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“All men are brothers, like the seas throughout the world; So why do winds and waves clash so fiercely everywhere?” - Hirohito.

Testing the waters so to speak?

 “'testing the waters' means to try out an idea, plan, or proposal to gauge people’s reactions or opinions before committing to it."

"Japanese destroyer enters Chinese waters despite warnings"

"A Japanese official suggested the possibility that the entry was a 'procedural error.' However, a Chinese security expert has expressed doubt about this explanation."

 From https://www.israelhayom.com |  By  Miri Weissman |  07-10-2024 | image courtesy Getty.

"A Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) destroyer briefly entered Chinese territorial waters off the eastern province of Zhejiang, despite repeated warnings from Chinese vessels, according to Kyodo News. The incident has led to severe concerns from Beijing and prompted an investigation by the Japanese Defense Ministry."

"The destroyer Suzutsuki, which was tasked with monitoring Chinese military drills on the high seas, sailed into Chinese waters on July 4. This rare move by a Self-Defense Forces vessel occurred just a day after Zhejiang authorities announced a no-sail zone [NOTAM] nearby for a Chinese military live-fire drill."

Areas of the East China Sea indeed territorial sovereignty disputed. This "procedural error" planned I might infer. Think the Senkaku Islands and immediate environs.

As with regard to the comment of Hirohito: 

Think Gaza/Taiwan/South China Sea/Ukraine. Did I miss anything?

Indeed, waves clashing so fiercely and I dread the thought of much more clashing on a world-wide scale!


Monday, July 15, 2024


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"HGVs are carried on top of medium and long-range rocket boosters, where the front warhead section detaches just below the upper atmosphere. This requirement to be ‘boosted’ before being released also led them to be called hypersonic ‘boost glide vehicles.’"

HGV = Hypersonic Glide Vehicle.

"Japan Releases Video Of Hypersonic Glide Vehicle Testing In The U.S."

From The Aviationist | PARTH SATAM & STEFANO D'URSO | July 7, 2024.

"Japan is strengthening its stand-off defense capabilities to quickly and remotely intercept and eliminate invading forces."  [video thanks to You Tube]

"Japan conducted the first test of its hypersonic weapon on Mar. 23, 2024 in the United States, reports on Jul. 4 said quoting Tokyo’s ATLA (Acquisition Technology and Logistics Agency). The ATLA is a part of the MoD (Ministry of Defense)."

Japanese HGV able to maneuver in-flight. Warhead descending on target with a near vertical downward trajectory! Sounds kind of like Rods from God kinetic bombardment concept!

Sounds like something even more formidable that what the USA has it it's inventory right now!

Bully for the Japanese. bully: adjective -  EXCELLENT —often used in interjectional expressions. [an archaic use]


Sunday, July 14, 2024


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"It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it." -R.E. Lee.

"Tragedy of the lost generation: Map shows the towns and cities where WWI wiped out tens of thousands of people - including whole circles of friends - as Britain was left scarred forever"

From https://www.dailymail.co.uk | By RACHAEL BURFORD |  FOR MAILONLINE | 11 November 2016. Image thanks to The Mail.

" * 'About 700,000 British soldiers lost their lives in WWI and level of loss was higher in some areas than others'  *  'Newly released research shows that some British towns and cities lost nearly one in ten residents'  *  'Some smaller northern England and Scottish towns saw entire generations completely wiped out'  *  'Durham, in the north east, was worst hit with 6,300 men lost - nearly eight per cent of the total population' "


* Something needs to clarified about this graphic. As best as I can determine in societies such as Great Britain and USA at any given moment about 10 % of the population consists of young males of conscription age [ages 18-35years].

* That being the case about 75 % of that cohort Durham doing their military service during the Great War PERISHING. And we are not even talking about wounded-in-action disabled maybe for life.

* Eight percent of the total Durham population gone, but that number DECEASED in combat being of the most able persons, the breadwinners and those whom the rest of the society relies on to make things work.

 * Other sources such as the wiki suggest the number Durham KIA about 50 % higher..



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“'What we need in the West Philippine Sea is not just vessels for maritime patrols but air assets as well,' . . . 'It will have a critical and direct impact on our ability to project our assets beyond our 12 nautical miles territorial sea which include our 200 nautical miles exclusive economic zone (EEZ).'”- Rej Torrecampo.

"Rejection of US help in South China Sea shows Philippines acting on its own"

"Military chief Romeo Brawner said Washington’s support won’t be sought before ‘exhausting all possible options’ amid rising tensions with China"

https://www.scmp.com | Jeoffrey Maitem |  10 Jul 2024 | The South China Morning Post (SCMP).

"The Philippines’ rejection of a US offer to help with regular resupply missions for troops on a disputed shoal in the South China Sea shows Manila prefers to handle operations on its own and Beijing could view Washington’s involvement as attempts to incite conflict in the waterway, analysts say."

