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Rise of the machines the progress continues unabated!!

We are on the verge of a breakthrough? Or rather THEY are on the verge of a breakthrough?

AI [artificial intelligence] aerial combat the autonomous [?] UCAV [unmanned aerial combat vehicle] now can best the best?

Read it all at Freeper copied by myself almost in entirety:

"Artificial Intelligence beats human expert in air combat [...]"

"Artificial intelligence (AI) developed by a University of Cincinnati doctoral graduate was recently assessed by subject-matter expert and retired United States Air Force Colonel Gene Lee - who holds extensive aerial combat experience as an instructor and Air Battle Manager with considerable fighter aircraft expertise - in a high-fidelity air combat simulator."

"The artificial intelligence, dubbed ALPHA, was the victor in that simulated scenario,"

"The application is specifically designed for use with Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs) in simulated air-combat missions for research purposes."

. . . .

"In fact, it was only after early iterations of ALPHA bested other computer program opponents that Lee then took to manual controls against a more mature version of ALPHA last October. Not only was Lee not able to score a kill against ALPHA after repeated attempts, he was shot out of the air every time during protracted engagements in the simulator.

"Since that first human vs. ALPHA encounter in the simulator, this AI has repeatedly bested other experts as well, and is even able to win out against these human experts when its (the ALPHA-controlled) aircraft are deliberately handicapped in terms of speed, turning, missile capability and sensors."

 "'I was surprised at how aware and reactive it was. It seemed to be aware of my intentions and reacting instantly to my changes in flight and my missile deployment. It knew how to defeat the shot I was taking. It moved instantly between defensive and offensive actions as needed'." - - Colonel Lee.

IT knew and moved instantly!! IT!

Whoa boy!! Arnold we need you now!!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016


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Once more from a comment to the blog by Steiner:

Steiner said...
"What use the F-35 might be against an opponent like Hezbollah that possesses no AF or even SAM weaponry beyond a few handhelds is unclear."

My thought is that the F-35 when tasked with missions against unconventional targets [such as Hezbollah combatants] will carry large numbers of:

1. Small diameter bomb.

"The GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) is a 250 lb (110 kg) precision-guided glide bomb that is intended to provide aircraft with the ability to carry a higher number of more accurate bombs."

"The Small Diameter Bomb II . . . scheduled to enter production in January 2014, will add a tri-mode seeker (radar, infrared homing, and semi-active laser guidance) to the INS and GPS guidance of the original SDB."

2. DIME weaponry.

"Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) is an experimental type of explosive that has a relatively small but effective blast radius . . . It is intended to limit the distance at which the explosion causes damage, to avoid collateral damage in warfare."

From the air with great precision the F-35 can TAKE OUT ON COMMAND from a high orbit  fleeting targets such as Hezbollah rocket artillery OR  HIGH-VALUE HEZBOLLAH SENIOR COMMANDERS IN BOTH CASES DESTROYING THE TARGET WHILE LIMITING COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

The F-35 able to carry prodigious numbers of SDB and DIME internally and externally? What numbers I am speaking of I cannot say with accuracy.



This is coolbert:

From a comment to the blog by Steiner:

Steiner said...
"What use the F-35 might be against an opponent like Hezbollah that possesses no AF or even SAM weaponry beyond a few handhelds is unclear. What is clear, unfortunately, is that any and all technology that can be gleaned from the Lightning II by the Israeli defense establishment will be quickly transferred to Communist China in accordance with longstanding arrangements."

When all mention is made of Israel weapons transfer to China think of the Lavi?

"The IAI Lavi  was a single-engined fourth-generation jet fighter developed in Israel in the 1980s"

"The Lavi was planned to be the mainstay of the Israeli Air Force, and considerable export sales for the aircraft had been forecast. The uniqueness of its design was in the combination of a small, aerodynamic, highly maneuverable plane, with sophisticated, software-rich systems"

Nice looking air superiority lightweight fighter plane. Indigenous Israeli design but also incorporating certain specific American warplane features and avionics.

Most decidedly so a major source of concern to the Pentagon this specific allegation regarding the Lavi:

"In 2008, aviation publishing house Jane's alleged that China's development of the Chengdu J-10 had benefited from technical information from the Lavi project, citing Russian engineers who claim to have heard this from Chinese colleagues"


Any suspicion of Israel and Chinese sharing of weaponry design extremely troubling to American authorities, EVEN IF TOTALLY UNFOUNDED!!


Dominican II.

This is coolbert:

Tank versus tank Dominican Style. Conclusion.

American combat elements during the Dominican Crisis [1965] and having to battle tanks of the Dominican military.

Thanks again to the War is Boring Internet web site.

"In 1965, U.S. and Dominican Tanks Fought Brief, Violent Skirmishes"

"Rebel tanks were no match for America’s fighting vehicles"

"No match" but the army of the now-deceased dictator Trujillo having an inventory of armor that could be ignored by any invading force however powerful.

"This included 12 French AMX-13 light tanks — fast moving, with decent firepower but thin armor — as well as 24 Stridsvagn L-60 light tanks, and 13 Landsverk Lynx armored cars — both vehicles types made in Sweden."

French post-WW2 AMX-13 tank of some pretty good capability. Rough analogous to the American Sherman or Soviet T-34 tank but less well armored. Correctly thought of as being a light tank.

Swedish L-60 tank of the era prior to WW2. A light tank with a 37 mm gun so popular during that era. Roughly equivalent to the American Stuart tank.

More important to the point is that the various Dominican armor maintained in the arsenal and improved upon, refurbished, refitted, modernized for the L-60 and AMX-13 both.

First regarding the Swedish L-60 tank:

"After 'Power Pack' ended, the United States assisted the Dominican Republic in rebuilding its army and twelve of the original twenty L/60Ls were again refurbished and restored to service. These dozen continued in frontline use until 2002. Today one is preserved in excellent, drivable condition as a historical icon by the Dominican Republic army."

Then  with regard to the French AMX-13 tank:

Modernisation packages [for the AMX-13] to include:

    * "Cockerill 90 mm Regunning Packaging: 90 mm upgunning package"
    * "Giat Industries upgrade with a Baudouin 6F 11 SRY diesel engine and an upgraded turret"
   *  "Giat Industries Add-on Armour package installed on turret front/sides and glacis plate"
    * "NIMDA Upgrade Package: Israeli retrofit package"
    * "INDRA Amazon Fire Control System upgrade with thermal imaging and a laser rangefinder"

See a listing of "Current operators" for the AMX-13 tank most of presumably have those modernization packages.



Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dominican I.

This is coolbert:

From the War is Boring Internet web site a discussion of the Dominican Crisis of 1965 and the use of armor as available to the various adversaries. Also those ancient and venerable tank designs subject to retrofit, upgrade, improvement.

I strongly suggest that devoted readers to the blog consider this War is Boring article in two parts. Part I that background to the crisis, everything you wanted to know about the Dominican Civil War and the American intervention but were afraid to ask! Part II that presence of armor on both sides of the conflict and duels between same.

"In 1965, U.S. and Dominican Tanks Fought Brief, Violent Skirmishes"

The Dominican Crisis of 1965.

