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From Russian controlled [?] media outlet RT and thanks to same.

"Russia beefs up strategic aviation (VIDEO)"

"One of the aircraft being introduced is considered 'the most important part' of the country’s nuclear triad"

"Russia beefs up strategic aviation (VIDEO)" ©  UAC

"Russia’s Long-Range Aviation has been boosted after receiving a modernized Tu-22M3 strategic bomber, while two Tu-160M planes have been submitted for flight tests, the state-run United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) announced on Friday."

Russian TU – 22M3 Backfire consider to be an intermediate range strategic bomber not a long range strategic bomber. It should also be noted that the Russians probably only have several dozens of these warplanes that have been taken out of mothballs, refurbished and are ready for combat. Consider these aircraft both to be a type of standoff delivery type weapon firing long-range missiles at targets.

That video shows a Russian Tu - 160 Blackjack bomber also brought out of mothballs at least as I can  determine, refurbished and now ready to join the Russian long range aviation strategic strike force.

See previous blog entries the air bases where Backfire and Blackjack stationed recently under attack by Ukrainian intelligence / surveillance / reconnaissance drones:


Friday, December 30, 2022


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From yet one more slideshow. Indeed, hard to view I must imagine for some including myself!

"Mobilization in Russian North"

Russian men from the Russian far north as mobilized for the Ukraine Conflict awaiting departure for destinations unknown.

Captions as extracted from some images:

"Mobilization along border to Finland and Norway. Drafted men from the Pechenga rayon"

"Drafted men from Murmansk"

"Young indigenous Nenets men from the Yamal-Nenets region going to war"

"Mobilization in Murmansk"

"Governor Dmitry Artyukhov speaks to young men from the Yamal-Nenets region head of their departure to the battlefield"

Don’t expect any of these personnel to be properly equipped, kitted and trained for combat but with a minimum of six months of preparation and training that is my opinion. Vlad however might think very much differently as well the Russian army commanders. Too bad for those young men.

Not hard to have sympathy for these young men they are caught between the proverbial rock and hard place as I have said before and there is no way out.



This is coolbert:

"'We may eventually expand this to the rest of society, but we are starting with the military, because we take people 18 to 21 and we say: 'You have to serve your country by law. If something happens to you, we take good care of you, and if you die, we take good care of your parents and children,'. . . 'We now have the technology so that if you don’t have a child and want to leave one, we can give that to your wife or parents.'" - Zvi Hauser.

"Israel Extracting Sperm From Dead Soldiers and Using It to Create Children"

From www/ the story by Maggie Harrison • 

See very recent previous blog entry as apropos:

A bizarre trend is taking hold in Israel: the families of fallen soldiers are having their deceased loved ones' sperm harvested, with the hope of that one day the extracted sperm will be used to father a child.


"According to Bloomberg, a few dozen children have already been born this way. But there are reportedly hundreds of Israeli women volunteering to carry, and in some cases even help mother, these kids. And the Middle Eastern state's parliament passed preliminary legislation supporting the practice back in March, paving the way for an even more widespread phenomenon."

"Some countries have outlawed similar procedures, while US regulation varies between states. But as Bloomberg reports, most US frameworks for similar procedures are reserved for widows, not usually the dead men's parents. In Israel, by contrast, it's the parents of these young men that are fighting for their right to have grandchildren, which has [had] some folks raising their eyebrows."

In contrast to the situation in Russia [married mobilized soldiers] this does seem to be a situation of the Israeli parents of the an unmarried dead soldier wanting to have grandchildren. Not necessarily a procedure done for a wife now a widow.

Within some ethnicities such subjects as maintaining a family line are very important more so than in other societies or cultures!


Suddenly II.

This is coolbert:

"You have let down our country and our Red Army. You have the nerve not to manufacture Il-2s until now. Our Red Army now needs Il-2 aircraft like the air it breathes, like the bread it eats. (This plant) now produces one Il-2 a day… It is a mockery of the Red Army….I ask you not to try the government’s patience, and demand that you manufacture more Il-2s. This is my final warning." - Stalin.

Again not being able to meet your quota can result in catastrophic consequences. In this particular case the tank factory fabricating newly manufactured tanks or refurbishing and repairing already damaged models if not done successfully in the numbers as needed the manager of the facility will be held accountable.

"General Alexei Maslov: Second ‘sudden death’ of high-ranking Russian military officers in 48 hours"

From Euro Weekly News  By Chris King • 27 December 2022 • 

"General Alexei Maslov became the second high-ranking Russian military officer to die ‘suddenly’ in the last 48 hours"

"Another high-ranking Russian officer has died suddenly. As reported by RBC, General Alexei Maslov, the former Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation and later RU military representative to NATO, passed away unexpectedly on Christmas day, Sunday, December 25."

"The 70-year-old died at Burdenko Main Military Hospital in Moscow. Maslov had worked at the tank manufacturing company, Uralvagonzavod. They are one of the largest [probably the largest] main battle tank manufacturers in the world."

Devoted readers to the blog draw your own conclusions.

Again and let me emphasize that failure not tolerated or an option! Stalin yesterday, Vlad today?


Suddenly I.

This is coolbert:

"You have let down our country and our Red Army. You have the nerve not to manufacture Il-2s until now. Our Red Army now needs Il-2 aircraft like the air it breathes, like the bread it eats. (This plant) now produces one Il-2 a day… It is a mockery of the Red Army….I ask you not to try the government’s patience, and demand that you manufacture more Il-2s. This is my final warning."- Stalin.

Don’t think here of the Il – two Soviet era ground attack warplane. Think rather the Ukraine Conflict and the Kalibr cruise missile has used on numerous occasions to attack Ukrainian targets and infrastructure. Those weapons have been expended to such an extent they must be replaced to maintain the inventory. the manufacturing facility has not kept up the pace with expenditure. Heads will roll and perhaps have.

"Alexander Buzakov, general director of Admiralty Shipyards dies suddenly in Russia"

From Euro Weekly News   By Chris King • 24 December 2022 • 

"The sudden death of Alexander Buzakov, the General Director of the Admiralty Shipyards, occurred in Russia."

 "Alexander Buzakov, the General Director of the Russian company producing carriers for ‘Kalibr’ cruise missiles, died suddenly on Saturday, December 24. According to the press service of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), Buzakov, the general director of the Admiralty Shipyards, died at the age of 67"

Devoted readers to the blog will have to decide for themselves of what my intuition tells me is so. The anger of Vlad can create bad situations for people just as the anger of Stalin did for many during WW2. You will be purged or sent the Gulag if you do not meet your quota or expectations.

