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Back in the days of the old Soviet Union and J. Stalin these functionaries of the Luhansk People's Republic [LPR] would have been referred to as "wreckers".

"Wrecking . . . was a crime specified in the criminal code of the Soviet Union in the Stalin era. It is often translated as 'sabotage' . . . and the meaning of  'wrecking' is closer to 'undermining'. (en)"

"Russians demand that Luhansk 'governors' speed up mobilization"

Source: National Resistance Center | Ukrainska Pravda | January 30, 2023.

"Local puppet 'governors' in Luhansk Oblast have been issued an ultimatum by their Russian handlers in view of the failing mobilization and poor logistical support for the Russian army in the temporarily occupied territories of the oblast."

"Quote: "The occupiers have issued an ultimatum to the gauleiters [a German term for 'governor' dating back to WWII, now used in Ukraine as a synonym for collaborationist] of the temporarily occupied territories of the Luhansk region: either the Russian Federation proceeds to the administrative borders of the region as of 1 April, or there will be 'personnel decisions'."

"The cause of their dissatisfaction is the failure of the mobilization and logistical support for the enemy’s army in this area. The Kremlin blames the collaborators for these setbacks."

"Details: The collaborators have launched a new wave of mobilization in the region to satisfy their Moscow-based handlers and hang onto their jobs."

Administrators and "commissars" must speed up their march. Mobilization of LPR for the war effort too slow, tardy, even delinquent? Moscow at least thinks so!

LPR executors of Moscow policy I well suspect well aware of the sad fate the Donetsk People's Republic militia the Ukraine Conflict. Casualties beyond sustainable. Grim fate too awaits those failing to meet demands of the bosses in Moscow.



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"the first recolonization of a sovereign African state in more than a century" - Al J Venter.

Thanks to the Internet web site https://cliffcentral.com/ see this You Tube video and podcast.

"South African foreign correspondent Al J Venter returned from the Central African Republic six weeks ago, having had personal experience of a Russian mercenary force that has virtually taken over an African state. The international community is now familiar with the activities of the Moscow-run Wagner Group, an exploitative military force that is currently active in several African countries - among them the CAR, Mali, Burkina Faso, parts of Libya and before that, Mozambique. In the process, mines and raw resources are being taken over by force and any opposition summarily dealt with, no questions asked."

Think additionally the Ukraine Conflict the siege and battle at Bakhmut. Valuable salt and gypsum mines that target of Yevgeniyy? As in Africa so in Ukraine.



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“'They’re trying to basically consolidate their gains and keep the parts that they’ve held on to thus far,' . . . 'I think it’s definitely both a message to soldiers in Ukraine, and to everyone who might be watching, that they’re going to at least try and stay.'” -  Brady Africk.

Offensive and counter-offensive both!

"Putin’s Pre-Emptive Strike Plan Exposed in Satellite Photos"

From www.yahoo.com by Shannon Vavra  original story "The Daily Beast" January 27, 2023.

"Russia is building up a network of fortifications and trenches along the front in Ukraineation, in apparent anticipation of a new round of heavy fighting, according to satellite imagery analysis shared exclusively with The Daily Beast."

"The analysis from Brady Africk, an open-source intelligence analyst, shows that Russia is building up fortifications all along the front in Luhansk, from the Russian border down to Donetsk, and throughout Zaporizhzhia and Kherson."

"The satellite imagery indicates that Moscow may be on edge about a Ukrainian counteroffensive in the coming weeks—or may even be preparing its own offensive to try to seize more Ukrainian land, nearly one year into the war."

Correct! During the Second World War on the Eastern Front from at least 1944 till the end of the war [and maybe well before that] the Soviet Red Army even while on the OFFENSIVE famous for their massive construction of anti-tank fortifications and "stop lines". Barricades and bastions consisting of anti-tank obstacles, anti-tank mines, anti-tank ditches and specially sited anti-tank gun firing positions. 


As in the Great Patriotic War as now in Ukraine!


Monday, January 30, 2023


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"Ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction" - Barry McGuire.

Not in thirty years? We are wise to consider this within the context of the Ukraine Conflict?

From the Internet web site "The Aviationist" and thanks to same.

"Pre-Loaded Bombs Installed On B-1B Lancer Bomber For First Time In 30 Years"

January 29, 2023 | DAVID CENCIOTTI.

"Weapons Loaders at Dyess Air Force Base revived a capability unused for three decades."

"The U.S. Air Force has recently released some interesting photos showing the activity carried out a Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, earlier this month. In fact, on Jan. 9, 2023, personnel of the 7th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron used the Launcher Load Frame (LLF) to pre-load a munition package that was then loaded on a B-1B Lancer."

Photos as released intentionally without question!!

"The concept for pre-loading munitions has been around since the B-1 first entered service but has gone unused for 30 years until 7 AMXS resurrected the capability. Using LLF, weapons loaders can pre-load munitions on a launcher, under the cover of a facility, prior to transporting the entire launcher/munition package to the flight-line for loading on the aircraft."

As for releasing images of the loader [LLF] "released intentionally" you the devoted reader to the blog decide for yourselves.



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From the Internet web site  https://intelnews.org/  and thanks to same!

Somewhere here is a connection to the NATO Cold-War era Gladio organization?

"Analysis: A murky assassination that could radically alter Turkish politics"


"ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2022, an assailant on a motorcycle opened fire on Sinan Ateş, the leader of Turkey’s most feared paramilitary force, known as the Grey Wolves. By that evening, the 38-year-old Ateş had expired in an Ankara hospital, prompting analysts to forewarn that Turkish politics had entered new and unchartered territory. Indeed, some observers claim that Ateş’ assassination may impact Turkey’s upcoming presidential elections in unpredictable ways."

Grey Wolves acknowledged as that Turkish component of NATO Gladio. Personnel organized, trained and equipped well in advance to wage unconventional warfare against the Soviet invader in case of the much feared World War Three!

See a previous blog entry [with a bunch of embedded links] that topic Gladio:


Gladio now defunct and for some time now? Or during a time of crisis [the Ukraine Conflict] Gladio resurrected?



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These were already very dangerous people to begin with!

"‘Very Dangerous People’: Russia’s Convict Fighters Are Heading Home"

As from "New York Times" story by Anatoly Kurmanaev, Alina Lobzina and Ekaterina Bodyagina Jan. 30, 2023.

"Tens of thousands of inmates have joined a mercenary group [Wagner PMC] fighting with the Kremlin’s decimated forces in Ukraine. Some of them are returning to civilian life with military training and, in many cases, battlefield traumas."