Yanqui American big-brother Banana Republic foreign interventionism seen with hindsight as misguided and counter-productive?

"The Dominican Civil War . . . took place between April 24, 1965, and September 3, 1965, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It started when civilian and military supporters of constitutionally elected former President Juan Bosch overthrew acting President Donald Reid Cabral. The coup prompted General Elías Wessin y Wessin to organise elements of the military loyal to President Reid, known as loyalists, initiating an armed campaign against the so-called constitutionalist rebels. Allegations of foreign support for the rebels led to an American intervention in the conflict"

Allegations that among the warring elements were pro-communist inspired factions as seen from the perspective of Washington D.C. mandating intervention. To my recollection that "frame of reference" never confirmed or denied!!

Fifty years after the fact "Yanqui American big-brother Banana Republic foreign interventionism" properly understood as an error. I cannot say?

To be continued.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Franz Sigel.

This is coolbert:

"Me fights mit Sigel"

"Badmouthing the 'Big Bugs'"

"Rude Comments about Some Major Generals in Blue"

From the Professor Al Nofi CIC # 452:

• "Franz Sigel, '. . . in point of theoretical education, is far above the average of commanders in this country. He has studied with great care the science of strategy, and seems thoroughly conversant with the campaigns of all the great captains, so far as covers their main strategic features, and also seems familiar with the duties of the staff, but in tactics, great and small logistics, and discipline he is greatly deficient. These defects are so apparent as to make it absolutely impossible for him to gain the confidence of American officers and men, and entirely unfit him for a high command in our Army.'" -- Brig. Gen. John M. Schofield, Feb. 12, 1862.

See previous blog entries regarding the "Forty-Eighters" and the contribution of distinct German-speaking units to the Federal cause during the American Civil War:

My thought has always been that those distinct German-speaking units of the Union army as commanded by officers also native German speakers, commanders and enlisted both having trained in the German tradition would have shown some marked fighting capacity on the battlefields of the American Civil War better than average. THIS HOWEVER DOES NOT SEEM TO BE THE CASE! Good yes, but nothing more than that.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Entebbe & Ron Arad.

This is coolbert:

Thanks here in both cases to the Sheldon Adelson Internet web site Israel Hayom:

1. "Fortune favors the brave"

From the article by Aharon Lapidot

"Brig. Gen. (ret.) Joshua Shani, the lead pilot in Operation Entebbe, insists the Israeli Air Force was key to the success of the 1976 hostage rescue mission in Uganda • In a special interview, he reveals little known facts about the iconic operation."

2. "'Missing IAF navigator Ron Arad was tortured to death in 1988' "

"A defendant in a military trial in Lebanon, accused of spying for Israel, testifies that he met Arad days before his death, but did not realize his identity until 10 years later • Israelis involved in hunt for information on Arad not too impressed"

From the article by Daniel Siryoti and Gideon Allon

My personal comments:

* With regard to Entebbe the raiders used measure audacity to achieve their goal. BECAUSE EVERYONE THOUGHT THE MISSION WAS IMPOSSIBLE IT BECAME POSSIBLE!!

* With regard to Ron Arad keep in mind that these notorious cases with the publicity as generated result in all sorts of gadfly people coming out of the woodwork much to the detriment of everyone. Many desire money in return for information and many others are persons with deep and dangerous mental issues!!

Devoted readers to the blog will want to read both items in entirety!


Thursday, June 23, 2016


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From that prior blog entry:

"General George S. Patton from the era of the Second World War [WW2] as perceived by the German senior military commander as an able, competent and good commander of armor but nothing more than that. NO better than dozens of German Wehrmacht tank commanders of similar rank and responsibility."

Here they are. Those German officers of flag rank whose command performance during WW2 either equaled or exceeded that of George Patton. The proverbial "bushel" of then some to be more accurate.

Particular emphasis in this case to those general officers who commanded armored formations [panzer] and exemplars of "mechanized maneuver". Practitioners of tank warfare!

"The Best Commanders in the German Wehrmacht of WWII; Part 1"

* Von Manstein. "Manstein was the German strategist extraordinaire, who brilliantly tweaked the old Schlieffen Plan for a German attack on France by funneling Germany’s panzer arm through the Ardennes Forest and then racing them onward to the English Channel. The complete destruction of the French Army in less than six weeks of battle confirmed Manstein’s standing as one of the premier, operational strategists in the infant field of mechanized maneuver warfare"

* Guderian. "He was one of the great innovators in mechanized maneuver warfare who pioneered the breakthroughs in multiple-arms operations by integrating the stunning new developments in modern tank warfare with the enhancements of attack aircraft in the tactical role."

* Rommel. "He was one of the great innovators in mechanized maneuver warfare who pioneered the breakthroughs in multiple-arms operations by integrating the stunning new developments in modern tank warfare with the enhancements of attack aircraft in the tactical role."

* Model. "excelled at both offensive and defensive warfare and he was a master of improvisation; often overcoming enormous operational adversities to persevere through the most intolerable challenges. In the beginning of the war it was on the offensive where his youthful talents were first recognized, in leading the 3rd Panzer Division as part of Gen. Heinz Guderian’s illustrious panzer advance through Byelorussia and the Ukraine."

* Von Kleist. "He was the senior general in charge of Germany’s panzer arm during their audacious attack across Western Europe in 1940. Because of that success he was assigned to lead one of the four panzer armies designated for Operation Barbarossa."

* Von Manteuffel. "He was one of the most outstanding panzer commanders in the Second World War and inherited a dazzling array of debilitating wounds and permanent scars to show for his courageous skills in leading tank forces during the heat of battle."

* Von Strachwitz. "Out of all Germany’s ace panzer commanders in the Second World War none could match the exemplary record of Graf von Strachwitz. The 'Armored Count;”

"The Best Commanders in the German Wehrmacht of WWII; Part II"

* Hube  "oversaw the formation of the 16th Panzer Division from scratch, during the run-up to Operation Barbarossa and then gallantly led it through one of the most harrowing but distinguished advances of all the tank formations in Germany’s Army Group South."

* Hoth. one of the German Army’s most acclaimed panzer commanders. He led the XV Motorized Corps during the German invasions of Poland and France, supervising the celebrated exploits of Rommel’s 7th Panzer Division and administering the decisive blow which destroyed the Polish Army. During Operation Barbarossa Hoth led the 3rd Panzer Group in one of the most renowned armored advances of the Second World War. His group assisted in orchestrating three of the most legendary enemy encirclements in military history"

* Von Balck. "In the case of German panzer general Hermann Balck that distinguished performance came at the height of one of the German Army’s most desperate moments on the Eastern Front."

* Von Saucken. "His cavalry beginnings made him a natural candidate for transition to the panzer arm, which he eagerly upheld in commanding the 4th Motorized Infantry Brigade during the invasions of France and Greece."

* Harpe. "became one of the foremost advocates of mechanized maneuver warfare. Along with Gen. Heinz Guderian, Harpe was one of the army’s expert, conceptual strategists in blitzkrieg operations."