Not being able to meet your quota can mean that you’ll terminate this existence as your only option

As in the days of Stalin as it is now also? A very grim end without amelioration. Failure is not tolerated.


Thursday, December 29, 2022


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Yet one more blog post that must be categorized in a strange but true category.

"Russian troops able to freeze sperm for free - lawyer"

From BBC News the story by Paul Kirby.

"Russian soldiers called up to fight in Ukraine will have the chance to store frozen sperm in a cryobank for free, according to a leading Russian lawyer."

"Russian Union of Lawyers head Igor Trunov told state news agency Tass the health ministry had responded to his appeal for a free cryobank, and changes to compulsory medical insurance."

"Russia mobilized 300,000 reservists after a string of setbacks in Ukraine."

The Russian demographic in danger? Young married men, a portion of the contingent of recently mobilized Russian reservists now in danger of death, dismemberment or life-time crippling injury!

I am assuming this measure directed at that goodly portion of the mobilized reservists who are older and married men. Wives of such personnel killed in action or severely injured able to continue the family line by means of artificial insemination using the frozen sperm of their spouse.

I remember quite well that one of the first things Vlad Putin did many years ago now when assuming the Russian Presidency was to make every eighteen year old male in Russian report for a physical exam. Establish a data base and standard by which the Russian demographic could evaluated for health and also determine what percentage of young Russian men were deemed as fit for military service.



This is coolbert:

The Canadian army with regard top NATO mission. Forget Ukraine, think NATO?

See previous blog entry as applicable.

"Canadian Army shrank by 1,200 soldiers in 2022 as Latvia mission set to expand in June"

"But the Canadian Army cannot sustain a significantly larger deployment to Latvia over the long term, says its commander Lt.-Gen. Joe Paul"

From the the article by Lee Berthiaume Dec 28, 2022  • 

"OTTAWA — The commander of the Canadian Army says his force is being squeezed by more demands at home and abroad, especially in Europe, even as the number of soldiers available for such missions is shrinking."

"In an interview with The Canadian Press, Lt.-Gen. Joe Paul says the Army shrunk by 1,200 soldiers last year as departures outpaced recruiting — and that it could lose hundreds more unless the situation change"

Valuable, trained and skilled personnel over a thousand of them gone! Not only replacing the absolute numbers of troops a problem. Training them and preparing for deployment overseas as worthy soldiers time-consuming, not a quickly accomplished task.

The proverbial rock and the hard spot! Good luck with that General Paul!


Wednesday, December 28, 2022


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First there was Wagner. Now there is Patriot! Second Russian PMC enters the fray Ukraine Conflict.

Patriot beholden and loyal to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

"Shoigu deploys his Private Military Company [PMC], which competes with Wagner Group, to war against Ukraine"

"Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu’s Patriot Private Military Company (PMC), which is competing with Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner PMC, has been spotted near Vuhledar in Donetsk Oblast."

From Ukrainska Pravda [Ukranian Truth] December 28, 2022 .

Source: "Serhii Cherevatyi, spokesman for the Eastern grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, during the national joint 24/7 newscast"

Quote: "'In particular, in the area of Stepne on the Vuhledar front, we have noticed that in addition to Wagner PMC, Patriot PMC, affiliated with the current Russian Defence Minister Shoigu, has appeared. Obviously, they are pulling up all combat capabilities to achieve at least some results.'"

Details: "Cherevatyi, commenting on rumors of a conflict between Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner PMC and Sergei Shoigu’s Patriot PMC, has called them competitive. At the same time, they are in different 'theatres of war'. In his opinion, there is no direct interaction between them."

Yevgeny Prigozhin no longer "in favor" with Vlad Putin. Wagner their siege of Bakhmut a long and drawn out process inconclusive and absorbing valuable and perhaps scarce resources.



Tuesday, December 27, 2022


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From the outstanding Internet website December 23rd, 2022. 

 "Jean le Maingre, called Boucicaut, (1366-1421) was a French knight known for his rigorous physical training"


"I was reminded of this when Ben Espen recently shared this video, demonstrating that plate armor was not especially cumbersome"

See the YouTube video a demonstration of a knight of the period of the period wearing plate armor his training regimen of physical fitness. Ability to mount a horse without assistance a must.

"Plate armor is a historical type of personal body armor made from bronze, iron, or steel plates, culminating in the iconic suit of armor entirely encasing the wearer. Full plate steel armor developed in Europe during the Late Middle Ages, especially in the context of the Hundred Years' War, from the coat of plates worn over mail suits during the 14th century."

I readily admit I was wrong. Knights during the Middle Ages were able to fight afoot while wearing plate armor and not confined strictly to mounted combat. Combatants during the naval battle Sluys for instance boarding an enemy vessel would have been effective in a way I had thought not possible.



This is coolbert:

“The battle … was cruel and horrible. Sea-battles are always more terrible than those on land, for those engaged can neither retreat nor run away; they could only stand and fight to the bitter end, and show their courage and endurance.” 

From the Internet website of Commander Salamander December 23, 2022.

"Your commander matters. The best commanders know when to take the advice of their staff and when to brush it off."

"The worst commanders are those who lack the knowledge or personality to know when to do one of the other."

"All extractions from 'Great Army of the Sea' As told by Douglas Sterling."

"Unlike war ashore, at sea there is not much room to retreat once fully engaged. Losses are rarely done in retail, deaths are wholesale. In modern times as it was for thousands of years."

Watch this very well done Lego dramatization of the Sluys engagement courtesy YouTube.

At least from all that I know of naval warfare from the medieval period prior to black powder cannon being carried and used by warships the main tactic was to grapple with the enemy, board the enemy vessel and engage in hand to hand combat with the enemy, captured the enemy vessel if possible. More of an infantry battle then the naval battle traditionally understood in the modern era.

That period of the 14th century the Black Death [bubonic plague] and the beginning of the Little Ice Age greatly restraining and tempering historical events of the era, at least from my perspective.

That 100 Years War too do not think continuously fought for a period of 100 years merely a series of battles and campaigns fought and as occurring over a period of 100 years.


Monday, December 26, 2022

Tu-141 II.

This is coolbert:

Once again Ukrainian drone strike against Russian strategic long range aviation assets. Probably Ukrainian Tu-141 long range intelligence and surveillance gathering drone attacking Russian air base Saratov / Engels.

