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Trans-Dneister Moldova restive Russians? As related to the Ukraine Conflict?

"Moldova Rocked by Attacks"

As reported by NewsMax Tuesday, 26 April.

"The breakaway Moldovan region of Transdniestria raised its 'terrorist threat level' to red on Tuesday and introduced checkpoints after several blasts in the region, its official news agency said."

"The Russia-backed region has been hit by several attacks in the past day, local authorities say, after a military unit was targeted, blasts at Transdniestria's state security HQ and two explosions damaged old Soviet-era radio antennas"

Area Moldova east of the Dneister river predominantly Russian speakers. Restive and angry as before them were the populations of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Now in context of the Ukraine Conflict consider these "terrorist actions".

Adherents to the concept of the self-proclaimed Budjak Republic making noise? This all remains to be seen.

See addtionally all prior blog entries the topic Moldova and the wayward Russian speaking population thereof:





Consider also the Focsani Gate and the importance to the NATO constituent state of Romania:

"The Focșani Gate (Romanian: Poarta Focșani or Poarta Focșanilor) is a militarily and strategically vulnerable area in Romania and NATO. Control of the Focșani Gate allows entry into vast tracts of Romanian territory and several other regions of Europe."

Let the Russian tank divisions, tank armies and groups of tank armies roll! All out of nowhere, all of a sudden. What else?




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From the Internet web site "Free West Media" and thanks to same.

Multi-tiered palatial underground bunders the Azovstal steel works? Azov battalion fighters and civilians under siege and bombardment leading a relatively luxurious life, unscathed and unbothered by bunker-busting bombs dropped by Russian Tu-22M3?

Published: April 26, 2022, 

"Italian talk shows detail Azovstal Nazi bunkers… from a game"

"In recent weeks the attention of Italian TV talk shows has focused on the Russian attack on the Azovstal steel plant, which is located near the Ukrainian city of Mariupol. The huge industrial plant has become one of the symbols of a growing Ukrainian dilemma: Hundreds of Ukrainian civilians and soldiers are huddled in the underground tunnels of the plant."

"Italian television aired a very detailed rendering of an alleged underground bunker of the Azovstal steel plant, showing five floors, a research laboratory, a vegetable garden and a dormitory. This scoop was surprising, since no independent witnesses had had access to the site after 24 February 2022 (the first day of the conflict). Moreover, the existence of such a particular structure with a “garden” connected to the steelworks site has never been confirmed."


Relatively luxurious multi-tiered dwellings that much we can deny with a great degree of assurance!



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 “it is impossible to hide the external impact of the anti-shipping missile – one will immediately know what hit the ship. Moreover, to hit and sink such a target as the Moskva one has to launch a salvo and not only two missiles, likely 3-4 at least. In this case, Russia would know who attacked Moskva. Does NATO know? I am positive this event has NATO written all over it, if it is not an internal sabotage which absolutely cannot be excluded at this stage. I am sure if Nebo [Russian radar] was operational it would have seen the salvo.” - - Andrei Martyanov. Retired naval officer, Soviet/Russian navy.

YET again more Moskva stuff. From the "Unz Review" the story by PEPE ESCOBAR • APRIL 23, 2022 • 

"The Moskva Riddle"

"A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" -- Churchill.

The sinking of the Moskva the contrarian version!

"contrarian: noun - - A person who habitually takes a view opposite to that held by the majority. A person who expresses a contradicting viewpoint, especially one who denounces the majority persuasion"

[devoted readers to the blog be keenly aware that the Unz Review is almost always contrarian]

"Neither NATO nor Russia is telling us what really happened with the Moskva, the legendary admiral ship [flagship?] of the Black Sea fleet."

"NATO because in theory, they know. Moscow, for its part, made it clear they are not saying anything until they can be sure what happened."

"One thing is certain. If the Russian Ministry of Defense finds out that NATO did it, they will let loose all the dogs from Hell on NATO, as in 'asymmetrical, lethal and fast'."


The Pepe Escobar article a very long read I must admit. But worthy of a perusal, whether of the most cursory of manner or otherwise!


NATO is to blame but in exactly what way just cannot be determined!



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As was the Transportation Plan in 1944 so is the onslaught of the Russian military against the Ukrainian railway system now!

"Russia Ramps Up Attacks On Ukraine Rail Lines To Thwart NATO Arms Shipments"

From the Internet web site "Zero Hedge" the article BY TYLER DURDEN APR 25, 2022 -

"The Russian military is ramping up efforts to thwart Western arms deliveries into Ukraine, on Monday striking at least six railway stations and facilities. In a statement late in the day the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) confirmed it attacked the locations, including taking out train tracks and transport lines, as they were being used 'to supply Ukrainian forces with foreign weapons,'" 

* SPECIAL emphasis on FOREIGN weapons.

* Railway bridges, stations, rolling stock, marshaling yards all attacked and destroyed. The plan. 

* About 500 miles [800 kilometers] straight-line distance from Lvov to the Donetsk area.

* Railroads about nine to ten times more efficient at delivering load than road-bound transport.

"Earlier in the day Ukrainian Railways authority head . . . had confirmed that five of the stations were hit, saying there were at this point unknown numbers of casualties, during what was described as an 'unusually long' continuous air raid that lasted a reported two hours Monday morning."

These attack on a much smaller scale reminds the amateur historian of the destruction of the French railway system, WW2. The "Transportation Plan" it was called.

"The Transportation Plan was a plan for strategic bombing during World War II against bridges, rail centers, including marshalling yards and repair shops in France with the goal of limiting the German military response to the invasion of France in June 1944."

A plan that worked exceedingly well. German troop reinforcements and logistical support to those Nazi troops in the Normandy battlefield greatly hampered. Road movement ONLY possible and then ONLY during hours of darkness!

A  plan that worked so exceedingly well that Allied forces their advance eastward from the Normandy break-out area 1944 also significantly impeded. So much destruction to the French railway system that the allies could not move supplies to the forward units fast enough.

