Tuesday, August 6, 2019


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Evil, troublesome, dangerous!

The Bermuda Triangle and legends as associated with same most followers of popular culture have heard of.

The Dragon's Triangle far fewer have heard of. An area of the Pacific Ocean with many disappearances of an unusual nature have occurred. So it is alleged. Thanks here to the Skeptics Dictionary.

Paranormal activity with the military dimension. 

"The Devil's Sea . . . also known as the Dragon's Triangle and the Pacific Bermuda Triangle, is a region of the Pacific, south of Tokyo. The Devil's Sea is sometimes considered a paranormal location, though the veracity of these claims has been questioned."

"between 1952 and 1954 Japan lost 5 military vessels and over 700 crew members in the Dragon's Triangle. The Japanese government sent a research vessel to study the area and the ship vanished in a volcanic eruption in 1958."  - - As claimed by Charles Berlitz in a 1989 book.

Read even further thanks once more to the Skeptics Dictionary a more rational, full and complete rational explanation for the "disappearances".

Devil's Triangle as with the Bermuda Triangle nothing more than stories! Stories as in the fictional sense. Right? 


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