Monday, January 31, 2022


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The evening news USA today considered this to be a story of proportions beyond normal. And with good reason.

In many species the female is often the more dangerous?

American Islamic State adherent and much more than a mere operative so it seems.

Allison Elizabeth Fluke-Ekren, 42 years of age and an American schoolteacher.

"Kansas Woman Accused of Leading ISIS Battalion Ordered Held Without Bail"

From Epoch Times the story by Alice Giordano and Zachary Stieber.

"A Kansas woman who is accused of plotting terrorist attacks on American soil was ordered held without bail during a hearing on Monday."

“Fluke-Ekren is charged with providing and conspiring to provide material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization. If convicted, she faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Actual sentences for federal crimes are typically less than the maximum penalties."

Allison apparently much more than a run-of-the-mill operative. Better understood as an organizer and leader. Part and parcel of a terrorist organization hierarchy responsible for crimes against humanity.

"run-of-the-mill: Common, standard, or average; mediocre."

Read further of this Allison and her Islamic state adventure:

"Allison Fluke-Ekren: Overbrook, Kansas, Teacher Accused in ISIS Plot"

As far as I understand American law, this Allison cannot be tried for treason or sedition. Can be tried as apparently charged with only [?] "providing material support or resources" to a terrorist organization. She should be charged with crimes against humanity. Tried in a Nuremberg style court and given an appropriate punishment to include the death penalty if possible. Doubt it will happen but wish it would be so.



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More paranormal stuff with the military dimension.

Witchery, England, World War Two. The sacred order of the witch-hunters alert and responding.


From the "Coffee or Die" Internet webzine the article by  Lauren Coontz.

"As news of Blitz deaths hit the front pages of London newspapers in early April 1944, so did an odd story about a witch that clenched Winston Churchill’s jaw and almost sent cigar smoke pouring out of his ears."

"Authorities in London arrested Scottish psychic Helen 'Hellish Nell' Duncan and charged her with witchcraft, using a legal statute from the Witchcraft Act of 1735. It was the first time in a century the law had been used."

Helen best described as a see-er? Possessing cognition of a super-natural nature! Helen on several occasions "see-ing" from afar events of military disaster the details of which were never released to the public?

"Exodus 22:18: “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”. King James Version (KJV)

Well, I guess if only one witch found in a century that isn't so bad! That question should have asked too, how DID Helen know!



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Israel stymied? Tactics used to routinely destroy Iranian weapons bound for the Syrian military and Hezbollah now hardly routine if even possible.

Russia enters the fray. Has been involved in the Syrian Civil War for some time but now participation escalating?

Thanks to DEBKAfile as copied in entirety.

"Russia lets Iranian arms planes land at its Syrian air base"

 Jan 29, 2022 @ 17:57

"In a major concession to Iran – and the third setback in a week for Israel – Moscow is for the first time allowing Iranian weapons-laden flights land at the big Russian Hmeimim air base in western Syria. This follows the announcement of joint Russia-Syria air patrols over the Golan and the deployment of Russian military police units at the Syrian port of Latakia, after it was bombed by Israel as a primary portal for the intake of Iranian weapons shipments for its surrogate forces. Hmeimim is the main hub of Russia’s military operations in Syria. Our sources report that a joint Russia-Syria air defense exercise was conducted this week, another inhibitor of the continuation of Israeli air strikes.."

Absolutely clear what is occurring here. Israeli warplanes attacking [as has been done repeatedly in the past] Iranian munitions-carrying transport aircraft or arms depots now out of the question? Too much danger of killing Russian military personnel on-the-scene, enraging the Kremlin.

Anyone disagree with this?


Sunday, January 30, 2022


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Barbarism on display. Libraries of repute for having collections of priceless books from  antiquity put to the torch during a time of war.

"put to the torch: To set fire to something with the intention of destroying it."

From the Internet web site "Live Science" the article by Tom Garlinghouse.

"The rise and fall of the Great Library of Alexandria"

"The famous library in Egypt flourished for six centuries and was the cultural and intellectual center of the ancient Hellenistic world before falling into ruin."

Julius Caesar long thought of having in a deliberate manner setting fire to the great library of Alexandria Egypt during the time of the Ptolemy dynasty. Value books on a variety of subjects not to be found anywhere else gone and forever!

The actions of a savage and barbarian with total disdain for civilization and learning of the highest order.

Even a history of world from 40,000 B.C. as attributed to the scholar Berossus gone. Irreplaceable!!

"Julius Caesar was accused by historians such as Plutarch and Seneca of starting a fire in Alexandria that burned the library to the ground, and for a long time modern historians accepted this version of events. The conflagration occurred during Caesar's occupation of the city in 48 B.C., a time when Caesar was fighting a civil war against his political rivals. According to the story, Caesar, besieged by his rivals, ordered his troops to set fire to enemy ships in the harbor. The historian Plutarch wrote, 'Caesar was forced to repel the danger by using fire, which spread from the dockyards and destroyed the Great Library.'"

"But the story is likely exaggerated, most historians now agree. There was a fire during Caesar's occupation, but it is believed that the library was largely unaffected, though some scrolls may have been burned. Historians cite evidence that the library survived by pointing to the writings of later visitors, such as the scholar Strabo, who mention using the library collections in their research."

EXAGGERATED? The fire did occur but was not set by Caesar in a deliberate manner nor was the damage so great as is generally believed.

Other libraries with literary works of inestimable value being destroyed during a time of war destruction quite overt and done consciously so without question to include:

Louvain. Belgium. World War One and World Two both!

Baghdad. Abbasid Caliphate. House of Wisdom. Mongols their hate and rage at all things civilized unmitigated!

Caesar his hands not entirely clean but not so excessively so? I am sure he is relieved!


Saturday, January 29, 2022


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In this time of European crisis do not forget China.

Here from You Tube a very good video the FIVE reasons why an invasion of Taiwan by the military forces of Red China will NOT occur. I recommend highly without qualification or reservation.

"The tension between China and Taiwan has been increasingly heightening for the past decade. Increasingly more frequent Chinese navy exercises off the coast of Taiwan and incursion on Taiwanese Air Identification Defense Zone [ADIZ] by PLA's jets have buttressed the perception of an imminent Chinese invasion of the island."

