Friday, December 15, 2017


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More disinformation? More fake news? Conspiracy theory? And the source is who exactly?

"rubbish * worthless, unwanted material that is rejected or thrown out; debris; litter; metaphorically: bad human output, such as a weak argument or a poorly written novel"

MoD = British Ministry of Defense.

I thought we had heard the last of the ill-fated ARA San Juan. But evidently that is not the case.

From Freeper and thanks to same. Originally as reported by the English tabloid Sun:

"MoD rubbishes claims Royal Navy helicopter was chasing an Argentine submarine .."

"THE Royal Navy today rubbished 'completely untrue' claims one of its helicopters was chasing an Argentine submarine when it went missing near the Falklands. ..."

Once more it is claimed there IS MORE TO THE STORY of the sinking of the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan. Probably what more than likely a simple accident resulting in the foundering of the vessel now is attributed to means foul and nasty?

This sorta stuff I do not like. Again, who is the source? And what is the motivation?


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Zumwalt II.

This is coolbert:

More extracts from that original article as seen at Strategy Page.

Comparing apples and organges?

"Attrition: The Zumwalt Killed Progress"

"A century before the DDG 1000 [Zumwalt class destroyer] showed up there was the Mississippi class battleship that displaced 14,400 tons, was 382 feet long, and 77 feet wide. A crew of 800 operated a variety of weapons, including four 12 inch, eight 8 inch, eight 7 inch, twelve 3 inch, twelve 47mm, and four 37mm guns, plus four 7.62mm machine-guns. There were also four torpedo tubes. The Mississippi had a top speed of 31 kilometers an hour, versus 54 for DDG-1000. But the Mississippi had one thing DD-21 lacked, armor. Along the side there was a belt of 23 cm (9 inch) armor and the main turrets had 30 cm (12 inch) thick armor. The Mississippi had radio, but the DDG-1000 has radio, GPS, sonar, Aegis radar, electronic warfare equipment, and the ability to shoot down ballistic missiles. The century old Mississippi class [BB-23] ships cost about half a billion dollars (adjusted for inflation). The DDG-1000 class destroyers cost over $4 billion each, thus possessing the price, size, and firepower, if not the name, of a battleship. The U.S. Navy could no longer afford battleships and given the continued inability to control costs meant the navy could not afford enough of its new DDG-1000 destroyers either."


Mississippi si, Zumwalt no? You decide.


Zumwalt I.

This is coolbert:

Back to the future, navy style?

From an item as seen Strategy Page and extracted from same:

"Attrition: The Zumwalt Killed Progress"

"December 7, 2017: In October 2017 the last of the three U.S. Navy Burke class 'restart' ships entered service. This Cold War era design was supposed to have been replaced by a new design, the Zumwalt class. That did not work out because it took too long and cost too much to build the new Zunwalts. Meanwhile it was noted that the Burkes remained a very effective design . . . So in 2009 the U.S. Navy decided to resume Burke production."

. . . .

"The DDG-1000 destroyers (and slightly larger versions designated as cruisers) would cost more than $4 billion each if built in large quantities. The Burkes cost $1.9 billion each. The last of original Burkes was ordered in 2002 and entered service in 2012."

$4 billion for a DDG type class destroyer IF the vessels had been made in mass production. Twenty-seven DDG was the goal but only three will be built now. Improved Burke class destroyers cost half and will have improved systems as originally were designed for the DDG.


Burke si, Zumwalt no! For the best too?



This sis coolbert:

YET one more listing of WHO is the best general ever.

Thanks to a comment seen at the iSteve Internet web site.

As I have said before, ask then experts to compile such a list [best general ever] and you will get ten different lists.

"Who Was the Best Military General Ever?"

"Wish I [the person commenting to the iSteve article] could remember who it was who compiled a list of the ten greatest military geniuses of all time. These are offered without comment, except to say that if The Little Corsican [Napoleon] was number two, number one is a no-brainer. They were as follows (and separated only by a hair I might add)"

10.) Genghis Khan
9.) Julius Caesar
8.) Scipio Africanus
7.) Hannibal of Carthage
6.) Erich von Manstein
5.) George S. Patton
4.) Stonewall Jackson
3.) Erwin Rommel
2.) Napoleon Bonaparte

"And Numero Uno?"

"Alexander of Macedon a/k/a 'Alexander the Great'”

A Genghis, a Julius, a Hannibal, a Napoleon, an Alexander understand functioning not merely in the position of a general officer commanding troops on the battlefield.

Men wielding political clout as well as military leadership. Persons having the authority to formulate grand strategy, strategy, a practitioner of the operational art. and tactics.

Genghis, Julius, Hannibal, Napoleon and Alexander functioning at a much higher level of command and leadership!!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017


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Here with a blog entry having a quasi-military dimension. In both cases thanks to Freeper.

Russians to the rescue! Brush fires in the Los Angeles, California, USA requiring reinforcements.

1. "Alert: The Russians are coming!"

"The Russians are coming! Yes, the Russians are coming to help fight fires here in California with their amphibious Be-200 firefighting aircraft. The plan has not yet been finalized, just a handshake agreement between Russia and US. The Be-200 aircraft will be stationed in Santa Maria"

Image thanks to Dmitriy Pichugi. The Be-200 is  an amphibious aircraft and can scoop up water while at low-level flight. "The aircraft is also capable of being configured for anti-submarine warfare [ASW] duties."

2. "Instead Of Water, Military Drones Helping Fight Fire With Data"

"Firefighters have been working nonstop to put out multiple wildfires ravaging land and homes from the hills to the beaches of Southern California. High above the flames and smoke, heavy duty materiel is helping them better battle those blazes."


And thank you Russians. Peace is in the air almost literally so!



This is coolbert:


The battle for Marawi City is over now. The government forces have triumphed over the insurrectionists.

Further as extracted from Strategy Page the brothers of the Maute family all dead [all seven?] and the Maute Group scattered or obliterated. But remnants still exist and will be heard of again?

"Philippines: China Tugs The Leash"

"December 6, 2017: The army confirmed that all seven Maute brothers are dead. These men were the core leadership of the Maute Group . . . The largest ISIL faction in Marawi City was from the Maute Group who unexpectedly brought in hundreds of their own gunmen who were willing to fight to the death and triggered an existing plan to gather in Marawi City to inspire local Moslems to rise up and drive out Christians."