"He was released from a Russian prison and thrown into battle in Ukraine with a promise of freedom, redemption and money. Now, Andrei Yastrebov, who was among tens of thousands of convict soldiers, is part of a return from the battlefield with potentially serious implications for Russian society."

See previous blog entry Alexander the Wagner PMC recruited-from-prison convict also having completed his SIX MONTH long enlistment.

See also this prior very recent blog entry the Wagner PMC dedicated cemetery recent burials having become much more numerous and and even overflowing in some circumstances.

Alexander and Andrei both have rolled the dice and come up winners. Many other Wagner PMC prison recruits not so.


Sunday, January 29, 2023


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"By late October Ukraine had received 1.1 million 155 mm shells. The majority of these have been expended, fired by just 350 155-mm weapons in Ukrainian hands. That Ukraine successfully fired off around a million shells is another indication Ukrainian artillery isn’t being suppressed."

"US To Increase Artillery Ammunition Production By 500% For Ukraine"

From www.zerohedge.com the article BY TYLER DURDEN original story Dave DeCamp via AntiWar.com JAN 26, 2023 - 

"The Pentagon is planning to boost its production of artillery ammunition by 500% over the next two years as the US is depleting its military stockpiles by sending millions of shells to Ukraine, The New York Times reported Tuesday."

"Since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, the US has pledged to send Ukraine over one million 155mm artillery shells. Before the US Army began efforts to increase production, it produced 14,400 155mm shells a month, but under the new plans, the number could reach over 90,000 each month."


"The US plans to dramatically ramp up ammunition production over the next two years show that the US is expecting to support Ukraine against Russia for years to come, and there is no sign that the fighting will end anytime soon."

* Nobody ever thought this war was going to last this long! Stockpiled artillery munitions severely depleted?

* Ukrainian artillery ammunition expenditure during the Conflict to date about 1.8 million rounds of all calibers. Even with USA producing 90,000 rounds of 155 mm artillery ammo per month and shipping the entire lot to Ukraine there will still be a significant deficit?


Back to the future? We are seeing a repeat of the Shell Crisis of 1915?



This is coolbert:

Now not only released from contract but prison sentence too!

Prison inmate volunteering for combat duty with Wagner PMC his duty fulfilled.

"Notorious Russian criminal freed from Putin's jails after fighting in Ukraine: report"

   Fox News       Peter Aitken   January 27

"A Russian known as 'the Black Realtor' has left prison after fighting for six months in Ukraine as part of the Russian military."

"Alexander Tyutin, a 66-year-old real estate agent who had hired hitmen to kill his business partner and his family as well as his own niece, signed up for the Wagner Group and entered Ukraine in June 2022 to fight."

Six months of military action with Wagner PMC. Contract fulfilled in short time? Alex now a free man it seems!


And has been recommended for a decoration? Normally those of the criminal element make for poor soldiers!



This is coolbert:

Here with an article the Russian funeral business in high gear? A result primarily of the Ukraine Conflict?

"Russia’s Funeral Industry Booms Amid Heavy War Losses"

From  www.themoscowtimes.com/ | 27 January 2023.

"Russia’s funeral industry is experiencing unprecedented growth due to military deaths from the nearly year-long invasion of Ukraine as well as high Covid-19 fatalities, the investigative news website The Insider reported Thursday."

"The outlet said it spoke with funeral and crematorium workers who reported high demand from both clients and those seeking training to become service providers."

Additionally questions as posed by the editors of Yuga.ru [with] response by Wagner PMC press service:


The original in Russian:

#1040 Запрос от редакции издания «Юга.ру» и ответ:

Здравствуйте. Меня зовут Андрей. Я редактор новостного портала Краснодарского края «Юга.ру». Наша редакция обнаружила в сети ряд публикаций о «кладбище ЧВК «Вагнер» в станице Бакинской Краснодарского края. Мы не хотим публиковать подобную информацию без подтверждения, поэтому просим ответить на следующие вопросы:
- имеет ли ЧВК «Вагнер» отношение к массовым захоронениям в станице Бакинской Краснодарского края?

- кто похоронен в данной локации, жители Краснодарского края или других регионов РФ?
- какое количество погибших захоронено в этом месте?
- почему местом для захоронения выбран Краснодарский край?
Мы не претендуем на комментарий Евгения Викторовича. Нас удовлетворит ответ пресс-службы на наши вопросы, пусть даже и не на все. Спасибо!

Публикуем комментарий Евгения Викторовича:
«Да, этот участок выделен для захоронения бойцов ЧВК «Вагнер». На нем расположены могилы тех, кто по разным причинам написал в своём заявлении, что в случае гибели он хочет быть похоронен вблизи часовни ЧВК «Вагнер» в Горячем Ключе. Так как у самой часовни места для захоронения отсутствуют, то при поддержке администрации Краснодарского края был выделен участок в станице Бакинская».

"That translation in English courtesy google translate:

"Press service of Prigozhin

#1040 Request from the editors of Yuga.ru and response:

"Hello. My name is Andrew. I am the editor of the news portal of the Krasnodar Territory Yuga.ru. Our editors found a number of publications on the web about the 'cemetery of the PMC Wagner' in the village of Bakuskaya, Krasnodar Territory. We do not want to publish such information without confirmation, so please answer the following questions:

- Does PMC 'Wagner' have anything to do with mass graves in the village of Bakuskaya, Krasnodar Territory?

- who is buried in this location, residents of the Krasnodar Territory or other regions of the Russian Federation?

- how many dead are buried in this place?

- Why was the Krasnodar Territory chosen as a burial place?

We do not pretend to comment on Evgeny Viktorovich. We will be satisfied with the response of the press service to our questions, even if not all of them. Thank you!"

We publish a comment by Evgeny Viktorovich:

“'Yes, this site has been allocated for the burial of Wagner PMC fighters. On it are the graves of those who, for various reasons, wrote in their statement that in the event of death, they want to be buried near the chapel of the Wagner PMC in Goryachiy Klyuch. Since there are no places for burial near the chapel itself, with the support of the administration of the Krasnodar Territory, a site was allocated in the village of Bakinskaya.'"

See previous blog entry OSINT and the Wagner PMC dedicated cemetery:


AND thank you google translate. Job very well done!


Saturday, January 28, 2023


This is coolbert:

For some time there has been a lot of speculation of the strange and often observed phenomenon, President Putin of Russia his meeting foreign leaders, diplomats and assorted potentates at a huge and oversized table with considerable distance between participants.

