Friday, February 22, 2019


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"incapacitate the enemy by attacking the central nervous system or damaging internal organs."

Directed energy weapon Russian style.

Devoted readers to the blog please be fully aware I am almost sorry for having come across this item and am posting. Thanks also to Forbes.

Yet one more TOP SECRET Russian weapon of awesome power and effectiveness for which there is no known defense?

"Are We Ready for the Russian Zombie Gun?"

"Strange, alarming, morbidly intriguing -- any or all of those would serve to describe the newly announced 'Zombie Gun' that Russian president Vladimir Putin plans to use 'for achieving political and strategic goals' (his words, as quoted from the UK Mail Online)"


Directed energy weaponry [microwave] is in use even now as we speak for crowd control. Does not maim or kill but can make a person very uncomfortable.

"You can't say civilization don't advance, however, for in every war they kill you in a new way. ~Will Rogers"

Will was right, wasn't he!


Thursday, February 21, 2019


This is coolbert:

From the Wall Street Journal a book review.

"Books Bookshelf"

"‘Long Shot’ Review: Triggering a Revolution"

"A memoir by an Iranian deserter [Azad Cudi] turned Kurdish sniper who picked off 250 Islamic State fighters during the battle of Kobani."

"He fought with great distinction. In the city of Kobani, site in 2014-15 of what may be remembered as the battle that arrested Islamic State’s expansion, he spent months punching holes in the walls of abandoned houses so he could peek out and shoot ISIS fighters in nearby buildings. He killed about 250 of them in total, he says. The number is high but plausible."

"The number is high but plausible." YES! Consider the great snipers of the World War Two era. The Russian Zaitsev or the Finn Hayha. Three-hundred plus kills in the case of the former and five-hundred plus kills in the case of the latter!!

Azad by his own description wielding a Soviet SVD sniper rifle of rather ancient vintage [sixty years old design] but still very deadly!

It is not the gun itself but the man behind the gun that counts! Always has been and always will be.


Wednesday, February 20, 2019


This is coolbert:

And what would Von Moltke the Elder have to say about all this?

"Germany’s soldiers of misfortune"

"The once mighty Bundeswehr is looking increasingly threadbare."

"BERLIN — Fighter jets and helicopters that don’t fly. Ships and submarines that can’t sail. Severe shortages of everything from ammunition to underwear."

. . . .

"Once one of the fiercest (and most brutal) fighting forces on earth, today’s German army increasingly looks more like a volunteer fire department — last month, mountain troops were dispatched to shovel snow from roofs in Bavaria — than a modern military machine."


See recent blog entries the topic of which is German military unpreparedness:

    "Wir. Dienen. Deutschland."

With what I am not sure.



This is coolbert:

Consider this more of a BASH issue? Danger to aircraft landing and taking off.

Thanks to the Russian controlled [?] media outlet Russian Times [RT].

"US Army declares war on Russian… weeds"

"The US Army Corps of Engineers considers 'Russian' weeds such a problem in the Pacific Northwest, it is seeking a contractor willing to clear them from an airbase and a training range near Seattle, Washington."

"To get rid of the dastardly Russian thistle, Russian olive, Dalmatian toadflax and other 'invasive' plants, the Army is looking for a small business with $7.5 million in average annual receipts, and fully licensed by the state department of agriculture as a pesticide applicator."

BASH = Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard.

1. Invasive species a greater threat to the environment than so-called man-made global warming.

2. Invasive species such as Russian thistle producing a prodigious multitude of seeds. Seeds that attract large flocks of migrating birds. Migrating birds in flocks that in the vicinity of an airfield pose a definite BASH danger to aircraft.

3. Joint military base Lewis-McChord having a lot of aircraft take-off and landings and also in close proximity to the civilian Sea-Tac international airport. BASH mitigation surely a must!


Tuesday, February 19, 2019


This is coolbert:

More material from the Internet web site of Archbishop Cranmer.

Once again the topic the Great War [WW1]. Personal comments and an appreciation of events from that period and the aftermath. All thanks to His Grace.

"Meditation and Reflection"

"Armistice 100: They shall not grow old…"

Read the whole article. And as extracted in entirety the last two paragraphs of special interest.

"Some carp that World War I was a national tragedy – a whole generation of our brightest and best lie buried somewhere on the long, long trail of trenches from Ypres to the Somme. Lions led by donkeys, they say, left hanging on the old barbed wire for vacuous notions of nationalism and crass pseudo-patriotism. Don’t believe them. That is the black and white caricature of futility. Don’t dignify their monochrome cynicism or prettify their one-dimensional pessimism with a second thought. Just be silent and perfectly still. Take time to study a coloured image of their joyous witness, and give thanks that that each and every one of them gave all their yesterdays so that we might have today, and our children and grandchildren can revel in a thousand tomorrows."