". . . The Maute Group was nearly wiped out in Marawi City and although all seven of the Maute brothers are now dead one other key Maute Group leader, Abu Dar, is still free. Abu Dar belongs to the same tribe (the Maranao) as the Manute clan and could take command of the Maute Group and rebuild it"

See previous blog entries the topic of which was the insurrection of the Maute Group and the battle for Marawi City:

And do not think the Muslim of the southern part of the Philippines [Sulu Sea, Jolo, Mindanao] to be deterred by the Marawi City defeat. Whatever Maute Group survivors are left with rally to the cause once more, commanded by Abu Dar the next time.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017


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Have you ever done it ze French way?

We thank you Papa?

As originally seen at France24 and a surprise to me! That article by Stéphanie TROUILLARD.

"August 22, 1914: The bloodiest day in French military history"


Battle of the Frontiers.

"The Battle of the Frontiers, fought at the outset of World War I, doesn’t have the same historical notoriety as Verdun or Somme, but it saw in one day more French soldiers die than in any other day in history."


Cran, élan, et la Baïonnette!



This is coolbert:

My intuition served me wrong on this one. My instantaneous response was that the Russian was now using raptors [birds of prey] to guard the Kremlin against drone surveillance and drone attack.

But that is not so. What is called a crow in America is called a rook in Europe?

From the Sputnik Russian media outlet:

"Defending the Kremlin: Hawks, Falcons and Owls in Service"

"It is unbelievable, but true: birds help defend the Kremlin."

Thanks to the image from Sputnik and Ilya. Nice looking bird of prey.

"Kremlin officials use hawks, falcons and even owls to scare off crows that spoil the building’s golden domes in the heart of Moscow. Moreover, crows hunt singing birds at the Kremlin and even damage the uniforms of the Kremlin guards. So it’s no surprise that government officials have decided to use hawks and falcons against the crows. The hawks start their work early in the morning, while there are no tourists in the Kremlin. When crows see the hawks they prefer to fly away from the Kremlin walls."


Consider a prior blog entry the topic of which was using raptors to guard military installations against drone attack:


Stress II.

This is coolbert:

Have you ever done it ze French way??


As with regard to that prior blog entry, the French military in particular seemed at least in the historical record to have institutionalized the practice of prostitution as a means of relieving stress among the combat soldiers.


"Bordels Mobiles de Campagne or Bordel Militaire de Campagne (both abbreviated to BMC) is a French term for the mobile brothels which were used during World War I, Second World War, and First Indochina War to supply prostitution services to French soldiers who were facing combat in areas where brothels were unusual, such as at the front line or in isolated garrisons.

In the French Foreign Legion (Légion Etrangère), they were in use until the late 1990s, when a scandal revealed that a staff of three was officially employed by a military unit of 100 men in Africa."

2. Goum.

The goum. French Colonial Army troops, Berbers from the High Atlas mountains of Morocco! By reputation excellent soldiers but with a tendency to commit rape.

"During their fighting in the Italian Campaign [WW2], the Goumiers suffered 3,000 casualties, of which 600 were killed in action . . .  However, the military achievements of the Goumiers in Italy were accompanied by widespread reports of war crimes [including rape of Italian women on a massive scale] . . . The French authorities sought to defuse the problem by importing numbers of Berber women to serve as 'camp followers' in rear areas set aside exclusively for the Goumiers."


Again, institutionalized, those "ladies of the night" paid employees of the state and considered valuable adjunct to the war effort in whatever era.



Monday, December 11, 2017

Stress I.

This is coolbert:

Camp followers needed!

From the tip as seen at Freeper:

"Australian wives furious over proposal to send sex workers to troops"

"Jane Taylor* has a lot of things to worry about when her husband is deployed. Will he come home alive? Will her kids see their dad again? But until last month, 'Will he slip up and sleep with a taxpayer-funded sex worker?' wasn’t one of them. Like many military wives, Brisbane, Australia, resident Jane was horrified to read Australian army Capt. Sally Williamson recommending prostitutes be sent to the front line to help 'relieve stress' in serving troops."

A recommendation at this point I hardly will think be ever acted upon. Probably not even a possible at this point. The "cat" is outta the bag.

Camp followers in the classical sense not strictly confined to the prostitute. I might also think very few Australian sex workers willing to volunteer for "duty" in Iraq or Afghan.



This is coolbert:

I'm looking at you!! Beware!

From the iSteve Internet web site this item of interest:

"Who Was the Best Military General Ever?"

"A baseball stats [statistics] fan tries to rank history’s best generals:  Napoleon was the Best General Ever, and the Math Proves it. Ranking Every * General in the History of Warfare * Almost every"

This specific link gives you all the details of the methodology used and the conclusion. Verrrry interesting.


Other experts will compile other lists of BEST military general ever. Talk to ten different experts and you will get ten different responses [with some degree of commonality I might assume].

Devoted readers to the blog can assemble their own list? Let me hear from you. AND THANK YOU STEVE!


Saturday, December 9, 2017


This is coolbert:

Once more as reported by the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter Israeli Air Force [IAF' conduct and air strike against a Syrian target:

"Syria: Another Israeli air strike near Damascus"

"Monday night, Dec. 4, Israeli aircraft reportedly attacked a weapons research center in Jamraya on the outskirts of Damascus. Lebanese sources say Israel fired six missiles, three of which were intercepted by Syria's air defense system. This would be the second Israeli air raid in three days of a military target in the Damascus area."

These missiles as fired [three intercepted] are either a Delilah or a Popeye? Air-to-ground attack missiles.

Syrian air defenses more correctly understood now as RUSSIAN AIR DEFENSES WORKING ON BEHALF OF ASSAD?

Could Hedy Lamar ever thought that fifty years after the fact an image of her in the role of Delilah would thought to be worthy of inclusion into a military-oriented blog?



This is coolbert:

HST si, Al-Nusra no? That is the question?

From the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter as dated 8 December:

"Al Qaeda has vanished from Syria"

"This doesn't mean that al Qaeda's branch once known as the Nusra Front was wiped out by any anti-terror coalition. It exists no longer because it was repudiated in its new guise by the boss. In a 35-minute audio message Tuesday, Ayman Al-Zawahiri condemned the group's rebranding last year - without his approval -under the name "Hayat Tahrir al-Sham"

HST that LAST [?] remaining vital and potent armed opposition to the regime of the despot Assad. Rumored and reported to have about 30,000 armed combatants under command.