"Chinese and Philippine ships have been embroiled in a series of confrontations in the contested seaway in recent months."

Belligerent and adversarial encounters over fly-speck islands the South China Sea. Second Thomas Shoal.

See also here warplanes as under consideration for purchase by the Filipino. Air power of the latest type on-call if necessary.


Saturday, July 13, 2024


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Survive and thrive both!

Artillery truck mounted? Not self-propelled. Not towed.

First paragraph from an Strategy Page article as extracted without shame.

"ARTILLERY: France Seeks Survivable Artillery"

From https://www.strategypage.com and thanks to same.

"July 9, 2024: The fighting in Ukraine made it clear that the French concept of mounting 155mm guns on a truck to rapidly fire a few rounds, then move to avoid return (counterbattery) fire was not only unique but very effective. So far, only ten percent of these truck-mounted guns have been destroyed in Ukraine compared to a third of the conventional 155mm guns carried in an armored, tracked vehicle. The getaway speed of the truck-mounted systems made the difference and other countries are taking note"


"These are just a few examples of truck-mounted 155 mm artillery systems."  [AI generated]

Systems to include:

* "PCL-181: The PCL-181 is a Chinese truck-mounted 155 mm self-propelled howitzer used by the People’s Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF). It has a range of approximately 25 kilometers (15.5 miles)."

* "AM General’s Brutus: Brutus is a truck-mounted 155 mm howitzer developed by AM General, a US-based company. It is designed to be fired from its mounted position on the truck and can be removed from the vehicle by unscrewing a series of bolts."

* "Norinco’s Truck-Mounted Howitzer: Norinco, a Chinese state-owned land systems manufacturer, has revealed a new type of truck-mounted howitzer with a 155 mm L/52 howitzer. The system is highly automated and aimed at export markets."

* "ATMOS 2000: The ATMOS 2000 is a 155 mm . . . self-propelled gun system manufactured by Israeli military manufacturer Soltam Systems. It is mounted on a 6 × 6 cross-country truck chassis and has a range of approximately 30 kilometers (18.6 miles)."

See also additional 155 mm truck mounted artillery:

CAESAR  //  Archer   //  Malva  //   Nora B-52.

Truck mounted heavy artillery. Don't leave home without it!



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Allegation and charges of malfeasance against the Israeli general office Barak Hiram now considered and no negligence found?

General Barak using his command authority acting appropriately during events as transpired 7 October 2023.

"IDF Gen. Hiram cleared of charge of blowing up hostages along with Hamas on Oct. 7"

"The IDF [Israeli Defense Force]concluded that the hostage situation occurring was unprecedented and that, under the unique circumstances, none of the officials involved, including Hiram, had made errors."

From https://www.jpost.com | By YONAH JEREMY BOB | JULY 11, 2024 |  (photo credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON UNIT).

"The IDF probe of the battle of Be’eri on October 7 has cleared Brig.-Gen. Barak Hiram, commander of the 99th Division, of allegations that he ordered the killing of hostages who were mixed in with Hamas terrorists."

"Despite being cleared, due to reasons which the IDF did not explain, Hiram’s future IDF career options are still frozen at this time, with no set date for when that issue will be resolved."

General Barak however his file now having a "flagging" action. His personnel file will be under serious review until all matters fully resolved. Flagging normally an impediment to serious career advancement.

“flag” is an abbreviated term used to describe the initiation or removal of a suspension of personnel actions. When a Soldier’s status changes from favorable (meets the standard) to unfavorable (fails to meet the standard), a flag is initiated immediately. Likewise, when a Soldier’s status changes from unfavorable to favorable, the flag must be removed immediately." - USA  AR 600-8-2, 

General Barak  apparently "out of the woods" but not so totally 100 % so!

"out of the woods : No longer in danger or dealing with a particular difficulty, though not entirely resolved. Usually used in the negative"


Friday, July 12, 2024

CVN 71/73.

This is coolbert:

As it was during the Vietnam War era as it is now?

American aircraft carriers during normal refueling overhaul damage being found that will require time-consuming repair!

Damage I sincerely hope not the result of deliberate sabotage!

"Washington, USS John C. Stennis Partially Due to Unknown Steam Turbine Damage"

https://news.usni.orgSAM LAGRONE JULY 8, 2024.

"Extensive delays to the mid-life refueling and complex overhauls of two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers were due to damage to the steam turbines that power the ship, USNI News has learned."

"According to Naval Sea Systems Command, 'significant damage' to the generators aboard both USS George Washington (CVN-73) and USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) added unplanned work that was discovered after both carriers arrived at HII’s Newport News Shipbuilding for maintenance."