Saratov / Engels the home base for Tu-95 bear and Tu-160 Blackjack long range bomber aircraft.

"Ukrainian Drone Attack On Airbase Deep Inside Russian Territory Kills 3 Soldiers"

From BY TYLER DURDEN DEC 26, 2022.

"A fresh Ukrainian attack deep inside Russian territory has left three dead, Russian news agencies are reporting Monday, which further describe that an enemy drone was intercepted before debris came down on bystanders below."

"The Ukrainian drone was inbound over a military base in southern Russia identified as Engels airbase in the Saratov region, which is located more than 600km from the Ukrainian border. 'On December 26, at around 01:35 Moscow time, a Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down at low altitude while approaching the Engels military airfield in the Saratov region,' the Russian defense ministry said in a statement."

I believe the Tu-141 as originally envisioned was strictly an intelligence and surveillance gathering drone and was NOT designed to carry a payload of bang stuff. These attacks more than anything else can be seen as more of a nuisance than a real threat. It must also be noted that the Russian has only a very limited number of long range strategic bomber aircraft in their inventory. Perhaps only several dozen total that are flyable at any given moment. Because of attack these warplanes may have to deploy or disperse to other airfields maybe even beyond normal range by which they would be used to to fire missiles at Ukrainian targets in a standoff mode.

See previous blog entry as applicable with additional embedded links:


Sunday, December 25, 2022

Celebration 1942.

This is coolbert:

Some YouTube video how did German soldiers and civilians both celebrated Christmas during World War Two!

"Es darf nie wieder Krieg von deutschem Boden ausgehen! - War must never again start on German soil!"

The idealized German Christmas as during war time 1942:

German military personnel attempting to celebrate a traditional German Christmas all fronts of the war.  Africa, the Atlantic, Lapland, the Caucasus. The obligatory Christmas tree. Specialized Christmas delicacies. Christmas cards and toys for those at home. Everybody smiling and happy. Ladies alone their husbands serving at the front celebrating as a group. Those wounded at the hospital soldiers recuperating also not forgotten. The tannenbaum with lighting and ornaments. Christmas Day civilians and soldiers both celebrating a little bit of Christmas cheer schnapps perhaps. [ no close caption or subtitles in English here]

Now for the rest of the story 1942 Christmas for the German soldier not always an event to be celebrated. Especially for those surrounded and trapped in Stalingrad 1942.

[click on link to see the You Tube video]

For a poor translation from the German to English: Go to 1. Settings 2. subtitles 3. German auto generated 4. auto translate 5. scroll and enable English.

"The then Wehrmacht soldier Josef Schaaf reports on his experiences at Christmas 1942 in Stalingrad and the effects on the morale of the troops."

Not difficult to imagine the morale of the German soldier at Stalingrad 1942 as being less than happy and exuberant. That feeling of utter hopelessness and abandonment combined with a resignation that one was going to face an inevitable terrible and cruel fate. For many of those German soldiers trapped in Stalingrad death was the preferred outcome.



This is coolbert: 

Violations of an unnatural manner USA military involving sexual conduct. Worst of all this is officer upon officer!!


From the Internet website webzine of "Coffee or Die" article by Carl Prine | December 19, 2022.

"Key evidence in a sex assault case against a Navy officer accused of violating a sleeping SEAL has been tossed by a military appellate tribunal." 

"Military prosecutors hoping to convict a Navy supply officer for fellating a sleeping SEAL have suffered a serious setback."

"A unanimous ruling handed down Dec. 9 in Washington, DC, by a tribunal at the US Navy-Marine Corps Court of Appeals tossed a confession allegedly uttered by Lt. Cmdr. Ricardo Angel Rivera."

As you can well imagine search unseemly behavior highly frowned upon within the military. Worst of all again is that this is the case of an officer attempting to attack another officer!

I might also think that trying to sexually molest a Navy SEAL [asleep] a very physically robust specimen trained in the martial arts might result in a very serious response to the perpetrator!

Shame! For great shame!!


Saturday, December 24, 2022


This is coolbert:

The sting of the beast is said to be most terrible especially to a military working dog.

Yes, place this blog entry into the category of strange but true a curiosity and oddity!

"US military personnel are lining up on a waitlist to hunt an extremely dangerous scorpion in Kuwait"

From Blaze Media/News | LEON WOLF December 23, 2022.

"According to Stars and Stripes, some members of the United States military have a new hobby: hunting one of the most dangerous scorpions on earth. And the hobby has become so popular that there is now a waitlist to get in on the scorpion hunts."

"The scorpion they are hunting is called Androctonus crassicauda, known as the Arabian fat-tailed scorpion. Although the venom of the scorpion is extremely dangerous, it is generally regarded as aggressive towards humans; rather, members of the military hunt these creatures because they are a danger to the service dogs the military relies upon."

Eradication of the beasts very good training soldiers not only after a pest and eliminating but also in the process facing a form of danger also the animal that can kill you.

I would think too that the pursuit and "sport" provided by hunting the scorpions will be a welcome respite from a very dull boring and mundane garrison life in Kuwait!!


Friday, December 23, 2022


This is coolbert:

Courtesy here the tip from Peter at the Internet web site "Bayou Renaissance Man".

I recommend highly without qualification or reservation these three YouTube video.

Experiences of an Englishman who has fought in the Ukrainian International Legion during the Ukraine conflict

Peter the author of the Internet website "Bayou Renaissance Man" himself a veteran of the South African Border War so he speaks also a degree of authority in such matters.

"My friend is alive, and has some amazing tales to tell us of his experiences as a volunteer at the front in Ukraine."

"Having returned alive from the front in Ukraine, Joe tells us what kit a volunteer should take with him, and what expensive useless things he should leave behind."

"In this, we hear what it is like to be at the receiving end of artillery, mortars, rockets, cluster bombs and more."

Hey! Nobody ever said any of this was going to be easy did they?


Puma IFV.

This is coolbert:

Think of Puma is not a tank think of it rather as an infantry fighting vehicle [IFV] an armored personnel carrier with good cross country mobility that can carry troops to the site of the battle and then provide fire support on demand. But not a tank.

Authored by Thomas Brooke via Remix News DEC 22, 2022 story has seen at the Internet website "Zero Hedge".

"German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said this week that the country would not be purchasing any more Puma tanks until they prove their reliability..."

