Saturday, October 31, 2009


This is coolbert:

"Despite stepped up security, Headley was able to talk his way into the newspaper's offices, according to an FBI complaint"

From the Chicago Tribune today, more on the Kinsman, IL. terrorism case:

"In alleged terror plot, a troubling twist"

That twist, what are described as "Americans" traveling to Europe to engage in terrorist activities, recce [reconnaissance] of the target, planning an attack on the newspaper in Denmark that published the so-called defamatory cartoons of the the Prophet Mohammad.

David Coleman Headley, described as a Pakistani-American businessman, with his school years friend from military academy prep school in Pakistan, Tahawwur Hussain Rana.

Rana, the proprietor of a goat and sheep ranch in Kinsman, producing halal food for the umma living in the U.S. Rana also running a travel agency as well!

Headley, also [??] a businessman, a self-described IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT!

"the FBI complaint alleges that his company did little business and may have been just a front."


"American" in the sense that both men are naturalized American citizens, eligible for an American passport, this Headley even CHANGING HIS NAME AS TO NOT SET OFF ALARM BELLS IN VARIOUS SORTS OF COMPUTERIZED "Total Information Awareness" systems?

[Donald Coleman Headley, originally name Daood Gilani, Daood legally changing his name in 2006!!]

Headley on two occasions doing the recce role, even getting inside the guarded Jylands Posten building, in part thanks to his American passport and American name?

These two men too are alleged to have "links" to Al Qaeda, whatever those "links" consist of? Hopefully more will follow as the story further transpires.

Satire is said to be an important part of Danish humor. I wonder if those cartoonists and the editor of Jylands Posten now regret their actions? This sort of threat will exist more or less forever?


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