Sunday, December 18, 2022


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Russian munitions and military-related industry now ramping up production. All obviously in response to the Ukraine Conflict a war which was supposed to be over in two to three weeks maximum but is now seen as being a protected conflict perhaps continuing for years!

"Russian arms manufacturers switch to six-day working week"

"Shifts at defense enterprises may also be extended to 12 hours, a trade unions chief says"

"Russian arms manufacturers switch to six-day working week"

From Russian controlled [?] Internet media RT | 16 Dec, 2022.

"Arms manufacturers in Sverdlovsk Region in Russia’s Urals are working longer weeks due to the conflict in Ukraine, a trade unions chief has said."

"Enterprises that are busy fulfilling government defense orders 'are now working six days [a week] instead of five, Andrey Vetluzhskykh, the head of the federation of local trade unions, said during a press conference in Ekaterinburg on Friday.

"Working days could also be increased for employees, Vetluzhskykh added, noting that the Russian law allows for the addition of four hours per shift in the event of 'production necessity.' That means 'working up to 12 hours daily,' he explained."

See from a previous blog entry as described the relative inability of the Soviets / Russian military industrial complex to meet demand for war munitions during a time of a protracted conventional conflict. Observations as was made from over 30 years ago you really have to wonder how valid they are today I think probably in the main about the same.

It is important to keep in mind that I don't think anybody in the Kremlin the Pentagon or in any other capital of any nation in the world thought that the Ukraine Conflict was going to last as long as it has and perhaps is going to last as long as it is into the future as well. This was totally unanticipated!!


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