Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Bakhmut II.

This is coolbert:

The Russian military has been retaining the upper hand on the Donbass battlefield for the last nine months!!


From Russian aligned Internet media 19.12.2022 - .


Portions of the article as posted in entirety:

"The battle for Bakhmut continues. Units of the Wagner PMCs are advancing almost on all the front lines in the region. Clashes are ongoing in Podhorodnoe located north of Bakhmut and in Opytnoe located south of the city. On the eastern outskirts, fighting is ongoing on the streets."

"At the same time, Wagner fighters continue their assault in Klesheevka. In their turn, Ukrainian forces attempted to counterattack in Kurdyumovka and Ozaryanovka but failed and were pushed back by Russian troops and artillery."

"Despite the high losses, the Ukrainian command is preparing for a long-term defense in Bakhmut. Ukrainian servicemen are digging trenches on the streets, and traditionally establishing firing points in residential buildings. Such a strategy leads to the complete destruction of the city during the battle."

"The deplorable state of the Ukrainian military in the city forces Kiev officials to prepare the people for the upcoming retreat of the Ukrainian Army from Bakhmut. More and more often, Ukrainian political officials claim that control of the city has no strategic military importance."

According to the Internet website "Mystics and Skeptics" there is no strategic military importance to Bakhmut. If Bakhmut is indeed captured by a Russian forces the frontline will merely moved slightly beyond what it already is not much more than that

President Zelinskyy is reported only yesterday to have made a visit to the front lines to encourage the embattled Ukrainian troops at Bakhmut.

Bakhmut more than anything else having a symbolic nature more than any sort of tactical or strategic advantage that may be gained by capture [Russian] or successful defense [Ukrainian].


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