Monday, November 30, 2009


This is coolbert:

"Do you understand what this means, the significance of this compromise? For more than seventeen years, Walker enabled your enemies to read your most sensitive military secrets. We knew everything! There has never been a security breach of this magnitude and length in the history of espionage. Seventeen years we were able to read your cables!"

This is well worth reading.

"Boris Solomatin Interview"

I had been searching for this particular item for some time and knew it existed, but could not find on the web until just now.

Solomatin, just recently deceased I believe, was the Soviet KGB resident [head spymaster] in Washington D.C. during the time that John Walker was recruited as an agent for the Soviet Union.

[it can be suggested that Walker recruited himself!!]

The infamous team of Walker/Whitworth compromised cryptographic gear, key lists, drawings, plans, etc., for ENTIRE families of American cipher equipment. NOT ONLY the gear itself, but the ENTIRE paradigm of American cryptographic "thought" was compromised as well, so in the opinion of Professor Cipher A. Devours. [NO, that name is not made up!]

"par·a·digm - - n. 1. One that serves as a pattern or model. 3. A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline."

I find this particular exchange between Solomatin and the author Earley to be most interesting:

Q: "Did you share the information that Walker provided to you with any other countries? Specifically, did the North Vietnamese know in advance about our bombing targets during the war?"

A: . . . "I know for myself what was done. I will tell you then that the information which was given to our allies, the socialist countries, was not much. It was always told in very general terms."

Q: "You weren't going to tip off anybody about him?"

A: "Precisely. The handing over to the Vietnamese in any form of information or data which we got from Walker, was contrary to our own interests . . . Judging from what I told you just now, you should make a writer's opinion and if you decide that the information from Walker was not handed over to the North Vietnamese . . . you will be making the correct one."

"I will presume that there will be those in your country who will not believe me when I say that Walker is not responsible for your failures in bombing in North Vietnam. To hell with them"

What is being spoken about here? From the book: "Breaking The Ring":

"They [North Vietnamese] usually had forewarning of the B-52 strikes. Even when the B-52's diverted to secondary targets because of weather, they [North Vietnamese] knew in advance which targets would be hit . . . It was uncanny. We never figured it out."

Again, the interview with Solomatin is well worth reading!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Von Francois.

This is coolbert:

"General von François will withdraw when he has defeated the Russians!"

Here is a very senior German officer from the era of World War One [WW1]. A commander, successful, while at the same time very insubordinate and disobedient in an extreme manner.

So insubordinate and disobedient that it is surprising [??] he retained command, was not relieved on the spot, OR EVEN PLACED UNDER ARREST FOR DERELICTION OF DUTY!!

Hermann von Francois. Prussian career military officer of the old-school. Played a very big role in those combat actions - - August 1914 - - on the eastern front against Russian Imperial forces. Again, insubordinate and disobedient in a surprising and troubling way [?] during the early days of the war, especially so prior to, during, and in the aftermath of the Battle of Tannenberg [1914].

"Hermann von François . . . was a German General der Infanterie during World War I, and is best known for his key role in several German victories on the Eastern Front in 1914."

"The Battle of Tannenberg was in August 1914 a decisive engagement between the Russian Empire and the German Empire in the first days of World War I, fought by the Russian First and Second Armies and the German Eighth Army between 23 August and 30 August 1914"

[von Francois commanded the First Corps of the Eighth Army.]

Here in chronological order a history of the various disobedience's and insubordination's of von Francois: [all dates 1914]

* August 17 . . . "General Maximilian von Prittwitz . . . ordered Von François to retreat . . . François . . . naturally pugnacious . . . ignored Prittwitz' order"

* 20 August "François, apparently emboldened by his success at Stalluponen, attacked early and ruined the chance for surprise."

* 25 August "Ludendorff issued an order to François' now-deployed I Corps to initiate the attack . . . François rejected this direct order, stating there was no way to have the corps ready in time and that he wanted to wait until [27 August] . . . Ludendorff and Hoffmann . . . traveled to meet François to repeat the order in person. François agreed to commence the attack"

"François once again demanded he be allowed to wait for his artillery supplies. Ludendorff and François began arguing, and eventually François delayed enough to allow the battle to open on 27 August"

* August 27 "François attacked . . . Ludendorff, fearing a Russian counterattack . . . ordered him to break off the advance. However, François twice ignored his direct orders"

* 28 August [?] "Ludendorff . . . ordered Francois to move back north, another order ignored by Francois, who chose instead to take his corps east . . . Although executed in disobedience of Ludendorff's clear order, his bold action contributed to the sweeping success that followed."

* September 1914 "François remained with his corps in East Prussia and led it with much success in the First Battle of the Masurian Lakes . . . When General von Schubert, the new commander of the 8th Army, ordered him to retreat, he dispatched a telegram to the OHL describing his success and stating 'the Commander is badly counselled.'"

[further elucidation is required here? OHL stand for: "OHL Oberste Heeresleitung (German: Highest Command of Military; WWI)". Von Francois went over the head of his immediate superior with complaints directly to the highest command of the German Army. Such behavior is generally recognized as an egregiously insubordinate act ordinarily warranting an instantaneous and irrevocable dismissal from military service!]

* 3 October . . . "von François the command[er] of the 8th Army . . . When Hindenburg and Ludendorff prepared their counter-attack from Thorn in the direction of Łódź, François was reluctant to send the requested I Corps, sending [the] badly trained and ill-equipped XXV Reserve Corps instead."

In the aftermath of Masurian Lakes, von Francois was placed in other duties, primarily of a staff role. NOT commanding for the duration of the war, no promotions, etc. Even while successful, it was well understood that the man was the proverbial 'loose cannon", almost out-of-control, a man, again, an old-time Prussian of almost the highest rank, habitually insubordinate and disobedient in a manner that quite boggles the mind!

"However he never received any further promotion or serious commands under Ludendorff, and gave up his command in July 1918 and was placed on the standby list until October 1918 when he retired"

Within my memory there are few instances of commanders acting in such an insubordinate and disobedient manner? Nelson was noted for being reckless and rash, in defiance of orders, and so was Sharon! NO ONE else!


Friday, November 27, 2009

Battle Array - - As-Saff.

This is coolbert:

This one surprises?

The phenomenon of the military hero wannabee is not confined merely to modern times?

Is a phenomenon that has always been with us?

Self-aggrandized persons [wannabees] who claim to have accomplished brave and noble deeds on the battlefield, when the reality is far different.

Even in the earliest times of Islam, when Mohammad was in mortal physical conflict [warfare] with those opposed to him, there were those allied with the Prophet who made extravagant and outlandish claims as to their heroism and valor on the battlefield? Seems it is so!

Here from: Suras 61, “Battle Array,” As-Saff.

"Allah 'loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array' (v. 4). He dislikes those believers who say they have done things they didn’t do. Ibn Kathir explains: 'Some said that it was revealed about the gravity of fighting in battle, when one says that he fought and endured the battle, even though he did not do so. Qatadah and Ad-Dahhak said that this Ayah [verse] was sent down to admonish some people who used to say that they killed, fought, stabbed, and did such and such during battle, even though they did not do any of it.'”

