Sunday, October 4, 2009

Aegis BMD.

This is coolbert:

We are all familiar by now with the decision of the Obama administration to scrap the proposed eastern European ballistic missile defense program, missile interceptors and radars located in Poland/Czechoslovakia!

The Obama administration is NOT, however, abandoning forever plans for ballistic missile defense. Rather, is planning on deploying an even more extensive ballistic missile defense program, a system that will have WORLD WIDE CAPABILITY!! A system that is ready to go right now, a proven winner already demonstrating a pretty good degree of success!

An system based upon the U.S. Navy Aegis cruiser [Aegis BMD]!

The shipborne anti-ballistic interceptor system that has been fielded tested with varying degrees of success for some time now. A system constantly in a state of further development and refinement - - demonstrable increasing capability having been shown!

"U.S. Missile Shield: Towards the Establishment of a Worldwide Missile Interceptor Network "

From the source and web site GlobalResearch:

"President Obama...decided to discard that plan [eastern Europe] in favor of a vastly more suitable approach. In the first phase, to be completed by 2011, we will deploy proven, sea-based SM-3 interceptor missiles - weapons that are growing in capability...."

"The new deployments, . . . are to be more mobile and less capable of being anticipated and defended against; will be implemented, . . . at least eight years ahead of the prior plan's timeline; and will extend worldwide missile interceptor networks into far broader swathes of Eurasia, the Middle East and ultimately the planet as a whole."

"SM-3s are the missiles employed by the U.S.'s Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System, which is a sea-based anti-ballistic missile interception program designed to be based off the coasts of targeted nations as needed to render ineffective those nations' missile launch capabilities, both offensive and defensive."

"Aegis BMD (also known as Sea-Based Midcourse) is designed to intercept ballistic missiles post-boost phase and prior to reentry"


* GlobalResearch describes itself as a Canadian concern. But has a marked and obvious anti-American slant? You the reader decide. Connection also to the Serb government or Serb entities in some manner?

* I would imagine that initial deployments of these Aegis cruisers would be in the Persian Gulf, the Sea of Japan, the Mediterranean?

* Theatre deployments would have the advantage of being tied to world-wide American intelligence assets designed to detect and follow the launch of a ballistic missile anywhere in the world. This system at some point does have the capability of becoming WORLD-WIDE!!

* The beauty of these seaborne anti-ballistic missile systems is that you can plot the course of a missile from initial ignition and take-off and intercept either during the boost or "post-boost phase and prior to reentry", making destruction of the target that much more easier. Attempting to intercept and destroy an incoming ballistic missile warhead is just too hard to do?

* Ballistic missiles alone are mentioned. Those missiles of the SCUD or enhanced SCUD variety! Does this Aegis system also work against the intercontinental ballistic missile [ICBM] as well? I am not sure.

There is great merit to such a concept?! All this is predicated upon the further development of the SM-3 missile, radars, etc. to the point where a very high probability of successful missile intercept can be achieved!


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