Monday, September 1, 2014

Oron Shaul.

This is coolbert:

From that previous blog entry this question was asked:

"I am wondering too if this all a result of the Hannibal protocol? I am not sure. Kill the Hamas combatants and Israeli as taken prisoner."


"IDF releases details on Shejaiya battle in which 7 soldiers died July 20"

"Decisions after APC was hit by anti-tank missile may have helped Hamas snatch remains of soldier Oron Shaul, investigation shows"

"fresh details was released Friday of a deadly battle in the Gaza Strip neighborhood of Shejaiya a month ago in which seven Golani Brigade soldiers were killed. The remains of one of the seven, Sgt. Oron Shaul, are believed to be held by Hamas operatives."

Sergeant Oron Shaul. Killed-in-action but NOT as a result of the Hannibal Protocol.

"Golani Command did not institute a Hannibal Protocol – an IDF procedure under which soldiers are instructed to take extraordinary measures to thwart an abduction attempt"

Shejaiya neighborhood in Gaza leveled, subjected to continuous and overwhelming artillery fire, BUT NOT AS A RESULT OF THE HANNIBAL PROTOCOL BEING INVOKED.


USAF vs. Dublin.

This is coolbert:

"We are your friends!!"


"Two American fighter jets flew over Dublin today — and it was very LOUD"
"‘WHAT ON EARTH is that,' was a question muttered in offices, and, if Twitter is anything to go by — plenty of other places in Dublin this lunchtime."

. . . .

"Well, well, these two planes carried out a fly-past of Croke Park (and, by extension, the city) as part of this afternoon’s American Football event — and scared the bejaysus out of everyone.
There were reports of car and house alarms being set off in the area."

And American football game played in Dublin, Ireland, a demonstration of the American sport with good turnout AND A FLYOVER BY AMERICAN FIGHTER JETS UNEXPECTED!

And from some comments to the story:

"The game, between the University of Central Florida and Pennsylvania State University drew 55,000, which seems amazing for a country where American football is unknown. And for some reason, the crowd, according to a news article, was heavily pro-Penn State, which came from behind to win on a last-second field goal."

There, however, being an amazing military dimension to this story and  Croke Park. As seen in the movie "Michael Collins", Croke the site of a massacre, almost one hundred years ago:

"In 1920, during a Gaelic football game at the same stadium, British troops stormed into it, firing on the players and the crowd."

This was part and parcel of Bloody Sunday (1920).

Perhaps a comment to the blog as from some time ago now most appropriate:

"Steiner said...
Happy is the nation whose sleep is disturbed only by its mighty engines of war!"

Friendlies in this case at least!



This is coolbert:

As was covered by DW English television broadcast last night:

"Germany delivers 16,000 assault rifles, 10,000 grenades to Kurds in Iraq"
"10,000 hand grenades, 16,000 rifles, 240 rocket-propelled grenades: Germany sends military equipment for 4000 Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq. This was decided by the Federal Government on Sunday evening."

That normal fighting load consisting of an assault rifle and four hand grenades per troop.

Plus magazines, four per rifle and an abundance of ammunition needed. And MOST of the Kurds carry the AK as standard. So these are assault rifles of the same caliber or what?

Merely doing is not enough. Put some thought into the endeavor too.


Sunday, August 31, 2014


This is coolbert:

Siege has been lifted. Amerli now relieved. ISIL combatants have fled.

"Iraqi Town Liberated From Two-Month ISIS Siege After U.S. Aid Drops"

"Iraqi security forces and Shiite militiamen liberated the town of Amirli Sunday following a two-month siege by ISIS militants, officials told NBC News. The news comes hours after the Pentagon announced the U.S. military was conducting airstrikes and dropping humanitarian aid to the city at the request of the Iraqi government"

Iraqi national army forces accompanied by Shia milita receiving close air support from American warplanes. Day has been saved. Turkmen rescued. I hope everyone is grateful. Somehow I doubt it.



This is coolbert:

"British generals, Canadian troops, American technology, conquer the world" - - W. S. Churchill.

Specifically in this case an ad hoc European only military force in reaction to the Ukraine Crisis.

From Freeper:

1. "Seven NATO allies to create new rapid reaction force-report"

"Aug 29 (Reuters) - Seven NATO allies plan to create a new rapid reaction force of at least 10,000 soldiers as part of plans to boost NATO defences in response to Russia's intervention in Ukraine, the Financial Times reported on Friday."

From Reuters:

2. "Seven NATO allies to create new rapid reaction force-report"

"The aim is to create a division-sized joint expeditionary force for rapid deployment and regular exercises. The British-led force would include air and naval units as well as ground troops, the newspaper said."

"Countries involved include Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway and the Netherlands. Canada has also expressed an interest in taking part"

A strictly European venture, NO Americans. NO Germans or Frenchmen either.

A divisional sized force normally consisting of three regiments.

I might thing one regiment of troops from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania combined. [one battalion each]

Another regiment from those combined troops of Denmark, Norway and Holland. [one battalion each]

That third regiment solely British/Canadian, one battalion each of Royal Marine Commando, parachute troops and Canadians.

England of course having a nuclear capacity. AND HOW DOES NATO FIT INTO THIS? It doesn't?



This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune today:

That continuing series: "THE CIVIL WAR 150 YEARS LATER"

Thanks to Stephan Benzkofer as usual.

"The fall of Atlanta and the 'peace sneaks'"

Those headlines from one hundred fifty years ago in the Chicago Tribune:



"Gen. Sherman Has Taken Atlanta."



"Sherman Wins a Splendid Victory - - The Rebel General Hardee Killed."

Peace-sneaks those Confederate sympathizers in the north, also called "Copperheads". Referred to by the Tribune as "Union-haters", "dishonorable", "lick-spittle".


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Air Force.

This is coolbert:

ISIL now has an air force?

That Battle of Tabqa having gone to the favor of ISIL, a large number of Syrian prisoners executed, numbers of warplanes and other impedimenta also captured intact?

"This Is How ISIS Is Building An Airforce"

"The Islamic State is nothing if not ambitious. Despite no record of current 'airplane' assets in their annual reports, ISIS has begun detaining and forcing Syrian pilots to train militant fighters to fly stolen aircraft. According to CNN Arabic, the pilots (and their planes and helicopters) were abducted [captured] when the terrorist group gained control of Tabqa military base."

Forget about subjecting ISIL combatants to air strikes, rather you are likely to come under aerial bombardment!!