More than anything else a Chinese amphibious invasion of Taiwan would have the primarily goal to defeat the Cold War doctrine of "First Island Chain"? A doctrine severely limiting the Chinese navy [PLAN] to egress the East China sea and enter unimpeded into the pelagic waters [deep blue ] of the Pacific ocean.

The Island Chain Strategy is a strategic maritime containment plan first conceived by American foreign policy statesman John Foster Dulles in 1951, during the Korean War.

See previous blog entry the topic those naval containment choke points restricting the PLAN:

See also additional prior blog entries the military solution to the current stand-off China and Taiwan invasion not seen as a do-able!

Well, I guess nothing to worry about then! Right?


Friday, January 28, 2022


This is coolbert:

 “While conducting operations, engineering malfunctions were identified that resulted in a temporary loss of power, and the decision was made for the ship [LCS-9, Little Rock] to return to Naval Station Mayport on Jan. 22, under its own power,”

“The Navy is conducting a technical investigation on the root cause of the engineering malfunctions. While there is not currently any indication the casualty is related to the combining gear class issue, the investigation will examine all aspects of what occurred,” - - Lt. Anthony Junco.

From our good friend Commander Salamander and thanks to same.

Troubles the USS Little Rock [LCS-9].

"What Did You do Your First 5-yrs After Commissioning?"

As extracted from the Salamander article:

"The four-year-old LCS was conducting sea trials following a 19-month maintenance period in the dry dock at BAE Systems Shipyard in Jacksonville, Fla. The ship departed Naval Station Mayport on Jan. 21 for the contractor’s trials"

In February 2020, Little Rock departed Mayport for its maiden deployment, but had to return about six weeks later due to the combining gear failure. LCS Detroit suffered a similar failure in late October 2020 and also had to return home."

"The future of Little Rock remains unclear. The Navy asked to decommission both it and five-year-old LCS Detroit in its fiscal 2022 budget in part because of the cost the service would incur in replacing the combining gear system and repairing damage incurred during that propulsion failure."


Almost a brand-new warship, even after "a 19-month maintenance period " not fit for service. Further repairs not justified due to budget constraints. Ship to be decommissioned?

None of this sounds very good. An entire class of "warship" [LCS] not worthy of the name warship?



This is coolbert:

Here according to the Soviet era defector Suvorov and posted in entirety.

Lessons learned that the troops now arrayed on both sides of the border Russia and Ukraine had better learn fast!

"The winter of 1969 was an exceptionally bitter one in the Soviet Far East. When the first clashes with the Chinese took place on the river Ussuri, and before combat divisions reached the area, the pressure exerted by the enemy was borne by the KGB frontier troops. After the clash was over, the General Staff held a careful investigation into all the mistakes and oversights which had occurred. It was quickly discovered that several KGB soldiers had frozen to death in the snow, simply because they had never received elementary instruction in sleeping out in temperatures below zero. "

ZERO temperature as in degrees Centigrade. That is thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit. The freezing point of water.

"This was alarming news. A commission from the General Staff immediately carried out experiments with three divisions, chosen at random, and came to a depressing conclusion. Wartime experience had been irrevocably lost and the modern Soviet soldier had not been taught how he could sleep in the snow. Naturally he was not allowed a sleeping bag and of course he was forbidden to light a fire. Normally a soldier would spend nights when the temperature was below freezing-point in his vehicle. But what was he to do if the vehicle was put out of action?" 

"The chiefs of staff of all divisions were immediately summoned to Moscow. They were given a day's instruction in the technique of sleeping out in snow at freezing temperatures, using only a greatcoat. Then each of them was required to convince himself that this was possible, by sleeping in the snow for three nights . . . Then the chiefs of staff returned to their divisions and immediately the entire Soviet Army was put to a very hard test-that of spending a night in the open in numbing cold and without any extra clothing . . . Thereafter, spending a night in the snow became a part of all military training programs."


Read and heed Russian, Ukrainian, NATO! And be prepared. NOW!


Thursday, January 27, 2022


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Mish [Shedlock] was right. 

Liquid natural gas [LNG] shipments bound for Europe from the USA now at a frenzied pace?

From the Internet web site "WAR is BORING".

"U.S. preparing for Russia to cut gas supply in case of escalation in Ukraine"

"Washington — The United States and its allies are preparing for a possible reduction in Russian gas supplies to Europe in case of an escalation in the Ukraine conflict." 

Possible much than a possible?

"The Marvel Crane, the first liquid natural gas carrier to transport natural gas from the Southwest Louisiana LNG facility, transits a channel in Hackberry, Louisiana, May 28, 2019. Cameron LNG is one of several LNG export projects planned for Southwest Louisiana in the next five to ten years. U.S. Coast Guard photo."

Massive ships carrying massive quantities of liquid natural gas. Europe if and when the Ukraine Crisis goes from bad to worse Germany in particular going to be in dire need of LNG for heating homes during the coldest part of the winter!

Additionally from Mish Shedlock:

"Germany's Surrender to the Greens Forced a Second Surrender to Russia"

"Germany is a world of hurt over natural gas, the price of electricity, and its energy policy in general. Let's look at the current picture and how we got here."

See even further here descriptions of panic and hysteria Europe. 

NONE of this sounds very good. Freeze to death in the dark and all that!


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

100 %.

This is coolbert:

"'They've resigned themselves,' . . . But they're extremely relaxed. There is not a hint of nervousness in their faces. They're ready to fight. They've been ready for many years now. They don't want to. I asked them, 'Do you want this war?' And they're like, 'Of course not.'"

See this CNN photo-essay, images from Timothy Fadek. I recommend highly without qualification or reservation.

"On the front lines, Ukrainians brace for possible attack"

Photographs by Timothy Fadek/Redux for CNN


"'They have embraced the inevitability,' Fadek said. 'I was talking to one of the soldiers and he said: 'It's inevitable. We've accepted this inevitability of an attack.' And then there was a little bit of an argument between two soldiers. One said, 'The Russians will not come across the border, they will attack from the sea,' meaning the Sea of Azov. Another soldier disagreed with both those assessments and said, 'No, the attack will come from Belarus.'"

