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[well, at least during the Second World War it was. MOST SECRET is the analog of the American TOP SECRET.]

Thanks here to the Jungle Trader and the BBC:

Another secret weapon - - never used, found to be unfeasible and probably ineffective. But considered as a "possible". And the thought behind such a weapon was similar to the mentality surrounding the neutron bomb of the 1980's? Kills people, but leaves structures intact and unscathed?

"WWII poison darts secret emerges"

"Top secret War Office papers have revealed a strange and macabre weapons project tested by the Allies during World War II."

Flechette weaponry, WW2 style. But flechettes with a tip of mustard agent. A CHEMICAL ROUND!!

"Lethal clouds of tiny poisoned darts were to be tipped with mustard gas to kill enemy troops without damaging nearby buildings or equipment."

"clouds of poison darts, blasted from canisters high above the battlefield, could be even more lethal against enemy troop concentrations than high-explosive shells."

"Mustard gas compounds in the needles would ensure anyone whose skin was broken would die a swift and horrible death, or at least have terrible injuries."

Tested on sheep and goats. The way the weapon wounds and kills a sheep or goat is very similar to the damage that would be done to a human. Sheep in particular have long been a favorite subject for weapons testing.

"sheep and goats [were dressed] in two layers of battledress material and positioned them across a wide area, some in trenches, to be exposed to the killer darts."

This "needle" - - this flechette, IS AN ILLEGAL WEAPON AS CONCEIVED? A "diabolical" weapon causing UNNECESSARY SUFFERING!! NOT ONLY a weapon causing injury by penetration, but POISONED AS WELL!!

The allies HAD considered the use of chemical munitions during WW2. DID NOT use, but seriously considered. The Japanese of course made4 extensive use of chemical munitions in China both prior to and after [??] Pearl Harbor - - The German at least on two occasions using lethal gases during military operations in eastern Europe.


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"'Testing an operational asset pulled from the missile field at Minot provides us confidence our weapon system is capable of performing when needed.' . . . 'The fact that we can randomly select an on-alert operational ICBM from any missile wing and launch it without making any modifications to the components to hit a bulls-eye target is a testament of the systems reliability,'" - USAF officer.

Special mention Minuteman III.

"Minuteman III Successfully Launched from Vandenberg to Kwajalein"

This item was covered on the national radio news headlines today. Seems strange to me why this is so! A message is being sent to someone? Perhaps so?

"An unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile . . . launched from North Vandenberg today at 3:01 a.m. The launch was an operational test to verify the weapon system's reliability and accuracy."

"'For this launch, we will use a contingency airborne system that will tell the missile to fire.'"

This is a rather routine exercise for the USAF? An element of the U.S. Strategic Command, a Minuteman III missile, is randomly chosen, plucked from a missile silo, shipped to California, placed in an analog missile silo, and launched as if it is on an actual retaliatory nuclear mission! Carrying an dummy warhead, but demonstrating the reliability of the entire missile system.

Such tests of the reliability are very important to the entire Minuteman missile deterrent! Many of these silo-based missiles have been on-call and ready to launch for over four decades nos!

Tests of this type on a regular basis being the only means to alleviate any fears that may exist in the minds of StratCom commanders and launch crews!

This test also included some sort of airborne contingency launch system. Similar to the Looking Glass aircraft, but having the ability to independently launch American ICBM's if need be!



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Regarding Normandy, D-Day, the battle of France [1944]!

Here from the World War Two [WW2] recollections of of Dal E.

A man who fought his way across France in 1944 as a member of the US Army 29th ID, ending the war as an officer in charge of a displaced persons camp in Czechoslovakia.

American troops [British and Canadian too?] prior to D-Day were briefed NOT to be too friendly with the residents of Normandy, and NOT to expect too much friendliness in return.

There was an unknown quantity among the French population. Collaborationists that were working for the German.

Pro-fascist elements among the French, actively supporting, aiding and abetting the German occupier. NOT necessarily Vichy, but nonetheless, a threat to allied troops.

"French collaborationnistes and collaborators - - [the] term collaborationnistes to refer to fascists and Nazi sympathizers"

"Parti Populaire Français (PPF) [and had as]. . . A principal motivation and ideological foundation among collaborationnistes was anticommunism and the desire to see the defeat of the Bolsheviks."

"A number of the French advocated fascist philosophies even before the occupation - - [and were organized into] . . . paramilitary organizations with a fascist leaning"

Organizations to include:

* "Légion Française des Combattants" (LFC) (French Legion of Fighters).

* "Amis de la Légion".

* "Légion Française des Combattants et des volontaires de la Révolution Nationale" (French Legion of Fighters and Volunteers of the National Revolution).

* "Service d'Ordre Légionnaire" (SOL).

French fascists - - a small [?] number of them existing, but still posing a recognized threat to allied forces. Allied commanders were cognizant of this potentially hostile force of collaborationists, warning their troops in advance to be measured, cautious, and wary of the Norman and French civilians?!

There ARE instances of French collaborationists having engaged in combat AGAINST ALLIED FORCES IN THE AFTERMATH OF D-DAY!

1. German artillery was able to fire on U.S. forces, having spotting done by "someone" when ONLY French civilians were around?

2. Dal E. reports too having encountered, and seen killed a Frenchwoman, in civilian dress, taking POT-SHOTS at American troops.

This is both surprising and disheartening?!

But is in keeping with a venerable French tradition. The francs-de-tireur . A civilian, operating solely, without guidance or command, sniping at the "enemy". IN THIS CASE THE "ENEMY" WAS THE AMERICAN FORCES HAVING LANDED ON D-DAY!

The recollections of Dal E. are NOT the type of thing you will find in the history books! And not too always the type of thing you WANT to hear, but is the truth!


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My sincere apologies to Ed Mc Mahon.

The great showman and entertainer, television personality of the highest order, who just passed away a few days ago.

A man who held the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Marines.

I had thought originally thought that Ed having the rank of Colonel in the Marines was an "honorific" title or a public relations gimmick or such.

Surely I was wrong - - and big time too!!

Ed Mc Mahon was an outstanding Marine, an officer and war veteran of the highest caliber! Ed was not a "chocolate" soldier by any means. His record stands for itself!

"During World War II, McMahon was a fighter pilot [flying the F4 Corsair] in the United States Marine Corps serving as a flight instructor and test pilot. He was a decorated pilot (six Air Medals) and was discharged in 1946, remaining in the reserves."

"After college, McMahon returned to active duty . . . He was sent to Korea in February 1952. He flew unarmed OE-1 Bird Dogs on 85 tactical air control and artillery spotting missions. He remained in the Marine Corps Reserve, retiring with the rank of Colonel in 1966 and was then commissioned as a Brigadier General in the California Air National Guard."

The ancestors of Ed were also men of distinguished military accomplishments. Very much so also. French aristocrats and men of honor. Serving proudly and valiantly - - just as did Ed.

"Several of his ancestors, including the Marquis d'Equilly, also had long and distinguished military careers. Patrice MacMahon, duc de Magenta was a Marshal of armies in France, serving under Napoleon III"

My apologies again to Ed! May he rest in well deserved peace.


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Brilliant Comrade?

