Sunday, December 21, 2014

Helmet II.

This is coolbert:


More on the American M1 helmet from that era of the Second World War, Korea, Vietnam.

More Q & A.

"The Better to See You With"

"In 'The High Price of Valor' there are photos of a submarine deck gun crew and others firing on a Japanese sampan. If I'm not mistaken, all those men are wearing their helmets backward. Was there a reason for this?"

YES, indeed there was!

"the front lip on the versatile American 'steel pot' offered protection from the sun and overhead shrapnel, but for naval gun crews - - when a clear view of the action from sea level to the air, from which and an enemy plane could appear, was paramount- - that was not necessarily an asset. Naval gunnery personnel on large vessels had specialized helmets, but for those on smaller vessels . . . it was common to turn the helmet backward to expand the vista"


Even my own experience [1966] during the fifth week of basic training for qualification with the M14 rifle it was mandated that all personnel wear the HELMET BACKWARDS. So as to give you better vision and an unobstructed view of the field of fire..

All the better to see you with my dear!!

And now you know the rest of the story and once more also thanks to WW2 magazine.


Helmet I.

This is coolbert:

From that era of the Second World War, Korea and Vietnam the American M1 helmet as worn by the soldiers of those periods, some extracts regarding same as found in the most recent issue of WW2 magazine. Myths repeated and exposed.

The truth is out there! Thank you WW2 magazine.

Q: "Why didn't U.S. Army and Marine infantry connect their helmet chinstraps when under fire? Newsreels and even Hollywood movies show chinstraps dangling on the side of heads or connected around the rear of the helmet."

A: "Men had two reasons - - one valid, one specious - - to leave helmet straps loose or clip them behind. A man strapped into his steel bucket risked an attacker coming from behind grabbing his helmet visor to thrown him off balance. men also believed wrongly - - that if a shell or bomb went off nearby, a tightly fastened helmet would snap its wearer's neck."

This too is what I was told in basic training having to wear the M1 helmet the entire time. That helmet consisting of two parts, the steel pot outer element and the inside helmet liner [plastic]. NOT comfortable to wear and yes indeed, "infantry advancing with one had holding helmets down and the other holding their weapon" was exactly the case. That helmet uncomfortable and awkward, bouncing around as you ran!

Personally, that an enemy soldier would be able to approach you from behind and throw you off balance by grabbing the visor seems like a "specious" reason also. What troop allows the enemy to approach you from behind? Always keep your foe to the front!

Frankly too I would expect the danger from splinters of a nearby detonating enemy shell would pose a much greater danger to your body and being than having the neck snapped from the detonation. But what do I know?


Saturday, December 20, 2014

General Terry.

This is coolbert:

From Sheldon Adelson and Israel Hayom Internet web site we have the pronouncements that most Americans reluctantly want to hear.

"Islamic State fight to take at least 3 years, says US general"

"Lt. Gen. James Terry, commander of U.S. forces fighting Islamic State, says turning point will 'at least take a minimum of three years' • Several hundred more troops to deploy to train Iraqi forces •"

General Terry wearing his dress blue uniform and having the appearance at least from my perspective of the average, everyday Latin American dictator as used to be the case.


From that era of the American Indian Wars one of those general officers making his mark during that period also a General Terry. I wonder if the two are related in some manner?

And that THREE YEAR MINIMUM again hardly what the American public wants to hear. Keep in all under wraps I might assume.


Santa Claus.

This is coolbert:

As was stated in a previous blog entry, at least in over forty years I have not seen that juxtaposition of Santa Claus with the military dimension.

Until now that is.

"Islamic State mocks US with photoshopped Santa held hostage"

"'The cropped image of Santa Claus about to be beheaded isn’t just part of the Islamic State’s humor or entirely a joke. It emanates from a supremacist worldview that seeks the forced extinction of all contrary beliefs.' 'Islamic State Mocks US With Photoshopped Santa Held Hostage,'”

That is not a real person about to have his head cut off be aware. A photoshop image extracted, copied and paste onto another image using photoshop type editing software.

The real and true Saint Nicholas it should be noted FROM that part of the world [the Middle East], an Anatolian.