Click on image to see an enlarged view.

"We live in colour because they died in black and white. And now that we can see them in hues of green and red, our judgment shows itself in a thousand greys of futility. Be not deceived: they did not die in vain; war is not futile. They are not here so that we might be; and in that being is their infinite and everlasting worth. We will remember them."

Within  context see a previous blog entry the pro and con, the Great War, was it worth it.



This is coolbert:

His Grace would not be pleased?

From the Internet web site of Archbishop Cranmer we have this item of interest. A heritage the topic of which is the Great War [WW1].

But not so totally inclusive?

"Worcester Cathedral hosts heritage event – Methodists not welcome"

"On 4th December [2018] Worcester Cathedral is hosting an educational heritage event"

"In line with the 2018 commemoration of the end of the First World War, Worcester Cathedral Education Department is holding ‘The Great War: Then and Now,’ a lecture and tour event on Tuesday 4th December. This afternoon event will include a talk entitled ‘Armistice and After: The Consequences of the Great War for Europe and Beyond,’ a lecture on the poetry of the trenches, and an introduction to a new Cathedral audio tour based around the theme of war poetry. This will be followed by a special tour of the cloister windows of remembrance. Tea and coffee will be provided."

As to why those of the Methodist faith not allowed you need to read the entire entry.

This is the type of remembrance and heritage event, a history course in miniature so to speak, those undergraduates at Stanford University need to attend?

Indeed, material for blog entries can be found at the most unusual places.


Monday, February 18, 2019


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I highly recommend these You Tube video and do so without qualification or reservation.

The "BAE Systems" video the construction of an Astute class British RN nuclear attack submarine.

"Combat Approved" Part one and two courtesy the controlled [?] Russian media Russian Times.

More than anything else I guess emphasis on the infrastructure first to build a modern nuclear attack submarine. Enormous. A dedicated facility just required for fabrication.

Even beyond that consider the infrastructure and process required for retrofitting and refit, periodically, as part of the vessels normal life expectancy.

"Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems."

"Refitting or refit of boats includes repairing, fixing, restoring, renewing, mending, and renovating an old vessel"

These nuclear attack submarines currently the most complicated thing made by man. The process of decommissioning and dismantling such a vessel also a dangerous, laborious, expensive and time-consuming process. Especially with regard to proper disposal of the atomic reactor.



Saturday, February 16, 2019


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As extracted from the latest version of the DEBKAfile newsletter an item of interest

"Tehran’s planned two-border offensive prompts Israeli attack on Al Qods and Hizballah at Quneitra" 

Al Qods Iranian Revolutionary Guard personnel!

"Iran’s Al Qods and intelligence personnel and their subsidiary Shiite militias, chiefly Hizballah, are embedded in Syrian command posts opposite the Israel Golan, clad in Syrian army uniforms."


With a response from an acknowledged authority:

"Military uniforms lend credence to claims of being part of a recognizable military force and thus entitled to the more expansive protections given captured soldiers over armed or unarmed civilians. It is in the Geneva Conventions. However, wearing the uniform of one country while still a citizen of another that is not officially involved, and if receiving more pay than locals in that army, could be evidence of  'mercenary' activity, making one subject to war crimes or common criminal charges. It is too complex to parse and explain, absent more details to limit the allegations of mercenary versus armed civilian versus regular military forces."

Generally speaking with nuances too complex to easily explain the Iranian and Hezbollah personnel wearing a Syrian army uniform do receive Geneva Convention protections!


Friday, February 15, 2019

B & F.

This is coolbert:

B and F = Bridge and fort.

I recommend highly and without qualification or reservation these two short You Tube video.

Roman engineering techniques highly advanced for the time. Only the Chinese military during the same historical period was as good [if not better]?

Roman bridges, roads, forts, etc. A show of force and a scare tactic even without combat having been waged? The barbarians in awe at the ability of the Roman? Roads for instance constructed in a manner as straight as possible, nature and the lay of the land be damned!

I was aware of this bridge as built by the legions under the command of Caesar but had only thought of the structure as less than permanent. More of a pontoon-type river crossing military expedient. This is obviously not true. The same bridge could not be built in ten days using the same tools available the Romans? No! The Amish people of USA alone among moderns would have been able to replicate the feat! Bridge infrastructure embedded to protect pilings and piers from debris floating downstream. Caesar campaigning for only a short time on the far side of the Rhine and then withdrawing in good order, destroying the bridge behind him. Again that bridge primarily [?] a means to intimidate the barbarian German.

The Roman soldier among many things a construction worker. Building of such forts good training and physical development. A person during that time period TWICE as strong pound for pound as a modern human. Persons of the period used to hard physical labor very taxing. Such forts the construction of which having a lot of fore thought aspects of design conducive to a successful defense. During the siege of Alesia Caesar having to fight in two directions simultaneously, moat and wall with towers facing both inward and outward. Such construction also a clear and intimidating  message to the barbarian locals that Rome was here to stay and you had better get used to it.