Within the modern context, the wannabee war hero is a SEAL/Special Forces/Ranger/Marine Recon, I-could-tell-you-all-of-what-I-did-during-the-war-but-it-is-all-strictly-TOPSECRET!

During the time of Mohammad: [so I imagine!]

* "I fought at the side of the Prophet!"
* "I vanquished twelve enemy single-handedly!"
* "I received commands directly from Abu Bakr!"
* "I was wounded a dozen times at the Battle of Badr."

OH YES!! The impostor/poseur'/fake war hero has always been with us, and always will be, regardless of point in time or cultural domain? I think so!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sonic Cannon.

This is coolbert:

“Luckily, we were able to turn it off quickly. All of us were sick for hours. Everything in us was vibrating: stomach, heart, lungs. All the people in the other laboratories were sick too."

Here is the full and complete dope on the French sonic cannon. A "defensive" weapon developed in the era immediately after the end of World War Two [WW2]. A weapon that offered great promise, but never came into fruition. WAS TOO DEADLY AND UNCONTROLLABLE?!

I can very well recall reading about this either in the late 1950's or early 1960's. The French original research hit the light of day. This was a non-atomic alternative to the atomic bomb, but - - never went anywhere.

And today is enjoying a comeback as a riot control agent? A weapon that induces vomiting and nausea. A PUKE weapon??!!

Read the whole thing. Very well written:

"The Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau"

"While developing their own atomic device, France sought defensive tactical weaponry on every possible technological front. Short range weapons would best defend against a conventional national assault. But other systems were also sought; systems which, though non-nuclear, were equally invincible"

Right! The French had to find, in the aftermath of WW2, any sort of quick and dirty technological mass-destruction weapon that could be used as a counter to conventional or even nuclear attack by an aggressor. France during that period did not have the wealth or the know-how or the resources to develop atomic bombs, and alternatives have to be sought, however exotic and arcane.



"Next came the pain, dull infrasonic pressure against the eyes and ears. Then came a frightening manifestation on the material supports of the device itself. With sustained operation of the pipe, a sudden rumble rocked the area, nearly destroying the test building. Every pillar and joint of the massive structure bolted and moved. One of the technicians managed to ignore the pain enough to shut down the power supply."

The sonic cannon of the period was too uncontrollable, an all-pervasive and all-destructive weapon not discriminative enough?

Well, so was the atomic bomb in 1945!

The sonic cannon with modern technology will enjoy a comeback of sorts?

How is it you Frenchmen say - - c'est la guerre!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Doosra Daood (Headley).

This is coolbert:

Here thanks to the TimesofIndia, some further dope on the American mid-western terrorist, Daood Gilani. Now in custody and talking freely. Spilling the beans and telling all?

"Doosra Daood (Headley)"

Daood was "ferreted out" by some good Total Information Awareness type of investigation? From the TimesofIndia article:

* "he suddenly dropped his original name Daood Ghilani"

* "Federal agents detained him at Chicago's O' Hare airport"

* "He had no job except the one that he pretended to be doing for First World Immigration Service"

* "His home, in fact, even his cell phone, was leased in the name of deceased persons"

* "Headley had frequently left his Chicago home to make multiple trips to Pakistan, India, UAE and various other countries in Europe"

* "A search of his luggage by the Customs and Border Patrol would reveal no documents needed to back up his claim of being on a genuine business trip."

* "On top of all this, he went and posted an angry message on a Yahoo! group"


* Daood Gilani adopted the nom de guerre of David Coleman Headley. This is not unreasonable. Daood is the offspring of a Pakistani diplomat and an American woman. Headley is the mothers' maiden name. Daood too has a Caucasian [white] appearance and can easily "pass" as your average-everyday-native-born-American.

[children of diplomats born in the U.S. are not given U.S. citizenship or are considered to be natural-born. Daood was a naturalized American citizen.]

* Chicago O'Hare airport is not only the busiest airport in the world, but is a main hub and connecting point for domestic [U.S.] and international flights. When arrested, Daood was actually at the airport waiting to board an international flight. Presumably to make connection and contact with other terrorists of his ilk. Recall too that the convicted terrorist and Al Qaeda adherent Jose Padilla was also arrested at O'Hare airport. Jose ARRIVING on a flight from Pakistan.

* Daood had no real job, all his assets were in the name of deceased persons, he could not give a good account of how an "immigration" facilitator works, etc. Daood was easily exposed as a fraud.

* A lot of investigation went into this case. Careful and meticulous record checking and a Total Information Awareness type of algorithm was able to spot Daood? Daood for all this "trade craft" of the terrorist, when exposed, stands out like a sore thumb.

Extradite Daood to India, let them hang him.


Eleven Months.

This is coolbert:

"Preserving my people is more important than universal moral concepts:" - Benny Morris.

Here with excerpts and comments from a Chicago Tribune article.

The Israeli city of Sderot. Under bombardment by Qassam rockets, sporadically, for eight years! The catalyst that led to the Israeli army incursion into Gaza, eleven months ago.

"Taking the edge off war"

"Bringing about peace of mind"

"After Palestinian militants lobbed rockets in Sderot for eight years, killing 10 people, Israel unleashed it military might on stifling Gaza last December, cutting a swath of destruction"

"Eleven months later, the mayor says Sderot [Stay-row] is a quieter place, targeted by only one or two rockets a month."

In interviews with the mayor of Sderot:

Q "Given the criticism of Israel since the operation, was it worth it?"

A "For eight years we (wanted) the army to go into Gaza. No country can let us its citizens suffer for eight years."

Q "There were concerns that some soldiers did things that were not proper."

A "When you send a few thousand soldiers to war, you cannot be 100 percent sure that they will keep in mind everything that you told them."

Q "What about the question of proportionality? Fourteen hundred Palestinians died and 13 Israelis."

A "This is really disproportionate, but I don't think we have to apologize . . . it was war."

Q "Why not take away the militant' ability to make trouble for you? Why not move the people out of Sderot?"

A "Hamas started with Kassams that traveled three or four kilometers. Now they have rockets that travel 40 kilometers. We have to give them the idea that it's not good for them to launch rockets. They lose more than they gain."


* During that eight years of bombardment ten folks killed in Sderot. I am not trying to sound flippant here but the stress, the tension, the anxiety, the knowledge among the inhabitants that "someone" is trying to kill you is worse than the casualties themselves?

* Hamas "fighters", are indeed developing and fielding rocket artillery firing rounds that were bigger, traveled further, and were much more lethal. Qassam was just the first in a whole family of rocket artillery rounds that had been manufactured by Hamas. And if the Iranians were able to supply Hamas with even much more sophisticated rocket artillery, everyone in Israel look out! Moving the population of Sderot is not an option!


Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is coolbert:

Here with more on the USS Hartford.

American Los Angeles class nuclear submarine equipped with nuclear weaponry. A nuclear capable vessel.

This recent collision of the USS Hartford with another U.S. Navy ship in the Strait of Hormuz is not an isolated incident?

