He added that the Indian Embassy is in touch with relevant Russian authorities for their early discharge. Meanwhile, family members of the trapped Indians alleged that they were conned by agents, and some were injured"

I would imagine these Indian recruits hired by the Russian expected to do coolie-type labor. Dig graves. Load and unload trucks. Police human remains and weapons from the battlefield. Remove debris and do reconstruction in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine.

Press-gang the Russian military. You sign a contract to do work as a non-combatant laborer but instead are found at some point being given a rifle and told to move forward on the battlefield. A situation that you did not expect if not totally and woefully prepared for much to your detriment.

See the previous blog entry Nepalese also contract workers the Ukraine Conflict and their plight:


Sunday, February 25, 2024


This is coolbert:

To war by rodent. Rodents of the Eurasian steppe-land.

Eco-friendly backfires in an unanticipated way.

"Rodents incapacitate millions in eco-friendly military equipment in Ukraine: the unforeseen problem" | Story by PJU •

"Weaponry systems in Ukraine, many of which were supplied by European countries, have been rendered unworkable, not due to Russian interference, but because of damage caused by mice and other rodents. Seemingly, these creatures have developed a preference for cable insulation made of corn fiber over synthetic materials. This predilection leads to malfunctioning electrical installations, rendering the expensive equipment essentially worthless, and requiring rapid overhauling."

We have to be 100 % clear about this matter. Wiring insulation made of corn fiber and edible. Becoming a food source for gnawing rodentia of all sorts. Eco-friendly wiring with the intention of doing-good for the environment but developing problems in an unanticipated way.

German troops the Eastern Front WW2 also encountering the same problem:

"The German tank men would well be forgiven if they thought every living creature in Russia was against them, particularly in view of the telex message message from Army Operations Section of OKH and sent to all Army Groups. This read: 'A panzer division on the Eastern Front which had placed its vehicles under cover and in a warm place, in accordance with standing orders, found that when an alarm call was received only 30 per cent of its vehicles were ready for action. Mice had gnawed through the electrical heads on the engines of the tanks.'" - Lucas.

As it was for the German in /Russia during WW2 as it is now for NATO the Ukraine Conflict.


Saturday, February 24, 2024

A-50U II.

This is coolbert:

Yet one more Russian A-50 AWACS MAINSTAY warplane shot down the Sea of Azov vicinity?

See item # 1 and #2 for further details with video and graphics.

1. "Sea of Azov: Possible SAM interceptor kills second Russian A-50"

From | By Boyko Nikolov On Feb 23, 2024.

"Recent footage hitting the social media spectrum reveals a fiery aircraft assumed to be an A-50 Mainstay airborne early warning and control [AEW&C] plane, though the exact details are murky. Whether it was Ukrainian forces or Russian air defenses that brought it down is yet to be [determined]"

2. "Ukraine Says It Has Shot Down Another Russian A-50U Mainstay"

DAVID CENCIOTTI | February 23, 2024.

On Feb. 23, 2024, “as a result of a joint operation of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, another valuable Russian A-50U aircraft was shot down over the Sea of ​​Azov”.


* A second AWACS plane gone neither plentiful or cheap. Highly trained aircrew also hard to replace.

* A-50 working hand-in-glove with Russian S-400 air defense missile mid-range version. A-50 allowing for extended battlefield radar coverage.

* Again, the Ukrainian has some sort of air defense missile ground-based or air-to-air able to strike almost with impunity.

See all previous blog entries as relevant:


Friday, February 23, 2024


This is coolbert:

“'Another valuable Russian A-50U aircraft was shot down over the Sea of Azov,' . . . 'The downing of the A-50U is another serious blow to the potential and capabilities of terrorist Moscow,'”

Yet one more Russian very scarce and valuable military AWACS warplane gone? Second in two months?

AWACS = Airborne warning and control system.

"Ukraine military destroys Russian surveillance plane"

 From 23 February, 2024.

"Ukraine said Friday it had shot down an A-50U Russian spy plane over the Sea of Azov, and shared a map appearing to show it had crashed over southern Russia."

"Moscow made no official comment, but authorities in Russia’s southern Krasnodar region said fire crews were at the scene of an air crash, without elaborating."

"The A-50 is a Russian reconnaissance plane, equivalent to the AWACS (Airborne warning and control system) plane used by NATO."

Apparently this is NOT merely a rehash of a news item from January. As reported then a Russian A-50 shot of the sky by some sort of Ukrainian launched missile. Here however we are talking about a SECOND A-50 gone from hostile fire?

The Ukrainians have a secret weapon at their disposal? Perhaps a long-range air-to-air missile BVRAAM as supplied by a source whose identity has yet to be determined.

See previous blog entries the loss of the A-50 Mainstay in January:



This is coolbert:

Devoted readers to the blog will instantaneously understand what this is all about!

"Putin 'on brink of new land grab' to defy West with possible announcement imminent on annexing breakaway Moldovan region Transnistria"

From Daily Mail ^ | 2/23/2024 | Will Stewart | the tip from Freeper.

"Putin is reportedly on the brink of a new land grab to defy the West by possibly announcing soon that Russia is taking control of a breakaway Moldovan region. There is speculation that unofficial state Transnistria is poised to make an appeal to Putin to join Russia. The landlocked strip along the Dniester River is wedged between Moldova and Ukraine. Putin already has a 'peacekeeping' force of up to 2,000 troops in the territory which Russia says overwhelmingly wishes to be incorporated by Moscow."