"But while they might not agree with where an attack will come from, they are all 100% convinced it is going to happen."

CALM before the STORM! No matter when or where, going to be bad. Consequences almost incalculable and for the worst in all cases!


D-30 122 mm.

This is coolbert:

So confusing? To me it is!

From the "Western Journal" and the article by Jack Davis.

"Germany Throws a Wrench in Ukrainian Defense, Blocks Transfer of Soviet-Made Howitzers"

"Estonia wants to send the D-30, a howitzer that fires a 122-mm shell around 20 kilometers. The Soviet-made howitzers were passed along from the former East Germany to Finland to tiny Estonia."

At a time of crisis the usually reliable NATO partner falls flat face-down and big time. Too worried about antagonizing the Russian bear?

Correctly understanding the "transfer" of German military hardware to Ukraine more elaborate than you might think.

D-30 howitzers as originally an inventoried weapon of the East German Army [NVA]. With the reunification of Germany artillery as not desirable for NATO purposes, surplus. Acquired first by the Finns and then the Estonians. Germany STILL has a veto on further exchange between the Estonians and the Ukrainians? How does that work?

See also within context the comments and observations of Mish Shedlock:

"What's Putin Up to and What Would Germany Do If Russia Invaded Ukraine?"

"Russia is massing troops on the border of Ukraine. Some think an invasion is a done deal."

Mish an investment analyst. Think the natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany! Freeze to death in the dark and all that! Golly!



This is coolbert:

Here with an appraisal of the Ukrainian Crisis courtesy the Russian Internet media outlet Pravda [Truth].

"World War Three: What Russia can do to bury Ukraine and herself"

"The situation around Ukraine has become very unhealthy recently. For some reason, Western policy-makers and mass media assume that Russia's imminent invasion of Ukraine is a fact. These days, we have witnessed a series of bizarre actions via the diplomatic line."

"At the same time, the scenario of a full-fledged military intervention also involves various options."

Courses of action [CoA] and options to include:

* "1. The Russian army will be limited only to the territory of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, including possibly the adjacent Kharkov region, where pro-Russian sentiments are also extremely strong."

* "2. The second scenario allows the accession of the entire Left-Bank Ukraine along the Dnieper River to Russia. This is an excellent natural water barrier for Ukraine's counterattacks. In this case, the blockade of Crimea, which the peninsula has been suffering from for years now, will be finally lifted completely."

* 3. "The most daring option is to stop at the borders of 1938. In this case, Ukraine will be left with its western regions only."

The Canadians list "five possible scenarios for action" one of which is merely a threatened invasion but no actual military action. Intimidation of the most coarse and obvious nature achieving goals without firing a shot!

Will it be?


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Round House.

This is coolbert:

NO WHERE in the news media have I SEEN a mention of this. Normally this would merit A MENTION on the evening news!!

Enhanced level DEFCON. Readiness for war!

1-25-2022 | 3:23 pm UTC [Universal Time Coordinated].

"Overall Current Defcon Level Today: 3 (Three) - Raised Alerts Taken from Defcon Level Warning System"

All thanks here to the Internet web site "Defcon Level Warning System".

DEFCON 3 properly defined as: "DEFCON 3, or Round House is an increase in alertness and military readiness, also known as 'yellow alert' status. With Defcon 3 the air force is in a higher state or level of readiness so that they can deploy and mobilize within 15 minutes time"

* Defcon 1 Or Cocked Pistol.

* Defcon 2: Fast Pace.

* Defcon 3: Round House.

* Defcon 4: Double Take.

* Defcon 5: Fade Out.

Defcon 5 that lowest state of readiness and Defcon 1 the highest state of readiness. Defcon 1 indicative of a state of nuclear war or imminent occurrence of nuclear war.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1963 Defcon 2 purportedly declared but then ONLY for the Strategic Air Command USA!

That "an increase in alertness and military readiness" obviously in response to events as now transpiring as a response to the Ukrainian Crisis! Be afraid everyone?



This is coolbert:

"Moscow has deployed some 100,000 troops to the borders of Ukraine. What now? Putin finds himself in a situation where Russian success is defined as either a change of government in Kyiv (with the successor aligned with Moscow) or conquest of the country. The 18th-century French diplomat Talleyrand is meant to have said: 'You can do anything you like with bayonets except sit on them.' Putin must use those troops soon or face the humiliation of withdrawing them without achieving anything except pushing Ukraine closer to the west. In either case, he has placed himself in a difficult position at home and abroad. The US and its allies must do what they can to exacerbate his difficulties." - - former SECDEF [USA] Gates. 


"The Indispensable Nation: a Return of Forces to Europe"

"Regulars here on the Front Porch [the Commander Salamander web site] know I want none of this. How long have we begged continental Europe - especially the strong powers such as Germany - to spend enough to be a credible balance to Russia, to make the risk of conflict too great, to force her to look to other means besides violence and blackmail to learn to live with her neighbors? 

1. Former Secretary of Defense [USA] Gates a man of marked career achievement his pronouncement should causing concern for all! 

2. With regard to the NATO allies of the USA unwilling to pay the agreed amount as seen as requisite for their to be a credible military deterrent in Europe see a much prior blog entry from Rabbi Dov Hilkind.

3. Agreed also that Putin may have placed himself where he cannot extricate from the current situation with the Ukraine UNLESS he does get some meaningful concessions for the USA and NATO. And quick too.



This is coolbert:

“What this round has done is it’s going to make tactical planning in an operational environment a lot easier. The term that we use is 'Battle-Carry', what round we have in the breach when we enter combat, usually that’s going to be decided by what we expect the enemy to be throwing at us if we’re expecting tanks, we’re going to battle carry SABOT, our tank defeating round,' . . . '[The AMP] allows us to battle-carry that round without fear of running into a different enemy.'”

Battle-carry dilemma solved? See this impressive You Tube video.

"Here's the Most Deadly Projectile on Abrams Tank Right Now"

More than anything else the video of the AMP round in slow-motion photography very impressive. Especially when impacting a target. That cost of a single round when fired exactly what? I might think that the cost rather large when taking into account the fifteen year research and development expenditure. No more "battle carry" dilemma?