The Hartford, for some reason, has a bad record of faulty and sloppy navigation that is unusual and troubling. A clear and consistent pattern exists here that should not!!

Take for instance, the grounding of the sub - - 2003 - - Sardinia!

"USS Hartford grounding"

"On 25 October, 2003, the [USS] Hartford . . . submarine ran aground while performing routine maneuvers in the harbour of La Maddalena, Sardinia. Approximately 9 million dollars worth of damage were done to the submarine, and it was out of service for seven months. An investigation into the accident revealed that basic navigation errors combined with equipment failures were to blame for the submarine running into the rocky shallows."

Here showing damage to the rudder of the Hartford after running aground.

"Basic navigation errors . . . equipment failures" - - sloppy, faulty, incompetence! Why this ship and not others? Something in the air or water?

For the captain of a U.S. naval vessel, it has always been a most egregious and career-ending event to run your ship aground. And unforgivable incident that is not redeemable. It has been so since the days of the USS Philadelphia and will be so forever?

But - - the Hartford? Why so much trouble so often? Or is something being made here that is not so uncommon?

And from my prior blog entry:

"just the cost alone to repair one of these submarines after a collision with another vessel or an undersea mount in the case of the San Francisco seems to be just astronomical."

According the wiki entry on the Hartford:

"A repair contract has been awarded to General Dynamics. Repairs were initially expected to cost $37.4 million and be completed by January 2010. However, as of November 2009 repair costs had already exceeded $100 million."

Cost-overrun, cost-overrun, cost-overrun!!



This is coolbert:

Thanks to the LA Times through the Chicago Tribune for this item:

"G.I. joe: Veterans-turned-baristas serve a strong brew"

"Just outside the largest Army base on the West Coast, a coffeehouse aims to provide active-duty soldiers and fellow veterans with help surviving the effects of war -- and maybe ending it."

"men and women in fatigues, sipping drinks, scanning computers free of charge and reading newspapers."

"the shop steer patrons toward psychological and job counseling and connect them with groups that will help them get better medical treatment"

A legacy of the Vietnam War has returned - - the coffeehouse movement?

A legacy from FORTY YEARS AGO NOW!! Renewed with vigor?

Coffeehouses, located just outside military bases, offering a combination of anti-war spiel and "advice", "counseling", etc.


* Free computer use.
* Free newspapers.
* Counseling.

And a cuppa "Joe". STRONG Joe!

A legacy of the anti-war coffeehouse movement of the late 1960's very similar in nature?

It would seem not exactly so. Those anti-war coffeehouses of the late 1960's were much more strident in their approach to the war. Encouraged GI's [draftees of the period mostly!] to:

* Desert.
* Seek discharge.
* Be reassigned as a conscientious objector.
* Shirk duties.
* Be disobedient and act surly toward command authority.

AND, one important trademark of the late 1960's coffeehouse movement seems to be missing in the latest incarnation?

There is not the coterie of attractive, college-age young women active in the current "movement"? Attractive, college-age young women quite willing and able to approach you, the young GI far from home, sit down at your table, drink coffee with you and engage in polite discussion. Conversations that often lead to further assignations and liaisons! To that young GI, a draftee "far from home", such assignations and liaisons were irresistible and highly desirable?

Your current soldier in the U.S. Army, being a volunteer, quite often married with children, is not so susceptible to being "vamped", the femme fatale' approach not working as it did during the Vietnam War?



This is coolbert:

This article from the Washington Times confirms to a degree what I had thought to be true:

"Army lacks guidelines to deal with jihadists in ranks"

"The Army has guidelines on how to deal with racist views and actions within the ranks, but none on how to deal with Islamic jihadism?

The military - - by law, by regulation, by policy, is not allowed to ask questions regarding race or religion? This is what I have believed to be so, and for some time so! And this is for good reason? In a nation so diverse as the U.S., such questioning becomes abusive in many instances and only raise hackles that destroys unit cohesiveness. So is the thought?

"A military pamphlet created after the 1995 racially motivated shootings at Fort Bragg is the intended guidebook on how to deal with extremist activities and prohibited conduct but is mostly focused on white supremacist behavior"

I recall this incident from 1995 very well. Two GI's, white guys, hunted and killed a black couple, off-base [Ft. Bragg] just for the sport of doing so. They had been influenced and were enthralled with "white supremacist" thought? So was the belief.

These two miscreants were Special Operations types too? NOT merely content with killing in a notional manner. Wanted to do it for "real"?

I would have to think that asking "race related" questions would only be allowed if some sort of behavior had manifested itself beforehand? Too many possibilities for abuse otherwise? I am not sure.

Policies, regulations, law are all subject to change, if the situation warrants so? YES!



This is coolbert:

"His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular"

Here is the man WHO MADE Idi Amin Dada? [you can never get enough Idi Amin Dada?]

Amin, having an extreme fascination with all things Scottish. As a result of his coming into contact with and being influenced by this man!

Colin Campbell Mitchell.

Mitchell, a British army officer of some marked ability, referred to as "Mad Mitch" because of his hard driving ways - - Mitchell - - a "bulldozer" of a man - - possessing considerable command authority!

"Colin Campbell Mitchell . . . was a British Army lieutenant-colonel and politician. He became famous in July 1967 when he led the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in the British reoccupation of the Crater district of Aden."

"He also served on attachment . . . in East Africa with the King's African Rifles [KAR]. It has been claimed that while with the KAR Mitchell was instrumental in obtaining a commission for Idi Amin Dada . . . Mitchell's familiarity with the Scottish clan system made him more comfortable with African tribal issues . . . Impressed by Mitchell and other Scottish officers, Amin would later adopt the title King of Scotland."

Due to the promotion - - the mentoring - - the advocacy for Amin - - thanks to "Mad Mitch": "in 1961, one of the first two Ugandans to be given the Queen's Commission". An officer, a regular commission in the British Army? A singularly impressive appointment, regardless of rank!

A COMMISSION - - AWARDED TO AMIN - - EVEN WHEN EVALUATION REPORTS OF THE MAN WERE LESS THAN COMPLIMENTARY: "'A splendid type and a good [rugby] player... but... virtually bone from the neck up, and needs things explained in words of one letter'" [at one time the heavy-weight boxing champ of the British army also!]

Hard to say if the Scottish personae that was displayed by Amin was a put-on or not! The man was mental in a bad way, with the bad streak of sadism thrown in for good measure.

Here - - from an English reporter who interviewed the exiled Amin: "Amin beckoned us to the lounge reverberating to bagpipe music - he was playing a recording of the Edinburgh Tattoo at maximum volume. [he introduced] us to two of his sons, both with Scottish clans as their Christian names"

This too about "Mad Mitch". Born and raised outside of Scotland, but also having a tremendous fascination and "romantic view" of all things Scottish. MUCH AS DID IDI AMIN DADA!

"Although born and raised in a South London suburb, Mitchell always considered himself to be Scottish and exhibited a romantic view of Scotland."

Who was to know that Amin would turn out as he did? The military man gone bad is not what "Mad Mitch" and those others had in mind when they mentored and advocated that Amin be given a Queen's Commission!!