"Not a single one of Germany’s 18 modernized Puma tanks intended for the NATO Rapid Reaction Force (NRF) were deemed fit for action during a recent military drill, according to reports by German news outlet Der Spiegel"

See additionally this YouTube video the Puma fighting vehicle IFV:

"Why Puma IFV Failed its Combat Test"

"The German Army's Puma is known as the best Infantry Fighting Vehicle in the world while at the same time being plagued with development problems. Its an armored personnel carrier armed with a 30mm autocannon unmanned turret."

Puma has been in a constant state of research and development with modifications for a period of about 20 years now. Puma has been rated as best IFV in the world but it seems with a continuous series of teething problems what they are called.

You might well to surmise that these vehicles were prepared well in advance with crews knowing that this was going to be an evaluation of capabilities and readiness for future combat action perhaps with the Russians. Nonetheless the vehicles did not pass muster.

Pity the plight of the poor Bundeswehr. And to all this General Rommel would say exactly what?


Thursday, December 22, 2022


This is coolbert.

"'Relatively speaking, we have sent almost nothing and there is no discernible plan to send more,' says retired general Andrew Leslie"

"John Ivison: Canada has the capacity to do more to arm Ukraine, so why hasn't it?"

From the National Post | John Ivison | Dec 20, 2022  • 

"OTTAWA — There will be many prayers offered up this Christmas that the guns fall silent across Ukraine in the New Year."

"But let’s hope that any peace is prompted by Russia’s realization that it cannot win, rather than because the Ukrainians have run out of ammunition."

"The latter is a very real prospect. As retired Australian Major Gen. Mick Ryan wrote last week in an influential Twitter thread: 'In 2023, the Ukrainian army may run out of munitions before it runs out of fight. Based on current usage of ammunition in the war, production of munitions is increasingly lagging battlefield needs.'”

"Ukraine is firing 5,000 155mm artillery rounds a day. Its main supplier, the U.S., has donated one million rounds to date but, despite plans to triple production, still only produces around 14,000 rounds a month."

USA 155 mm artillery round monthly production not even equal three days normal expenditure by the Ukrainian armed forces! 

I would strongly suspect that unless the Canadian totally deplete their existing war munitions as stockpiled for NATO mission there is little of anything else the Canadians can do to assist the Ukrainian. Period!



This is coolbert:

Change, change, everywhere a change!

 Even the U.S. military academy West Point!

"And there it is… West Point announces woke, jargon-filled plot to rename every single thing that 'memorializes' or 'commemorates' our history…"

Thanks to www./revolver./news.

Much of these name changes and designations quite clearly center upon the personage of Robert E. Lee:

* "We will remove the portrait of Robert E. Lee in Confederate uniform from Jefferson Hall (the USMA Library) and place it in storage at the West Point Museum."

* "We will remove the stone bust of Lee at Reconciliation Plaza and place it in storage on post, while moving the accompanying bust of Grant to the front of Grant Hall."

* "We will also remove the bronze triptych at the main entrance of Bartlett Hall and place in storage on post until a more suitable location is determined."

* "Over the next several weeks, in collaboration with the Class of 1957, West Point’s Memorialization, History, and Museum (MHM) Committee will select an appropriate quote about honor to replace the quote from Robert E. Lee at Honor Plaza."

* "Additionally, in collaboration with the Class of 1961, we will review the stone markers within Reconciliation Plaza that the Commission determined to commemorate the Confederacy and modify those markers with appropriate language and images that comply with the Commission’s recommendations"

* "Lastly, by the end of this year, the MHM will recommend names to replace the streets, buildings, and areas throughout West Point currently named for individuals who served in the Confederacy,"

Please also read carefully the comments of President Eisenhower as to the character and personality of Robert E. Lee. Lee being held in great esteem by Ike.


Wednesday, December 21, 2022


This is coolbert:

"I shall thee lend Little John, my man,

For he shall be thy knave;

In a yeoman's stead he may thee stand,

If thou great need have."

Israeli army women only unit in trouble? Excessive suicides beyond normal, military duty as not being conducive to sound mental health?

"The Female-only Israeli Army Role Leading Too Many to Suicide"

"Chronic sleep deprivation, arbitrary punishment and disrespect: Female remote observers, who carefully watch live surveillance, describe their nightmarish service and role"

From Dec 7, 2022.

"Last month, a female solder serving as a 'tatzpitanit' – a role now given only to women that entails hours of closely monitoring surveillance cameras – was hospitalized after attempting suicide."

"The military said her suicide attempt had nothing to do with her work and that she was unknown to its mental heath services. It further said that the attempt had taken place while the soldier was home on a weekend leave."


* This sounds to me like yeoman type duty absolutely necessary but nonetheless a type of function that is found to be less than satisfactory for higher level individuals.

"Yeoman service is an idiom which means 'good, efficient, and useful service' in some cause. It has the connotations of the work performed by a faithful servant of the lower ranks, who does whatever it takes to get the job done."

* It may sound strange but one of the most important attributes of being a soldier is is being able to assume a posture of whatever nature for a prolonged period of time without amelioration. This may include simple and mundane functions such as sentry duty / guard duty or even observing a group of surveillance television monitors. A stressful and mentally taxing grind again without the slightest surcease.

As a person who has endured similar such circumstances I give these young Israel women very high marks for which they should be proud. 



This is coolbert:

It is with much trepidation and apprehensiveness that I make this blog entry.

Warning: if you are easily offended by material of an adult and frank nature that might be distressful please hit escape now,

"Man With WWI Explosive Lodged In His Rectum Sparks Bomb Scare, Hospital Evacuation"

“'An apple, a mango or even a can of shaving foam, we are used to finding unusual objects inserted where they shouldn’t be,' one doctor declared. 'But a shell? Never!'”

"The case left doctors shell shocked."

"A French hospital was partially evacuated Saturday after a senior citizen arrived with a World War I artillery shell lodged in his rectum."

My guess would be that this artillery round was still alive and active and could spontaneously detonate given the right circumstances with disastrous consequences for all.

"The 88-year-old patient visited Hospital Sainte Musse in Toulon to have the antique explosive removed — but instead sparked a 'bomb scare,' French publication Var-Matin reported."

Each year in France at least a dozen or more French farmers are killed when plowing their fields detonating unexploded artillery rounds that have lay dormant and under the soil for a period of over 100 years now.

But this particular 88 year old man for shame now - for great shame!!


Bakhmut II.

