Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This is coolbert:

From "CRISIS WATCH" as seen at the March 2014 edition of  "Armchair General".

"The Proxy Myth" by Ralph Peters  

"Foreign fighters won't do America's work"

"As our national will weakened over the last half-century, a number of myths have arisen to cripple our application of force and comfort those who lacking courage. From the fantasy that a handful of precision strikes will bring down a mighty opponent, in the insistence that monstrous enemies must be accorded the same legal right as American citizens, a parade of follies has all but guaranteed that our halfhearted military efforts will end badly."

"the latest craze is the lunatic belief that we can rally foreign warriors to do our dirty work. Repeatedly, we confuse some group's appetite for local power with a willingness to fight regionally for our interests."

. . . .

"civilian theorists and feckless politicians ignored the most important factor in any conflict: strength of will. Again and again, we've found that our enemies maintain their strength of will, while our celebrated allies just want us to give them stuff."

. . . .

"In strategy, as in our personal lives, Dad was right, do it yourself. If we wont' fight for a goal we've announced, why should foreigners do it on our behalf?"

With regard to: "give them stuff" see my previous blog entries:

 And not only give them stuff but the most inappropriate stuff too.

Strength of will and resolve that too cannot be given nor should it be!



This is coolbert:

Case of the drone found on the grounds of the White House solved.

The culprit has come forth and confessed.

"Spy drone operator was drinking"

Foolish man doing foolish things and now he is going to pay a heavy price.

"Washington (CNN) The Secret Service questioned a Defense Department intelligence agency staffer on Monday after the man reported that he flew the drone that crashed on White House grounds in the early morning hours."

Also we are now able to view that episode of the "Adventures of Superman" FROM 1954 where a RC model airplane was used for terrorist purposes.

"Beware the Wrecker"  1954 

"A steamship, an airliner and a train have all been destroyed over the past year. Perry White receives a telephone call from someone calling himself the Wrecker. The Wrecker claims responsibility for the incidents and now wants $100,000 or else more targets will be destroyed. Superman prevents another ship from being blown up, intercepting a small model plane carrying a powerful explosive. Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen investigate further"

Life imitates art! This "staffer" confession good for the soul too!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015


 This is coolbert:

Having gotten the idea from the Internet web site

A listing of MOST "Popular Posts" both for the previous year and for "all-time".

Most popular posts as determined by number of "views". Devoted readers to the blog and those perusing perhaps merely with only a single glance one and all welcome at all times.

For the year 2014 that top ten:

 1. SR-72?

2. M-346.

 3. Raqqa!

 4. USS Donald Cook.

 5. Tobruk Fortification.

 6. Bent's Old Fort.

 7. Two Women.

 8. Nikolay Chiker.

 9. DINFIA-IA-38.

 10. Princess Patricia.

AND since the existence of the blog that top ten once again determined by "views" being:

1. Grozny.

2. Crossbow.

3. Flechette.

4. Object 279.

5. RPG-30.

6. Bavar 2.

7. Atomic Cannon.

8. Pararescue.

9. Youth.

10. Dacoits.

It has been my pleasure and let us hope for much more in the future!


USS Stennis.

This is coolbert:

Loaded for bear as they say, and bound for the Persian Gulf!

"Aircraft Carrier Stennis Has Biggest Ordnance Onload Since 2010"

 Thanks to Zero Hedge and the tip from Chuck:

"Nearly two weeks ago, we were surprised to read on the Navy's website that one of America's prize aircraft carriers, CVN-74, John C. Stennis . . . as part of an operational training period in preparation for future deployments, just underwent not only its first ordnance onload since 2010, but, according to Senior Chief Aviation Ordnanceman Jason Engleman, G-5 division's leading chief petty officer, 'the biggest ordnance onload we've seen.'"

"USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) visited Naval Magazine (NAVMAG) Indian Island, the Navy’s primary ordnance storage and handling station on the West Coast, to onload six million pounds of ammunition, Jan. 13-15. 'This is the biggest ordnance onload we’ve seen,' . . . 'We haven’t had an onload since December 2010, and we are ready to show what this warship can do.'”
"The ship plans to take on two-thirds of its weight capacity during the three day evolution. Bombs, missiles and rounds will be onloaded by 1,400 crane lifts."


That such information being made public might seem strange to some folks. BUT PERHAPS A MESSAGE IS BEING SENT!!

"You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come." - - Matthew 24:6.


Marse Robert.

This is coolbert:

That testimony of General Robert E. Lee in the aftermath of the American Civil War. This testimony I was not aware of until now. I would have to think not so totally 100 % inclusive but to the extent we get a good idea of the Q and A.