Al-Nusra affiliated [at least once was] with Al Qaeda but now having become HTS have gone their own way AND WITHOUT PERMISSION!


Friday, December 8, 2017

F-35 ICBM.

This is coolbert:

My instantaneous response to this headline was that this was ASAT. But NO, I am wrong.

F-35 able to intercept and shoot down a North Korean [NK] ICBM? YES, but only in an indirect manner, aid, abet and assist THAAD.

"Experiment shows F-35s could help intercept North Korean ICBMs, report says"

Thanks in totality to the article by Edmund DeMarche | Fox News

"A 2014 test provided evidence that the U.S.’ F-35 fighter jet could prove to be a viable weapon against the threat of a North Korean-launched ballistic missile, reports said."

"The high-tech F-35's sensors could help other missile-defense equipment track and destroy an intercontinental ballistic missile launched by North Korea."

Sensor on-board the F-35 detecting the launch and boost phase of a  NK ICBM. Track as the missile begins the boost phase. A data link from the F-35 to the THAAD firing battery providing updated info allowing for more correct assessment of the flight path and trajectory of the missile. Supplements that radar organic to THAAD and allowing for an intercept and destruction while the missile still in [??] the atmosphere [or exo-atmosphere] and most vulnerable.

Makes sense. And has been tested to some extent? Or at least an experiment? A little bit of forethought can go a long way.


Thursday, December 7, 2017

AV-8 Turkey.

This is coolbert:

The Sultan [Erdogan] wants his aircraft carriers with warplanes and he wants them NOW!

And he is going to get them too! Power projection!

At bargain basement prices it would seem.

From the Internet web site The Drive and the article by Tyler Rogoway.

"Turkey Is Interested in Buying Surplus USMC AV-8B Harriers, Others Likely To Follow"

 "With F-35B production ramping up, the AV-8 Harrier is entering into the twilight of its service with the United States Marine Corps. By most accounts, America's Harrier fleet has quite a bit of life left in it, especially considering Pentagon picked up the UK's entire fleet of 74 Harriers, many of which were very young, and all the spare parts that went with them, for cost of roughly 1.35 F-35Bs [one and one/third] at today's prices, or a paltry $177M."

Seventy-four Harriers as bought from the British. That inventory currently as Harrier serving with the USMC is at this very moment is exactly how many?

See previous blog entries the Turk already having one aircraft carrier in the works and interested in buying a second:

Contrary to what I had originally believed the Turk able to operate an aircraft carrier in the Black Sea.

As to the purchase and use of the Harrier [now less than an adequate combat warplane?] the idea is good to go with a proven winner now rather than wait for a better winner tomorrow? That is what this is?


Wednesday, December 6, 2017


This is coolbert:

Wars and rumors of wars!

Thanks in part from a book review as seen at the Strategy Page Internet web site two wars I have never heard about. From relatively modern times too. But basically nary a blip on my radar screen.

1. Sino-Soviet Conflict 1929.

"The Sino-Soviet conflict of 1929 . . . was an armed conflict between the Soviet Union and Chinese warlord Zhang Xueliang of the Republic of China over the Chinese Eastern Railway (also known as CER)."

Chinese warlord [nominally in league with the Nationalist government of China], his combatants versus Red Army contingents of the Soviet Union. Dispute and pretext for war the control of the main and very vital railroad [CER] through Manchuria.

This war had much wider implications? Domination and eventual absorption of Manchuria into the Soviet sphere? Manchuria during the Imperial Russia under Russian control. The Soviet as the Russian before them desirous of access to Yellow Sea warm-water ports? The historians say what about this?

2. Irish Civil War.

"The Irish Civil War (28 June 1922 – 24 May 1923) was a conflict that followed the Irish War of Independence and accompanied the establishment of the Irish Free State, an entity independent from the United Kingdom but within the British Empire."

Brother fights brother! The Easter Uprising I was familiar with. The Irish War of Independence I was familiar with. The Irish Civil War I was NOT familiar with other than Michael Collins being assassinated by Irish Republican dissidents.

This particular civil war the Irish National Army [legally constituted] versus those guerrilla and insurrectionist hold-out elements of the Irish Republican Army [IRA]. The former eventually victorious over the latter.


Regarding the legacy of the Irish Civil War as extracted from the wiki:

"As with most civil wars, the internecine conflict left a bitter legacy, which continues to influence Irish politics to this day. The two largest political parties in the republic through most of its history . . . were Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, the descendants respectively of the anti-treaty and pro-treaty forces of 1922."


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Al Kiswah.

This is coolbert:

“May I repeat that we will not let any regime bent on destroying Israel procure nuclear arms. Neither will we allow the Iranian regime to establish itself militarily in Syria, as it is planning, because its sole objective is to destroy our country.” - - PM Netanyahu.

Israel enters the fray? IDF = Israeli Defense Force. Enters the fray and in a much more marked way.

Israel unto this point has been very circumspect and selective with regard to involvement in the Syrian Civil War. Now we have that combination of factors: 1. The apparent defeat of the Islamic State. 2. The despot Assad now having the upper hand in the conflict. 3. The establishment of a LAND BRIDGE between Iran and Syria  As a result the IDF will now feel compelled to adopt a more aggressive approach with extreme measures the norm?

"Pro-Shiite Militia Chiefs conferring on anti-Israel operations were targets of Israeli air strike"

Thanks to DEBKAfile the image and the article. Various spellings of Al Kiswah exist.

"Pro-Shiite Militia Chiefs conferring on anti-Israel operations were targets of Israeli air strike An Israeli air raid early Saturday, Dec. 2 struck a group of pro-Iranian Shiite militia chiefs holding a secret conference at the Syrian Army’s 91st Brigade base near Kiswah. Iranian and Hizballah officers are reported among the casualties"

Thanks to the Sheldon Adelson Internet web site Israel Hayom this image of the "military base" as under IAF attack. Source of the image unknown.

It appears too that the Israeli Air Force [IAF] on this occasion did intrude into Syrian air space. Normally IAF attacking Syrian targets involved the firing of missiles from warplanes over Lebanon.

This could get very serious very fast. Already serious but the chances of escalation with all that will mean much worse.


Monday, December 4, 2017

Mohammed VIA.

This is coolbert:

What to make of this one?

Borderline germane as a topic to the blog? Hardly does anyone seems to understand this.

