Friday, October 30, 2009


This is coolbert:

"The problem is that we have no real information on this program." - - P. Ashton.

This only from yesterday:

"UN: U.S. Drone Strikes May Violate International Law"

"An AFP article from October 27 says that drone attacks by the United States against individuals in Afghanistan and Pakistan might be in violation of international law. The United Nations' Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Executions, Philip Alston, says the drone strikes may amount to summary executions, which are illegal under international law."

What is this? Since when is killing the enemy in a time of war ILLEGAL?

This law professor at New York University has some questions!

Something very troublesome will be the result of this? The U.N. is telling the U.S. that these drone strikes on Al Qaeda and Taliban jihadists may be illegal! Firing a Hellifre missile and "offing" a jihadi who is heart and soul dedicated to killing as many Americans as he can - - is now an illegal act? This is a violation of international war? Persons are being deprived of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness without judicial process?

What are we to make of all this? Joe Biden has said that the U.S. should continue the war in Afghan fighting more or less solely via the drone and Hellifre missile attack. Where does this "plan" stand now?

Killing of the jihadi, an unlawful enemy combatant [and I stress the use of the word UNLAWFUL!] during a time when a state of war exists, is no LONGER PERMISSIBLE!!??

At least when the bad guy is lit up from afar by a missile that turns him to the proverbial toast quick and pronto! [drones so far have proven to be effective too!]

The legal reasoning of the U.N. is what here? I am just not sure. War is war, and in war, you kill the enemy before he kills you! NO details of the "program" are being made public. That is the point of contention?

And Philip - - when you were on active duty - - what again was your MOS?

"PHILIP ALSTON: There are circumstances under which it could be legal . . . if you are definitely in an armed conflict situation"

Thank you Philip!


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