Sunday, December 17, 2017


This is coolbert:

The mighty have fallen? The masters of movement and armor warfare no longer have armor? Movement forget about it unless by foot?

As seen and extracted from an article thanks to Strategy Page:
"Armor: German Tank Force Barely There"

"The German effort to rebuild some of its Cold War era Leopard-2 tank force has encountered problems. It has gotten so bad that currently Turkey, Chile, Greece, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and Poland each have more operational Leopard-2 tanks than Germany (which had over 2,000 in the early 1990s). This odd situation was revealed in November 2017 when it was discovered that 53 Leopard-2s were unavailable while undergoing upgrades and 86 were inoperable because of spare parts shortages. That meant Germany only had 95 Leopard-2 tanks that were combat ready. That’s 39 percent of the 244 Leopard-2s currently available to the army."

What about the armor [tanks] and other armored [APC/IFV] vehicles the German must have inherited from the East Germans? Soviet gear but still having a lot of potency. That is all gone? Melted down for scrap steel?

Almost three full decades now since the dissolution of the old Soviet Union. The threat of Big Red moving westward thought to have been gone forever. Expenditures for military hardware of the new and best type not allocated and spent.


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