Saturday, July 26, 2014

Von Mellenthin.

This is coolbert:

From the excellent Internet web site some insight into the mentality of Adolph Hitler as extracted from "Panzer Battles" by von Mellenthin. Copied in entirety.

"Dazzled by Earlier Successes"

"To glorify Hitler as an infallible genius, whose gigantic designs were frustrated by treachery, or to condemn him as the greatest criminal of all time, would be equally irresponsible and superficial, von Mellenthin (Panzer Battles) says:

"It is an undeniable fact that Hitler was an incredibly clever man, with a memory far beyond the average. He had terrific will power and was utterly ruthless; he was an orator of outstanding quality, able to exercise an hypnotic influence on those in his immediate surroundings. In politics and diplomacy he had an extraordinary flair for sensing the weakness of his adversaries, and for exploiting their failings to the full. He used to be a healthy man, a vegetarian who neither smoked nor drank, but he undermined his constitution by taking sleeping powders and pep pills, chiefly during the later years of the war. Although his health deteriorated, his mind remained amazingly alert and active until the very end."

[all emphasis mine!]

Hitler does not drink. Hitler does not smoke. Hitler does not wench. What do you do Hitler?

Hitler not a man of high educational attainment. NOR seen as possessing an extraordinary intellect. A man who seemed to stumble his way through life without significant achievement even subsequent to the end of the First World War!

NOT also a man of extraordinary physical stature or being that photogenic personality as seen necessary to political success.

AND able to dominate personalities about him, those acolytes and cronies PERSONS THEMSELVES OF A STRONG WILL AND NATURE!

Drugged and sedated during that latter part of the Second World War as is seen in cinematic portrayals undeniably if this was the case contributing to poor decision making.

What to make of all this?



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Can the center hold?

In this case, can the Kurds hold? The Kurds and their ways.

"Masror Barzani: ISIS preparing for a major confrontation with Peshmerga , We need America’s help"

"The National Security Council adviser in Kurdistan Region, Masror Barzani has warned from reports that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria 'ISIS' is preparing for a major confrontation with Peshmerga forces, and called on the United States to provide direct military assistance to the region that is fighting the extremist threats alone."

Help for the Kurds if and when the climactic battle with ISIL forces begins. And no need for "boots on the ground either". More than anything else drones firing Hellfire missiles in abundance, ISIL subjected to a bombardment of epic proportions.

Peshmerga those combat units of the Kurd autonomous region, fierce fighters known for the ability in close quarters battle. It won't be so easy for ISIL with the peshmerga as it was with the Iraqi National Army.


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Good fences make for good neighbors.

And for that matter, good anti-tank ditches make for good neighbors too.

"UKRAINE: Odessa region vidhorodytsya 450-kilometer 'Transnistrian ditch.'"

"Odessa region vidhorodytsya 450-kilometer 'Transnistrian ditch.'
To block the movement of heavy military equipment and moving contraband goods on the Transnistrian segment of the Ukrainian-Moldovan border began work on engineering enhancement - to 450-km boundary proryyut trench width 3.5 meters and a depth of 2-3 meters."

Under construction right now, hurriedly and in a rushed manner so it seems, a barrier of extraordinary proportions under construction. A trench, even a moat perhaps, many hundreds of  kilometers [miles] long on the border between Ukraine and Moldova, that Trans-Dneister region of critical concern to the central government in Kiev.

As too was the subject of a prior blog entry. That population along the Dneister river in Moldovan territory predominantly ethnic Russian. With all  that means within the current context of the Ukraine crisis.


Friday, July 25, 2014


This is coolbert:

Extracts and commentary from the outstanding Internet web site

The Mamelukes!

"The Mameluke Empire"

"The empire of the Mamelukes of Egypt provides a case in point, Glubb argues, for it was one of the most exotic ever to be recorded in history"

Sir John Glubb, also better known as Glubb Pasha. British military commander in the aftermath of the Second World War famous for his leadership of the Arab Legion. Glubb an expert on all things Islamic and Arabic.

"The Mameluke government appears to us utterly illogical and fantastic. The ruling class was entirely recruited from young boys, born in what is now Southern Russia. Every one of them was enlisted as a private soldier. Even the sultans had begun life as private soldiers and had risen from the ranks. Yet this extraordinary political system resulted in an empire which passed through all the normal stages of conquest, commercialism, affluence and decline and which lasted approximately the usual period of time."

That usual period of time about two hundred and fifty years. Great nations going through the process of ascendancy, affluence, decline.

Mamelukes military slaves, that concept perhaps unique and only found in the Islamic world, the Mameluke ruler Baybars famous for his conquests and audacity.


Soviets & Tunnels.

This is coolbert:

That tunnel warfare problem as encountered by the Soviet during the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and the methods and solutions as developed to counter same more applicable to the situation as currently faced by the Israeli in Gaza.

Steps and measures as was used by the American military in Vietnam to counter the tunnel warfare of the NVA/VC probably not effective within the context of Gaza.

The Soviet having extensive experience with tunnel warfare was surprising to me.

