Wednesday, December 21, 2022


This is coolbert:

"I shall thee lend Little John, my man,

For he shall be thy knave;

In a yeoman's stead he may thee stand,

If thou great need have."

Israeli army women only unit in trouble? Excessive suicides beyond normal, military duty as not being conducive to sound mental health?

"The Female-only Israeli Army Role Leading Too Many to Suicide"

"Chronic sleep deprivation, arbitrary punishment and disrespect: Female remote observers, who carefully watch live surveillance, describe their nightmarish service and role"

From Dec 7, 2022.

"Last month, a female solder serving as a 'tatzpitanit' – a role now given only to women that entails hours of closely monitoring surveillance cameras – was hospitalized after attempting suicide."

"The military said her suicide attempt had nothing to do with her work and that she was unknown to its mental heath services. It further said that the attempt had taken place while the soldier was home on a weekend leave."


* This sounds to me like yeoman type duty absolutely necessary but nonetheless a type of function that is found to be less than satisfactory for higher level individuals.

"Yeoman service is an idiom which means 'good, efficient, and useful service' in some cause. It has the connotations of the work performed by a faithful servant of the lower ranks, who does whatever it takes to get the job done."

* It may sound strange but one of the most important attributes of being a soldier is is being able to assume a posture of whatever nature for a prolonged period of time without amelioration. This may include simple and mundane functions such as sentry duty / guard duty or even observing a group of surveillance television monitors. A stressful and mentally taxing grind again without the slightest surcease.

As a person who has endured similar such circumstances I give these young Israel women very high marks for which they should be proud. 


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