* Neuring. "Was another great tactician in the field of mechanized maneuver warfare who was compelled to utilize his inherent, offensive skills more in a defensive role to delay the inevitable collapse of German resistance on the Eastern Front. But he did this with unceasing regularity in the tumultuous final year of the war and forced the Red Army to pay a heavy price for their numerous battlefield victories."

* Von Mackensen. "the younger [Mackensen the Younger as not be confused with his father from WW1 fame Mackensen the Elder] more than held his own by managing to carve out a rather successful track record in Germany’s panzer arm,"

* Von Vietinghof. "He was also a quite able panzer leader; serving as a corps commander in Gen. Heinz Guderian’s dynamic romp across Byelorussia during Operation Barbarossa"

* Lemelsen. "Another distinguished panzer commander who fought with Guderian’s 2nd Panzer Group during Operation Barbarossa."

* Hans Reinhardt. "Was another steady German general whose service was considered too invaluable to do without. Reinhardt led the 3rd Panzer Army for much of the war on the Eastern Front"

German commanders their performance superior both on the offensive [early stages of the war] and also on the defensive [latter stages of the war]. Patton never on the defensive or having to conduct a retrograde operation it should be noted.


Patton II.

This is coolbert:

"Defense is the stronger form of combat" - - Clausewitz.


Thanks here in all instances to Eric Margolis and his article as seen at the Lew Rockwell Internet web site!

Patton conclusion!


That Lorraine Campaign as was fought during the Second World War [WW2] much to the discredit of Patton. Repeated and foolish and ill-conceived American frontal assaults against fortifications manned by second-rate German troops armed in a second-hand manner very counter-productive.

Patton the commander a staunch advocate of  fast-moving maneuver armor warfare and constantly seeking "the flanks" of the enemy stymied in a big time manner by fortifications as constructed in the period immediately in the after of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870!!

Read the whole article by Eric.

"In Lorraine, Patton’s bloodiest campaign, he was up against some of Germany’s toughest officers. Of these . . .General Hermann von Balck, who performed the kind of flexible defense he had practiced in Russia on the Chir river. Thus on the Moselle and in the siege of Metz, the Germans forced Patton, short on gas and ammunition, into practicing the type of piecemeal attack that he deplored in others, and leading von Balck to speak of  'the poor and timid leadership of the Americans'”

In all instances the use of the word "timid" as applicable within the military dimension pejorative!!

"Patton and his 3rd Army remained immobilized while the war went on elsewhere. Patton’s plan to race across the Rhine and be the first Allied general to storm Berlin was frustrated by old forts and rugged German defenders. Finally, the Americans brought in French officers who had served on the Maginot Line to advise how to attack the forts."

Once more, second-rate German troops fighting strictly defensively with second-rate equipment but occupying formidable fortifications and commanded by superior commanders who knew their battlefield savvy a tough combination to beat.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Patton I.

This is coolbert:

I recommend  without qualification or reservation all devoted readers to the blog read these two articles the topic of which is General Patton.

General George S. Patton from the era of the Second World War [WW2] as perceived by the German senior military commander as an able, competent and good commander of armor but nothing more than that. NO better than dozens of German Wehrmacht tank commanders of similar rank and responsibility.

1. "Patton: The German View"

"One piece of the Patton story, however, is pure myth: that Patton was the subject of close scrutiny by the Germans, who anticipated his attacks in fearful admiration. General Patton was not . . . a 'hero even to professional German officers who respected him as the adversary they most feared in battle.' Nor was he . . .  regarded by the Germans 'as their most dangerous adversary in the field…. For a while the Germans watched the comings and goings of Patton like rubbernecked spectators following a tennis ball at Wimbleton.' In fact, for most of the war the Germans barely took notice."

2. "The German View of Patton" by Henrik Bering as based on the book by Harry Yeide.

"On this background, it is only natural to ask what the Germans thought of him [Patton], and how he [Patton] measures up to the Wehrmacht’s panzer generals . . .  As Yeide emphasizes, this not a biography but a meticulous recreation of Patton’s campaigns seen from the German perspective . . ..'Having been on the receiving end, the German officers were uniquely positioned to assess Patton’s effectiveness, though there are certain caveats.'"

Indeed, the most senior German flag officers [generals] seem to have been of two minds regarding Patton. 1. That attitude and perspective of Patton as "able, competent" but nothing more than that during the war. 2. The "Great Captain" worthy of comparison with Napoleon or the very best of the German Wehrmacht commanders in the aftermath of the war.

"We regarded General Patton extremely highly as the most aggressive panzer-general of the Allies. . . His operations impressed us enormously, probably because he came closest to our own concept of the classical military commander. He even improved on Napoleon’s basic tenet — activité, vitesse — vitesse".- - General Gunther Blumentritt.

German general officers [and admirals as well] in the aftermath of WW2 almost without exception subject to arrest, incarceration and subject to detailed interrogation. It can reasonably be thought that these senior German commanders realizing their predicament sought to ingratiate themselves with their captors one means of doing so rave reviews of Patton and possibly other allied officers as well?



This is coolbert:

Amber Alert! Amber was lost but now found?

 Devoted readers to the blog will realize this sort of item catches my attention right away.

From the New York Times and as seen at Freeper:


"Could Long-Lost Amber Room Be Stashed in a Nazi Bunker in Poland?"

"There is perhaps no lost-treasure mystery more seductive than that of the priceless Amber Room of Peter the Great, which disappeared in the chaotic closing hours of World War II. Now Bartlomiej Plebanczyk, an unassuming historian and museum director in northeastern Poland, believes he has found it."

"Elderly villagers told Mr. Plebanczyk that they had seen a German convoy unloading big crates into a secret chamber in a stark, moss-covered Nazi bunker near the Russian border in early 1945. So the Mamerki Museum, which he leads, recently completed a ground-penetrating radar scan of the derelict bunker that he said confirmed the existence of a hidden chamber."

. . . .

"The Amber Room is a singular treasure. It was originally completed in the 18th century in a palace near St. Petersburg, Russia, paneled with six tons of precious amber, elaborately carved and decorated with gold. After advancing German troops captured the palace in 1941, the 600-square-foot room was dismantled and carted off to Königsberg Castle in East Prussia, where it was later exposed to British bombs and Soviet shells. Berlin sent orders in January 1945 to evacuate high-value cultural items from the castle, but what happened after has never been clear."


One aspect of the Second World War [WW2] was pillage on a massive, institutionalized and Biblical scale by many of the adversaries. German, Soviet, Japanese, the allies probably too! IT MIGHT BE SUGGESTED IN WHAT WAR EXACTLY DID NOT SUCH UNSEEMLY BEHAVIOR OCCUR!!

See previous blog entries the topic of which was looting and thievery during WW2 and "long-lost" hidden treasure from that era:


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Adir F-35.

This is coolbert:

First from Freeper:

1. The Israeli now on the verge of accepting the F-35 Lightning into their inventory. This considered to be almost if not so A REVOLUTIONARY EVENT!

"As 10-year war anniversary nears, Israel to receive new stealth fighter jets"

"The Israeli defense establishment calls it a game changer, and views it as the plane that will provide the country with unparalleled aerial capabilities against its enemies."

"On Wednesday, the IAF will move a step closer to deploying the F-35 Lightning II, one of the world’s most advanced stealth fighter jets, when the first of its fifth-generation warplanes is officially rolled out by manufacturer Lockheed Martin."