SPECIAL construction units, DEVOTED to quick and expeditious repair of the Ukrainian rail network could go a log way to MITIGATE damage. But all that must be organized in advance and ready to go. Start reading those manuals on how to build wooden railroad trestles also. As from the American Old West. The Japanese during WW2 did so and had great success building expedient structures!



PGM Russia.

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“There has been an effect on Putin's ability to restock and resupply particularly … in the realm of components to some of his systems and his precision-guided munitions. … They've already faced an issue in terms of replenishing their inventories because of components to some of those systems, and that's already had a practical effect on Putin,” - - a senior Pentagon official.


From the story by Kris Osborn April 22, 2022 courtesy "The National Interest".

"Russia Runs Low on Precision Munitions as New Phase in the War Begins"

"Russian forces will be able to indiscriminately launch unguided artillery bombardment attacks, but they will not be able to pinpoint high value Ukrainian targets"

"In the initial weeks of the war in Ukraine, Russia’s heavy missile and artillery bombardment of Ukrainian civilian areas revealed what appeared to be a deliberate effort to terrorize the Ukrainian people."

"What makes this all the more disturbing is the reality that Russia has precision-guided weapons and, should it wish to, could easily pinpoint military targets with surgical bomb and missile strikes. Therefore, the attacks on civilians appeared to be quite deliberate right from the start, given that Russia has the technical means to limit casualties."


"However, the Pentagon now says Russia is running out of precision munitions due to the overwhelming number of strikes Russian forces have launched."

Precision-guided artillery rounds as guided to the target by GPS or laser have been around for some time, the armies of the USA and Russian both possessing. 

Read further precision-guided munitions, usage of the Russian Krasnopol precision-guided munition in the Ukraine, that phase of static warfare as has existed since 2014.

I might well assume correctly that the expenditure of precision-guided artillery rounds and other terminal-guidance Russian munitions of all sorts will necessitate replacement of which will be both expensive and time-consuming.

"The purpose of terror is to terrorize!" - - V. I. Lenin.


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All a coincidence? Nothing to see here folks? Move along!

From the "Daily Mail" the story By WILL STEWART and JACK WRIGHT 23 April 2022 | 

Within context of the Ukraine Conflict sabotage cannot be ruled out? SECRET projects?

"Putin's regime is accused of 'covering-up' death toll of '25 military scientists killed in fire at Russian weapons research facility'"

* "Putin's regime is accused of 'covering-up' the death toll after a deadly fire at a weapons research facility" * "Blaze broke out at the Second Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense in Tver" * "Four military scientists were forced to jump out of windows from the building on Thursday" * "But local journalists claim that 'at least 25' were killed, not 'up to seven' like state media says".


"The institute is central to the design of Iskander missiles, which Putin has unleashed on Ukraine, as well as Russia's S-400 missile defense system. It is also involved in other 'secret projects'. The damage is seen as a blow to Putin's missile modernization program."




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Marder kaput? The Swiss speak!

 From the Internet web site "HNGN" the article by BY  ED FORSTER APR 25, 2022. 

Marder infantry-fighting vehicle as being transferred to the Ukrainian by the German will be do so but sans the 20 mm proprietary [?] Swiss-made ammunition as needed??

"Switzerland Blocks German Request for Swiss Made Ammunition Destined for Ukraine, Cites Neutral Status in Hostile Conflicts"

"Switzerland Blocks German Request for Swiss Made Ammunition Destined for Ukraine, Cites Neutral Status in Hostile Conflicts


"Switzerland stopped the delivery of Swiss-made ammunition for German infantry fighting vehicles that were supposed to be sent to Ukraine. The move stopped plans to re-export the ammunition to Ukraine, as reported last Sunday."

"The nation's State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco) mentioned that Switzerland stressed a neutral state and legislation forbidding arms deliveries to conflict zones, as a rule, according to RT News."

"According to German media, Rheinmetall, a Dusseldorf-based automotive and arms business that makes Marder infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) for the German Army, utilizes this ammunition."

Marder can be transferred to the Ukrainian, but not the 20 mm ammunition as needed for the IFV to operate at 100 % full performance. Cross-country movement and protection for occupants very good but ability of the weapon system to provide supporting direct fire nil.

Do not confuse any of this with the previous blog entry the Slovenian sending T-72 tanks to Ukraine in return with Marder as acquired from the German.



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Yet one more item of interest, the sunken Russian warship Moskva.

From International Busines Times and the story by Anshu Seth April 19, 2022.

"'True Cross' on Moskva? Russian Orthodox Church Confirms Sunken Russian Warship Had Relic From Christ's Cross"

A fragment of wood as taken from the cross [crux] that JESUS was crucified to!!

"Reports that sunken Russian warship Moskva was carrying the fragments of 'True Cross, a Christian relic, have created a furor on social media."

"The fact that these reports coincided with the Easter Sunday triggered heightened interest on social media, with users swarming platforms with comments stating that [the] Russians have gone too far using religion and history during this war."

Regarding the use of icons and relics in the Russian Orthodox Christian tradition:

"Eastern Orthodox Church icons are still a very important part of Orthodox Christian faith. They are truly sacred images, not for nothing called 'windows into heaven.'”

Don't ask me as to the authenticity of the relic. Just accept that it is BELIEVED to be so as described! A fragment of wood as taken from the True Cross.

And to all this Admiral Ushakov would say?


Океан Еlzy.

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From the esteemed Professor of Law Eugene Volokh. An entry from his blog "The Volokh Conspiracy". 

Mariupol. The "City of Mary". Mary the mother of JESUS.

EUGENE VOLOKH | 4.23.2022.

That blog of Eugene: "Mostly law professors | Sometimes contrarian | Often libertarian | Always independent".

The translation [as best can be done from Ukrainian to Russian to English].