This is coolbert:

The Russian military has been retaining the upper hand on the Donbass battlefield for the last nine months!!


From Russian aligned Internet media 19.12.2022 - .


Portions of the article as posted in entirety:

"The battle for Bakhmut continues. Units of the Wagner PMCs are advancing almost on all the front lines in the region. Clashes are ongoing in Podhorodnoe located north of Bakhmut and in Opytnoe located south of the city. On the eastern outskirts, fighting is ongoing on the streets."

"At the same time, Wagner fighters continue their assault in Klesheevka. In their turn, Ukrainian forces attempted to counterattack in Kurdyumovka and Ozaryanovka but failed and were pushed back by Russian troops and artillery."

"Despite the high losses, the Ukrainian command is preparing for a long-term defense in Bakhmut. Ukrainian servicemen are digging trenches on the streets, and traditionally establishing firing points in residential buildings. Such a strategy leads to the complete destruction of the city during the battle."

"The deplorable state of the Ukrainian military in the city forces Kiev officials to prepare the people for the upcoming retreat of the Ukrainian Army from Bakhmut. More and more often, Ukrainian political officials claim that control of the city has no strategic military importance."

According to the Internet website "Mystics and Skeptics" there is no strategic military importance to Bakhmut. If Bakhmut is indeed captured by a Russian forces the frontline will merely moved slightly beyond what it already is not much more than that

President Zelinskyy is reported only yesterday to have made a visit to the front lines to encourage the embattled Ukrainian troops at Bakhmut.

Bakhmut more than anything else having a symbolic nature more than any sort of tactical or strategic advantage that may be gained by capture [Russian] or successful defense [Ukrainian].


Tuesday, December 20, 2022


This is coolbert:

Incoming! US missiles Belgorod!

Ukrainian tit for tat retaliation!

1. "Ukraine wields US-supplied offensive arms against Russia – for the first time"

Thanks to ^ | 12.19.2022 | DebkaFile the tip from Freeper.

"Monday, Dec. 19 saw the first Ukrainian strikes inside Russia with advanced US missiles that President Joe Biden promised the Ukraine leader a week earlier. DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the Ukrainians used their fresh supplies of AGM-88 Harm missiles to strike power and water supply plants in the Russian town of Belgorod in retaliation for Moscow’s unceasing Iranian-made drone assaults on its vital facilities including power – in a bid to freeze Ukraine into submission."

American supplied high speed anti radiation missiles [HARM] used to attack civilian targets the city of Belgorod

See previous blog entries with regard to American HARM missiles here and here

Normally HARM missiles would only be used in circumstances to attack Russian air defense radars!

2. "Russian City Suffers Casualties - 14,000 Without Power After Ukraine Cross Border Attack"

BY TYLER DURDEN at zero hedge original story Authored by Dave DeCamp via DEC 20, 2022.

"One civilian was killed, another eight people were wounded, and a poultry farm was damaged in Ukrainian shelling in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast, the region’s governor said on Sunday."

"tit for tat: noun - Repayment in kind, as for an injury; retaliation."

Retaliation during a time of war always a very strong motivating factor. You bomb us we bomb you; you kill us we kill you; you deprive us of electrical power we deprive you of electrical power etc.


Monday, December 19, 2022


This is coolbert:

Once again the anger of Vlad waxes exceedingly hot! Russian tank in the mine clearing role itself destroyed by a mine! Add injury to insult! Humiliation something the Russian does not take lightly! 

"Putin Is Really Angry: Ukraine’s Mines Keep Killing Russian Tanks"

From | Story by Jack Buckby • © Provided by 1945.

"A video clip shared on Twitter this week offers a first-person look at how land mines impact Russian tanks."

"The video, which was shared by the popular war-tracking Twitter account Ukraine Weapons Tracker, is recorded from the perspective of a tank operator as it drives along the edge of a field somewhere in Ukraine. The half-minute-long video shows a Russian T-72B tank driving, firing at a target, and hitting at least one Ukrainian land mine as it moves. The tank was not left completely destroyed, although 20 seconds into the video, the tank visibly drives over a mine and an explosion occurs. Dirt, rocks, and dust can be seen erupting around the vehicle and some parts of the tank are visibly damaged as a result. The tank stops immediately following the explosion, suggesting that the mine at the very least immobilized the vehicle temporarily."

Once once again see the tweet with embedded video. This destruction of a mine clearing tank is not supposed to occur.



This is coolbert:

All it takes is 28 Slovenia tanks of the M-55S variety? The Ukrainian is saved after all?

"Watch Ukraine Train To Fight Russia With ‘New’ M-55S Tanks"

From the article by Jack Buckby.

M-55S Tank heavily modified version of the original Soviet era T-55 tank. That is 1955 the tank originally developed and entering Soviet Red Army inventory decades ago now

"See Ukrainian Soldiers Training With New M-55S Tanks: Video footage shared recently shows Ukrainian soldiers training for the first time using tanks donated by Slovenia. The M-55S tanks can be seen moving slowly along a dirt road as a Ukrainian soldier walks behind it."

See the tweet with video: Ukrainians training with their new tanks.

My instantaneous thought was that there might be some ammunition commonality between the  retrofitted T-55 error Soviet tank and that T-12 pepperpot anti-tank gun now self-propelled in the Ukrainian version. But that is not at all the case retrofitted Slovenian T-55 fires the NATO 105 millimeter round versus the 100 millimeter round of the T-12 antitank gun.

More than anything else those Ukrainian infantry men need rubber galoshes and lots of clean dry wool socks provided to them on a regular basis.



This is coolbert:

“These guys are heroes of the North, that chose to fight Neo-Nazism and gave their lives in battle with Evil. We must know their names. We must commemorate their bravery,” - Murmansk Governor Andrei Chibis."

"Who are the North Russian men killed in Ukraine?"

"A big number of them were recruited from provincial towns and villages located far from the regional capitals. Many were in their early 20s."

From the article by Atle Staalesen December 05, 2022.

Warning: slideshows contain material that may cause distress for persons who are easily offended by material of an adult and frank nature:

See slideshow one and slideshow 2.

Images of Russian soldiers is killed in action the Ukraine Conflict. Troops troops mobilized and sent into action for the Russian war effort from the far north having seemingly suffered a disproportionate price relative to other Russian combat units.

Casualties those killed in action not strictly limited to the troops of the 200th separate motorized rifle brigade.