Hardly alone an appeal from the residents [predominantly Russian speaking] of Transnistria responsible for Russian aspirations in the area.

Think rather the Soviet/Russian arms depot Kolbasna. Largest arms depot in all of Europe. Enough equipment on-hand to equip a Soviet era Combined Arms Army. Weaponry of all sorts to provide an army of 50,000 troops soup to nuts bang-stuff! Vlad greatly covets and desires those armaments.

See previous blog entries the Kolbasna arms depot:


Thursday, February 22, 2024


This is coolbert:

Murz gone! Russian MILBLOGGER a suicide.

Murz "a prominent pro-war Russian blogger" highlighting the enormous Russian casualties the siege of Avdiivka; the man a victim of misplaced outrage.

"Pro-war Russian blogger who revealed huge Avdiivka losses dies by suicide"

From Guardian UK ^ | 2/21/2024 | Pjotr Sauet | the tip from Freeper.

"Andrey Morozov, a prominent pro-war Russian blogger, has reportedly died by suicide following outrage over a post in which he claimed that the Russian army lost 16,000 soldiers during the capture of the eastern Ukrainian city of Avdiivka. Morozov, who went by the pseudonym Murz on Telegram, was an ultra-nationalist commentator who fought alongside Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine in 2014 and participated in Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022. On Sunday, Morozov wrote to his 120,000 followers on Telegram that Russia lost 16,000 personnel and 300 pieces of armor during its months-long capture of Avdiivka"

Murz as other Russian MILBLOGGERS in favor of the Russian SMO but highly critical of the execution thereof. Murz correct in his assessment of the siege as a pyrrhic Russian victory. Gain too small for the expenditure in manpower and material. 

Being a MILBLOGGER Russian indeed a hazardous occupation. 

"Protruding nails will be hammered". Old Japanese proverb.



This is coolbert:

Normally I might think that organized crime might stay away from anything involving nuclear material. Brings too much attention and heat!

At least until now? Japanese criminal syndicate Yakuza hard at work?

"Japanese mafia boss conspired to traffic nuclear materials, says US"

From | BBC News, Washington | By Bernd Debusmann Jr.

"US authorities claim that Takeshi Ebisawa is a senior figure in a sprawling Japanese organized crime group."

"US prosecutors have charged an alleged member of the Japanese mafia with conspiring to traffic nuclear materials."


"The US Department of Justice said Mr Ebisawa and his 'confederates showed samples of nuclear materials in Thailand' to an undercover agent from the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)."

"The agent was posing as a drugs and weapons trafficker with links to an Iranian general."

"The nuclear samples - which came from Myanmar - were seized by Thai authorities and transferred to US investigators. A US laboratory confirmed the material contained uranium and weapons-grade plutonium"

That question I would ask is: of what possible reason or purpose does Myanmar [Burma] have weapons-grade plutonium?



This is coolbert:

Reported but never confirmed. Until now?

Russian lady convicts in penal institution being recruited the Ukraine Conflict. To be trained as lady snipers.

Lady snipers possess a skill set that makes them superior to men? Patience and waiting for the right moment to engage the enemy one attribute that makes them better than a man in the same situation?

"‘You’ll be nothing but cannon fodder’ Russian Defense Ministry reportedly recruiting inmates from women’s prison to serve as snipers in Ukraine"

From | February 20, 2024. 

"With the Kremlin seeking to avoid a second round of mobilization for as long as possible, the Russian Defense Ministry has continued to find new ways to fill the army’s ranks. According to the news outlet iStories, one of the ministry’s 'solutions' has been to recruit inmates from a women’s prison in Russia’s Leningrad region. While the Ukrainian military reported that Russia was recruiting women inmates as early as March 2023, this appears to be the first specific instance of the practice that journalists have been able to confirm."

That entire concept of convicts recruited for military duty in a time of wartime necessity generally a very bad idea. Convicts, men and women [?] undisciplined types not suitable for regimentation or being subjected to discipline. As civilians and military recruits there behavior normally poor!

From a comment as found on the Internet by one Boris Ivanov:

"During WW2, the Red Army utilized women as snipers. Are many women still serving in this same role in the Russian military today?"

"No, they are not. Right now, women are not allowed to serve as snipers in the Russian Army. Not because they can’t do that, but because serving as a sniper is considered too harmful for female health as it involves running around with a heavy rifle and laying on the ground for hours, regardless of the weather. A woman can serve as a sniping instructor, but not do the actual sniping."

"In Russia, there is a law that prohibits women from performing jobs that may harm their health to such a degree that they would be unable to become mothers. Because Russia spends a lot of effort to stimulate the birth rate, protecting women from infertility is considered equally important. It is a controversial law, but it is the law."

See previous blog entry [with additional embedded links] the Russian recruiting dilemma:


Vanguard II.

This is coolbert:

American missile and not the British submarine and crew to blame?

First Vengeance, now Vanguard!

Atomic English submarine force Trident missile malfunction. Two missile launchings in a row now unsuccessful!

Nuclear deterrent British now compromised?