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Here, thanks to the Danger Room of "Wired", is the latest and greatest dope on the purported successor to Kim Jong-il the Dear Leader of North Korea. Third son of Kim, Kim Jong-un!

"Meet North Korea’s New Top Cop"

"There’s a new sheriff in Pyongyang: South Korea’s Dong-a Ilbo reports that Kim Jong-un, the son of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, has been named the head of the country’s secret police."

"Kim Jong-il is in failing health . . . [and] a handover of power may be imminent."

Un is only twenty-six years old. The man is a totally unknown factor in the "west", and for that matter, in North Korea too?

Un at age eleven. NO other photos of the man are in circulation?!

Being given control of the secret police in a nation ruled by a brutal regime is significant? First son and second son the siblings of Un will be cut-out of any power sharing? They will be in line for "treatment" in the North Korean "GULAG", whatever it is called.

Un has been given the appellation of "Brilliant Comrade"! NOT "Brilliant Commander" as previously reported.

Well, Un will have at his disposal nuclear weapons, possibly intercontinental ballistic missiles, ten thousand or so pieces of tube artillery, etc. Good luck Un. Perhaps the siblings "first son" and "second son" will NOT go quietly into the night? Will have their own factions and contest the decision of Kim Jong-il? A fight to the death as is the ancient tradition among "eastern" despots is in store? We shall see!!

Twenty-six years old!! And folks said that Obama did not have enough experience!!


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"You mean - - we came all this way - - for nothing??!!" - - American Ranger, in the aftermath of the assault of Pointe' du Hoc.

"[war] is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous" - - Mao.

Again, from the BBC article on the celebrations and commemorations surrounding the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings, extracts and comments:

"Revisionists challenge D-Day story"

"Far from being an unmitigated success, Mr Beevor found, the landings came very close to going horribly wrong."

"Twenty-five years ago, in his book Overlord, Max Hastings had already described it as 'one of the most futile air attacks of the war.'"

"According to American historian J Robert Lilly, there were around 3,500 rapes by American servicemen in France between June 1944 and the end of the war."

"The evidence shows that sexual violence against women in liberated France was common," writes Mr Hitchcock.

"29 soldiers executed for rape by the US military authorities"





1. Even after much planning of the most meticulous variety, and preparations of the most intensive nature, a lot of things went wrong with the D-Day landings, and have been generally acknowledged and commented upon.

Difficulties, problems, poor performance and downright failure to include: [but not limited to!]

* Troops landing on the wrong beaches [U.S. 4th ID].

* Troops [U.S. 1st ID] meeting very strong unexpected resistance.

* Airborne forces landing in unexpected places, way off course.

* British troops not reaching goals set for the first day.

* Aerial bombardment totally missing targets.

* German positions [Pointe' du Hoc] thought to be critical assaulted but found to be unoccupied.


2. American soldiers, found guilty of raping Frenchwomen, sentenced to death by the U.S. Army and executed. I would be interested to know if at the time, A FRENCHMAN GUILTY OF A SIMILAR OFFENSE [RAPING A FRENCHWOMAN], WOULD HAVE RECEIVED THE SAME PUNISHMENT FROM HIS OWN GOVERNMENT?? Devoted readers to the blog will remember the prior blog entry regarding the executions in England of U.S. military personnel for the crime of raping Englishwomen. Rape was a crime for which no Englishman had been executed since the 1860's! Soldiers are EXPECTED to behave in a better manner! Be more disciplined - - not becoming a riotous mob - - no matter what!!

3. That bombardment by the strategic massed American and British air forces on June 6 WAS a total fiasco. Recognized as such by all at the time! Massed air forces elements attempting to drop their bomb loads ON THE BEACH DEFENSES OF NORMANDY, DROPPING THEIR ORDNANCE THROUGH A CLOUD COVER NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE THE TARGETS, TIMING THEIR BOMB RUN INCORRECTLY AND IN GRIEVOUS AND GROSS ERROR!! Almost without exception a lot of ordnance was dropped on farm fields and villages!

4. One too, cannot forget the second bombardment of Normandy by the massed strategies allied air forces, about one month subsequent to the D-Day landings. An attack that had the force of a tactical nuclear weapon being dropped, all a prelude to the Operation Cobra breakout!!

5. The British too had their fiascoes that cannot be overlooked. NOT being able to secure the objective of Caen on June 6th meant a month long battle culminating in "Goodwood"! Four hundred allied tankers [Canadian?] destroyed in a three day battle! Montgomery and the English army still persisting even in spite of almost catastrophic casualties!

Hey dude, no one ever said this was going to be easy!!

OH, Mr. Beevor and Mr. Hastings really are eminent historians who do good work.


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Here thanks to the DEBKA file, some interesting stuff:


1. "Ex-US president Carter's escapes assassination from al Qaeda-linked Palestinians"

"16 June: DEBKAfile's military sources confirm that the Army of Islam, the Palestinian al Qaeda cell in Gaza, tried to assassinate former US president Jimmy Carter by planting a 200-kilo bomb in the path of his exit to Israel after he held sympathetic talks with its Hamas rulers. Carter had a lucky escape; the bomb would have been lethal had it not been defused by Hamas sappers, who later denied it was there."


"French investigators suggested that the cockpit was empty when the plane suddenly dropped into the ocean, but could not say whether the pilots had left the cockpit voluntarily or not."


* All American Presidents, after leaving office, for the rest of their lives, enjoy Secret Service protection. Carter was lucky this time? And what does this say about Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, al Qaeda? Army of Islam is a faction of Hamas or a rogue element? Renegades attempting to upset ANY and ALL attempts at peacemaking. Even on the part of those [Hamas/Hezbollah] normally not even in the slightest concerned about peacemaking.

* The cockpit of Flight 447 was empty just prior to the plane plunging into the ocean? This is unheard of? By protocol, the aircrew [pilot and co-pilot] in the case of the AirBus, cannot BOTH be absent from the controls of the plane at the same time, NO MATTER WHAT?!


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White Sea Canal.

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"It must be done in twenty months, and it must be done cheaply!" - - J. Stalin.

"100,000 workers started, 100,000 workers finished!"

In his book, the GULAG Archipelago, Alexander Solzhenitsyn devotes a special chapter to the building of the White Sea Canal.

A canal, the building of which had a most definite military dimension to it.

A canal to link the Baltic and White Sea.

Would allow the Soviet Navy to rapidly move naval elements from one theatre to another. Movement hitherto impossible but highly desirable. The Soviet Navy, normally confined by geographical "choke points", no longer constrained and handicapped!

A canal, the building of which was accomplished by "slave labor", enormous numbers of "workers" perishing in the process. A CANAL ALMOST TOTALLY BUILT BY HAND LABOR!!

"The White Sea-Baltic Sea Canal . . . is a ship canal in Russia opened on 2 August 1933. It connects the White Sea with the Baltic Sea, near St. Petersburg . . . The canal was constructed largely by prison labour and during its construction some 100,000 people died"

A canal, built with a great cost in human life, with a definite military purpose in mind, but, when opened, found to be sorely lacking in the extreme. NEVER FULFILLING EXPECTATIONS, A BOONDOGGLE CONSTRUCTED AT AN ENORMOUS COST IN HUMAN LIFE - - THE MILITARY VALUE OF WHICH IN THE END BEING MORE OR LESS ZERO!!