Saturday, November 21, 2009


This is coolbert:

More doctored or fake photography from North Korea?

The happy, always-smiling and contented leader [Kim] surrounded by the happy, always-smiling and contented acolytes, everyone just in utter bliss all the time. Never a care or worry in the world, their lot and station in life being one of constant and perpetual enjoyment. Lick-spittle fawning "yes men" falling over one another in their efforts to please the "boss"!

Except in some cases.

North Korean military men - - general officers, commanders, engaging in intrigue against the established order. Persons who can wield force and power, desiring "change", but so far unsuccessful in unseating the ruling Kim regime!

"Military holds the key"

A series of attempted coup and coup d'etat - - fizzling in all cases, but not without trying.

Attempts that for captured perpetrators, general officers of the highest rank even [?], resulting in grisly death of the most horrific manner.

Death by burning at the stake. The execution fire, a thing of the supposed far distant past, a means of retribution, very sadistic and cruel, medieval punishment imposed by a ruler that is sadistic and cruel.

"the plot was discovered, and the generals were reportedly executed (some rumors say they were burned alive at the stake in front of a military audience to warn others of the consequences of disloyalty)."

"At the end of the 1990s, a number of North Korean army generals were executed by being burnt alive inside the Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea."

"At the end of the 1990s, a plan hatched by a number of Korean army generals was uncovered, and the conspirators arrested."

"After they were interrogated, the generals were executed in Pyongyang's 150,000-capacity May Day Stadium. Petrol was poured over them and set alight, burning them alive."

The scene from Pyongyang is NOT as perceived from the outside world. There is discord and those that desire "change" are willing to risk all to see Kim done away with. Just don't fail! The consequences are extreme.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Little Turtle.

This is coolbert:

"He is held in the hearts of his people, allies, and foes with the greatest of honor and respect for his courageous valor and peacemaking"

Here is some amazing stuff regarding Little Turtle. The commander of the American Indian forces who defeated Arthur St. Clair.

Indeed, the entire "episode" of the Northwest Indian War is often referred to as "Little Turtle's War"!

"Little Turtle or Mishikinakwa . . . was a chief of the Miami tribe in what is presently Indiana, and one of the most successful Native American military leaders of his era."

"Little Turtle was in overall command of the army that defeated St. Clair" [this is disputed by some accounts?]

Surprisingly, for a man who was responsible for: "The worst defeat that United States forces have ever suffered in battle", Little Turtle, in the aftermath of the war [an eventual American victory], subsequently enjoyed very cordial and warm relationships with American Presidents, accorded honors - - esteemed.

For example, when presented to George Washington:

Was the man skinned alive?

Did the man have his living body devoted to an "execution fire"?

Was the man hung, drawn and quartered?

Was the man impaled by having a ramrod inserted into his fundament?

NO, NONE of the above! Rather, Little Turtle was shown the greatest possible respect, courtesy, deference! Was even presented with a ceremonial sword in honor of his station and position and command authority. All this to a man who was responsible for having done so much damage to American forces on the battlefield!!

"He met cordially with George Washington, who presented him with a ceremonial sword. He also met presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson."

And - - even in death - - and for almost two centuries now thereafter - - Little Turtle - - was and is treated with the greatest respect and honor!! And admirable man - - admired - - and treated in an admirable fashion - - even to this day!!

"He was honored with a military style funeral at Fort Wayne. He was buried in his ancestral burial ground near Spy Run."

"In 1911, a very old grave was accidentally discovered by a home builder on Lawton Place in Fort Wayne. Research showed that the tomb was indeed that of Michikinikwa. The sword given to him by George Washington was found in the grave and is now in the Ft. Wayne and Allen County Historical Society Museum. The body was not disinterred, and the plans for the house were altered."

The grave site of the enemy commander, not defiled, not erased from memory by the victors, but rather preserved - - also in an admirable fashion!


Slide Show.

This is coolbert:

"[4.93] And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his punishment is hell"

Here, thanks to the Washington Post, is the Power Point [PP] slide show presentation as done by the shooter at Ft. Hood, Dr. Hasan:

"The Koranic World View As It Relates to Muslims in the U.S. Military"

A PP slide show that is reputed to have caused some consternation and concern among other medical doctors that viewed the presentation.

"It was reported that the audience was shocked and frightened by his lecture."

Has been cited as evidence that Dr. Hasan was off the deep end for some time and should have been called to task and removed from the military.

A few spelling and grammatical errors - - but - - in my opinion - - actually pretty well done.

My reaction to this PP slide show is surprising, even to MYSELF!

I find - - within the context of the Dr. Hasan being a medical professional, a psychiatrist whose mission is to deal with soldiers that have grave mental problems, this PP slide show is not over the top or anything but indeed is germane to the task that Hasan had been given as part of his duties!!

The PP slide show outlines and explains for those in the audience:

* What is Islam.
* What do adherents believe. What is the dogma and doctrine.
* What are the duties and obligations of a Muslim.
* What are the rewards of being a Muslim. [in the afterlife]
* What are the punishments for those Muslims that violate Muslim doctrine. [in the afterlife]
* What is jihad in the greater and lesser forms. [the greater form has only existed as a concept during the last 100 years?]

Muslims who are members of the uniformed military services are faced with a terrible dilemma - - having to be compelled to journey to and engage in combat with Iraqi and Afghan Muslims. Grave and serious mental problems arise from theological restraints. Such was and is the contention of Dr. Hasan, from the standpoint of the psychiatrist whose patients are military personnel.

And also from the PP slide presentation:

"[17.33] And do not kill anyone whose killing Allah has forbidden, except for a just cause . . ."

Well, there it is in a nutshell, as they say. Define just cause. One quotation from the Koran prohibits a Muslim from killing other Muslims, EXCEPT for another quotation that permits such killing, "FOR A JUST CAUSE"!!

You judge, I have already done so.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This is coolbert:

I do not recall the main-stream-media [MSM] covering this "event"!

An American warship, the submarine USS Hartford, colliding with another American warship, and in the Persian Gulf [2009].

Normally, in the U.S., the MSM gloats and glorifies over "stories" that make the U.S. military look bad, enjoying to torment the brass with lurid tales of military incompetence. Submarine [especially those of the nuclear variety] disasters in particular make for good press?

"Navy Finds Lax Behavior Aboard Sub in Collision"

"GROTON, Conn. -- The crew aboard a U.S. submarine made dozens of errors before the vessel collided with an American warship in the Persian Gulf"

"Correction of any one of nearly 30 tactical and watchstander errors, or adherence to standard procedures, could have prevented this collision,"


Such "occurrences" - - collisions they call them, are not all that rare as we might think. Several other "incidents" from the recent past come immediately to mind!

1. The USS San Francisco, plowing underneath the waves at about thirty knots, rams dead-on into an undersea mount that did not appear on the charts but was rumored to exist [2004]. The commander of the San Francisco not paying proper attention, using common sense or taking proper precautions, those at the helm NOT behaving prudently?

