Friday, December 23, 2022


This is coolbert:

Courtesy here the tip from Peter at the Internet web site "Bayou Renaissance Man".

I recommend highly without qualification or reservation these three YouTube video.

Experiences of an Englishman who has fought in the Ukrainian International Legion during the Ukraine conflict

Peter the author of the Internet website "Bayou Renaissance Man" himself a veteran of the South African Border War so he speaks also a degree of authority in such matters.

"My friend is alive, and has some amazing tales to tell us of his experiences as a volunteer at the front in Ukraine."

"Having returned alive from the front in Ukraine, Joe tells us what kit a volunteer should take with him, and what expensive useless things he should leave behind."

"In this, we hear what it is like to be at the receiving end of artillery, mortars, rockets, cluster bombs and more."

Hey! Nobody ever said any of this was going to be easy did they?


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