"Its economic advantages are limited by its minimal depth of only 4m (13 ft) . . . making it useless to most sea-going vessels."

The canal was built in the allotted twenty months - - and cheaply - - but was too shallow to allow for naval vessels to pass!! The only conventional naval warships that were able to transit the canal were submarines, and those ONLY BEING ABLE TO DO SO WHEN CARRIED ON THE BACKS OF BARGES!!

Probably Soviet submarines of the Malyutka or "baby" class!! Itty-bitty midget subs!!

The White Sea canal too has another serious impediment in addition to depth? Traffic is able to pass through the canal only half of the year, ice blocking the passage the rest of the time, the canal located as far north as it is!!

"For the navigation seasons of 2008 to 2010, the canal locks were scheduled to operate from 20 May each year until 15/30 October, giving 148–163 navigation days per year."

Please note too in the wiki entry for the canal that NO mention is made of the military dimension to the construction of the canal. Stalin LIKED to THINK of himself as a military genius and great strategist! His "idea" for the canal is the type of project that megalomaniac dictators have engaged in since time immemorial! Grandiose "works" that often the functionality of which comes to nought!


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This is the 65th anniversary of the landings in Normandy. D-Day, June 6, 1944.

The usual commemorations have been held. With all the assembled dignitaries making speeches about the sacrifices made by those that had to wade ashore!

How D-Day was a significant turning point in the war. Even acknowledged so by Hitler himself.

But of course, some folks are never happy.

The revisionists of the west and east at hard at work, attempting to debunk established "myth"!

1. "Revisionists challenge D-Day story"

"A revisionist theme seems to have settled on this year's 65th anniversary commemoration of the Normandy landings."

Those persons liberated from the German occupation, French citizens and residents of Normandy, were NOT universally grateful to the liberators. The American, Canadian, and British troops were NOT always seen as paragons of virtue? Rather, as persons who wrought destruction on a massive scale to the cities and villages of Normandy, and RAPISTS WHOSE BEHAVIOR WAS ON MANY OCCASIONS SORELY WANTING?

"And far from being universally welcomed as liberators, many troops had a distinctly surly reception from the people of Normandy."

"The reason for this was simple. Many Normandy towns and villages had been literally obliterated by Allied bombing."

This was primarily the saturation bombing that preceded Operation Cobra. Hundreds of tons of bombs dropped by the massed strategic allied air forces! NOT ONLY WERE THE GERMAN MILITARY UNITS THAT WERE THE TARGETS OF THE BOMBARDMENT OBLITERATED, BUT SO TOO WERE ANY FRENCH VILLAGES AND TOWNS "IN THE WAY"!

"Some 20,000 French civilians were killed in the two-and-a-half months from D-Day, 3,000 of them during the actual landings."

Rape too - - was fairly common practice engaged in by the allied "liberators"? Unseemly behavior - - taking advantage of a situation and abusing those very same people [French] you can to "save" from the German.

"According to American historian J Robert Lilly, there were around 3,500 rapes by American servicemen in France between June 1944 and the end of the war."

That figure of 3,500 rapes is very high when one considers that in all of the four year occupation of France by German troops, the TOTAL number of Frenchwomen raped by the occupier [German] was SEVERAL hundred.

2. "Russia: West Slighted Soviets in D-Day Ceremonies"

"MOSCOW -- Russia on Thursday accused Western leaders of slighting the Soviet role in the Allied victory over Nazi Germany in their remarks this month commemorating the D-Day landings in Normandy."

Once more, the clear and persistent pattern emerges. The Russians feel slighted. NO criticism of the Soviet role in victory over the German in WW2 can be tolerated! And too, the Soviet role must always be mentioned and included in all ceremonies.

I know this is HARD for the Russian to understand, but the D-Day commemorative ceremonies were to commemorate D-Day and nothing more than that. The Russian/Soviet was NOT involved in the D-Day landings, plain, pure and simple. These ceremonies held this last 6th of June were to honor those nations that actually participated in the campaign in Normandy, and nothing else!

Russia has taken offense where no offense is intended. It is preposterous to think of it any other way? NO offense was intended, and none should be taken. But it has been.

Always has to be, some folks, whether it is in the west or the east, that must always make a stir, be a gadfly, be a revisionist. Much to-do has been made where it is not needed?


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Siluro a Lenta Corsa.

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"The “incursori” (submarine diver commandos) . . . armed with peculiar technological weapons they would eventually succeed in actions aimed to destroy enemy ships and bases."

Peculiar technological weapons such as the human or manned torpedo. Combat swimmers, naval commandos, attacking while "riding" into combat a diver operated submersible vehicle. Peculiar technological unconventional warfare weaponry wielded by unconventional warfare fighters such as naval commandos of the Italian Decima X.

"Human torpedoes or manned torpedoes are a type of rideable submarines that were used as secret naval weapons in World War II [WW2]. The basic design is still in use today. The name is most commonly used to refer to the weapons that Italy, and later Britain, deployed in the Mediterranean and used to attack ships in enemy harbours [WW2]."

"The official Italian name for their craft was Siluro a Lenta Corsa (SLC = 'Slow-running torpedo')"

More of a two-manned "wet" micro-submarine than a torpedo. Two combat divers, wearing scuba, "riding" the SLC, attacking a berthed enemy vessel from below the surface using a detachable limpet mine type warhead to do so.

And here too is another peculiar technological naval weapon from the era of WW2. The Kaiten manned human torpedo. A Japanese "innovation". Naval asymmetrical fighters, seeking to offset a vastly greater American numerical and qualitative advantage by the use of a manned torpedo, piloted to the target by a man bent on suicide. An aspect of the Japanese WW2 "Special Attack Corps"!

An "innovative" naval weapon, possessing an immense warhead [3,500 pounds of TNT], steered by a volunteer RIDING INSIDE OF THE TORPEDO ALL THE WAY TO THE TARGET!!

[it is not clear from any of the various web sites dealing with the kaiten whether or not the "rider" needed "scuba" or was in a "wet" or "dry" environment.]

"Kaiten. It was a steered fast torpedo and in practice was a suicide weapon."

"The Kaiten (Japanese: translated 'the turn toward heaven,' 'Turning of the Heavens,' was a torpedo modified as a suicide weapon, and used by the Imperial Japanese Navy in the final stages of World War II."

Wham - - blam - - thank you Sam!!

Kaiten were carried to the area of operations on the backs of conventional submarines and then launched either from the deck or fired as a normal torpedo would be!

Kaiten on paper was a potentially very effective weapon? But proved to be very ineffective in combat. Eight mother "ships" [submarines] lost and a lot of dead kaiten pilots in exchange for a total of two U.S. warships sunk! NOT a good trade.


Five K's.

This is coolbert:

"The Khalsa is the reflection of my form, The Khalsa is my body and soul, The Khalsa is my very life.... ....Our enemies are vanquished by the steadfastness of Khalsa, Unlike countless others, we are adorned by the Khalsa."