See all previous blog entries soldiers of the Russian far north military contingents committed to the Ukraine conflict:


Sunday, December 18, 2022


This is coolbert:

Was not even aware of such a thing A negotiated settlement to the Great War [WW1] was possible in 1916! Proposals for a negotiated settlement were first broached by the Germans but were rejected by the Allied Powers almost out of hand? Again never heard of this before. 

"overture: noun | 1a. an initiative toward agreement or action : PROPOSAL b. something introductory : PRELUDE"

1. "British people oppose German peace proposal"

By ED L. KEEN, United Press.


By GERALD SWICK 12/18/2014.

3. "Did Germany really make a serious peace proposal in Dec 1916?"

12 JANUARY 2016.

4. "The Road Less Traveled: The Secret Battle to End the Great War, 1916-1917"

WOODROW WILSON - THEN AND NOW [Courtesy the Woodrow Wilson Center]

I strongly encourage devoted readers to the blog and those persons merely perusing in a much more casual manner to watch and listen to the embedded video from the Wilson Center. Most informative and covering a topic I was not even aware of.

My perspective would be that the German having keenly observed the results of combat in 1916 to include the Somme, Verdun and the Brusilov offensive quite correctly concluded that there was no easy and quick end or resolution to the war strictly from military basis.

The German also in the aftermath of the Romanian campaign would have perceived themselves as being able to negotiate from a position of strength rather than weakness. The attitude would have been its better preserve now what we have gained rather than what we might might not be able to preserve in the future!

Regrettably all came for naught. I might well think "emotion clouds reason" in such circumstances  makes meaningful overtures and negotiation impossible! The rest is history as they say.



This is coolbert:

Russian munitions and military-related industry now ramping up production. All obviously in response to the Ukraine Conflict a war which was supposed to be over in two to three weeks maximum but is now seen as being a protected conflict perhaps continuing for years!

"Russian arms manufacturers switch to six-day working week"

"Shifts at defense enterprises may also be extended to 12 hours, a trade unions chief says"

"Russian arms manufacturers switch to six-day working week"

From Russian controlled [?] Internet media RT | 16 Dec, 2022.

"Arms manufacturers in Sverdlovsk Region in Russia’s Urals are working longer weeks due to the conflict in Ukraine, a trade unions chief has said."

"Enterprises that are busy fulfilling government defense orders 'are now working six days [a week] instead of five, Andrey Vetluzhskykh, the head of the federation of local trade unions, said during a press conference in Ekaterinburg on Friday.

"Working days could also be increased for employees, Vetluzhskykh added, noting that the Russian law allows for the addition of four hours per shift in the event of 'production necessity.' That means 'working up to 12 hours daily,' he explained."

See from a previous blog entry as described the relative inability of the Soviets / Russian military industrial complex to meet demand for war munitions during a time of a protracted conventional conflict. Observations as was made from over 30 years ago you really have to wonder how valid they are today I think probably in the main about the same.

It is important to keep in mind that I don't think anybody in the Kremlin the Pentagon or in any other capital of any nation in the world thought that the Ukraine Conflict was going to last as long as it has and perhaps is going to last as long as it is into the future as well. This was totally unanticipated!!


Saturday, December 17, 2022


This is coolbert:

My friends a special milestone has been achieved regarding the number of blog entries in a single calendar year.

Numbers of blog entries for 2022 as exceeding by a multitude beyond what has previously existed in the past

Number of postings as of today has now exceeded 1,000 posts with a few more days in the month and the year left; productivity about 66% greater than anything else that existed in past years

As you can well understand a large percentage of these most recent blog entries are within the context of the Ukraine conflict between Russia and Ukraine

And I am of two minds regarding this!

I am grateful I have so much material as gist for blog entries

"gist: noun | the main point or part : ESSENCE"

All the while keeping in mind and as must be understood within context of the conflict that people soldiers and civilians alike in large numbers are dying in the process or suffering torment from activities of the war.

My feeble efforts and expertise to provide analysis regarding Ukraine conflict will continue with further posts and  commentary / discussions as best as I can determine it of a tactical / operational / strategic and grand strategic nature.

Additionally I must be quite frank with you and let devoted readers to the blog and those merely perusing in a more casual manner that I have begun to have trouble with my right hand and am not able to type with the degree of accuracy and speed as I was previously able to.

I now find myself using what it's called dictation typing I speak into the computer the words typed out automatically as a text which I can copied and paste for a blog entry as is now.

Reading carefully the English text and the blog entry you might very well find the language is quite often slightly grammatically incorrect, stilted, incorrectly punctuated and seems to be automatically generated as by a machine which to a degree IS the case.

"stilted: adjective | Stiffly or artificially formal; stiff."

Please bear with me accordingly during this period of time when I can have healing and hopefully I will be able to return and able to type entries to the blog in the same fashion as I was able to do so in the past.

Continuing for a long time to come hopefully with blog entries of a free ranging nature sourcing eclectic.



This is coolbert:

The Russian 200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade Stationed the far north of the Russian Arctic [Kola peninsula] an elite Russian Ground Force component of which has been very active during the Ukraine Conflict has now been decimated and will need severe rebuilding before it can again be committed to combat.

"An elite Russian military brigade was basically 'wiped out,' taking so many losses in Ukraine that it will 'take years to rebuild,' report says"

Thanks to "Insider"  ^ | 16 December 2022 | Jake Epstein the tip from Freeper.

"An elite Russian military brigade suffered so many losses while fighting in Ukraine that it was essentially "wiped out" and is expected to take a long time to rebuild, according to a new report."

"When it was first sent into Ukraine, the 200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade, stationed in northwestern Russia near its border with NATO-leaning Finland, had more experience, newer equipment, and better training than many other Russian units, The Washington Post reported on Friday."

But despite these advantages, the 200th suffered greatly in the months of combat that would follow.

See previous blog entries the topic of which was the 200th separate motorized rifle Brigade:


Friday, December 16, 2022


This is coolbert:

HEY! I had thought the advent of the anti-tank guided missile weapon had eliminated a need for such weaponry The direct fire anti-tank gun as was a popular weapon employed by all sides during the Second World War.

But no! Ukrainian is still employing such weaponry and now using in a mechanized form.

Soviet / Russian era direct fire anti-tank T-12 gun towed. T-12 popularly referred to by NATO soldiers during the Cold War as Pepper Pot.

See the short video of the T-12 in action:

According to the Soviet era  Suvorov there are distinct advantages to using a towed anti-tank gun rather than a self-propelled weapon system:

"1. A towed anti-tank gun is many times easier to manufacture and to use than one that is self-propelled."

