Sunday, September 28, 2014


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Submarine hysteria!

From the Russian Navy web site we have an article that seeks to dispel myths of the Cold War, Soviet submarines in undersea warfare, the adversary the American navy, incidents and events for the most part exaggerations and fabrications! Thanks to Freeper for the tip.

"Dispelled Myths of Soviet Subs"

From the Internet web site article by Igor Kozyr.

"In the era of Cold War the Western information space was full of numerous fantastic stories about Soviet submarines. Having taken shape in books and websites, those tales still keep Americans and Europeans on the trot. tries to demolish the foremost fables of Western 'folklore' of 1950-80's."

1. American naval surface vessels sink Soviet submarines during the era of the Korean War.

"However, having checked declassified military archives, we found out that Pacific Fleet had in service only 10 deployable submarines of pre-war [WW2] projects at that time. To exclude potential provocations, Pacific Fleet command took all possible measures [to prevent incidents]."

"the version that S-117 headed for Tatarskiy Strait to attend a tactical drill could show up in the conflict zone is untenable"

2. Entire flotillas of Soviet submarines active in the Red Sea awaiting the order to retaliate against American Middle Eastern nuclear ambitions.

"the only Soviet submarines appeared in the Mediterranean [not even the Red Sea] were two Polish-flagged Project 613 subs"

3. The Soviet sunken submarine K-129 NOT on a secret and rogue mission to launch an unauthorized nuclear attack on the Hawaiian islands.

4. Soviet submarines continually active in Baltic waters, violating Swedish neutrality on a clock-work basis. Protracted searches by the Swedish navy on a prodigious scale always having the Soviet culprits able to escape. ACTUAL documented incidents due to navigational error and not intentional.

"the 'trouble-maker' appeared to be Swedish training ship Amalia; skipper affirmed that the ship was really sailing at the search zone with newsmen on board"

"In 1992 Swedish Navy commissioned a new hydroacoustic system and it has been found that sounds similar to submarine noise were made by sea otters…"


* Soviet/Russian senior naval leadership categorically stating that AT NO TIME during the Cold War was the territorial waters of the United States violated by Soviet/Russian submersibles.

* Soviet/Russian submarines not necessarily intended to project power to all oceans. Missile launching submersibles intended to operate out of bastions close to Soviet waters carefully guarded by other Soviet/Russian subs of the hunter/killer class.

* Submarine hysteria was also an aspect of the Second World War. German submarines sighted spotted cruising in the Mississippi river. OR German U-Boat officers their bodies washed ashore on the coast of New Jersey wearing white dinner jackets with theater tickets to a Broadway production in their pockets.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

A-10 Warthog.

This is coolbert:

Devoted reader to the blog, believe it or not, only a few seconds before I saw this web site entry on Freeper I was thinking that this is what is needed in Syria and Iraq.

The A-10 Warthog. And indeed these guys are on the way? As we speak! Let us hope so.

"Islamic State fight could breathe new life into the A-10"


"An A-10 Thunderbolt II banks after a strafing run on Aug. 21, 2014, during the Red Flag-Alaska 14-3 exercise at the Yukon Training Area, Alaska."

"Months after staving off a trip to the boneyard, the embattled A-10 Thunderbolt II is headed to the Middle East where it could be used to fight Islamic militants in Iraq and Syria."

"An Indiana Air National Guard unit that flies the Cold War-era gunships, known as Warthogs, is planning to deploy about 300 airmen and an unknown number of its aircraft to the U.S. Central Command region early next month, says a Sept. 17 news release from the unit."

Those Air Reserve and Air National Guard units flying the A-10 having the warplane piloted predominantly by reservists whose civilian occupation is commercial aviator. Very competent and able fliers.

That 30 mm cannon firing armor piercing and also AN EXPLOSIVE ROUND!! Cause the big hurt to the bad guy!

GOOD luck and GOOD hunting Indiana Air National Guard.


Red Beard.

This is coolbert:

It seems I was right. From the Voice of America article and thanks to the tip from Jungle Trader we better now understand that the success of the ISIL military force in measure due to the presence of the Chechens.

The Chechen Boys!

Just about the most dangerous human beings in the world. Rank right up there with the Somali. Very volatile persons, "tempestuous" as described by the British Indian Army officer Richard F. Burton.

"Battle-Tested Chechens Drive Islamic State Gains"

 "Among the legions of foreign fighters who have turned the Islamic State into the world's most dangerous terrorist organization, the Chechens stand out"

Skills, ability and combat experience as obtained from many years of warfare, and POSSESSING BOTH A MENTAL TOUGHNESS AND RUTHLESSNESS AS REQUISITE FOR SURVIVAL ON THE BATTLEFIELD!