This is coolbert:

More lessons learned COIN! Indian style! Counter-insurgency [COIN] Punjab.

Additionally thanks to the South Asian Terrorism Portal [SATP] and the article by K. P. S. Gill.

The Punjab Campaign again! According to K.P.S. Gill:

"The movement [Sikh separatists] for the creation of Khalistan was one of the most virulent terrorist campaigns in the world. Launched in the early 1980s by a group of bigots who discovered their justification in a perversion of the Sikh religious identity, and supported by a gaggle of political opportunists both within the country and abroad, this movement had consumed 21,469 lives before it was comprehensively defeated in 1993."

"Endgame In Punjab: 1988-1993"


"Specifically, the problems that required immediate redress, and the steps taken to tackle them – albeit gradually, and in a process that was often frustrated by the lack of means and support from the political leadership – included"

i. "Inadequacy of the police stations to react to terrorist violence on their own"

ii. "Extremely unfavorable ratio of operational to static and non-productive force in manpower utilization"

iii. "Infiltration of the police by elements sympathetic to the terrorist cause, and deep communal divisions within and between various police and para-military units"

iv. "Near-complete absence of systematic intelligence gathering and analysis"

v. "Absence of a coherent strategy of response to terrorist activity"

vi. "The failure of police leadership"

Once more, those security forces [SF's] of India probably the most proficient and adept in the entire world at COIN. Lots of experience with a well thought out methodology, results speaking for themselves.



This is coolbert:

Lessons learned COIN! Indian style! The Punjab counter-insurgency [COIN].

Courtesy the South Asian Terrorism Portal [SATP] and the article by Anant Mathur

As described by the counter-insurgency expert K. P. S. Gill:

"The movement [Sikh separatists] for the creation of Khalistan was one of the most virulent terrorist campaigns in the world. Launched in the early 1980s by a group of bigots who discovered their justification in a perversion of the Sikh religious identity, and supported by a gaggle of political opportunists both within the country and abroad, this movement had consumed 21,469 lives before it was comprehensively defeated in 1993"

"Secrets of COIN Success Lessons from the Punjab Campaign"

"The Punjab campaign stands out among the most  recent, successful and victorious COIN  campaigns in the world. This was largely made possible by a coherent grand strategy and tactical innovations on the ground. This campaign provides interesting lessons that are applicable to all COIN [counter-insurgency]campaigns."

* "First, the importance of promoting an anti-insurgency leader needs greater emphasis than observed in available COIN theories."

* "Secondly, it is essential that Governments must demonstrate the resolve for a political solution of the conflict only from a position of strength."

* "Thirdly, election of insurgents for constitutional posts creates even bigger problems for the COIN campaign."

* Fourthly, COIN campaigns are inherently labour intensive.

* "Fifthly, cutting-edge technology has a limited role to play in COIN campaigns."

* "Sixthly, the insurgency’s sympathizers in the SFs [security forces] should be handled sensitively."

* "Seventh, the COIN campaign should focus on the leaders and ideologues of the insurgency."

* "Eighth, external help to the insurgency must be stifled using all instruments of state power."

* "Lastly, the campaign must develop specific measures of effectiveness to gauge the level of popular support."

The security forces [SF's] of India more experienced and adept at COIN operations beyond that of any other nation on the planet. 

The Punjab Campaign just one example among many!


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

J & K.

This is coolbert:

Lessons learned COIN! Counter-insurgency, Indian style.

As extracted from the Internet article in the nutshell highlights:


By MAJ Daniel G. Hodermarsky

"With the majority of U.S. Army operations over the past decade focused on counterinsurgency (COIN) operations, there is value in the study of other contemporary campaigns to increase the Army’s depth of understanding.  India has conducted a COIN campaign in Jammu and Kashmir, also referred to as Kashmir, since 1989 . . . Operating in the context of fighting an insurgency on land disputed between two nuclear powers, India has adapted its operational approach over the conflict’s long history. The long-term commitment to the campaign in Jammu and Kashmir offers the U.S. Army a relevant, contemporary case study on COIN operations"

The U.S. Army can draw four lessons from India’s evolving operational approach.

* "First, India’s actions demonstrate that legitimacy cannot be assumed by the COIN force, but is determined by the populace in question."

* "Second, the campaign demonstrates that the military’s goal should be to work itself into the background, and allow the political factors to retain their primacy. "

* "Third, Kashmir also shows that security under the rule of law requires that security forces are held accountable for their actions, and that this process is as transparent as practical."

* "Finally, the COIN efforts in Kashmir serve as another reminder of the long term commitment required in order to be successful."

The image accompanying this blog entry the flag of the principality of Jammu and Kashmir as it was in 1936 during the British Raj.