Herewith some possible explanations and answers?

1. "Putin's Long Tables Explained: Why He Puts Some Leaders, Including Germany’s Scholz, At An Extreme Distance"

2. "Vladimir Putin's Famous Long Meeting Table Has Drawn International Interest"

3. "Table Separating Macron And Putin Was So Long Due To Macron's Reported Fears Over Russian Spying Via PCR Test"

4. "Putin holds second meeting at bizarrely long table, sparking jokes about Russian paranoia amid Ukraine crisis"

It seems the "distancing" continues unabated! INTIMIDATION of "lesser beings" too might be a factor? In the ancient world it was customary for the leader to assume "godlike" proportions. Meeting a "god" always required necessary deference and obeisance enforced.

Only Vlad knows for sure!



This is coolbert:

 From the Internet web site "Bayou Renaissance Man" and thanks to same | January 28, 2023.

"Saturday Snippet: The girl I left behind me"

"One of Rudyard Kipling's poems I've always enjoyed is 'Rimini", named for a city on the upper Adriatic coast of Italy.  It tells of a Roman legionary who remembers, after a long service career, the girl he left behind him to join the Legions.  (You can read the Kipling Society's analysis of the poem here.)"

I think many modern servicemen will nod their heads in recognition of the sentiments the legionary expresses - but then, Kipling is a poet that many servicemen have taken to heart.  He understood fighting men, and expressed that very well in his writing and poetry.

The American soldier/sailor/airman/marine during numerous overseas adventures at various points in time [during a slightly over one-hundred year period and continuing] perhaps best of all to appreciate the sentiments as expressed by Kipling. The American soldier/sailor/airman/marine since the time of World War One able to engage in his craft and trade as no other military man has since the time pf the Roman Empire!

"When I left Rome for Lalage’s sake

She vowed her heart was mine to take

With me and my shield to Rimini—

(Till the Eagles flew from Rimini—)

And I’ve tramped Britain, and I’ve tramped Gaul,

And the Pontic shore where the snow-flakes fall

As white as the neck of Lalage—

(As cold as the heart of Lalage!)

And I’ve lost Britain, and I’ve lost Gaul,

And I’ve lost Rome and, worst of all,

I’ve lost Lalage!


Devoted readers to the blog read the remainder of the poem for yourselves!


Friday, January 27, 2023


This coolbert:

As is Canada as is Spain?

Another NATO constituent member [Spain] willing to send heavy weaponry [Leopard tanks] to Ukraine. Armor in the present state however not fit for deployment. Need refurbishment? Maybe extensive refurbishment?

See previous blog entry Leopard tanks in the Canadian forces inventory also needing considerable maintenance before combat fit.

"Spain is ready to transfer 53 Leopard tanks to Ukraine, but they need re-equipment"

From global.espreso.tv | 27 January, 2023.

"On January 26, Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles announced Spain’s readiness to supply tanks to Ukraine, but stressed the need to refurbish them"

"She said this during a meeting of representatives of six countries that have Leopard 2 tanks, RTVE reports."

"'There is a clear goal to end the war as soon as possible and bring peace. We are talking about coordinated work, with which we support Ukraine,' the minister said."

"She insisted that Spain could deliver the Leopard 2 A4s that are in Zaragoza, 'but some of them cannot be used, and we are going to analyze which ones can be refurbed.'"

I have a bad feeling this is how much of the NATO forces Leopard tanks are going to be found in a state of disrepair or needing some extensive maintenance. Tanks sitting idle for a long period now needing comprehensive refurbishment. Instantaneous deployable ready-to-go machines of war not so ready-to-go.




This is coolbert:

Cemetery of the Wagner PMC the number of burials greatly [?] increased. Thank overhead satellite OSINT images.

"Wagner cemetery grows seven times bigger in just two months, satellite images show"

From global.espreso.tv | 25 January, 2023.

"As of January 24, satellite imagery shows that currently there are approximately 170 burial spots in the cemetery, which is 7 times more than it was 2 months ago"

"The New York Times reports that the information on the appearance of graves near the main training center of the Wagner Private Military Company in the village of Molkin was first made public in December by Vitaly Wotanovsky, an activist and a former officer of the Russian Air Force."

"Wotanovsky told the NYT that he visits cemeteries to document the deaths of Russians during the war in Ukraine. The location of the cemetery could have remained unknown, but the local residents told him that the area was being used for burying Wagner soldiers."

See all previous blog entries relevant to burial of war dead the Ukraine Conflict:





Thursday, January 26, 2023


The is coolbert:

From a variety of sources thanks to the input from Jason.

American Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles as announced being sent to the Ukraine their use of depleted uranium ammunition seen as a severe provocation by the Russian.

1. "*****FLASH***** Russia Throws Down Nuclear Gauntlet over M1, Bradley and other Offensive Weaponry to Kiev"

2. "US official declines to say if US will give Kiev depleted uranium ammunition for Bradleys"

3. "Like America, Russian Tanks are Now Shooting Depleted Uranium Bullets"

4. "Russia’s upgraded T-80BV tank to feature capability of firing depleted uranium shells"

The Russian having made it clear that Abrams and Bradley firing depleted uranium ammunition the Ukraine Conflict will be considered as being the same category as use of a dirty bomb, the radiological device spreading radioactive elements into the soil and environment far and wide.

Dirty bomb, normally classifying described as a weapon of mass destruction.

Note also is being described item number # 4 that the Russian T-80 tank itself is now equipped with depleted uranium ammunition. Abrams and Bradley no, T-80 yes.

You the devoted reader to the a blog take it from there.



This is coolbert:

Contributions in the form of heavy weaponry the Canadian can make to aid the Ukrainian military very limited? See my previous blog entry as so relevant.

"Adam Zivo: How Canada sabotaged its own fleet of tanks"

"Maybe the reason we can't provide tanks to Ukraine is because a decade of neglect has rendered a significant portion of our tanks inoperable"

From the nationalpost.com | Adam Zivo | Published Jan 25, 2023  • 

"When asked last week about whether Canada will send tanks to Ukraine, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, 'We’re not there yet.' As it turns out, maybe the reason we aren’t 'there' is because a decade of neglect has rendered a significant portion of our [Canadian] tanks inoperable."


"According to Maj. Johns, the CAF [Canadian Armed Forces] initially estimated that the Leopard 2’s maintenance requirements would be roughly the same as the Leopard 1’s. However, whereas Leopard 1C2 tanks require an average of 296 hours per year in maintenance, the Leopard 2 requires 1,795 hoursa six-fold increase. This 'significant underestimation' left the fleet in 'dire straits.'”