"Merry Christmas you Infidels!". Those being however the true sentiments of those ISIL adherents, very hateful!!



This is coolbert:

"WHY IT'S CALLED SHERIDAN ROAD" (or how the general saved Chicago)

From the article in the Chicago Tribune "CHICAGO FLASHBACK" by Professor Ron Grossman.

Little Phil. Phil Sheridan, famous general from the time of the American Civil War and whose destiny seemed to be inextricably linked to the city of Chicago.

 The Battle of Cedar Creek. Victory from the jaws of defeat as they say.

AND those Chicago Tribune headlines from one hundred fifty years ago:



"Gen. Sheridan Defeats Longstreet, and Captures 43 Guns."


"Full Official Dispatch from General Sheridan."

"Full Notes of Wednesday's Battle."

"Sheridan's a Appearance Saves the Day and the Army."

"To Chicagoans scrambling to catch a bus at Belmont Avenue and Sheridan Road, the statue of a man on a horse probably fades into the urban blur of their daily commute. The busy corner doesn't lend itself to pondering questions at the intersection of art and history. Like why the name on the statue, 'Sheridan', is also that of the nearby street. Or why Sheridan Road runs 20 miles north to the former site of Fort Sheridan; a military base set amid the bucolic North Shore suburbs that closed in 1993."

Phil Sheridan in the famous photo as taken by Matthew Brady. Phil was only 33 years old at the time. A most courageous commander who led with panache', able to assume a personae and use theatrics as a leadership style to inspire those troops under his command. Quite often described as a man of diminutive stature. But then too so was Napoleon.

And thank you Professor Grossman. Well done.


Friday, December 19, 2014


This is coolbert:

An American military man behaving badly?

First accused, then charged, now having made the first court appearance.

And innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, at least by American standards.

"They are young, they are aggressive, they drink a lot!"

1. "US refuses to hand over marine accused of killing transgender Filipino"

"Joseph Pemberton currently held at US military base in Philippines US embassy says position is in line with bilateral forces agreement"

"The United States embassy in Manila has turned down a request from Philippine authorities to hand over a marine accused of the killing of a transgender Filipino, a move that could spark anti-American protest in the former US colony."

2. "US marine charged with killing Filipino transgender woman"

"Joseph Pemberton faces 20 years in jail if found guilty of murder of Jennifer Laude in case that has fanned anti-US sentiment"

"Prosecutors in the Philippines have filed murder charges against a US marine accused of killing a Filipino transgender woman in a case that has fanned anti-American sentiment."

3. "Marine in Philippine transgender murder case makes first court appearance"

"A United States Marine accused of killing a transgender Filipino appeared in court for the first time on Friday, as his lawyers sought the suspension of the trial, in a case that could test the strength of security ties between the two allies."

Mr. Pemberton faces the camera in this image. This man is in serious trouble.

Mr. Pemberton having met a met a person HE OBVIOUSLY THOUGHT WAS A WOMAN. MR. PEMBERTON HOPING FOR A ROMANTIC INTERLUDE BUT MUCH TO HIS DISMAY QUICKLY FINDING OUT THAT LAUDE HAD ORIGINALLY BEEN A HE! Mr. Pemberton then responding in an emotional and violent manner. That is how I see it.


Thursday, December 18, 2014


This is coolbert:

Those American advisers in Iraq now in mortal combat with ISIL elements. That first encounter having gone to the advantage of U.S. forces.

"ISIS Attacks American Base In Iraq In First Ever Clash With U.S. Troops"

"American troops in Iraq had their first actual battle with ISIS troops after the Islamist militants tried to overrun a base, an encounter that left the ISIS troops decimated and in retreat. The attack took place near the Ein al-Asad base, which includes close to 100 U.S. military advisers. The U.S. troops, armed with 'light and medium weapons,' and were able to inflict casualties against the ISIS fighters, forcing them to retreat, Shafaq News reported. The American troops were also aided by fighter jets, which directed air strikes against the ISIS troops that 'silenced their heavy sources of fire.'"

That word decimate normally meaning one-in-ten but meaning much more than that within the military context.

Advisers armed with only "light and medium weapons" but presumably able to call on national assets if required. An AC-130 for instance.