"The greatest warrior is one - - who dies fighting for a people he does not know - - for a cause he does not understand!!" - - Gobind Singh - - 10th and last guru of the Sikhs.

Here is a religious entity of believers forming a cultural community that espouse a martial tradition second to none! A community of believers for whom sword/pen/GOD are in total harmony.

"mar·tial - - 1.Of, relating to, or suggestive of war. 2.Relating to or connected with the armed forces or the profession of arms. 3.Characteristic of or befitting a warrior."

The Sikhs.

"Sikhism - - founded on the teachings of Guru Nanak and ten successive Sikh Gurus in fifteenth century Punjab, is the fifth-largest organized religion in the world."

"Sikhs . . . always had a trained fighting force to defend their independence."

A fighting force primarily defensive in nature, protection against the persecution from various Mughal rulers [Islamic] of India. BUT a fighting force of warriors nonetheless, trained in all sorts of the martial arts, swordsmanship, archery, horsemanship, etc. A martial people embracing the martial tradition.

"Hargobind, became the sixth guru of the Sikhs. He carried two swords—one for spiritual and the other for temporal reasons (known as mīrī and pīrī in Sikhism)."

And men, members of the khalsa who wear as a matter of course, outward manifestations of their religiosity and devotion to the martial tradition.

"The Khalsa is a disciplined community that combines its religious purpose and goals with political and military duties"

"The Khalsa was originally established as a military order of 'saint-soldiers' on March 30, 1699, by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru. It was the name given by the Guru to all his disciples baptized"

Members of the khalsa that desire to join the U.S. military, but persons who traditions and outward religious manifestations run afoul of "regulations"!

"Sikhs Challenge US Army's Ban on Turbans, Beards"

"NEW YORK -- Capt. Kamaljit Singh Kalsi (KAH-mal-jeet sing KAHL-see) hopes to be the fourth generation of his family to serve in the military."

"But the U.S. Army recruit's plans to go on active duty in July are now on hold. An Army policy from the 1980s would mean he would have to shave his beard and remove the turban he wears for religious reasons."

Two problems with wearing of the turban and beard are so readily apparent:

1. You cannot wear both the turban and the kevlar helmet at the same time!

2. You cannot get a good seal on your gas mask if you have a beard!

Those very outward manifestations of the khalsa, making the Sikh recognizable at a distance, whether he be civilian or soldier, are a severe impediment to those devotees that wish to serve in the U.S. Army!!

[Sikhs are also required to carry a small dagger on their person at all times! Can be very small and symbolic in nature! BUT - - is still a violation a military regulation. YOU ARE NOT allowed to carry an edged weapon with you, no matter what!]

"Kalsi and another Sikh man with the same concerns are at the center of a campaign by the Sikh Coalition that is trying to convince the Army to let them serve without sacrificing their articles of faith."

"Baptised Sikhs are bound to wear the Five Ks (in Punjabi known as pañj kakkē or pañj kakār), or articles of faith, at all times. The tenth guru, Gobind Singh, ordered these Five Ks to be worn so that a Sikh could actively use them to make a difference to their own and to others' spirituality. The 5 items are":

* kēs (uncut hair)

* kaṅghā (small comb)

* kaṛā (circular iron bracelet)

* kirpān (ceremonial short sword)

* kacchā (special undergarment).

There cannot be found a place for the Sikhs within the U.S. Army? The Sikhs can serve proudly and do so in a manner commensurate with their religious beliefs? The 5 K's be no bar to enlistment and service?


Monday, June 15, 2009

Decima Flottiglia.

This is coolbert:

In a previous blog entry I have mentioned the Italian Decima Flottigilia MAS. Italian frogmen from the World War Two [WW2] era.

Innovative naval warriors. Renowned for their elan' and combat effectiveness during WW2. Emulated by all other naval unconventional warfare [UW] fighters that have followed. Such as the U.S. Navy SEALS and underwater demolition teams, Russian naval Spetsnaz combat swimmers, etc.

Decima MAS, the original "frogmen", combat veterans who continued to fight even after Italian surrender in 1943.

One contingent, of course, allied with the fascist cause until the end of the war, acting as ground combat troops on the German side, as anti-partisan fighters. Noted for their fanaticism and brutal tactics.

A second contingent of Decima MAS, however, recruited and taking sides with the allied cause, continuing to see further combat action as "frogmen", in their traditional manner. Here thanks to Harry and KTB Sharkhunters, http://www.sharkhunters.com:

"The British and US Navy used Decima MAS veterans that had joined the Anglo-Americans in the south of Italy. With those men, the underwater assault team 'Marassalto' was formed. However, only a few actions were performed (one of those was the sinking of the incomplete aircraft carrier Aquila in Genoa Harbor.)."

"The men of 'Marassaslto' became consultants for the Royal Navy and built micro-submarines for them - - 'Chariots' - - a virtual copy of the SLC's, and they trained some British 'frogmen' to attack Japanese ships."

[SLC = Siluro a Lena Corsa. Slow Running torpedo. "'Micro=submarines' driven by two frogmen and able to overcome obstruction and anti-submarine nets in the harbors and also able to position explosive charges directly under the hulls of enemy ships."]


Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is coolbert:

Here is the type of headline that catches the attention of people? Sinister and diabolical machinations at work? You judge!

"'IDF soldiers forced to take part in medical experiment'"

"Israel Radio revealed Sunday that soldiers from the Duhifat Battalion were forced to participate in [an] experiment 15 years ago."

"According to the report, new recruits in the battalion who were stationed at the Adam Training Facility near Modi'in were ordered to drink magnesium on a daily basis for four months to see if it would prevent injuries caused by noise."

Raw recruits, ordered to drink amounts of magnesium on a daily basis. An experiment to see if the potion would ward off injury from noise?

Noise levels in the military are very high and can cause injury! YES! Gunshots, hand grenades, explosions of all sorts, tank and artillery gunfire, helicopters, jet, truck and other vehicle engines operating at very high decibel levels, etc.

Injury to hearing obviously, and ALSO, injury to internal organs as well? NOT so obvious but still present?

The specificity of the "noise" is not given.

Military personnel make excellent subjects for experimentation? Persons In the prime of health, under tight control, AND IN MANY CASES, SUCH AS WITH THE U.S. MILITARY, FORBIDDEN BY LAW TO REFUSE MEDICAL TREATMENT. Treatment defined in a very broad manner to include prophylactics of all sorts.

If you are told to get in line and drink the magnesium or get a "whole mess" of shots, you have no recourse but to obey. BY LAW, that is A MUST!


Air France 447.

This is coolbert:

Again, back to the topic of Air France 447. The plane crash the cause of which has yet to be determined. And this too is another item that must have caused a mild stir in some quarters. There were persons on board the airliner whose death would have been high on the "wish list" of certain villains and groups of villains!!

"Key figures in global battle against illegal arms trade lost in Air France crash"

"Amid the media frenzy and speculation over the disappearance of Air France's ill-fated Flight 447, the loss of two of the world's most prominent figures in the war on the illegal arms trade and international drug trafficking has been virtually overlooked."

* "Pablo Dreyfus, a 39-year-old Argentine"

* "Ronald Dreyer, a Swiss diplomat"

Two persons prominent in the fight against "the illegal arms trade and international drug trafficking" were aboard Flight 447!!