"British nuclear missile 'misfires and crashes into ocean'"

From Telegraph Reporters | 21 February 2024 • 

"A Trident nuclear missile misfired and crashed into the ocean near the submarine that launched it during a test last month, it has been reported."

"It is the second misfire in a row,  with a test launch of a Trident missile by the Royal Navy off the coast of the US in June 2016 also reported to have been a failure."

"The missile’s first stage boosters did not ignite during a test launch by HMS Vanguard on January 30, and it fell into the ocean and sank, the Sun reported."

"Defense Secretary Grant Shapps and First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Ben Key were both on board the submarine during the test, according to the newspaper."


The two failures brings into question British and AMERICAN nuclear deterrence reliability? Some serious consideration needs to be made of the possibility!

See previous blog entry that Trident missile failure 2016:


Wednesday, February 21, 2024


This is coolbert:

"En blind man kunde ha sett detta komma på långt håll!"

A blind man could have seen this coming from a mile away!

"Sweden Struggling to Replenish Weapons After Ukraine Expenditures – Reports"

From Sputnik International | 21.02.2024.

"Sweden, along with many other European nations, has supplied several packages of military support to the Kiev regime, including heavy equipment such as artillery, tanks and combat vehicles, as well as ammunition. It has now become evident that this has had an adverse effect on its own defense capabilities."

"Extra funding granted to the Swedish defense industry is not enough to replace everything that has been sent to Ukraine, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports, highlighting soaring prices in the sector."

Time and money not good enough. Not enough time, not enough money. All replenishment of war-making bang-stuff of course now having to be done on an emergency rush basis! Possibility of war in the near term with Russia also exacerbating an already bad situation.

A BLIND man cannot see things coming from a mile away. But if the BLIND man could see the situation would instantly apparent.

See previous relevant blog entries:


This is coolbert:

"The Americans have CALL, which records mistakes as well as successes and helps users do what works and avoid what doesn’t and do it all in a timely manner. Because of the Ukraine War CALL now has a lot of useful advice on the use and abuse of UAVs. The developers of a new Americans scout helicopter made contributions to CALL on how not to solve problems using older technology when cheaper new tech like cheap UAVs were available"

CALL = Center for Army Lessons Learned. CALL.

Consider this to be a new one me!

From the Internet web site Strategy Page extractions from an article.

"Intelligence: No One Expects the UAV Intrusion"

"February 18, 2024: The U.S. Army has spent more than $11 billion on failed attempts to develop a new scout helicopter. The scout helicopter was meant to find targets for the larger and heavily armed AH-64 helicopter. Apparently, no one involved with this research and development effort bothered to find out how other branches of the U.S. military as well as foreign armed forces were dealing with this problem. Even though the U.S. Army has established a system (CALL) to document past failures and successes and that this CALL system was easily available, commanders and staff personnel often did not use it as they made mistakes that CALL had documented and warned about not repeating."

CALL a concept very worthy of consideration. Has a lot of merit. From after action reports  lessons learned can be accessed. Things that work [positive] and things that do not work [negative]. Avoid the latter like the plague.

See the "Center for Army Lessons Learned" Internet web site.

With regard to the development of a new Army scout helicopter about $ 11 billion USD spent over a period of decades [?] all for a program that came to naught! Drones achieve the same results easier, cheaper, far less dangerously.

Given the relative and apparent poor performance of attack helicopters [Russian mostly] the Ukraine Conflict, why the scout helicopter project continued for so long just at the time the use of drones became widespread you have to wonder?

See also this article from CALL as publicly accessible:

"Lessons Learned from the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces: Command Post Survivability"

From | By Siegfried Ullrich and Sean Moriarty | February 6, 2024.

You need to have an entire extensive glossary of MILSPEAK to know what is being said!

I notice too that allied nations USA have entre nous the CALL system!

Heckler & Koch obviously having not used the CALL system. German G95 assault rifle not functioning according to standard. Ammunition lessons learned from American M-16 debacle the Vietnam War not being taken into consideration.


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Easy ID.

This is coolbert:

"They committed war crimes. We told them to stop.

They didn’t listen. That pissed us off.

So we made the War Criminals Playing Cards."


"During the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, the U.S. made playing cards of the ‘most wanted’ members of Saddam Hussein’s government, political party, and military. The cards were used to help American military units recognize the ‘most wanted’ individuals in the field and hunt them down."

"Today we want the public to easily identify the people responsible for committing, enabling and failing to prevent a genocide in Gaza."

"The ‘War Criminals’ deck contains 54 individuals implicated in the genocide in Gaza. These individuals are bound together by their indiscriminate support for the systematic killing of Palestinian civilians when the world, resoundingly and repeatedly, begged them to stop."

WANTED criminal mug shots PLAYING CARDS.

See previous blog entry wanted playing cards the Ukraine Conflict.

See previous blog entry wanted playing cards the Iraqi insurgency.


Houthi UUV.

This is coolbert:

"The Houthis are not likely capable of manufacturing these weapons on their own, so they are probably coming from Iran," - Mick Mulroy.

Unmanned underwater vehicle [UUV] Hootie Tootie? Yes, apparently so!

Red Sea and Gulf of Aden all ships at sea, military and commercial both beware.

"Houthis Using Unmanned Subs in Red Sea Region"

From | By Charlie McCarthy    |   Tuesday, 20 February 2024. 