From "Encounter" by Peter Carlson as found in the latest edition of American History:

"Robert E. Lee Faces Congress" [apparently a combined committee of Senators and representatives].

"Where is your present residence"- - Lee.

"Lexington, Virginia"- - Lee.

"How long have you resided in Lexington"- - Lee.

"Since the first of October last - - nearly five months."- - Lee.

"Are you acquainted with the state of feeling among what we call secessionists in Virginia at present toward the government of the United States?" - - Senator Howard.

"I do not know that I am, I have been living very retired and have had but little communications with politicians. I know nothing more than from my observation, and from such facts as have come to my knowledge."- - Lee.

"From your observation, what is your opinion as to the feeling of loyalty towards the government of the United States among the secession portion of the people of that state?" - - Howard

"So far as has come to my knowledge, I do not know of a single person who either feels or contemplates any resistance to the government of the United States or indeed any opposition to it."- - Lee.

"How do they feel, in regard to that portion of the the people of the United States who have been forward and zealous in the prosecution of the war against the rebellion?" - - Howard.

"Well, I do not know, I have heard nobody express any opinion in regard to it . . . I have heard no expression of sentiment toward any particular portion of the country."- - Lee.

"Do you mean to be understood as saying that there is not a condition of discontent against the government of the United States among the secessionists generally?" - - a Senator unnamed.

"I know of none."- - Lee.

"General, you are very competent to judge the capacity of black men for acquiring knowledge, I want your opinion on that capacity as compared with the capacity of white men." - - Howard.

"I do not know that I am particularly qualified to speak on that subject, But I do not think he is as capable of acquiring knowledge as the white man is, [Black people are] an amiable, social race, They like their ease and comfort." - - Lee.

"My own opinion is that, at this time, they cannot vote intelligently, and that giving them the right of suffrage would open the door to a great deal of demagogism"- - Lee.

"Do you think, that Virginia would be better off if the colored population were to go to Alabama, Louisiana or some other Southern state?" - - Representative Blow.

"I think it would be better for Virginia if she could get rid of them. That is no new opinion with me. I have always thought so, and always been in favor of emancipation - - gradual emancipation."- - Lee.

"Would any Virginia jury, convict Davis [Jefferson Davis] of treason?" - - Howard.

"I think it is very probably that they would not consider that he had committed treason"- - Lee.

"In what light would they views it? What would be their excuse or justification?" - - Howard.

"So far as I know, they look upon the action of the State, in withdrawing itself from the government of the United States, as carrying the individuals of the State along with it; that the State was responsible for the act, not the individual."- - Lee.

"State if you please, and if your disincline to answer the question, you need not do so - - what your own personal views on that question were" - - Howard.

"That was my view, that the act of Virginia in withdrawing herself from the Unites States, carried me along as a citizen of Virginia, and that her law and her acts were binding on me."- - Lee.

"And that you felt to be your justification in taking the course you did?" - - Howard

"Yes sir"- - Lee.

Seems that there was a cordial, frank and open exchange, somewhat subdued, on civil terms if Lee obviously reserved and not perhaps entirely and fully forthcoming but not necessarily evasive either..

Lee also addressed with his Confederate rank of General, his final rank in the U.S. Army prior to secession being Colonel.


Monday, January 26, 2015

RC Drone.

This is coolbert:

By definition, all drones are unmanned.

From this breaking story. Sounds like a reconnaissance and a testing of defenses to me.

"Device, possibly aerial drone, found on White House grounds"

"WASHINGTON (AP) A device, possibly an unmanned aerial drone, was found on the White House grounds during the middle of the night while President Barack Obama and the first lady were in India, but his spokesman said Monday that it posed no threat."

See my previous blog entry, Rezwan and how the Soviet defector described an attack on the White House and the person of the President himself.

This is a breaking story of some importance? Imagine a swarm attack by drones and not just one! What then?


Sunday, January 25, 2015


This is coolbert:

The little plane that could and does. Contrasted for your edification. The F-16 Fighting Falcon. As was conceived the lightweight air superiority warplane. NOT a multi-role combat aircraft but becoming so. Within the context of the modern combat plane such an evolutionary cycle not being so  unusual.

A F-16 in "clean" mode. Two air-air missiles and presumably the stowed cannon. This plane on an intercept or air superiority mission. As it was designed for. Intercept or dogfight and shoot-down enemy warplanes.

A F-16 not "clean". In this instance fulfilling the role of a multi-role combat aircraft. All purpose. NOT what the design team originally intended. This plane flown by the Arizona Air National Guard.

This development from air superiority mission to multi-role presumably not to the liking of persons such as Pierre Sprey and Johnny Boyd. The "Fighter Mafia" as described.

For $23,000 an hour you too can fly one!