"The Sun rose over the Azov Sea
The wind blows over the dunes
It's cold, but the sand smells of Spring
My eyes have already gotten used to fatigue
There are too many reasons
I dream of how it will once again be good for you and me

[Refrain] No, the naval guns
Will not destroy my dreams
My heart will never betray my faith
For centuries will stand
The righteous city of Mary
While over the proud Azov Sea
The sun continues to rise

The sky thunders over the Azov
The enemy bombards us with his cannon
In the evening even the concrete smells of war
There is no time and no reason
To think how it will be tomorrow
The heart and the hands have long gotten used to battle

[Refrain] And the naval guns …

We remained ourselves
We wrapped ourselves in night
And our free mouths tightened from pain
But even to the deepest basements
The light will return again
The shout of the new day seeks to be free

[Refrain] And the naval guns …"

And all thanks to Океан Еlzy!



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"Don't mess with Texas!"

Consider the never ending saga of submarines while docked and moored being damaged. More damage to submarines done while in port than while at sea!

Here with one more incident of bad. Thanks to "American Military News", the tip from Freeper.

"US Navy investigating vandalism of nuclear submarine". SSN-775.

 The story by Ryan Morgan ^ | 4/22/22 |.

"The U.S. Navy is investigating what they believe is an intentional act of vandalism that damaged equipment within the Virginian-class submarine USS Texas (SSN-775) in the last month. The suspected vandalism took place as the USS Texas has been undergoing maintenance at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine. Shipyard spokesperson Danna Eddy said in a statement reported by the Portsmouth Herald on Thursday that federal government equipment on the submarine was damaged on or around March 29 of this year." 

Like I said, these occurrences while not common are not so terribly rare either. Not only vandalism but damage of a nature that can be attributed to just plain slip-shod procedures and failure to adhere to safety protocols.

See previous incidents damage to submarines with docked and moored, not sailing:










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Salvage the Moskva. Recover those items of great importance. And do it now! 

From the English tabloid "Daily Mail" the story By WILL STEWART and JACK WRIGHT 23 April 2022 |

"Putin races to salvage military secrets on board sunken Moskva: Russian president 'scrambles eight-ship flotilla to wreck of Black Sea Fleet flagship to secure coding devices and unexploded missiles' as dead crew families blast Kremlin 'lies' over sinking"

* "Putin 'has launched a major salvage operation to the wreck of the downed Black Sea Fleet flagship"' * "Naval experts say Russia is attempting to secure military secrets including coding devices and missiles" * "Among the salvage flotilla is Kommuna, the world's oldest active warship which served in both world wars" * "Families of Russian servicemen searching for sons on Moskva blasted Kremlin 'lies' and 'bullying'". 

"Putin has launched a major salvage operation to the wreck of the downed Black Sea Fleet flagship to secure military secrets including coding devices, unexploded missiles, and possibly even attempt to bring the bodies of dead sailors back home, naval experts have claimed."

Additionally concerning the salvage ship Kommuna:

"Kommuna is a submarine salvage ship in service with the Russian Navy's Black Sea Fleet. A double-hulled catamaran, she was laid down at the Putilov Factory (now the Kirov Factory) in St. Peterburg in November 1912 as the Volkhov, launched the following year, and commissioned on 14 June 1915. She was renamed the Kommuna on 31 December 1922. Having served in the Russian Imperial, Soviet, and Russian Federal navies through the Revolution and two world wars, she is the oldest ship still in service with any navy"

Moskva sank in one-hundred sixty [160 feet] of water.  About fifty meters. Is diver accessible. Bodies, documents, weapons can all be recovered. And also perhaps and only perhaps ATOMIC warheads on at least two of those missiles.


49th CAA.

This is coolbert:

More senior Russian commanders "bite the dust" the Ukraine Conflict.

"bite the dust: Suffer defeat or death"

The story Forbes by David Axe.

"The Ukrainians Keep Blowing Up Russian Command Posts And Killing Generals"

"Eight years ago, a trio of Ukrainian army brigades fighting Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region made a fatal mistake. They idled their tanks and trucks around a static command post."

"Russian drones and eavesdroppers pinpointed the command post and blasted it with artillery."

"Today it’s the Russians who are making that same mistake—and the Ukrainians who are exploiting the error. In the two months since Russia widened its war on Ukraine, Kyiv’s forces have located and destroyed no fewer than thirty-one [31] Russian command and communications posts."


"The latest strike could be the most dramatic. Ukrainian forces on Friday reportedly destroyed the command post of the Russian 49th Combined Arms Army [49th CAA] near Russian-occupied Kherson in southern Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian intelligence service, the attack killed two Russian generals and wounded a third."

See all previous blog entries the deaths of  so many senior Russian military commanders the Ukraine Conflict:









This is coolbet:

HEY, I thought Vlad NOT going to storm the Azovstal steel works with the remnants of the neo-Nazi Azov battalion inside. What does this say?

"Russian forces resume offensive on Ukrainian holdout in Mariupol"

From the Washington Times ^ | 4/23/2022 | Joseph Clark the tip from Freeper.

"Russian forces on Saturday resumed attacks on a steel plant sheltering an estimated 1,000 citizens and the last remaining Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol, Ukrainian officials said. The move marks an apparent departure from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order earlier in the week not to attack the Ukrainian holdout in the strategic port city, but to instead block off the facility from supplies to force the Ukrainians to surrender."

Offensive as described consisting of Russian Tu-22M3 medium-range strategic bombers dropping bunker-busting bombs on the steel works? Burst the tunnels where the Azov battalion fighters are hiding but not a ground assault. Bury Azov alive! Sounds like a more reasonable explanation. BEWARE that in some of the video a Tu-22 Blinder is shown and not the more modern and highly modified Tu-22M3 Backfire.



This is coolbert:

See the very recent blog entry. Trial now over. The judge has spoken. Bad news for the general. Follow-up # 1 and final follow-up.