"Houthi rebels in Yemen have employed an unmanned submarine for the first time since attacks in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden began, ABC News reported."

"The unmanned underwater vessel (UUV), which gives the Houthis advanced capability and a shifting strategy, likely was supplied by Iran, according to a former Defense Department official and CIA agent."

From the Internet web site of H. I. Sutton "Covert Shores" see an entire article [dated 18 February 2024] devoted to the Hootie Tootie/Iranian unmanned underwater vehicle combat drone.

Hootie Tootie attacks the Red Sea multi-faceted approach. Cruise missiles, explosive boats, drones and now UUV!

Le Jeune École. Have you ever done it the French way?


Archer UK.

This is coolbert:

I must admit that was fast!

Having donated all their 155 mm artillery to the Ukrainian the British army is now shortly to have in their inventory the Swedish Archer artillery system.

"British troops fire their new Archer howitzers for the first time"

From GlobalData ^ | Feb 19, 2024 | John Hill | the tip from Freeper.

"During a 14-week ‘train the trainer’ course taught at a frozen military base in Boden, Swedish Lapland, the Swedish School of Artillery instructed British gunners from Larkhill, Wiltshire, on how to fire the Swedish-made Archer howitzer systems. Defense Equipment and Support – the UK Ministry of Defense’s procurement arm – acquired 14 Archer systems from the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration for the Royal Artillery"

Replacements for the donated artillery [sent to Ukraine] about five years earlier than originally anticipated? Indeed that is rather rapid!

You cannot but be impressed by the Archer system. Has a lot of positive qualities, a well thought out weapon system. See the wiki entry for Archer.

Now do they have that amount of the appropriate 155 mm artillery rounds for contingencies? 14 Archer as now in the English but not replacing numerically the 30 AS90 sent to the Ukraine.

See previous blog entry as applicable:


Monday, February 19, 2024


This is coolbert:

“'Milspeak' is one of those things that set military personnel apart from civilians. Every profession has its own slang, if you will, be it medicine, law, firefighting, or police, and so too does the military. The military’s slang, though, is one of the most unique. Military culture is based on shared sacrifice, dedication, and commitment to the country – and it is exclusive."

Those American piloted AV-8 Harrier intercepting Hootie Tootie combat drones over the Red Sea reliant on Israeli Litening targeting pods. Litening I was totally unfamiliar with.

"Litening - BEYOND Targeting POD! Incorporating all the capabilities for the modern strike fighter"

See the You Tube video Litening:

This Rafael produced You Tube video containing a lot of MILSPEAK. The layman hardly cognizant of embedded military jargon. Let me sample:


EO = Electro-Optic.

IR = Infrared.


SWIR = Short-wave infrared.


HD = High-Definition.

FLIR = Forward Looking Infrared.


UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

RCS = Radar Cross Section.


IRST = Infrared Search and Track.


GMTI = Ground Moving Target Indicator.

AI =Artificial Intelligence.

SPICE 250  

SPICE 250 = Spice 250 NG  air-to-surface PGM.

NG = Next Generation.

PGM = Precision Guided Munitions.


SAR = Synthetic Aperture Radar.

The devoted reader to the blog and those merely perusing in a much more casual manner now enlightened?

See previous blog entries MILSPEAK I & MILSPEAK II:



This is coolbert:

Yet once again the Israeli soldier behaving badly!

See within context the prior blog entry and Proverbs 24:17-18: The Message (MSG).

"Reservists suspended for mocking Palestinian detainees in West Bank"

From | By AP | 19 December 2023.

"The Israeli army suspends a group of soldiers recorded smoking a water pipe and joking in front of Palestinians who were detained and blindfolded."

Smoke hookah [hashish?], eat chips, laugh and joke. All the while guarding [if you call it that] detained Palestinian prisoners. A total lack of professionalism rather an act of triumphalism! See from twitter the entire video. Very bad for optics too. The whole world is watching.

"triumphalism: noun - Disproportionate or unreasonable celebration of the perceived successes and virtues of a given group, religion, or ideology relative to those of others."

See previous blog entries as applicable the topic:


Sunday, February 18, 2024


This is coolbert:

Find/procure/obtain. Czech si, the rest of NATO no?

"The Czech Republic found almost a million shells for Ukraine"

From Militarnyi ^ | 2/18/24 | the tip from Freeper.

"The Czech Republic has found about 800,000 artillery shells of NATO and Soviet-era caliber that can be shipped to Ukraine in a few weeks. However, for this, funding must be secured quickly. Czech President Petr Pavel stated this during a debate at the Munich Security Conference. According to the Czech President, the country’s representatives managed to find about 500,000 155-mm artillery shells and 300,000 122-mm shells abroad"

122 mm a Soviet era artillery round as fired by the D-30 howitzer. 155 mm of course the NATO standard round as fired by M777 or CAESAR firing units.

D-30 existing in the towed and self-propelled version. Ukraine possessing at the start of the Conflict about 250 tube artillery of combined varieties towed/self-propelled.

M-30 122 mm ammunition a pre-WW2 howitzer also compatible with the D-30 more modern artillery piece. Many nations still have M-30 in their inventory and presumably ammunition for same. How safe and reliable to use such relatively ancient ordnance I cannot say.

That number of artillery rounds of all sizes will last the Ukrainian about six months NORMAL rate of fire but only slightly less than three months during anticipated HEIGHTENED military operations.