See previous blog entry the X-AMP no longer a X!


Monday, January 24, 2022


This is coolbert:

Continuing with discussion of the famous T-34 Soviet tank aspects plus and negative the Second World War.

See previous discussion of the T-34 here and here.

Even the most fanatical of the herrenvolk not adverse to using captured T-34 in battle!

Indeed, the Waffen SS incorporating and employing T-34 tanks as part of their battle order. Battalion sized units of Soviet tanks in German service!

"Waffen-SS units also did not hesitate to use captured T-34/76 tanks and 2nd SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich' and 3rd SS Panzer Division 'Totenkopf'' pressed significant number into service. T-34/76 tanks used by 'Das Reich' are of particular interest. When in March of 1943, SS Panzer Corps recaptured Kharkov, some 50 various models of T-34/76 tank were captured. All of those were being repaired in a local tractor [Soviet] tank) factory that was overrun and designated as SS Panzerwerk (SS Tank Workshop). Shortly after they were repaired along with being modified to German standards, repainted and marked with German markings. Modifications included installation of commander's cupola (from damaged Panzerkampfwagen III and IV tanks), Schuerzen (armor skirts) and other equipment such as [the] Notek light, storage boxes, tools, radio equipment and antenna. 25 of them entered service with newly created 3rd SS Panzer Battalion of 2nd SS Panzer Regiment of 2nd SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich'."'

That 3rd battalion consisting of captured and modified Soviet T-34 as commanded by the noted German tank ace Emil Seibold [Emil Seibold – 69 Kills (Das Reich)–Pz IV+ Captured T-34s].

A German Pz IV and not a Soviet T-34. Image Source: courtesy the Internet web site That is probably not Emil Seibold in the image.

I am curious if anyone has an idea what percentage of those "kills" as attributed to Seibold were while in command of a modified T-34? Any devoted reader to the blog having an idea?

Those "minor" improvements made by the German to the Soviet T-34's probably making a considerable difference in effectiveness?

Two adversaries fighting it out with MATCHED gear in the era of mechanized warfare. There exists no other example??



This is coolbert:

“The investment will help boost production to meet the surging demand for advanced semiconductors, powering a new generation of innovative products from Intel and serving the needs of foundry customers as part of the company’s IDM 2.0 strategy,” 

Heard this first on the radio yesterday and confirmed at Freeper. 

"Intel Corporation announced Friday that it is investing $20 billion to build two new 'leading-edge' chip factories in Ohio."

Integrated circuit semi-conductor manufacturing [design also?] USA. 

This is national defense [USA] issue that must be understood as being so.

Taiwan TSMC manufacturing 80 % of the semi-conductors used in world. Mainland China their share of the world-wide manufacturing about 10 %.

Taiwan, the ROC [Republic of China] if succumbing to mainland pressure of whatever sort will mean that China will control at least 90 % of the world's semi-conductor manufacture! The Chinese slavering at the very thought with intense anticipation?

Need I stress that any nation with high-technology military hardware absolutely dependent on integrated circuit semi-conductors?

Adam Smith the famous economist and foremost [?] advocate for free trade also expressed that one the four [I had thought it was two] exceptions to free trade is "national security". 

USA having an "indigenous" capacity for design and manufacture of integrated circuit semi-conductors for the civilian and military applications an obvious no-brainer big PLUS!

A USA in part or almost in totality beholden to the Chinese in whatever manner at a great disadvantage at a severe disadvantage! Again, a no-brainer!


Sunday, January 23, 2022

Partizani II.

This is coolbert:

Partisans Ukraine once more? Guerrilla warfare as a deterrent? Conclusion!

From WBEZ National Public Radio the article by ELEANOR BEARDSLEY additional thanks to Pete Kiehart.

"Thousands of Ukrainians are training to protect their cities in case Russia invades"

Image courtesy NPR. Devoted readers to the blog might like to listen to the embedded three minute podcast. Young men drilling with wooden rifles that sort of thing I have not seen since my sojourn in Korea over fifty years ago. South Korean militia drilling with wood staffs.

"KYIV, Ukraine — In cities across Ukraine, there are billboards that show a smiling young man beckoning in full battle gear. 'Learn how to defend your home today,' the message says."

"The advertisement from Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces, an offshoot of the army, seems to be working. As Ukrainians prepare for a possible Russian invasion, thousands of citizens are volunteering to train in case they have to help protect their cities."

Militia to act as guerrillas need to be formed and trained well in advance of anticipated conflict or invasion. Militia greatly resembling the NATO now defunct [?] Gladio ready to go without further ado. Too late for Ukraine to construct on such notice a credible insurgent army-in-waiting?


Partizani I.

This is coolbert:

Partisan Ukraine? Unconventional warfare? The guerrilla threat as a deterrent?

From the Internet web site "Small Wars Journal" the article by Brian S. Petit.


"Ukraine is bracing for a Russian invasion. Under-matched, undersized, and militarily less capable, Ukraine will lose a conventional, combined arms fight, should it come. Facing this prospect, Ukraine is investing in and publicizing its hedging strategy: citizen resistance."

"Is this Ukrainian citizen resistance strategy a publicity-heavy bluff that offers more bark than bite? Or is this strategy – organized enough to be credible and opaque enough to produce surprises - exactly on point?"

The main points as elaborated on by the author:

* "Public Messaging That Triggers Public Mobilization"

* "Managing the Messy Margins of Militias"

* "Resistance Law and Policy"

* "Assessing Deterrence"

If and when the Russian invades Ukraine with a conventional attack that will overwhelm the Ukrainian defenses DO NOT think the fighting will end. Partisans in the ancient and venerable manner of the guerrilla will continue the battle. As it was in the Second World War as it will be in 2022?

From that era of WW2 the Ukrainian Insurgent Army a nationalist guerrilla army under the command of Stepan Bandera at various moments of the conflict causing a lot of aggravation for the Germans and the Soviets both. Rebellious nationalists CONTINUING the struggle beyond 1945 for a number of years roving bands of insurgents active.

Read additionally the CV [curriculum vitae] of Brian S Petit. Very impressive. If anyone would know about insurgency/guerrilla warfare it would be Mr. Brian.