Read what is thought to have been repeated attempts at sabotage the USS Ranger during the Vietnam War period: "Sailor Aboard 'Ranger' Charged With Sabotage"

The strange case of Patrick Chenowith:   [thanks to the wiki]

"This [deployment to Vietnam] had been delayed four months when one of the engines was disabled after Navy fireman E-3 Patrick Chenoweth was accused of dropping a heavy paint scraper into a main reduction gear, one of around two dozen acts of sabotage Ranger suffered between 7 June 1972 and 16 October 1972. Chenoweth was charged with 'sabotage in time of war", and faced 30 years imprisonment, but was acquitted by a general court-martial."

Chenowith acquitted please note!

The Washington and Stennis at a crucial period of history unable to perform mission if required to do so!

It is not that I don't believe it is so [sabotage], it is more that I don't want to believe it is so!


Thursday, July 11, 2024


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The Fog of War:  "In a military context, it is the uncertainty in situational awareness experienced by participants in military operations. This uncertainty arises from the lack of complete and accurate information about one’s own capability, adversary capability, and adversary intent during an engagement, operation, or campaign."  [AI generated]

Alleged use of the Hannibal Directive by the Israeli military during the Gazan War confirmed?

1. "IDF Ordered Hannibal Directive on October 7 to Prevent Hamas Taking Soldiers Captive"

From https://www.haaretz.com  |   Yaniv Kubovich   |  Jul 7, 2024 | archived.

"There was crazy hysteria, and decisions started being made without verified information': Documents and testimonies obtained by Haaretz reveal the Hannibal operational order, which directs the use of force to prevent soldiers being taken into captivity, was employed at three army facilities infiltrated by Hamas, potentially endangering civilians as well"

"Gaza Division operations and airstrikes in the first hours of October 7 were based on limited information. The first long moments after the Hamas attack was launched were chaotic. Reports were coming in, with their significance not always clear."

2. "Who Is Barak Hiram, the IDF General Who Ordered Tank Fire on a Kibbutz Home With 13 Hostages Inside?"

From www.haaretz.com/israel-news  |  Hilo Glazer  | 31/5/24.

"Brig. Gen. Barak Hiram gave the most controversial order during the October 7 battles: to fire a tank shell at a Kibbutz Be'eri house where Hamas terrorists held hostages. Conversations with people who know the daring, hawkish officer reveal a person who defies stereotypes. Is this the new face of the IDF?"

This General Barak exercising his command authority as he perceived during the events of 7 October. Friendly fire resulting in the deaths of Israeli military personnel and civilians alike. I consider this a Fog of War type incident a response to exigencies of the moment that required SOMETHING be done.

"exigency: noun - An urgent situation. A situation requiring extreme effort or attention."

General Barak I expect to be a scapegoat? The fall-guy that is going to take a lot of blame more than likely not deserved!

"Scapegoating is the practice of singling out a person or group for unmerited blame and consequent negative treatment"



This is coolbert:

Probably a result of "hotwork"? Callous maintenance procedures and lack of safety resulting in severe damage! 

Newest and best Iranian naval vessel capsizes in port, while docked not underway.

"Iran’s Sahand Warship Capsizes"

From https://gcaptain.com | By Arsalan Shahla | July 7, 2024 | © 2024 Bloomberg L.P..

"Jul 7, 2024 (Bloomberg) –Several people were injured in an accident during repair work on Iran’s Sahand destroyer, the semi-official Fars news agency reported."  

"The incident likely occurred during repairs to Sahand’s propulsion system or its ballast tank at the southern port city of Bandar Abbas, Fars reported. Unconfirmed images posted by local media showed the 96-meter (315-foot) vessel capsized in port."

"The warship tilted and had become partially submerged, but can be refloated and repaired, according to Fars."

Resurrection of the Sahand a possible. Can be righted and make combat worthy again. But that process laborious and expensive.

Various pundits will speculate the sinking of the Sahand an obvious [?] result of Israeli sabotage?

See previous blog entries the dangers to a naval vessel while in port, docked, moored:





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“It’s impossible to rest, and my friends and I have had sleepless nights, despite knowing the disadvantage that imposes on us.”

Warming tents I have heard of. Cooling tents I not have heard of.

Read and understand within context of the previous blog entry!

"Soldier goes public, reveals unlikely IDF threat"

 From https://www.israelnationalnews.com | Jul 2, 2024.

"Public appalled to hear reports from frontline soldiers."

An IDF soldier made waves after triggering a global movement . . . combatting widespread fatigue in the IDF. With the Israeli sun burning overhead, the army tents become overheated, making proper rest impossible. The frightening reality is that soldiers in battle are less than 100% alert.

"A movement was created to sponsor air-conditioning units to be installed in army tents. The public was appalled to hear about army living conditions and stepped up to give soldiers much-needed relief from the heat."

Before there was the Gazan Conflict there was the Winter War of 1940. Finnish troops an important part of their regimen able to take refuge in a warming tent. Contributing to combat effectiveness and better morale among the troops.

"Finnish Military Tents: During the Winter War, the Finnish military used heat-able shelters, known as 'half-platoon tents'. These tents were equipped with lightweight sheet metal stoves that could keep the tent warm even in extremely cold temperatures. The tents were designed to be lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport and set up in the field."  [AI generated]

This for heat, this for cold! Answer can be found!