I was going to suggest that the Ukrainian can buy from North Korea [DPRK] 122 mm artillery ammunition. Doubt the North would sell. Even Kim would be wary of incurring the wrath of Vlad. Additionally DPRK artillery ammo unconditionally unreliable under all circumstances?


Yair III.

This is coolbert:

"Nevertheless, the prime minister’s son boarded a plane last week and returned to Florida in a trip that cost an estimated NIS 1 million [about quarter of a $ million USD] due to the measures implemented to secure his journey’s safety."

Yair Netanyahu the conclusion hopefully! Yair indeed has returned to the USA and has resumed [?] his charitable work.

"Yair Netanyahu leaves Israel after volunteering with United Hatzalah"


"Young Netanyahu decided that a month and a half in this war is long enough, so he packed his bags and returned to Miami, where he has been living for the past few months."

"It seems as though Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair Netanyahu, has decided that a month and a half of warfare is more than enough of an experience for him to endure, since although he was in Israel during its initial stages, he has packed his bags and went back for Miami."

"A few months ago, the younger Netanyahu left Israel and moved to live in Miami, Florida. However, after the Swords of Iron war began, he returned to Israel and began contributing to the war effort in the form of posts, photos, and volunteer work at United Hatzalah’s emergency call center."

VOLUNTEER WORK an emergency call center? That is it? I would have totally 100 % expected this unashamed and unabashed Israeli to have volunteered for combat duty Gaza, done his bit as they say. Put his ass on the line as has done many Israeli young men.

"United Hatzalah . . . is an Israeli free, volunteer-based emergency medical services (EMS) organization throughout Israel with its headquarters based in Jerusalem."

And to all this his deceased uncle Jonathan [Entebbe raid] and his father [Israeli Prime Minister ranger/commando] would have said and are saying what??

See previous blog entries Yair:


Saturday, February 17, 2024

Yair II.

This is coolbert:

La dolce vita! The sweet life!

By now I would have fully expected Yair to volunteer for combat duty Gaza.

Find himself in the thick of the fray, yeoman duty in the style of his uncle and father. Even volunteering for hazardous duty, eager to go.

"yeoman's/yeoman work/service : idiom - US - very good, hard, and valuable work that someone does especially to support a cause, to help a team"

"Netanyahu's son dodges draft, enjoys time in luxe [deluxe] Florida apartment"

From | By Al Mayadeen English | Source: Daily Mail |16 Feb 2024. 

"Netanyahu’s son is qualified to serve as a reservist until he is 40, and he is now 32, but instead, he is guarded 24/7 by two Shin Bet agents in his $5,000 a month apartment."

A deluxe apartment in Miami, USA!! Not Tel Aviv!

"The UK's Daily Mail published a series of photos on Thursday in a report, exposing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son, Yair, enjoying the high life in a luxurious Miami apartment, dodging the IOF draft - probably paid for with daddy's card and funded by American taxpayer money."

See the previous blog entry Yair and his apparent malingering:


Friday, February 16, 2024


This is coolbert: 

DIY = Do It Yourself.

"Ukraine’s self-repair: M777 howitzer video sparks DIY weapon fix"

From | By TOC | Feb 15, 2024.

"In a strategic move to enhance its artillery firepower, the Ukrainian Armed Forces‘ Logistics Forces have embarked on the repair of M777 155mm towed howitzers."

"This significant news was announced by the Command of the Logistics Forces. Leading these restoration efforts are repair specialists who are utilizing advanced technologies like titanium surface welding to repair damages in the artillery systems."

"The Ukrainian military released a video that provides a glimpse into the intricate process of howitzer repairs, demonstrating the meticulous tasks involved in servicing these formidable weapons." 

Johnny-on-the-spot welding of titanium difficult to do. Ukrainian resourceful and adaptable. Cannot wait for unit to be repaired at a depot with all the delay that will be involved.

M777 the record Ukraine not so superlative? Excessive delicacy being a demonstrable flaw?


Thursday, February 15, 2024


This is coolbert:

ASAT = Anti-Satellite.

That was quick. The Russian responds.

The pronouncements of American Congressman Mike Turner excessively alarmist, without foundation, baseless?

 "What are Russia's Top 5 Anti-Satellite Systems?"


"Russia has effective means to thwart adversary satellites, including arms based on new physical principles. What are they?"


"Moscow trashed the groundless rumors of its alleged efforts to deploy a nuclear anti-satellite system in space on February 15."

"A day earlier, mainstream US media claimed that Washington had informed Congress and its European allies about Russia's work on a new, space-based nuclear weapon designed to undermine the US satellite network."

Anti-satellite weaponry not a new thing for both Russia, USA and perhaps China also.


Atomic weapons in orbit as an ASAT weapon admittedly would be a treaty violation and a dangerous trend.

As to the five Russian ASAT weapons already at hand descriptions thereof the devoted reader to the blog will have to read the entire article for themselves.



This is coolbert:

Not so cryptic!

Alarming warnings from Congress. The Russians are coming!

1. "House Intel Chair Mike Turner Warns of ‘Serious National Security Threat’ to U.S. in Cryptic Statement"

From | by HANNAH BLEAU KNUDSEN | 14 Feb 2024.

