Thursday, September 29, 2022


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Devoted readers to the blog and those perusing in a much more casual manner and strongly encouraged to see this twitter thread courtesy the English "Telegraph" World News.

A discussion as to what "catastrophic consequences" there might be if the Russian indeed employs tactical nuclear weapons the Ukraine Conflict.

Those words "catastrophic consequences" the words of President Biden. 

Read the ENTIRE thread from top to bottom. All of course thanks to "Telegraph and the tip from Reginald.

Consequences [catastrophic] to possibly mean this? Major Kong rides the bomb?


Those in positions of power seem to be walking toward a cliff with the rest of humanity chained to them. Walk off the cliff and we [all of humanity] will go with them. 

From Colonel Trevor N. Dupuy | 1987:

"Nuclear weapons differ from conventional weapons not just in power, but in kind. If their use in tactical battle could assuredly limited to the fractional kiloton variety, then there might be some validity to the easy assumption that they are merely bigger and better weapons. But any use of even the smallest tactical nuke carriers with it the possibility of escalation. Escalation with conventional weapons is relatively finite. Escalation with nuclear weapons has potentialities as close to infinity as the human mind can imagine. Such an eventuality is so far likely that we can almost ignore it, but it is possible, but should never be ignored completely."

I would hope that many persons in position of high authority are paying close attention to all of this. For the sake of everybody they should be.



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I was waiting for the analysis H. I. Sutton the Nord Stream 1 & 2 sabotage. Here it is.

Not just three incidents of sabotage. Four to be more exact.

"Location Of 4th Leak On Russia's NordStream Gas Pipeline In Baltic"

From the   "Covert Shores" Internet web site By H. I. Sutton 29 September 2022.

"The September 27 attacks on the Nordstream gas pipelines near the Danish island of Bornholm is a serious international incident. There is now little doubt that it was sabotage. The explosions causing leaks in at least four places and affect both Nordstream 1 & Nordstream 2."

"Despite the uncertainties inherent in hybrid warfare (and to an extent seabed warfare), eyes are on Russia."


As to who the culprit is:

"The attacks are likely to be the material of conspiracy theories forever. The allure of these theories will no doubt keep them popular despite their lack of credibility."

"The strong suspicion is that Russia themselves are the most likely actor."

"Russia has a long tradition of seabed warfare and has extensive investments in technologies. That wouldn't make the attack simple, real operations rarely are. And it is an impressive operation from a defense analysis perspective."

Devoted readers to the blog are strongly encouraged to read the entire H. I. Sutton entry. "Covert Shores" hardly ever disappoints.



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Even the noted Internet web site "The Aviationist" has taken notice of the damage done to the Nord Stream 1 & 2 pipelines. European natural gas supply gravely disrupted at just the wrong time of the year.

"Could Sabotage Have Caused Nord Stream Pipeline Ruptures? And If So, How?"

Thanks to the Internet web site "The Aviationist", the article by TOM DEMERLY September 28, 2022.

"Naval Capabilities Exist That Could Have Caused the Nord Stream Pipeline Damage."


"The circumstances surrounding the Nord Stream pipeline incident invite a world of speculation, some of it pointing to willful interdiction of pipeline operations. The reported facts can be collated to support the hypothesis of deliberate action to disrupt the pipeline. But as of this hour, there is only one problem with these hypotheses: there is no hard evidence of sabotage in the Nord Stream pipeline leak."

"While no hard evidence exists at this time to support the theory of sabotage in the Nord Stream leak, the capabilities to carry out such sabotage exist in some militaries and have been employed before in similar circumstances."

"Aviationist" suggests naval sea bottom mines the culprit in these attacks. Mines pre-positioned on the sea bottom in a relatively inert but still active state. Naval sea mines that can be made ready for use under a variety of circumstances by the user. 

Personally it is PREPOSTEROUS to even suggest that the damage done to the two pipelines was ANYTHING other than sabotage. Pipelines at a critical moment cut in three place more or less simultaneously sabotage plain and simple.



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"Long pig is an antiquated term for human flesh, eaten by cannibals. Purportedly, the term long pig is a translation of a phrase used in the Pacific Islands for human flesh intended for consumption"

Maybe not so antiquated after all?

As extracted from an article by Michael Yon it will be a dark, cold, and dangerous winter for the German?

