Monday, December 18, 2017


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As is germane to the previous blog entry the People's Navy of the German communist regime [GDR] did have a navy with considerable assets!

Hardware, assets it now seems almost if not ALL sold for scrap of just done away with. Thanks to the wiki:

The People's Navy was equipped with:

    Minelayers and minesweepers
    Fast torpedo and missile boat
    Coastal defense ships
    Submarine hunters
    Intelligence ships
    Training ships
    Support craft
    Naval Aviation.


"The People's Navy was dissolved, like all other branches of the former National People's Army, on 2 October 1990 – the day before the official reunification of Germany. Some of its staff was absorbed into the Bundesmarine . . . Most of the ships and other equipment were scrapped or sold, and few if any former People's Navy vessels remain in service with the modern-day German Navy."

I would assume any of those vessels as were in the inventory of the People's Navy if they still existed FROM ALMOST THIRTY YEARS AGO NOW not even service-able or in any condition to sail, much less perform mission.

Deutsche Marine kaput!


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