"Navy Report: San Francisco Crew Was Weak In Navigation"

"Shortcomings Are Seen As Key Factor In Sub's Undersea Crash"

2. And the "collision", so-called, between the USS Greeneville and a Japanese fishing vessel [Ehime Maru] off the coast of Hawaii [2001].

NOT so much a collision but rather the sub surfacing right underneath the fishing vessel, in a "cavalier" manner, normal precautions not being taken, and REPUTEDLY WITH CIVILIANS "JOY RIDERS" AT THE CONTROLS!

"Submarine accident sparks debate over Navy policy"

"Some say putting civilian contributors at the controls of our warships is reckless -- but did that cause the deaths of nine Japanese?"


* Just the cost alone to repair one of these submarines after a collision with another vessel or an undersea mount in the case of the San Francisco seems to be just astronomical. Charge sheets written against each and everyone of the crew members could NEVER pay for the cost of repair and refurbishment.

* I recall reading with amazement the disparity between the mass of the two vessels [Greeneville and Ehime Maru] involved in the "collision" off the coast of Hawaii. Both ships comparing roughly favorably in length, the Greeneville, however, weighing in at 7,000 tons, compared to the 500 tons of the Maru. Whoa boy!!

These nuclear submarines presumably equipped with nuclear weaponry are not playthings! Obvious! That highly-professional Admiral Rickover American submarine force must become even more highly-professional, iron-clad discipline applied in an iron-clad manner, no laxity allowed!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Iqbal & Hillary.

This is coolbert:

This particular photograph of Hillary Clinton from her latest visit to Pakistan, last month, has raised some eyebrows - - at least in some quarters.

Hillary, praying as a courtesy at the shrine to Mohammad Iqbal. A man described as a famous Pakistani poet [in actuality, a man much more than a poet]. I do not think of either Hillary or her husband Bill as being religious persons in any sense of the word. I may be wrong, but that is the impression.

Hillary also taking time to say some unkind words regarding ex-President Bush.

"Hillary Prays At Shrine of Muslim Saint & Bashes Bush in Pakistan"

"U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, second right, prays . . . in front of the grave of the Poet Muhammad Iqbal, at the Iqbal Memorial"

[that man to the left of Hillary in the photograph is a Pakistani army officer, wearing headgear particular to his unit!]

Please recall what Mohammad Iqbal, now deceased many years now, had to say about the "west" and the "western" relationship to Islam. A quote as germane now as it was many years ago:

"Believe me, Europe today is the greatest hindrance in the way of man's ethical achievement. The Muslim, on the other hand, is in possession of these ultimate ideas on the basis of a revelation .. . With him the spiritual basis of life is a matter of conviction for which even the least enlightened man among us can easily lay down his life [9/11!] . . . The basic idea of Islam that there can be no further revelation binding on man . . . "

And recall too, what the outstanding English intelligence officer and author, Colonel Hughes-Wilson, has to say about "western" women, foreign ministers and "Secretary of State" engaging in diplomacy with Muslim nations and Muslim men:

"Unpalatable as it may be to Western liberals, feminists or intellectuals, to send a female ambassador to an Arab country is always a calculated risk. In a culture where only men control power and events, and 'strong' men are much praised, female plenipotentiaries are always at a disadvantage unless they themselves can demonstrate that they are unusually powerful figures or are capable of wielding power forcefully."

It is generally also considered verboten and very poor form for an American official, especially one in such a highly visible and important position as Hillary Clinton - - to criticise the American President, past or present - - especially when done in front of a foreign audience!!

You - - the devoted reader to the blog, must draw your own conclusions? I only present the material, you must make the assessment!



Monday, November 16, 2009

St. Clair.

This is coolbert:

"execution fires burned for several days afterward."

Read this one. "The worst defeat that United States forces have ever suffered in battle"!! Period. From a now-forgotten episode of American history, the Northwest Indian War - - 1791. Light infantry of the American Indian nations under the command of Little Turtle and Blue Jacket against equally matched light infantry of the United States army - - Arthur St. Clair the commander..


"St. Clair's Defeat, also known as the Battle of the Wabash or Battle of Wabash River, was fought on November 4, 1791, in the Northwest Territory between the United States and the Western Confederacy of American Indians, as part of the Northwest Indian War"

"in proportional terms of losses to strength, it was the worst defeat that United States forces have ever suffered in battle. Of the 1,000 troops that St. Clair led into battle, only 48 escaped unharmed."

Casualty lists:

American Indians:

* 21 killed and 40 wounded
* total: 61

U.S. Army:

* 623 soldiers killed or captured
* 258 soldiers wounded
* 24 workers killed
* 14 wounded
* 33 women killed
* total: 952

Those "execution fires" were of American soldiers and camp followers - - captured and wounded - - being slowly roasted alive for the enjoyment and amusement of the American Indian victors.

Whoa boy!!


Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is coolbert:

"The FBI seized a book called 'How to Pray Like a Jew' from him at the time of his arrest in Chicago. He had prepared himself thoroughly to pose as a Jew"

Here with a lot more on Daood Gilani. Goes by the name of "David Coleman Headley". Arrested last month not too far from where I live. A terrorist, NOW linked very closely to the Mumbai terrorist attack of one year ago. Evidently Daood is the man who did the reconnaissance [recce] of the targets, this only coming to light in the aftermath of the FBI raid last month.

"Headley mapped all '26/11 targets' - US suspect posed as Jew: Police"

"Mumbai, Nov. 14: David Coleman Headley personally visited every target site of the 26/11 terror strikes last year, carrying out a recce [reconnaissance] on behalf of the Lashkar-e-Toiba [LeT], a police source said today."

Daood [I with intent do not honor the man by calling him by his assumed name!!] is a villain if there ever was one. Complicit in a mass murder, caught - - at best a spy, at worst a terrorist!

"Posing as a Jew, he even visited Nariman House, the Jewish Chabad centre, in July 2008."

Shivaji railroad terminal and Chabad House were chosen as targets for maximum publicity value, international and Indian domestic!

"The Mumbai police today carried out raids . . . in search of Headley's local acquaintances and contacts."

As I said before, we have not heard the last of this case. Daood is talking freely [?] and a lot of loose ends concerning Mumbai are now going to be cleared up?


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Room 101.

This is coolbert:

"'The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world,' It 'varies from individual to individual. It may be burial alive, or death by fire, or by drowning, or by impalement, or fifty other deaths. There are cases where it is some quite trivial thing, not even fatal.'" - - Orwell - - 1984.

"'In this type of war [counter-terrorism], the single best form of intelligence will be the hostile interrogation' - - Shlomo Gazit - - AMAN."

Here, from 2003, are two items from the Atlantic magazine. Dealing with the subject of torture. Euphemistically [?] referred to as "coercive measures".

"Mark Bowden – The Dark Art of Interrogation"

The article itself.

"The Truth About Torture"

An interview with the author - - Mark Bowden.

Again - - material from 2003 - - but NOT dated! If anything - - as germane now as it was in the days immediately in the aftermath of 9/11. AND ALWAYS WILL BE TOO?

