Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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NOT forgotten this blog entry from almost six years ago now.

The significance of which cannot be minimized when taken within the current Ukraine context.

Moldova and Trans-Dneister.

"Here is another Russian-speaking area, Moldova/Trans-Dneister, not contiguous to the Russian 'motherland', where we may see future agitation and strife. Conflict leading to military action on the part of the Russian. An embattled and 'mis-treated' Russian minority, desiring succor and eventual reunification with 'Big Brother' in Moscow?"

Moldova sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine. That area in red along the Dneister river the population of which predominantly Russian-speaking.

"Breakdown of ethnic groups (2005)":

"32% Moldovans 31% Russians 29% Ukrainians"

A conflict having the potentiality of the proverbial "civilizational clash". Language, history, and religion! A volatile and dangerous mix.

Moldova/Trans-Dneister NOT having a contiguous border with the Russian Federation. BUT having a large and restive Russian-speaking population.

That Russian-speaking populace of Moldova/Trans-Dneister concentrated too, that area along the Dneister river predominantly Russian ethnics. Where there is concentration of focused energy there is strength!

Rumania I bring to your attention a constituent member of NATO!



This is coolbert:

"Houston, we have a problem!"

Indeed, we do!

All in light of the Ukraine crisis.

That Atlas V rocket booster, responsible for placing American satellites into orbit, INCLUDING WHAT ARE DEEMED AS ESSENTIAL "SPY" SATELLITES, dependent on Russian rocket engine [RD-180] technology and export.

As from:

1. "Pentagon Asks Air Force About Russia Rocket Engine"

"Pentagon officials have asked the Air Force to review whether the use of Russian engines on rockets from a Lockheed Martin Corp.-Boeing Co. (BA) team creates a national security risk."

"Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said last week at a House of Representatives subcommittee hearing that a review was needed after Russia’s incursion into the Crimea and threats to the Ukraine prompted a reassessment of U.S.-Russia relations."

And from only yesterday:

2. "U.S. sends spy satellite into space aboard Russian-powered Atlas V rocket"

"A U.S. spy satellite successfully launched into orbit atop an American Atlas V rocket was ironically helped into orbit courtesy of a Russian-made rocket engine that provided part of the necessary boost."

NO more Russian rocket engines, NO more American launch capability, NO more spy satellites?

There is the alternative of the Delta IV launch booster rocket. That is a strictly American-made space vehicle? Or is it?

For some time now too, American nuclear power plants operating predominantly on fissionable material as obtained from de-activated and re-cycled Russian atomic weapons. That source as deemed as ALSO essential NOW in jeopardy?


Monday, April 14, 2014

Stalin & Djilas.

This is coolbert:

Here with a response to a comment from Steiner as from a previous blog entry:

"Steiner said..."

"The Wehrmacht never indulged in mass rape in the Soviet Union, and in fact, made some considerable effort to reestablish and encourage Christian worship and legalize private economic exchange in the occupied territories of the former Russian state. As for the invasion itself, the violent overthrow of constitutional German government and the establishment of a German Soviet was the primary foreign policy goal of the Soviet Union after 1918 . . . So where's the karma?"

Those words of mine "Karma can be a bitch!" not so well thought out and poorly chosen.


That Red Army [Russian] indeed in the aftermath of Bagration and the destruction of German Army Group Center [1944] moving westward for almost a full year behaving quite often in the manner of a rampaging mob, murder, rape and atrocity quite the norm.

Russian troops engaging in mass rape, NO MATTER WHERE THEY MARCHED. Even the women of nations presumably favorable to Red Army liberation not exempt form rape either.

Those of you that have seen that particular episode from the PBS series "WW II BEHIND CLOSED DOORS STALIN, THE NAZIS AND THE WEST" of where Stalin confronts the Yugoslav communist Djilas that matter of mass rape by Red Army troops addressed:

"Does Djilas, who is himself a writer, not know what human suffering and the human heart are? Can't he understand it if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometers through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle?" - - Stalin in response to Djilas!

The fate of the German nation in the aftermath of WW2 very grim, and for those living in the area of the Soviet Zone of Occupation most harsh and unremitting without question.


Red October!

This is coolbert:

Spetsnaz! Lenin would be pleased.

Those events in Ukraine transpiring almost exactly was the case during the Red October of 1918.

As was reported by the NEWS HOUR this evening. Strategy Page also with a more detailed analysis of the situation from the military standpoint.

A clear and consistent pattern has emerged and is understood first from events in Crimea and now in the eastern part of Ukraine, where the Russian speaking population is in the majority.

The model of a Soviet style uprising, that small but dedicated and inspired band of revolutionaries occupying key governmental and civilian installations, fomenting rebellion most successfully.

Insurgents as have been noted and observed consisting of:

First a small group of Russian speaking and professional military men, no more than twenty in  number, but heavily armed, wearing standard but unmarked uniforms with battle kit. These are the MASKED MEN! Those professional military men NOT locals, presumably citizens of Russia. Troops more than likely also Russian Spetsnaz. Special operations, ranger/commander type units and forces acting under the command of Russian military intelligence [GRU].

* A second similarly attired and armed contingent of LOCALS numbering about fifty or so personnel. Probably NOT professional military men.

* A third group of men armed but not dressed in uniform, this group about five hundred LOCALS obviously not professional military men having the appearance of a spontaneous and not rehearsed reaction to events.

A provisional government favorable to the Russian Federation subsequently declaring itself, calling for sham and rigged elections, partition, annexation and a fait accompli the result, opposition quashed and silenced.


Then, when in power, use brute force to maintain yourself in power. Steamroll all that oppose you, and that is that!


Saturday, April 12, 2014


This is coolbert:

From that era of the Second World War [WW2] here was a new one on me.

