Thursday, August 16, 2018

USS Ling.

This is coolbert:

Invasion! Hackensack, New Jersey, USA under attack!

I fear this is not an isolated incident. At any rate, is not casual vandalism or theft. Is malicious and cruel and deliberate destruction of a war memorial with intent to hurt. How apropos within the context of a very recent blog entry.

"Hackensack submarine USS Ling apparently flooded intentionally, memorial plaques stolen"

"Armed with tools to cut through locks, they worked to open hatches on the 312-foot long, 2,500-ton behemoth, letting gallons of Hackensack River [New Jersey] water rush into the vessel. These vandals knew the inner workings of the historic ship, it seems, even opening hatches to the bilges, the lowest compartments of the submarine."

Again, I fear this is not going to be an isolated incident and we have not heard the final word with regard to this matter.

This was not about stealing the plaques for the scrap metal value or just mere childish vandalism. These perpetrators seemed to know quite well what they were doing and were able to maximize their damage, even irrevocably?

See that entire list of American submarines as museum/memorial exhibits.

Forewarned is forearmed! Curators and security enhance your safeguards appropriately and now!!



This is coolbert:

Bells of St. Mary's this is not!

From the New York Times and the article by Richard C. Paddock.

Trophies of war to be returned!

"U.S. Set to Return Philippine Bells That Once Tolled to Mark a Massacre"

"BANGKOK — The American soldiers were eating breakfast in Balangiga’s town square when Filipino villagers, including men disguised in dresses, attacked them with bolo knives. Forty-eight Americans died."

A monument [American soldiers as depicted in bronze], foreground, in Balangiga’s town plaza depicting the breakfast scene in 1901 when Filipino soldiers attacked American soldiers. Credit image: Jes Aznar for The New York Times

Unarmed American soldiers attacked without a whole lot of provocation. The mere presence of these American foreigners was enough to cause the Filipino to attack?

Troops unarmed at the behest of their commander. That officer-in-charge not wanting to create "an incident".

Those bells the significance of which not made totally clear. Ringing loud and clear and to the initiated [Filipino] signalling the attack to commence! Now you know the rest of the story.


Hyper USA.

This is coolbert:

Vlad has hypersonic weaponry and boasts of same. Don has them too!

U.S. Army! U.S. Air Force! U.S. Navy? They all got them? AHW. ARRW. HCSW.

From a variety of sources to include the Russia media outlet Russian Times [RT]:

1. "Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AHW)"

"The Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AHW) is a demonstrative long-range glide vehicle capable of flying within the planet’s atmosphere at hypersonic speed."

"The technology was developed through the cooperative effort of the US Department of Defence to evaluate a conventional prompt global strike (CPGS) capability for striking time-sensitive high-value targets."

Click on image to see an enlarged view. Ground/sea/air launch possible. That conventional bomb as described hardly conventional. Hundreds [?] or thousands [?] or tungsten rods descending almost vertically over target at extreme velocity each rod having twelve times [12x] the energy of a fifty caliber [.50] round. Everything within a square mile [two and one-half square kilometers] of ground zero obliterated that devastation more or less equal to the amount of damage from the detonation of a tactical nuclear munition.

2. "US orders $480mn-hypersonic missile prototype suitable for ‘great power competition’"


"The US Air Force paid $480 million for a second top-spec hypersonic missile prototype to gain ground . . . following reports of Russia’s successes in developing unrivaled high-speed weapons."

"The Air Force awarded a $480-million contract to Lockheed Martin, tasking the company with designing a second hypersonic missile prototype, referred to as the Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW)."

Global reach using these hypersonic delivery systems a warhead allowing American military planners a non-nuclear option during a time of crisis. Not a bad idea. Land, sea, air!


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Disorder 2040.

This is coolbert:

The Swedes are making ready! The Swiss are making ready! the Germans too are making ready?

A dissolution of the existing world order with chaos ensuing? Make ready and be ready?

Chaos with an international dimension, draconian methods only the last resort but to be implemented if need be.

Thanks to the English Telegraph from 2017 but just as relevant now as it was then!

"German army 'plans for break up of the European Union' in war game scenario"

"The German army has war-gamed the break up of the European Union in study of security crises that could face the country by 2040."


"Military planners in Berlin played out a scenario in which a growing number of countries follow Britain in leaving the EU, resulting in an 'increasingly disorderly' world, Der Spiegel reported."

A break-up of the European Union [EU] as may occur from a combination of reasons. Movements  of people from within the former union and beyond merely one terrifying consequence.on an apocalyptic and Biblical scale not seen since the Dark Ages, uncontrollable and far-reaching.

No amelioration possible without resorting to military force!

We prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. That German military as it exists now relatively unable to respond in an effective manner to crisis? Much needs to be done.

Think also much prior to the year 2040? 