Saturday, January 22, 2022



This is coolbert:

The moment I saw the names of the opposing battlefield commanders I knew here was gist for a blog entry. And I was correct.

Headlines from the era of the American Civil War. As from the front page of The New York Times as dated 21 January 1862.

Thanks to the tip from Freeper.



* "A great National victory in Kentucky."

* "Zollicoffger's Army Twice Defeated and Routed."


* "Attack on Gen. Schoepf at Somerset."

* "A Battle lasting from Daylight until 3 o'clock P.M."

* "The Rebels Utterly Routed and Driven Back to Their Intrenchments."

* "Combined Attack upon Them by General Schoepf and Thomas."


* "Capture of All the Rebel Cannon. Quartermaster's Stores, Tents, & c."

* "The National Flag Flying Over 'Zollicoffer's Den.'"

Those opposing battlefield commanders the American Civil War hardly having names not normally associated with the traditional Anglo-Saxon settlers of the United States.

Schoepf and Zollicoffger!

At least in the case of Schoepf the continuing saga of the Forty-Eighter. European immigrants to the USA having left Europe for good in the aftermath of the Revolutions [failed] of 1848.

Forty-Eighters many of them Germans and many with prior military experience and training in the European model. Many also adherents to the tenets of socialism and some [?] perhaps also favorably disposed to the theories of Marx.

Schoepf a career military man the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Contributing his skills to the Union side in the American Civil War. I might his abilities highly regarded. A man too feeling indebted to his new homeland and not shirking what he would have perceived as his duty and honor!

Indeed, during that period of the American Civil war entire regiments of native German speakers fought on the Union side. Intra-regimental communication strictly [?] in German.

As I have stated before the entire subject of distinct German-speaking regiments consisting of naturalized German-Americans serving during the American Civil War might make for an interesting PhD dissertation if one has not already been done.

See previous blog entries as relevant:


Friday, January 21, 2022

Flyover F1.

This is coolbert:

From the Internet web site "The Aviationist" the article by DAVID CENCIOTTI.

My instantaneous response was that this article was going to produce some interesting comments. And I was right!

"Formula One [F1] Bans Military Aircraft Flyovers To Reduce Carbon Emissions"

"We won’t see the Frecce Tricolori or Red Arrows flying over the tracks during pre-race displays because they pollute the air."

"Beginning in 2022, the Grand Prix organizers will no longer be able to use military aircraft for air show style displays before the start of the races because they pollute and they are no longer in line with the CO2 emissions reduction objectives of F1 which aims to eliminate the environmental impact by 2030"

Military aerobatic teams no longer will be allowed to do a fly-over of the Gran Prix races [Formula 1]! F1 organizer too concerned about pollution as created by the aircraft during a fly-over!

See the comments:

Tim Wood: F1: "Like most things these days, it’s not about the actual result of your actions. It’s about pretending to care and appearing to make a difference."

Petz: "So if Grand Prix organizers are so worried about CO2 emissions, maybe they should ban all F1 races until they become carbon neutral as well. Oh wait… that would cause undo financial burden on their own pocket books. Therefore lets virtue signal by banning other associated items but not our-self."

Both Tim Wood and Petz hitting the nail right on the head and with authority too! I could not agree more! Penny-wise and pound foolish?



This is coolbert:

OH MY! This is how wars start!

Foot-in-mouth gaffe big time American President Biden. At a time when pronouncements of this sort hardly needed. 

"Foot-in-mouth: Definition: To say something embarrassing or inconsiderate, especially at an inappropriate moment."

As is noted by the Internet web site DEBKAfile and thanks to same.

"Biden nods to 'minor' Russian incursion of Ukraine. Blinken hastens to clarify"


"Uproar and confusion ensued from President Joe Biden’s statement on Wednesday, Jan. 19: 'If Vladimir Putin were to make only a minor incursion into Ukraine, then Russia would not face devastating sanctions.' . . . 'Russia will be held accountable if it invades. And it depends on what it does. It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and we in NATO end up having to fight about what to do and what not to do etcetera. But if they actually do what they’re capable of doing, it’s going to be a disaster for Russia if they further invade Ukraine.'"


"green-light: noun - - The green-colored light that signals traffic to proceed."

Permission to proceed? Response as you might well imagine instantaneous. Clarification from a number of sources already forthcoming to the chagrin of everyone. 

1938 and 1939 deja vu all over again? A little bit of Poland. A little bit of Czechoslovakia, Etc. I sincerely hope not!


Wednesday, January 19, 2022


 This is coolbert:

"Beutepanzer Beutepanzer ('Captured Tank') is the German designation for a captured armored fighting vehicle. The Germans used Beutepanzers to gain insight into enemy technology and to augment their own armored forces. Beutepanzers were usually repainted to sport distinctive national emblems and unit insignia in order to reduce friendly fire from other Axis forces."

With regard to the previous blog entry read a German appreciation and evaluation of the Soviet T-34 tank. An understanding as gleaned from captured T-34.

A German unit that used the T-34/76 model ’43 in combat noted:

"‘Regardless of our limited experience, it can be stated that the Russian tanks [T-34] are not suitable for long road marches and high speeds. It has turned out that the highest speed that can be achieved is 10 to 12 km/hr. It is also necessary on marches to halt every half hour for at least 15 to 20 minutes to let the machine cool down. Difficulties and breakdowns of the steering clutches have occurred with all the new Beute-Panzer. In difficult terrain, on the march, and during the attack, in which the Panzer must be frequently steered and turned, within a short time the steering clutches overheat and are coated with oil. The result is that the clutches don't grip and the Panzer is no longer maneuverable. After they have cooled, the clutches must be rinsed with a lot of fuel.’"

See also some other blog entries tanks as abandoned on the WW2 battlefield due to mechanical breakdown a quite common occurrence.


Myth T-34.

This is coolbert:

All thanks to the Christos Internet web site.

The T-34 Soviet World War Two tank. Rated by most as the best general tank of the Second World War.

NOT SO? Devoted readers to the blog and those merely perusing through in a casual manner I recommend the article without qualification or reservation.

