Wednesday, December 13, 2017


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The battle for Marawi City is over now. The government forces have triumphed over the insurrectionists.

Further as extracted from Strategy Page the brothers of the Maute family all dead [all seven?] and the Maute Group scattered or obliterated. But remnants still exist and will be heard of again?

"Philippines: China Tugs The Leash"

"December 6, 2017: The army confirmed that all seven Maute brothers are dead. These men were the core leadership of the Maute Group . . . The largest ISIL faction in Marawi City was from the Maute Group who unexpectedly brought in hundreds of their own gunmen who were willing to fight to the death and triggered an existing plan to gather in Marawi City to inspire local Moslems to rise up and drive out Christians."

". . . The Maute Group was nearly wiped out in Marawi City and although all seven of the Maute brothers are now dead one other key Maute Group leader, Abu Dar, is still free. Abu Dar belongs to the same tribe (the Maranao) as the Manute clan and could take command of the Maute Group and rebuild it"

See previous blog entries the topic of which was the insurrection of the Maute Group and the battle for Marawi City:

And do not think the Muslim of the southern part of the Philippines [Sulu Sea, Jolo, Mindanao] to be deterred by the Marawi City defeat. Whatever Maute Group survivors are left with rally to the cause once more, commanded by Abu Dar the next time.


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