That total number of Leopard-2 tanks the Canadian military about eighty? A SINGLE battalion of Leopard-2 sent to the Ukraine would deplete the Canadian inventory by almost HALF.

And that assumes and time spent in bringing all those Leopard-2 to working combat standards is accomplished in a time frame allowing those Canadian tanks to arrive Ukraine and make a difference. The war might be over before they get there.


Wednesday, January 25, 2023


 This is coolbert:

Consider those Iranian kamikaze drone attacks upon vital Ukrainian infrastructure that cost-effectiveness as compared to that of the German V-1 flying-bomb of the Second World War.

Cost of a Shahed-136 Iranian kamikaze drone during the Ukraine Conflict estimated be to be between $30,000 USD and $50,000 USD.

The cost of a Shahed-136 contrasted with the famous V-1 German buzz-bomb cruise missile. All thanks here to the wiki!

1. German V-1 "Buzz Bomb" WW2.

Return on Investment.

"Each V-1 cost about 5,000 Reichsmarks or $2,000 in 1944 (that’s the equivalent of about [$33,000 today].The 21-foot-long flying bombs were made mostly from sheet metal and plywood. Each took about 350 labour-hours to produce. Concentration camp inmates and slave laborers toiling at the Gerhard Fieseler Werke plant in Kassel did most of the assembly work."

Further the American analog of the V-1 as would have seen extensive action [?] in the Pacific theater of WW2 if the war had persisted beyond 1945.

2. American JB-2 WW2. American analog of the German V-1.

"JB-2 was being delivered by early 1945. After the end of the war in Europe it was in consideration for use against Japan. General Hap Arnold of the United States Army Air Forces was concerned that this weapon could be built of steel and wood, in 2,000 man-hours and approximate cost of US$600 (in 1943)."

Cost to build today about $10,000 USD.

"To put this in perspective, a single Boeing B-29 Superfortress airframe (based on program costs) cost about 126 times as much per ton of explosive delivered, not including the much higher costs for injured or killed aircrew, fuel, maintenance, bombs, ammunition, repairs, training and accidents, and despite being reusable, almost never accomplished enough missions to even approach covering just the production costs"




This is coolbert:

“'The project benefits from all the uncertainty and speculation. Poseidon is primarily a psychological weapon,' . . .  'Submarines carrying them are likely tasked with launching the torpedo drones against high-value targets after a large-scale conventional or nuclear war has already been settled, wreaking havoc against an opponent’s coastal cities regardless of who wins,'” - Ina Holst-Pedersen Kvam.

Big bad Russian unmanned nuclear powered / autonomous torpedo n with large oversized nuclear warhead a severe danger to the USA without question.

Big bad Russian unmanned nuclear powered / autonomous torpedo with large oversized nuclear warhead now having been tested. Mockups at this stage of development only.

"Poseidon nuclear torpedo tested in Arctic waters is primarily a psychological weapon, expert says"

From thebarentsobserver.com the story byThomas Nilsen January 17, 2023.

"A series of throw tests of Poseidon mockups from the special purpose submarine 'Belgorod' is completed in the Barents Sea, but fully operative versions are likely years into the future."

"According to Russia’s state-run TASS news agency, dummy versions, so-called mockups, of the Poseidon torpedo have been launched at different depths 'to clarify the behavior of the submarine.'"

Big bad Russian unmanned nuclear powered / autonomous torpedo with large oversized nuclear warhead of stupendous size undeniably a great danger to USA, but primarily a psychological weapon and nothing more than that?

Poseidon, primarily psychological weapon to be used in case of a global thermonuclear war, destroying cities and port facilities via a tsunami of prodigious size everything for many miles inland destruction total and complete!

The Soviet Union during the time of the Cold War were very fond of boasting of weapons of enormous size and destructive power able to totally obliterate the United States if not the entire planet. Soviet weaponry was always the biggest and most powerful second to none!


Tuesday, January 24, 2023


This is coolbert:

Within context of the apparent deployment of Russian Pantsir anti-aircraft system [can engage targets with either missiles or guns] to Moscow consider the explanation courtesy the Russian controlled [?] Internet media outlet "South Front".


From "South Front" the article by Drago Bosnic | 24.01.2023.

"While Moscow is protected by one of the world’s best air defense networks capable of shooting down ICBMs, incoming MIRV warheads, satellites and other space-based weapons, this doesn’t make it immune to sabotage attacks involving drones and drone swarms."

"Air defense is one of the key modern military capabilities that provide adequate protection for ground units, helping them retain their combat capabilities. In recent decades, these systems have become increasingly networked and multilayered, giving the defenders a plethora of options to shoot down hostile jets, missiles, drones, etc. More recently, modern militaries have started relying on swarms of well-coordinated drones designed to saturate an area and overwhelm existing air defenses. Only a handful of countries have developed and battle-tested systems against such new offensive weapons."


About four-hundred miles [640 km.] from Kharkiv to Moscow. The Ukrainian currently has no drone in the inventory to make a flight of such a distance, even if one-way? Bayraktar for instance has a range of about 300 km. [about 180 miles].



This is coolbert:

Gone for good? Azovstal steelwork an immense industrial complex existing ABOVE and BELOW ground never to be rebuilt!

"Russia explains why it will not rebuild Azovstal steelworks in captured Mariupol"

From news.yahoo.com | Ukrainska Pravda | January 24, 2023. 

"The Russian occupiers do not plan to rebuild the Azovstal steelworks, destroyed in the battle for Mariupol, as it is 'impossible and unprofitable'."

Steelwork Azovstal built post-war World Two on top of a deep underground six-story deep network of bunkers and tunnels. Nuclear-proof they say. Construction of the above-ground steelwork commencing ONLY after the nuclear-proof below-ground facility complete. Click on image to see an enlarged view. 

"Source: Yuliya Maksimova, Head of Roskapstroy Russian Federal Autonomous Institution [company engaged in construction and rebuilding of capital construction projects – ed.], during a press conference for Kremlin-aligned news outlet TASS on 24 January"

"Quote from Maksimova: 'No one is going to rebuild Azovstal, because it is impossible and unprofitable on the scale of that Soviet facility it used to be before...'"

"Such facilities were appropriate and profitable [in the USSR – ed.], they worked and were always busy. Now I think that oblast’s economy will be revised."