GPS Jam.

This is coolbert:

Then and now. "In time of peace prepare for war!"

1. "Norway: GPS jamming during NATO drills in 2018 a big concern"

"COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The Norwegian Intelligence Service says GPS [Global Positioning System] signal disruption as seen during major NATO drills in Norway last year 'is of particular concern' for the military and 'is also a threat to civil aviation in peacetime.'”


Furthermore thanks to the Aviationist, currently, right now, as we speak:

2. "Basically, Carrier Strike Group 4 [CSG-4] Is Jamming GPS Across U.S. Southeast Coast"

 "the U.S. Navy’s CSG-4, that 'mentors, trains and assesses Atlantic Fleet combat forces to forward deploy in support and defense of national interests', is currently [Feb. 6 – 10] conducting GPS Interference testing in the East Coast area . . .  GPS could be degraded from Caribbean and Florida north to Pennsylvania west to the eastern Louisiana, while the tests are conducted Feb. 6 – 10, at different hours."

Goals of such deliberate jamming and interference: A. Determine to what degree YOU are able to deny the adversary navigational signals of the GPS variety and do so on-call. B. Determine to what degree YOUR own personnel are able to function without having to resort to navigational signals of the GPS variety.

Does the navy and air force still teach celestial and astral navigation? Does the army still teach map reading and land navigation in the ancient and venerable manner? Compass, pacing, orienteering.


Monday, February 11, 2019


This is coolbert:

OMAK = One Man Army Klein. Artie Klein.

Artie Klein. American war hero from the era of the Second World War [WW2], his superior performance in combat not being justifiably recognized.


Now inter-service rivalry [?] and squabbling [?] may preclude other brave and courageous men from receiving awards as earned and without question? Thanks to Newsweek Magazine and the article by Sean D. Naylor.

"The Navy SEALs Allegedly Left Behind a Man in Afghanistan. Did They Also Try to Block His Medal of Honor?"

Sabotage? You the devoted reader of the blog have to decide this for yourselves! Read the whole article. Slabinski si, Chapman no?

"Some observers are angry at the Navy for even recommending Slabinski for the award, which they claim was part of a campaign to sabotage the Air Force’s effort on behalf of Chapman. Such a campaign would be unprecedented, according to military awards expert Doug Sterner. 'I cannot think of a single instance in which one branch of service opposed a Medal of Honor [MoH] for another one,' he says."

Not so totally unprecedented however:

From WW2 an instance can be found. OMAK. Artie Klein. The Eniwetok operation. Klein behaved very bravely and the consensus was he should have been awarded the MoH. Was denied and with much speculation that Klein was denied the decoration because he was Jewish. NO! The overall performance of the army unit was considered to be poor. So much so that the Marine ground commander [it was a joint Army/Marine/Navy operation with the Marine general in charge of ground forces] and the Navy admiral [overall commander of the combined task force] decided very early to deny the ENTIRE army regiment ANY decoration. Later it was decided to award SOME decorations to the army regiment and Klein got the Bronze star. Those two senior officers denying the army unit awards at least in the minds of those two commanders was justified and on grounds that might seem quite reasonable to some. AND not because Klein refused the MoH on the grounds of his being Jewish!.

Devoted readers now know the rest of the story and are all so much the better for it too!



This is coolbert:

Kit = Whale. Russian heavy-weight torpedo!

Here is what has the U.S. Navy so very worried? CAT a response to Kit but the former now seen to be ineffective!

Super-heavy weight Type 65 torpedo [Kit]. Soviet/Russian oversize [650 mm] torpedo, wake homing and always dangerous.

"The Type 65 is a torpedo manufactured in the Soviet Union/Russia. It was developed for use against US Navy aircraft carrier battle groups, as well as large merchant targets such as supertankers and advanced enemy submarines. It is now typically fitted to newer Russian vessels"


"Russian officials have stated that a 65-76A modification of this torpedo is responsible for the explosion of the Russian Kursk submarine."

Either a premature thermal battery activation, the hydrogen peroxide fuel self-combustive, a malfunctioning Kit setting off a chain-reaction of catastrophic events leading to the sinking of the Kursk.


Kit dangerous even to the Russian submariner!!


Sunday, February 10, 2019


This is coolbert:

Concluding with a blog entry the source Russian controlled [?] media. Once more also thanks to Jay for the tip.

Paranormal activity Cold War?

"US Spy Plane Pilot Reveals Mysterious Soviet 'Dome of Light' Superweapon"

 "A retired US pilot, who flew a reconnaissance plane during the Cold War, has made a revelation about one of his missions aimed at spying on Soviet ballistic missile launches. Speaking with The Drive, Veteran Air Force pilot Robert Hopkins has revealed that while he was monitoring tests of the Soviet SS-20 Saber intermediate-range ballistic missile, he and his colleague witnessed what he called a 'Dome of Light'."