"The United States faces a 'serious national security threat,' according to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH), who is urging President Biden to declassify all information related to it."

"Turner made the announcement on Wednesday in a short and cryptic statement."

"'Today, the House Permanent Select committee on Intelligence has made available to all Members of Congress information concerning a serious national security threat,'” - Turner.

“'I am requesting that President Biden declassify all information relating to this threat so that Congress, the Administration, and our allies can openly discuss the actions necessary to respond to this threat,'” - Turner.

And here is what it is all about:

2. "US has new intelligence on Russian nuclear capabilities in space"

From CNN via Yahoo ^ | February 14th, 2024 | Katie Bo Lillis, Alex Marquardt, Jim Sciutto, Oren Liebermann, Natasha Bertrand, Melanie Zanona and Kevin Liptak, CNN.

"The US has new intelligence on Russian military capabilities related to its efforts to deploy a nuclear anti-satellite system in space, according to multiple sources familiar with the intelligence. The intelligence was briefed to Congress and key US allies, and some lawmakers say it is serious enough that it should be declassified and made public."

Nuclear weapons stationed in outer space, near earth orbit or even beyond. Pre-positioned and on-call if the Russian decides to use. Blatant and grave treaty violation I think!

It does not mean that during a time of war satellites in orbit cannot be attacked or their function negated! Means you cannot use orbiting on-station atomic weapons to do so!



This is coolbert:

Not really a mystery!

"Mysteries behind the US Navy’s depleting Tomahawk missile stockpile" | By Alexey Lenkov | Feb 13, 2024.

"The US military is grappling with a significant but silent crisis, colloquially referred to as 'shrinkflation'. Basically, this term denotes the military’s dwindling capacity and readiness due to the yearly budget failing to keep pace with inflation. Consequently, the US’s ability to manufacture new aircraft, ships, and precision weapons is not meeting the escalating demand for these resources."

"As America counters threats posed by rebel groups aligned with Iran, a growing sense of unease is permeating Washington. The concerns aren’t solely focused on the increasingly perilous global threats. They also include a dwindling stockpile of weapons and a strained production output. "

Hardly a mystery. Missiles expended at a rate beyond replenishment. Indeed, procurement and replenishment of all military ordnance resources and stockpiled weaponry for emergencies and contingencies I well imagine at a low level.

Budgeted items cost of new "stuff" beyond what had been anticipated. Money, money, money! Resources not infinite.


Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Ehrhart USMC.

This is coolbert:

"An experienced fighter pilot, Ehrhart says he has intercepted seven Houthi drones. But when flying so close to these explosive devices, he says, every interception carries great risk."

Capt. Earl Ehrhart USMC. Pilot Harrier AV-8 jump-jet. USS Bataan.

Mission the Red Sea now indefinite extended until further notice. Intercept Hootie Tootie combat attack kamikaze drone UAV. 

"The fighter pilots hunting Houthi [Hootie Tootie] drones over the Red Sea"

From | By Nafiseh Kohnavard, Middle East correspondent.

Ehrhart having already intercepted seven Hootie Tootie combat drones. No word if he can count as having engaged and shot-down.

Harrier can engage incoming enemy drones with air-to-air missiles or 25 mm autocannon fire. Harrier equipped with sophisticated Litening targeting pod 

I am not aviation expert but the Harrier may possess certain flight characteristics that make it the ideal warplane for intercepting and destroying enemy one-way combat drones? I must consult with acknowledged aviation authority about this.

That distinguished naval combat aviator of the Second World War Edward O'Hare having shot down five Japanese warplane on a single occasion being awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroics.

Splashing a Hootie Tootie combat enemy drone hardly the same as a dog-fight with manned Japanese Zero warplanes I strongly suggest. Earl Ehrhart and his USMC comrades still their yeoman duty impressive!



 This is coolbert:

"The Ukrainian Armed Forces, together with the Defense Ministry's intelligence unit, destroyed the Tsezar Kunikov [BDK-64] large landing ship. It was in Ukraine's territorial waters near Alupka at the time of the hit,"

Yet MORE disaster the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Another major warship gone to the bottom. Ukrainian swarm [?] unmanned surface vessel [USV] attack successful. 

"Ukraine says it sank Russian large landing warship in Black Sea"

From | By Tom Balmforth and Pavel Polityuk | February 14, 2024.

"KYIV, Feb 14 (Reuters) - Ukraine destroyed a Russian landing warship off the coast of occupied Crimea in an operation with naval drones that breached the vessel's port side on Wednesday and caused it to sink, Kyiv's military spy agency and armed forces said."

"There was no immediate comment from Russia, which said earlier that it had destroyed six drones in the Black Sea. The Kremlin declined to comment."

This is Jeune École in action. Young School. French Nineteenth Century naval asymmetric naval warfare concept never coming to full attainment until now!

"The Jeune École ('Young School') was a strategic naval concept developed during the 19th century. It advocated the use of small, heavily armed vessels to combat larger battleships"

Torpedo boats the Nineteenth Century! The threat a drone USV today!

See previous blog entry the recent attack Russian missile gunboat:


Tuesday, February 13, 2024


This is coolbert:

“No enemy bomber can reach the Ruhr. If one reaches the Ruhr, my name is not Goering. You may call me Meyer.”

Sorry old fellow. Not merely the Ruhr. Far east of the Ruhr too.

