Thursday, December 21, 2017


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Further introduction!

As extracted from the Editors' Note [Cowley and Parker] to the The Reader's Companion to Military History key items:

* "We believe that The Reader's Companion to Military History is the most accurate reflection available to the current state of the art."

* "The study of military history has undergone drastic changes in recent years."

* "The subject matter of this book ranges from the origins of war to ethnic cleansing, from Thutmose III to H. Norman Schwarzkopf, from the War of the Triple Alliance in Paraguay to the Battle of Khalkin-Gol on the border of Mongolia and Manchuria."

* "Although the Readers's Companion runs to 542 pages, it does not - - cannot - - provide equal coverage for all countries and all centuries."

* "We therefore adopted two working principles in selection entries and allocating relative lengths: 1, given that the Western way of warfare has come to dominate armed conflict all over the globe, we have 'privileged' Western matters, and 2. given that many readers will be more interested in recent wars, we have also given more weight to the conflicts, personalities, and developments that shaped warfare in the twentieth and, to a lesser degree, the nineteenth century."

Thanks again in all instances to Cowley and Parker.

* "'The ordinary theme and argument of all history is war.'" - - Sir Walter Raleigh.

Again, much more to follow!!


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