"2. A towed gun has a very low silhouette, at least half that of a tank."

"3. Anti-tank guns are used in two situations. In defense, when the enemy has broken-through, is advancing fast and must be stopped at any price. And in an offensive when one's own troops have broken through and are advancing rapidly, and the enemy tries to cut through the spearhead at its base, with a flank attack."

Soviet / Russian commanders also favoring the anti-tank gun towed. In comparison to a self-propelled version gun crews when in combat having to adhere to an unwritten law of warfare.

Troops as manning and engaging an enemy tank attack not allowed any line of retreat. Cannot turn tail and run but rather must stand their ground with their guns and defend against all odds However grim!



This is coolbert:

Ukrainian drones that were used to attack the Russian air bases Ryazan and Engels have now been identified?

Son of Yastreb at work and performing yeoman duty! Drones their role previously only intelligence gathering and surveillance now having a worthy combat mission.

"Tupolev ‘Attacks’ Tupolev! Ukraine’s Tu-141 Strizh Likely Behind Attack On Russian Air Bases; More Pain Awaits Moscow?"

From eurasiantimes./com | Vijainder K Thakur December 6, 2022.

"On the morning of December 5, 2022, Ukraine attacked two air bases in Russia using Soviet-made UAVs – Dyagilevo in the Ryazan region  (approximately 285 miles from Ukrainian territory) and Engels in the Saratov region (approximately 315 miles from Ukrainian territory) in an effort to disable Russian long-range aircraft."

Russian long-range bomber aircraft of the Tu-22M3, Tu-95 and Tu-160 warplanes variety. Bomber aircraft employed as standoff weapons delivery systems during the Ukraine conflict all in jeopardy. Valuable military assets under attack the Russian Air Force not having a whole lot of these type planes in inventory.

See all previous blog entries as germane to the topic:


3M-54 Kalibr.

This is coolbert:

I am not sure if there's any significance to any of this. It may well be that the Russian has expended every last single caliber missile that was on a Surface vessel in the Black Sea or environs thereof. 

"Russia removed all ships with 'Kalibr' missiles from the Black Sea"

From the Internet website "Ukrainian Truth" | Ukrayinska Pravda December 11, 2022.

As of the morning of 11 December, Russia has not deployed a single Kalibr cruise missile carrier ship in the Black Sea.

Source: Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook

Quote from the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: "As of 11 December,  there are eight enemy ships on combat duty in the Black Sea; in the Azov Sea, the enemy continues to control sea communications, keeping two ships on combat duty."

Details: It is reported that nine Russian ships, including five carriers of Kalibr cruise missiles with a total salvo of 76 missiles, are in the Mediterranean Sea.

As is noted a number of Russian warships in the Mediterranean have a Kalibr missile capability but this would require them to fire their missiles from a standoff distance at long range against Ukrainian targets. And missiles over-flying NATO nations airspace in the process. Presumably such a violation of NATO airspace would be forbidden?

The Turk also during the time of the Ukrainian conflict will not allow Russian warships to transit from the Mediterranean into the Black Sea. Surface vessel reinforcement of the Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet with Kalibr missile firing capability is not possible. Or have these caliber missiles been fitted into submarines I cannot say with any degree of authority.


Thursday, December 15, 2022


This is coolbert:

See previous blog entry with embedded additional link as relevant:

"Derogatory fighter pilot call sign was homophobic and targeted RCAF female officer"

"Two senior air force officers will face hearings over allegations they failed to stop the fighter pilots from assigning the offensive call sign"

From the the original story [?] by David Pugliese  •  Ottawa Citizen | Dec 12, 2022.

"A fighter pilot call sign at the heart of disciplinary actions against Royal Canadian Air Force officers was based on an abusive and derogatory comment against a female military member as well as the LGBTQ+ community."

"Two senior officers were charged in October for allegedly failing to stop a group of fighter pilots from assigning an offensive call sign to another member."


"The call sign, which would be used to identify the pilot and would be written on their CF-18 fighter aircraft, was based on the male pilot’s consensual relationship with a female Canadian Forces officer. The woman later entered into a consensual same-sex relationship."

"As a result, the RCAF fighter pilots assigned him the call sign FAWG, which stood for 'F—-d A Woman Gay.'”

Contrary to what I had previously surmised the derogatory comment and nickname was assigned to the male pilot and not the female!

Can it also be reasonably inferred that if all the Canadian Air Force [RCAF] has to worry about is the nickname of a pilot their concerns with combat capability are exceedingly minor?

FAWG and now we know the rest of the story!



This is coolbert:

"They [Moscow] have drawn from ageing ammunition stockpiles, which does indicate that they are willing to use older ammunition, some of which was originally produced more than 40 years ago,"

"Russia Reaching Out To North Korea, Iran As It Burns Through 40-Year-Old Ammo: Pentagon"

From the article BY TYLER DURDEN | DEC 14, 2022.

"The Pentagon this week is suggesting that Russia is growing increasingly desperate in maintaining steady ammo supplies, with senior officials describing 40-year old Soviet-era ammo being used, claiming Moscow is turning to countries like North Korea, and relying increasingly on Iran."

"This makes it potentially faulty, unreliable, and even dangerous for the Russian troops operating the heavy guns, the official described: 'In other words, you load the ammunition and you cross your fingers and hope it's going to fire or when it lands that it's going to explode.'"

See within context of World War One the British shell crisis of 1915:

See additionally the comments of a Soviet / Russian general staff officer the relative inability of Soviet / Russian industry to replenish munitions during a time of War:

Hey nobody ever said any of this war fighting was going to be easy did they??


45 Commando.

This is coolbert:

British Royal Marine 45 Commando unit in action the Ukraine conflict high-risk Special Operations missions several of which evidently have successfully been completed!

 "UK Military Publicly Admits Covert Operations In Ukraine For First Time"

Article courtesy of the internet website Zero Hedge original story Authored by Will Porter Via The "Libertarian Institute".  All thanks additionally to TYLER DURDEN | DEC 15, 2022.

"The British Royal Marines have carried out high-risk special operations on the ground in Ukraine, according to the former head of the elite unit, who said UK commandos have been deployed to the country on more than one occasion this year."

