Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hazara & Zaynubian.

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From DEBKAfile more info on the deployment of Shia mercenary forces to the Syrian battlefield.

1. "Thousands of Afghan, Pakistani Shiites in Hizballah's advance on Golan"

"16 Feb. The Iranian-backed “Operation Quneitra Martyrs” for the capture of the Golan brings Afghan and Pakistani Shiite fighters to an Israeli border for the first time, DEBKAfile reveals. Some 2,000 of these fighters have joined an equal number of Hizballah troops spearheading a march on the Golan from southern Syria. Recruited from the Hazara and Zaynubian militias, Tehran plans to send them on to Lebanon for a second Iran-led front against Israel."

2. "Iran airlifts thousands of Shiite fighters to boost Aleppo warfront through Latakia"

"21 Feb. DEBKAfile has revealed a large-scale Iranian airlift flying thousands of Shiite fighters to the Syrian Mediterranean port of Latakia to reinforce the Syrian forces defeated at rebel hands in Aleppo and save them from retreat. Their arrival seriously disturbs Israel’s army chiefs. They reckon Tehran would be just as prompt in sending reinforcements if the Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers leading the offensive to capture the Golan town of Quneitra opposite Israel’s lines faced a setback."

Shia in Afghan and Pakistan a small minority of the population and in serious conflict with the predominant Sunni Muslim citizenry of those two nations [Afghanistan and Pakistan].

Apparently fighters now recruited by the Shia Iranian and introduced into the Syrian civil war, bolstering the forces of Hezbollah and the Alawite Syrian military contingents.

The Iranian also now confronting Israel with proxies in an increased and most menacing manner.



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A Great Pharaoh [king] of Egypt whose identity was only recently determined AND also found to be a casualty of war:

"Pharaoh Brutally Killed in Battle, Analysis Shows"

"Pharaoh Senebkay, one of the earliest kings of a forgotten Abydos Dynasty, was brutally killed in battle more than 3,600 years ago, says a study that has reconstructed, blow by blow, the king’s last moments."

"The research identified 18 wounds on the pharaoh’s bones. It also established that Senebkay is the earliest Egyptian pharaoh to have died in battle."

. . . .

"According to the researchers, the angle and direction of Senebkay’s wounds indicate he was in an elevated position — possibly on horseback or on a chariot — when he was attacked and killed."

“'His assailants first cut his lower back, ankles and feet to bring him to the ground and then finished him with axe blows to the skull,'”

The mounted Pharaoh astride a horse as killed by multiple attackers, possibly men-a-foot [infantry] acting as part of a team, according to a plan, with training and equipped to receive cavalry.

That ancient history of Egypt covering a span of 3,000 years. That ancient Egyptian a most remarkable people. NOT necessarily seen as a martial race, warfare with an expansionist motivation generally NOT part of the Egyptian story. Egypt isolated geographically and more predisposed to solve conflict with diplomatic negotiations and amicable resolution. BUT on occasion resorting to force and WAR when also confronted with an intractable problem.


Friday, February 27, 2015


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My blog as described "eclectic and free-ranging". Ideas for blog entries taken from a variety of sources.

To include the satirical Internet web site "Cracked". From "Cracked":

"5 Unfought Wars That Would Have Changed Everything"

# 1. Operation Unthinkable.

# 2. Defense Scheme No. 1, aka The Canadian Invasion of the U.S.

#  3. War Plan Red, aka The U.S. Invasion of Canada.

# 4. Fall Grun aka Stopping Hitler Before WWII.

# 5. MacArthur's Nuclear War.

Go read it all!!


* War between Canada and the United States and planning for same has to be taken within the context of Anglo-American relations.

Hostility between Great Britain and the United States with the possibility of armed conflict lasting until relatively quite recently historically, at least up unto the time of the Great War. Canada as a nation not totally fully sovereign and independent until 1977.

* Mac Arthur at various times during the Korean War wanting to use nuclear weapons or creating a radioactive cobalt barrier to extend the entire width of the Korean Peninsula. The radiological weapon!

"'a belt of radioactive cobalt . . . it has an active life of between 60 and 120 years. For at least 60 years there could have been no land invasion of Korea from the North.'"

Wars as "unfought" and all for the better? You the devoted reader to the blog will have to decide for yourselves.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Drone Hysteria!

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Follow-up number # 1 to the previous blog entry, Hot Red Flash,  drones over Paris.

Drones over Paris but way beyond that!

