Friday, March 27, 2015

Meat Grinder.

This is coolbert:

At this very moment, as we speak, this propaganda leaflet being dropped over Syria and Iraq.

American propaganda leaflet portraying ISIL as the meat grinder. Recruits and captives both ground into the proverbial hamburger without amelioration other than being fed into the wrong end of the machine. A machine that is evil and blood-thirsty.

ISIL noted for an ability to recruit idealistic young people.

That message of the leaflet most clear. Don't join ISIL or this can and probably will happen to you.



This is coolbert:

From the Stars and Stripes thanks to the tip from Freeper we have an update on the current battle in and around Tikrit.

"Heavy casualties, discord stall Iraqi operation to recapture Tikrit"

An offensive by the Iraqi National Army and Shia militia having STALLED and most precipitously and ominously so."

"ISTANBUL (Tribune Content Agency) — The much ballyhooed Iraqi government operation to capture the central city of Tikrit from the Islamic State has stalled three weeks after it began, amid widespread reports that Shiite Muslim militias and the government are badly divided over tactics and roiled by claims that the militias have engaged in war crimes against the local Sunni Muslim population"

. . . .

"An Iraqi military commander on the scene who asked not be identified discussing sensitive national security matters described a difficult task ahead for any troops sent in to dislodge the Islamic State forces, whose numbers have been described as a few hundred."

DEFENSE IS THE STRONGER FORM OF COMBAT!! Easier to do and you can accomplish more with less. Those few hundred men very determined and fighting in a pre-planned manner, willing to sacrifice themselves making for formidable opponents.

That combination of sniper fire, fortifications hardened, booby traps, IED and EFP, fanatical troops, suicide bombers, etc., making for a formidable combination, that defender also having the upper hand in urban warfare, only the most able, prepared and properly equipped and motivated troops able to conduct and offensive operation when faced with such an adversary.

ISIL always incorporating into all operations the suicide bomber either wearing an explosive vest or driving a truck wired as a massive bomb!!

Those Shia militia in particular lack staying power? NO organic ability to sustain themselves for the long haul.

That presence of Iranian senior Revolutionary Guard officers perhaps if present only exacerbating matters? Divided command and discord the result.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Philip & Vlad.

This is coolbert:

From the Internet web site of Professor Victor Davis Hanson we have an analysis of Vladimir Putin and his perceived aggressive stance and geo-political machinations of the highest order.

Professor Hanson learned in the Classics and ancient military strategy.

When the Professor speaks we all need to listen and closely.

That analysis of Professor Hanson based on an analysis and perspective of the historical record thousands of years old.

Philip of Macedon the man with one eye. Father of Alexander the Great and also a practitioner of advanced state craft in the venerable and ancient tradition. As Vlad does today would be well understood by Philip.

"The Putin Way"

"Nothing that Vladimir Putin has done in gobbling up territories of the former Soviet Union is new. In fact, he simply apes every tyrant’s time-honored four-step plan of aggression."



"From Philip of Macedon to Napoleon, aggressors did not necessarily have a grand timetable for creating an empire. Instead, they went at it ad hoc. They took as much as they could at any given time; then backed away for a bit, if they sensed strong opposition was building — only to go back on the offensive when vigilance waned."


"All dictators feign craziness, or at least exaggerate their undeniably unhinged tendencies. Appearing capable of anything was always a dictator’s advantage . . . Demosthenes warned Athenians about the obsessed, one-eyed, limping Philip II, who would ruin every part of his hideous body to destroy the free city-state."


"Aggressive autocrats always have had a list of perceived grievances, what Thucydides once called prophases."

"For Philip, the pretext was supposedly Athenian aggression in northern Greece and cultural and racial disdain for his Macedonians.":


"Every aggressor also advances sophisticated lies. These narratives appeal to the better angels of the naïve. They always seem somewhat logical, at least superficially."

"For Philip, it was a grand Pan-Hellenic crusade under his aegis against the real enemy of Greek freedom: the slavish and effeminate Persian Empire."

"Nothing Putin is doing is novel, from his on-again, off-again digestion of nations, to his feigned uncouthness, to his victimization, to his idealistic and ecumenical agenda."

"Putin is scary because his time-worn method of aggrandizement is as predictable as it is usually effective."

And thank you Professor Hanson.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This is coolbert:

A more or less ancient [over 2,000 years old] and complete crossbow has been uncovered during the continuing excavation of the Chinese terracotta army.

"The most complete ancient crossbow unearthed with terracotta army"

"A view of a complete crossbow relic found during the third excavation of the number one pit of the Qin [Chin] terracotta warriors and horses in Xi'an, Northwest China's Shaanxi province . . . Archaeologists have recently discovered the most complete ancient crossbow to date in the terracotta army pit one in Xi'an, Shaanxi province."

Normally organic objects made of wood and fiber material 2,000 years old not found intact or even if found at all merely in fragments, archaeological evidence of this sort very rare. 

From the terracotta army exhibit an original figure as unearthed and on display at the museum in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. That figure described as a "standing archer" more correctly understood as a man wielding a crossbow.

For a sense of scale and perspective this woman shown next to replica terracotta figures, also holding a crossbow of about the same size as the weapon just unearthed.