"Writing in the Royal Navy’s official magazine, the Globe and Laurel, Lieutenant General Robert Magowan said some 350 Marines were sent to Ukraine for two missions since January, starting with an operation to help relocate UK diplomatic staff to Poland just ahead of Russia’s invasion."{

Surely one can fully understand a relocation of UK diplomatic staff to Poland prior to commencement of hostilities in the Ukraine as a mission fully understandable. Beyond that we can only imagine what has occurred additional Special Operations missions is it a good idea to even speak about such matters?



This is coolbert:

"For a people he does not really know for a cause he does not fully understand"

Young African student studying in Russia and serving time in prison for a drug charge released from custody to serve in Wagner PMC at the front lines has been killed in action his remains now repatriated to his native land.

"Zambia: repatriation of the remains of the student killed at the front in Ukraine"

From | 12/11/2022.

"The body of the Zambian student recruited from a Russian prison by the paramilitary group Wagner before being killed in fighting in Ukraine has..."

"The body of the Zambian student recruited in a Russian prison by the paramilitary group Wagner before being killed in fighting in Ukraine was repatriated from Russia to Lusaka on Sunday, AFP journalists noted."

"On the tarmac of the airport in the Zambian capital, a white hearse with windows adorned with small curtains revealed a coffin with roughly nailed boards and stamped with a code drawn in black marker and letters in the Cyrillic alphabet."

"Lemekhani Nyirenda, 23, who was serving a prison sentence near Moscow, was killed in September in Ukraine."

"The student at the Institute of Physical Engineering in Moscow was sentenced to nine years in prison in April 2020 for a drug case."

See previous blog entry the topic African students being recruited into the Russian military for the Ukraine conflict:


Wednesday, December 14, 2022


This is coolbert:

Biplanes the Ukrainian Conflict? Biplanes?

From a Mark Felton YouTube Internet production | Dec 13, 2022.

"Russia appears to be about to use a new secret weapon against Ukraine - but it's not a jet or missile, but rather a 75-year-old biplane transport plane. Find out the bizarre story here..."

An-2 Russian transport biplane aircraft used as a decoy during the early stages of the Ukraine conflict and as has been reported in a previous blog entry.

An-2 used as a decoy able to draw ground fire from Ukrainian ground-based air defense systems causing the latter to expend missiles in a futile manner against ancient but venerable warplanes.

My thought originally was at the An-2 was remotely fallen from the ground into contested airspace. Apparently this is not true. Much of the flight is done with the conventional human pilot at the controls, that individual only bailing out of the aircraft when he reaches a certain destination having placed the An-2 on autopilot for the remainder of the flight until destruction.



This is coolbert:

Pavel the son of Yevgeny gone with his comrades? Bad OSINT Wagner PMC?

Open source intelligence [OSINT] used to identify the barracks/residence of Wagner PMC Russian mercenaries attacked by Ukrainian missiles presumably HIMARS.

"Did Wagner Mercenary Chief’s Son Get Dozens Of His Comrades Killed With This Photo?"

"Giveaway image was posted before Ukraine blitzed building with missiles"

From the Internet website

"The son of the Wagner Group’s mercenary boss may have given away their secretive location in Ukraine before it was bombed by Kyiv forces, killing dozens of his comrades."

"Pavel Prigozhin, the son of the feared private military group’s chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, allegedly posted a photo on social media in front of the Zhdanova guest house in the city of Kadiivka where the mercenaries were holed up."

"Then on Saturday at 8.30pm, Ukrainian forces blitzed the Luhansk hotel, with 18 believed dead and 50 injured, after the giveaway image was shared online."

No matter how many times you tell people don't post images to the Internet of this nature they never seem to stop with dire consequences for them when they do.


Jin BTS.

This is coolbert:

Jin has arrived. Jin has seen. Jin has conquered.

Jin South Korean International rock musician has begun his military service.

"K-pop star Jin from BTS begins military service"

"Jin, pictured with his new buzzcut, is going to be sorely missed by his many fans"

From, the story by Jean Mackenzie | Seoul correspondent.

"Jin, the oldest member of K-pop mega-band BTS, has entered military service - the first of the group to do so."

"The 30-year-old posted a photo of himself with his new military haircut before enlisting on Tuesday. 'It looks cuter than I expected,' he said."

"As South Korea is still technically at war with its hostile neighbor North Korea, all able-bodied men are required to serve in the army."

"Jin has begun five weeks' training at a boot-camp near the North Korean border."

"After this, he will reportedly be assigned to a frontline unit. This news sent his millions of adoring fans into a frenzy."

As alleged about $1 billion dollars USD in contracts will be voided or in jeopardy but honor takes precedent over dollars!

See previous blog entry as relevant to Jin BTS and the rock group K-pop with embedded additional link:


Tuesday, December 13, 2022


This is coolbert:

These guys back during the days of the old Soviet Union were KGB Second Department as far as I remember counterintelligence internal within the Soviet Union.

Now called FSB! Different nomenclature but the mission still continues

"New FSB groups arrive in occupied south of Ukraine to search for partisans"

"partisan: A partisan is a member of an irregular military force formed to oppose control of an area by a foreign power or by an army of occupation by some kind of insurgent activity."

From "Ukrainska Pravda" December 8, 2022.

"New groups of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) have arrived in the temporarily occupied south of Ukraine to uncover the Ukrainian partisan movement."

Source: "National Resistance Center"

Details: "New FSB groups will be assigned the tasks of carrying out signals and electronic intelligence, including intercepting calls, monitoring Internet traffic, and jamming signals during the movement of Russian military equipment."

FSB mission evidently radio intercept and triangulation to discover communications and  locations of the various partisan groups.

"The National Resistance Center recalls that the Russian secret services have started hunting down partisans. The so-called temporary operative groups (TOG) were created in the temporarily occupied territories to search for partisans. These groups consist of employees of the counterintelligence department of the FSB and representatives of various services."

Ukrainian partisan activity the occupied territories must now have be seen as a serious threat to Russian rule and military activity. If they were not so the FSB would not be committing resources as they are now.

To what extent the Ukrainian Army had organized partisan units to be employed in case of Russian attack I just cannot say. Sounds like these units are similar to what the NATO calls GLADIO operations. Partisans during a time of crisis already trained becoming active and wage guerrilla warfare in in the rear area of an advancing enemy.

Ukrainian military from my perspective seems to be very well organized and perhaps has thought through the entire aspect of partisan activity well in advance. There is indeed a very long history of partisan warfare in that part of the world. Partisan warfare as being successful too when waged in  conjunction with conventional warfare.