Thursday, November 27, 2014


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From Freeper, The New York Times, and the article by Daniel Clark 

The American invasion of Iraq, 2003, as announced in large measure to remove the WMD threat of chemical weapons, that threat even in hindsight so severe as had been expected.

"Gone With The WMD: Recalling the fleeting facts about Iraq"

"The October 14th New York Times story revealing a stockpile of 5,000 chemical weapons in Iraq was not news."

. . . .

"We’re told that all of the al-Muthanna weapons are too badly degraded to pose a threat"

"In addition to those weapons Saddam had declared, hundreds of his undeclared WMDs have been found scattered throughout the country in small numbers."

"Regardless of the weapons’ condition, Saddam’s failure to declare them constituted a material breach of UN Resolution 1441"

"It’s not that no WMDs created since 1991 have been found, it’s just that they’ve been in small enough numbers that the Duelfer Report found them not to be 'militarily significant'”

Saddam possessing chemical munitions as of 2003 but those weapons:

* Insignificant numbers.
* Degraded.
* Scattered.

Key Points:

• "During the Iraq war, 17 American service members found aging chemical weapons abandoned years earlier."

• "These weapons were not part of an active arsenal."

• "Troops who were exposed received inadequate care."

• "Munitions are unaccounted for in areas of Iraq now under control of ISIS."

• "In response to this investigation, the Pentagon acknowledged that more than 600 troops reported chemical exposure, but it failed to recognize the scope or offer adequate treatment."

• "The Pentagon also said it would reconsider Purple Hearts for those exposed."

Rockets containing degraded mustard agent as captured by ISIL numbering about 2,500 rockets still containing toxic and dangerous chemicals. MUSTARD agent degraded but those chemicals contained within the rockets still posing a degree of lethality.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

95th Brigade.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark.

NO! Raiders of Zhitomir! 95th Brigade.

In a war fought primarily or predominantly so by PROXY forces here we have an instance of Ukrainian national army troops demonstrating an admirable fighting ability.

Proxy forces those irregular battalions multitudes as of which deployed by the Ukrainian in opposition to the Russian separatist movement.

That 95th Ukrainian airborne brigade as described rated best in the world by the American military expert Phillip Karber. Best brigade of its kind!

Mr. Karber a professor at Georgetown and by reputation a defense strategist.

"UKRAINE: American military expert considers paratroopers of Zhytomyr to be the best in the world"

"The 95th independent airborne brigade, led by their commander, Mykhailo Zabrodskyi, conducted the longest raid in military history." 

“Mykhailo Zabrodskyi and his 95th brigade became a part of military history at the beginning of August. They broke through the separatists’ line of defence, completed a march all the way to Mariupol, and made their way back along the border, destroying several Russian artillery battalions along the way, collecting for themselves their weapons and equipment. These battalions were located on the Ukrainian side of the border. They passed Russian tanks all the way to Luhansk itself, and then they returned to Sloviansk. That’s what makes this raid the longest raid in the military history of the world of an armed formation,”

"the 95th brigade is the best brigade of its kind in the entire world. 'In my opinion, they are the most successful Ukrainian brigade, even having served with the American servicemen in the near East,'" Phillip Karber.


Hood & Gonen.

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That Confederate General in command of the secessionist forces at the Battle of Franklin John Bell Hood:

"John Bell Hood . . . was a Confederate general during the American Civil War. Hood had a reputation for bravery and aggressiveness that sometimes bordered on recklessness. Arguably one of the best brigade and division commanders in the Confederate States Army, Hood became increasingly ineffective as he was promoted to lead larger, independent commands late in the war, and his career was marred by his decisive defeats leading an army in the Atlanta Campaign and the Franklin-Nashville Campaign."

Hood a Texan and undoubtedly a man of the highest degree of physical courage imaginable. During the American Civil War the man lost both an arm and a leg but continued to serve directing his troops with continued and remarkable valor.

Hood too successful in commanding lower echelons of command but not so successful when in charge of units at higher echelons. Good as a brigade or divisional commander but not well as an army commander.

And his entire career marred and most significantly so by the debacle at Franklin.

Again, only at Franklin did a Confederate army during the entire episode of the American Civil War leave the battlefield in a state of rout and disarray.

There is a modern counter-part to John Bell Hood? The Israeli general officer Shmuel Gonen. GORODISH in the familiar form to his Israeli officer colleagues. Gonen also a man of undisputed bravery, wounded five times no less in the Israeli War of Independence.

The hard luck general officer also successful when in command of lesser formations but not doing so well when in command of major formations. Excessive Israeli casualties in the Yom Kippur/Ramadan War of 1973 and lackluster performance of the IDF attributed to Gonen.

In memoriam to John Bell Hood much verse and lyrics devoted to the man:

Stephen Vincent Benét's

    "Yellow-haired Hood with his wounds and his empty sleeve,
    Leading his Texans, a Viking shape of a man,
    With the thrust and lack of craft of a berserk sword,
    All lion, none of the fox.
                 When he supersedes
    Joe Johnston, he is lost, and his army with him,
    But he could lead forlorn hopes with the ghost of Ney.
    His bigboned Texans follow him into the mist.
    Who follows them?"

