Monday, September 26, 2022


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As it was with G. Washington in 1776 so as it is now with V. Zelensky in 2022?

The Ukrainian maintains the moral high ground and follows the proper path.

"Zelensky promises three protections to Russian soldiers willing to surrender"

From the article by KAREN TOWNSEND September 25, 2022.

"Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is promising three protections to Russian soldiers who willingly surrender. Zelensky’s offer comes as Vladimir Putin announced plans to call up 300,000 reservists to replenish the troops who have died in battle. Zelensky delivered his offer directly to Russians as he made his nightly video address."

"Zelensky addressed them in Russian. He said every Russian soldier who surrenders is guaranteed three protections."


1. "You will be treated in a civilized manner, in accordance with all conventions"

2. "No one will know the circumstances of your surrender, no one in Russia will know that your surrender was voluntary"

3. "If you are afraid to return to Russia and do not want an exchange, we will find a way to ensure this as well.”

My instantaneous reaction was the inducements offered by George Washington to the Hessian [German] mercenaries fighting for the British during the American Revolutionary War. Desert and surrender to the American Continental army and you will receive land grants and settlement peaceably so in the aftermath of the conflict.

"This Day In History: Washington Tried to Persuade Hessian Mercenaries to Desert (1776)"

From Ed - August 26, 2016.

Considerable numbers of Hessian mercenaries indeed settling in the USA after the war and quite successfully so. Germans make the best Americans.

See also:

"What Happened to the Captured Hessians?"

Again, the carrot rather than the stick. An offer [inducement] of land, citizenship, a new start in life for a peasant German mercenary almost an unheard offer to good to refuse.

"CARROT-AND-STICK is characterized by the use of both reward and punishment to induce cooperation."

Hessians knowing an offer too good to refuse. Russians conscripts the Ukraine Conflict will react the same way?


Sunday, September 25, 2022


This is coolbert:

From the Internet web site "South Front" and thanks to same.


"The UR-77 Meteorit (Russian: УР-77 «Метеорит», lit. 'Meteorite') is a Soviet mine clearing vehicle." 

UR-77 rocket firing mine clearing weapon system. And as being used in the urban warfare setting the Ukraine Conflict. Russian BRUTE FORCE approach on display.

"The vehicle [UR-77] is armed with a launcher and two mine-clearing line charges. When launched, a charge causes a shock wave that destroys or disables all the shells or mines along the area of the line charge (with a width of 6 meters [about eighteen feet] and length up to 90 meters [about two-hundred seventy feet])."

"The UR-77 Meteorite is a Soviet/Russian self-propelled mine clearance rocket launcher. It is based on the 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer. It has been in serial production since 1978, replacing the UR-67. The UR-77 is capable of cutting through passages in anti-tank minefields during combat. The passage width is about 6 meters and length is 80 to 90 meters. While not designed for anti-personnel mine clearance, the UR-77 can clear U.S. M14 pressure mines from anti-personnel minefields by creating a clearance width of up to 14 meters [about forty-two feet]."

Go see the embedded videos also all courtesy "South Front". UR-77 in action. Russians throwing everything at the Ukrainian including almost literally the kitchen sink!


"The mine clearance is carried out by generating a shock wave from the detonation of a payload that affects the mine’s fuse."



Saturday, September 24, 2022


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"'If you are a cisgender woman, a transgender woman, non-binary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demigender, genderfluid, genderqueer, or another form of gender minority, this program is for you,'. . . 'If you are a cisgender man, this program isn’t for you... but we encourage you to check out our spinoff programs, the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship and the Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program.'"

"Cisgender: Cisgender (sometimes cissexual or shortened to cis) describes a person whose gender identity corresponds to their sex assigned at birth."

Once again with apprehension and anxiety I discuss a "woke" topic within the military dimension.

"Air Force Academy promotes fellowship that bans ‘cisgender' men: ‘This program isn’t for you’"

"Eligible applicants must be cisgender women, transgender women, non-binary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demigender, genderfluid or genderqueer"

By Jessica Chasmar | Fox News | September 23, 2022.

"EXCLUSIVE: The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado is encouraging cadets to apply for a fellowship program for 'gender minorities' that specifies 'cisgender' men need not apply."

"The academy sent an email on Sept. 14 informing cadets that the 2023 application for the Brooke Owens Fellowship for 'undergraduate women and gender minorities interested in aerospace' is due by Oct. 10."

I hardly think such an endorsement by the Air Force Academy or for that matter any other U.S. government entity is legal. And if legal surely a violation of some sort of policy. Discrimination if even with good intentions [if discrimination can be ever said to have good intentions] not allowed.


To encourage cadets at the academy to even apply for these programs should be strongly condemned. Alumni of the USAFA where are you??

Please also consider the use of that word and term "fellowship" within context.



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"A sucker born every minute!"

