Saturday, August 29, 2015

Prince Albert II.

This is coolbert:

From the Sheldon Adelson Internet web site Israel Hayom a headline and story that is somewhat misleading:

"Monaco seeks forgiveness for deporting Jews during WWII"

"Seven decades after the Holocaust, Monaco's Prince Albert II makes first clear public apology for Monaco's role in Jewish suffering: 'We committed the irreparable in handing over women, men and a child who had taken refuge with us.'"

"In an unprecedented gesture of repentance, Monaco's Prince Albert II apologized Thursday for his country's role in deporting Jews to Nazi camps, seven decades after police rounded up scores of people from the seaside principality, including those who had sought refuge from the Holocaust in what they thought was a safe and neutral land."


Vichy France at the behest of the Nazi and NOT the principality rounded up and deported the Jewish population of Monaco.

Prince Rainier, the father of Albert, having served with Free French Exterior [FFE] during the Second World War, additionally as a French liaison officer with the U.S. Army 36th Division [TXARNG] during the Italian campaign.

Understand Monaco a principality and not a democracy with the ruler the sole governance making all the decisions.



Chilly & Chili.

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That word "Chilly" in American English  meaning somewhat cold to the bare flesh. "Chili" in American English that food a mix of beef, beans, tomato and hot chili sauce or powder.

The Indian Army during counter-terrorism operations using "chili" grenades as an adjunct to conventional tear gas.

"Army used ‘chilly grenades’ to flush out Pak terrorist Sajjad Ahmed from a cave"

"The 22-year-old [Sajjid] was one of the five terrorists who had crossed over from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and hid in the cave after army detected the infiltration and was hunting for them in Rafiabad area of Kashmir."

"He [Sajjid] panicked and begged for mercy after army commandos fired ‘chilly grenades’ and teargas shells into a cave to flush out the terrorists who were holed up there since last night."

. . . .

"After sometime, troops entered the cave and found Sajjad weeping bitterly — one because of panic and secondly because of the effect of chilly grenades."

Regarding the "chili" grenade some further clarification.

Info on the Chili grenade:

"GAUHATI, India – The Indian military has a new weapon against terrorism: the world's hottest chili. After conducting tests, the military has decided to use the thumb-sized 'bhut jolokia' . . . to make tear gas-like hand grenades to immobilize suspects . . . It has more than 1,000,000 Scoville units, the [un]scientific measurement of a chili's spiciness. Classic Tabasco sauce ranges from 2,500 to 5,000 Scoville units, while jalapeno peppers measure anywhere from 2,500 to 8,000 [Scoville units]."

It hurts and it is supposed to hurt. Just ask Sajjad!!


QC Submarine.

This is coolbert:

From Strategy Page an update and further clarification regarding the recent problems as encountered by the American Virginia class submarine. My emphasis in all cases:

"Submarines: Yet Another Construction Failure"

"August 20, 2015: The U.S. Navy continues having problems with quality control (QC), or, rather, the lack of it. The latest incident was revealed on August 5th when the navy ordered its three most recently built Virginia class subs to restrict their operations until ten suspect (of being substandard) sections of pipe can be inspected and, if necessary, replaced. There are another 40 of these components in subs under construction but taking care of those won’t delay submarine operations."

"The QC problem has been getting worse since the 1980s and one 2009 incident became widely known. In this instance a welder at the Quonset Point (Rhode Island) shipyard performed substandard welds that were not caught immediately by the quality control system. These welds were not in critical areas but at least one sub already in service was involved."

"Earlier in 2009 a weld inspector at the Newport News shipyard was found to be falsifying the inspection of welding jobs on four Virginia class submarines and a Nimitz class carrier. Some 10,000 welds had to be re-inspected, as these are how many the now dismissed inspector handled in four years on the job. Each Virginia class sub has about 300,000 welds that have to be inspected. Normally, only a few will fail inspection and have to be redone. A few defective welds can cause the loss of a submarine, or serious damage aboard a carrier."


That USS Thresher from decades ago lost and it is thought gone to the bottom because of a pipe-joint incorrectly silver-soldered. That pipe-joint having passed through it sea water under pressure. A failing joint spraying sea water on vital electronic and electrical components, the submarine unable to recover from damage fast enough. SINCE THAT TIME OF THE THRESHER SUCH PIPE JOINTS NOW WELDED. [for whatever good that does if the joints defectively welded!!!]

Keep in mind the modern nuclear powered submarine the MOST COMPLICATED THING MADE BY MAN!! Piping of whatever sort and joints I might assume also hidden from view in the aftermath of completion and launching. Inspection not easy to perform after the fact. A whole lot of the sub must be taken apart to get at each of those joints? Of this I am not sure but have a sneaking suspicion it is so!!


Friday, August 28, 2015


This is coolbert:

Further info on the purported poison gas attacks. ISIL employing WMD and doing so with captured munitions?

1. "Pentagon: Tests show mustard gas on rounds fired by Islamic State against Kurds"

2. "Hybrid warfare used by Islamic State fighters is nothing new"

"The hybrid force of bandits, regular soldiers, and unregulated fighters used tactics ranging from fixed battle, roadside ambush and stolen military equipment to wreak havoc on the government’s army."
. . . .