"The Death of Germany, and Europe"

 Michael Yon@MichaelYon   28 September 2022.

"At this point in history, to destroy the possibility of re-opening Nord Stream 1 (NS1), and opening NS2, all but assures massive famines and detailed destruction of European economy that normally only will be seen in war."

"Nothing short of nuclear war will destroy a nation more completely, more inter-generationally, than turning off the energy followed by famine. Famines burn through the souls of nations. Just read five random books on famine."

"Germany’s deal with the devil was a deal with themselves. Accepting the cheap Russian gas like cocaine straight to the bloodstream. To be sure, there were extreme benefits to manufacturing using cheaper, easier energy. Such as in the automotive industry."

"Germans and their multi-kulti invaders will devour the Black Forest and roast long-pig over their cuckoo clocks"

Long-pig if prepared properly can be made palatable? I for one don't want to find out.



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Within context of the apparent sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 & 2 this drone reconnaissance [if that is what it is] sounds ominous.

Article by JACK NEWMAN FOR MAILONLINE 28 September 2022 | 

"Norway's North Sea oil rigs step up security after being buzzed by mysterious drones: Fears of 'deliberate attack' on off-shore platforms after Baltic Sea gas leak sabotage"

* "Norway has increased security on its gas and oil sites in the North Sea" * "Mysterious drones have been spotted only 50m [one-hundred fifty feet] away from the offshore rigs" * "Russia has been accused of causing explosions on Nord Stream pipes" 

"Norway is beefing up security on its offshore North Sea oil rigs after mysterious drones came within 50m [one-hundred feet] of its platforms."

"The country's Petroleum Safety Authority said the unmanned aerial vehicles could carry out 'deliberate attacks' on the infrastructure or smash into helicopters transporting offshore workers to and from the rigs."


"Norway is now Europe's biggest gas supplier after the Kremlin turned off its taps, wreaking energy havoc across the continent."


Wednesday, September 28, 2022


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More on the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipe line. Underwater natural gas [NG] pipelines the Baltic. Europe freezes to death in the dark?

Thanks to "Zero Hedge" the article by  TYLER DURDEN SEP 27, 2022.

"EU Chief Calls Nord Stream Attack 'Sabotage', Warns Of 'Strongest Possible Response'"

"Earlier, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen described the three separate leaks on NS1 and NS2 as 'deliberate acts,' adding: 'It’s hard to imagine that it’s accidental.'"

Three incidents of apparent sabotage of the NG pipelines simultaneously to even try to imagine anything like an accident absurd.

That "strongest possible response" I cannot even imagine what the militarily weak EU has in mind. And as to WHO exactly is the culprit we must wait and see?



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Freeze to death in the dark? Western Europe doomed?

Russian naval spetsnaz [naval commandoes] at work? All within the context of the Ukraine Conflict.

1. "CIA warned Berlin about possible attacks on gas pipelines in summer - Spiegel ('We' did it)"

From Reuters ^ | 9/27/22 | the tip from Freeper.

"BERLIN, Sept 27 (Reuters) - The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had weeks ago warned Germany about possible attacks on gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, German magazine Spiegel said on Tuesday, after gas leaks in Russia pipelines to Germany were reported."

2. "Did Putin’s frogmen blow up Europe’s gas supplies? Western leaders blame ‘deliberate’ sabotage after Nordsteam [sic] pipe from Russia ruptured off Sweden"

Article by DAVID AVERRE and JAMIE PHILLIPS FOR MAILONLINE ^ | 27 September 2022 | once again tip from Freeper.

"Did Putin’s frogmen blow up Europe’s gas supplies? Western leaders blame ‘deliberate’ sabotage after Nordstream pipe[line] from Russia ruptured off Sweden causing 3000ft-wide [1,000 meters] bubbles and sending prices spiking Three leaks reported in Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines near Danish island last night and this morning Pipelines are leaking gas into the Baltic Sea, with one area more than 3,000ft wide [1,000 meters] churning with bubbles"

I am waiting for H. I. Sutton at his authoritative Internet web site "Covert Shores" to make comment as to WHO is responsible for this obvious sabotage operation. Many nations possess naval commando units capable of such a mission. If anyone will know H. I. Sutton will know.