Wednesday, August 7, 2019

ABM F-35.

This is coolbert:

Tracking data, F-35, anti-ballistic missile.

Additional mission, F-35 Lightning multi-role combat-aircraft [MRCA] as has been suggested and found to be effective.

On board sensors F-35 able to track ballistic missiles during boost phase of launch, relay tracking to intercept sites on the ground. Data link providing missile trajectory at the earliest stage possible, making the intercept of ground based anti-ballistic missile systems that much easier.

"F-35 Successfully Transmits Live Track Data to US Army Missile Defense System"

Thanks once more to the Russian media outlet Sputnik that original story courtesy © REUTERS / Darin Russell/

"The troubled single-engine, all-weather, stealth, fifth-generation F-35 fighter recently successfully demonstrated its ability to transmit live tracking data to the US Army’s Integrated Air and Missiles Defense Battle Command System (IBCS)".

See previous blog entry [with additional link] regarding this topic:

F-35 can catch them on the "fly"! Net-centric does work.


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