The thinking would be - - the flight was brought down by a bomb to kill those two individuals, the deaths of the remaining passengers being of no consequence.

AND THERE IS PRECEDENT FOR THIS SORT OF THING! To kill one person, an entire passenger jet is brought down! There is the incident of the airliner being bombed upon the order of Pablo Escobar - - merely to kill one unnamed passenger. An act of terrorism that so outraged President Bush the Elder that a special Colombian army unit was formed solely for the purpose of retaliation - - the hunting down and killing of Escobar!!


Danzig Corridor?

This is coolbert:

"when people start twisting history and wielding it as a blunt instrument without any provocation, we are wise to start asking ourselves why."

Here again with another instance of the Russian "bear" distorting and modifying history to suit the needs of the Kremlin. The stuff we thought was gone with the end of communism and the dissolution of the Soviet Union is now all the rage! Delusional revisionism that is most worrying. A clear and consistent and most troubling trend continues!

"Russia wheels out the evil weapon of history"

"A research official in the Russian defence ministry has published an essay saying that Poland effectively started the Second World War [WW2] by refusing to accede to Germany's 'modest' demands."

"The Russian view now is that if only Poland had let Germany have a land corridor to Danzig – . . . – there wouldn't have been a Second World War"


And there is a rhyme and a reason - - a hidden agenda behind this latest "essay"? The author of this Telegraph article seems to suggest so! And the rhyme and reason and hidden agenda is the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad?

"Distorting the facts about the Second World War may well be a prelude to a battle over a land corridor through Poland"

"Kaliningrad, the former city of Königsberg – remained Russian . . . it now finds itself landlocked away from its motherland . . . Are the Russians trying to tell us something?"

And if the Russian is trying to tell us something, it is not good what they are trying to say! Poland, the Baltic states, are all now part of NATO. A dispute with those various nations will be a dispute with NATO, and the U.S., for all that means!



This is coolbert:

"Luftwaffe pilots couldn't believe they were facing the same planes they had fought successfully over France a few months before."

This particular headline is the type of things that sometimes grates on the nerves of the English? Causes a bit of testiness?

"United States 'helped win Battle of Britain through American super-fuel'"

"The United States should be credited with helping Spitfire and Hurricane pilots to win the Battle of Britain because its engineers developed a super-fuel which made them fly faster"

British combat fighter aircraft, Hurricanes and most importantly, the Spitfire, were able to out-duel the Me-109, successfully, due in large measure to the adoption of a hitherto unavailable "super-fuel", a high-octane aviation gasoline [AVGAS]!

"the British fighters were able to outmanoeuvre their German opponents because they were running on a special high-octane fuel created in the US."

"the 100-octane fuel increased the Spitfire's speed by 25mph at sea level and by 34mph at 10,000 feet."

"it helped the aeroplanes gain superior altitude, manoeuvrability and rate of climb. The fuel replaced the 87-octane gasoline, which was previously used in the planes."

The Spitfire was not an unqualified success during the Battle of France - - 1940? Was not more than a match for the Me-109 and other assorted German combat fighter aircraft? BUT, when supplied, just a month or so later, with high-octane AVGAS, became the renowned fighter aircraft that won the Battle of Britain.

The Battle of Britain was won through a combination of factors that luckily all came together at the right time for the English! Radar, Enigma, superior leadership and strategy, the Spitfire, a do-or-die attitude among the British aviators, AND HIGH-OCTANE AMERICAN AVGAS!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009


This is coolbert:

"Partout où nécessité fait loi ("In every place where necessity makes law")."

Those Frenchmen dispatched to Brazil, looking into the downing of Flight 447 and the possible terrorist connection - - are members of - - DGSE!

"The Directorate-General for External Security [DGSE] (French: Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure, or DGSE) is France’s foreign intelligence agency."

The French secret service. Responsible for external espionage - - directed against foreign targets.

Organized in the "French manner", a mix of civilian and MILITARY operatives. An integrated force, unlike the intelligence agency models as seen in the U.S. and England?

Accomplishes a variety of intelligence tasks, to include:

"Various tasks and roles are generally appointed to the DGSE":

* "HUMINT, through formal agents and voluntary correspondents"
* "SIGINT, through networks such as Frenchelon"
* "Space imagery analysis"
* "Support for HUMINT."
* "Special operations"

The DGSE is particularly unique in that it has that mix of CIVILIAN and MILITARY assets under one agency? The French approach differs in this regard from most?

"The action division has a 'tank' of paramilitary operatives coming mainly from the French Army, often at least from the paras, and some from special forces."

As to organizing themselves with that eclectic mix of CIVILIAN and MILITARY - - the French see advanatage where others do not? I cannot say with any authority.



This is coolbert:

Here is an update, the final word, regarding the passenger manifest for Air France Flight 447. Rule OUT the two names of suspected terrorists being aboard the flight?

It seems so. Thanks to the "In From the Cold" web site:

"The U.K. Telegraph reports that the two passengers whose names matched those on a terror watch list have been ruled out as a cause of the disaster. French security officials say the dead passengers 'only shared the same name' with known Islamic radicals."

Well, that sort of thing does catch your attention, and it is good that the DGSE looked into this matter. Someone is on the ball and following up on things. Grateful for that.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is coolbert:

Again, back to the subject of the foo fighter. A spectral flying object of unknown origin, first [?] sighted by aviators during combat missions of World War Two. Objects having the appearance of a ball of fire or lightning, possessing an incredible speed and aerial agility and maneuverability.


Allied pilots thought them to be an Axis secret weapon.

Axis pilots thought them to an allied secret weapon.

Were seen both in the European and Pacific theater.

Since the end of the war [1945], have NOT BEEN SEEN?

Thanks to KTB Sharkhunters [http://www.sharkhunters.com], here are anecdotal accounts of encounters with a "foo fighter".

"'We were en route to a target. I don't remember which any more. As always, I was laying in the front section of the cockpit, navigating. Suddenly a flying object overtook us from behind. it was on the same course as we. It passed as about 200 meters underneath, at a speed of a cannon shell. In the dark I could see only a large ball of fire, moving horizontally. It got out of sight in about 5 seconds. We were flying at an altitude of about 3,000 m.'" - - Baron Georg von Zirk - - German Luftwaffe aviator from World War Two, describing an encounter with a "foo fighter" during a night mission, Middle Sector of the Russian Front - - 1944.

"Sightings of 'Foofighters' (or something lumped under that catch-all name) also occurred in the Pacific. The crew of a B-29 [American] bomber on its way from Ceylon, bombing Palembang, Sumatra had a sighting of an object keeping pace with them about 500 yards off the starboard wing; it was apparently spherical, 5-6 feet in diameter, bright red/orange, and seemed to vibrate. The object followed the bomber's evasive maneuvering, and kept pace with in for approximately 8 minutes. When it departed, it made and abrupt 90 degree turn and accelerated rapidly, disappearing into the clouds."

What are we to make of the "foo fighter" phenomenon? A secret weapon [of whom?] or a natural occurrence that defies rational scientific explanation? And that the spectral "aircraft" "went away" at the end of the war and have not been seen since makes no sense either?