"WWII Myths - T-34 Best Tank of the war"

"The Soviet T-34 tank is well known by anyone who has an interest in WWII history. Books, articles, documentaries present it in triumphant terms.  It was superior to everything the Germans had, it had revolutionary sloped armor, unprecedented mobility and was one of the reasons the Soviet side won in the Eastern front."

T-34! Best general-purpose tanks of WW2? A MYTH? MYTH?

Herewith categories [in bold under-lined] and sub-categories various of the T-34 performance questionable.

* The revolutionary design of the T-34.

   * Fuel tanks in the fighting compartment

   * Serious design flaws

* Armor spalling.

* Automotive performance.

   * Christie suspension

   * Problematic gearbox

   * Powerful gun?

* Lack of radio.

* Visibility problems.

* Reliability problems.

* The cheap T-34.

   * Price

   * Mass Production

* Quantity vs quality.

* The endless stream of T-34 tanks.

* Production and losses during the war.

* Comparison with German and Western tanks.

* Conclusion.

"The T-34 is the victim of Soviet and German wartime propaganda. The Russians had every reason to build it up as the best tank of WWII. The Germans also overstated its performance in order to explain their defeats."

Additionally and importantly:

* Effect in the design of postwar Soviet tanks.

The Christos Internet web site article a long-read but well worth it for the history buff and student of WW2.

Without question that appearance of the T-34 tank on the battlefield a very disagreeable encounter for the German soldier on the Eastern front of WW2 AND for the American\ soldier during the very earliest stages of the Korean War.

But hardly the T-34 the war-winning measure as generally thought to be so?


Monday, January 17, 2022

Warning UAV?

This is coolbert:

Drone incursion Sweden! Operators and intent unclear! A dire warning is being issued?

The tip from Freeper the original story courtesy the Independent Business Times.

"Mysterious Drones Hover Over Swedish Nuclear Facilities And Royal Palace Amid Russia Tensions"

"Two unidentified drones have been spotted over two nuclear power plants in Sweden last Friday, days after the country boosted military presence on Gotland Island to counter increasing Russian activity in the region. Though Sweden’s National Operations Department opened an investigation into the incident, no suspects have been identified, reported The Drive. The authorities reportedly used helicopters to try and locate the alleged drone, but the efforts ended in vain. Swedish Police said the drones were seen over two nuclear facilities over Forsmark and Oskarshamn. Though there were reports about a similar incursion in a third facility at Ringhals"


Swedish security forces MUST take this into consideration as a serious THREAT thinly veiled!

See previous blog entries [with additional embedded links] activity of a similar nature not confined to Sweden:



This is coolbert:

When Vlad speaks we must all listen!

From the Internet web site "Anti-Empire" and thanks to same.

"Every Russian Soldier Is Required to Read This 2021 Putin Article on Ukraine"


"We will never allow our historical territories and people close to us living there to be used against Russia"

Editor’s [Anti-Empire] note: Published in July 2021, and made mandatory reading for the Russian military just days later. If Moscow goes to war in the coming months you can take this text as its “Why We Fight”.

Vlad speaks:

* — “The republics that were founders of the Union, having denounced the 1922 Union Treaty, must return to the boundaries they had had before joining the Soviet Union.”

* — “But the fact is that the situation in Ukraine today is completely different because it involves a forced change of identity. And the most despicable thing is that the Russians in Ukraine are being forced not only to deny their roots, generations of their ancestors but also to believe that Russia is their enemy.”

Devoted readers to the blog I highly recommend you read the entire "Anti-Empire" article. Vlad's history lesson for the world! Hold onto your hats everyone.

"hold on to your hat: Get ready for what's coming or about to happen!"


Sunday, January 16, 2022


This is coolbert: 

"That's the end of this briefing. As long as I'm in charge there'll never be a Marine in Europe." 

Consider this blog entry to be a slightly edited version of an original posting made some time ago.

Here are the details of Project Danny. An aborted plan to employ U.S. Marine Corps combat aviation in the European Theatre [ETO]. 

A proposal for specially trained and equipped Marine F4U combat aircraft to attack and destroy German V-1 "buzz bomb" launch sites. A plan, Danny, never coming to fruition, the result of inter-service rivalries and squabbles. 

A response, a pettiness [?] on the part of General Marshall not worthy of such a great man. 

 "In July 1944 after the V-1 flying bomb Robot Blitz had begun on June 13, Commander Thomas H. Moorer . . . provided a Pentagon briefing on a June 1944 plan for F4U Corsair squadrons [Marine aviation] . . . to attack V-1 launch sites from North Sea escort carriers with Tiny Tim rockets." 

An attack by the Marine aviators, launching from aircraft carriers, firing at the V-1 launch sites with a newly developed and formidable weapon, the Tiny Tim rocket

 "The Tiny Tim, was an American air to ground rocket used near the end of the Second World War . . . Tiny Tim was . . . the first large aircraft rocket . . . [and] had a 150 lb (68 kg) high explosive warhead, and had a maximum range of 1,500 meters (1,640 yards)." 

This proposed use of Marine combat aviation in the European theatre, "Danny" never "getting off the ground". Literally so! 

"the squadrons had been trained . . . and were loading onto their carriers for the trip to the North Atlantic, the operation was canceled before departing for the European Theatre" 


 * Commander Moorer became Admiral Moorer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [JCS] during the latter days of the Vietnam War. 

 * There are almost no instances of Marine Corps combat units being employed in the ETO during the Second World War! * During a time of war - - all pettiness, squabbling, inter-service rivalry and jealousy must be set aside in favor of the overall war effort. 

To the detriment of everyone, this was not the case with "Danny"? 



This is coolbert:

Does the known FBI controlled agent provocateur Hal Turner know something we do not know??

See these various ALARMIST headlines courtesy the Hal Turner web site.


"Just three days after Sweden let it be known they were thinking of asking to join NATO, Russia has sent an Amphibious Assault fleet into the Baltic Sea near Sweden.  And, get this . . . . the ships . . . . .  ARE LOADED!   With landing craft, armor, and troops! ! ! ! ! !" [all exclamation marks Hal Turner]

The Swedes their response to the movement of Russian amphibious ships into the Baltic a rapid [?] deployment of their own military forces to Gotland.