A "dome of light" for which their is no reasonable scientific explanation? The secret Soviet weapon Cold War?

Some clarification here. SS-20 as seen by NATO military planners as a potential war-winning weapon for the Warsaw Pact alliance. SS-20 developed, tested and fielded totally in SECRET. The existence of the SS-20 only as known and the appreciation of which determined by a combination of intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, surveillance and traditional old-fashioned espionage.

SS-20 as a weapons system an important factor in the negotiation of the INF treaty. That treaty both the USA and Russian now having been abandoned and most recently too!

Space aliens or what? Something much more mundane probably but again, what?

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."



This is coolbert:

Nothing new under the sun? But in the nuclear-age you have to stop and think about things for a while?

More US Navy stuff thanks to Sputnik and the tip from Jay:

"US Admiral Wants To 'Push First' Against Russian Ships - Reports"

"Washington has sent several ships to the Black Sea following an incident in the Kerch Strait, when Russian border patrol boats forcibly stopped several Ukrainian military vessels that had violated the Russian maritime border and refused to follow the patrol's orders. The commander of the US Navy, Admiral John Michael Richardson, has come up with an unexpected suggestion in terms of proactive measures to counter Russia in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, Newsweek reported. When asked at the Atlantic Council in Washington on 6 February about the strategy against 'perceived aggressions' from Russia, Richardson reportedly suggested that instead of responding to Moscow's actions, the US should actually 'push first' in a number of areas."

Traditionally naval commanders at sea and especially during the time of sail always given a great degree of discretion in performing their mission. Threats as perceived or actually as manifesting can be met with force and WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL OF HIGHER COMMAND AUTHORITY communications as slow as it was at the time. Again, delegated authority and independent decision making a must for the naval commander.

As it was in the past so is it now?



This is coolbert:

Here begins a series of blog entries items of interest as seen at controlled [?] media Russian Times and Sputnik. Thanks to the tip from Jay in all instances.

China si, USA no?

1. "Top US Navy admiral slams $500mn railgun project as a ‘case study’ in failed innovation"

 "A $500-million project to develop an American electromagnetic railgun, in the makings for over a decade, should be used as a failed “case study” on how not to develop new weapons systems, a top US admiral has said.


2.  "PHOTOS of Chinese ‘secret railgun’ mounted on ship emerge online"

"The Chinese military may be about to test a railgun at sea. A weapons system of a suitable size has been mounted on one of China’s landing ships, along with several containers of what may be relevant equipment. Photos of the Type 072 III ship ‘Haiyangshan’ of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) with a suspected railgun on its bow were published by Chinese defense watchers on January 31"



Saturday, February 9, 2019


This is coolbert.

You are being watched!

SEMA = Special Electronic Mission Aircraft (SEMA).

"Watching Venezuela? US spy plane spotted above Colombia as Washington fuels anti-Maduro coup"

"A US spy plane has been spotted flying secret missions in Colombia, fueling suspicions that it might be eavesdropping on the neighboring Venezuela, which has been targeted for regime change and attempted coup by Washington."

"A US Army EO-5C reconnaissance aircraft has been spotted by flight-tracking groups . . . The plane, designated as N177RA, appears to be busy flying missions over Colombia."

Civilian version of the EO-5C. Stripped interior then fitted with all manner of electronic warfare suite what they are called. Four-engine U.S. Army military dedicated electronic warfare aircraft of a type I was not aware of. The U.S. Army at one time having more warplanes than the Air Force and more ships than the Navy! Large army warplanes of this type I thought was a thing of the past and also [?] a violation of the 3,000 foot rule [one kilometer]. Times have changed I suppose? Click on image to see an enlarged view.



This is coolbert:

Place this one in the strange but true category?

"Iran’s Newest ‘Homemade’ Drone Is An Unmanned Conversion Of A 1940s American Jet Trainer"

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has a long history of copying U.S.-made aircraft and other weapons that the country received during the previous regime of American ally Mohammad Reza Shah, or transforming them into newish designs, before boasting about them as entirely domestic creations. Now the Iranians have added an early Cold War-era Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star jet trainer-turned-drone to the mix."


Iranian drone UAV the latest and greatest model based on an air frame and engines [?] as was originally part of the American jet trainer aircraft T-33 as designed in those years immediately after World War Two!!

Drone UAV the T-33 without cockpit or pilot instrumentation. The homemade drone nothing more than that!! Reverse-engineered knock-off copy of the T-33 but minus the room for a pilot!

 "A 'knockoff' is a colloquial term which describes products that copy or imitate the physical appearance of other products"


Adequate as needed for tasks as assigned. Quick and dirty and a relatively cheap fix to a problem.

Other military hardware of World War Two ancient vintage still in operation but improved over the original version to include the American Tench class submarines and the even-being-built to this day Chinese Type 035G Ming III submainine an improved knock-off of the German WW2 era Type XXI submersible.