"Coercive methods" as opposed to torture. This is the question? Torture has been defined [?] in the commonly accepted sense and legal too [?] as pain inflicted that can cause PERMANENT LASTING INJURY! Burning with a red-hot iron, pulling out the finger nails or teeth, crushing the private parts in a vice, etc.

"Coercive methods" of themselves do not cause permanent injury? Left standing for days on end, isolation, being subjected to extremes of heat or cold, forced sleeplessness, etc., do not leave PERMANENT LASTING INJURY?

This is the first question that needs to be answered, the definition itself of "torture"?

Secondly, are the Al Qaeda unlawful combatants captured and subject to hostile interrogation entitled to protections under the Geneva Convention?

Traditionally, and legally too, combatants not wearing a uniform or badge of rank identifiable at a distance, not carrying their weapons openly, and not following the laws of land warfare have NOT been considered legal and lawful combatants. In modern parlance, such persons are TERRORISTS TO WHICH THE ORDINARY LEGAL SAFEGUARDS DO NOT APPLY!

My own perception is that those in authority, when they make decisions, whatever that decision maybe, to torture of not to torture or apply the "methods", are in the habit of erring on the side of they perceive as safety, i.e., better to do this hostile interrogation, legal questions be damned, and let future generation judge as they will!



This is coolbert:

This is going in a direction unanticipated. The captured terrorists, alleged, from the Chicago area, are spilling the beans. And the indication is that they had connections to the terrorist group that perpetrated the Mumbai massacre?

See here and here previous blog entries on the goat and sheep rancher and the "immigration expert"!

Indian intelligence officials in the U.S. have come away with "good information" regarding the machinations of "David Coleman Headley" [real name Daood Gilani]. Machinations not only confined to possible attacks upon the newspaper Jylands Posten in Denmark? "David" had his sights set on India too. The man was an operative of the organization LeT?

"Indian investigators got good information on Headley: Chidambaram"

"NEW DELHI: The Indian team of intelligence officials which went to the US in connection with probe into LeT operative David Coleman Headley's terror designs has come back with 'good information'"

"Headley, 49-year-old Pakistan-born US citizen, was arrested in Chicago last month by the FBI which said he was part of an LeT plan to carry out terror attacks in India."

"Officials of IB and RAW went to the US last week and met FBI counterparts to get details of the plot and Headley's contacts in India on the basis of his interrogation."

"David" the immigration "expert" and his buddy the goat and sheep rancher Tahawwur Hussain Rana [the "travel agent"] were part of a much wider conspiracy and terrorist network? Al Qaeda linked perhaps? The villains are now spilling their guts - - talking freely [??]! World-travelers seeking to do mischief and mayhem in the manner of Mumbai - - once again?

We have not seen or heard the last of "David" and his buddy?

NOR was any of this mentioned or carried in the main-stream-media [MSM], at least to my knowledge. Thanks to the TimesofIndia in this case.


Friday, November 13, 2009


This is coolbert:

"They are comparable to the English legend of Robin Hood and his merry men, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor"

From a prior blog entry of mine:

"Keep in mind that the tradition of the bandit/irregular/guerrilla within the domain of eastern Europe and the Balkans is very strong. Arkan was merely following an ancient tradition that always will be?"

Here exactly is what I am speaking about:

The hajduk!! An ancient and venerable tradition among the peoples of eastern Europe and the Balkans. Armed bands of freely roving brigands/bandits/irregulars/guerrillas, one moment a thief, the next moment a "freedom fighter"! [pronounced "hey-duke"]

"In Balkan folkloric tradition, the hajduk (hajduci or haiduci in the plural) is a romanticised hero figure who steals from, and leads his fighters into battle against, the Ottoman oppressors . . . while participating in a small guerrilla war against an unjust authority."

Within the Greek tradition, either a klepht [thief/brigand] or an armatoloi [semi-legitimate thief/brigand]!

Klepht and armatoloi both playing an important role in the Greek Revolution [War of Independence] against the Ottoman Empire! Ethnic Greeks, Orthodox Christians in rebellion against their Muslim overlords, "hajduks" experienced, ready and able for combat and prepared to do so, an established force already in conflict with their oppressors for centuries prior!!

"In reality, the hajduci of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries were as much guerrilla fighters against the Ottoman rule as they were bandits and highwaymen who preyed not only on Ottomans and their local representatives, but also on local merchants and travellers . . . most of the hajduci did follow a moral code which forbade robbing the poor, and motiveless murder."

Brigands/irregulars/guerrillas having a code of conduct - - historically romanticized - - an armed "resistance" to oppressive and foreign authority to which no other means seemed to prevail!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is coolbert:

"Di⋅as⋅po⋅ra - – noun 4. any group migration or flight from a country or region; dispersion."

In the aftermath of World War Two [WW2], there is undeniably a diaspora of Germans on a world-wide basis.

Of course the Werner Von Braun guided missile design team and others associated with Operation Paperclip are cases well known and documented.

German nationals, often enlisted military men of low rank but having a marked degree of combat experience, joining the French Foreign Legion [FFL] are another category of post-WW2 diaspora German.

I am thinking about and speaking about those persons NOT so well known, but still influential in their own way.

Persons, having desirable talents, but seeing no future in a defeated and devastated Germany for at least a decade. Persons of talent, out-of-work, seeking employment where their skills and abilities were in need. Persons appreciated for having unique skill-sets that were at a premium.

[I AM NOT speaking about German SS men or other perpetrators of atrocity who escaped in the aftermath of surrender - - 1945 - - and took up residence in various locales where they felt safe. Recall too that Germany did not become an independent nation with full sovereignty until 1955!.]

Persons to include, but not limited to:

1. Hannah Reitsch. Needs no introduction? Top German female pilot of the pre-WW2 era, and for some time there after [Hannah at even the advanced age of sixty-eight continued to set world soaring records at the helm of a sailplane]!

Hannah, opening flight and glider schools in Ghana and Indian, hobnobbing with the elites of society, personally known to and having the ear of politicians of the highest echelon, Was even invited to the White House and personally presented to President Kennedy.

2. Hyazinth von Strachwitz. Best tank [armor] commander in the WW2 German army? Noted for his skill and bravery [wounded no less than fourteen times] in combat. Post-war, moved to Syria where he helped organize the nascent Syrian army.

3. Ludwig Vorgrimler. German small-arms weapon designer. Prior to and during WW2 was an employee of Mauser, post-war first worked for the French and subsequently for the Spanish. Noted for his innovative and original weapons designs, particularly the CETME rifle.

"Dr. Ludwig Vorgrimler (Born September 7, 1912 in Freiburg, Germany; died 1983) is the man most commonly associated with the design of the Spanish CETME rifle"

"After the war ended, Mauser's Department 37 development group was placed under control of the French War Department's armament group . . . [in 1946] when workers and equipment began to be transferred to the Mulhouse area of Alsace"

"Vorgrimler was recruited to work for CETME in Spain. The French initially attempted to prevent him from leaving the country, but Vorgrimler and family were allowed to move to Madrid in September 1950."