2. "Russia Deploys Fighter Jets & Bombers to Kaliningrad (Europe)"

"The Russian air force is now deploying numerous fighter jets and bombers to Kaliningrad."

3. "UPDATED 12:21 PM EST -- Russia Says Talks Have Failed, No Sense in Continuing at this time; Massive Movement of Military Hardware Now Taking Place"

"US-Russia talks on Ukraine have failed. Russia says US and it’s NATO allies are not prepared to meet Russia’s key demands for security guarantees. Russian envoy to OSCE Lukashevich has publicly stated "If we don’t hear a constructive response to our proposals within a reasonable time frame and aggressive behavior towards Russia continues, we'll have to act to eliminate threats to our national security."

4. "UPDATED 12:40 PM EST SEE BOTTOM -- US/NATO-Russia Meeting Ends After About Three Hours"

"The meeting between NATO and Russia, scheduled for today, took place and ended after about three hours.  Other than generalized talking points, there is almost zero information coming out right now about what took place in that meeting."

5. "US-Russia Meeting in Geneva Did Not Go Well. State Department Admits they told Russia 'Nuclear War must be avoided'"

"The Russian-American negotiations on security in Europe ended in Geneva (Switzerland). After more than 7 hours of closed-door talks, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov spoke to journalists to take stock of the meeting with the American delegation chaired by his counterpart Wendy Sherman."


Once again, 1939 deja vu all over again? Putin is serious and we can expect big things to happen within the next week? Certainly the movement of all Russian military personnel and equipment IN ADDITION those already in place close to the border with Ukraine a matter of grave concern!

Anything seen on the Internet web site of Hal Turner questionable and must be considered as hyperbole? Everyone needs a bit of "common sense and skepticism".


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Lavrov MFA.

This is coolbert:

MFA = Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Russia.

Courtesy here the Internet web site of the known FBI controlled agent provocateur Hal Turner.

Honestly, this DOES have me worried.

I am going to keep a close eye on this. I assume all devoted readers to the blog are doing the same

Consider this to be a WAR WARNING?

"URGENT: Lavrov - 'Russia's Patience with the West has come to an end . . .' MFA: 'World Faces IRREVERSIBLE Consequences'"

"Early Friday morning, 14 January 2022, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held his annual lengthy Press Conference.  In it, he told gathered media 'Russia's patience with the actions of the West has come to an end, we have been harnessing for a long time - now is the time to go.'”

"He [Lavrov] went on to say 'While we are waiting for a response [in writing] from NATO on security guarantees, [which he later said they expect by WEDNESDAY] Russia is now preparing for _any_ development of events.'”

People, wake up fast and do something fast. Disaster of the worst possible sort could be at hand in a way unwanted by all. Even the Russians. Please.

Ultimatum [?] as issued with DEADLINE most serious. Sort of like 1939.



This is coolbert:

From the prior blog entry: "Johannes Steinhoff did fly a captured P-51 during the war but would not have and never did encounter a F4U Corsair in the ETO!"

I am wrong and openly admit so without qualification or reservation. And proudly do so.

See from the wiki and extracted in entirety "Captured Corsairs".

"On 18 July 1944, a British Corsair F4U-1A, JT404 of 1841 Naval Air Squadron, was involved in anti-submarine patrol from HMS Formidable en route to Scapa Flow after the Operation Mascot attack on the German battleship Tirpitz. It flew in company with a Fairey Barracuda. Due to technical problems the Corsair made an emergency landing in a field on Hamarøy north of Bodø, Norway. The pilot, Lt Mattholie, was taken prisoner and the aircraft captured undamaged. Luftwaffe interrogators failed to get the pilot to explain how to fold the wings so as to transport the aircraft to Narvik. The Corsair was ferried by boat for further investigation. Later the Corsair was taken to Germany and listed as one of the captured enemy aircraft (Beuteflugzeug) based at Erprobungsstelle Rechlin, the central German military aviation test facility and the equivalent of the Royal Aircraft Establishment, for 1944 under repair. This was probably the only Corsair captured by the Germans."

Indeed! Johannes Steinhoff COULD have had the opportunity to fly an intact Corsair F4U as captured from the Royal Navy [RN] air arm. Formidable carrying a variety of American carrier-borne fighter warplanes from 1942 forward during that period of WW2.

My perspective was that the Corsair ONLY was flown in the Pacific theater of operations as a naval or Marine asset. Again, I am wrong and freely concede so. And everyone is the better for it too.


DACT 1944.

This is coolbert:

"American P-51 Mustang warplane the best fighter plane of the Second World War" - - Johannes Steinhoff.

Before there was Red Star and Top Gun there was Patuxent?

Not necessarily DACT but rather a "matchup" or comparison.

"matchupnoun - - The pairing of two people or things, as for athletic competition or for comparison."

Thanks to the "Military History NOW" Internet web site.

"Mustang [P-51] vs. Corsair [F4U] – Inside the U.S. Navy’s 1944 Match-Up Between the Two Fighters"

* "The P-51 Mustang and Vought F4U Corsair are often held up as two of the best fighters of the Second World War. In 1944, the U.S. Navy tested the two against each other."

* “In late January and early February 1944, the U.S. Navy conducted a comparison of both airplanes at the Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Maryland.”

It was concluded that, in general:

* "There is little to choose between the P-51B and F4U-1 airplane in speed between sea level and 25,000 feet [8,000 meters], and that above 25,000 feet, the P-51B is superior."

* "That the F4U-1 is everywhere considerably superior in climb, at any comparable loading and superior in all other performance elements except diving speed."

* "The F4U-1 is everywhere superior in maneuverability and response."

* "With equal endurance, the F4U carries about 86% more armament and that it is a better gun platform."

* "In summary, the F4U-1 airplane appears to be the superior fighter for Naval or Marine employment, either land for ship-based except in the case where substantially all the fighting occurs above 25,000 feet."

And with regard to the summary there's the rub? P-51 better for the mission of escorting long-range strategic bomber warplanes. As noted however by MHN dogfights of the escorting P-51 mostly occurring at an altitude lower than 25,000 feet. [about 7,600 meters]

"there's the rub: There is the biggest problem or difficulty (with the situation being discussed)"

Johannes Steinhoff did fly a captured P-51 during the war but would not have and never did encounter a F4U Corsair in the ETO!


