Friday, November 7, 2008


This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune yesterday:


Russia rattles its sabers

Medvedev lashes out against U.S., orders missiles moved

“MOSCOW - - Russia will deploy short-range missiles near Poland to counter U.S. military plans in Eastern Europe”

Missiles to be deployed in:

“Russia’s western enclave of Kaliningrad, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, ‘to neutralize, if necessary, a missile defense system.’”

This missile is the:

”Iskander has a range of about 175 miles, which would allow it to reach targets in Poland, but not in the Czech Republic.”

All this in response to the decision of the U.S. to deploy an anti-ballistic missile system in both Poland [missiles] and the Czech Republic [radars]?

The Iskander [SS-26, NATO code name Stone] fulfills the same role that the Soviet FROG [free-rocket-over-ground] once used to? [Also an alternative to the Scud missile?] But, much more robust and lethal? Longer-range, heavier payload, ballistic, guided, etc. Primarily designed and intended to deliver a very large conventional or improved conventional munitions payload, or, perhaps, a nuclear/biological/chemical warhead!!

And - - missiles to be stationed in the enigmatic Kaliningrad Oblast.

An itty-bitty piece of the Russia, located on the Baltic, NOT having a contiguous land boundary with any other portion of the Russian Federation.

"Kaliningrad Oblast is an exclave of Russia surrounded by Lithuania, Poland and the Baltic Sea."

A legacy of World War Two [WW2]! Originally called East Prussia! Settled by the crusading Teutonic Knights in the year 1230. Territory transferred to the Soviets/Russians in the aftermath of the war. Land for some time now under Russian dominion, and having a substantial [still] Russian military sea and air presence. NOW, a ground missile presence too!

More worrisome signs that a NEW Cold War with Russia has resumed. Or merely bluff on the part of Medvedev? A continual unfortunate process that shows no abating!


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S O said...

175 miles?

It's 400km range for Iskander-M (Russian forces model).

Only the export ("monkey model") Iskander-E has only 280km range.

The accuracy of Iskander-M was reportedly below 10m CEP. You can not only hit the bridge or building with it - you can choose WHERE to hit it!
That missile isn't just a successor of Scud (Frog was very short range, the Smerch MRL covers that range now). It's a new breed of weapon, an alternative to air attacks for air forces that don't expect to be able to penetrate enemy airspace reliably.

There is no close Western counterpart (airborne cruise missiles of short range like JASSM, Taurus, Storm Shadow, Apache have a similar operational role with completely different technical approach).