Thursday, August 15, 2019


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"The workers I represented were suffering from serious illnesses they believed were caused by repeated exposure to the burning of highly toxic materials at Area 51, and the government certainly didn’t want questions asked about that. Two of the workers — Robert Frost and Wally Kasza — have since died. The likely cause of their deaths was as outrageous as it was unnecessary." - - J. Turley.

The op-ed from the LA Times courtesy the esteemed law professor and attorney Jonathon Turley commenting on Area 51.

"Op-Ed: Area 51 holds secrets, all right, but they don’t involve UFOs and aliens"

More Area 51 stuff! 

"Testing of the tissues from workers showed chemicals that were unknown to doctors."

Read the entire article. The group contemplating the "storming" of Area 51 in search of space aliens [and finding none] the danger not only from plutonium poisoning but also from toxic substances the nature of which UNKNOWN to the medical profession.

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