From Strategy Page:

"Algeria: Other Forms Of Terrorism"

"November 7, 2017: Morocco puts its first surveillance satellite into orbit. The 1.1 ton Mohammed VIA is based on a similar French earth observation satellite; Pléiades-HR. Another Moroccan satellite will be launched in 2018. This is part of a secret $590 million deal made with France in 2013. The new photo-satellites orbit 694 kilometers from the earth and will last at least five years. These photo satellites can take pictures day or night and make out objects 70cm (28 inches) across. By current standards that’s not very good. Back in the mid-1970s the U.S. was launching satellites with a resolution of 7 cm and current high-res satellite cameras can detect objects as small as 2 cm (less than an inch across). For mapping the lower res satellites are OK and in the mid-80s the U.S. was putting such satellites up that had a resolution of 70cm. These could take pictures of large areas. Morocco’s satellite photo needs can be taken care of by commercial satellites that will provide photos of whatever you want at whatever resolution you need (50 cm or less). In effect Morocco will be paying nearly a hundred million dollars a year for photo satellite images that can be obtained for a tenth of the cost from commercial services. Much of what they need can be obtained via smart phones using commercial satellite image services."

A military purpose? a mapping purpose? Multi-spectral imaging and processing? Autonomy from foreign powers [satellite launched using a French rocket]?

Even better coverage already obtain-able at a fraction of the cost!

Some devoted reader to the blog can comment on this one?



This is coolbert:

PC = Posse Comitatus. 

"posse - - noun 2. a body or force armed with legal authority."

Posse Comitatus Act.

I must admit I was mildly surprised by this. Thanks to the tip from James on this one.

The Posse Comitatus Act limiting the powers of the federal military to be used in a domestic law enforcement role applies legally ONLY to the Army and Air Force. ONLY applies to the Navy and Marines by regulation but not by law. Coast Guard totally exempt so it seems.

"The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) . . .  The purpose of the act – in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807 – is to limit the powers of the federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States . . . updated in 1956 and 1981."

"The Act only specifically applies to the United States Army and, as amended in 1956, the United States Air Force. While the Act does not explicitly mention the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps, the Department of the Navy has prescribed regulations that are generally construed to give the Act force with respect to those services as well. The Act does not apply to the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard under state authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within its home state or in an adjacent state if invited by that state's governor. The United States Coast Guard, which operates under the Department of Homeland Security, is not covered by the Posse Comitatus Act either, primarily because although the Coast Guard is an armed service, it also has both a maritime law enforcement mission and a federal regulatory agency mission."

State National Guard units of course when NOT federalized also able to perform a law enforcement mission within their own or adjacent state!

State defense force units [exist in some states and as distinct from National Guard] also totally exempt [so I would assume unless bound under some state law] from federal Posse Comitatus.

You learn something new all the time. And are better off for it too.

Al L.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

SCUD Houthi.

This is coolbert:

Consider this to have major potentialities if and when it is demonstrated to be true.

From a variety of sources:

"Houthis Under Pressure in Yemen as U.A.E. Denies Missile Claims"

* "Reported attack comes after Saleh breaks from Houthi coalition"
* "U.A.E. says air defense strong enough to withstand threats"

"Yemen’s Houthi rebels, bruised by the defection of their powerful ally, former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, said they fired a ballistic missile at a nuclear power plant in Abu Dhabi, but the United Arab Emirates denied the show of force ever happened."

My comments:

* A weapon of mass destruction aimed at a point target [nuclear power plant] a direct hit the result would have been catastrophic!

* A SCUD or a variety of the SCUD ballistic missile in this case?

* A SCUD or a variety of the SCUD perhaps launched not by the Houthi rebels but rather by Iranian personnel or Hezbollah proxy experts?

SCUD as a weapon of war designed to deliver a warhead against an area target and not a point target. Advanced versions of SCUD with a properly designed warhead with electro-optic guidance could hit a nuclear power plant [point target] directly? Of this I am not sure.

"A point target is: A target of such small dimension that it requires the accurate placement of ordnance in order to neutralize or destroy it."

Just a threat against a nuclear power plant alone or an attack if if 100 % inconsequential can be effective?

Watch this closely!

P.S.: That nuclear power plant under construction and not on-line. Fissionable material not loaded or having gone "hot" yet.


Saturday, December 2, 2017


This is coolbert:

Get rid of them?

From the story at Reuters one aspect of the American nuclear arsenal called into question.

"Experts say eliminate ICBMs since they are part of U.S. arsenal most likely to cause accidental war"


"Of all weapons in the U.S. nuclear arsenal, the ICBM is the one most likely to cause accidental nuclear war, arms-control specialists say. It is for this reason that a growing number of former defense officials, scholars of military strategy and some members of Congress have begun calling for the elimination of ICBMs."

Apparently this is part and parcel of the William Perry Project!

"William J. Perry Project - - Help to end THE NUCLEAR THREAT"

The William J. Perry Project was created by former Secretary of Defense William Perry to engage and educate the public on the dangers of nuclear weapons in the 21st century

My comments:

1. I don't think anyone [?] suggests or even believes it is possible to eliminate and abolish all nuclear weaponry. The THREAT as described can be ameliorated to a large extent but never totally 100 % done away with?

2. Much progress has already been made [and has been made for decades now] to reduce the number of atomic warheads as in the inventory of the nuclear capable nations [predominantly the United States and the Soviet Union/Russia]!  By my quick and dirty calculation about 90 % of all atomic weapons ever as fielded now dismantled and done away with, for a variety of reasons.

3. Unquestionably [??] a third world war would have already been fought and some time ago if not for the existence of the atomic bomb and thermonuclear weaponry?

4. Consideration given at this juncture in time to the elimination of American ICBM. Submarine launched ballistic missiles and land-based long-range bomber aircraft all fully nuclear capable to be maintained.

Total and 100 % nuclear disarmament a pie in the sky consideration? Is now and always will be. Devoted readers to the blog make your own judgment.



This is coolbert:

A blast from the past literally so!! Combine the old and the new and for the better too!

From the Internet web site The Drive and the article by Joseph Trevithick.

"The USAF Is Rebuilding World War II-Era 40mm Shells for its AC-130U Gunships"

"The service is the last user of the Bofors cannon in the US military and has had to go hunting for more ammunition."

"The U.S. Air Force is rebuilding tens of thousands of World War II-era cannon rounds specifically for the 40mm cannons on its AC-130U Spooky II."

". . .  The new version combines decades old components with a fuze that is safer and more reliable than the original model. Some of the brass cartridge cases had production date stamps dating to 1944."

