Tuesday, December 26, 2017


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Still more, one additional list as extracted from: "The Reader's Companion to Military History".

"Ten Famous Representations of Military History in Western Art"

List as compiled by Theodore Rabb.

* Alexander at the Battle of Issus.  [unknown]

* The Bayeux Tapestry.  [Scolland?]

* The Battle of San Romano.  [Uccello]

* Equestrian Portrait of Gattamelata.  [Donatello]

* Charles V at Muhlberg.  [Titian]

* The Surrender of Breda.  [Velazquez]

* Ferdinand of Austria at the Battle of Nordlingen.  [Rubens]

* Napoleon Crossing the Alps.   [David]

* The Execution of the Rebels on May 3, 1808..  [Goya]

* Guernica.  [Picasso]

"The Execution" by Goya having inspired other artists. More on this to follow!


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