"An Air Force Major General in Ohio has been convicted"

From politico ^ | 04/23/2022 the original [?] story By ASSOCIATED PRESS, the tip courtesy Freeper.

"WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio — An Air Force major general in Ohio has been convicted by a military judge of one of three specifications of abusive sexual contact in the first-ever military trial of an Air Force general. The charge faced by Maj. Gen. William Cooley during the weeklong court-martial at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio had three specifications, one alleging a forcible kiss and two alleging forcible touching in 2018. Cooley was convicted Saturday of the forcible kissing specification but acquitted of the other two."

The hyper-sexualized senior military man in action? The super A+ personality military man at his worst?

More than anything, this is the first case of an American Air Force general officer facing court martial. And now the first American Air Force general officer now convicted at a court martial of a violation of Uniform Code of Military Justice [UCMJ]. Shame more than anything else counts here.



This is coolbert:

See some smoke and combat action at the end of your career? Redeem your honor when all that you have done in your life for the better is now seen as being for naught?

Ukraine here I come!

From "The Canadian Press" and thanks to same.

"Military officer retires, heads to Ukraine amid sex misconduct investigation"


"OTTAWA — A senior leader in the Canadian Armed Forces has retired and travelled to Ukraine to help defend the country from Russia’s invasion while still under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct."

"The Department of National Defense confirmed Thursday that lieutenant-general Trevor Cadieu retired on April 5 after more than 30 years in uniform, even as military police continue their investigation into his conduct."

Alleged sexual misconduct!


"Several defense sources say Cadieu has since headed to Ukraine to volunteer to help fight back against a Russian invasion that is about to enter its third month. The sources were not authorized to comment publicly on his whereabouts."


"Cadieu’s sudden retirement and departure come more than six months after the popular officer was slated to take command of the Canadian Army, with some military insiders predicting his eventual appointment as chief of the defense staff."

INDEED a very heavy-hitter! You CANNOT get much heavier than this man. And off to the Ukraine? Back into the ranks and demonstrate his combat skills? We have NOT hear the last of this I daresay.



This is coolbert:

But NOT Somalian!

Thanks to bitchute.com see some video the situation Mariupol:


DPR = Donetsk People's Republic.

As to the Somali Battalion NOT manned by Somalian ethnics:

"The Somalia Battalion . . . is an elite separatist military unit of the self-declared Donetsk People's Republic [DPR] in Ukraine, which has been fighting against the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbas War and the 2022 Russian invasion." 



Once again the tremendous forces need to lift a turret off of a main battle tank on display. This turret portions of which found inside [?] of a fifth story apartment. Greetings neighbor.

Go see it all!


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False navigation signals GPS? The Ukraine Conflict. Global Positioning System kaput?

See this entire article the alleged spoofing of GPS signals.

"spoof: verb - - 1: DECEIVE, HOAX"

From controlled [?] Russian Internet media Russian Times [RT]. 22 Apr, 2022.

"Russian airlines told to prepare to fly without GPS – media"

"The reported move comes after increased reports of jamming and spoofing of the US satellite system's signal"

"Russia's national air traffic regulator has told carriers to prepare to fly their planes without relying on the American Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite-based-navigation tool, newspaper Izvestia reported on Friday."

"According to the letter from Rosaviatsia, which was seen by the outlet, it has instructed national airlines to prepare to cope without GPS after a March report by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which warned of increased cases of jamming and spoofing of the system's signal after February 24 – the day Russia started its military offensive in Ukraine."


"On Friday, Rogozin [head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos] took to Telegram to propose switching all of the country's commercial planes from GPS to its Russian counterpart, Glonass."

"However, it might be a complicated thing to do as Boeing and Airbus planes, mainly used by the country's carriers, are designed to solely support the GPS technology."

Correct. Russia has it's own GPS system, GLONASS. Why just not use GLONASS? And we have the answer. Boeing and Airbus commercial aircraft in Russian service "designed to solely support" GPS.

Precision-guided munitions a whole variety of them too relying on GPS. Jam or spoof GPS and those weapons become less or even far less effective!

As to WHO the culprit is no one is named! The road to hell is paved with good intentions and now where is that airfield so we can land!



This is coolbert:

"built the bomb shelters first, then rebuilt the steel mill above them, so it's well protected, but perhaps not enough.”

Let me explain!

The siege of the Azovstal steel works the Ukraine Conflict. Industrial complex Mariupol the last hold-out of the Ukrainian military besieged but not be stormed. The order of Vlad personally.

From a variety of sources and thanks to one and all.

1. "EXPLAINER: Why the battle for Mariupol's steel mill matters"

From abcnews.go.com the original story [?] By The Associated Press April 21, 2022.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin is claiming control over Ukraine’s seaside city of Mariupol even as its defenders are holding out inside a massive steel mill near the water"

2. "Putin tries to claim victory in Mariupol but won’t storm last holdout of Ukrainian resistance"

Thanks to PBS here the tip from yahoo.com  Apr 21, 2022 .

"KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to claim victory in the strategic port of Mariupol on Thursday, even as he ordered his troops not to storm the last pocket of Ukrainian resistance in the war’s iconic battleground."

3. "Russia claims to have 'liberated' Mariupol after weeks of bombardment"

From msn.com the story by Niamh Cavanagh.

"LONDON — Russian officials claimed Thursday that the port city of Mariupol in eastern Ukraine had came under their control. The besieged city has been reduced to rubble since the launch of the invasion on Feb. 24 as Russian forces attempted to capture the city for eight weeks."

See additionally regarding that four-square mile [about ten square kilometers] steel works Azovstal. A vast complex with a labyrinth of tunnels and BOMB SHELTERS already in place.

4. "Inside Azovstal: The Ukrainian Metalworks That Has Become A 'Last Stand' Fortress"

From RFE/RL April 19, 2022.

The photo essay by industrial photographer Victor Macha. As was done in 2016.