False flag the Ukraine Conflict! Courtesy Russian Internet "Dark Web" operatives.

"Undercover With Russia’s Fake Arms Dealers"

From and thanks to same.

"Russian state TV claims Ukrainians are selling US-donated weapons on the dark web. The BBC investigated one such marketplace, spoke undercover to those apparently selling weapons, and gathered evidence that suggests the adverts for weapons are fake."

“'Ukrops [a derogatory Russian slang term used to refer to Ukrainians] are selling Javelins on the darknet. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine resells equipment and weapons supplied by Nato.' This message about anti-tank weapons was posted on Twitter and Telegram on 2 June by pro-Kremlin English-language account ASB Military News."

WARNING: All devoted readers to the blog and those merely perusing casually. Military-grade ordnance of whatever type you CAN buy via the Dark Web more than likely defective. You will KILL yourself just trying to fire whatever weapon it is.

$30,000 USD for a Javelin a tidy sum indeed! 


Friday, September 23, 2022


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Remarkable. Special duty pay U.S Airforce not to be reduced.

Only about 10 % of the USAF personnel receiving such SDAP additional pay rest assured deliverance has arrived..

From article by Matt White September 21, 2022.


"Hundreds of Air Force special ops troops, recruiters, cryptology specialists, and others with high-tempo jobs will not see pay cuts next month."

"Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall announced at the annual Air & Space Forces Association’s conference this week that planned reductions to special duty assignment pay, or SDAP, would not go into effect in October. About 30,000 airmen, or slightly less than 10% of the active-duty force, receive SDAP pay each month, which can vary from $75 for junior troops to as high as $450 for senior leaders."

"The pay goes to most troops in the service’s special ops jobs, as well as those in high-intensity jobs around national defense assets like nuclear weapons, cryptology, and airborne command posts. SDAP also goes to several public-facing jobs, like flight attendants and crew chiefs on VIP jets, contracting troops, those assigned to presidential details, and professional military education instructors."

SDAP as a result of budget shortfall the plan was: "half their special pay in October due to the budget shortfall, with the other half going away in 2024"

Let me reiterate this was not a "cut" in base pay but a "cut" in special duty pay for those personnel their assignment and function in such a category.

I might suggest too that this pay "cut" created a minor hubbub in the ranks that prompted the higher-ups to reconsider their original decision. No need to create rancor in the ranks when none needed.


Thursday, September 22, 2022


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More bad American combat warplanes ejection seats!

"F-16 Pilot Died Because His Ejection Seat May Have Been Counterfeit"

From BY TYLER DURDEN original story Rachel Cohen of DefenseNews | SEP 16, 2022.

"An Air Force investigation of a fatal fighter jet crash in 2020 quietly discovered that key components of the pilot’s ejection seat may have been counterfeit, Air Force Times has learned."

"First Lt. David Schmitz, an F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot at South Carolina’s Shaw Air Force Base, died June 30, 2020, when his ejection seat malfunctioned as he tried to escape from a failed nighttime landing. He was 32."

"The Air Force’s official inquiry in the months following the accident found that electronics inside the seat were scratched, unevenly sanded and showed otherwise shoddy craftsmanship."


* Counterfeit as meaning perhaps active electronic component of lesser than MILSPEC level quality?

* Defective circuit boards normally returned to depot for repair. Replacing a defective component in a circuit board with a corrosion-resistant conformal coating rather difficult. Coating must be removed, part replaced, conformal coating once again applied.

* F-16 has been around for a long time. I assume a number of ejections from the warplane have already occurred. But until this time no real problems were found? Defective or "shoddy craftsmanship" a depot problem?



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Flight here that word here as having several meanings!

Russian young men again immediately in the aftermath of the partial mobilization of the Russian military as announced by President Putin attempting to avoid military service?

"Russian airlines ordered to stop selling tickets to Russian men aged 18 to 65"

From AirLive ^ | 9/21/2022 | Staff the tip from Freeper.

"Russian airlines have stopped selling tickets to Russian men aged 18 to 65 unless they can provide evidence of approval to travel from the Ministry of Defense. All flights from Russia to available foreign destinations were sold out Wednesday after President Vladimir Putin declared a “partial” mobilization of the country’s 25 million reservists. Flights from Moscow to the capitals of Georgia, Turkey and Armenia — which do not require visas for Russians — for Sept. 21 were unavailable within minutes of Putin’s announcement, according to Russia’s top travel planning website"

These persons seeking immediate departure from Russia might be Russian citizens but not Great Russians as of the Russian ethnicity. Georgians, Armenians. Persons who see the Russian fight in Ukraine as NOT their fight.

Allow me to reiterate the Russian government attitude:

"Anti-patriotic (actions or diction) and military service-related ill behaviors are the worst crimes which celebrities and public figures should never be making. Those are even worse than physical violation and drug issues"