Thursday, December 29, 2022


This is coolbert:

The Canadian army with regard top NATO mission. Forget Ukraine, think NATO?

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"Canadian Army shrank by 1,200 soldiers in 2022 as Latvia mission set to expand in June"

"But the Canadian Army cannot sustain a significantly larger deployment to Latvia over the long term, says its commander Lt.-Gen. Joe Paul"

From the the article by Lee Berthiaume Dec 28, 2022  • 

"OTTAWA — The commander of the Canadian Army says his force is being squeezed by more demands at home and abroad, especially in Europe, even as the number of soldiers available for such missions is shrinking."

"In an interview with The Canadian Press, Lt.-Gen. Joe Paul says the Army shrunk by 1,200 soldiers last year as departures outpaced recruiting — and that it could lose hundreds more unless the situation change"

Valuable, trained and skilled personnel over a thousand of them gone! Not only replacing the absolute numbers of troops a problem. Training them and preparing for deployment overseas as worthy soldiers time-consuming, not a quickly accomplished task.

The proverbial rock and the hard spot! Good luck with that General Paul!


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