Among those two Chechens occupying significant leadership positions with ISIL one we heard of, the other new:

"Among those experienced fighters traveling to Syria was Tarkhan Batirashvili, whose nom de guerre is Omar al Shishani. Batirashvili, an ethnic Chechen . . .  Batirashvili this year became a senior military commander for the Islamic State and a member of the Shura Council, a top consultative body to the Islamic State leadership, including al-Baghdadi. The group Batriashvili used to lead, the Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar (Army of Emigrants and Supporters), or the Muhajireen Brigade"

"Then there Murad Margoshvili, known as Muslim al Shishani, who reportedly served in the air defense division of the Soviet army in Moldova and fought alongside a key leader in the Chechen terrorist circles more than a decade ago. Margoshvili, who heads a Chechen regiment called Junud al Sham . . . Like Batirashvili, he is notable for having a long red beard."

These two gentlemen now subject to U.S. Treasury sanction. I AM SURE THEY ARE SO SCARED!! THINK NOT!!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Kim Jong-un.

This is coolbert:

Where is Un and what is with Un?

An assassination attempt? A coup d'├ętat? What?

1. "North Korean leader Kim Jong-un 'has illness'"
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has an unspecified medical problem, state media report, after he failed to appear at a key political event.

"A report on state television said on Thursday that Mr Kim, 31, was in an 'uncomfortable physical condition' but gave no details."

"Earlier, the leader was absent from a session of the Supreme People's Assembly - North Korea's legislature."

"Mr Kim has not been seen in public for more than three weeks."

2. "Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen for weeks and no one is quite sure why"
"In North Korea, political life revolves around Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Yet Kim appeared to have skipped a high-level governmental meeting Thursday – and no one seems to know quite why.
Televised footage of the reopening of North Korea's Supreme People’s Assembly did not show Kim at the meeting, the Associated Press reports. South Korean officials tasked with keeping tabs on the North now believe that it is the first time that Kim has missed a meeting at Pyongyang's parliament since his father died in December 2011."

Combine a nation with nuclear weapons and mercurial and despotic rule AND then add instability and you have the recipe for disaster.

South Korean and U.S. leaders are following this closely if possible. They should be.


Thursday, September 25, 2014


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Al-Turki now swims with the fishes?

As reported in Freeper:

"Al-Nusra Front Leader, Abu Yousef al-Turki, Killed in Syria Airstrikes"

"Abu Yousef al-Turki, a key al-Nusra Front leader, has been killed in Syrian airstrikes, the group said in a statement. In the statement, which initially was posted on Twitter, the group says al-Turki (i.e. 'the Turk') was killed in U.S.-led airstrikes Tuesday. The statement was accompanied with an alleged proof-of-death photo, CNN reported."

"The al-Nusra Front . . . is a branch of al-Qaeda operating in Syria and Lebanon."

"The group announced its creation on January 23, 2012, during the Syrian Civil War. Since then, it has been described as "the most aggressive and successful", or "one of the most effective rebel forces" in Syria."


Al-Nusra Front combatants active only in Syria? Their actions confined to the civil war of that nation alone and NOT cross-border?

"This resistance group is generally made up of Sunni Islamist mujahideen. Its goal is to overthrow Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria, create a Pan-Islamic state under Sharia, and a caliphate."

AND al-Nusra only not so long ago having chased the United Nations peacekeepers from the Golan Heights. al-Nusra combatants now face-to-face with Israel.



This is coolbert:

Yet one more instance of the Islamic rebel forces victorious over the military of the central government.

NOT that there is going to be a civil war, there is now and has been for some time a civil war.

"Hadi warns of Yemen civil war, rebels cry ‘victory’"

"SANAA: President Abed Rabbou Mansour Hadi warned Tuesday of  'civil war' in Sunni-majority Yemen and vowed to restore state authority as Shiite rebels in apparent near-total control of Sanaa hailed their 'victory.'”

"Houthi rebels took all other key state institutions in the capital, overshadowing a U.N.-brokered peace deal."

"In a televised speech, rebel leader Abdul-Malek al-Houthi hailed what he called the “victory” of his fighters."

Houthi tribesmen SHIA and not SUNNI!

Yemen of course the ancestral home of Bin Laden and reputedly having a very active Al Qaeda affiliate. We might expect the area to be a hotbed of insurrection and Islamic fundamentalism but Sunni and not Shia.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014


This is coolbert:

Concluding the series of blog entries, the topic the fighting in the bocage, the hedgerows of Normandy, and as discussed with an acknowledged combat veteran, that "perspective" of the American experience in the immediate aftermath of D-Day not fully appreciated:

"Maybe future historians will look at the American experience in the hedgerows from a more even perspective: instead of harping on the unprepared US soldiery, heavy casualties, and the higher level of German competence, they will also look at how the US Army was able to adapt to the unexpected conditions using techniques and equipment recommended from all the way down the ranks, and was able to fight through the equivalent of a continuous 'fortress defense' for scores of miles (instead of the defenses surrounding just a standard concrete and steel fortress and its outlying supporting positions for a mile at most)".

"When you think about the Contentin Peninsula/Normandy as a large fort instead of just as open farm country, the effort and the results take on new significance."


Military historians have rated the American performance in the bocage as rather poor, however, that U.S. infantry able to adapt and improvise, adjust their tactics and overcome all obstacles. Dynamic change necessitated and mission accomplished!