Tuesday, December 20, 2022


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Incoming! US missiles Belgorod!

Ukrainian tit for tat retaliation!

1. "Ukraine wields US-supplied offensive arms against Russia – for the first time"

Thanks to www.debka.com ^ | 12.19.2022 | DebkaFile the tip from Freeper.

"Monday, Dec. 19 saw the first Ukrainian strikes inside Russia with advanced US missiles that President Joe Biden promised the Ukraine leader a week earlier. DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the Ukrainians used their fresh supplies of AGM-88 Harm missiles to strike power and water supply plants in the Russian town of Belgorod in retaliation for Moscow’s unceasing Iranian-made drone assaults on its vital facilities including power – in a bid to freeze Ukraine into submission."

American supplied high speed anti radiation missiles [HARM] used to attack civilian targets the city of Belgorod

See previous blog entries with regard to American HARM missiles here and here

Normally HARM missiles would only be used in circumstances to attack Russian air defense radars!

2. "Russian City Suffers Casualties - 14,000 Without Power After Ukraine Cross Border Attack"

BY TYLER DURDEN at zero hedge original story Authored by Dave DeCamp via AntiWar.com. DEC 20, 2022.

"One civilian was killed, another eight people were wounded, and a poultry farm was damaged in Ukrainian shelling in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast, the region’s governor said on Sunday."

"tit for tat: noun - Repayment in kind, as for an injury; retaliation."

Retaliation during a time of war always a very strong motivating factor. You bomb us we bomb you; you kill us we kill you; you deprive us of electrical power we deprive you of electrical power etc.


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