Within context of the Gazan War and the Israeli aerial bombardment thereof, consider the damage as done to German cities during WW2.

Herewith a partial listing chosen at random, those cities of Germany damaged 50 % by the strategic allied bombing offensive WW2. 

Without regard to any sort of precedence or order:

Hamburg/ Berlin/Emden/Wilhelmshaven/ Hamm/Dusseldorf/Koln/ Ulm/Stuttgart/ Magdeburg/Osnabruck/ Kassel/ Magen/ Essen/ Wessel/ Mainz/Koblenz/Dresden/ Hanover/ Bremen/ Frankfurt 1 Main/ Frankfurt 2 Oder.


Gaza City alone that amount of devastation and destruction the generally accepted [?] figure of about 55 % after four months of more-or-less continuous onslaught the Israeli Air Force [IAF]!

As to call me Meyer:

"the phrase is/was a German idiom meaning 'virtually impossible' and best translated as 'you can call me a Dutchman' or 'you can call me a monkey's uncle'."



This is coolbert:

"The Netherlands houses one of several regional warehouses of US-owned F-35 parts, from which the parts are distributed to countries that request them, including Israel in at least one shipment since Oct. 7."

Spare parts Israeli F-35 interdiction the Netherlands.

"Court Orders Netherlands To Halt F-35 Parts For Israel As EU Says 'Too Many People' Are Dying"

From | BY TYLER DURDEN | FEB 12, 2024. 

"Israel's worst nightmare is beginning to unfold. It has worked for years and decades to prevent a global boycott movement from ever gaining traction amid persistent accusations it violates Palestinians' human rights, but amid the current war and soaring civilian death toll in Gaza, there are signs the pro-boycott movement is gaining steam."

"The government of the Netherlands has been ordered to block of all exports of F-35 fighter jet parts by a Dutch appeals court, on fears that the transfer would contribute to human rights violations."

This Borrell [Vice-President of the European Commission] having made previous critical comments the Israeli aerial bombardment of Gaza.

From the perspective of Borrell exactly how many lives killed in Gaza WOULD be acceptable?


Monday, February 12, 2024


This is coolbert:

Herewith the topic of the middle-aged man volunteering for military service, his behavior and demeanor exemplary.

The great French composer Maurice Ravel. A true patriot.

"Joseph Maurice Ravel . . . was a French composer, pianist and conductor. He is often associated with Impressionism along with his elder contemporary Claude Debussy, although both composers rejected the term. In the 1920s and 1930s Ravel was internationally regarded as France's greatest living composer."

A man too of the same type as a Frederick Selous, a H. H. Munro or a Karamojo Bell!

See the You Tube Short:

See additionally an Internet article devoted to Ravel and his WW1 military service.

Maurice hardly a slacker/goldbrick/malingerer!

He DIDN'T have to go but he did!



This is coolbert:

"The Wagner assault on Bakhmut, when by the spring of 2023, the losses of the Wagner during this assault amounted to almost 50% of all Russian losses during the war, is definitely not an example of how to fight. With such losses today, not only the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but also we would be carrying out the third or fourth wave of mobilization! But the experience of assault urban battles itself was unique" - Vladislav Shurygin.

The RUSSIAN learns how to fight!

USF = tactical shock-assault formations (USF).

"The Russian Armed Forces have created unique tactical strike and assault formations to 'break into' the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine"

 From | February 11 2024.

Avoid the carve-up of static trench warfare in the manner of WW1. Realize and accept that blitzkrieg/breakthrough offensive of WW2 also not feasible.


"The expert [Shurygin] noted that since December 2023, unique assault detachments have appeared in the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces; they are called 'assaults.' They are mixed combat groups (formations) the size of a battalion or regiment, which includes the most proactive military personnel, including infantrymen, snipers, sappers, signalmen, reconnaissance officers, spotters, medics, i.e. everyone who can be useful in taking a well-protected opornik [?] enemy. The actions of the attack aircraft are supported by the combat control center, artillerymen, UAV operators and electronic warfare [EW] equipment."

Combined arms all assets of battalion + or regimental size. Organic assets of such a force augmented with combat aviation, EW and drones.

Nice image of a BMP-3. Carry infantry, the 100 mm gun and coaxially mounted 30 mm gun. A formidable weapon system.



This is coolbert:

Nepalese the Ukraine Conflict? Nepalese?

Who would ever thought that as reported 15,000 Nepali would have been recruited by the Russians for some sort of service the Ukraine Conflict?

My instantaneous and intuitive response was that these were either Gurkha with prior military service the British army or REJECTS from the Gurkha selection process.

The British army Gurkha selection process having a yearly response of 20,000 young men of which only about 200 are finally selected!

These Nepali recruited and contracted by the Russian NOT of the same ethnicity as normally recruited by the British for their Gurkha units!

"Russia has recruited as many as 15,000 Nepalis to fight its war. Many returned traumatized. Some never came back"

From | Source: CNN |  By Sugam Pokharel, Matthew Chance and Mihir Melwani, CNN, and journalist Nishant Khanal | February 11, 2024.

"Kathmandu, Nepal - Ramchandra Khadka stood in front of a temple in the middle of Kathmandu, Nepal, praying for his fellow countrymen who are fighting for Russia in Moscow’s war against Ukraine."