Old wine in a new bottle or is it old wine in a new bottle? A much more advanced and better fuze with the old casing and you are good to go. 40mm for a long time [still?] the smallest caliber for which could be fitted with a proximity fuze.

By now I had thought the AC-130 gunships would ALL have that 40mm Bofors gun replaced by the 30mm gun [several of them] but this does not appear to be the case.

The photo accompanying this blog entry shows the 30mm gun on the left, 40mm gun on the right and in between what possibly is a domed and shielded low-level camera of some sort.

AC-130 called in Iraq by the insurgents the "spitting witch"!


PLA Syria.

This is coolbert:


Chinese troops enter the Syrian Civil War? Who would ever have thought it? Everyone wants a share of the Syrian pie!

PLA = People's Liberation Army.

Uighur as properly pronounced "wee-grrr".

From the DEBKAfile an exclusive report:

"Thousands of Chinese elite troops head to Syria to combat Uighur Islamists"

30 November.

"Beijing is deploying to Syria 5,000 members of two elite People Liberation Army units to combat extremist Islamic Uighurs in the northern Syrian province of Idlib. Those units are the Chinese Navy's Night Tigers and the Shenyang Region's Siberian Tigers. Beijing accuses Turkey's MIT intelligence of backing the Chinese Islamist separatists."

Muslim Uighur as from the western part of China ENCOURAGED by the Turk occupy and settle villages in Syria abandoned by refugees? TIP the Uighur insurgent movement and as opposed to Assad. TIP also in league with and allied with Al Nusra [called something else now]. Al Nusra an affiliate of Al Qaeda.

See previous blog entries the presence of Uighur in Syrian noted: 


Friday, December 1, 2017

Mine USN.

This is coolbert:

Images as from a visit to the USS Lexington museum, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.


"Mk 74. The MK 74 is a versatile exercise mine (VEM) used to train mine countermeasures ships. It is an interactive training device that represents a typical bottom mine. 9 feet long [2.74 meters], 21 inches [533 mm] in diameter, and weights a little over 1200 pounds [544 kilograms]."

"Mk 52. The MK 52 mine was the first of a series of post WWII anti-submarine mines that were based on modified aircraft bombs. The mine used magnetic, acoustic, pressure, or a combination of triggering devices. " Can be delivered by surface vessels or aircraft.

"MK 65. The MK 65 is an aircraft-laid, all-modular, bottom-setting, multi-influence mine used against submarines and surface targets. It was designed as a mine from the outset using a thin-walled mine-type case filled with PBXN-103 explosive. Weight: 2390 lbs." "Dimensions: 29 inches (across the fins) x 128 inches (74 x 325 cm)".

Image of naval contact sea mine as from the era of World War I and World War II. Anchored, submerged or on the surface and all the time dangerous. The navies of some nations still have in their inventory such mines? Making contact with any of those mines will send your ship to the bottom pronto. "Spherical mine [about] 44 inch (1.12 m) in diameter. Charge of 661 lbs. (300 kg)."

If you are in the vicinity of Corpus Christi, Texas, USA, I highly recommend a visit to the Lexington museum, without qualification or reservation.

Go ahead! Run the gauntlet! I dare you!



This is coolbert:

From WIZARD thanks to Harry at Sharkhunters a collection of items some of which are relevant to previous blog entries.

1. "Depleted British military faces more cuts for May’s Cyber war against Russia."

"The British government is expected to deny further funding to its Armed Forces, diverting the much-needed funds to cyber security measures that are likely to target Russia in a move that split Theresa May's Conservative Party."

2. "Russian Pacific Fleet to Receive Approximately ten new warships in 2008."

"Russia's Pacific Fleet has at its disposal ballistic missile submarines, multi-purpose nuclear and diesel submarines, surface ships, maritime anti-submarine and fighter aircraft, along with ground forces and coastal defense troops."

See a series of blog entries the topic of which was Russian Coastal Defense troops.

3. "Norway Divided Over Plans of War Memorial Over German Soldiers."

"Red Cross Norway has come up with a polarizing initiative to raise a monument over the graves of the Nordic country's German soldiers, as a place of remembrance for their descendants."

German soldiers MORE CORRECTLY understood as Norwegian citizens fighting as member of the Nazi Waffen SS.

4. "Two Argentine Sailors of ARA SAN JUAN Were Very Lucky."

"ARA SAN JUAN submarine that has been lost in the Atlantic Ocean for 2 weeks had set sail without two of its crew members who went ashore just minutes before the vessel took to the sea."

See a series of blog entries the topic was the missing Argentine submarine ARA San Juan.

5. "Defense Minister [UK] Threatens to Resign."

"UK Minister Ellwood Threatens to Resign if Defense Cuts Imposed. Nowadays the UK has the biggest defense budget among European countries, which reaches NATO's spending threshold of 2 percent of GDP."

See here, here and here items of interest as regard the British defense budget difficulties.

6. "Russian Navy Tracking French Stealth Frigate in the Black Sea."

"The guided missile frigate LA FAYETT of the French Navy entered the Black Sea on Sunday. It is reported that LA FAYETT appeared on the radar screens of the Black Sea Fleet’s radio-technical services while passing through the Bosporus and now Russian monitors are tracking its route through the Black Sea."


7. "Russia Hiding on the Ocean Bottom."

"Russian Tsirkon hypersonic missiles and Skif missiles hiding at the ocean bottom are part of the arsenal of the Russian Armed Forces"


Bunch of stuff covering a wide range of topics. And you the devoted reader to the blog are so much better off for it too.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Provocation II.

This is coolbert:


Read of the Algerian Civil War. A conflict I was only in the most vaguest terms familiar with.

A very bloody dirty war the ruling junta [military men] apparently waging a counter-insurgency using the most devious means possible.  One of the main insurgent groups [two of them waged war against the central government] apparently a false flag creation of the counter-insurgency.

"junta - - noun 1. a small group ruling a country, especially immediately after a coup d'état and before a legally constituted government has been instituted."

1. "The Ugly Truth about Algeria".

"State terrorism. Human-rights abuses. Mass repression. How much do we really understand about what happened when Algeria plunged into civil war?"

2. "The Furrows of Algeria".

"From the terrible Algerian slaughter, and its terrible silence, comes this small tale, told by an officer of the special forces who broke with 'Le Pouvoir' of his own country and sought asylum in France."