"A photographer [Viktor Macha] who documented Mariupol's Soviet-era iron-and steelworks shares insights into the factory set to hold a final showdown between Ukraine's Azov Battalion and Russian forces."

Recall in warfare that pockets of resistance can sustain themselves for VERY LONG period of time if possessing:

*Strong leadership * Ammunition * Water * Food * Medical supplies.

Assume also that the pronouncements of Vlad to eradicate Azov will make those inside the steel work complex EVEN MORE determined to fight unto the very end, whenever that will be!



This is coolbert:

From Mark Felton yet one more Ukraine Conflict You Tube video.

Controversial Ukrainian fighting unit often referred to as neo-Nazi. Azov and a discussion of symbolism as associated with same.

When Vlad speaks of "denazification" these folks are who he has in mind. Azov neo-Nazi.

"The Ukrainian Army's Azov Battalion is controversial due to its use of symbols associated with the Waffen-SS. In this video, we will examine the unit's history and what those symbols mean."

Azov sometimes described as a battalion [nine-hundred personnel] and at other times a regiment [twenty-five hundred personnel. 

See wiki entries regarding the Wolfsangel and the Black Sun respectively here and here

All thanks to Mark Felton. His military history lessons as seen at You Tube quite good. Keep up the good work Mr. Mark.


Marder & Fuchs.

This is coolbert:

From that previous blog entry: "NATO ally Slovenia send a large number of its T-72 battle tanks to Ukraine. To replace these, Germany would then send Slovenia a number of Marder tanks and Fox wheeled tanks from its own supplies."

Marder and Fox NOT tanks!! No!

1. Marder an Infantry Fighting Vehicle [IFV]. Carries infantry [a squad of ten men] into combat while able to provide direct fire support. Tracked vehicle with however less-than-powerful armament.

"The Marder (German for 'marten') is a German infantry fighting vehicle operated by the German Army as the main weapon of the Panzergrenadiere (mechanized infantry) from the 1970s through to the present day. Developed as part of the rebuilding of Germany's armoured fighting vehicle industry, the Marder has proven to be a successful and solid infantry fighting vehicle design."

2. TPz Fuchs. Armored personnel carrier, wheeled. "Fox". Carries infantry into combat. Wheel vehicle, but scant weaponry to provide direct supporting fires.

"The TPz (Transportpanzer) Fuchs ('fox') is a German armoured personnel carrier originally developed by Daimler-Benz but manufactured and further developed by the now Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV). Fuchs was the second wheeled armoured vehicle to enter service with the Bundeswehr (West German Military) and it can be used for tasks including troop transport, engineer transport, bomb disposal, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical reconnaissance and electronic warfare."

Devoted readers to the blog consider for yourselves whether this transfer of weapons as it is being done is a fair trade. From my perspective the German more than anything else just ridding themselves of rather antiquated inventory, their war stocks!


Lambrecht II.

This coolbert:

A three-way German style? Lambrecht has done herself proud?

Slovenians to the rescue the Ukraine Conflict. T-72 tanks swap.

Thanks to German Voice [DW] the tip from Felix.

"Germany plans workaround for arms deliveries to Ukraine"

"Berlin is working on a three-way swap via Slovenia that would see heavy equipment sent to Ukraine. However, criticism of the government's lack of clarity continues — including from within its own ranks."


More heavy weaponry to the Ukrainian courtesy a constituent member of NATO.

"The weapons swap confirmed to the press by government officials appears to be part of Scholz's response to the disapproval. The planned workaround would see NATO ally Slovenia send a large number of its T-72 battle tanks to Ukraine. To replace these, Germany would then send Slovenia a number of Marder tanks and Fox wheeled tanks from its own supplies."


"To rob Peter to pay Paul. . . the elimination of one debt by incurring another."

"Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht stressed on Thursday that her government knows that providing more military aid to Ukraine 'must be done very, very quickly' because 'the situation is dramatically coming to a head' as Russia launched a new offensive in Ukraine's east."


And exactly how many T-72 tanks [upgraded presumably] does the Slovenian to spare that will make a difference?


Friday, April 22, 2022


This is coolbert:

Battlefield Russia. The Ukrainian invades? Zelensky moves east?

From the Internet web site "South Front" and thanks to same.


Spoiling attack?

"spoiling attack: noun - - a limited objective attack launched to disrupt enemy plans or operations"

"On Arpil [sic] 22, a column of Ukrainian tanks reportedly attempted to break into the Russian territory from the Kharkiv region. According to the Russian sources, the Ukrainian command decided to send a tank company of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the offensive from the territory of the Kharkiv region towards the Russian Belgorod region. The breakthrough attempt was thwarted."

"The incident took place in the area of Goptovka, near a checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Russian border in the Dergachevsky district of the Kharkiv region. 10 Ukrainian tanks headed towards the checkpoint. It is reported that Russian troops were hit and then returned fire. According to the reports by Russian military reporters, 8 Ukrainian tanks were destroyed as a result of fighting, 2 others turned back."


Attacks by the Ukrainian on Russian territory to this point very limited almost non-existent. See previous blog entry as applies:




This is coolbert:

MORE gloom and DOOM that strategic weapon stockpile USA. [and for NATO allies too].

By Mike Adams for the Internet web site "DC CLOTHESELINE" -April 21, 2022 the tip from Jason.

"America is RUNNING OUT of military munitions and can’t replace them FOR YEARS due to industrial decline and supply chain collapse"

Extracts the Mike Adams article:

"Pentagon officials say that Kyiv is blowing through a week’s worth of deliveries of antitank munitions every day. It is also running short of usable aircraft as Russian airstrikes and combat losses take their toll. Ammunition has become scarce in Mariupol and other areas. This is presenting Western countries with a stark choice between pouring more supplies into Ukraine or husbanding finite capabilities they may need for their own defense."