Tuesday, July 9, 2024


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Herewith a slightly edited version of a blog entry from 2014.

Thanks to the Sheldon Adelson Internet news letter:

"Redeployment serves Israel well"  

Source Israel Hayom | article by Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror | 2014.

Israel having a definite advantage over Hamas. Israeli troops able to better sustain a level and tempo of combat than the Hamas combatant. That Israeli troop however not immune to needing a period of rest and resupply. 

 "The conscripted army has shouldered most of the war effort, with the reserves serving in a supportive role. The younger troops will be the ones who go into Gaza in the event of a wide-scale ground invasion. Thus, to better prepare for such a contingency, it made sense to withdraw the troops and let them rest, resupply and recharge. Israeli troops would have to be at the top of their game if they were to endure a protracted campaign."

This reminds me of a g2mil web site article from way back when.

"The Calamity of Urban Warfare"

Combat arms units at the level of battalion, regiment, able to sustain a high level and tempo of combat efficiency by using what is best called the square of four-square deployment.

"Readers must familiarize themselves with these subtopics to understand the concepts discussed in this chapter. These articles are linked within this chapter, but it may be easier to read them in advance."
"In the Pacific, US Marine Corps assaults into island fortifications taught them to develop a rotational system.  The basic model is the infantry battalion square; two companies forward, two behind them, with the battalion headquarters and support elements in the middle.  Two rifle companies fight and advance for 48 hours, then the two rear companies move forward to relieve them in place, fatigued troops to the rear."

Four-Square allowing for combatants:

* Eat hot food.

* Go to the toilet.

* Sleep.

Two to three days of continuous combat a maximum beyond which efficiency of a unit declines steeply. Better the four-square system to maintain an edge over the adversary. Better for the troops, better for the mission!!



This is coolbert:

Please keep in mind that mere registration for the military draft [conscription] and nothing more being considered at this time. I always this was mandated by law anyhow. And as applies to young men only. Induction into the military until further notice not occurring.

A deterrent for peace? A deterrent?

"Playbook for a Military Draft"

From https://original.antiwar.com | Edward Hasbrouck Posted | July 08, 2024.

"A new report released 18 June 2024 by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) provides a remarkably candid window into the flawed and dangerous thinking of military strategists who support continual 'readiness' for an on-demand military draft, even while they claim — perhaps truthfully — not to prefer a draft, even as Plan B, but only as Plan F for 'Fallback' in case of prolonged total war." 

Consider this graphic [Click on image to see an enlarged view]. Force expansion as deemed by conscription to be only implemented in case of a conflict of greater than 180 days!

"Stages of mobilization for war. Image from CNAS report based on Department of Defense mobilization plan. Note the absence of a Congressional declaration of war at any stage up to and including total military mobilization." 

"The CNAS report is intended to show supporters of the current bipartisan mainstream U.S. foreign policy and military consensus why the U.S. should step up planning and PREPARATION FOR A DRAFT [my emphasis] as a tool of deterrence. But for those outside that consensus who think current U.S. policy is already bellicose enough, especially those who assume that opposing draft registration and other steps toward readiness for a draft should be a low priority for antiwar activists because the U.S. will never again (or at least not soon) activate a draft, the CNAS report provides an important lesson in how preparedness for a draft is itself a tool of war, even in 'peacetime'."

Please keep in mind that during World War Two young American men conscripted and assigned to a brand-new divisional-sized unit requiring anywhere from eighteen to twenty-four months of training prior to deployment overseas for combat.



This is coolbert:

Paying close attention to the graphics

"Here's Where American Troops Are Stationed Overseas?"

From https://www.zerohedge.com | BY TYLER DURDEN | JUL 06, 2024. 

"With a military budget bigger than most countries’ GDPs, the U.S. military manages to station troops in nearly 170 territories, on every continent in the world."

"But which countries host the most troops? In the chart[s], Visual Capitalist's Pallavi Rao maps the territories where active duty American military personnel are stationed, according to March 2024 figures from the Defense Department."

Click on either image to see an expanded view:


* During that era of the Cold War 300,000 American military personnel stationed West Germany.

* That American professional military man has for over a century now been able to practice his trade and craft as no other professional military man has done since the time of the Roman Empire!!

* Troops to include all military personnel of all services. Land/sea/air. U.S Marines count as a cross of land/sea/air?

* Excluding Guam, from the graphic NATO deployments ≈ 46 %. For bilateral defense treaty agreements with South Korea and Japan the number ≈ 54 % combined.

Anyone have a problem with any of this? Treaty arrangements are treaty arrangements!


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Minerva II.

This is coolbert:

"At sea one day, you'll smell land where there'll be no land, and on that day Ahab will go to his grave, but he'll rise again within the hour. He will rise and beckon. Then all - all save one shall follow. "

The gauntlet is thrown? All over a speck of land only visible above the water line at low tide.