3. "Algeria’s ‘Years of Blood’: Not Quite What They Seem".
"In December 1991, the Algerian government—the military regime in power since the French were expelled—gave in to public pressure, which had already turned sanguinary, and allowed an election. It was quite clear that the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), a fundamentalist party, would emerge victorious . . . in January 1992, the military launched a coup and shut down the final rounds of the election."

Let me repeat as is alleged GIA that insurgent group apparently created by and controlled by the ruling junta. The insurgents part and parcel of the counter-insurgency!!

The false flag in this particular instance not just an incidental action of the war but rather a predominant element?

 "La sale guerre." Called that for good reason. "The dirty war".


Provocation I.

This is coolbert:


 "There is a possibility that such aircraft could be used in a deception operation designed to confuse enemy planes in the air, to launch a surprise attack against enemy installations or in a provocation operation in which Soviet aircraft would appear to attack US or friendly installations in order to provide an excuse for US intervention"

TOP SECRET [at least as of 1962] .

From the Russia media outlet Sputnik and the article by Yu. Kravchuck an interesting item as gleaned from the recent release of archived and hitherto unreleased documents pertinent to the Kennedy assassination.

"JFK Files Reveal US Planned to Buy Soviet Planes to Carry Out False Flag Attacks"


"The recently released batch of files related to the Kennedy assassination includes a curious document revealing secret plans by the US government to purchase or build Soviet aircraft for the purpose of staging false flag attacks on the US or its allies, thus giving Washington the pretext it needed to go to war with Moscow or its allies."

Go read the entire pdf document for yourself. Robert Kennedy it seems having broached the subject with the military and the various intelligence [?] agencies and not the other way around. Robert was the move and shaker in this instance? This was connected in some manner to the overthrow of Fidel Castro and the communist regime in Cuba??



This is coolbert:

From the tip at Freeper it is more clear now the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan had a catastrophic failure of some sort that caused it to sink.


"Crew in missing Argentina submarine reported a fire, leak in final message"

". . . a spokesman for the Argentine Navy, told reporters that in it the ARA San Juan's last message, the vessel’s captain said water had entered through the snorkel when the sub was charging batteries. He said the water entered through the ventilation system to a battery connection tray in the prow and 'caused a short-circuit and the beginning of a fire, or smoke without flame.' Balbi said the captain later communicated via satellite phone that the problem had been contained. 'They had to electrically isolate the battery and continue sailing underwater to Mar del Plata using another battery circuit,'”..

Water entering the vessel from a snorkel failure cause electrical failure, the crew being unable to satisfactorily contain the damage, resulting in a chain-reaction-avalanche of difficulties? This seems to be the case.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mines Falklands.

This is coolbert:

Disinformation? Sputnik at work. A "false news" agenda at work here.

"disinformation - - noun - - false information that is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government organization to a rival power or the media."

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste." - -  R. Emanuel

"Russian government owned news agency claims a British mine caused the sinking of the ARA San Juan"

As seen at Freeper and thanks to same extracted from the UK Defense Journal that article by George Allison.

"Sputnik has claimed that the sinking of Argentine submarine ARA San Juan was caused by a British deep-sea mine deployed during the Falklands War. The problem? Britain didn’t lay any mines. Sputnik News is a successor to Russian state-owned RIA Novosti’s international branch which became defunct in 2013. The agency is wholly owned and operated by the Russian Government. The article . . . suggests that the explosive event registered in the area of operations of the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan was caused by a deep-sea mine installed at the time of the Falklands War in 1982."


There is a degree of plausibility to this story. How plausible and what extent so I cannot say. Who is to say too that even if it was a naval sea mine that sank the San Juan how are we to know this not a weapon as placed in the water from as far back as the Great War?


Monday, November 27, 2017


This is coolbert:

Courtesy the tip from the Mad Monarchist Internet web site yet one more post the topic of which is the White Messiah.

    "A revolution is forcing the Military Mission to return to France. Alone I stay, alone I wish to continue, under new conditions: the results obtained by the Mission, together with the Party of the North, which is the party favorable to France in Japan. Soon a reaction will take place, and the Daimyos of the North have offered me to be its soul. I have accepted, because with the help of one thousand Japanese officers and non-commissioned officers, our students, I can direct the 50,000 men of the Confederation." — Jules Brunet.

The White Messiah. That charismatic and very talented American or European, a man quite often with a military background A foreigner who intrudes into the civil war of a far-off nation. The White Messiah able to unify, organize, train, plan, lead into battle and ultimate victory the rebel faction as opposed to the brutal and oppressive despot.

The White Messiah a popular genre with the Hollywood cinematic domain. The White Messiah also in some instances a real person comporting more or less exactly to historical events. A T. E. Lawrence, an Orde Wingate, a Brooke Raja of Sarawak, a Homer Lea, a Frederick Townsend Ward, a Chinese Gordon.

Add to the list of those names the character of the Frenchman Jules Brunet!

"Jules Brunet . . . was a French Army officer who played a famous role in the Japanese Boshin War. He was sent to Japan with the French military mission of 1867, and after the defeat of the Shogun had an important role in the Republic of Ezo. He later became a General and Chief of Staff of the French Minister of War in 1898."

See this entire You Tube video explaining the exploits of Brunet [and other French military officers] during that rebellious period in Japanese history. Brunet his Japanese efforts for naught however, the rebels vanquished, Jules successfully fleeing Japan to continue his French military career quite successfully.

Alone! And I alone!


Sunday, November 26, 2017


This is coolbert:

Nothing new here folks, just move along!

The Guardian needs a history lesson.

The British Secret Intelligence Service [MI6] during the Second World War bribed certain Spanish officials to keep Spain neutral?

At least neutral but only with regard to the western allies!

From the four year old Guardian article by Richard Norton-Taylor.

"MI6 spent $200m bribing Spaniards in second world war"

"Newly released documents reveal secret services paid out fortune in bid to stop Franco joining war on Hitler's side"

"MI6 spent the present-day equivalent of more than $200m bribing senior Spanish military officers, ship owners and other agents to keep Spain out of the second world war, files released today disclose."

The Guardian does need a history lesson!

Franco did send troops [about 50,000] to fight on the Eastern Front during the Second World War [WW2]. Fought with, aided and abetted the German effort to defeat GODLESS communism. Payback evidently for Soviet intrusion in the Spanish Civil War. THOSE TROOPS THE SPANISH CONTINGENT REFERRED TO AS THE BLUE DIVISION!