"Defense officials say the jets will transform Israel’s combat capabilities and significantly upgrade the air force’s ability to confront the threats posed to it, particularly by Hezbollah."

2. In addition, from the Sheldon Adelson news letter Israel Hayom and extracted from same that evaluation of the American F-35 relatively optimistic.


Expect the Israeli perspective on the F-35 to be unique and indeed it is:

"Revolution is in the air"

"The Israeli Air Force is changing drastically before our eyes • The latest addition of the cutting edge F-35 fighter jet is expected to revolutionize the IAF further"

"But the enormous shadow cast by the F-35 also stems from the fact that the stealth fighter jet's development has been marred by intense international criticism. It is considered the most expensive defense project in U.S. history, with an estimated cost of $400 million, and it has seen many setbacks and delays. U.S. Defense Department Operational Test and Evaluation Director Dr. J. Michael Gilmore listed no fewer than 928 issues and failures in the aircraft, some of them critical, which have yet to be resolved as of two months ago: The ALIS -- the aircraft's very advanced 'brain' component -- has yet to be stabilized; the jet's radar system failed mid-flight; its main cannon has not yet been declared operational, and the list goes on.

"But the IAF is unfazed by the criticism  'the various problems stemming from the fact that the aircraft is still in the development stage, and they are being resolved one by one.' Air force [IAF] officials say they are familiar with the criticism and the failures that have arisen so far, adding such issues are typical of an aircraft in the early production stages. It is a natural process -- the problems are explored, test flights are held, and the outcome is analyzed. Right now, development is progressing at the expected pace, and the fact is that the first jets are expected to arrive in Israel on time, Israeli officials say."

"Issues and faults" as described nothwithstanding the F-35 will do and for many decades subsequent. IF THE ISRAELI HAS CONFIDENCE EVERYONE SHOULD ALSO!


Monday, June 20, 2016


This coolbert:

From the Sheldon Adelson Internet web site Israel Hayom and thanks to the article by the Professor Eyal Zisser the contrarian position regarding the Islamic State:

"No end in sight for ISIS"

"Over the past few weeks, the world has been hearing near-daily reports of the blows dealt to the Islamic State group."

Blows to include but not limited to:

* "In Iraq, government forces were able to make strides in Fallujah"

* "In Syria, U.S.-backed Kurdish forces threaten to sever Islamic State's routes near the Turkish border"

* "Iranian and Hezbollah forces backed by Russia to be exact -- are making headway in central Syria"

"One must remember however, that rumors of Islamic State's demise may be greatly exaggerated and may eventually turn out to be no more than wishful thinking."

ISIL not so much down and out and buried as some might like to think it is? You need to read the entire article by Professor Zisser.

See previous blog entries the topic was the DEMISE of ISIL:

Remember that a negotiated settlement with ISIL not an option!


Sunday, June 19, 2016


This is coolbert:

From Mr. Fred Reed an analysis I cannot disagree with.

Merely considering the perspective of the "cost-benefit basis" alone Osama bin Laden ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL MEN IN ALL OF HISTORY?

NOT for the best but undeniably so ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL?

As stated by Fred in a manner totally unique to himself:

"For a few hundred thousand dollars and an army of a couple of dozen, bin Laden stunningly humiliated America on international television, turned the country into a police state frightened of everything, inspired abrogation of its Constitution, and sucked the country into unending wars. On a cost-benefit basis, it was astonishing. He up-throttled national decline and has Americans hopping barefoot in airports while recordings on subways tell us to watch each other and report 'suspicious behavior.'”

Consider alone that the amount of money as estimated to have been spent by Al Qaeda to bomb the two embassies in east African was about $1,500 USD TOTAL!!

Expenditure for the 9/11 operation probably greater but as Fred states in all likelihood not more than several hundred thousand USD!

The United States since 9/11 having engaged now in two wars [Iraq and Afghan] with a new war in progress against the Islamic State, ASTRONOMICALLY FAR GREATER AMOUNTS OF MONEY [not counting lives lost] SPENT IN RESPONSE TO THE GWOT WITH NO END YET IN SIGHT!!

Those two wars in Iraq and /Afghan [and now against ISIL] having cost in the TRILLIONS of dollars to the American taxpayer [that exact amount the bill of which perhaps not even fully calculable] the dollar "cost-benefit basis" extraordinarily lopsided in favor of Osama, think in THE MILLIONS!!!



Saturday, June 18, 2016


This is coolbert:

Flash! Solution to the problem of the air-independent-propulsion [AIP] submarine solved?

From a Strategy Page article as extracted even more germane than the Russian submarine fleet the threat as posed by the AIP submarine now better understood and greatly mitigated?

"Submarines: Noise From Russia"

"The U.S. has found that, given current sensor (sonar, magnetic, heat, chemical) technology it is possible to detect very quiet submerged diesel-electric sub. This includes the new ones one using AIP (Air-Independent Propulsion) systems that allow diesel-electric sub to stay under water, silently, for several weeks at a time. Since 2000 the United States has done a lot of work on improving systems used to detect submerged subs. This included lots of tests on diesel electric and AIP subs that led to many small tweaks to existing sensors on subs and surface ships. AIP boats, in particular, were found to have many vulnerabilities. The AIP technology generated more noise and heat than just using batteries for underwater propulsion. The more the U.S. studied AIP subs in operation the more ways they found these subs could be detected. The passive (listen only) sonar systems in the new Virginia class SSNs (nuclear attack sub) were tweaked considerably to better find diesel-electric and AIP boats"

With regard to noise as generated by submarines of the NUCLEAR PROPULSION VARIETY consider that an American Seawolf submarine creates while sailing only one/one-hundredth [1/100] the amount of noise as emitted by a Los Angeles class sub, the latter WHILE DOCKED!!

And the Virginia class nuclear sub even less noisier than the Seawolf? Amazing.

See previous blog entries regarding the AIP threat:


Friday, June 17, 2016


This is coolbert:

Yet more from the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter:


"Mass killing, torture, of Fallujah civilians by Shiite militia"

12 June.

"The governor of Anbar [province] Suhaib al-Rawi came out with a report on Saturday on killings, torture and imprisonment of Fallujah civilians by members of the Iraqi Shiite militia who are backing government troops in the battle, adding that the city is being unjustifiably destroyed. 'Iraqi troops continue their advance into Fallujah but with it images of inhumane acts and abuse have come out perpetrated by some armed groups that is sectarian in every sense,' al-Rawi said. 'These actions have tainted and affected the overall operations.' The governor added that these images of abuse have frightened the people of Fallujah who are trapped in the city between Islamic State-ISIS rule on one side and daily bombardment on the other."



And bodes poorly for the future. The Islamic State Sunni and having adherents whose motivation in part is the poor governance of the Baghdad Shia controlled government. These acts of revenge hardly improves the basic situation.



This is coolbert:

From the latest edition of the DEBKA file newsletter:

Hey, I thought that those coalition forces arrayed against the Libyan affiliate of ISIL were to be led by the Italians. There is a strong American component at work here too? NOT at all covered by the main stream media either. DEBKA is a font of news not see elsewhere.