"The United States and its allies have sent up to 17,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine over the past month-and-a-half… Having transferred about a third of its inventory of Javelin missile systems to Ukraine, the Pentagon may be running out of stocks critical for the security of the homeland and possible US wars abroad"

"With current production averaging about 1,000 Javelins a year, the Pentagon assures that up to 6,480 can be made per year in an emergency . . . this production rate would take years to reach, given the 32 month delivery time from when a missile is ordered and the time that it’s delivered."


Corrective action needed now! But prospects bleak and dire I am afraid.


Stockpile ATGM.

This is coolbert:

Reserve weapon stockpiles depleted USA and NATO allies. Germany in particular already expressing concern!

See this Strategy Page Internet article extracts the depletion problem and concerns. All thanks to Strategy Page.

"LOGISTICS: The War Reserve Stockpile War"

"April 18, 2022: The recent fighting in Ukraine has brought forth a lot of support from NATO nations, especially in terms of weapons, ammunition, military equipment, fuel and much more. These shipments have increased but keeping it coming may be a problem. So far nearly 90,000 anti-tank and portable air defense weapons have been sent. The most important of these have been portable ATGMs (Anti-Tank Guided Missiles) and portable anti-aircraft missiles, particularly the American Stinger. The modern ATGMs and Stingers have been particularly effective, so much so that the United States is quickly exhausting its supply of these weapons as are other NATO nations which have also sent other types of ATGMs and some very effective unguided anti-tank weapons. All these shipments came from existing stockpiles, known as War Reserve Stockpiles. Over the last six years other NATO members have been copying the American efforts to build sufficient reserves of key weapons and munitions just in case."

"The basic idea is to rebuild stockpiles of ammunition and equipment for use against a large, well-equipped force in a war. These stockpiles are also referred to as the 'War Reserve', as in large quantities of munitions and spares stockpiled to keep the troops supplied during the initial 30-60 days of fighting until production can be increased to sustain the fighting."

Further consider the costs per weapon replenishment:

ATGM = Anti-tank Guided-missile. SAM= Surface to Air Missile. NLAW = Next-generation Light Anti-tank Weapon. CLU = Command Launch Unit.

* Javelin reusable ATGM:  Missile only, export cost  (USD$240,000) + Lightweight CLU ( USD$249,700).  

* Single shot and throw away Stinger SAM: (USD$119,320).

* Single shot and throw away NLAW: (Unit cost USD$30,000–40,000).

HEY, nobody ever said war was easy. OR cheap for that matter.



This is coolbert:

Part 4 of Art. 354.1 Criminal code applies. 

"Twerking: performers dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving throwing or thrusting their hips back or shaking their buttocks, often in a low squatting stance."


"Zambian student arrest in Russia for twerking in front of a Nazi war memorial"

From lusakatimes.com April 21, 2022.

"General News:  Zambian student arrest in Russia for twerking in front of a Nazi..."

The worst possible thing this young lady could have done at this exact moment in time.

"A Zambian female student [student in Russia] has been arrested in Russia for allegedly 'rehabilitating Nazism' by twerking in front of a war memorial.

"The 21-year-old — identified by local media as Zambian national Rebecca Ziba — was detained after she posted a video of herself on Instagram."

"In the footage — posted alongside a joking caption — she can be seen dancing next to a World War II memorial in Khanty-Mansiysk."


"Russian investigators have described her actions as 'obscene' and “insulting' and have charged her under Part 4 of Art. 354.1 of the Criminal Code, which accuses a person of  'rehabilitating nazism'."




This is coolbert:

And to this JESUS would say exactly what?

Saint Mary Magdalen carrying a Javelin anti-tank guided-missile??

Iconic image now popular in the Ukraine. Emblematic of resistance to the Russian.

"As Javelin Missiles Pound Russian Forces, St. Javelin Becomes The Face Of Ukraine’s Resistance"

Article by Shubham Bagde - Mar 02, 2022. https://ibpsnews.in/

"As war rages on, Ukrainian forces have been putting up a tough response to Russia’s assault. Experts say one of the main reasons behind Ukraine’s resistance is the Javelin missile systems. Some believe the Javelins missiles could be a crucial weapon against the 65-km-long Russian tank convoy [convoy has now dispersed and troops moved to another location] nearing Kyiv. Meanwhile, an image of Mary Magdalene holding a Javelin is doing the rounds on social media and has become a symbol of Ukraine’s resistance."

Iconic image in the Eastern Orthodox tradition of Christianity. Some persons will suggests this represents a grave blaspheming of the Saint. Personally I consider this iconic image to be over-the-top in the outrageous sense of the adjective but nothing more than that.

See previous blog entries within context as applicable:




Thursday, April 21, 2022

Я Xочу!

This is coolbert:

From the Internet web site of the esteemed Israeli professor Martin van Creveld and thanks to same.

Thoughtful observations of the professor the Ukraine Conflict.

"What Putin Wants"


Initial and last paragraph copied in entirety and unashamedly so:

"First, a disclaimer. President Putin has neither been whispering in my ear nor appearing in my dreams. Nor did his advisers, senior or junior, civilian or military, official or unofficial. Nor, on the other hand, do I necessarily trust any of the usual sources mentioned by Western media. Meaning, their own countries’ intelligence services, the reports of their journalists and cameramen on the ground, tales told by Ukrainian soldiers, tales told by local Ukrainians, tales allegedly originating in Russian POWs, and so on. All these different sources, and many others besides, have their limits. Many also have an ax to grind: either to deny Russian atrocities or to emphasize them as much as possible.  It is as people say. In war, any war without exception, the first casualty is the truth."

Objectives of Vlad as surmised by the professor and "listed in . . . an order of ascending importance".  Я хочу = I want.

* "First, wresting the Donbas away from Ukraine and establishing full control over it."

* "Second, establishing a land-bridge between Russia and the Black Sea. Long ago, it was Prussia’s Frederick the Great who said that a province to which one had access by land was worth ten times as much as one to which no terrestrial link existed."  