The jury is out. Only conjecture and theory are available, even sixty years later? And that TRAINED OBSERVERS WERE SURPRISED AND ASTOUNDED MAKES THESE EXPERIENCES EVEN MORE AMAZING?



This is coolbert:

"There is the possibility that the name similarities are simply a 'macabre coincidence,' the source added, but the revelation is still being 'taken very seriously.'"

Here with a collection of headlines regarding the inquiry into the air disaster involving Air France Flight 447. It seems that not only Bert is concerned with a possible terrorist angle to this calamity. The French secret service - - DGSE - - may actually have evidence pointing to a terrorism connection?

1. "Two Air France Passenger Names Probed for Terror Links"

"Two names on doomed Air France Flight 447's passenger list also appear on a list of radical Muslims considered a threat to France, according to French investigators."

"Soon after news of the fatal crash broke, agents working for the DGSE (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure), were dispatched to Brazil."

"It was there that they established that two names on the passenger list are also on highly classified documents listing the names of radical Muslims considered a threat to the French Republic."

2. "Submarine at Jet Crash Site to Hunt Black Boxes"

"The nuclear sub [French] Emeraude plans to trawl 13 square miles (35 square kilometers) a day, using sonar to try to pick up the boxes' acoustic beacons before they start to fade in three more weeks."

3. "U.S. Navy Sending High-Tech Locators to Help Locate Air France Black Box"

"The U.S. Navy is sending two high-tech devices to French ships that will help them locate the black box flight recorders for the Air France plane that crashed nearly a week ago in the Atlantic Ocean."

"A senior defense official said the Towed Pinger Locators, which can detect emergency beacons to a depth of 20,000 feet, are being flown to Brazil Monday with a U.S. Navy team."

Things are really heating up? It is imperative that the "experts" get to the bottom of why this airliner fell from the sky? A lot of energy and effort is being put into the search and Bert - - again - - is not alone in suspecting a terrorist connection?


Monday, June 8, 2009

Fitness II.

This is coolbert:

"'go-to-war' mobility that needs to be at 4-7 mph-level with useful combat load in hand if we are to be a world-class mobile infantry force that can out-maneuver irregulars on the modern non-linear battlefield."

Here with selected extracts from a web site article with the title of: "FITNESS SHOULD BE COMBAT-ORIENTED"

It is intuitively understood - - by even the most casual of observers - - that soldiers, to properly perform their mission, must maintain a certain level of physical fitness. It is generally recognized too, that there exists three distinct levels of physical fitness, as found in militaries throughout the world.

* A general level of fitness that all soldiers must adhere to.

* An enhanced level of fitness for combat arms troops.

* An even more advanced level of fitness for those troops that perform special operations missions.

Recognizing at all times that the American soldier carries a LOAD into battle. Depending upon the situation, a load consisting of either the:

* Fighting load. A standard load borne by ALL soldiers, regardless of duty and mission, consisting of the uniform with helmet and boots, load bearing equipment [web belt, suspenders, full canteen, two ammo pouches, first aid kit, entrenching tool, rifle with four loaded magazines [120 rounds], bayonet, four hand grenades. The fighting load normally encumbering the troop with thirty five pounds of gear.

* Existence load. Anything carried in excess of the fighting load. A backpack with shelter half, rations, sleeping bag, etc. The two loads [fighting, existence] combined not weighing more than sixty five to seventy pounds AT A MINIMUM!

The current regimen of U.S. Army physical training [PT] does NOT properly prepare the combat arms troop for combat? PT done while wearing gym shorts, a "tee" shirt, and running shoes is not adequate.

Chasing after an irregular combat foe, such as the Taliban, through the mountains of Afghan, requires a much more deliberate and pronounced fitness program. It is necessary for the troop to accustom themselves to rigorous physical effort - - ALL THE WHILE WEARING COMBAT UNIFORM AND GEAR!!


"Instead of running around in shorts we could do PT in the actual BDU uniform and LBE that we will use in combat. While ruck marching for time":

* "Carry a stretcher with a designated Soldier on it and rotate during the march use rigid and non-rigid litters"
* "Carry 5 gallon water cans" [a two-man buddy team carrying the 5 gallon "jerry" can of water in addition to their combat load.]
* "Push a HMMWV simulating a disabled vehicle"
* "Sandbag vehicles for technical skill/upper body strength"
* "Tow a 120mm Heavy Mortar a distance (U.S. Army Ranger 3-man squad towed a 716 pound mortar for 30 miles"

This too, speed marching, is an excellent technique for combat arms troops to prepare for the rigors of combat? Can be done with uniform and boots to begin with, adding progressive amounts of gear as warranted?

"Speed Marching - - the basic technique is an alteration of pace between running and marching."

March a mile at quick time, run a mile, alternate until the desired distance achieved.

Here is an excellent YouTube video showing British Royal Marine Commandos practicing speed marching.

"Speed marches gave maximum development to lungs and legs . . . On one occasion during the training in speed marching, the Rangers [U.S.] flew across ten miles in eighty-seven minutes"



This is coolbert:

If terrorism is suspected in the downing of Air France Flight 447, a lot of resources are going to be have to be harnessed in the hunt for the culprits.

Forensics will be a big part of the effort to find the villains. If indeed, it was a bomb that brought down Flight 447. And just the fact that the plane broke up and disintegrated over the deep ocean presents a big time problem. To do the forensics, recovery of the debris will be paramount. But will be next to impossible. The deep water of the ocean is a difficult "terrain" to operate in. Finding the debris and recovering is a monumental challenge.

For the purposes of further location and recovery, military assets are the ONLY recourse?

[right, now, as we speak, the Brazilian military is deeply involved in the search for debris and bodies! This is already a military operation!]

It will be necessary to employ a variety of military deep submergence vehicles [DSV] and remotely operated vehicles [ROV] in the "hunt" for Flight 447! Manned and unmanned vessels that can search for, locate, and retrive debris and perhaps bodies too!

"Deep Submergence Vehicles are deep diving manned submarines that are self-propelled. The term DSV is generally one used by the United States Navy, though several navies operate vehicles that can be accurately described as DSVs"

"A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is a tethered underwater robot. They are common in deep water industries such as offshore hydrocarbon extraction. An ROV may sometimes be called a remotely operated underwater vehicle to distinguish it from remote control vehicles operating on land or in the air. ROVs are unoccupied, highly maneuverable and operated by a person aboard a vessel."

DSV and ROV that have the depth and operational ability to reach the abysmal depths are operation by the military of only a few nations. Nations to include:

* United States.

* Russia.

* Japan.

* Canada.

The absolute number of MANNED DSV is very small. NOT ONLY do a very limited number of countries have at their disposal the DSV, but only several classes exist and only one or two examples of each class. AND ALL REQUIRE TOO A MOTHER SHIP TO ESCORT, SERVICE, AND ACT AS A COMMAND POST!

DSV currently available include:

* Alvin class submarine. Alvin, owned by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Alvin has a maximum depth capability of 4500 meters

* DSV-4 Sea Cliff — another Alvin class DSV sub . . . has 6000 meter depth capability

* Nerwin class. NR-1 Nerwin — US Navy nuclear powered research and clandestine DSV submarine, which can roll on the seabed using large balloon wheels Nerwin is currently retired, as of last year!!