Friday, January 14, 2022


This is coolbert:

More recruitment stuff U.S. Army. Difficulties abound it seems. Money the answer?

Thanks to Breitbart and the story by KRISTINA WONG courtesy the tip from Freeper.

"Report: Army Finding It Difficult to Recruit Soldiers, Hopes Bonuses Help"

"The U.S. Army is facing difficulties finding enough recruits and hopes increased bonuses will lure them. The Army for the first time is offering a maximum enlistment bonus of $50,000 to highly-skilled recruits who join for six years. Maj. Gen. Kevin Vereen, head of Army’s Recruiting Command, said difficulties stem from schools shuttering during the pandemic and a competitive job market"

The virus is to blame? Covid?

I might think too that the enticement of $50,000 not going to do the trick if you make the commitment for six years. Most young folks will find that period of time too hard to contemplate. Normal enlistment is three year still?



This is coolbert:

Bad idea! Very bad idea!

More than likely not even possible.

From and the story by Abbie Shull.

"Judge tells ex-prison guard convicted of sexually assaulting a female inmate he can join the military or go to jail"

* "A Kentucky judge ordered Brandon Scott Price, a 28-year-old former jail guard convicted of sexually assaulting a female inmate, to enlist in the military rather than serve jail time." * "A judge in Kentucky offered a man convicted of sexual assault the option to rejoin the military in lieu of jail time this month." * "Brandon Scott Price, 28, was convicted of sexually assaulting a female inmate at Franklin County Regional Jail where he worked as a guard." *"While judges are free to make these determinations, military regulations prevent applicants from being court-ordered into service without a waiver." 

Brandon not exactly ordered to join the military but was given the CHOICE to join the military or go to jail for a serious criminal offense.

Generally this sort of thing never works. A person with criminal record when enlisted just continues his criminal behavior in the military. Undisciplined persons with poor character also poor material for being a soldier. Criteria as it is today normally would preclude this persons from being accepted in the military anyhow.

Go away Brandon. You are not worth it. 


Thursday, January 13, 2022


This is coolbert:

"American military officers such as Rufus Ingalls or George Crook would sometimes send messages in Indigenous [American Indian] tongues to other officers whom they knew shared their expertise in the language."

Before there were the code talkers there were the code talkers. And continue to be so too.

Courtesy the wiki and the tip from the Internet web site Strategy Page the history of the code talker as not known to me.

"A code talker was a person employed by the military during wartime to use a little-known language as a means of secret communication." 

The Navajo American Indian code talkers most persons conversant with the history of the Second World War are familiar with. Radio communication secured.

Consider also languages as used by code talkers and not necessarily so by American military forces.

1. Basque.

"In November 1952, Euzko Deya magazine reported that in May of that year, upon meeting a large number of US Marines of Basque ancestry in a San Francisco camp, Captain Frank D. Carranza had thought of using the Basque language for codes."


2. Nubian

"In the 1973 Arab–Israeli War, Egypt employed Nubian-speaking Nubian people as code talkers."

3. Welsh

"A system employing the Welsh language was used by British forces during World War II, but not to any great extent. In 1942, the Royal Air Force developed a plan to use Welsh for secret communications, but it was never implemented. Welsh was used more recently in the Yugoslav Wars for non-vital messages."

4. Wenzhounese.

"China used Wenzhounese-speaking people as code talkers during the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese War."

5. Hungarian. American Civil War.

Hungarian immigrants to the USA written messages in their unique language a form of secure communications at that period of American history. New citizens USA serving the cause of Union and their new country in a manner hardly anyone could have ever anticipated.

Thank you NSA for # 5. You learn something new everyday.



This is coolbert:

Vorsicht. Die Polizei ist da.

Feldgendarmerie I had heard of. The other two were a blank for me.

1. Feldgendarmerie. German military police World War Two.

"When Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, Feldgendarmerie were reintroduced into the Wehrmacht. The new units received full infantry training and were given extensive police powers. A military police school was set up at Potsdam, near Berlin to train Feldgendarmerie personnel. Subjects included Criminal code, general and special police powers, reporting duties, passport and identification law, weapons drill, self-defence techniques, criminal police methodology, and general administration."

"All prospective candidates served at a Feldgendarmerie command after the first term of examinations. Courses lasted one year and failure rates were high: in 1935 only 89 soldiers graduated from an initial intake of 219 candidates. Feldgendarmerie were employed within army divisions and as self-contained units under the command of an army corps."

Chain Dogs! Wore the gorget around the neck as a sign of authority. and were authoritarian. Draconian to a great degree, and generally disliked by the common Wehrmacht soldier. Units consisting ONLY [?] of career troops, officers and and sergeants, highly trained beyond normal.

2. Geheime Feldpolizei. German SECRET military police Second World War.

"The Geheime Feldpolizei . . . 'Secret Field Police', was the secret military police of the German Wehrmacht until the end of the Second World War (1945). Its units carried out plain-clothed security work in the field - such as counter-espionage, counter-sabotage, detection of treasonable activities, counter-propaganda, protecting military installations and the provision of assistance to the German Army in courts-martial investigations."

Similar to the feldgendarmerie but operating in plain clothes, not uniformed!

3. Feldjägerkorps. German quasi-military police their mission to apprehend and often punish deserters by summary execution.

"By 1943, World War II was turning against Germany and morale amongst the front line troops was dropping. Until this time, the Feldgendarmerie and Geheime Feldpolizei had been relied upon to try to curb desertion and maintain discipline; however, the recent string of German defeats and the fact that there was no single service dedicated solely to catching deserters impelled the creation of the Feldjägerkorps in November of that year. In order to be eligible for service, soldiers had to have a minimum three years of frontline combat experience and have earned the Iron Cross 2nd class."

A response to increased numbers of German troops deserting their units in the latter stages of the war. Search for, apprehend, turn over to a military tribunal for punishment.

About fifteen-thousand German troops executed for desertion during WW2. That preponderance in the latter months of the war, 1945.