Friday, February 8, 2019


This is coolbert:

We have only just begun??

From the latest edition of the DEBKAfile news letter an item of interest as I did not see covered by any of the main stream media [MSM]:

"US air bombardment of Iranian sites on Syrian-Iraqi border – reprisal for Iran's bid to attack US base in Iraq"

4 February.

"'Multiple Iranian military sites' were struck by US warplanes early Monday, Feb. 3, near Abu Kamal in Deir ez-Zour on the Syrian-Iraqi border,' Syrian sources reported . . . the US was retaliating for the three Iranian missiles, which our sources revealed were primed on Saturday for striking the big US Ain Al Assad air base in Iraqi Anbar. Posted at that base is also a US intelligence station."

"This foiled missile attack demonstrated Tehran's ruthless resolve to drive US forces out of Iraq as well as Syria."


Thursday, February 7, 2019


This is coolbert:

Strictly for medicinal purposes only!! Russian style!!

Wine da, vodka nyet!

1. "Red Wine: Your Next Defense Against Nuclear Radiation?"
"This might just be the best excuse for heavy drinking we’ve ever heard."


"Scientists may start recommending red wine consumption to defend against radiation exposure, the Telegraph reports. The natural antioxidant found in red wine, resveratol, may protect cells from damage."

2. "Red wine 'can protect against radiation'"

"Impending nuclear attack? Then scientists may soon recommend that it is best you start drinking heavily [drinking red wine heavily] and not just because you may be facing oblivion."

"According to the latest research, red wine - along with its many other claimed benefits - may also protect you from radiation exposure."


* Soviet/Russian submariners as crewing a nuclear-powered submarine their exposure to incidental nuclear radiation from a single patrol one-hundred times [100X] greater than that of the American counterpart.

* Consumption of alcohol in some form as a military medicinal prophylactic not so uncommon.

Just remember, red wine and not white. AND no vodka!

к твоему здоровью товарищи!!



This is coolbert:

CAT = Counter-measure Anti-Torpedo. CAT.

Thanks to several sources and in order chronological order Internet articles the topic which is the U.S. Navy anti-torpedo torpedo. Image courtesy of Roy Lichtenstein.

1. "Navy Develops Torpedo Killing Torpedo"

"The Navy has taken its first steps to develop a weapon designed to intercept and destroy guided enemy torpedoes immune to U.S. countermeasures"

2. "The Navy Is Quietly Arming Its Supercarriers With Anti-Torpedo Torpedoes"

"The growing threat of submarine attacks on US carriers is being partially addressed by a close-in weapons system that shoots back at incoming torpedoes."

3. "The Navy Is Ripping Out Underperforming Anti-Torpedo Torpedoes From Its Supercarriers"

"After more than five years of testing, the system still hasn't proven it can reliably spot incoming threats or destroy them."

First the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now gone and all in five years. Back to the drawing board. At least better now than during a future conflict to find the system DOES NOT WORK!!


Wednesday, February 6, 2019


This is coolbert:

CDL = Canal Defense Light.

Within context of a recent blog entry. Nothing new under the sun! Thanks to the article as seen at the Internet web site "Wired".


It might have been the greatest lost weapon of World War II. Major-General JFC Fuller, the man credited with developing modern armored warfare in the 1920s, called failure to use it 'the greatest blunder of the whole war'. He even suggested that British and American tank divisions could have overrun Germany before the Russians – if it had been deployed, that is.

. . . .

"Over three hundred CDLs were built – using Matilda, Churchill and Grant tanks – and might have played a major role after D-Day. But instead, they remained unused. There seem to have been two reasons for this. On the one hand, the power of the CDL was kept extremely secret. 'Even the Generals who should have used it did not know what the tank could do,' . . . And those that had heard of it had trouble believing that a simple flickering light could have any effect."

A Grant tank as equipped with a CDL. Click on image to enlarge. The CDL the vertical slot on the turret. Gun to the left of the CDL a dummy as reported.



This is coolbert:

Is this good or is it bad? That is the question?

"More nations on track to meet NATO's 2% spending goal"

Thanks to UPI and the article by Allen Cone

"Feb. 13 (UPI) -- More than half of NATO members will reach a goal of spending two percent of gross domestic product [GDP] on defense by 2025, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday in Brussels."

"Stoltenberg said 15 of the 29 NATO allies are projected to pay their goal as determined at NATO's 2014 summit in Wales and urged last year by President Donald Trump. All members have increased their spending, he said."


Goal as my understanding of the word as normally, ordinarily and commonly understood something to work toward at the same time also understanding the goal may not be met!

Does any devoted reader to the blog doubt anyone this would have happened if the Trump administration had not made contributions to the alliance an issue? Europeans piqued in an unseemly way but perhaps grudgingly have to admit Don was right all alone?