I might well imagine that siege of the steelwork with the massive Russian bombardment resulted in a lot of unexploded ordnance [UXB] buried under debris and placing anyone involved in reconstruction of Azovstal in grave danger.


Monday, January 23, 2023


This is coolbert:

"no firing within a two kilometer radius [1.2 mile] of the LAC, no usage of any dangerous chemical weapons, guns, or any kind of explosives will be allowed." 

LAC = Line of Actual Control.

As was originally reported in 2020 the Indian military now having taken counter-measures.

Fight fire with fire!

"Report: Indian Army Stocking up on Spiked Clubs After Chinese Massacre"

From www.breitbard.com the story by GABRIELLE REYES 19 Jun 2020.

"India’s Northern Command has commissioned lightweight riot gear and spiked clubs for its border forces following a deadly attack on Monday by China’s army, which saw the Chinese use batons wrapped in barbed wire to kill at least 20 Indian soldiers in the western Himalayas, India Today reported on Thursday."

"Following Monday’s bloody hand-to-hand combat, the Indian Army felt compelled to order the armor and spiked clubs to protect its soldiers from further ambushes by China’s army, 'a medieval adversary,'” 

And now for the rest of the story.

"India’s secret to fending off hordes of Chinese soldiers with nail-studded wooden clubs"

From news.yahoo.com/ | Samaan Lateef | January 22, 2023.

Troops of the Indian army [jawans] stationed along the India / China / Tibetan border receiving specialized martial arts training as a means to ward off attack by Chinese troops wielding improvised weaponry with deadly force!

"India’s answer is a crack team of 500 troops taught to speak Chinese, trained in 15 different Israeli and Japanese martial arts, and adept at defending themselves from whatever makeshift weapon comes their way."

This is almost reminiscent of the trench raid of World War I as it was over 100 years ago.

Almost 400 mi.² [1,000 sq. km] of land between India and China being seized by the Chinese army without even firing a shot

It has been 60 years now since that original Aksai Chin incident mortal combat the plateau of the high Himalaya. That border as disputed between the two nations not ever ameliorated by mediation, arbitration, or any sort of downright diplomacy or negotiation. Such a disagreement as not having been resolved in a period of 60 years, you can well assume it is not going to ever be resolved!



This is coolbert:

"‘Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive,’" Sir Walter Scott.

Think here not so much deceive but still a tangled web.

Cyprus to the rescue the Ukraine Conflict? Cyprus?

"Cyprus ready to send Soviet-made tanks [T-80] to Ukraine in exchange of German Leopards from Greece"

 From news.yahoo.com | "The New Voice of Ukraine" | January 22, 2023.

"The Mediterranean country has about 80 of these tanks in service."

"According to the publication, in the spring of 2022, the United States asked the Cypriot government to provide Ukraine with TOR-M1 and S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as T-80U tanks, BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, and Mi-35 attack helicopters. At that time, Nicosia put forward one condition: the swift delivery of German Leopard 2 tanks in exchange for its T-80Us. To date, there has been no response from Berlin."

FIRST I am mildly surprised the Republic of Cyprus has what seems to be a robust military for a nation of such size. That number of T-80 Soviet tanks as in inventory approaches nearly a regimental sized force.

SECOND such a transfer of armor to Ukraine from Cyprus will require a lot of negotiation between the Cypriot / Greek / German. Transfer not without CONDITIONS.


"Cyprus wants the tanks to come from friendly Greece, which already has them in service"


"Greece, in turn, wants to receive [from Germany] newer Leopard 2's in exchange – to avoid depleting its army's capabilities amid worsening relations with Turkey."

OK! This all needs to carefully explained in the most excruciating detail possible so that those who possess merely a baccalaureate degree can understand with full comprehension.

T-80 tanks go from Cyprus to Ukraine. Leopard-2 tanks go from Greece to Cyprus. German Leopard-2 tank [the latest and most advanced version] go from Germany to Greece. Only a done deal then.

Everyone savvy savvy?


Saturday, January 21, 2023

No. 270.

This is coolbert:

"'Russian Aerospace Forces’ aircraft will transport the released servicemen to Moscow for treatment and rehabilitation at medical institutions of the Russian Defense Ministry,'"

From www.rt.com 31 Dec, 2022.

The kindler gentler Russia? A contrast from World War Two.

"Russian soldiers released from Ukrainian captivity – Defense Ministry"

"Freed servicemen will now be airlifted to Moscow for treatment and rehabilitation, the military said"

"Some 82 Russian servicemen were released from Kiev-controlled territories on New Year’s Eve as a result of negotiations, the country’s Defense Ministry announced in a statement on Saturday."

"The POWs were facing 'mortal danger in captivity,' the ministry added, in a post on Telegram."

Consider and contrast the treatment of red army, prisoners of war repatriated in 1945 to the Soviet union. POW is having to be going through a filtration center interrogated by NKVD personnel determine if red Army troops as being returning to the Soviet union in violation of Order Number 270.

Red Army personnel having surrendered of their own free will and not fighting to the death against the German invader suffering severe consequences. Failing to pass successfully through a filtration center meaning harsh retribution.

"Order No. 270, issued on 16 August 1941, by Joseph Stalin during the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union, ordered Red Army personnel to 'fight to the last,' virtually banned commanders from surrendering, and set out severe penalties for senior officers and deserters regarded as [dereliction of] their duties."

"15% of the POWs (226,127 out of 1,539,475 total) were transferred to the NKVD, i.e. the Gulag."


Read further Order # 270 and other atrocious treatment of Red Army personnel 1945:





This is coolbert:

Nothing like this since the flak tower of World War Two!

Moscow prepares for the worst?

PantsirS1 anti-aircraft system spotted atop a building Moscow!

"Something very similar to Pantsir-S1 missile system spotted on roof of Russias Defence Ministry in Moscow"

From www.yahoo.com the original story from "Ukrainska Pravda" | January 19, 2023.

"Russian media outlets and social media have been publishing photos and videos of what appear to be Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft gun missile systems installed on the roofs of several buildings in Moscow, in particular on top of the Ministry of Defence. It is not yet known whether the Russians have actually installed the rooftop weapons."

"Source: Meduza, a Latvia-based Russian media outlet; Russian BBC service; Novaya Gazeta. Europe"

"Details: Several videos posted on Russian Telegram channels apparently show a Pantsir-S1 air defense system being installed at 8 Teterinsky Lane, Moscow."

"OSINT analyst Michael Horowitz posted a photo of the Russian Defense Ministry building on the Frunzenskaya Embankment, where a Pantsir-S1 has also allegedly been installed."