Battle of the South China Sea? Second Thomas Shoal 

"China anchors 'monster ship' in South China Sea: Philippine coast guard"

From https://www.japantimes.co.jp | REUTERS  |  Jul 8, 2024.

"MANILA – The Philippine Coast Guard said on Saturday that China's largest coast guard vessel has anchored in Manila's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the South China Sea, and is meant to intimidate its smaller Asian neighbor."

"The Chinese coast guard's 165-meter [about 540 feet] 'monster ship' entered Manila's 200-nautical mile (370-kilometer) EEZ on July 2, Philippine Coast Guard spokesperson Jay Tarriela told a news conference.


To an extent this reminds me of the Minerva Reef Incident from way back when:

"In 1971, a wealthy Nevada real estate mogul, Michael Oliver, attempted to create a libertarian micronation on the reefs, which he declared as the Republic of Minerva. However, Tonga had already issued a claim over the land, and Oliver’s efforts were ultimately unsuccessful."

Michael Oliver and his compatriots their plans ambitious to say the least but resulting in very quick Tongan military intervention and ultimate expulsion.

"Some damn fool thing in the South China Sea" - Bismarck.

Let Ahab beware Ahab!


Troy 1188 B.C.

This is coolbert:

Courtesy the tip from Freeper. The text as generated by AI.

The Trojan War! Not myth! Not legend! Was real!

"Scientists calculate the exact date of the Trojan horse using eclipse in Homer"

"According to recent findings, scientists have calculated the exact date when the Greeks used the Trojan horse to raze the city of Troy. This calculation was made possible by an eclipse mentioned in the stories of Homer."

The Calculated Date: 

"The scientists have determined that the horse [Trojan horse] was used in 1188 BC, ten years before Homer’s Odyssey describes the return of a warrior [Ulysses] to his wife on the day the 'sun is blotted out of the sky'."

The Eclipse Connection:

"The calculation is based on an eclipse mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey, which describes a solar eclipse that occurred in 1178 BC. This eclipse was visible over the Ionian Islands, where Homer’s poem was set."

The Significance:

"This finding is significant because it provides a precise date for the legendary fall of Troy, which has been the subject of much debate and speculation for centuries. The legend of the fall of Troy is mentioned in Virgil and Homer’s poems, and it is believed to be based on truth."

[As generated by AI]

See the original Freeper entry: https://freerepublic.com/focus/news/2035772/posts

See previous blog entries, total eclipse of the sun, the military dimension:





Sunday, July 7, 2024

Ripper D9.

This is coolbert:

Israeli combat D9 bulldozer ripper not at work! 

Cemeteries Gaza bodies exhumed by D9 bulldozer but with one exception!

"Gaza's British cemeteries are the only ones Israel isn't destroying"

https://www.middleeasteye.net | By Abubaker Abed | 26 June 2024.

"While Palestinian graveyards have been destroyed, two historic British cemeteries remain intact"

"In the Gaza Strip there are two cemeteries that contain the remains of British soldiers, most of whom died fighting in World War One, a few of whom died in World War Two."

"Owned by the UK-based Commonwealth War Graves Commission, they are known locally as the British graveyards, and are regarded as a major cultural and archaeological site in the Palestinian enclave."

"Adorned by bushes and surrounded by tall cypress trees and a low wall against which various flowers are in bloom in a calm atmosphere, hundreds of Gazans have for years visited them to relax."

I have an intuitive and probably correct explanation of what is occurring with these Gazan cemeteries. The Israeli military searching for the remains of hostages as taken prisoner [2023] and having perished while in Hamas captivity. Also less than a handful of Israeli in prior years for unspecified reasons wandering into the Gaza Strip and disappearing.

See the Battle of Gaza, the Great War: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Battle_of_Gaza

See prior blog entries the exhumation of Gaza cemeteries and the role of the CAT D9 bulldozer:





This is coolbert:

"Today [JUL 03] at 8:15 am CDT, an incident involving pyrotechnics occurred at the General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems facility in Camden, Arkansas. At this time, we are working with first responders and can confirm the incident resulted in at least two injuries and one missing individual."

Just at the worst possible moment!    

"Explosion Rocks General Dynamics' Hellfire & Javelin Missile Factory In Arkansas"

From https://www.zerohedge.com | BY TYLER DURDEN | JUL 03, 2024. 

"An early Wednesday morning explosion rocked the General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems facility in Camden, Arkansas, injuring at least two people and leaving one person missing."

"The 880,000-square-foot [about 80,000 square meters] weapons factory, located about 86 miles south of Little Rock, is a 'leader in the high-rate production' of weapons, including 'Hydra-70 2.75-inch rocket, Hellfire and Javelin missiles, the Modular Artillery Charge System and various mortar munitions,'"


I think a lot of people at the very top going to be looking at this event closely. American depleted stockpiles of important and vital war munitions that industrial capability to replenish severely threatened?     

