Monday, October 15, 2018


This is coolbert:

Some damn fool thing in the Balkans?

All of this is rather strange. At least to me.

From the Russia Insider Internet web site. Russia Insider I had not heard of before. Some sort of Moscow government controlled media akin to RT and Sputnik?

"NATO Welcomes Another Military Midget"

"Today the transatlantic alliance [NATO] has descended into farce. Earlier this year, NATO invited the small Balkans country of Macedonia to join its ranks. In what now passes for the historic 'Great Game' in Europe, officials anxiously awaited the results of Macedonia’s referendum on a national name change. Approval would allow the Western alliance to augment its collective forces by an astounding 8,000 men and 31 tanks."

Macedonia the nation-state desiring entry into the European Union and eventual membership into the NATO alliance.

All this abhorrent to the Russian? That referendum not even including 50 % of the voting public and is not going to be binding?

See other Internet web sites and articles here and here the topic of which was a variety of outsider machinations. Macedonia as a strategic factor in Balkan and European calculations I think to many the very idea is amusing. But no?

Some damn fool thing in the Balkans must be taken in the context of Sarajevo, the Archduke and his wife, 1914! Hardly that we might never forget.



Friday, October 12, 2018


This is coolbert:

Australians now at odds with the French? Shortfin now fini? Soryu yes Barracuda no? I thought this was a done deal!

From the story as seen at Freeper.

"Aussies At Impasse With France Over New Sub; Japan May Win"

"You don’t often think about France and Australia, unless you really know your history and know that a French explorer arrived in the Antipodes days after the First Fleet arrived from Britain and that much of the vast continent was surveyed by French sailors. But France and Australia may grow much closer . . .  if they can sign a strategic partnership agreement to clear the path for work on a stealthy attack submarine known as the Shortfin Barracuda. That is beginning to look less likely, with French and Australian politicians and policymakers increasingly questioning the program."

"France and Australia must resolve major differences over the Aussie’ new submarine program before a new Australian government is elected next year, and the most obvious alternative is Japan."

A$50 billion [Australian dollars] contract at stake here? NO chump change as they say.

See previous blog entries the topic of which was the next-generation RAN submarine. Royal Australian Navy having decided first on the French model Shortfin Barracuda but now the impasse?



This is coolbert:

To war with insect! Cyborg style!

"Cyborg - - A cyborg short for "cybernetic organism" is a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts"

"Cyborg insect! Beyond micro-drone. A weapon of war."

Thanks to Freeper and the original story from Live Science.

"The Pentagon Wants to Make an Army of Virus-Spreading Insects. Scientists Are Concerned."

"Pentagon research project called 'Insect Allies.' Funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the project involves using gene-editing techniques like CRISPR to infect insects with modified viruses that could help make America's crops more resilient."

HAS THE POTENTIALITY AS A BIO WEAPON VECTOR [vector an organism, typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.]. IF YOU CAN USE THESE CYBORG TO MAKE AMERICAN CROPS MORE "RESILIENT" YOU CAN ALSO USE TO MAKE CROPS OF AN ENEMY LESS RESILIENT!

The future is NOW too! These cyborg insects already commercially available.


DWI Darwin.

This is coolbert:

Another American military man behaving badly. Aussies beware.

"Head of US marine force in Darwin stood down for drink-driving on nightclub strip"

Thanks to the tip from Freeper and the story by Jacqueline Breen courtesy ABC.

"The head of the US marine force stationed in the Top End [Darwin] has been relieved of his command for drink-driving on Darwin's nightclub strip."

"Colonel James Schnelle, 48, appeared in Darwin Local Court this morning, charged with medium-range drink-driving."

Charged and evidently relieved of command. Pending conviction? That is not clear? Nonetheless the man removed from his position.

Be ashamed. Be very ashamed. Setting a poor example for the lower ranking and younger men.

See previous blog entry [with further links] the topic the USMC contingent stationed Darwin:


Thursday, October 11, 2018


This is coolbert:

C^3 = Command, control. communications.

