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Was not even aware of such a thing A negotiated settlement to the Great War [WW1] was possible in 1916! Proposals for a negotiated settlement were first broached by the Germans but were rejected by the Allied Powers almost out of hand? Again never heard of this before. 

"overture: noun | 1a. an initiative toward agreement or action : PROPOSAL b. something introductory : PRELUDE"

1. "British people oppose German peace proposal"

By ED L. KEEN, United Press.


By GERALD SWICK 12/18/2014.

3. "Did Germany really make a serious peace proposal in Dec 1916?"

12 JANUARY 2016.

4. "The Road Less Traveled: The Secret Battle to End the Great War, 1916-1917"

WOODROW WILSON - THEN AND NOW [Courtesy the Woodrow Wilson Center]

I strongly encourage devoted readers to the blog and those persons merely perusing in a much more casual manner to watch and listen to the embedded video from the Wilson Center. Most informative and covering a topic I was not even aware of.

My perspective would be that the German having keenly observed the results of combat in 1916 to include the Somme, Verdun and the Brusilov offensive quite correctly concluded that there was no easy and quick end or resolution to the war strictly from military basis.

The German also in the aftermath of the Romanian campaign would have perceived themselves as being able to negotiate from a position of strength rather than weakness. The attitude would have been its better preserve now what we have gained rather than what we might might not be able to preserve in the future!

Regrettably all came for naught. I might well think "emotion clouds reason" in such circumstances  makes meaningful overtures and negotiation impossible! The rest is history as they say.


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