Monday, April 20, 2015

Caspian Flotilla.

This is coolbert:

Black Death in preparation and training.

Russian marines! Always looking for any news items regarding these guys!

"Some 600 Marines Take Part in Anti-Terror Drills in Southern Russia"

"Defense Ministry Southern Military District press service said that around 600 Russian marines from the Caspian Flotilla have begun amphibious assault exercises in the country’s southern republic of Dagestan."

. . . .

"Dagestan is a hotbed of Islamist insurgency in the North Caucasus and multiple violent attacks have been recorded in the region over the past decade."

The defector Suvorov making the assertion that Soviet/Russian marines:

"a regiment of marine infantry, with the same equipment as that issued to the Land Forces, is the equivalent in its operational potential of one of the latter's motor-rifle divisions."

Russian marines no longer wearing the all-black uniform WITH CAPE!!

This Sputnik Internet web site often carrying news items with a military dimension!! Devoted readers to the blog might want to bookmark!


Sunday, April 19, 2015


This is coolbert:

From MARCONI through Harry:

Further update on the situation in East Timor. Follow up to that most recent original blog entry.

"The silence regarding this subject is deafening, which may, in itself speak volumes!!! Despite monitoring the usual channels used by Royal Australian Navy traffic, nothing is forthcoming save for the attached posting from one of our Australian members today. I would say that on a subject as high risk as this the traffic would be sent in highest form of encryption and almost certainly of Satellite channels of which there are many"


That central government of East Timor shaky, rebels in the hills, natural gas exploration contracts to be signed, etc. Local tension exacerbated by the presence of rival foreign factions that competition for influence fierce?


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Black Ships.

This is coolbert:

From a comment to a prior blog entry:

"I can't help but wonder what the U.S. was punishing Japan for in 1863. It seems that minding our own business goes back a long way." - - Anonymous

American naval contingents part of a much larger multi-national-force waging a punitive campaign against rebellious Japanese factions. This was the Shimonoseki Campaign.

"The Shimonoseki Campaign . . . refers to a series of military engagements in 1863 and 1864, fought to control Shimonoseki Straits of Japan by joint naval forces from Great Britain, France, the Netherlands and the United States, against the Japanese feudal domain of Chōshū"

Recalcitrant and objectionable Japanese warlord factions opposed to the agreements of trade and amicable diplomatic relations with the "western" world powers. This all before the Meiji era.

Those American "Black Ships" of the Perry Expedition also producing some interesting Japanese poetry with a military dimension.

"The surprise and confusion these ships inspired are described in this famous kyoka (a humorous poem similar to the 5-line waka)":

"Taihei no
 Nemuri o samasu
 Tatta shihai de
 Yoru mo nemurezu"

"This poem is a complex set of puns (in Japanese, kakekotoba or pivot words')".

"Taihei means 'tranquil'; Jokisen is the name of a costly brand of green tea containing large amounts of caffeine; and shihai means 'four cups', so a literal translation of the poem is":

"Awoken from sleep
of a peaceful quiet world
by Jokisen tea;
with only four cups of it
one can't sleep even at night."

"There is an alternate translation, based on the pivot words. Taihei can refer to the 'Pacific Ocean' ; jokisen also means 'steam-powered ships' ; and shihai also means 'four vessels'. The poem, therefore, has a hidden meaning":

"The steam-powered ships
break the halcyon slumber
of the Pacific;
a mere four boats are enough
to make us lose sleep at night."

Also this from the book "Flyboys" by Bradley:

"By many standards, Japan [in 1850] had the highest standard of living in the world, with a nationwide system of roads, a national marketing system and 'majestic citadels, many exceeding in size the largest castles in medieval Europe'".

A society of persons too with great sophistication and above all manners. "Among the heathen we shall find none that exceed the Japanese in manners" - - St. Francis Xavier.


Friday, April 17, 2015

King of Clubs.

This is coolbert:

With ISIL there is an unending number of surprises.

This too!! Thanks to Robert for the tip.

"Saddam’s former right hand man, key factor in rise of Islamic State, killed by Iraqi forces"

Al-Douri was a professional military man? Was a personal confident of Saddam and a key member of the Iraqi ruling elite during that period of Baathist rule.

"The BBC reports that “Al-Douri, 72, led the Naqshbandi Order insurgent group, a key force behind the recent rise of Islamic State (IS).” The Naqshbandi Order is a Sufi group"

. . . .