Again belatedly so from that latest edition of the DEBKAfile news letter:

"Syria's S-300s will be integrated in Russia's national nuclear C^3 command and control system"

3 October.

"When Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Oct. 2 that the 'unified' S-300 air defense systems in Syria will be installed in Syria by Oct. 20, he meant its integration in the Russian homeland system. That is the real import of Moscow's response to the downing of its Il-20 spy plane on Sept. 17 . . . Putin seized on the disaster to establish in Syria an advanced air defense weapons system linked not only to the Russian Khmeimim Air Base in Latakia, but integrated in Russia's own C^3 command, control and communications system against nuclear attack."

During the era of the Cold War Soviet air defense referred to as PVO Strany. Air Defense of the Homeland. That combined force of surface-air missiles, manned interceptors, radars and anti-aircraft -artillery.

PVO now gone since the time of having merged with the Russian Air Force.

Syria and Russian air defense now a combined and unified entity with robustness that cannot be denied. A regional threat beyond mere borders!

Unprecedented and ominous and obviously of concern to the Israeli primarily so?



This is coolbert:

Dress rehearsal? A show of force? Iranian missiles and drones with an impressive demonstration of regional reach and capability.

Belatedly from that latest edition of the DEBKAfile news letter:

1. "Rev Guards fire 8 missiles from Iran against ISIS in E. Syria"
1 October.

"Tehran state media reported that on Monday, Oct. 1 IRGC missiles targeted the 'headquarters of the terrorists' [Islamic State] east of the Euphrates in Syria in reprisal for their attack on a military parade in Ahvaz on Sept. 8, which killed 30 people and injured scores. The missiles were fired from the Iranian Kurdish region of Kermanshah. It was the second time in three weeks that the Revolutionary Guards had fired surface missiles from their base in Kermanshah at a target outside Iran."

2. "Strategic breakthrough for Iran in unimpeded drone-missile attack on E. Syria"
2 October.

"Neither Israel nor the US intervened when Iran broke new strategic ground on Monday, Oct. 1 by sending a squadron of 11 stealth UAVs to attack ISIS [Islamic State] in E. Syria . . . The attack drones were greater cause for concern than the 8 surface missiles the Revolutionary Guards launched from their base in Kermanshah in western Iran. Like the missiles, the assault drones cut through Iraqi air space to their targets in Syria without asking Baghdad for permission, but, unlike the missiles, they also returned to home base by the same route unhindered."


See also this War is Boring Internet web site article the topic of which is the Iranian UAV program.


Korean War VIII.

This is coolbert:


Final link to the You Tube video the topic being the Korean War:

"Korean War - PART 31, Who won the war?"

"Some Korean people discuss their feelings about the war..."

As to the Korean War, who lost and who won:

* North Korea definitely lost the war. Too much death and destruction for what was gained.

* South Korea definitely lost the war. Too much death and destruction for what was gained.

* The United States lost the war. Too much death and expenditure of resources for what was gained. Goal of unifying Korea under the flag of the United Nation Command not achieved.

* Communist China lost the war. Too much death and expenditure of resources for what was gained. Goal of unifying Korea under the banner of Red Communism not achieved.

* The Soviet Union lost the war. Intrigues of Stalin thwarted. Kim in the aftermath of the war more independent of Stalin and the Soviet Union and Communist China both I would think much to the chagrin of Moscow and Peking..

* Japan indirectly won the war. American protective posture assurance more or less guaranteed. Long-term American commitment in Asia a result of the war.

* Nationalist China indirectly won the war. American protective posture assurance more or less guaranteed. Long-term American anti-communist commitment in Asia a result of the war.

* America too indirectly WON THE WAR! Cold War adversaries so impressed [and frightened?] with American resolve in Korea further attempts by hostile powers [communist] to provoke an additional and much-wider scale "hot war" [such as in Europe] muted and averted.

* South Korea [ROK] too in the long-run WON the war! It took many decades but the South Korea story of economic development and now democracy robust perhaps one of the most remarkable stories in the entire history of mankind! Can someone suggest or find a historical parallel or equivalent?

The end! Now we know where we have been we have a better idea of how we got here [Korean Crisis] and to an extent where we are going?? I am not sure.