4. Ferdinand Brandner. German aerospace engineer. Did essential and pioneering work on the turboprop engine. Post-war negotiated a "deal" with the Soviets - - most successfully continuing experimental research into turboprop engine design for aircraft.

"Ferdinand Brandner . . . in 1946 in the Soviet Union deported and led the development of engines, such as the NK-12 . . . It is still the most powerful turboprop engine, used as the drive of the heavy bomber Tu-95 transport [bomber] aircraft . . . From 1960 he was in Egypt with the development and construction of the E-300 jet engine for the Messerschmitt jet aircraft designed by Helwan HA-300 . . . The early 1970s he was in Beijing a Visiting Professor of engine construction"

5. Those various German scientists, chemists for the most part, very active and contributing their particular expertise of an esoteric nature to the development of the Soviet atomic bomb. Those German scientists most interested in the extraction of refined high-quality weapons grade fissionable material allowing the Soviet to leapfrog and accelerate the process by which nuclear munitions could be acquired.

German scientists ensconced in the privacy of a Soviet sharashka, held in semi-captivity, but with relative luxury of a nature to be not found in post-war Germany. A laboratory under tight control of the Soviet secret police BUT without the harrowing ordeal of a typical GULAG work camp. A laboratory with all the creature comforts and provided with the latest and most advanced equipment for scientific research.

"Sharashka . . . an informal name for secret research and development laboratories in the Soviet Gulag labor camp system."

German scientists to include: "Nikolaus Riehl, von Ardenne, Hertz, Thiessen, and Volmer"

"the contributions of the German scientists is borne out by the many State Prizes and other prestigious awards given in the wake of the second Soviet atomic bomb test, a uranium-based atomic bomb; awards for uranium production and isotope separation were prevalent"

* Nikolaus Riehl.

"in charge of uranium production at Plant 12 in Elektrostal"

"From 1945 to 1950, Riehl was in charge of uranium production at Plant 12 in Elektrostal'"

* Gustav Hertz.

"Separation of isotopes by diffusion in a flow of inert gases"

"Development of a condensation pump"

"Development of a theory of stability and control of a diffusion cascade"

* Max Volmer.

"production of heavy water"

"plutonium extraction from fission products"

* Manfred von Ardenne.

"Electromagnetic separation of isotopes"

"Techniques for manufacturing porous barriers for isotope separation" [Peter Adolf Thiessen lead scientist]

"Molecular techniques for separation of uranium isotopes"

Given the outstanding record of German scientists with regard to the processing of uranium and plutonium to extract the fissionable material necessary to make an atomic bomb, it can be reasonably inferred that if the WW2 German HAD PUT THE RESOURCES AND THE RESOLVE INTO THEIR OWN NUCLEAR PROGRAM, THEY MAY HAVE SUCCEEDED AND MIGHT HAVE POSSESSED AN ATOMIC BOMB PRIOR TO THE UNITED STATES AND THE ALAMAGORDO DETONATION??!!

Have skill - - will travel - - was the motto of many post-WW2 Germans? To all parts of the world, where ever we are wanted and needed, no matter what!


Monday, November 9, 2009


This is coolbert:

Thanks to the DailyMail here!

Yobs at work. English hoodlums and pranksters, youth of low repute desecrating shrines and memorials to British war dead!!

"Yobbo or yob is a slang term for an uncouth or thuggish blue collar person. The word derives from a back slang reading of the word "boy" (boy or boyo reversed becomes yob or — slightly modified — yobbo)."

Words alone cannot describe!! Unseemly behavior of the most egregious type, without a whole lot of criminal prosecution or even punishment for the perpetrators, if and when caught.

"Revealed: How one war memorial is desecrated in Britain every week"

"War memorials are being desecrated by thieves and vandals at the rate of more than one a week."

"Figures released on the eve of Remembrance Sunday reveal how thugs are casually vandalising plaques, statues and stone crosses."

"Since the country paused to commemorate the war dead in November last year, yobs have damaged at least 56 war memorials."

My initial reaction was this sort of behavior was more or less the type of thing seen ONLY in the U.S. Vandalism and desecration of war memorials and shrines to war dead was purely an American phenomenon? So I might have thought. Evidently this is not so.

Those memorials and shrines have been stripped of metal are being vandalized by drug addicts seeking to sell what they have stolen for scrap, getting a few pounds to procure the next fix? Might be. Evil doers never stop, do they?


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Falco Peregrinus.

This is coolbert:

Here is one of those things liked by Bert.

Aeronautical and jet engine designers, encountering a problem for which they had no remedy, found the solution, from within the world of nature, all the mathematical equations and science of man being "trumped" by the "technology" of the peregrine falcon.

"Cone in peregrine falcon nostril allows air to enter by disrupting airflow"

"Falcons are known for their high speed flight, and the Peregrine is thought to be the fastest bird . . . [clocked around 200 MPH/320 KPH in a vertical dive] Incidentally, in the making of airplanes, especially jets, humans came onto a problem. As planes got faster and faster, the engines [jets] started choking out at a certain speed. It seems that the air, instead of going into the cowl of the engine, encountered a wall of still air and engine cowl and so split and went around the engine. Puzzled, the researchers wondered how the falcons could still breathe at such incredible speeds. Looking at the falcon's nostrils, they found the answer. In the opening of the nostril is a small cone that protrudes a bit. Fashioning a similar cone in the opening of the jet engine, they discovered that the air could pass into the engine even at great speed. Once again a human invention is preceded by an animal adaptation."

"Imitating a Falcon Breathing Trick."

"Aircraft designers have imitated the falcon's breaking trick in modern jets. Fighters that fly at supersonic speeds, like the SR-71 "Blackbird," have a falcon' like cone at the intake where air is pulled into the jet engine, to slow down the flow of air. These inlet cones maintain proper air flow and air pressure into the jet's compressors and turbine."

The peregrine falcon, the fastest animal alive [?], while in a near vertical dive, a stoop, with wings folded back, achieves the fastest velocity attainable by any living creature.

A speed that normally would make inhalation impossible, if not downright dangerous. The falcon might actually die during a stoop, being not able to breathe!! Mother Nature, however, long ago, has given the bird an amazing adaptation that allows the peregrine to hunt and kill prey, diving on target with astounding speed.

That small cone, at the inlet of a jet engine, was considered to be a major breakthrough? Prior to that, the feasibility of the jet engine was somewhat in doubt? A simple technique - - a biometric solution, copied from the peregrine falcon, was beyond the minds of the greatest design engineers and physicists?

Falcon YES - - humans NO!



This is coolbert:

"Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war" - - Shakespeare.

The last "dog of war" has been released from prison. Simon Mann.

"Friends welcome Simon Mann's release"

"Metropolitan Police confirm continuing investigation which could lead to some alleged conspirators in failed Equatorial Guinea coup facing trial in British courts"

"Simon Mann: 'I'll testify against Mark Thatcher in British court'"

"Simon Mann ready to help prosecute Sir Mark Thatcher"

"Simon Mann, the freed mercenary, flew back to Britain yesterday after saying he would help to prosecute Sir Mark Thatcher and others he claimed were involved in the failed coup on Equatorial Guinea."