* Priz. Priz — a DSRV class of five ships built by the USSR and Russia. The titanium-hulled Priz class are capable of diving to 1000 meters.

* Mir. Mir — a strictly civilian (research) class of two DSVs which were manufactured in Finland for the USSR . . . can carry three people down to depths of 6000 meters.

* Shinkai. DSV Shinkai -- JAMSTEC . . . operates a DSV-series called Shinkai . . . which can submerge to 6500 m (4 miles)

* Pisces class. Pisces class DSVs are three person research submersibles . . . with a maximum operating depth of 2,000 m (6,560 ft)

ROV's that exist in a host of forms and utilities and are probably the way to go, if an when the decision is made for a mid-oceanic deep sea search for Flight 447? Expense will be a major factor? And who will coordinate the effort?

NOT any of this is going to be easy. You can bet, however, if a deep sea search is implemented, the desire to know if terrorism is to blame for the downing of this airliner will be a very big of the agenda.


Flight 447

This is coolbert:

Has everyone been following the mysterious "crash" of the Air France airliner?

Bound from Brazil to France, lost in a tropical storm. Allegedly the result of lightning damage? So goes the original speculation.

This really is a mystery?

And a lot of folks at the top will be watching this and interested in what is found?

Is terrorism to blame?

Some devoted readers will recall the case of Ramzi Yousef. A villain if there was ever was one. Was involved in the first World Trade Center bombings, 1993.


And the most diabolical part of the plot to down the airliners was that the plan was for the bombs to explode when the aircraft were over the DEEP OCEAN!!

Recovery and analysis of pieces of the aircraft would have been more or less impossible. Just locating the wreckage would have been next to difficult, and then if wreckage was found, again, almost impossible to recover from deep oceanic waters.

There have been at least two instances of where passenger long-range jet aircraft were brought down by bombs, and both over mid-ocean: Air India Flight 182 and Korean Air Flight 858.

Forensics of airplanes blown out of the air is important with regard to: 1. Finding if the plane was indeed brought down by a bomb. 2. Tracking down the culprits.

I have mind in particular the Lockerbie incident. An amazing amount of forensics went into the hunt for and the eventual conviction of the culprits.

This Air France passenger jet, too, was lost over deep ocean.





This is really going to be a long drawn out process. And a lot of resources are going to be mustered for this one? We shall see. Folks at the top are looking at this and wondering? I hope they are!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

DGI Strikes!

This is coolbert:

"Cuba was 'so exciting!' . . . 'The revolution has released enormous potential and liberated the Cuban spirit.'”

Another spy scandal!

A retired couple, husband and wife both spying for the Cubans. And EVADING DETECTION FOR THIRTY YEARS! A couple, aged now, seventy nine years old is the husband, leading a comfortable retirement, now in deep trouble!

"Cuban spies very difficult to uncover
Intelligence service recruits 'true believers,' say former U.S. officials

Cuban intelligence specializes in recruiting "true believers" rather than agents who are out to make money!

The Cuban intelligence service, the DGI, has a characteristic signature? Recruits only those persons that are true believers to the cause of communism? Persons not wanting payment for their work? Betraying their nation for ideological reasons?

This Myers guy was suspected of villainy for some time? Was on a "watch list" but STILL had access to highly classified information. And passed on that info to the Cubans in an uninhibited manner!

"According to court documents, Myers had been put on a watch list by his State Department boss in 1995 . . . The FBI investigation didn't start until 2006, after his boss raised fresh suspicions when he returned from a trip to China."

"They used shortwave radio, Morse code, and grocery carts to pass US secrets to Cuban agents"

[Myers was tuning in to the numbers stations. Clandestine communication using transmitters located in Cuba? Just about anyone with a high frequency radio receiver and knowing when and where to tune can pick up these messages!]


"In January 1995, they traveled to Cuba via Mexico and met with Fidel Castro. They spoke through interpreters, according to court documents"

We have not heard the last of this case!


Friday, June 5, 2009


This is coolbert:

"Who was it that expanded the country of the Jews almost to the kingdom of King David . . . Levi, son of Deborah [Eshkol] . . . it was this socialist, this vegetarian, this female." - - Ze'evi [?], speaking of the Israeli Prime Minister [1967]

"'Zug tzu der goy az meer hoben tzu te'en mit chayes. Eer hert - chayes!' (Tell the goy we're dealing with animals. You hear - animals!)" - - Eshkol [1967]

Here with the interesting recollections of Yehuda Avner. Served on the staff of five Israeli Prime Ministers. Avner is an important source of information on the decision of the Israeli to go to war with the forces of the Arab world - - 1967. [as originally reported in the Jerusalem Post - - one year ago now!]

"Bygone Days: Countdown to the Six Day War"

"It was the beginning of June 1967, and with mounting mendacity escalation followed escalation as Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser made common cause with Syria, moving his vast army and air force into the Sinai, ousting the United Nations peacekeeping forces, blockading Israel's Red Sea port, Eilat, and pretentiously signing a war pact with King Hussein that put the Jordanian Army under Egyptian command"

[Radio Cairo priot June 1967 also made an entire series of bombastic, incendiary, inflammatory and provocative broadcasts that "stirred up the pot" in a big way. Apocalyptic pronouncements that did no one any good at all.]

"'Field intelligence reports that poison gas equipment has been spotted in Sinai. There is a possibility the Egyptians intend to use it. Nasser used poison gas in the Yemen. And we [Israeli] have no stockpiles of gas masks.'"

Especially so, the movement of that "vast army and air force into the Sinai" was particularly troubling to Israeli military planners! This movement, termed rotem [a tree growing in the desert], was a repetition of a military exercise as carried out by the Egyptian army in 1962. Surely a sign that the Arab intended to ATTACK. MOVING THE MAIN BODY OF YOUR [Egyptian] MOST POTENT STRIKING FORCE TO WITHIN A SHORT DISTANCE OF YOUR SWORN ENEMY [Israel] IS NOT USUALLY INTERPRETED AS A SIGN OF PEACE!!

The American military historian Trevor Dupuy is emphatic that the Egyptian and other Arab military forces DID NOT INTEND TO FORCE A WAR WITH ISRAEL IN 1967. What Nasser had in mind was a show of force, a demonstration, a show of resolve, all to placate the Cairo "street" and the Arab world in general?

If indeed Nasser intended ONLY "a show of force, a demonstration, a show of resolve", he certainly went about things in a strange way!

This forward deployment of poison gas is something I never had heard of before. Surely a sign that the Egyptian did mean to fight, and fight rough, with all assets at hand?

Too, as even reported by Dupuy, in those days leading up to the Six Day War of 1967 - - "In the last week in May, the Egyptian Military Academy . . . graduated 750 cadets of the Class of 1967. Instead of receiving a month's leave, as was traditional . . . the new second lieutenants were given two days leave, and then ordered to report to their units most of which were in the Sinai."

It should be noted also that the Israeli military, especially the Israeli Air Force [IAF], was WELL PREPARED FOR THE 1967 WAR, an elaborate and well-rehearsed routine and preparation for a pre-emptive air strike on Egyptian airfields being put into place as early as 1965!!