Tuesday, February 5, 2019


This is coolbert:

From Russian controlled [?] Internet media TASS and Russian Times [RT] more info on the TOP SECRET weaponry for which there is no known defense.

1. "Russian Navy gets new weapon to induce ‘hallucinations’ and ‘blind’ the enemy"

"A new weapon installed on Russian warships can make enemy soldiers miss targets by blinding them, while also causing hallucinations and making them want to vomit."

See from another Internet web site the World War Two history of such a dazzle and blind strobe light combat system.

"Two Russian frigates were fitted with the new non-lethal dazzler-type weapon, the 5P-42 Filin (eagle-owl) . . . The weapon is designed to temporarily blind the enemy."

2. "Poseidon to be able to autonomously avoid any enemy defense systems - source"

"MOSCOW, February 3. /TASS/. The unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) from the oceanic multi-purpose system Poseidon will be able to autonomously skirt any enemy defense systems, which will make it invulnerable with regard to its performance characteristics, a defense industry source told TASS"

See previous blog entry the topic of which was the Poseidon UUV.

3. "Russia starts developing land-based hypersonic missile with intermediate range, says Putin"

"MOSCOW, February 2. /TASS/. President Vladimir Putin has announced the start of works to develop new weapons in Russia due to similar actions of the US, particularly to begin developing a land-based hypersonic missile with intermediate range."

First the land-based cruise missile in violation of the INF treaty. Then the nuclear-powered and unstoppable cruise missile. NOW the hypersonic cruise missile.

Never ending! Is this Russian scare-tactics or real threats? A mixture of both?


3G2 II.

This is coolbert:

Signs! Signs! Everywhere a sign!


3G2 warfare Brazilian style! A threat the new President of Brazil will have to deal with. Street gangs having that correct combination of numbers, weapons, organization and money additionally possessing an incredible degree of ruthlessness! An internal security threat that cannot be ignored!

Courtesy the Internet web site Small Wars Journal and the article by John P. Sullivan, Robert J. Bunker and José de Arimatéia da Cruz.

Brazilian 3G2 gangs destroying or damaging critical infrastructure in an effort to intimidate governmental authority.

"Third Generation Gangs Strategic Note No. 12: Brazilian Prison Gangs Attack Civil Infrastructure in Fortaleza and Other Cities in Ceará State"

"This attack sequence once again not only demonstrates the willingness of criminal gangs individually to directly confront the state in order to maintain territorial control (both in prisons and on the streets) and retain freedom of movement but also collectively ally against it for their mutual benefit via a unified front. Such crime wars are representative of the pressure the liberal democratic order is actively facing from rampant criminality due to a lack of economic opportunities, wholesale disenfranchisement of youth, and corruption eroding state institutions. This dysfunctional mix is increasingly fueling the rise of populism and authoritarianism. Together these factors are a chilling proposition since the confluence of power and profit waged by these ‘third generation gangs (3 GEN Gangs)’ results in what amounts to a ‘criminal insurgency’ as these gangs marshal political and criminal power to wage ‘crime wars’ against the state."

"Don't mess with us. Let us control the prisons and do our work [drug dealing] or else! You are already seeing what can happen! Beware!"

The message from the gangs to the governmental authority crystal clear.


Monday, February 4, 2019

3G2 I.

This is coolbert:

According to the late Colonel David Hackworth the street gang the greatest internal threat to the USA. The street gangs USA having that proper combination of money, organization, weapons, number to pose a significant danger to peace, order and stability. An internal home-grown threat. I might add the street gang USA in addition having a well-deserved reputation for ruthlessness demonstrably so.

The modern street gang in some instances [and not confined strictly Io the USA] now having morphed into what is referred to as Third Generation Gang [3G2].

"morph - - undergo or cause to undergo a gradual process of transformation."

 "Third generation gangs (3G2) are one of the most frightening manifestations of globalization’s potential for 'collateral damage'. These groups go beyond exploiting the seams of state legitimacy and create under-governed spaces that they can then dominate. Existing at the intersection of insurgency and crime, 3G2 are empowered by the globalization’s networks and capable of carving out niche territories in which they stand in as an alternate government."


See an interesting slide show the issue and problem of 3G2 gang warfare discussed:

"3G2 - Third Generation Gangs"

Essential slides as defining the "generational" development and evolution of the street gang:

Third generation gangs [3G2] their concerns more of international reach with political goals and aspirations. Hardly gangs their activity limited to crass money-making concerns and protection of local turf from encroachment..

More to follow!


Sunday, February 3, 2019


This is coolbert:


ONLY in the most vague way was I aware of this phenomenon. Devoted readers to the blog the same?

German combat units as organized during the Great War at divisional-level the intent strictly [?] to be used for counter-attack. Eingreif!

