Thursday, December 14, 2017


This sis coolbert:

YET one more listing of WHO is the best general ever.

Thanks to a comment seen at the iSteve Internet web site.

As I have said before, ask then experts to compile such a list [best general ever] and you will get ten different lists.

"Who Was the Best Military General Ever?"

"Wish I [the person commenting to the iSteve article] could remember who it was who compiled a list of the ten greatest military geniuses of all time. These are offered without comment, except to say that if The Little Corsican [Napoleon] was number two, number one is a no-brainer. They were as follows (and separated only by a hair I might add)"

10.) Genghis Khan
9.) Julius Caesar
8.) Scipio Africanus
7.) Hannibal of Carthage
6.) Erich von Manstein
5.) George S. Patton
4.) Stonewall Jackson
3.) Erwin Rommel
2.) Napoleon Bonaparte

"And Numero Uno?"

"Alexander of Macedon a/k/a 'Alexander the Great'”

A Genghis, a Julius, a Hannibal, a Napoleon, an Alexander understand functioning not merely in the position of a general officer commanding troops on the battlefield.

Men wielding political clout as well as military leadership. Persons having the authority to formulate grand strategy, strategy, a practitioner of the operational art. and tactics.

Genghis, Julius, Hannibal, Napoleon and Alexander functioning at a much higher level of command and leadership!!


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