Pantsir now having an unobstructed 360° field of fire can engage enemy aircraft approaching from any angle.

What is the Russian afraid of? I greatly doubt the Ukrainian Air Force intends for an aerial offensive against downtown Moscow. This seems to be almost out of the question at least from my perspective. Maybe the Russians know something we don’t know.

See previous blog entries the flak tower as an unique form of military structure from the era of World War Two:




Swift USN.

This is coolbert:

American highly trained and possibly very experienced military man [U.S. Navy SEAL] killed the Ukraine Conflict.

A lot of questions need to be asked here and answers found?

"Exclusive: AWOL Navy SEAL Killed Fighting In Ukraine"

From www.yahoo.com | W.J. Hennigan | original story Time January 20, 2023.

"A former American Navy SEAL was killed this week during Russia’s assault on eastern Ukraine while fighting alongside Ukrainian forces, a Navy official tells TIME."

"Daniel W. Swift, a Navy Special Warfare Operator First Class who had gone AWOL, died Jan. 18 after suffering injuries with a unit under attack by Russia, the official said."


* This man more correctly categorized as a deserter and not AWOL. His desertion occurring over three years ago! Deserters defined as be absent for thirty days or more without the intention of returning.

* I would have thought there would have been an intensive manhunt to find the deserter! Swift as a career [?] SEAL would have knowledge of methods, tactics and techniques as used by American naval commando special operators.

* Swift during his duty with SEAL units would undoubtedly have had knowledge also of highly classified missions taking place all over the word even during peacetime!

* The intelligence agencies of a number of nations around the world hostile to United States would have obviously liked to have been in contact with the now late Swift, USN. Question him at length regarding U.S. Navy SEAL operations. I wonder of such a thing took place? I would hate to think so.

Debriefing now impossible!


Friday, January 20, 2023


This is coolbert:

To war with searchlight? At least to my knowledge there hasn't been such a use of searchlights during a time of war since Vietnam.


From the Internet webzine "Coffee or Die" | January 3, 2023 ·Nolan Peterson.

Consider the images as accompanying the "Coffee or Die" article.

Ukrainian using "technicals" as mobile anti-drone air defense.

Technical usually defined as a pick up truck with a heavy direct-fire weapon mounted to the bed of the truck.

In this case that heavy weapon a Soviet era DshK 12.7 mm [fifty caliber] machine gun. 

Ukrainian technical accompanied by a second vehicle equipped with a very intense searchlight able to illuminate incoming drones I suspect of the Iranian Shahed-136 variety. Drone flying at a speed similar to a helicopter a target that can be successfully engaged by the DshK!!

Low-level technology Ukrainian field expedient air defense crude but effective as they say? Proliferate the battlefield with these and you have one part of a solution to the Shahed-136 problem?

A Ukrainian mobile air defense unit on the lookout for Russian missile and drone strikes. Photo courtesy of Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

A Ukrainian mobile air defense unit on the lookout for Russian missile and drone strikes. Photo courtesy of Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

American helicopter the Vietnam War in the Firefly mode. High-power searchlight and 7.62 mm mini-gun. A deadly combination. Searchlight and mini-gun I do not believe linked. Where the searchlight illuminates is not where the rounds from the mini-gun will hit! See a web site devoted to a discussion of the Firefly.

Firefly having three possible separate meanings within the context of the Second-Indo China. 1. A senior commander hovering over the scene of a battle issuing orders to the troops. 2. A drone making overflights of North Vietnam during a photo reconnaissance mission. 3. Hunter-killer helicopter equipped with the searchlight and mini-gun.

It all seems so easy, doesn't it?


Thursday, January 19, 2023


This is coolbert:

Russian Wagner Group PMC their recruiting methods leave a lot to be desired? According to a Russian journalist this is so.

1. "Russia’s Shadow Army Exposed and Humiliated by Bogus ‘Recruit’"


From www.thedailybeast.com | Allison Quinn that original story | Igor Russak/Reutersm | Jan. 18, 2023.

"Alcoholics are welcome, social media is forbidden, and terrorism offenses are where Wagner recruiters apparently draw the line."

"A Russian journalist went undercover as a wannabe recruit for the notorious Wagner Group and was seemingly accepted by the private army after little to no questioning about his background."

Additionaly also yet more African as a recruit to Wagner PMC now killed-in-action.

2. "The funeral of the fighter of the ChVK « Wagner » of Tanzanian origin who died under Bakhmut took place in Goryach"

From riafan.ru | January 16, 2023. 

"The funeral of the fighter of the ChVK « Wagner » of Tanzanian origin who died under Bakhmut took place in Goryach"

3. "Russia-Ukraine War Leaves Tanzanian Family In Tears"

"Tanzanian Nemes Tarimo died in Ukraine while fighting for the Russians. His family wants his body brought to Tanzania."

From thechanzo.com | Lukelo Francis | 19 January 2023.

"Dar es Salaam. The family of a Tanzanian national who died in Ukraine fighting for Russia under Wagner group is eagerly waiting to hear from the government when exactly will the body of its loved one be brought into the country for burial."


"The funeral of a citizen of Tanzania, Tarimo Nemes Raymond, who fought under Bakhmut as part of the « Wagner » and died in the performance of a combat mission, was held in Goryachyachyklyach."

See previous blog entry with embedded link a Zambian citizen recruited by Wagner PMC a casualty of the Ukraine Conflict:


Wednesday, January 18, 2023


This is coolbert:

Gepard SPAAG [self-propelled anti-aircraft gun] 35 mm to the rescue Ukraine?

Gepard the IDEAL weapon for combatting the Irainian Shahed-136 suicide drone?

Gepard a Cold War era weapon system with a mission vital.

"The little-known weapon knocking down Iranian drones over Kyiv"

From www.yahoo.com | Paul McLeary | January 4, 2023. 

"Ukraine is swatting away as many Iranian-made drones as Russia can throw at its infrastructure sites, knocking down as many as 80 air vehicles over Kyiv during Russia’s surprise New Year’s Eve blitz alone, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said this week."

"So how did they do it? According to Ukrainian officials and advisers to Kyiv who spoke to POLITICO, much of it is thanks to the German-made Gepard [cheetah] system, a vehicle that can send dual streams of 35mm rounds ripping into the sky to hit the drones. Berlin has sent 30 Gepard vehicles to Ukraine over the past year, with seven more on the way this year."

