Friday, November 21, 2008

Piracy - - Again.

This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune today:

TOP SECRET intelligence dope [not actually so, but let us pretend that it is!!].


Looking for a way around pirates

“Gulf of Aden shipping by the numbers”

* “20,000+ vessels go through annually.”

* “4 % of global oil supplies pass each day.”

* “80 hijackings or attempts this year.”

“Mightily armed, but slightly baffled, 21st Century civilization appears to have no collective answer to modern piracy”

“As a result, insurance rates for merchant shipping are skyrocketing and shippers are considering alternatives, including the circuitous passage around the Cape of Good Hope.”

The Horn of Africa region, especially the Gulf of Aden, just south of Yemen, is where most of the current piracy episodes occur. Another cluster of piracy incidents is in Nigerian waters. Shipping taking the alternative route around the southern tip of Africa WILL BE FORCED TO STAY WELL OUT TO SEA EVEN IF TRANSITING THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE HEADED NORTH!!! Even more miles, days, and an increase in the shipping cost!!

As for: “no collective answer to modern piracy.” HOW ABOUT - - KILL THE PIRATES??!!


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