Saturday, May 28, 2016


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Here with some images of the M-60 tank adaptions, refit and refurbishment as done by Raytheon [SLEP] or the Israeli [Sabra]:

Raytheon SLEP from a side view.

Another image of the Raytheon SLEP total package. This from a quartering swhot angle. Tank  uses slat armor for protection against a HEAT round.

Israeli modified M-60T. Sabra.

Another view of the Israeli M-60T Sabra.

The devoted reader to the blog shall recall that the M-60 based on an original design as developed in 1948. Yet an armor vehicle going strong and presumably for some time too.

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I would like to own one.


Friday, May 27, 2016


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Outrage! Gnashing of teeth! Indignation!

From the Sheldon Adelson Internet newsletter Israel Hayom the Israeli engaging in experimentation for military purposes the subject of the experiments live animals!!

"Revealed: Defense establishment experimenting on animals"

"In 2015, 400 mice, 168 rats, 25 sheep, 20 pigs used in defense-related experiments • The Israeli Society for the Abolition of Vivisection: "Animals should not have to suffer for our sake. ... We demand transparency and an end to hiding information."

"vivisection  - - 1.the action of cutting into or dissecting a living body. 2. the practice of subjecting living animals to cutting operations, especially in order to advance physiological and pathological knowledge."

"Israel's defense establishment conducted experiments on more than 610 animals in 2015 alone, according to data released by the state in response to a petition filed by the Movement for Freedom of Information."

"Among the animals used for testing were 400 mice, 168 rats, 25 sheep and 20 pigs."


Vivisection of animals too as in Nazi Germany FORBIDDEN on the orders of Hermann Goering himself!!

"'Fellow Germans! - - "Since the day of the release of my decree to abolish the cruelty of vivisection, I received a flood of telegrams and letters expressing agreement and happiness that finally real steps were taken in the fight against cruelty to animals'". - - H. Goering.


EU Army.

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Psssst! Is it a big secret! Until now!

"Plans to create an EU army 'kept secret' from voters"

Somehow this is all related to Brexit! The English withdrawal from the European Union as to decided by referendum.

"Plans to move towards the creation of a European army are reportedly being kept secret from British voters until the day after next month’s referendum. Drawn up by the EU’s foreign policy chief, the Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy foresees the formation of new European military and operational structures. This first step towards an EU army is supported by Germany and other countries, The Times reports. In 2011, similar proposals were vetoed by Britain, although there were concerns that a loophole could allow nine states to group together to bypass opponents"


What already exists in an informal manner I might think would be formalized and open. The Nordic nations for instance already having military agreements that would allow them to act in concert sans the participation of others in NATO?

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

UAV Israel.

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From an article as seen in the newsletter Israel Hayom  more or less extracted in entirety an interview with that commander of an Israeli Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [UAV] squadron:

"Revolution is in the air"

"The division that represents the 'new' air force more than any other is the unmanned aerial vehicle division, be it in its original perception, its unique point of view or the technology that it encompasses. The UAV division is the pioneer currently leading the fleet."

"Lt. Col. Ofir heads the White Eagle Squadron, made up of IAI Eitan reconnaissance drones. These are the largest drones operating in the air force today."

Q: "How does it feel to fly your aircraft remotely? What is the difference between flying a drone and a manned flight?"

A: "We feel as though we are right there in the battlefield, whether it is during training or during an operation. We may not be physically inside the aircraft, but operating an unmanned aircraft remotely gives the feeling of being an integral part of the operation."

"Global criticism has actually focused on this distance in recent years. Drone operators are tucked safely in their posts or offices while a drone drops a bomb on a man in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. The fact that a protective wall separates the drone operator from the battlefield makes the mission appear a little less humane."

Q: Do you not feel that this distance disconnects you from the true reality of the battlefield?

A: "It is actually this sterile atmosphere that allows us to make much more calculated decisions. We are not operating under pressure. I think that the values with which we are instilled from the day we first enlist in the air force, and the methods we use to question ourselves and learn while we operate, would never allow us to carry out a mission that would cause harm just because we are in a sterile environment. "

Q: The UAV division is unique in that all its aircraft are Israeli made.

A: "True, and that has a great advantage. First and foremost it is a source of Israeli pride. But it is not just the planes. For us, the cockpit is on the ground, and then comes the entire chain: communications equipment, mission cells, takeoff and landing cells, almost everything, with the exception of a handful of systems, is Israeli made. And there is another advantage: Drone operators finish their service and go to work in the industry. This means that they don't disappear from the division. They fly in my squadron and then they go to work, be it in the Israel Aerospace Industries, at Elbit, at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, and they introduce the necessary improvements [to our equipment] in real time."

Q: Does your division integrate well with existing air force operations?

