Friday, July 29, 2016

Intruder UAV.

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We need to place this all in context of the Syrian civil war but even beyond that.

As originally reported on 18 July by the Sheldon Adelson Internet newsletter Israel Hayom a drone intrusion of Israeli airspace occurring the previous day..


"Drone infiltrates Israeli border with Syria, interception fails"

"Two Patriot missiles and a third air-to-air missile fail to intercept unidentified drone, which returned to Syrian territory • A Hezbollah associate reportedly claims the drone was an attempt 'to test the alertness of the Israeli military.'"

This event an occurrence of grave concern to the Israeli authorities. A red line of some significance again crossed?

More to follow!!


Thursday, July 28, 2016

LRA Kony.

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Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army [LRA] we have not heard about for some time. Until now!

Even after a CONCERTED and DETERMINED effort lasting several years the purpose of which was to eradicate the African terrorist/insurgent group Lord's Resistance Army we find that the group as commanded by Joseph Kony is not only still active but apparently "resurgent"?

Thanks to Voice of America [VOA] and Jungle Trader.

"Ugandan-led Rebel Group Steps Up Attacks in Central Africa"

Joseph adept in using a perverted and corrupted form of Christianity, psychological mind-control and traditional African juju, LRA wreaking havoc over a wide swath of central Africa for DECADES!!

"KAMPALA, UGANDA — A Ugandan-led rebel group operating in Central Africa abducted 498 civilians and killed 17 others in the first half of this year, a watchdog organization said Wednesday, suggesting a resurgence of the group whose leader is the target of an international manhunt."

Diminished in numbers LRA remains a threat albeit more of a nuisance?

Still, that the "concerted and determined" effort to capture Joseph and put an end to the LRA once and for all not succeeding must give us pause for concern?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Talat Pasha.

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The "smoking gun" Turkish style!! 

This blog entry too can raise hackles in some quarters!!

" The Talat Pasha Telegrams"

"The most well-known of many fabrications on the Armenian Question are the famous 'Talat (Pasha) Telegrams,' in which the Ottoman interior minister and other officials supposedly telegraphed instructions to murder the Armenians. These conclusively have been proven to be forgeries"

"Forgeries are too common in history to be considered impossible. Referring to writer Gwynne Dyer, Dadrian says that 'the British eventually ignored the document.' They chose to ignore it while they were searching the whole Ottoman archives for a single reliable document to be used against Turkish leadership and moreover reaching to other archives in search for similar material"

The Armenian Question. Massacre of the Armenians during the Great War [WW1] ] as part of a PLANNED GENOCIDAL CAMPAIGN the subject at question here. THE OTTOMAN WAS GUILTY AND THE DOCUMENT THAT PROVES IT HAS BEEN FOUND?


EVIDENCE when brought forward [the Talat Pasha telegrams] DEMONSTRABLY FORGERIES?

Historians adhering to the Rankeian school of historiography in mind do indeed have a hard time!


Smoking Gun.

This is coolbert:

From the BBC History Magazine issue # 200 the type of item that can raise hackles in some quarters:

"What historical mystery would you love to solve?"

And the response from Richard Overy, professor of history, University of Exeter:

"One of the historical mysteries that still remains unresolved after decades of research is the question of whether Adolf Hitler ever did given an order, written or verbal, for the genocide of the Jews. it was a puzzle that I thought I could solve more than 20 years ago, when a German count offered the 'The Observer' exclusive rights to a set of Hitler documents that had apparently lain hidden in a bank deposit box in Vienna since the end of the war."

"It was an exciting moment: there were pages, allegedly by Hitler, explaining the decisions he reached in 1941 about the Jews, about declaring war on the United States, even, if I recall well enough, about Rudolf Hess and his zany flight. A quick glimpse showed that were all forgeries. And comparison of the handwriting showed that they were very poor forgeries."

". . . But finding that genocidal smoking gun is still something that historians of the Holocaust hope might be out there somewhere."

The "smoking gun" has yet to be fund! See at this Internet web site article a discussion of the topic , the yea and the nay, the pro and the con, the importance of "an order, written or verbal" or lack thereof and why this matters!!

Devoted readers to the blog take it from there!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016


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China now # 1! At least with regard amphibious aircraft!

"China unveils 'world's largest amphibious aircraft'"

"Crowd gathers at a ceremony to unveil the AG600 amphibious plane"

    "The Chinese-built AG600 seaplane has a maximum range of 4,500 km and is intended for fighting forest fires and performing marine rescues" ABOUT THE SIZE OF A COMMERCIAL BOEING 737.