A questioning and paranoid mind surely can ask the question as to whether or not sabotage suspected? Inquiring minds want to know!


P-800 Oniks.

This is coolbert:

"'Onyx missiles are designed to destroy watercraft, and ships, it flies at a speed of 3000 km per hour [about 1,800 MPH], that is, very fast,... On the march [cruising], it can rise high, and when entering the target, it can actually fly 10–15 meters [about a dozen yards] above the water to destroy the ship.'" - Yurii Ihnat.

"U.S. Alarmed by Potential Russian Supply of P-800 Oniks Cruise Missiles to Houthi Rebels"

"Signs indicating that Russia will provide the P-800 'Oniks' anti-ship missiles to the Houthi group are already apparent, according to senior U.S. security officials cited by the Middle East Eye portal."

From https://defencesecurityasia.com | By Admin | Jul 3, 2024.

The Russian P-800 Oniks = P-800 Yakhont in the export version. 

"(DEFENCE SECURITY ASIA) — Senior U.S. officials are increasingly concerned that Russian President Vladimir Putin may supply P-800 'Oniks' anti-ship cruise missiles to the Houthi armed group in Yemen."


According to the Ukrainian no possible defense against  P-800 Oniks! As determined from bitter experience.

See advantages the P-800 Oniks missile: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P-800_Oniks#Advantages

Hootie Tootie got the power? If so, this represents a possible MARKED escalation the blockade and attacks on commercial and naval vessels both the Red Sea.


Friday, July 5, 2024


This is coolbert:

"The UMPK (Unified Module for Gliding and Guidance) is a Russian guidance module used to transform 'dumb' bombs into precision-guided munitions. It is designed to be used with various types of bombs, including the FAB-500 and FAB-1500."

"Russia used rare FAB-500T aviation bombs that didn’t explode"

From https://bulgarianmilitary.com | By Boyko Nikolov On Jun 30, 2024

"Last week, between June 24th and 30th, the Russian Aerospace Forces [VKS or RuAF] made headlines by deploying the rare FAB-500T aviation bombs, equipped with UMPK modules, in two separate attacks on the Kharkiv region." [bombs did not detonate. UXB]

Delivery system a MiG-25RB warplane. Reconnaissance/bomber.

[ . . . . ]

"But most importantly, the FAB-500T bomb stands out because it’s usually paired with reconnaissance and attack aircraft like the MiG-25RB, capable of reaching speeds up to 3000 km/h [about 2,000 MPH]. The 'T' in FAB-500T denotes 'heat resistant'. These bombs are designed to endure the thermal stresses associated with carrier aircraft traveling at speeds up to 3000 km/h."

Foxbat noted for being able to attain very high altitude very fast. FAB-500T heat resistant as described rather impervious to heat "stresses" as generated by a very supersonic near vertical climb.       

With regard to MiG-25RB [NATO designation Foxbat-B]:

"Single-seat reconnaissance-bomber derivative of MiG-25R, fitted with improved reconnaissance systems and a Peleng automatic bombing system. The aircraft can carry a bombload of eight 500 kg. (1,100 lb) bombs."

See previous blog entry the Russian FAB series of glide bombs.



This is coolbert:

A done deal? Light at the end of the tunnel?

The devil as usual is in the details

Cease fire and hostage/prisoner exchange the Gazan War.

In chronological order:

1. "Report details Israel’s deal proposal, including ‘permanent’ cessation of hostilities before all hostages return"


"Channel 12 news publishes extensive details of what it says is Israel’s May 27 proposed hostage and ceasefire deal to Hamas, without citing sources or saying how it obtained it."

2. "Israel says it’s studying latest Hamas response to Gaza ceasefire-hostage deal"

From Times of Israel | By JACOB MAGID and TOI STAFF 3 July 2024.

"Senior Israeli official says terror group’s updated proposal gives more room for a possible agreement but stresses gaps still significant, suggests Netanyahu’s office harming talks"

3. "Israel sends delegation to renewed hostage-truce talks in Doha on Hamas proposal"

From https://www.timesofisrael.com | By LAZAR BERMAN and TOI STAFF | 4 July 2024.

"In phone call, Biden tells Netanyahu he welcomes the ‘effort to close out the deal’; Mossad chief David Barnea reportedly heading up team departing for Doha"

4. "U.S. sees major breakthrough in Israel-Hamas talks, senior administration official says"

From Reuters through Ha'aretz | 4 July 2024. 

"Hamas made a significant adjustment in its position over a potential hostage release deal with Israel, a senior U.S. administration official said on Thursday, expressing hope that it would lead to a pact that would be a step to a permanent cease-fire."

Three-stage plan to end the Gazan War with a cessation of hostilities, exchange of hostages/prisoners AND a total withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip.