A: "The division is fully integrated into the air force, be it in operational missions or in building its manpower or filling this or that role that needs to be filled. I will even go as far as saying that there is almost not a single mission or training exercise that doesn't include unmanned aircraft and squadrons. I will say this cautiously: More than 50% of the air force's operations today are performed by unmanned aircraft. I am talking about the number of aircraft we have in the air right now, at any given moment. Therefore, the unmanned division is far from being a foreign transplant."

Q: Everyone wants to know: Will it soon be possible to carry out all air force missions remotely, using drones?

A: "That depends on your definition of 'soon.' It is no secret that the division is taking over responsibilities that were once exclusively performed by manned squadrons. Once you understand the true advantage of the UAV division -- the number of hours you can be in the air, not having to substitute flight teams on the ground [as there is no need to land the aircraft to make the switch], the crew's safety, the weight you are able to carry -- you realize that this technology lends itself to more and more missions that were carried out by manned teams in the past. I don't think the division is currently equipped to replace all the squadrons -- every division has its own unique capabilities. But I am pretty sure that we are going to see more unmanned squadrons in the coming years,"



Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bashi Bazook Syria.

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More from Long War Journal and extracted from same regarding the Battle of Khan Touman. Among the proxy forces supporting the regime of the despot Assad are those combat elements comprised of Afghan Hazari. Afghan of the Shia faith.

"IRGC, allies sustained significant losses in battle for Khan Touman"

Footage on social media shows a large number of Afghans and Iranians, and possibly some Hezbollah fighters, among the dead. An alleged text message exchange among trapped Afghans in Khan Touman has since gone viral, particularly for its ominous ending: 'God willing we will be martyred, not captured.'”

"Other footage of prisoners shows two Afghan Fatemiyoun Division members" Afghans in Syria? Afghans in Syria?

"The Fatemiyoun Division primarily recruits from the approximately 3 million Afghan refugees in Iran, as well as the approximately 2 thousand Afghan refugees already residing in Sayyidah Zaynab, Syria. The recruits are typically Shia Hazaras. They are promised Iranian citizenship and salaries of $500 per month in return for fighting. Many are illegal immigrants or criminals who choose recruitment over imprisonment or deportation"

The bashi bazooks in the ancient and venerable practice quasi-military units comprised predominantly of criminal elements and prisoners released from prison and compelled to go to war. That use of bashi bazook common during the Ottoman era and even seen recently in the Sudan.

Such persons rarely if ever make good soldiers. Merely continue their criminal behavior  A constant source of problem hardly made better by being placed under military discipline.



Pea Ridge.

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"me fights mit Sigel!"

The Battle of Pea Ridge from that era of the American Civil War,.

Union victory against the odds and critical to that combat as fought during the war WEST OF THE MISSISSIPI RIVER.

Union victory in large measure to the presence of ethnic Germans best described as "Forty-Eighters".

"The Battle of Pea Ridge (also known as the Battle of Elkhorn Tavern) was a battle of the American Civil War. It was fought from March 6–8, 1862 . . . at Pea Ridge in northwest Arkansas, near Leetown. . . . This battle, one of the few in which a Confederate army outnumbered its opponent, essentially established Federal control of Missouri and northern Arkansas for the rest of the war."

Union regiments comprised of native German speakers, naturalized citizen and those legal residents, commands given intra-regimental in the German language. German immigrants to the United States having political beliefs definitely socialist. In some cases many of the "Germans" adherents to the political and economic philosophies of Karl Marx.

Franz Sigel commanding.

"Over half of the Union soldiers were German immigrants, grouped into the 1st and 2nd Divisions, which were under the command of Brig. Gen. Franz Sigel, himself a German immigrant."

German units among the Federal forces many of those ethnic Germans having some sort of military training or experience. Their performance however on the American battlefield not so markedly better than other American units [Union and Confederate both].

That entire aspect of German native speakers serving in the Federal Army during the American Civil War well worthy of a PhD dissertation.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016


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Regarding the EgyptAir flight MS804 as seen at the latest edition of the DEBKAfile newsletter.

"EgyptAir flight blown up by ISIS time bomb"

19 May.

" EgyptAir flight MS804, which took off at 11:09 p.m. on Thursday May 19 from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, was supposed to land at 3:55 a.m. in Cairo. However, it dropped off the radar screens of Greek and Egyptian flight controllers at 2:45 a.m. and crashed into the Mediterranean about 10 miles inside Egypt's territorial waters. DEBKAfile's counterterrorism sources say that if the plane was downed by an act of terror, it would be the latest major blow by ISIS to international civilian aviation, Egyptian tourism, and the security, counterterror and intelligence services of France and Egypt."

DEBKA file as is often the case their headlines most adamant and shrill, even alarmist. The noted blogger Spengler rates DEBKA as totally unreliable under even the most favorable of circumstances. I do not necessarily concur. At least for the Israel the cause of this disaster already a done-deal, mystery solved?

The aim and goal of whoever bombed the EgyptAir flight to disrupt tourism. And important source of revenue to the Egyptian economy in peril.