"Militaries, including our own [United States], have been trying to come to grips with the hybrid threat ever since. It’s one thing to defend against columns of Soviet tanks ready to pour through the Fulda Gap, as was the case during the Cold War. But the mashup between a conventional maneuver army and guerrilla tactics is far more vexing for military planners":

"In June 2014, Islamic State gained access to hundreds of tons of potentially deadly poisons, including mustard gas and sarin, when it occupied the al Muthanna facility 60 miles north of Baghdad, according to the threat tactics report."

HEY, what is going on here? Saddam according to all the reports did not have WMD capacity. Other than Bunker 41 and the out-of-action rockets supposedly there was NO WMD in all of Iraq. So how is this "hundreds of tons" escape detection?

David Galula the French military theoretician would also whole-heartedly agree the modern conventional army has a difficult time fighting the unconventional military. See also the concepts of the "Three Block War" and the "Strategic corporal".


Santísima Trinidad.

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"Who wants to live forever?"

From that previous blog entry:

"Even the submarine crews, despite benefiting from a recent upgrade, need at least 190 days of immersion practice and in 2014 only spent 19 hours submerged. A similar situation is faced by the four destroyers: Almirante Brown, Heroina, La Argentina and Sarandí, they don’t have any weaponry."

NO weapons and NO training, and that is for those ships still afloat. Consider also the case of the destroyer ARA Santisima Trinidad:

"ARA Santísima Trinidad was a Type 42 destroyer of the Argentine Navy, the only destroyer of her class built outside Britain. She participated in the 1982 Falklands War. The warship is currently . . . lying on her side, sunk at her moorings in the Argentine naval base of Puerto Belgrano."

Santísima Trinidad in better days.

"Since 2004, Santísima Trinidad is listed as 'in reserve awaiting overhaul', but it was expected that the navy would formally decommission her. There were projects in the Argentine congress calling for Santísima Trinidad to be converted into a museum ship."

"On 21 January 2013, Santísima Trinidad suffered a broken valve which resulted in the flooding of several compartments. The flooding was beyond the capacity of the pumps and the crew was evacuated. The ship took on a 50-degree list and sank at her moorings. Decisions are yet to be made on re-floating the vessel.

Santísima Trinidad as is now and since 2013. Capsized moored at dock. Never righted. This image reminds me of what you would have seen at Pearl Harbor on 8 December 1941.

Argentinean naval capability next to zero? Is that what we are to make of all this?



Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fuerzas Armadas Argentina.

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From a British Internet web site defense journal a less than sanguine appraisal of the Argentinean military.

"sanguine  - -  adjective 1. cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident"

"Argentine military capability almost all gone"

"After a significant period of decline, the Argentine armed forces have ceased to be a capable military force. In August 2015, the Argentine air force retired its Mirage fighters, with only a handful of them even flyable."

"Even the submarine crews, despite benefiting from a recent upgrade, need at least 190 days of immersion practice and in 2014 only spent 19 hours submerged. A similar situation is faced by the four destroyers: Almirante Brown, Heroina, La Argentina and Sarandí, they don’t have any weaponry."

"The Argentine Army has deployed on operations without some of even the most basic equipment and rarely has the resources for training."

"The Argentine Air Force largely consists of a collection of obsolete aircraft mostly dating back to the 1970’s, which are frequently grounded due to poor serviceability. They’re now even getting rid of their only semi-capable fighter aircraft."

This appraisal obviously with regard to any danger as posed to the Falkland Islands. THE ARGENTINEAN NO LONGER HAVING AN OFFENSIVE CAPACITY POSING A THREAT TO BRITISH DOMINION OF THE DISPUTED ISLANDS.

Even the recent purchase of Su-24 fighter-bomber warplanes from Russian of dubious usefulness. Those Fencer aircraft having a bad habit of crashing. NOT BRAND NEW EITHER.

See previous blog entries that Russia-Argentina connection:


WW2 Treasure?

This is coolbert:

“But Nature granted to gold and silver no function with which we cannot easily dispense. Human folly has made them precious because they are rare. In contrast, Nature, like a most indulgent mother, has placed her best gifts out in the open, like air, water and the earth itself; vain and unprofitable things she has hidden away in remote places.” - - Thomas More.

From CNN:

Remote and hidden places!

"Have treasure hunters found missing Nazi train stuffed with gold?"

"A Pole and a German say they've found a train containing Nazi treasure worth over $1 million, official says"

 "The pair won't reveal the train's location unless they're guaranteed 10% of the treasure's value. The train allegedly went missing at the end of World War II"

"(CNN) Could two treasure hunters have found a legendary Nazi train packed with gold that vanished 70 years ago?"

. . . .

"Now two people, a German and a Pole, say they have found a 490-foot (150-meter) train they claim contains Nazi treasure that could be worth 'well over a million dollars,'"

Lot of this stuff out there from the era of WW2. To include:

* Yamashita's Gold.

* Rommel's Gold.

* Mittenwald Gold.

* Awa Maru treasure ship.

"Vain and unprofitable things" but that which so greatly desired and sought after by mankind and always will be.