* "Third, on the way to achieving these objectives, making sure that any future Ukrainian regime will always serve Russian interests first and foremost. "

* "Fourth, never forget that Russia without Ukraine is a country; Russia with Ukraine is an empire."

* "Fifth, securing for Russia the kind of respect to which, by virtue of its size and power and development and cultural achievements, it feels it is entitled." 

"A final point. Seen through Western eyes . . . Russian rulers were [seen as] autocrats of the worst kind whose most important instruments of (miss) rule were the knout, the labor camp, and the hangman’s noose.  But that is not how Putin himself sees things. According to him, Russians do not need either liberalism or democracy. The reason being that, unlike Westerners, they trust their leaders."

Vlad the caudillo? The strong-man with an authoritarian manner but as generally agreed upon an amiable ruler benevolent for the most part and beloved of his people at the same time?

Wasn't Nicholas II often described in the same way??



This is coolbert:

Myth? Who says I'm myth?

BLOS = Beyond Line of Sight. ASCM = Anti-Ship Cruise Missile.

From Forbes and the article by David Axe dated Jan 27, 2022.

Neptune ASCM Ukraine not too late?

"Ukraine’s Anti-Ship Missiles Might Arrive Too Late For A War With Russia"

As written BEFORE overt and major hostilities in the Ukraine began but taking on a whole new significance in the aftermath of the sinking of the Moskva.

Neptune ASCM THOUGHT to be too late but now seen as NOT TOO LATE!


Regarding the Ukrainian coastal defense ASCM firing units and system:

"In navy service, a Neptune battery includes a truck-mounted launcher with four rounds, a command truck and a pair of resupply trucks. A division includes four batteries as well as at least one truck-mounted Mineral-U radar with a 370-mile range. Each division would have 48 extra missiles for reloads."

"The navy could use its new TB-2 drones to spot Russian ships. The Mineral-U could switch on just long enough to get firm coordinates then power off in order to minimize the chance of itself being detected. The missile would fly to the target zone then activate its own seeker to home in on a ship."

Additionally from another Internet web site articles:

"The Ground-based beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) search-and-track radar system Mineral-U would provide targeting data for Neptune ASCM’s."


"The radar [Mineral-U] is able to search and find targets up to 600 km [375 miles] away while in a passive mode and it can also operate in an active mode where a threat needs to be identified with more precision."

Ukrainian TB-2 drone equipped with available modular radar ABLE to ILLUMINATE a target for the Mineral-U radar operating in the "passive" mode.

Think not American P-8 Poseidon providing targeting data to the Neptune firing battery. Think rather the Ukrainian and their own organic resources!




This is coolbert:

Scurrilous insinuations? Without foundation? Baseless?

I sensed something like this was going to happen and now it has.

Yet again with regard to the sinking of the Russian Black Sea flagship Moskva one more item that will be debated and discussed for decades to come?

U.S. Navy surveillance warplane supplied targeting data to the Ukrainian Neptune firing battery prior to launch of the two anti-ship missiles?

From the "Daily Mail" the story By DARREN BOYLE 19 April 2022 |

"REVEALED: US maritime surveillance plane was over Black Sea minutes before Russian flagship Moskva was ‘hit by Ukrainian missiles’"

* "A P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft was patrolling the coast before the attack" * "The high-tech jet can spot ships on radar at ranges of more than 100 miles"  * "Ukraine sunk Moskva after firing two Neptune anti-ship missiles on April 13"

"The US Navy used its new marine surveillance aircraft to provide accurate targeting data to Ukrainian forces to sink the Russian Black Sea flag ship Moskva on April 13."


"According to The Times, the P-8 left US Naval Air Station Sigonella in Sicily on April 13, hours before the attack."

"Before reaching the Black Sea coastline, the Poseidon turned off its trackers, so it could no longer be followed online."  

"The aircraft was 'hidden' for almost three hours before it returned to Flight Radar 24."

"Aviation data analysis Amelia Smith told The Times that there were slightly more US aircraft covering the Black Sea coast on the day of the attack."




This is coolbert:

Consider this Russian provocation within the context of a very recent blog entry.

American goodwill gesture not reciprocated! Rather much the opposite.

Thanks here to the BBC:

"The Russian defense ministry has released video of what it says is a successful launch of a nuclear-capable missile."

"The new Sarmat super-heavy intercontinental ballistic missile [Satan-2] was launched from the Plesetsk spaceport in the north-western Arkhangelsk region and landed in the other side of Russia in the far-eastern Kamchatka peninsula. President Putin said it was food for thought for those who try to threaten Russia."

All dogs must know their master. Eat the dog food Joe?

Satan-2 [Sarmat] also the SS-18. Carries a multi-megaton warhead for which the USA has no analogous equal! That warhead a thermo-nuclear city buster!

That embedded video accompanying the BBC article most impressive. But then the released video MEANT to impress. Annoyance hardly this is. I am not sure what the Biden administration makes of this.

Joe worries about annoying Vlad, but Vlad does not worry about annoying Joe! Decide it all for yourselves.



This is coolbert:

Another secessionist gone? High ranking Luhansk official whisked away to the Gulag? Failure to perform to expected standard? Igor gone?

The story from Business Insider by Natalie Musumeci April 20, 2022.

"Ukraine claims Russian FSB arrested a Pro-Russian separatist leader in Donbas in the latest fallout over its failed invasion"

* "The Ukrainian Defense Ministry claimed Russian security forces arrested a pro-Russian separatist leader in the eastern region."

* "Ukraine's government said Russia's Federal Security Service arrested Igor Aleksandrovich Kornet."

* "The arrest, it said, was part of a 'cleaning out' of leadership of the self-declared Luhansk People's Republic."

Igor expect his fate not to be dissimilar to that of Eduard Basurin of the DPR [Donetsk People's Republic]. Eduard also bundled and fast-tracked to a grim fate? 