Simon Mann, the mercenary, described as the "last dog of war" has been freed - - due to the benevolence of the African dictator of Equatorial Guinea.

Simon Mann, leading a band of fellow mercenaries, the goal of which was to overthrow the despotic regime of Equatorial Guinea. A plot that went awry, the mercenaries not even getting to "first base"! CAUGHT AND SENT FIRST TO PRISON IN ZIMBABWE!

Sixteen months in an Equatorial Guinean prison, four year in a prison in Zimbabwe prior to that, I am sure Simon Mann is grateful he is a free man. The original sentence by the court was thirty-four years. Sixteen months is considerably less and some very powerful strings had to be pulled for Simon to have been let out so early.

And the man [Mann] is talking.

Says he will turn states evidence if certain co-conspirators are indicted and brought to trial. Heavy hitters within English society are accused and now are in the sights of prosecutors?

An oil baron, a real estate tycoon, AND SIR MARK THATCHER [son of Lady Thatcher] ARE ALL IMPLICATED? Jack Straw the current serving Home Secretary was also in on the plot at least in regard to having "knowledge" of the conspiracy? Mann is spilling the beans on fellow co-conspirators, those also wishing to participate in the coup d'etat of which Simon was the military leader!

We have not heard the last of Simon Mann, have we? Book and film deal, talk shows, testimony, etc. NOT the last.

For those of you who are interested, go to this web site and see the origins and meaning of the Shakespearean phrase: "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war"


Saturday, November 7, 2009


This is coolbert:

Came across this quite by accident. From the very good book: "The View From The Center Of The Universe".

"Recent research has demonstrated that the limiting size of a group whose members are personally connected, not only in humans but many animals, is determined by the size of the neocortex of the brain compared to the whole brain. Humans have the largest neocortex compared with brain size, and the corresponding number of individuals we can personally have relationships with is about 150. The earliest farm villages, clans among Australian Aborigines, businesses that can be organized informally, the company size in armies since the seventeenth century . . . - - all of these groups are about [number] 150 [persons]."

"The company size in armies since the seventeenth century"!

A modern infantry company consists basically of about:

Four platoons of four squads of ten men each. 4 X 4 X 10 = 160. Roughly numbering about that maximum size of 150 as mentioned in the extract from "The View From The Center Of The Universe".

A company commander cannot have a personal relationship with a unit numbering more than 150 or so? By personal relationship I take that to mean a company commander knowing by sight all the troops under his command - - their names - - their abilities, strong and weak points!! This is what is meant by personal relationship. A familiarity absolutely essential - - allowing a competent commander to wield his unit with effectiveness in combat.

A battalion commander, commanding a unit consisting of infantry companies [plural], is unable to have that same personal relationship, the size of the neocortex relative to overall brain size in the human not being adequate?

A biological imperative is at work here? Societal structures, units and organizations, civilian or military, PERSONALLY CONNECTED - - have a sound and logical physiological basis to them!!



This is coolbert:

To use the words military and intelligence in the same sentence is a form of oxymoron? So it is often stated!

"ox·y·mo·ron - - A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist."

NOT necessarily so!

Here are two anecdotal accounts, instances of military men, displaying an intelligence, innate and developed both - - of the highest order.

Persons, military men both, able to "regurgitate" more or less instantaneously, entire paragraphs, portions, citations of memorandum or papers, doing so with accuracy, an ability exercised almost casually, at will, in a manner that even the astute find amazing!!

1. Walter Bedell Smith. American general officer. Chief of Staff, European Theatre of Operations [ETO], Second World War [WW2]. Subsequent to the end of the war, Director, Central Intelligence Agency.

"Bedell-Smith was a different. matter. He had a cold, fishy eye and precision-tool brain. At my first meeting with him, I had take a document of twenty-odd paragraphs on Anglo-American war plans. For his scrutiny and comment. He had flipped over the pages casually and tossed it aside, then engaged me in close discussion of the subjects involved, referring from memory to the numbered paragraphs. I kept pace only because I had spent a whole morning learning the document by heart. Bedell-Smith, I had an uneasy feeling, would be apt to think that two and two made four rather than five." - - Kim Philby.

2. Dwight David Eisenhower. NO introduction required, I would hope. Five-star American general! Elected President of the United States, post-war [WW2].

"Ike . . . fascinated me by his almost computer-like memory. He seemed never to forget a fact or a face. I would take him a report on some subject, which he would read with incredible rapidity, and then he might say, 'I read something recently which ties up with that. Let me see, it is in a file on . . . about page 57, second paragraph from the bottom . . .' . . . sure enough, he would be right." - - "The Enemy Is Listening" - - Aileen Clayton.

* Kim Philby is of course the renegade British Secret Service officer that betrayed to the Soviets for over a period of decades any and all secrets he came in contact with.

* Aileen Clayton served during WW2 as an officer in the British Y Service. Radio interceptor operators who specialized in radio reconnaissance directed against the German Luftwaffe.

This ability to "regurgitate" IS a sign of a keen intellect that has been developed and honed over a period of time? Photographic memory [that is what this is?] and an astounding faculty for recall is an indication of superior mind power?

Perhaps so - - maybe - - YES IS SO!!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This is coolbert:

Once more, from the web site - - "Danger Room":

"Airmen Bomb Silly Safety Belt Rules, on Facebook"

"You’d think men and women who handle heavy weapons, fly the planet’s most advanced airplanes, and take care of multi-million dollar equipment could be trusted to go outside at night without wearing a day-glo safety belt. The United States Air Force would beg to differ."

"Instead, airmen are ordered to wear the reflective accessories from the late afternoon on. That goes for domestic installations, and for war zone bases, too"

We have to get this straight now. American airmen - - FOR REASONS OF SAFETY - - must wear the reflective day-glo belts during hours of darkness - - while on the flight line - - no matter what their assignment or duty? This is not actually specified in the article, but that is my intuitive reaction!

Or must airmen wear the reflective belts - - ANYWHERE when on the airbase, during hours of darkness!? A requirement not only just for the flight line, but ANYWHERE on the base period?

This requirement - - this order - - IS NOT SO SILLY, STUPID, AND ABSURD AS IT MAY SOUND OR APPEAR?

The flight line of a military airfield is AN INHERENTLY DANGEROUS PLACE. An excess degree of concern with safety is mandated by a real-honest-to-GOD-dangerous situation that exists! NOT only from aircraft taxi-ing to and fro, but also from the myriad numbers of vehicles that service those aircraft moving back and forth in a helter-skelter manner - - SIMULTANEOUSLY - - on that same flight line .



Those airmen in the photo accompanying this blog entry are members of the USAF Security Force? Guard vital USAF installations, aircraft, munitions [atomic], during a time of peace and war - - AND - - especially when our nation is at war, must be ready to function as conventional infantry, repel enemy ground attack against an USAF airbase! [please note that flap of the SAPI vest that extends over the crotch. Protects the vital groin area while not impedinging or restricting normal movement.]