Nasser did not count on war, and when he got it, was totally surprised, flummoxed, confounded, and defeated, in a way he had not anticipated?

Nasser had wished for war, and to his chagrin, his wish was granted?


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This is coolbert:

Here with the final dope [??] and follow-up to my previous blog entry on the designated successor to Kim of North Korea:

From the Chicago Tribune today:


N. Korea heir apparent mysterious ‘Commander’

Little known about 3rd son of reclusive nation’s leader

“SEOUL, South Korea - - One photo shows the chubby-cheeked boy with an impish grin. Former classmates at a Swiss boarding school describe a shy student who loved Michael Jordan and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Recent reports describe him as overweight and a heavy drinker.”

“Now 26, Kim Jong Un reportedly has been tapped to become the next leader of nuclear-armed North Korea.”

As to the two elder siblings of Jong Un:

Jong Nam [1st son] - - “was considered the favorite” - - “until caught trying to enter Japan on a fake passport.” Also, Jong Nam - - makes - - “gambling trips to Macau”!

Jong Chol [2nd son]- - “too effeminate”!

In favor of Jong Un is that he reportedly:

“is the only one of the sons with a military background.”

During his boarding school days in Switzerland, is was said of Jong Un that:

“recalled as timid and introverted but an avid skier and basketball player.”

Well, the man has “impeccable credentials” to rule a despotic, authoritarian, barbaric and isolated nation, albeit with one possessing 10,000 pieces of tube artillery and atomic bombs!!

And as to any intelligence regarding Jong Un that is obtainable from news reports and such - - take it all with the proverbial grain of salt!!

The “Commander” has a military background? Probably nothing more than having observed a massive demonstration of North Korean artillery firepower. And that is about it?

The entire matter of succession has been settled? A peaceful transition will follow upon the death of Kim? Don’t bet on it!



This is coolbert:

“It is ‘a reminder that expertise about nuclear weapons is a precious thing and needs to be maintained’”
From the Chicago Tribune this last Sunday:

Delays in refitting warheads fuel fears about lost knowledge

“A decade–long effort to refurbish thousand of aging nuclear warheads has run into serious technical problems that have forced delays and exacerbated concerns about the Energy Department’s ability to maintain the United States strategic deterrent.”

“The program involves a type of warhead known as the W76, which is used on the Navy’s Trident missile system and makes up more than half of the deployed warheads in the U.S. stockpile.”


A program to refurbish - - and make up to date - - and have reliability regarding half the nuclear warheads in the U.S. arsenal - - is in big trouble? The reliability of the U.S. nuclear deterrent arsenal is in question? These nuclear weapons - - all nuclear weapons for that matter - - have a long shelf life, but nonetheless - - still have a shelf life!?



The institutional memory and expertise to make a certain crucial component of the warhead - - the component that enables a thermonuclear detonation, cannot be replicated?

“At issue . . . is a classified component . . . that engineers and scientists . . . could not duplicate in a series of efforts over the last several years.”

“The component, known by the code word ‘fogbank’ . . . is crucial to a hydrogen bomb [detonation]”

“the current workforce was unable to duplicate the characteristics of the batches that were made in the 1970’s and 1980’s”

“’I don’t know how this happened that we forgot how to make fogbank’”

NO fogbank, no hydrogen detonation for HALF of the U.S. deterrent arsenal. Plain, pure, and simple.

Could it be that the top scientific, engineering and technical minds of the U.S. are no longer drawn to atomic weapons design and fabrication? NOT only has the institutional memory and expertise been “put to pasture”, but the modern American scientist, engineer, and technician no longer has the basic wherewithal to accomplish tasks once considered routine?

Some folks need to be brought out of retirement and fast too??!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kim the Merciless

This is coolbert:

This headline today from the Chicago Tribune:


"Report: N. Korea missile ready"

"SEOUL - - North Korea has positioned its most sophisticated lone-rang ballistic missile at a launch site for a test firing"

BUT - - from the same Tribune article, here is the most important item:

"North Korea has told its diplomatic missions that Kim's Jong Il's youngest son will be the next leader"

"The Hankook Ilbo reported that the communist regime sent the message right after its May 25 nuclear test and demanded diplomats pledge allegiance to Kim's 26-year-old third son, Jong Un."

"The . . . National Intelligence Service [South Korea], briefed lawmakers Monday on the North's move"

So Kim is undoubtedly ill? Near death even? Been given a terminal determination by his doctors? Has now set the stage for the heir apparent and demands that diplomats of the DPRK make obeisance and supplication to Jong? [and woe to those that do not!]

Expect a power struggle of epic proportions if all factions in the North do not agree with Kim. The demise of Kim will mean some real trouble ahead for that entire part of northeast Asia?


Monday, June 1, 2009

Fitness I.

This is coolbert:

Indian clubs, a fitness regimen - - now enjoying a renaissance as the latest and greatest fitness fad? Originally having a military origin - - and before that a traditional and millennium old [?] form of exercise as used by wrestlers of the Indian sub-continent

"Indian Clubs: The Next Fitness Craze?"

"At the end of the 18th Century, British military officers stationed in India were impressed by the strength and fitness of the Indian police and soldiers. The British discovered that the Indians’ excellent physical condition was based on training with a variety of clubs. The training was traditional, based on centuries of practice."

"The British army decided to adopt Indian Club training as part of their physical regimen in the early 19th Century. However, they modified the training to concentrate on the light-weight clubs for flexibility and quickness."

Indian clubs, a fitness regimen, at one time used by the British Army, and NOW SURPRISINGLY SO ENJOYING AN AMAZING COMEBACK - - AMONG THE RANKS OF THE AMERICAN MILITARY!!

"Army Reserve physical training looks to the past"

"War clubs . . . date back 5000 years as part of warrior training. They were an Olympic event until the 1930's and first came to [the] states in middle 1800's from India. The clubs stress precision and can help with training in other areas such as martial arts, marksmanship, swimming or climbing."

Troops of the British Indian Army were in many cases superior to their English counterparts of the period? The Japanese Colonel Tsuji rated the British Indian Army troop as one notch above the English soldier in terms of "fighting ability"! In part, this was due to just plain ordinary superior physical fitness?



This is coolbert:

MY, how some things never do change!!

First read my Dogger Bank blog entry.

Then read this from only the other day:

"Russian Navy accidentally hits farm during live-firing exercises"

"MOSCOW/ST. PETERSBURG, May 29 . . . A Russian Baltic Fleet anti-submarine vessel accidentally shot at a farm in the northwest of the country during live-firing exercises."

"No one was hurt or killed in the incident."

"Military authorities have opened an investigation into the incident."

"The Leningrad Navy Base has also confirmed the report and said the vessel fired 30-mm AK-630 cannon shells."

This is the Russian equivalent to the U.S. Navy Goalkeeper weapons system? 30 mm rapid fire cannon that is used at almost point blank range to stop an incoming cruise missile? Not really sure, but nonetheless, will give you a big scare, and pronto.

Please note too that this report emanates from a MOSCOW/ST. PETERSBURG news source, but that the ship is based at the Leningrad Navy Base!