As it was in the time of Joseph Stalin, failure is NOT an option!


Wednesday, April 20, 2022


This is coolbert:

A FIRST and a bad FIRST! Innocent until proven guilty! American military man behaving badly?

"A historic military court-martial of Maj. Gen. William Cooley takes place at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, April 18-19, 2022. The trial is the first time a general officer has been court-martialed in the Air Force."


From the Internet webzine "Coffee or Die" the story By Noelle Wiehe | April 19, 2022.

"WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio — The woman accusing Maj. Gen. William Cooley of abusive sexual contact gave close to five hours of testimony Tuesday in the first full day of testimony in the rare court-martial of a general officer."

"The general is a brother-in-law of the woman. Coffee or Die Magazine does not generally identify accusers in sex crimes, but the woman’s lawyer asked that media members covering the trial refer to her by her relationship with Cooley."

"Prosecutors have charged the two-star general under the Uniform Code of Military Justice with abusive sexual contact when he was commander of the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson."

A bench trial to be decided by a judge [full Colonel] and not a jury. Does that mean anything?

From several perspectives such events make for PAINFUL reading but cannot be IGNORED!



This is coolbert: 

"Soviet-era memorial in Berlin defaced with Ukraine war graffiti"


From the Internet web site "War is Boring":

"Berlin — The Soviet War memorial in Berlin’s Treptower Park has been defaced for the second time in a month with slogans apparently relating to the war in Ukraine, local police said Monday."

"A spokesperson said vandals had written 'murderer', 'orcs' – a reference from JRR Tolkien’s fantasy books – and also the letter 'Z.' The latter is generally associated with support for Russia’s aggression against its neighbour, but it was unclear if the symbol was used to support or criticize Moscow in this instance."

Translation from the German thanks to Google Translate:

"On the night of 17 to 18 April, the Soviet memorial in Treptow Park was once again desecrated #Berlin and the entrance portal was smeared with insults. The @RusBotschaft has a protest note @AuswaertigesAmt Submitted. It is the 2nd desecration within 11 days."

To those of you that engage in such behavior I both BEG and ADMONISH you to refrain from further such actions. You only lower yourself to the level of a common thug and vandal. Take the high road please regardless of your motivations!



This is coolbert:

As was the subject of a much prior [2014] post of mine but still is and even much more now totally relevant to the Ukraine Conflict.

American guerrilla in the Ukraine 2014. Not exactly so but close. Mark having perished in the fighting and we are all the worse for it.

Understand Ukraine both refers to a country and a geographical area too.

"An American West Point graduate who joined a Ukrainian volunteer battalion was killed Tuesday, while fighting pro-Russian separatists in the country’s southeast region."

"55-year-old Mark Gregory Paslawsky "Franko" was an investment banker who grew up in New Jersey and moved to Ukraine about 20 years ago. He took on Ukrainian citizenship before joining the fight, which he told Vice he was eligible for because of his Ukrainian family background."

See the embedded VICE video courtesy You Tube:

We need to be 100 % abundantly clear about the late "Franko". Was a natural-born American citizen, a graduate of the Military Academy West Point, an American military officer and an investment banker. A high achiever who moved in relatively higher societal circles. Emigrated to Ukraine, had a career there, but volunteered for military duty as a combat fighter AGED in one of the militia units as opposed to the Donetsk and Luhansk secessionists. Tragically lost his life in battle.

My instantaneous thought is that "Franko" was a modern-day Frederick Selous. Also a man of very high achievement perishing during the Great War, a man aged but not eschewing combat when called upon.

Finally from a comment to the VICE You Tube video:

"RIP Franko. Even if you didn't agree with his aims, you have to respect the man for giving up a life of comfort and luxury in the United States to travel to Ukraine and fight for an idea. He was an investment banker in the US and graduated from West Point, but insisted on being a private and using the same equipment as the rest of the men. Unfortunately, it was this very humility which ultimately caused his death. Had he been better protected by body armor he wouldn't have died from shrapnel."




This is coolbert:

Herewith some amazing stuff. Item # 2 was covered in a previous blog entry but is well worth repeating.

American military often criticized as being extravagantly expensive. Beyond measure almost. Often seen as being wasteful in the extreme much to the detriment of national security.

GOOD news however not lacking. Some sort persons doing some thinking and coming up with cost cutting novel solutions to problems.

1. "US Navy & Xbox: Why Use a $38k Joystick When You Can Use a $30 Controller?"

From bigthink.com and the article by David Ryan Polgar.

"The US Navy will begin swapping out expensive periscope joysticks in exchange for off-the-shelf Xbox controllers."

"The U.S. Navy has begun using Xbox controllers to operate the periscopes on some of their most advanced submarines, replacing an expensive joystick with off-the-shelf game controllers. The price for the typical periscope joystick is $38,000. An Xbox controller? $30."

"While the move may appear surprising, it combines two major desires of the US military: capitalizing on the technological skills that people grow up with and reducing costs with off-the-shelf technology."


To reiterate, a controller the cost of as contracted part/device valued at $38,000 USD replaced with with what amounts to a "toy" the price tag being $30 USD! 

It DOES make you wonder about the entire USA military procurement process!

2. "When The Air Force Needed A Supercomputer, They Built It Out Of PS3 Consoles"


Thanks to the Internet web site warhistoryonline.com

"In late 2010, the U.S. Air Force built their own supercomputer that would drastically reduce the time needed for pattern recognition, image analysis, and artificial intelligence research. It was one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, capable of analyzing billions of pixels per minute of extremely high-resolution satellite images. However, this supercomputer was not built from traditional parts, but from a cluster of 1,760 PlayStation 3 gaming consoles."


Amass a collection of Play Station 3, rip out the guts and assemble into one huge machine, proprietary! Big high-fives all around. Such a project requires a lot of innovation, brain-power, initiative and know-how. You cannot but be impressed!