1. "US and Libyan forces retake Sirte port from ISIS"

11 June.

"US special forces and Libyan army, aligned to the UN-backed unity government in Tripoli have retaken control of the port in the city of Sirte, after fierce fighting with ISIS . . . about 500 US commandos are taking part in the battle. Sirte is the most significant ISIS stronghold outside Iraq and Syria. Air and missile strikes hit ISIS positions this week. Troops are moving closer to the city center. The forces began the battle to retake the city last month."

2. "Pair of car bombings hit Libya's port city of Sirte; over 16 dead"

16 June.

"Two suicide bombers driving vehicles packed with explosives blew themselves up in the Libyan port city of Sirte on Thursday, killing more than 16 militiamen loyal to the country's government who were fighting Islamic State, and wounding dozens of others. In recent weeks Libyan militias including some backed by Western countries have succeeded in driving ISIS from some areas of the city, such as the seaport and the airport, although the terrorist organization still controls most of Sirte."

See previous blog entries the Libyan connection to ISIL unmistakable:


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Force de Dissuasion.

This is coolbert:

Let me dissuade you!

The French nuclear deterrent no longer including land-based missiles carrying atomic warheads.

According to the wiki a capacity for submarine launched ballistic-missiles and nuclear munitions delivery by combat aircraft still remains.

That latter item [combat warplanes] either land-based or carrier-based.

"Land-based component"

"France no longer possesses land-based nuclear missiles. The IRBM base at the Plateau d'Albion (Vaucluse region) was deactivated in 1999 and its missiles scrapped. All French Army units equipped with short-range missiles such as the Pluton and the Hadès were disbanded, their missiles scrapped and their fissile nuclear materials recycled."

The French S3 intermediate-range ballistic-missile now gone with the wind and for some time now.

"The S3 was a French land-based Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile, equipped with a single 1.2-megatonne thermonuclear warhead. In France it is [was] called an SSBS, for Sol-Sol Balistique Stratégique, or Ground-Ground Strategic Ballistic Missile."

French naval aviation also possessing a mid-air refueling-ability and also can work off of an American aircraft carrier.

With regard to the Euro 2016 soccer tournament the naval base of Toulon ALMOST WITHOUT QUESTION HAVING A NUCLEAR WEAPONS DEPOT OF SOME SORT. A PRIME TARGET FOR RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ DURI8NG A TIME OF "PINK TERROR". [pink terror that few hours just before overt hostilities begin!]

"The military port of Toulon (French - arsenal de Toulon) is the principal base of the French Navy, sited in the city of Toulon. It holds most of France's force d'action navale, comprising the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle as well as its nuclear attack submarines, in total more than 60% of the tonnage of the French Navy".

Perhaps my imagination that those Russian soccer hooligans perhaps include Spetsnaz personnel doing a recce [reconnaissance of the Toulon facility] is not so far fetched?


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Soccer Hooligans?

This is coolbert:

Devoted readers to the blog will understand that this is all speculation on my part!

Those of you that have even been following the Euro 2016 soccer matches in France will be well aware of the violence between Russian and English soccer hooligans.

Described as "hooligans" but from my intuitive and instantaneous reaction those Russian perpetrators of mob action represent much more than mere civilians run amuck!

"Hooligans either Russian Spetsnaz or authentic Russian soccer fans having Spetsnaz surreptitiously embedded with them.

Spetsnaz taking advantage of the soccer matches to do a RECCE [reconnaissance] of targets in France..

"Euro 2016: Russian insider reveals football hooligans are ‘more than Ultras’ who train for fights with martial arts"

"They train for these fights, they do boxing, martial arts, that is why they move in formations and can carry out ambushes,”" - - Nikolai.

"dressed in camouflage uniform, Nikolai – in his late twenties, of medium height, physically fit but not steroid-muscled as some of the Russian football supporters look in France – had been happy to talk about his home at a southern suburb of Moscow, his deeply held Orthodox Christian faith, his previous service in Russia’s naval infantry [Russian Marines] and his empathy with the Donbass Peoples Militia."

"Nikolai cannot understand why so much fuss is being made about the violence during the Euro 2016 championship. He has, he said, seen far worse. That, indeed, is the case – the young Russian had served as a 'volunteer' with separatist forces in Ukraine’s  bloody civil war."

"Two years ago, at the towns of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk, in rebel eastern Ukraine, Nikolai had claimed that he was there to distribute aid and help those injured in the fighting, rather than take part in combat himself. Now he insists that he is in France simply to watch the football and not to seek any trouble"

Those Russian soccer "hooligans" during the fighting it being observed:

* Fight as a unit.
* Knowing martial arts and not afraid to mix it up with fists and boots.
* Having evaded French airport security by traveling from Russia to France via a variety of overland routes.

From the Soviet era defector Suvorov regarding the role of Spetsnaz during a time of "grey terror" as a prelude to overt hostilities:

"There are explosions practically everyday in Paris. The main targets are the government targets and the government districts, communication centers and military headquarters. At the same time terrible forest fires are raging in the South of France."


Devoted readers to the blog will have to decide for themselves if my imagination has run wild. Or has it?


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Gravelotte/St. Privat.

This is coolbert:

"Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war." - - Bismarck.

Yet one more instance of shock and awe.

From that era of the Franco-Prussian War, 1870.

Gravelotte/St. Privat.

"The Battle of Gravelotte (or Gravelotte–St. Privat) on 18 August 1870 was the largest battle during the Franco–Prussian War, named after Gravelotte, a village in Lorraine between Metz and the former French–German frontier"

"The casualties were severe, especially for the attacking Prussian forces. Casualties for the Prussians were 20,163 troops killed, wounded or missing in action during the 18 August battle."

The Prussian infantry in tightly bunched and packed formation attempting to cross an open, long and wide expanse of terrain and close with their French adversary.

Those Frenchmen occupying breastworks and firing single-shot breech-loaded rifles [chassepot].
Extreme advantage to the defender and extreme disadvantage to the Prussian.

8,000 Prusssian casualties [KIA + WIA] in TWENTY MINUTES, that assault a total and catastrophic failure.

An artist rendition and probably quite accurate portrayal of what would have seen at Gravelotte/St. Privat. Anyone care to join in? Click on image to see an enlarged view.

In addition according to my information [the wiki entry does not confirm] ONE DAY EARLIER [?] the situation even worse for the Prussian.

Again the frontal assault [Mars La-Tour] across that open expanse of terrain and once more staggering casualty figures.

The Prussian Guards losing 5,000 dead in FIFTEEN MINUTES!! That Prussian Guard the finest enlisted troops of the highest quality and as commanded by officers of noble rank.

In BOTH CASES objective not gained, mission a total failure.

NO ONE ever said war was easy but this all seems outrageous. Seems like no one able to receive and understand the message DO NOT ATTACK IN THIS MANNER!.

I hate to sound glib but when you consider from just those two battles alone the killed-in-action [KIA] and wounded-in-action [WIA] as compared to all of Afghan and Iraq the latter seeminbgly almost like a gala event in comparison, doesn't it?


