Monday, December 19, 2022


This is coolbert:

All it takes is 28 Slovenia tanks of the M-55S variety? The Ukrainian is saved after all?

"Watch Ukraine Train To Fight Russia With ‘New’ M-55S Tanks"

From the article by Jack Buckby.

M-55S Tank heavily modified version of the original Soviet era T-55 tank. That is 1955 the tank originally developed and entering Soviet Red Army inventory decades ago now

"See Ukrainian Soldiers Training With New M-55S Tanks: Video footage shared recently shows Ukrainian soldiers training for the first time using tanks donated by Slovenia. The M-55S tanks can be seen moving slowly along a dirt road as a Ukrainian soldier walks behind it."

See the tweet with video: Ukrainians training with their new tanks.

My instantaneous thought was that there might be some ammunition commonality between the  retrofitted T-55 error Soviet tank and that T-12 pepperpot anti-tank gun now self-propelled in the Ukrainian version. But that is not at all the case retrofitted Slovenian T-55 fires the NATO 105 millimeter round versus the 100 millimeter round of the T-12 antitank gun.

More than anything else those Ukrainian infantry men need rubber galoshes and lots of clean dry wool socks provided to them on a regular basis.


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