"Among hundreds of pieces of crossbows unearthed in the past, this one is said to be the best-preserved in general, with a 145cm arch and a 130cm bow string. The bow string has a smooth surface which experts believe to be made from animal tendon instead of fabric and the trigger mechanism is made of bronze"

. . . .

"The best crossbows' shooting range could double that of an AK47, reaching almost 800m [maximum EFFECTIVE range for the AK and not maximum range]"

The burial tomb of the Qin [Chin] Emperor yet to be uncovered. A man-made "Wonder of the World" yet awaits the archaeologists.


Monday, March 23, 2015


This is coolbert:

As seen at the Internet web site an instance of the Australian military using the power of the ocean to generate "green" power. Limitless and inexhaustible energy without any pollution!

"Renewable Energy Looks Swell"

"Australia’s largest naval base now gets part of both its electricity and its fresh water courtesy of the Roaring Forties, westerlies, which blow between latitudes 40° S and 50° S"

"Carnegie Wave Energy, in Perth, has been working since 1999 on what it calls CETO technology. Ceto was the ancient Greek goddess of sea monsters, and Carnegie’s particular monsters are buoys that resemble giant macaroons. They float a metre or two below the ocean’s surface, bobbing up and down in the swell and generating electricity as they do so. The current version, CETO 5, has a capacity of 240kW per buoy. Three of the beasts are now tethered to the sea bed 3km from HMAS Stirling, on Garden Island. They also help to run a desalination plant on the base, for fresh water is a valuable commodity in Western Australia’s arid climate."

The "Roaring Forties" and the "Furious Fifties" those winds of the Southern Oceans and the swells as produced by the wind action the thing of legend. Especially from during the days of sail.

NOW producing energy in an unforeseen manner. And for the military too. This is a proven and working model of concept that needs to be repeated where and when it can be availed of.


Sunday, March 22, 2015


This is coolbert:

More paranormal.

Much to my surprise the observation by combat aviators of Unidentified Flying Objects [UFO] not merely confined to that period of World War Two onward.

During the Great War [WW1] combat pilots also observing and ENGAGING IN COMBAT WITH UFO!

From an UFO Internet web site and copied almost in entirety:

"UFOs in History: 1916 Incident"

"Strange lights were [also] observed by members of the Royal Flying Corps defending London from Zeppelin raids on the night of 31 January 1916, just as many pilots observed similar unexplained aerial phenomena during the Second World War. On the night in question, orders were sent to the fighter aerodromes to the effect that Zeppelins were approaching London. At 7.40pm Lieutenant RS Maxwell arose from Hainault Farm Aerodrome, near Romford in Essex. At 8.25 his engine was '...missing irregularly and it was only by keeping the speed of the machine down to 50mph that I was able to stay at 10,000 feet.   It was at this time that I distinctly saw an artificial light to the north of me, and at about the same height. I followed this light northeast for nearly 20 minutes, but it seemed to go slightly higher and just as quickly as myself...and I eventually lost it completely in the clouds.'" (PRO Air 1/611 16/15/288). [PRO = British Public Records Office]

"At 8.45 pm another aeroplane, piloted by Flight Sub-Lieutenant JE Morgan, may have observed the same UFO after arising from an aerodrome at Rochford, some twenty-two miles east of Hainault Farm. Morgan reported (in an official report to the War Office) that at 5,000 feet he had seen, about a hundred feet away from his aircraft, 'a row of what appeared to be lighted windows which looked something like a railway carriage with the blinds drawn.' In the belief that he had chanced upon a Zeppelin, Morgan fired at the object with his Webley Scott pistol, whereupon 'the lights alongside arose rapidly' and disappeared!"

Combat personnel making observations of extraordinary phenomenon of what ever type are: 1. Trained observers making rational reports devoid of hysteria. 2. Not having an agenda.

Foo Fighters of the Second World War were not the first time then combat aviators encountered and even attempted to ENGAGE UFO presumably piloted by aliens.


Shimonoseki Straits.

This is coolbert:

Until just yesterday I was totally unaware of this event.

From that era of the American Civil War U.S. naval vessel far from home but engaged in a punitive expedition against Japanese naval forces.

The Battle of Shimonoseki Straits, Date July 16, 1863.

"The Battle of Shimonoseki Straits . . . is a little-known naval engagement fought on July 16, 1863, by a warship of the United States Navy, the USS Wyoming, against the powerful feudal Japanese daimyo Lord Mori Takachika of the Chōshū clan based in Shimonoseki."

"The USS Wyoming under Captain David McDougal, sailed into the strait and single-handedly engaged the US-built but poorly manned Japanese fleet. Engaged for almost two hours before withdrawing, McDougal sank two enemy vessels and severely damaged the other one, and inflicted some forty Japanese casualties. The Wyoming suffered considerable damage with four crew dead and seven wounded."

That most eminent historian of the American Civil War Shelby Foote of the opinion that the Southern cause was more or less hopeless from the start. The Union almost fighting as termed by Foote "with one hand tied behind it's back".

Foote citing the instances of Federal determination even during a time of dire war to continue national development and progress even while devoting immense resources to defeating and subjugating the states in rebellion. Those instances of "national development and progress" to include:

* The Homestead Act.

* The Transcontinental Railroad.

Add to that list the determination to risk war with Japan, engaging in a punitive expedition and devoting much needed military resources to same.

Yankee confidence and resolve hardly lacking!!