Tuesday, April 26, 2022


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Trans-Dneister Moldova restive Russians? As related to the Ukraine Conflict?

"Moldova Rocked by Attacks"

As reported by NewsMax Tuesday, 26 April.

"The breakaway Moldovan region of Transdniestria raised its 'terrorist threat level' to red on Tuesday and introduced checkpoints after several blasts in the region, its official news agency said."

"The Russia-backed region has been hit by several attacks in the past day, local authorities say, after a military unit was targeted, blasts at Transdniestria's state security HQ and two explosions damaged old Soviet-era radio antennas"

Area Moldova east of the Dneister river predominantly Russian speakers. Restive and angry as before them were the populations of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Now in context of the Ukraine Conflict consider these "terrorist actions".

Adherents to the concept of the self-proclaimed Budjak Republic making noise? This all remains to be seen.

See addtionally all prior blog entries the topic Moldova and the wayward Russian speaking population thereof:





Consider also the Focsani Gate and the importance to the NATO constituent state of Romania:

"The Focșani Gate (Romanian: Poarta Focșani or Poarta Focșanilor) is a militarily and strategically vulnerable area in Romania and NATO. Control of the Focșani Gate allows entry into vast tracts of Romanian territory and several other regions of Europe."

Let the Russian tank divisions, tank armies and groups of tank armies roll! All out of nowhere, all of a sudden. What else?



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