Monday, June 13, 2016


This is coolbert:

As seen and extracted with commentary from the Internet web site

"Foreign Languages and SF"

"Army Special Forces is the only combat arms element in the US military that requires every member to have some mastery of a foreign language"

"Why not just use interpreters?"

"Well, can you trust an interpreter the way you can a team member? Maybe. In time. With a certain subset of interpreters. But right from the beginning? No."

"You also need to have linguists on the team as a safety check on those interpreters. If they think they can get away with it, they’re going to put their own spin on what you’re saying — at the very least. It’s human nature. [...]"


Evidently one of the most devastating spies in all of history. By the after-action damage control report of the CIA alone was directly responsible in a single-handed manner for having prolonged the Korean War for at least one year!!

During the Korean War working for American ground forces as an interpreter/translator and all the while an agent of Chinese communist intelligence!!

"Larry Wu-tai Chin . . . was a Chinese language translator working for the CIA's Foreign Broadcast Information Service. He sold classified documents to the People's Republic of China from 1952 to 1985."

"Chin served as a Chinese translator in the US Army during the Korean War, at which time he is believed to have first come into contact with Chinese intelligence."

"He may have supplied the Chinese with information about prisoners of war captured by American, South Korean, and allied forces".

"He misrepresented the intelligence that he was translating from captured Chinese soldiers resulting in the loss of US forces and missed tactical opportunities."

"Many of these Chinese soldiers intended to defect to South Korea. He also provided the Chinese with the names of captured Chinese soldiers who were revealing information or intended to defect."

"The Chinese then specifically requested these soldiers by name to be released back to China before the armistice negotiations could take place. This delayed the negotiations process for over a year, resulting in countless lost lives."

In the aftermath of the Korean War Larry as an employee of the CIA for a period of three decades continuing his treachery quite well until unmasked. NEVER HAVING BEEN PROPERLY DEBRIEFED, THE MAN TERMINATING HIS LIFE, SUFFOCATING HIMSELF WITH A PLASTIC BAG!

Special Forces men also their language ability quite limited I might think within the context of being able to understood with fluency the type of nuanced exchange that might occur between a local in a battle zone nd an interpreter.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Jordan GIC.

This is coolbert:

Finally more from the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter the Islamic State combatants not only continue the fight but do so attacking high-value Jordanian targets.

"ISIS launches Ramadan with terror strike in Jordan"

7 June.

"Short: Of all the possible places braced for ISIS terror attacks when Ramadan began, the first attack on the first day of the month-long fast was launched Monday, June 6, in Jordan. Five armed men, in two cars, attacked the Jordanian General Intelligence Command in the Baqaa Palestinian camp, near the capital Amman."

"As Europe tensed for terror, the Islamists kicked off their Ramadan campaign with a classical hit-and-run operation that killed five Jordan intelligence officers."

Initiation of new hostilities during Ramadan not allowed. Hostilities already in progress can continue.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Truman vs. Bear.

This is coolbert:

Also from the latest edition of the DEBKAfile a came of cat and mouse has begun?

USS Truman aircraft carrier versus the Soviet Bear?

1. "USS Truman airstrikes ISIS from the Mediterranean"

4 June.

"The USS Harry S. Truman conducted airstrikes against the Islamic State from the Mediterranean Sea on Friday".

. . . .

"The strike marks the first launched by the United States from the Mediterranean since Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003."

2. "'Russian bear' TU-142M vs USS Truman naval strike force opposite Syria"

6 June.

"Western naval officials report that one day after aircraft carrier USS Truman and its strike group attacked ISIS targets from the Mediterranean, the advanced Russian reconnaissance airplane, the TU-124 [DEBKA needs to correct this. The Tu-124 is a commercial passenger airliner], nicknamed 'Russian bear' was stationed in Syria."

"Western aviation experts say that the Russian plane was seen flying over the battle areas in Aleppo, Syria."

Many varieties of the "M" Tu-142 "Bear" exist.

"This is the first time, since the Russian military involvement began on October 2015, that a Russian reconnaissance airplane of this type is seen in the area."

Also at least to my knowledge the first time since the Cold War that Bear has been stationed and flying out of an airfield other than within Soviet/Russian territory proper. The only other occurrence being Bear flying out of Conakry, reconnaissance flights over the Atlantic.


Friday, June 10, 2016

Fallujah II.

This is coolbert:

Pity the plight of those residents of Fallujah.

A city fought over three times [four times?] now. Destruction to life and limb and property immense.
And the battle continues!!

As seen at the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter:

"Thousands fleeing Fallujah, crossing the Euphrates river"

4 June.

"Thousands of civilians from Fallujah tried to flee the battles around the city by crossing the Euphrates river flowing through the city."

"DEBKAfile military sources say that the Iraqi and Pro-Iranian Shiite forces are not advancing, and that they are unable to overcome the ISIS militants and break through their defenses. Haider al-Abadi, Iraq's Prime Minister, who visited the fighting forces, admitted that there is no progress in the attack, and that taking over the city might take longer than planned."

"Meanwhile, various sources are reporting heavy losses among the attackers. Shiite cemeteries report around 70 dead arriving daily for burial. The hospitals in Bagdad are full to capacity with injured soldiers coming from the Fallujah battles."

Coalition warfare difficult even under the most favorable of circumstances. That melange' of Iraqi National Army, Shia militia and Iranian proxies just will not be able and evidently is even now unable to fight well. Too many chiefs and too few Indians. Those Indians poor commanded I might think.

The results speak for themselves., Especially when faced with a resolute and determined foe such as the Islamic State.


Thursday, June 9, 2016


This is coolbert:

Once in while this sort of thing occurs and when it does you want to stand up and shout HOORAY! And with good reason too.

The military man using his skills and training to thwart the thug, the robbe3r, the assailant. The military man doi8ng a good job of doing so!

"Armed thieves at a McDonald's are captured by 11 French Special Forces soldiers who were...We’re robbin’ it "

"Armed thieves at a McDonald's are captured by 11 French Special Forces soldiers who were in the restaurant. Robbers raid McDonald's in Ecole-Valentin, near Besancon, eastern France But they found 11 elite special forces soldiers who shot and overpowered them .... But the soldiers, who had their weapons with them but out of sight, played it cool until they had the chance to strike and could minimize the danger to other customers."

In almost five decades of following the news on a regular basis can I remember of only about four to five such instances of the military man acting in such a capacity. OFTEN at great danger to the life of the soldier.


The French military until at least very recently not allowed to carry a loaded weapon in public or act in a police capacity. That policy is gone now and will be for a long time I might surmise.

Très bon travail mes amis.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016


This is coolbert:

"They are young. They are aggressive. They drink a lot". They!

Speaking of U.S. Marine personnel on the island Okinawa. ONCE AGAIN AMERICAN MILITARY PERSONNEL BEHAVING BADLY!

Thanks to the tip from Freeper. DRACONIAN MEASURES TAKEN.

"draconian - - 2. rigorous; unusually severe or cruel: Draconian forms of punishment.

"No booze for you: Drinking banned for U.S. Navy sailors in Japan"

"U. S Navy sailors in Japan can say goodbye to their sake."