Here with extracts and commentary from "an article by Mr. Lester W. Grau, "Underground Combat: Stereophonic Blasting, Tunnel Rats and the Soviet-Afghan War"

Vertical shafts and extensive horizontal tunnels primarily used by the Afghan for irrigation purposes [karez] but also useful during a time of war as sanctuary being subjected to a combat protocol as devised by the Soviet that seems to have been quite effective.

The karez [as called in Pashtun] structures found in a geographic continuum  from Morocco to China:

"A qanat [karez in Pashtun] is one of a series of well-like vertical shafts, connected by gently sloping tunnels. Qanats create a reliable supply of water for human settlements and irrigation in hot, arid, and semi-arid climates."

This image not doing full justice to the scale and size of the karez. Those vertical shafts often many tens of meters [yards] deep. Horizontal tunnels connecting the vertical shafts even longer. The entire apparatus having been dug and maintained often by entire generations of families, perhaps even since the time of Genghis Khan!!


Weaponry as used by the Soviet during counter-tunnel operations to include:

1. Concussion grenades.
2. Expedient demolitions.
3. Smoke pots.
4. Roman candle signal mines.
5. Flame, Fuel-Air Explosives and Fuel.
6. Small-arms.

Steps and measures, that methodology during counter-tunnel operations to include and following a definite protocol.

1. Appeal to surrender.
2. Concussion grenades.
3. Again appeal to surrender.
4. Blasting.
5. After blasting a smoke pot.
6. Entry by search team.

Troops apparently from the Afghan National Army during the Soviet occupation at the entrance to a karez. That vertical shaft a long way down to the bottom, often many tens of meters [yards]. Be careful, if you fall in you will die!
This is what the Soviet called stereophonics. Two field expedient demolition charges dropped down into the vertical shaft. That lower charge detonating slightly subsequent to the upper, the blast directed sideways and not vertically!

This the Soviets called quadraphonics. Two sets of expedient demolitions detonated simultaneously. That multiple number of blasts even more destructive, entire portions of a karez devastated.
With regard to those Soviet search teams:

"Search teams consisted of three or four men. Two of these would search to the front while the remainder would guard their backs from a sneak attack from the rear. The lead man had a line tied to his leg. In case the lead man found enemy material, he would tie the line to it and come back so they could all drag it out. In case the lead man was killed or wounded, his team members could drag him back by this line."

"The search group was armed with knives, entrenching tools, hand grenades, pistols, and assault rifles. A flashlight was taped to the forestock of the automatic rifles. The magazines of the assault rifles were loaded with tracer ammunition."

The Israeli is aware of all this and have taken same to heart, incorporating such methods, means, procedures and protocols into their own counter-tunnel operations?



This is coolbert:

The tunnels of Gaza:

"Hamas' Massive Network Of Underground Tunnels Is A Military Game-Changer"

"July 25, 2014 - - A network of tunnels Palestinian militants have dug from Gaza to Israel — dubbed "lower Gaza" by the Israeli military — is taking center stage in the latest war between Hamas and Israel."

"Gaza's Hamas rulers view them as a military game changer in its conflict with Israel. The Israeli military says the tunnels pose a serious threat and that destroying the sophisticated underground network is a key objective of its invasion of Gaza."

"Israel has known about the tunnels for several years, but has been hard-pressed to find an effective way to block them. Now it is counting on its ground war to at least reduce the threat."

Those tunnels are force multiplier for the asymmetric fighter. You make the enemy fight on your terms and not the other way around. Tunnels allowing for sanctuary and also as fighting positions from which offensive action can be initiated.


Thursday, July 24, 2014


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"YEP, it all works out!"

Place this blog entry in the strange but true or the paranormal category?

From an unexpected source:

"According to the London Sunday Times October 31 [2010] edition:  'Burma's military dictators have turned to soothsayers, astrologers and numerologists to help secure victory in national elections next Sunday [i.e. November 7]. Citizens were bewildered when a new national flag was hoisted on Oct. 21 at 3 p.m. — a highly auspicious moment as the digits of the day, the time and the year all add up to three, and together equal the lucky number nine.'"

"Digits of the day (2+1 = 3), the time (3 = 3), and the year (2+0+1+0 = 3) … yep, it all works out."

YES indeed, it does all work out. Of course it does, what else did you expect?

Those rulers of Burma, the military junta greatly superstitious and dependent on the "soothsayers, astrologers and numerologists", geomancers and such, decisions of a grave nature decided upon only after consulting and paying heed to the pronouncements of the ADEPTS!

That Burmese junta:

* Moving the capital city up the Irrawaddy river from Rangoon. That junta greatly fearing an armed invasion of American marines invading in the manner of Dracula from the Second World War.

* Eschewing all humanitarian aid as was the offer from international sources during that last cyclonic disaster from several years ago. That was Nargis. American military vessels standing by and waiting for the go-ahead to assist in relief efforts denied!

Within this context astrology and numerology works ONLY if the junta is using the western calendar. Astrology as practiced in Burma presumably having an Indian source, time-keeping as understood in that cultural domain far different from the "western" model.