This graphic from Binkov:

The Ukrainian still has mothballed Soviet era SPAAG Shilka ZSU-23-4 in their inventory? These Shilka also have anti-drone shoot-down capability comparable to the Gepard?

The Ukrainian does have a number of overhauled and upgraded Shilka and potentially in goodly numbers. Ukrainian vital infrastructure especially the electrical grid can be defended!

The solution to the threat of the Shahed-136 suicide drone easily remedied? I make it sound so easy?



This is coolbert:

Consider this a form of grand strategy. While a war is being fought plan for the aftermath. Demining Ukrainian territory strewn with Russian land mines.

 "Cambodian experts begin training Ukrainian deminers"

From apnews.com the story By SOPHENG CHEANG / today 17 January 2023.

"PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — Fifteen Ukrainian deminers are being trained by experts in Cambodia who are among the world’s best because of experience from clearing the leftovers of nearly three decades of war."

"The Ukrainian deminers are being hosted by the Cambodian Mine Action Center, a government agency that oversees the clearing of land mines and unexploded ordnance in Cambodia. The weeklong program began Monday and is supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency."


"He said [Heng Ratana] the training will focus on mine clearing using technology including a Japanese detection device called the Advanced Landmine Imaging System."

"Cambodian deminers have become among the world’s most experienced, and several thousand have been sent in the past decade under U.N. auspices to work in Africa and the Middle East."

See this You Tube Video a machine currently at work the Ukraine. A demining tractor-like machine remotely operated.

"The Armtrac 400 is capable of clearing 2400 square meters [about 2,900 square yards] per hour and can be operated remotely"

"At the moment, it is the only machine of the kind in Ukraine, according to Diachenko."

"The Ukrainian Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources estimates it will take at least a decade to clear all the mines and explosives from the country."

Look at that soil! The black earth of the Eurasian steppe land. Just about the best crop land in the world. Farm land too valuable to be left fallow. Demining must commence and continue even while combat occurring.



This is coolbert:

Once again the Russian expending surface to air missiles in the ballistic mode of attack against Ukrainian infrastructure ground targets.

This time S-400 missiles NATO code named GROWLER!

"Russian missiles that hit Kyiv on 14 January were S-400s launched from Bryansk Oblast"

As seen at news.yahoo.com that story by "Ukrainska Pravda" January 17, 2023. 

"Ukraine’s Air Force has confirmed that the Russians launched S-400 anti-aircraft missiles from Bryansk Oblast to attack Kyiv on Saturday, 14 January."

"Source: "Colonel Yurii Ihnat, spokesperson for the Air Force of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, on 5 TV Channel and in a comment to Ukrainska Pravda"

"Details: "The Colonel noted that the entire frontline zone has been taking hits from these specific projectiles for six months now, as the Russians use S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to hit ground targets."


See previous blog entry with additional embedded links Russian surface to air missiles used in the ground attack mode:



Tuesday, January 17, 2023


This is coolbert:

WARNING: Independent Barents Observer is a "flagged" Internet media website in the Russian Federation. Meaning that Russian citizens, nationals and perhaps foreign residents residing in Russia are strongly discouraged if not banned from viewing the "Barents" website.  

FSB = Russian internal counter intelligence service to include border guards.

Deserter / defector from the Wagner PMC Grove has crossed the border from Russia into Norway in very dramatic fashion and will probably be giving sanctuary.

"Shots were fired by FSB, Wagner defector escaping to Norway is willing to testify"

"FSB border guards opened fire after the man running the polar night in the snow across the Pasvik River from Russia to Norway. The man, allegedly a defector from the Wagner mercenary group, says he is willing to testify against war criminal [alleged] Yevgeny Prigozhin."

From thebarentsobserver the story by Thomas Nilsen and Georgy Chentemirov January 15, 2023.

"It was shortly before 2 am the night before Friday a Russian citizen managed to get through the barbed wire fence not far from the town of Nikel and run over the Pasvik River to safety in Norway."

See the You Tube video courtesy https://gulagu.net/ an organization I didn't know even existed.

"Another evacuation completed successfully. More precisely, here we are not even talking about evacuation, but about a [defector / deserter] illegally crossing the border and escaping from Russia under the barking of watchdogs and shots in the back from the border service of the FSB."

To see subtitles of your own choosing [i.e. English] go to and enter: settings / subtitles / Russian auto-generated / auto / translate / scroll to English and enter.

"The escape was dramatic, the man tells via phone from Oslo in a live recording posted on the Gulagu.net’s YouTube channel."

"He was quickly brought to Oslo because of extreme security considerations in the Kirkenes area."

And I might very well suspect this deserter / defector will be of great interest to both Norwegian and NATO intelligence. His knowledge of Wagner PMC and the role of Wagner in the Ukraine conflict will be vital if not unique.

Norway and NATO also BEWARE the false defector! A person intentionally defecting sent over to the other side to sow dissension and spread disinformation. This type of procedure was not commonly used by the Soviet intelligence services during the Cold War but as I understand it was not so uncommon either. Very careful interrogation will be required to determine man determine whether this man is a true or false defector.


Monday, January 16, 2023

Mosi II.

This is coolbert:

BRICS in action. Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa.

Nothing to really see here folks move along.

We can reasonably infer that the recent visit of the Russian flag merchant vessel Lady R to the South Africa port of Simonstown is somehow related to forthcoming naval exercises as part of the BRICS alliance? Chinese, Russian, South African naval vessels a joint exercise.

"South Africa Set to Welcome Russian Warships Despite Criticism"

"Russian, Chinese navies to participate in February exercises"

"Opposition says decision to go ahead shows poor judgment"

From www.bloomberg.com By Antony Sguazzin January 16, 2023. That tip from Abe.

"South Africa will next month go ahead with naval exercises off its eastern coast with Russian and Chinese warships in a decision that could further strain its relationship with some of its biggest trading partners."

"Operation Mosi, which means smoke, will take place from Feb. 17 to Feb. 26. South Africa’s reluctance to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its decision to allow sanctioned Russian vessels to dock at its ports have already ramped up tensions with the US, UK and European Union who are backing Ukraine in the conflict. The country’s biggest opposition party questioned the wisdom of going ahead with the exercises."

Mosi I the previous naval exercise Russia-China-South Africa as held previously in 2019.

See previous blog entries the topic of which was the visit of the Russian-flagged merchant vessel to South Africa:




Sunday, January 15, 2023

Deferment II.