"TIKRIT, Salahaddin Province – Former Saddam Hussein deputy, the man pictured as the King of Clubs in the infamous US deck of cards of most-wanted Iraqis, has died along with eight other suicide bombers, a provincial official has told Rudaw."

"Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, an ex-general in the Iraqi Army and the successor to Saddam Hussein as leader of the Baath Party, detonated himself on Friday in an attack on Iraqi forces in the liberated city of Tikrit"

Izzat either blowing himself up as a suicide bomber or was blown up with a bunch of suicide bombers. ISIL incorporating into all operations the suicide bomber and bomb.

Izzat also a professional military man [?] and fugitive during the American adventure into Iraq. Also a mover and shaker behind the military success of ISIL?


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

East Timor.

This is coolbert:

From MARCONI through Harry at Sharkhunters we have some intelligence of significance:

"Seems that China is causing some concern to the Australians as evidenced by this posting today from an Australian based monitor. I know the Australians have a fairly well equipped navy and some territorial interests in East Timor, and will post any further updates I get . . . "

"REGARDING HMAS Diamentiana. The Royal Australian Navy ship HMAS Diamantina (specialty: mine countermeasures)"

"Families of crew of the forenamed vessel have been advised the following":

"That due to a 'change in mission,' sailors would be unable to communicate with their families during the coming three weeks. Rumors among the families are that there is a possible crisis in or near East Timor, with a Chinese flotilla (unknown which ships) headed in that direction. Further rumors are that the Chinese were discovered attempting to establish/refurbish an air base on East Timor, and that this is the reason for the hubbub."

That military relationship between the island of Timor and Australia quite long and storied. Chinese poaching in and area of the world traditionally aligned with Australia is not appreciated by Canberra?




This is coolbert:

Attack of the autogyro.

Once more, what is not supposed to happen has happened. That restricted airspace above Washington D.C. violated with impunity by a disgruntled and disaffected person intent on making a scene.

Arrived at his target in an unimpeded manner with more or less impunity.

"Man in Custody After Gyrocopter Lands on Capitol Grounds"

"U.S. Capitol Police have detained a man who flew over and landed a gyrocopter on Capitol grounds, causing the building and visitor center to be locked down Wednesday afternoon."

"The pilot landed around 1:30 p.m. and was taken into custody after he landed on the West Front grounds."
. . . .

"Downtown Washington is blanketed by restrictions on air traffic that generally prohibit aircraft from flying over the White House, the Capitol, the National Mall and key buildings without special permission."

NONE OF THIS WAS EVER SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! Even before 9/11 and even more so AFTER 9/11 precautions were taken [??] to prevent incidents of this sort.

But INDEED this man with the little putt-putt weed-hopper type aircraft was able to evade, elude and perhaps even avoid any and all detection by the sophisticated radar, ATC, and warning system in existence.



Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Final Sacrifice.

This is coolbert:

From that prior blog entry:

"A providential message was being sent and received, even the most hardened cynic and skeptic aware and having to give pause and thought to the assassination of Lincoln? This does seem to be the case!"

As was originally reported by the New York Times:

"THIS year [2006], Good Friday, the day commemorating Christ's crucifixion, falls on April 14, as it did in 1865. On that evening, in the balcony box of Ford's Theater in Washington, John Wilkes Booth fired a handmade .41-caliber derringer ball into the back of Abraham Lincoln's head."

"In the days that followed Lincoln's death, his mourning compatriots rushed to compare him to Jesus, Moses and George Washington."

"Despite the Good Friday coincidence, the Jesus parallel was not an obvious one for 19th-century Americans to make. The Protestant population, then as now, included a vigilant evangelical minority who thought that Jesus, sinless on earth, was defamed every time ordinary sinners presumed to imitate him. No mere mortal could be put beside Jesus on a moral balance scale."

"But Honest Abe overwhelmed the usual evangelical reticence . . . He had been offering his body and soul all through the war and his final sacrifice, providentially appointed for Good Friday, showed that God had surely marked him for sacred service."

America at that point in time [1865] a MUCH MORE predominantly Protestant nation the commemoration of  Good Friday and the crucifixion of JESUS at least to my knowledge not an event expressed with religious fervor and devotion.

"his final sacrifice, providentially appointed for Good Friday, showed that God had surely marked him for sacred service."

Whoa! Again, at that exact moment in 1865 that "most hardened cynic and skeptic" did give "pause" for reflection and contemplation as to events as having transpired for the last four years! And made to wonder.