Private Sam Watkins

    "But the half of brave Hood's body molders here.
    The rest was lost in honor's bold career.
    Though fame and limbs he scattered all around;
    Yet still though mangled was with glory crowned.
    For ever ready with his blood to part,
    War left him nothing whole, except his heart."

Bell I. Wiley

    "My feet are torn and bloody,
    My heart is full of woe,
    I'm going back to Georgia
    To find my uncle Joe [Johnston].
    You may talk about your Beauregard,
    You may sing of Bobby Lee,
    But the gallant Hood of Texas
    He played hell in Tennessee."

Gonen also the subject of dramatic presentation subsequent to the 1973 war, the man and his behavior during the war continuing to be a subject of intense discussion.

Both men living the remainder of their lives in the aftermath of their military careers having the proverbial "cloud" hanging over their heads. And both never redeemed. Both also dying premature deaths unable to recover from what was perceived as battlefield failure.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fort Sam.

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Further info on the man who crashed his car while attempting to enter Fort Sam Houston base, San Antonio.

NO weapons, NO explosives.

The young man a Saudi national however, a student.

The investigation continues?

"College student detained in Fort Sam Houston lockdown, had no explosives in car"

"SAN ANTONIO — Officials with Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston have released a 'local' college student who was detained Sunday following a lockdown there."

Local as a Saudi national attending college in the area.

"The base was put on heightened security measures Sunday and went into lockdown for four hours because of a suspicious vehicle 'that attempted to access the installation without appropriate credentials'"

NO explosives and NO weapons but that auto by itself in the wrong hands representing a weapon! The soldiers in Canada and England both run over first before being killed.


Monday, November 24, 2014


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Thanks to Freeper and from only today this has the potential to be very big.

Fort Sam Houston San Antonio Texas.

"Saudi National Reportedly Crashes Car Containing Explosives Into US Army Post Fort Sam Houston"

"A driver who rammed his car into the gates of U.S. Army post Fort Sam Houston in Texas is in custody after the ordeal on Sunday. Police have not provided much information about the situation or the suspect, but the military base, which had been placed under lockdown, has returned to normal operations."

The instantaneous response is that this is the "Lone Wolf" jihadi assassin or a person operating under the auspices of ISIL. The infiltrator, the illegal alien border crosser bent on terrorism.

As we speak no further details available.


Sherman & Franklin.

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From the New York Times you need to read the whole article.

The historical account of Sherman's March to Savannah by the sea continuously under investigation and a consensus having been gaining ground as to the actions of the Army of the West during the advance across Georgia.

"150 Years Later, Wrestling With a Revised View of Sherman’s March"

Hard YES, cruel NOT!

"Sherman’s plan for the systematic obliteration in late 1864 of the South’s war machine, including its transportation network and factories, was destructive but not gratuitously destructive. Instead, those experts contend, the strategy was an effective and legal application of the general’s authority and the hard-edged masterstroke necessary to break the Confederacy."

And has been the observation of Colonel Austin Bay:

"Remaining in Atlanta also entailed serious danger. For supplies, Sherman's troops depended on the single rail line connecting Atlanta to Chattanooga. On a daily basis, Confederate cavalry under Nathaniel Bedford Forrest snapped Union telegraph lines and ripped up railroad track. If Sherman tried to winter in the city, his army might starve."

That danger to the Union supply lines most exemplified by the Battle of Franklin. That Confederate army of John Bell Hood pursuing a retreating Yankee army into Tennessee with the intention of capturing Nashville and making the supply situation for Sherman EVEN THAT MORE ACUTE!!

Franklin from one hundred and fifty years ago now resulting in catastrophic secessionist defeat, THE ONLY TIME DURING THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR WHEN THE TROOPS OF THE CONFEDERACY LEFT THE BATTLEFIELD IN ROUT AND DISARRAY!!



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Reducing the quantity of nuclear warheads over a period of decades those absolute numbers steadily declining while at the same time MAKING THOSE REMAINING ATOMIC MUNITIONS MORE EFFECTIVE not really provocative or confrontational?
"US nuclear upgrade may ‘provoke nuclear confrontation’ with Russia"

"The US decision to spend billions of dollars to upgrade its nuclear forces may 'provoke a nuclear confrontation' with Russia"

"Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Friday announced that the Pentagon will increase spending on the management of the US nuclear arsenal by about 10 percent a year for the next five years.
The US nuclear weapons forces already cost over $15 billion annually."

And it is not like since the end of the Soviet Union that the Russian has stood still with regard to making more effective THEIR nuclear strike force.

That total annual cost and expenditure for the U.S. nuclear weapons force including all aspects of the munitions, including dismantling and storage of the radioactive material subsequent to removal from a warhead. So is my understanding.

But a news nuclear arms race as a consequence of the Pentagon decision? NO!