This is coolbert:

"Prepper - - Someone who focuses on preparedness, generally for various worst-case scenarios like [peak oil] or [Armageddon]. Sometimes used to avoid the more loaded term [survivalist]."

"SHTF - - When the Shit Hits The Fan. To survivalists and preparedness people, this is the big disaster. Normally connotes suggesting the total break down of civilization and social order."

As seen at a prepper Internet web site and as extracted from same some key points worth reading. Thanks also to Jeremiah Johnson.

"Lessons from the Roman Army for Post-SHTF Combat Operations"

"Friends, Romans, country men, lend me your ears."

"Let’s 'fix' ‘em: set the enemy up and zap ‘em!  Let’s do a few things that the Romans were famous for…using these techniques here and now."

1. "Choose the Ground: Yes, you choose the place you will engage them.  Along with this, you pick the time of day, the formation of the attack, the objective, and the criteria for withdrawal."

2. "Prep the Ground: The Roman Army were masters of this task".

3. "Always Fight with the Sun at your Back: The Romans positioned themselves and attacked to place the sun in the eyes of their enemies."

4. “'SPECVLATORES'- the Speculatores…the deep-cover operatives…the Special Forces and Reconnaissance warriors of the Roman Empire." Intelligence gathering with eyes on the ground!

5. "Alliances – 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.' Not always so, but you can use such rifts to your advantage…with other groups who your enemy is at odds with."

6. "Feed Them Disinformation: Yes, the Romans were very adept at sending messages or planting information that was false. This regarded their strengths, their movements, supplies, and reinforcements."

7. "Lure Them and 'Stake' ‘Em – the Roman Army would plant different things out in front of an approaching enemy force in order to delay and distract them…making them ripe for an attack or ambush."

8. "The Violence of Action in a Controlled Manner – the Romans did not win their mastery over all of Europe and most of the Middle East by conducting drill and ceremony."

9. "A Perfect Chain of Command – Modern militaries all have a chain of command and an order of succession for someone to fill the 'vacancy' at all levels."

10. "Discipline: this encompasses all areas . . . Physical toughness, adherence to standard operating procedures (SOP’s), a cool head and iron nerves, and endurance…the ability to keep this up for years…to go the distance"

The Ten Commandments so to speak? Applicable not only to preppers but any military under any scenario or circumstance? I guess so.

Preppers perceiving danger and preparing for conflict of the low-intensity, war-of-the-flea asymmetric nature. Tips and hints as derived from the Romans as valid now as was the case two-thousand years ago? You the devoted reader to the blog decide for yourselves.



This is coolbert:

Here without a whole lot of comment a series of images monuments of various nations to include war memorials desecrated by graffiti and downright vandalism. This is not hardly just an American phenomenon and the world is a worse off place for it!!

Click on all images to see an enlarged view:

"Place de la République, Paris. The Place de la République: . . . contains a monument which includes a statue of the personification of France, Marianne . . .  Marianne is surrounded with three statues personifying liberty, equality, and fraternity, the values of the French Republic. These statues also evoke the three medieval theological virtues. Also at the base is a lion guarding a depiction of a ballot box."

Place de la République, Paris. Place a memorial dedicated to the French Revolution and not to war dead, but nonetheless of great significance to the French nation that undeniable.

English war memorial, Kensington.

Etaples, near Boulogne on the Channel coast  British war memorial. Thanks to the Guardian.

Vietnam War memorial in the Venice area of Los Angeles

Evil! Evil! Stop!


Tuesday, August 14, 2018


This is coolbert:

Cap the Knife!!

As extracted from "The Reader's Companion to Military History" and the article by Michael L. Handal:

The Weinberger Doctrine. Casper Weinberger. Secretary of Defense during the administration of President Reagan.

"The Weinberger Doctrine was a list of points governing when the United States could commit troops in military engagements. ... The Weinberger doctrine: The United States should not commit forces to combat unless the vital national interests of the United States or its allies are involved."

The Six Criteria of the Weinberger Doctrine From Vietnam to Bosnia.

1. "Vital U.S. interests involved."
2. "Commitment to victory."
3. "Clearly defined political and military objectives."
4. "Continual reassessment of troop/objective ratio and of costs."
5. "U.S. government mobilized people opinion before action."
6. "Intervention/war was last resort."

As to American wars [or interventions] from Vietnam onward to include: *Vietnam * Grenada * Lebanon * Central America * Panama * Gulf War I * Somalia *Bosnia.

Vietnam NO to all six criteria military invention nonetheless occurring. The outcome a loss.

Gulf War I a YES to all but criteria # 6, troop intervention still a YES the outcome a win.

As for Afghanistan and Gulf War II, the Iraqi counter-insurgency and the intervention against the Islamic State the devoted reader to the blog can draw his own conclusions.