Regarding the performance of the Blue Division on the Eastern Front we have an authoritative comment:

"To troops, the Spaniards are a crew of ragamuffins. They regard a rifle as an instrument that should not be cleaned under any pretext. Their sentries exist only in principle. They don't take up their posts, or, if they do take them up, they do so in their sleep. When the Russians arrive, the natives have to wake them up. But the Spaniards have never yielded an inch of ground. One can't imagine more fearless fellows. They scarcely take cover. They flout death. I know, in any case, that our men are always glad to have Spaniards as neighbors in their sector." - - A. Hitler.

And there you are Guardian .

"Sin relevo posible, hasta la extinción."



This is coolbert:

"Russia’s Army Has Upgraded Its Giant 240-Millimeter Mortars"

Tulip! Read the entire article!

"The 2C4 Tulip once launched two-kiloton nuclear shells"

Thanks in this case to the outstanding Internet web site War is Boring.

 Soviet era 240mm mortar now refurbished/upgraded and brought back into service with the Russian army. Almost a weapon of mass destruction able to level a single city-block with one round fired. Even a weapon of mass destruction when firing a nuclear weapon.

Those comments of the Soviet era defector Suvorov concerning the 240mm mortar most pronounced:

"The outstanding simplicity, reliability and ease of maintenance of the 240mm mortar are vital qualities, and they played a decisive role when the moment came to decide which should be the first artillery weapon to fire nuclear projectiles. it was the obvious choice and it is now many years since it was selected for this role. It was a good choice, being comparatively small, maneuverable and easier to conceal than a gun. At the same time, it has a huge caliber, which solves several technical problems than that of a gun or a howitzer. There is therefor no danger that the bomb will explode as it is fired or that it will detonate accidentally"

"In 1970, a self-propelled version of the 240mm mortar was introduced. it was installed on a tracked GMZ chassis. This greatly increased its mobility, its ability to move across rough country and the protection provided for the crew"

"I have actually seen 12 240mm mortars in action together. These fire not 16 kilo-gramme [Soviet 120mm mortar round] but 100 kilo-gramme [220 pound] bombs. Within twenty minutes, each mortar fired 15 bombs. This represented, as I later calculated, a total of 18 tons of explosives and cast-iron splinters. I found the noise absolutely staggering. It was amazing that men could retain their sanity in the midst of it. While the firing was in progress, one had the impressing that thousand s of tons of explosive were going off each second and the whole process seemed to last an age. The astonishing destructive power of these mortars make sup for inaccuracy in aiming or in dispersion. I believe that this is the correct approach."

Go and see this outstanding video of the Soviet/Russian 240mm mortar in action.  LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT MORTAR ROUND!! [Americans call that projectile as fired from a mortar a round. Everyone else call it a bomb]



This is coolbert:

More radioactive releases having an unknown source.

From the Russian media outlet Sputnik and the article by Vladimir Smirnov:

"Rosatom: No Incidents on Russian Nuclear Sites Which Could Lead to Ru-106 Spike"

[Rosatom the Russian nuclear oversight agency]

"Rosatom has spoken out after the Russian Meteorology Agency report confirmed that a high level of ruthenium in [the] atmosphere had been detected; it was reported earlier in October by the European monitoring agencies."

"The Rosatom representative has stated that there were 'no incidents or accidents at nuclear facilities in Russia'. The statement appeared just hours after the  Russia's meteorological service (Rosgidromet) reported that it has detected the record levels of radiation in Russia's Ural regions and a radioactive cloud that drifted over Europe in early October."

See previous blog entries the topic of which was recent atmospheric and man-made radiation of unknown origin: 


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Qods Force.

This is coolbert:

Attack! Counter-attack! Counter-counter-attack!

From the latest edition of the DEBKAfile news letter.

That border crossing between Iraq and Syria contested territory. It now appears that combination of Syrian/Hezbollah/Iranian/Russian military force has emerged triumphant.

1. "Iran’s Gen. Soleimani takes personal command of Abu Kamal battle. His deputy killed"

20 November.

"The Revolutionary Guards Al Qods chief Gen Qassem Soleimani, supreme commander of Iranian war fronts in Syria and Iraq, was seen on Sunday morning, Nov. 19, at the scene of the Abu Kamal battle, the key southeastern town near the border with Iraq (in Deir ez-Zour province). He set up a forward command there after Syrian and Hizballah forces had failed to recapture the town from an Islamic State counteroffensive . . .  Soleimani's deputy Khairallah Samadi was killed in battle. Our sources learn that the Iranian general [Soleimani] brought in four battalions of the Iraqi Shiite militia . . . They were supported by six Tu-22M3 long-range bombers which on Nov. 16 flew in from their Russian bases through Iran and Iraq to bomb ISIS targets."

2. "Iran's president congratulates Revolutionary Guards for 'victory over ISIS'"

23 November.

"Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday declared 'victory' over the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. He congratulated Iran's Revolutionary Guards and its foreign arm the Qods Force for a 'great victory'"

"Iranian media on Sunday and Monday showed footage of Qods Force commander Qassem Soleimani in the Syrian border town of Albu Kamal, reporting he personally directed operations that recaptured the jihadists' final urban bastion over the weekend."



Friday, November 24, 2017


This is coolbert:

"It ain't over till it's over." - - Y. Berra.

Here with a collection of extracts from a recent DEBKAfile news letter; those combatants of the Islamic State [ISIL] not necessarily as reported on their last legs. Still retaining and using a formidable combat capability and in some cases able to counter-attack with success when having thought to be down and out for the count.

1. "Two ISIS counteroffensives at Mayadin and Abu Kamal"

10 November.

"Twenty-four hours after celebrating victory over ISIS at its last Syrian stronghold of Abu Kamal, Hizballah and the Syrian army were hit back by Islamic State forces Friday. Islamic State fighters mounted on vehicles fired rocket launchers at Hizballah and Syrian bases outside Mayadin in the eastern Der ez-Zour region. At Abu Kemal, the jihadists recovered parts of the town taken by Hizballah Wednesday and Thursday."

2. "Iraq launches assault on Rawa, last ISIS stronghold in the country"

11 November.

    "Two Iraqi infantry divisions and Sunni tribal forces launched an offensive Saturday to recapture the small town of Rawa and its surrounding areas along the border with Syria in Anbar province . . . But, according to the Iraqi commander, Shiite Popular Mobilization Units (PMUs) are fighting alongside the army. Al-Qaim nearby was captured last week except for some pockets which remain in ISIS hands. Across the border, Hizballah-led forces seized the strategic Syrian town of Abu Kamal from ISIS. However, in a surprise attack on Friday, the jihadist group recaptured half of the town."