"Eingreif division is a term for a type of German Army formation of World War I, which developed in 1917, which was responsible for engaging in immediate counter-attacks (Gegenstoße) against enemy troops who broke through a defensive position being held by a front-holding division (Stellungsdivision)."

"During the Battle of the Somme (1 July – 18 November 1916), the use of defensive lines began to evolve into the defence of the areas between them, using the local troops of the trench holding divisions and Ablösungsdivisionen (relief divisions), held back beyond the range of Franco-British artillery, to replace front line divisions as they became exhausted. In the winter of 1916–1917, the use of such divisions and the fortified zones between trench lines was codified and divisions trained in the new defensive tactics. Training was based on the experience of the defensive battles of 1916 and the new principles of fortification, to provide the infrastructure for the new system of defensive battle by Stellungsdivisionen and Eingreifdivisionen (counter-attack divisions)."

German combat units WW1 as institutionalized and having a mission strictly [?] of counter-attack. Defense is the stronger form of combat Stellungsdivision consisting of troops of less than stellar quality [?] but able to perform that defensive mission in an adequate manner, but COUNTER-ATTACK not required of them.

Eingreif consisting of troops of much more able quality beyond that of a front-holding unit? Such was the situation with positional warfare during that period.


Saturday, February 2, 2019


This is coolbert:

The Syrian Civil War. Foreign interventionist versus foreign interventionist now predominant. With an expanding theater of operations.

From the latest edition of the DEBKAfile news letter an item as copied in entirety:

"Iran wants Russian air defense [AD] shield extended to Lebanon over Hizballah's precise [precision guided] missiles"

26 January.

"A senior Iranian lawmaker on Thursday, Jan. 24 accused the Russians of 'some sot of coordination with the Zionist regime' to explain why the S-300 air batteries in Syria failing [have failed] to down Israeli jets. Last week, Moscow announced that the Syrian crews for operating the advanced S-300 air defense missiles would be trained by March and the batteries would then become operational, albeit under Russian military command and control from the Khmeimim air base near Latakia and, even more importantly, [linked] to the Russian National Air Defense Command in Moscow. This dependence is also intended to deter the Israeli Air Force from destroying the S-300 batteries, which would be bad for the Russian air and arms industries' export business."

"In Syrian hands, these missiles will also bring IAF flights of Lebanon, the Golan and Galilee within range, protecting Hizballah and presenting Israel with a quandary between destroying them at the risk of another row with Moscow or somehow work around them."

Israeli warplanes in a stand-off mission mode able to fire precision-guided Delilah missiles at Iranian Revolutionary Guard targets.without needing to intrude into Syrian airspace. Rules of Engagement [RoE] agreed [?] by the Russian and Israeli preclude the Russian Grumble AD systems from engaging Israeli warplanes outside of Syrian airspace. AT THIS MOMENT.

The Iranian insisting the Russian AD "envelope" be extended to beyond Syrian airspace. A widening of hostilities as a consequence, the ramifications not predictable but potentially very severe.

Confrontation of an armed nature between the Russian and Israeli hardly desirable. Two atomic equipped military forces facing off mano-a-mano not what is needed!! I of course am assuming the Israeli is already nuclear ready which is probably the case. Consider also that the Israeli air strikes on Iranian targets must be causing a lot of damage. Otherwise the Iranian would not be complaining as they are.

Hold on to your hats people!


Friday, February 1, 2019


This is coolbert:

The Last Gunfight. Operation Dukedom.

British warships of the Royal Navy [RN] versus the Japanese capital ship Imperial Japanese Navy [IJN] Haguro.

Naval warfare, a night action of the ancient and venerable type, AND the last such encounter in the entire history of naval warfare.

A battle, surface vessel versus surface vessel, sans naval aviation and submarines, naval gunfire and torpedoes versus other naval gunfire and torpedoes.

Battle of the Malacca Strait as it is deemed the type of naval warfare as you might have seen at Tsushima or Jutland. Read a full account of events from the British perspective.

See this impressive You Tube video of "The Last Gunfight". Very good graphics with outstanding sound track. Naval night combat actions a specialty of the IJN prior to Pearl Harbor. That advantage during a naval night engagement made moot by radar. Haguro formidably armed, the ship having extensive combat service. An experienced crew [?] with worthy commanders. Those British destroyers willing to take on such a dangerous opponent a gutsy move. Calculated audacity.

Modern naval surface warships possessing guns but those primarily secondary weaponry. Primary weapon of surface naval vessels missiles to be used in an over-the-horizon beyond-visual-range manner. NOT naval gunfire mano-a-mano naval gunfire.

 Sadly now Haguro being even as a war grave the steel from the ship being salvaged in an illegal [?] manner for "old steel" as it is deemed. See previous blog entry the topic salvage of "old steel" from sunken warships a dubious trade and business.