"Following an alleged drunk driving incident by a 21-year-old Petty Officer 2nd Class Aimee Mejia, the Navy announced Monday that drinking alcohol would be banned for all 19,000 personnel in Japan."

"Imbibing will be banned both on and off base, and sailors will no longer be able to freely leave their bases. Leaving base grounds will be allowed only for running necessary errands, or commuting from an off-base home."

. . . .

"Mejia’s vehicle allegedly crossed the center line on a freeway on the island of Okinawa before striking two other vehicles. She was not injured in the crash, but two people in the other cars were."


This drunk driving incident on the island of Okinawa of course not existing in a vacuum. As described in the Chicago Sun Times today courtesy of the USA Today additional bad behavior of the American military man [or woman] to include:

1. "a U.S. base worker, a former Marine, was arrested May 19 and charged with the brutal rape and murder of a 20-year-old Japanese woman." [the accused led the police to the body and has confessed]

2. "Many Japanese already were shocked by the arrest of a Navy corpsman two months earlier on charges of raping a Japanese woman in a hotel in the city of Naha, Okinawa's capital. The Navy corpsman pleaded guilty in a Japanese court last week."

An Okinawan please understand SIX TIMES more likely to be murdered, robbed, raped or assaulted by another Okinawan than have a SIMILAR crime perpetrated by a member of the U.S. military. But that matters little in perception of many.



This is coolbert:

"pissy: 2. inferior, nasty, or disagreeable."

Surely I have made a goodly number of blog entries recently the topic of which was tanks and armor.

Here with more. The perspective of the Soviet era defector Victor Suvorov. The man a tank officer whose observations most profound.

That Soviet era tank T-72 [1972] as now being refit, refurbished and improved upon by the Russian army originally as envisioned to be an EXPORT version only but evidently large numbers also taken in the Soviet arsenal.

The T-72 merely a variation of the T-64 [1964] of which Suvorov has some acerbic comments:

"Never before, at the introduction of a new tank into t service, had young officers been kept back for re-training, which was formerly at the divisional level as part of everyday service. This is understandable : all previous tanks from the T-44 to the  T-62 [T-44/T-54/T-55/T-62], represent the continuation of one line of development, in that each, each successive model retained, in its construction many elements possess by the previous model, and therefor re-training was a comparatively uncomplicated process. Now this line of development had been exploited to the full and the new T-64, was based on entirely new principles. everything in it, from its general lay-out, to stabilizers, optics, signals and drive, was  unusual and completely new, and it turned out later, also totally unreliable."

The T-64 described by Suvorov and his fellow tank officers as a "pissy" tank:

"from the very first look, we all liked the 125 mm gun. It was the most powerful gun in the world and no tank  had ever had anything like it before. Because of its amazing initial velocity, its shells could tear away the turrets of tank-targets and hurl them a distance of about ten meters [thirty-three feet], [a tank turret weighs eight or even twelve tons]."

"But now, upon closer acquaintance, our delight with the T-64's had begun gradually to fade . . . the gun [was] . . . smooth-bored . . . and this immediately adversely affected it accuracy. In fact, it was an all-powerful gun, which always missed the target."

"The tank's tracks were also based on entirely new principles. . . . The only trouble was that they constantly fell off."

"And finally, the engine itself was not bad, it was disgusting. Several teams of workers and engineers, and a gang of designers were sent along simply to maintain our one tank regiment. But they could not hope to solve problems arising from the engine's design, try as they might."


Well, that was over fifty years ago now. Perhaps the deficiencies have been worked out? I wonder.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016


This is coolbert:

INA = Iraqi National Army.

As seen at Freeper. "The moral is to the physical as three is to one" - - Napoleon.

"Iraqi Army Seen as Ill Equipped to Retake Mosul From ISIS, Despite U.S. Aid"

"WASHINGTON — An exhausted and ill-equipped Iraqi Army faces daunting obstacles on the battlefield that will most likely delay for months a long-planned major offensive on the Islamic State stronghold of Mosul, American and allied officials say. The delay is expected despite American efforts to keep Iraq’s creaky war machine on track. Although President Obama vowed to end the United States’ role in the war in Iraq, in the last two years the American military has increasingly provided logistics to prop up the Iraqi military, which has struggled to move basics like food, water and ammunition to its troops"


It is not a lack of equipment that is an impediment to the Iraqi National Army in their fight with ISIL!

The INA is not successful because of they do not possess M1A1 tanks and more ammo for the main gun of same. The INA is not successful because they need more Hellfire missiles and delivery systems for same. AND CERTAINLY NOT FOR A LACK OF ARMORED HUMVEE!

It is true that "lieutenants think tactics and generals think logistics". YES! But when thinking of the INA more better to think of El Obeid from 1883?

The famous/infamous Japanese officer of the Second World War Colonel Tsuji would just say that the Iraqi National Army is bereft of any sort of fighting spirit!! Nothing more than that. Reinforcing failure in Iraqi is not an option and cannot be.

Or are my observations all a bunch of "sour grapes"? An instance of "those with the loudest voices are often found furthest from the scene of the action"!

You the devoted reader to the blog tell me.


Monday, June 6, 2016


This is coolbert:

First we take Tokyo, then we take Berlin!!

"The sound of silence — why Germany lost its subs bid (Australia)"

"It was the smallest of sounds, too soft for human ears but deemed loud enough to potentially doom an Australian submarine"

"Two weeks ago, behind closed doors in a shipyard in the German port of Kiel, the secrets behind Australia’s $150 billion submarine decision were finally revealed. It was a moment that left the Germans stunned. They were told for the first time that they had lost the bid because their proposed Aust­ralian submarine had an 'un­acceptable’' level of  'radiated noise'’’.

. . . .

"In a short and testy exchange, the truth became clear — France had won the largest defense ­contract in the nation’s history ­because it had best achieved the sound of silence. than those proposed by Germany or Japan."

"But this is a $150bn judgment call — the construction phase is worth $50bn, with the sustainability of the submarines running to an extra $100bn over the life of the vessels . . . It is also one that threatens to undermine ­relations with Berlin in the same way as the rejection of Japan’s bid has harmed Canberra’s ties with Tokyo."

France si, Germany and Japan no!

See previous blog entries regarding this topic:


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Three Tankmen.

This is coolbert:

For your enjoyment and edification.the lyrics from the song of the Soviet era tankmen.

 “The Three Tankmen”

 “The Three Tankmen” It is a very famous song. It was made in the time when a large danger of a war with Japan was real . . . It looks like the song was made on the basis of the events in the region of the Khasan Lake . . . This song stayed very popular and during WWII."

“The Three Tankmen” (Translated by Andrey)

"Some lowering black clouds move on the state border,
The inclement land is filled by silence.
The high banks of the Amur River are securing by
The sentries of the Motherland who are standing there.
The sentries of the Motherland who are standing there.

A firm covering force is placed there against an enemy.
A valiant and strong unit is standing
Nearly the border of the Far Eastern land -
It is an armored shock battalion.
It is an armored shock battalion.

Three tankmen, three merry friends,
They are the crew of a combat vehicle,
Live there like an inviolable firm family –
And the song guarantees that it is true.
Three tankmen, three merry friends,
They are the crew of a combat vehicle.