3. "ISIS turns the Abu Kamal tables on Hizballah, Russian air power"

13 November.

"After a long row of devastating defeats in Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State Monday, Nov. 13, achieved a turnaround strategic success with the recapture of the eastern Syrian town of Abu Kamal, forcing Hizballah forces to retreat to 1-2 km from the town with heavy casualties. Only last week, the Hizballah-led victory in Abu Kamal, which lies 10km from the Iraqi border, was acclaimed as the fall of the last ISIS bastion in Syria."

4. "ISIS turns the Abu Kamal tables on Hizballah, Russian air power"

13 November.

"ISIS has regained control of parts of the Syrian-Iraqi border and, even more importantly, control of access to the Euphrates Valley which straddles that border. The Islamists maintain large concentrations in the valley and have made the river itself a defense barrier, by planting floating mines on its water and posting a fleet of speedboats packed with explosives."

The Islamic State resilient, resourceful, adaptive, ruthless, fanatical and all the time very dangerous. Never under-estimate them!!



This is coolbert:

The American military man behaving badly? Okinawa again!

Thanks to Freeper, Ronin and USFJ/USFM for the report.

"Restrictions placed on U.S. service members in Japan"

"Effective immediately, U.S. service members on Okinawa are restricted to base and to their residences. Until further notice, alcohol consumption is prohibited. This includes in residences and public locations such as bars and clubs, and hotels. Additionally, U.S. service members on mainland Japan are prohibited from purchasing or consuming alcohol, on or off base. The new restrictions follow an accident Sunday morning in Naha in which a Okinawan man was killed when his vehicle was struck by a truck being driven by a U.S. service member. Alcohol may have been a factor"

"They are young. They are aggressive. They drink a lot!" THEY.

American military men on Okinawa almost on a clockwork basis perpetrating some atrocious criminal act and exacerbating tensions between U.S. personnel and the local Japanese nationals.

This sort of tragic incident does NO ONE any good. Measures taken belatedly also NOT doing any good!!

And at that exact wrong event at the exact wrong time in a part of the world where discord between allies not needed!


HMS Ocean.

This is coolbert:

Brazil si, Turkey no? Or is it Turkey si and Brazil no? In any case England no!

One a-building, one more on the way?


More items of interest from Harry at Sharkhunters as reported by WIZARD.

Britannia does not now and has not for some time ruled the waves.

"The Turkish government is interested in buying the soon-to-be-decommissioned UK helicopter carrier HMS OCEAN if it is not sold to Brazil.":

". . . Commissioned in October 1995, the 202-meter [ 660 foot] long HMS OCEAN replaced HMS BULWARK as fleet flagship in June 2015. In her role as a helicopter carrier and amphibious assault ship, Ocean is designed to deliver troops by helicopter or by landing craft"

Continuing further with the same topic:


"Turkey is already building a landing helicopter dock which is based on the SpanishNavy’s (LHD) JUAN CARLOS I and designed by Navantia. The Turkish version of the ship will be named TCG ANADOLU and have the pennant number L-408.First steel on the ship, which will be registered as a light aircraft carrier by the TurkishLloyd, was cut in May 2016 while delivery is scheduled for 2021."

Erdogan has intentions that Turkey should be THE regional military powerhouse. Restore the glory of the Ottoman Empire and use in measure naval power to do so.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

San Juan III.

This is coolbert:

Sub missing! No longer missing? P-3 Orion to the rescue?

As seen at Freeper courtesy of same. Latest on the effort to locate the missing Argentine submarine.

"Missing Argentine submarine 'is located by US Navy and a new sonar signal heard' as rescuers race"

From the (UK) Daily Mail thanks to the article by Sara Malm.

"Missing Argentine submarine [ARA San Juan] 'is located by US Navy and a new sonar signal heard' as rescuers race to the spot with oxygen due to run out imminently Search for missing Argentine submarine intensifies as the crew said to run out of oxygen today US Navy aircraft reportedly detected a 'heat stain from a metallic object' at a depth of about 230ft [70 meters]. Separately, a rescue vessel allegedly reported hearing an infra-sound sonar signal late Tuesday night"


We hope for the best but fear the worst.



This is coolbert:

Submarine missing! Submarine found!

More Sharkhunters extracts hot mail courtesy of Harry. Thanks also to WIZARD.


Search for a missing submarine successful but only partially. NOT the boat as was being looked for!

"A Royal Netherlands Navy mine hunter has discovered the wreck of the German Imperial Navy mine-laying submarine UC-69, 8.5 miles off the coast of Barfleur, northern France.Tripartite-class mine hunter HNLMS MAKKUM made the discovery in late October but the wreck was identified in November."

"UC-69 sank in 1917 after colliding with another German submarine, the U-96. U-96 accidentally rammed UC-69 which was mining waterways to and from the French port city of Cherbourg. UC-69 sank within 10 minutes of the collision, taking 11 of its crew to the depths."

"While the discovery is incidental, the Dutch remain on the lookout for their own submarine HNLMS O-13 which has been missing since World War II. The submarine disappeared in the North Sea in June 1940."

That Great War [WW1] combat record of the UC-69 most impressive. With a minimum amount [??] of effort and danger the results most satisfying from the German perspective. The naval sea mine an unappreciated weapon of war?



This is coolbert:

Submarine missing! The Great War!

Continuing with extracts from Sharkhunters hot mail. AUD = Australian dollars.


Continuing with extracts from Sharkhunters hot mail courtesy the tip from WIZARD.

"Australia allocates AUD$500,000 to help find Navy’s first submarine HMAS AE1. The Australian government is giving out AUD $500,000 to support an expedition aiming to find HMAS AE1, the first submarine to enter service with the Royal Australian Navy . . . the government would match a private investment which would allow Find AE1 Limited to proceed in its attempt to find the submarine and its crew."

“'HMAS AE1 is one of the world’s great maritime mysteries and this expedition will be one of the most comprehensive searches for the submarine,' minister Payne [Australian Defense Minister] said. AE1 was lost without a trace on September 14, 1914 while patrolling waters off then German New Guinea. The cause of the disappearance is not known."


Read further that combat in the Pacific theater during the Great War. A backwater of a backwater as would be deemed but still deadly under all circumstances.

Good luck Find AE1!