Saturday, December 2, 2017

PLA Syria.

This is coolbert:


Chinese troops enter the Syrian Civil War? Who would ever have thought it? Everyone wants a share of the Syrian pie!

PLA = People's Liberation Army.

Uighur as properly pronounced "wee-grrr".

From the DEBKAfile an exclusive report:

"Thousands of Chinese elite troops head to Syria to combat Uighur Islamists"

30 November.

"Beijing is deploying to Syria 5,000 members of two elite People Liberation Army units to combat extremist Islamic Uighurs in the northern Syrian province of Idlib. Those units are the Chinese Navy's Night Tigers and the Shenyang Region's Siberian Tigers. Beijing accuses Turkey's MIT intelligence of backing the Chinese Islamist separatists."

Muslim Uighur as from the western part of China ENCOURAGED by the Turk occupy and settle villages in Syria abandoned by refugees? TIP the Uighur insurgent movement and as opposed to Assad. TIP also in league with and allied with Al Nusra [called something else now]. Al Nusra an affiliate of Al Qaeda.

See previous blog entries the presence of Uighur in Syrian noted: 


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