Prior this the largest amphibious aircraft were experimental and prototype versions only that never went into production?

I am thinking of the Howard Hughes "Spruce Goose" and those Soviet ekranoplans such as the "Caspian Sea Monster"!

The "Spruce Goose" from the era of the Second World War. A one-of-a-kind!

Soviet "Caspian Sea Monster". To get some sense of scale you can see persons on top of and along side the aircraft!

Does anyone doubt even for a second the potential military application of the AG600?

See my previous blog entry the topic of which was heavy-lift seaplanes:


Monday, July 25, 2016


This is coolbert:

The "parachute psychosis" continues??

As seen at The Barents Observer!

Russian and Chechen paratroopers to the far north. Military use of the Arctic regions now at an accelerated pace?

1. "Chechen special forces instructors landed on Svalbard"

Chechen special forces used Longyearbyen airport on Svalbard for transportation of personnel and equipment for an airborne drill close to the North Pole.

“'Flying Squad' – a combat group of Chechen special forces, has recently finished an exercise close to the North Pole, and are on their way back to the homeland

"The paratroopers were dropped onto the ice from an Il-76 airplane on March 29. They jumped out from a height of 2500 meter, and started their exercise, which included a 20 kilometer long hike and an attack on an ‘enemy command post'"

2. "Russian paratroopers trained on North Pole"

"Some 100 paratroopers from the Airborne Troops based in Pskov and a unit from the CSTO Collective Rapid Response Force from Belarus jumped onto the ice on Thursday."

"The airdrop was done from Il-76 airplanes at a height of 1,500 meters. The troops used 'Arbalet-2' parachutes, which are designed for extreme conditions"

Possession is nine/tenths of the law. Russian claims to the far north solidified by the camp of Barneo located almost at the North Pole itself!

3. "Barneo ice floe cracking up"

"The ice floe where Russia's ice station Barneo is under construction has cracked up, and technicians are now looking for a new place to put up camp."

"Only 650 meters are left of the 1200 meters long runway which Russian technicians finished preparing on Sunday, Barneo’s Facebook profile reads."

"Helicopters have taken off to search for another ice floe, and the technicians are preparing to airdrop tractors to a new location. 'We start it all over,' the message on Facebook reads."

Barneo an occupied camp near the North Pole and not to be confused with the Drift Stations that were an aspect of the Cold War. Warfare in the expanses of the arctic region as thought to be a possibility if the Soviet Union and the United States became engaged in mortal combat!!

 Regarding the term "parachute psychosis" consider what the Soviet era defector Suvorov has to say:

"The parachute is not just a weapon and a form of transport. It also acts as a filter which courageous soldiers will pass through, but weak and cowardly men will not."


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Churchill WW1.

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From Professor Al Nofi and his CIC # 453 as seen at Strategy Page that Great War saga of Winston Churchill detailed.


• "Although, as First Lord of the Admiralty, he was a civilian member of the British cabinet, for several days in early October of 1914 Winston Churchill assumed command of the forces defending Antwerp, helping to hold the enemy back for about a week or so, while angling for a commission as a lieutenant general [three stars]."

"In mid-August First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill decided to use eight battalions worth of surplus reservists and volunteers plus a brigade of excellent Royal Marines to form the Royal Naval Division. The division initially had no field artillery and only rudimentary engineer, medical, or other standard services. The division did, however, have an unusually high proportion of machine guns for the times, and in Belgium acquired an armored train with four 4.7-inch (120 mm) quick firing naval guns plus a contingent of armored cars. . . . On October 3rd the two naval brigades were rushed to support the defense of Antwerp . . . they helped hold off the Germans for nearly a week . . . By the time Antwerp was evacuated on October 10th, the naval brigades had lost nearly half their personnel . . . The whole experiment had been a failure, which even Churchill would later admit"

Continued failure as the First Lord of the Admiralty [Gallipoli most prominent] mandating resignation from office, CHURCHILL SUBSEQUENTLY SERVING AS A BATTALION COMMANDER IN THE TRENCHES ON THE WESTERN FRONT!!

"Churchill at the Front"

"Rather than sit by while the world tore itself apart, he resigned his post (though he remained a member of Parliament) and decided to rejoin his regiment in November 1915 at the age of 41"

"In any case, due to political pressures, he was given a battalion (less than a 1,000 men) and made a Lieutenant-Colonel instead of a Brigadier-General [one star]".

Churchill as evidenced FOND OF THE FRENCH ADRIAN HELMET. His ability as a battalion commander unremarkable, the man able and competent but nothing more!!

That Great War saga of Winston Spencer Churchill merits a book unto itself!!