Seems the reporters as detained are not the culprits. But the story unfolds. Thanks to and Joseph and quoted almost in entirety:

"Al Jazeera reporters not linked to mystery drones seen over Paris"

"Three Al Jazeera journalists, who were arrested yesterday for flying a drone over a Paris park, are not linked to the earlier mysterious sightings of drones flying over famous landmarks and security installations in the French capital, according to media reports. The bizarre sightings began last October, when security officials from France’s state-owned power company EDF filed a police complaint after noticing several mini-drones flying over at least seven nuclear power plants. Another 20 sightings of drones were documented in November, all of them seen flying over nuclear installations in various parts of France."

"On January 20, another drone was seen hovering over the Elysee Palace in Paris, which is the official residence French President Francois Hollande. Less than a week later, several drones were observed flying over a maximum-security French naval base in Brittany, which houses nuclear submarines. At least ten more sightings were reported on Monday and Tuesday night this week, this time flying over important buildings and landmarks in Paris. Among the apparent surveillance targets of the mysterious drones were the embassy of the United States, the Eiffel Tower, the Invalides national military museum, the Place de la Concorde at the eastern end of the Champs-Élysées, and the Bastille monument. Security forces also reported drone sightings near major public thoroughfares leading in and out of the French capital. French authorities said on Tuesday that they were investigating the incidents under the assumption that they were linked."

"On Wednesday, French police announced that three journalists working for Qatar-based television station Al Jazeera had been detained for piloting a drone that was seen flying over a park in Bois de Boulogne, an area located at the edge of the French capital. But initial reports in the media that the three Al Jazeera reporters were somehow linked to the mysterious drone sightings of earlier weeks appear to be dismissed by the authorities."

A mere single incident can be dismissed. A WHOLE bunch of them cannot be.

We wait with anticipation!


Sixty Percent.

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The Sixty Percent solution! OPSEC Ukraine.

From Breitbart the comments of a British national, a military veteran, [a man with Ukrainian ancestry and heritage] most disturbing. Those Ukrainian forces suffering excessive and very embarrassing casualties due to friendly fire [blue on blue incidents] mostly [?] from injudicious or errant use of radio communications.

"60 Percent of Ukrainian Casualties Due to Friendly Fire and Incompetence"

"More than half of the Ukrainian casualties in the battle against Russian-backed separatists are killed by friendly fire and lack of training, a British army veteran who volunteered with the Ukrainian forces has revealed."

"There are nearly 30 voluntary battalions and a number of regular units, but every group is fighting their own war. They don’t have central command, they don’t co-ordinate and they don’t even share radio frequencies between themselves, which makes it impossible to communicate.”

. . . .

"soldiers would resort to using mobile phones for convenience [even when provided with Motorola digital radios which enable scrambled communication], even though phones can be easily tracked and bugged by using basic surveillance systems supplied to the separatists by the Russians."

"they also keep tweeting and posting their pictures on Facebook,”



Wednesday, February 25, 2015


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Place this blog entry in the super hot red FLASH category.

As seen this evening on France 24:

"Al-Jazeera journalists arrested for flying drone in Paris"

"French police on Wednesday detained three Al-Jazeera journalists for illegally flying a drone from a Paris park. Their arrests come as authorities are investigating sightings of drones flying over key Parisian landmarks for two consecutive nights."

"The journalists -- all foreign nationals -- were taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon after police saw a drone flying in the Bois de Boulogne woods in western Paris"


"Last month a drone caused worry after being sighted flying over the Elysée Palace, the residence of President François Hollande - following dozens of sightings of drones over nuclear plants and military installations."

Journalists undoubtedly working for Al Jazeera and having Islamic or Muslim names? French counter-intelligence was on this one in an instant!!

Journalists too in name only? The claim will be made that this merely a matter of INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING AND SUCH!

I can imagine this all was brought to the immediate attention of the French President! Especially in the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo, the kosher deli, and the Copenhagen attacks.

See also those most recent blog entries regarding the use of drones for possible terrorist attacks:

Devoted reader to the blog you take it from there.



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I had originally thought this was a case of jahhaliya. Islamic response to ignorance. Books and manuscripts from the time BEFORE Mohammad. But that is not the case.

"ISIS Burns 8000 Rare Books and Manuscripts in Mosul"

"While the world was watching the Academy Awards ceremony, the people of Mosul were watching a different show. They were horrified to see ISIS members burn the Mosul public library. Among the many thousands of books it housed, more than 8,000 rare old books and manuscripts were burned."

 “If the books agree with the Qur’an, they are superfluous. If they disagree with it, they are heretical.” - - Omar.

Omar the Caliph from the time of Mohammad. The ISIL Salafists emulating those first three generations of Muslims.

We can think of the burning of libraries in the historical context during a time of war and conflict.

Alexandria, Baghdad, Louvain and now Mosul. That Great Library of Alexandria as set afire on a number of occasions during a time of war or conflict so it seems, that collection of original works from antiquity lost forever much to the detriment of all mankind.