I would fully expect this to be considered as a loss for the Israeli side. Hamas not eliminated but active, alive and well able to reconstitute AND even as we speak reconstituting!


Thursday, July 4, 2024

F & S.

This is coolbert:

F & S - Feral and stray. The Gazan War.

Dog the PTSD military dimension.

"'We assume dogs coming to us have undergone very harsh training in Gaza, involving starvation, beatings, and being fenced off,' . . .  'Some dogs arrived with severe traumas also resulting from the explosions. We had a dog that was afraid of any small noise. We had dogs that were shot and burned. Some dogs were very aggressive in levels we weren’t familiar with here'" - Inbal Kesem.

"Israeli farm rehabilitates stray dogs found in Gaza"

https://www.ynetnews.com  | by Alexandra Lukash.

"Shanti Farm manager Inbal Kesem says most dogs brought back from the Strip are aggressive and usually euthanized but says they should be given another chance"

"The Shanti Farm provides rehabilitation for stray dogs found in Gaza. IDF soldiers fighting in Gaza often encounter stray dogs during their operational activities and many have been brought to Israel, but some are very aggressive and are often euthanized. Now some seek to give these dogs a second chance and rehabilitate them."

Important here to be able to differentiate between stray and feral dogs. The former previously habituated in some form to human. The latter dogs once domesticated and now gone wild no longer habituated to humans. Most of these hounds running loose are of the tame and now stray category?

"habituate: verb - transitive verb - 1. to make used to something : ACCUSTOM."

Dogs whether stray or feral running loose a danger. Carry disease, messy eaters leaving scraps of food all over the place attracting additional diseased scavenger animals.

Humans when confronted by a pack of strays in peril! Dog especially those that have CONSUMED human flesh as I strongly suspect the case Gaza.

I cannot help but notice that some of these dogs apparently in a process of devolution. Reverting to the true original form of the ancient canine type.

"It would take several generations for the breeds to blend into a generic type similar to the dhole, pariah or dingo."

See previous blog entries animals in context of the Gazan War:





This is coolbert:

"Please stay within the markers, as the area outside has not been cleared of Explosive Remnants of War."

"The 1st Marine Division staged a bloody amphibious assault for a questionable prize."

Here with an extract from an article as originally written 2010.

From https://warfarehistorynetwork.com |  By Dick Camp 2010.

See the You Tube video, Peleliu, then and now.

The Point Today:

"The 600 inhabitants of Peleliu today live on the northwest side of the island, where a small dock for boats provides their only link to Koror, the administrative capital of the Republic of Palau. Fishing, subsistence farming, and tourism—scuba diving and battlefield tours—support the local economy."

"Most of the battlefield remains relatively unspoiled. Dense scrub growth conceals the point’s battlefield relics from the casual observer. However, if one looks closely, the coral is littered with vestiges of the fighting. Relics abound in the caves, bunkers, tunnels. Ordnance litters the ground, including unexploded mortar and artillery rounds—and even Japanese hand grenades. Exploring the sites is not for the faint of heart. Shell fragments, expended .30 caliber cartridges, remnants of fighting positions—and on the edge of the 30-foot spit of land, two half-concealed concrete bunkers, still housing the Japanese 47mm antitank guns that played such havoc with the landing."

"At low tide, the exposed steel treads steel treads of an amphibious tractor (amtrac) lie just 55 yards from the embrasure of the left flank bunker, mute testimony to the deadly effects of the Japanese gun. During the landing, some unknown Marine had dumped an ammunition crate, the wood long since rotted away, in the salt water. Mounds of .30 caliber rounds lie fused together in the coral, the brass shiny from being scoured with sand."

That experience of one American combatant Peleliu best expressed by Eugene Sledge. Air field now Peleliu named in honor of Eugene.

See prior blog entry as relevant: https://militaryanalysis.blogspot.com/2024/07/sledge.html


Wednesday, July 3, 2024


This is coolbert:

"One of the ways of increasing the mobility of spetsnaz behind enemy lines is to provide part of the unit with very lightweight motorcycles capable of operating on broken terrain." - Suvorov.

As is now during the Ukraine Conflict? These Russian motorcycle units probably manned by special purpose units personnel. Spetsnaz!

"Russian Motorcycle 'Cavalry' Accelerate the Speed of Offensive"

From https://sputnikglobe.com | 7/1/24 | Ekaterina Blinova.

"Russian military personnel of the Vostok battlegroup actively used motorcycles and quad bikes during the liberation of the village of Staromayorskoye and other settlements on approach to Ugledar in the Donbass region, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense."

"The Russian military has employed a new tactic of motorcycle assault to cross exposed fields, minimize the risk of attack by Ukrainian drones, and break through enemy defenses from the flanks, the Defense Ministry's press service revealed on June 30."

Motorized "cavalry" troops of the highest possible caliber more than likely spetsnaz competitive at the international moto-cross level of competition.