This is coolbert:

Consider within context of the previous blog entry inside of my interest from over 60 years ago now

Young American men of conscription age call the draft in the USA being given a deferment if they were married you will not be inducted into the American armed forces.

Thanks to the New York Times in the original story by Tom wicker house on 60 years ago.

"KENNEDY ORDERS HALT IN DRAFTING OF MARRIED MEN; Status of 340,000 Affected  Inductees to Be Called Up at an Earlier Age Three Receive Pens U.S. HALTS DRAFT OF MARRIED MEN No Rush for Licenses Jerseyan Spared 'You Don't Go'"

By Tom Wicker Special To the New York Times Sept. 11, 1963.

"WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 President Kennedy signed an Executive order today that had the effect of halting the draft of married men into the armed forces. The order affects the draft status of 340,000."

All of this is occurring at a point in time prior to large scale American involvement and won’t became known as the Second Indo-china war.

That policy of deferring married men for conscription being done away with about two years later.

You can well imagine the consternation of young men already well-established in life; a marriage, a family, a house, a job, a good career having thought that they escape the military conscription of USA now induction into the USA armed forces and during a time of war.

At least during my active duty service US military during the Vietnam era I did encounter some of these people in basic training and they did have pronounced attitude and when I mean attitude I don’t mean good attitude I mean bad attitude some very bitter and very angry men who having their lot and station in life change dramatically and perhaps for the worse.

Let us just say that among these inductees these were not happy campers!


Saturday, January 14, 2023


This is coolbert:

If indeed this be true such a change in policy is going to create a lot of anger / hate / resentment where none is really needed! Beware the wrath of the usually compliant Russian citizenry?

Previous policy of granting family men a deferment from mobilization / conscription the Ukraine conflict now going to be rescinded! Family men having to support three minors  previously having been given deferment that policy now to be cancelled and revoked!

1. "Russia cancels deferments of conscription for fathers with large families"

From Ukrainian Truth | Ukrainska Pravda | January 13, 2023.

"Nina Ostanina, Member of the State Duma [the lower chamber of the Russian parliament – ed.] and the Head of the Committee for Family, Women and Children, has stated that Russia will stop granting deferments from conscription to fathers of three minors."

"Source: Latvia-based Russian news outlet Meduza; Ostanina on Telegram."

"Details: Ostanina has said that Irina Kirkora, a member of the Human Rights Council, has notified her of the cancellation of these grounds for deferral. Kirkora referred to a certain document sent to military enlistment offices in December, as well as a source in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia."

Also this:

2. "Senior Russia Lawmaker Denies End to Mobilization Deferment For Fathers"

Updated: 10 hours ago | 13 january7 2023.

"A senior Russian lawmaker on Friday denied that the Russian military had canceled the right to mobilization deferment for fathers of three or more children amid ongoing speculation that Moscow could launch a second round of mobilization for the war in Ukraine."

So is it yes or is it no? Deferments going tp be rescinded or extended I guess that is the question at this moment

That original mobilization / conscription 300,000 men thrown into the breach! Now President Vlad of Russia talking about another 500,000 men being conscripted / mobilized for the Ukraine Conflict! President Vlad desperate for manpower in a way not anticipated!


Friday, January 13, 2023


This is coolbert:

"The introduction of lapta into the school curriculum will make it possible to use it as an effective means of strengthening the health of children and adolescents at school, preparing students to pass the norms of the GTO standards and preparing young men for service in the Russian Armed Forces." - Sergey Fokin.

Bat and ball game in the ancient and venerable Russian style a school-yard game as a means to promote physical fitness among the Russian young people.

Part and parcel of a physical regimen intended to create a cohort of   physically fit young men as being able to perform military service in a much more adequate manner if called upon. 

"Russia introduces lessons of lapta in schools, believing it will prepare schoolchildren for army"

From yahoo.com that original story | Ukrainska Pravda | January 13, 2023.

"The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation has developed an educational course on playing lapta [Russian 14th-century bat and ball game – ed.] for school children. The department believes that the game will help prepare young men for military service."

"Source: website of the Russian Ministry of Education, Sirena, Gazeta.ru"

"Details: Students from classes 1 through 11 will learn to play the Russian folk game. This will take place in physical education lessons and as part of extracurricular activities."

"The department believes that lapta will improve the preparation of all schoolchildren for the passing of the GTO standards [Ready for Labour and Defence, a physical culture training program introduced in the USSR – ed.] and individual young men for military service."

See here a You Tube demonstration the game of lapta.

See also this YouTube video a demonstration of Finnish baseball. Yet another bat and ball game, an adaptation of American baseball and considered to be an excellent means of achieving fitness in young people.

President Vlad of Russia for a long time now has been very concerned with the Russian demographic problem. The Russian people not reproducing themselves in adequate numbers not even at replacement level. Physical fitness and overall health of the Russian young person also questionable. Not enough young men able to perform military service in a more than adequate manner.

Where is the Russian going to find adequate numbers of young men and perhaps even young women to perform military service in the future? It always was the case during the time of the Russian Empire the Russian army had at their disposal multitudes of muzhik [peasants]. A manpower base of prodigious size, an abundance of troops used in a profligate manner which was deemed by potential adversaries the RUSSIAN STEAMROLLER! 

The steamroller in the modern context lacking steam?



This is coolbert

Russian Wagner PMC convict recruit bites the dust the Ukraine Conflict.

"Russia’s Latest War ‘Hero’ Is Convict Who Beat Mom to Death"

From a variety of sources to include via VK [Russian social media], yahoo.com and  "The Daily Beast" the story by Allison Quinn | January 12, 2023.

"A middle-aged Russian man [46 years old] sent to prison for beating his elderly mother to death has been honored as a hero in Russia’s increasingly deranged war dystopia."

"A dystopia .. . is a speculated community or society that is undesirable or frightening. It is often treated as an antonym of utopia"

"Sergei Molodtsov, 46, was killed while waging war against Ukraine as one of the notorious Wagner Group’s newly recruited prison mercenaries. He was buried in Russia’s Sverdlov region with military honors—"

“Relatives remember Sergei as an amazingly special person who loved life. He was an honest man. Truth was the most important thing for him. He always paid heed to others’ misfortune, helped the weak and the needy,” the local administration of the city of Serov said in a statement, calling Molodtsov a “happy-go-lucky guy” who “loved music, freedom, and speed.”

"happy-go-lucky: adjective - blithely unconcerned : CAREFREE"

And then one day Sergei decided in "a state of intoxication" to go beat his mother to death! Now however a Russian hero! CAREFREE now yes indeed!