Some thick dew fell on grass,
Wide fogs fell on a ground.
Samurais decided to cross the border
Nearly the river in this night.
Samurais decided to cross the border
Nearly the river in this night.

But the intelligence reported exactly
And the powerful unit was given by an order and became to move
On the native Far Eastern land -
It was the armored shock battalion.
It was the armored shock battalion.

Tanks were rushing, raising a wind,
The redoubtable armor was advancing.
And Samurais were falling to a ground
Under the pressure of steel and a fire.
And Samurais were falling to a ground
Under the pressure of steel and a fire.

And all the enemies were eliminated - and the song guarantees that it is true, -
In the fire attack
By three tankmen, three merry friends,
Who are the crew of a combat vehicle!
By three tankmen, three merry friends,
Who are the crew of a combat vehicle!"


They just don't write them like that anymore, do they?



This is coolbert:

It is not only the Israeli or the American that can take a tank already existing in the inventory and using refit, refurbishment and upgrade create a much more robust and combat effective armor vehicle!


"Get Ready, NATO: Russia's Cold War T-72 Tank Is Set for a Big Upgrade"

"Russia plans to spend 2.5 billion rubles to upgrade one hundred and fifty T-72Bs to the new B3M standard for an average of 17 million rubles per tank."

"In U.S. dollar terms, that’s a total of $35 million for an average of $234,000 per tank—which means the T-72B3M upgrade is a relative bargain for the capability the vehicle is expected to deliver."

 "According to Izvestia, the upgraded tank will get a new 2A46M5 125-millimeter smoothbore gun along with a new sighting system called the Sosna-U, which will be paired with the 1A40-4 fire-control system. The tank will also receive a new ballistics computer to help increase its accuracy. Perhaps more significantly, the T-72B3M will receive an independent PK PAN sight for the tank commander, which has its own thermal imaging system."

"The T-72B3M is also getting the new Relikt explosive reactive armor (ERA) package that was first introduced on the T-90AM. The Relikt replaces the older Kontakt-5 ERA package, and is allegedly twice as effective as the older system."

"The T-72B3M will also receive a new 1,130hp V-92S2F to replace its original 780hp diesel engine. The new engine is coupled with a new automatic transmission system and improved drive train, which should improve the T-72’s mobility. The driver will also receive a new rear-view camera display to improve his situational awareness."


More on the T-72 later. The T-72 based on an original design from over fifty years ago [T-64].


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Democratic Front.

This is coolbert:

Contradictory reports from Syria. According to the DEBKAfile one group of militia opposed to Assad having fled the battlefield. Another militia as opposed to Assad however advancing. American backed militias in both cases.

1. "ISIS forces advance towards the Turkish border. Syrian rebels flee"

29 May.

"The ISIS attacks on Syrian rebel forces south of Aleppo continue, and the Jihadi forces are situated less than 5km from the Syrian-Turkish border. A number of ISIS missiles exploded near the Gaziantep airport in south Turkey."

"The front headquarters of the US, Turkey and Saudi intelligence are in Gaziantep, supervising the rebels in south Syria. Our sources say that this is the one of biggest defeats of the Democratic Rebel Forces, who are funded and trained by Turkey and Saudi Arabia."

"The US and Turkey air forces are unable to attack the advancing ISIS fighters who are using the 150,000 Syrian refugees in the area as human shields."

2. "US-backed militias attack ISIS in north Syria"

1 June.

"Syrian militia fighters backed by US air strikes and Turkish artillery went action against an Islamic State pocket in Manbij in North Syria, near the Turkish border."

". . . military and intelligence sources say the militia fighters are recruited from Arab and Turkmen minorities."

See previous blog entries the topic of which was the Turkomen ethnic group and their involvement in the Syrian Civil War:



This is coolbert:

From the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter:

"ISIS set for Ramadan attacks in Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel"

28 May.

"US and European intelligence and anti-terrorism sources warned on Saturday that ISIS is set to carry out attacks during the month of Ramadan in several Middle East countries: Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Israel."

Ramadan that holy month for the Muslim the perception being that NO WARFARE BEING ALLOWED DURING THAT PERIOD!

According to the ulema [religious scholars and authorities] this much better defined as meaning NO INITIATION OF NEW HOSTILITIES!

Wars already being fought can continue UNABATED!


Sultan Yacoub.

This is coolbert:

"No mother would want her son to be killed rather than be taken prisoner…You prefer to wait until he returns, even if it goes on for very many years." — Pnina Feldman.


From the Times of Article and the article by Hillel Kuttler from 2012 that special significance of the Israeli M48 tank to be returned by the Russian unmistakable, the crew  missing-in-action THEIR STATUS AS POW NEVER DETERMINED!

"Thirty years later, missing IDF trio is all but forgotten"

"Yehuda Katz, Zachary Baumel and Zvi Feldman went MIA in Lebanon in 1982 and have since fallen off the radar of the Israeli public"

. . . .

"Later this month [2012] she [the mother of Zachary Baumel] will travel to England to seek out a British diplomat who reportedly witnessed the parading of three kidnapped Israeli soldiers — perhaps her son, Katz and Feldman — through Damascus streets just hours after their capture."


The Hannibal Directive of the Israeli military in part formulated after the alleged capture of these three troops? A barrage of eleven battalions of tube artillery [200 pieces of tube artillery] firing simultaneously on the same target during the Battle of Sultan Yaacov a response to Baumel, Katz and Feldman all being captured?



Sultan Yaacov.

This is coolbert:

As reported by the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter events as transpired from OVER THIRTY YEARS AGO once again a hot button issue!!

An Israeli M48A3 Magach tank now and for some time a museum piece in Moscow to be returned to Israel.

1. "The tank from Sultan Yaakov battle will be returned to Israel from Russia"

29 May.

"The tank in which the three missing soldier from Sultan Yaakov battle, Zvi Feldman, Yehuda Katz and Zachary Baumel, fought in, and which was transferred by the Syrian army from Lebanon to Russia, will be returned to Israel from the army museum in Moscow. Staff of the IDF Ordnance Corps is in Russia to examine the process of transferring the tank to Israel."

2. "Why Putin sent a lost Israeli tank home"

30 May [?]

"Syrian President Assad was certainly part of President Putin's plan to send the lost Israeli tank back home to further their next plans. Putin is trying to promote Moscow's policy in south Syria by returning the Israeli-American tank to Israel. In this way he strives to help Assad regain his rule over south Syria."

Read further from the wiki regarding Sultan Yaacov:

"The Israelis failed to destroy the disabled M48A3 Magach-3 tanks they left behind and they were recovered the next day by the Syrians. At least one is now on display at the Tishreen Panorama Military Museum in Damascus.". [the tank being returned is on display at the Kubinka military museum in Moscow!]

"Ex-Israeli ERA-armored M48 tank. Tank was captured during the Battle of Sultan Yacoub." This is the image of the Israeli M48 tank on display at Kubinka and to be returned to Israel

Also from the wiki concerning the Battle of Sultan Yaacov and the circumstances under which the Israeli tank was captured. THERE IS A CERTAIN SIGNIFICANCE TO THIS TANK!