"As the ceremonial bells rang and the sweet smell of incense filled the air, he lit candles and offered flowers to a deity. All he wants is for his Nepali friends to survive the brutal war."

"The 37-year-old recently returned to Nepal after suffering injuries on the front lines in Ukraine. He told CNN he witnessed horrific scenes and regrets his decision to join the Kremlin’s army as a foreign mercenary."

See previous blog entries Russian recruiting woes:


Sunday, February 11, 2024


This is coolbert:

"Everything but the kitchen sink and maybe that too!"

See from that very recent prior blog entry.

KITCHEN X-22 missile! The Russian did include the KITCHEN X-22 missile that most recent missile bombardment Ukraine!

"Russia’s Kh-22 – the Missile Ukraine Has Yet to Shoot Down"

"In 2000, Ukraine transferred 386 Kh-22 missiles to Russia as an installment against the gas debt. These have since be used to target Ukrainian cities in attacks like the one this morning." [29 December]

From | by Kyiv Post | December 29, 2023.

"Since the launch of the full-scale invasion, Russian forces have fired around 300 Kh-22 missiles (also called X-22 in English) at Ukraine, none of which have been intercepted and shot down, a Kyiv official said on Friday."

"Speaking just hours after a massive attack on cities across Ukraine, Air Force spokesperson Yuriy Ihnat said this and a modified version of the rocket were likely some of those that made it past air defenses today." [29 December]

KITCHEN [NATO code name] Russian missile carrying a severe wallop [a large warhead] with a near impossible flight trajectory to intercept and shoot-down.

Modified version of KITCHEN [Kh-32] used the most recent attack Ukraine? As from the wiki entry:

"By August 2016, Russia was finalizing the trials of the Kh-32 cruise missile, a derivative of the Kh-22. Designed for use by the Tu-22M3 bomber, the missile is designed to climb to 40 km (130,000 ft) to the stratosphere after launch, transition to level flight, then perform a steep dive to the target"

Near invulnerable to intercept and shoot-down! KITCHEN!



This is coolbert:

Article from September of last year but still absolutely relevant.

Bulgaria sending an inventory of out-of-service MALFUNCTIONING and INOPERABLE air defense missiles [S-300] to the Ukrainian?

"Bulgaria will donate S-300 malfunctioning missiles to Ukraine"

 From |  By Boyko Nikolov | Sep 26, 2023.

"Members of the Bulgarian Parliament are contemplating a significant proposition regarding the donation of missiles for the S-300 air defense system, a pivotal element safeguarding the country’s airspace."


"While such news might usually be treated as standard, a statement by Ivaylo Mirchev, an MP from DB, stirred several inquiries. Mirchev suggested that the S-300 missiles, deemed unusable by the Bulgarian military, could essentially function as spare parts for the Ukrainians. According to Mirchev’s comments, the missiles can’t be renovated or revived in Bulgaria while the Ukrainians possess the necessary capacity to utilize them."

Missiles [S-300] inoperable and not repairable! But the Ukrainian can use for spare parts. I guess it is good to fly!



This is coolbert:

See previous blog entry with the graph, the value of the dollar versus the Israeli shekel.

Now this:

"Moody’s Gives Hamas a Win with First-ever Israeli Credit Downgrade"

From | JOEL B. POLLAK | 10 Feb 2024.

"The Moody’s credit rating agency delivered a victory to Hamas and its Iranian patron on Friday by downgrading Israel’s credit rating for the first time ever, from A1 to A2, due to the war Hamas started."

"Moody’s has cut Israel’s credit rating from A1 to A2, due to the effects of the war. The international ratings agency has also lowered Israel’s outlook from stable to negative and sees a possible further downgrade in the future. In effect, Moody’s has taken the most drastic rating action possible, surprising even the most pessimistic market forecasts. This is the first time that Moody’s has ever cut Israel’s credit rating."

Big jump in the value of the shekel in that immediate aftermath of 7 October followed by a precipitous drop with indication now of slow recovery. A protracted counter-insurgency following and end to major military operation Gaza and you can full well expect a stagnant Israeli economy for some time unto the future?


Saturday, February 10, 2024

Type 45.

This is coolbert:

And now Richmond, get ye to Yemen!

HMS Diamond exceeding maintenance requirements. Must return to home port.

"Royal Navy troubled Type 45: Yemen mission halted by technical issue" | By Boyko Nikolov | On Feb 8, 2024.

"Due to unforeseen 'technical problems', the British Royal Navy has been forced to pull the Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond from its operational duties near Yemen."

"Upon its inaugural service, the Type 45 was marked by a rather concerning reliability issue — its Rolls Royce diesel engines experienced a significant performance decline in exceptionally hot climates. Locations like the Straits of Hormuz and the waters of Southeast Asia"

"Since December, HMS Diamond has been active in this region, playing a crucial role in the American-led Operation Prosperity Guardian, which involves specific target strikes in Yemen. The ship’s commander, Peter Evans, shed light on the demanding nature of the ongoing operations, noting, 'The region is teeming with tension, and our fleet engages hostile forces every day.'” 

Diamond to replaced by HMS Richmond. A vessel of the same class! Richmond on the way!

Rolls-Royce diesel engines not suited for a hot climate like Yemen? Rolls-Royce? What have Rolls engineers been doing for over a century anyhow?