Called an assault drone. Remotely [unmanned] piloted naval aviation combat warplane [drone] launched from an aircraft carrier. Multi-engine and given the technology and reliability of same at that moment in time state-of-the-art.

TDN-1 assault drone!

This version of the TDN-1 has a cockpit with pilot. That was a research and development feature only. The deployed drone in production stage of course not needing a pilot.

"The Naval Aircraft Factory TDN was an early unmanned combat aerial vehicle - referred to at the time as an "assault drone" - developed by the United States Navy's Naval Aircraft Factory during the Second World War. Developed and tested during 1942 and 1943, the design proved moderately successful, but development of improved drones saw the TDN-1 relegated to second-line duties, and none were used in operational service."

"The development of the radar altimeter and television in the early 1940s made remotely guided, bomb- or torpedo-carrying aircraft a practical proposition"

"the TDN-1 project, with the aircraft being designed to be capable of using either television or radar as its guidance system. Constructed mainly from wood, the TDN-1 had a fixed tricycle landing gear, and could be fitted with a conventional cockpit in place of its guidance equipment for test flights."

Drones too are the future for naval aviation even as we speak? More warplanes [drones] can be produced cheaper in greater numbers and more expendable and better suited for all manner of combat operations?

That super-carrier to be replaced with the "light carrier" and DRONES are a fundamental part of that effort?


Thursday, April 10, 2014


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Dog O' War!!

That U.S. Navy SEAL team assaulting the Bin Laden compound as has been known for some time attack dog equipped.

Some details of that mission:

"Latest Navy SEAL K9's Equipped with Live Camera, Kevlar Vest, and Night-Vision Goggles"

That breed of choice for all [?] special operations units [at least those of the "western" military persuasion] the Belgian Malinois.

"The breed is similar to a German Shepherd but a bit smaller/more compact -adult male 65 lbs- [about thirty kilograms] and is therefore considered better for various parachute jumping and rappelling operations with the USN's SEAL teams."

SEAL parachutist with dog. Dog muzzled and strapped to the man. When hitting the ground the two operating as intended as a TEAM!

Malinois can be carried by one man easily but still capable as a breed with aggressiveness and the suitable size to taken on a larger opponent.

Also, Cairo leading the way for the SEAL's, dedicated to the mission, even in the aftermath personally presented to President Obama. A rare honor indeed!@

"This particular dog [Cairo the dog] was the one who first entered the Abbottabad compound the night that SEAL Team Six got Bin Laden."

Attack dogs that are parachute and rappelling qualified, suitable for SEAL oceanic missions where parachuting into the water is a requirement. Attack dogs body armor equipped and having an attached real-time TV feed camera, even some sort of night-vision goggles!!

Here dogs and handlers rappel from a chopper. Have a nice ride down

See previous blog entries regarding the use of dogs in modern combat situations.

NOT merely a SENTRY dog as that term understood but an attack dog able to carry the fight to the adversary.





Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eastern Europe.

This is coolbert:

I see that Vice President Biden of the United States has made a recent trip to the Baltic states the purpose obviously being to reassure the Lithuanians, the Latvians, and the Estonians that NATO and specifically the United States will honor Article Five of the NATO charter.

And Poland too is making ready? Don't mess with Texas AND DON'T MESS WITH POLAND EITHER!

As just reported in the Associated Press:

"AP Interview: US troops may be sent to E Europe"

 "PARIS (AP) -- NATO's top military commander in Europe, drafting counter moves to the Russian military threat against Ukraine, said Wednesday they could include deployment of American troops to alliance member states in Eastern Europe now feeling at risk."

That word "TROOPS" most subjectively defined and might possibly including a unit of drone combat UAV, piloted by personnel located in Nevada or California?

That word "TROOPS" most subjectively defined and might possibly including a nuclear attack submarine located in the Mediterranean and tasked with a potential mission against Eastern European targets?

That word "TROOPS" most subjectively defined and might possibly including maintenance personnel in the continental United States preparing vehicles for pre-positioning in Eastern Europe?

So what is it? We wait to see.

"Don’t Mess With Poland"

Thanks to Robert Beckhusen.

"Warsaw’s military may be the only thing standing between Putin and Europe"

Three times in the last one thousand years the Pole protectors of Christianity and Europe.

* Fighting and losing six battles against the invading Mongol, but weakening the invader substantially in the process.

* That Polish cavalry force under the command of King John Sobieski providing overland relief to Vienna when under attack by the Ottoman Turk.

* That Miracle on the Vistula the newly forced Polish army defeating the Red Army of Mikhail Tukachevsky and preventing further the westward expansion of Soviet Communism.

"The Poles are taking their already sizable tank force and making it bigger. They’re buying new fighter planes. And Poland wants to develop an anti-air and anti-missile system of a kind the U.S. would have installed before the Obama administration attempted to restart relations with Russia—and failed at it."

That Polish tank an enhanced and improved version of the Soviet era T-72. According to Colonel Austin Bay, the United States NO LONGER POSSESSES A EUROPEAN TANK FORCE.

"There’s another reason for Poland’s emphasis on defense: a traumatic history. During the lifetimes of some of the country’s political leaders, and certainly during their parents’ lifetimes, Poland had—for a time—ceased to exist."

"Last month, Ukraine experienced a Russian invasion. There’s a possibility Ukraine could experience another one, but much larger and involving the east or even the whole of Ukraine."

"'Peace is a precious and a desirable thing. Our generation, bloodied in wars, certainly deserves peace. But peace, like almost all things of this world, has its price, a high but a measurable one. We in Poland do not know the concept of peace at any price. There is only one thing in the lives of men, nations and countries that is without price. That thing is honor.'" - - Jozef Beck, 1939.