Diversionary units giving the Ukrainian a lot of aggravation!



This is coolbert:

"Palau islands American military presence

Compact of Free Association: The Compact, signed in 1982, provides for U.S. defense responsibility for Palau for 50 years, with the U.S. providing financial assistance and support to Palau in exchange for access to the islands" [AI generated]

Air field Peleliu. As was agreed upon over forty years ago has now come to pass!

"US military rebuilds runway on site of ‘nightmare’ World War II battle"

From https://www.cnn.com | By Brad Lendon, CNN  |  June 30, 2024.

"(CNN) - A US Marine Corps aircraft has landed on a rebuilt runway on a World War II-era Japanese airfield on the Pacific island of Peleliu, site of one of the Marines’ bloodiest battles of the war and now a possible US basing option in a strategy to counter China."

"The KC-130 Hercules transport aircraft touched down on the 6,000-foot runway on June 22 in what a Marine Corps press release called 'a significant and triumphant return to this iconic World War II site.'”

"Marine engineers had been working on rebuilding the runway for months, clearing brush, removing trees and ensuring no unexploded ordnance remained from the World War II battle on the island, which is part of the island country of Palau."


"The Marines named the rebuilt landing strip the 'Sledge' runway in honor of a veteran of the Peleliu battle, Pfc. Eugene Sledge, a mortarman on the island who wrote about it in a memoir"

As I have remarked so many times before, everyone making ready! Do I need to tell you for what?


Tuesday, July 2, 2024


This is coolbert: 

Undersea cables and other vital under-water infrastructure again! North Sea and probably beyond that. 

"Important development: Russia mine Western underwater communications in the North Sea – The first target to be hit!"

"NATO is strengthening its entire submarine [underwater] defense"

From https://warnews247 | Alexandros Boufesis info@warnews247.gr30.06.2024 | 

"NATO fears Russia has mine critical maritime infrastructure, at least in the North Sea. It is noted that a few days ago Russian analysts urged the country's Army to 'cut in two' Europe and the United States by hitting."

Internet fiber-optic cable, gas and oil pipelines mined in advance to be destroyed in the eventuality of war between NATO and Russia.

"In the last ten years, more than 160 non-military Russian ships have carried out 945 suspicious maneuvers. At least 749 – within a kilometer [half-mile] radius of the pipelines."

Guards Minelayers Russian naval GRU in action? At least during that period of the Cold War all [?] Soviet oceanic-going vessels designed with dual-purpose military/commercial mission. Has that long standing tradition continued?

See previous blog entries the potential for war-making, the undersea infrastructure problem:




Monday, July 1, 2024


This is coolbert:

Russian conventional bomb modified with wings and guidance system the war-winning weapon?

1. "It blows everything away." What Russia used for the first time in the Northeast Military District zone"

"Russian aviation began using three-ton FAB-3000 aerial bombs"

Glide bomb about 2700 kg.

From ria.ru  | by Andrey Kots | 06/25/2024.

"MOSCOW, June 25 - RIA Novosti, Andrey Kots. Several videos of attacks on Ukrainian Armed Forces positions with heavy three-ton FAB-3000-M54 aerial bombs have already appeared on social networks. This weapon had not been used before. Read about what this most powerful weapon is capable of in the RIA Novosti article."

2. "Russian Glide Bombs: Cheap, Deadly and Almost Unstoppable"

From https://www.wsj.com | By Wall Street Journal | June 20, 2024.

"Russia is using cheap, highly-explosive glide bombs to devastating effect in Ukraine. WSJ explains how they work and why they are so hard to counter. Illustration: Louisa Naks"

"WSJ examines military innovation and tactics emerging around the world, breaking down the tech behind the weaponry and its potential impact."



3. "How Ukraine can defeat Russian glide bombs"

From https://www.c4isrnet.com | By John Hoehn and William Courtney | Jun 27, 2024.

"In recent months, Russia has terrorized Ukraine’s front-line troops and nearby cities with glide bombs. They are large, free-fall bombs with pop-out wings and satellite navigation, which operate similarly to weapons equipped with the United States’ precision-guided, aerial Joint Direct Attack Munition."

"Currently, Ukraine has few counters to glide bomb strikes."

Three methods as proposed to counter the Russian glide bomb. None of these methods easy, fraught with difficulties in all cases. Devoted readers to the blog must peruse the c4isnet article in entirety and decide for themselves suggested counter-measures Russian glide bomb feasible and do-able!

Hey! Nobody ever said any of this was going to be easy!


Sun Ke.

This is coolbert:

“'These people suffer the most from being without a country, and for more than 2,600 years they have moved about homeless,' . . .  'The British want to set up a permanent settlement in Palestine,'. . . 'but this has provoked vehement opposition from the Arabs there, and the violence has not yet died down.'” - Sun Ke.

The Promised Land China? China? Consider this blog entry to be a borderline topic but interesting nonetheless.

Herewith an oddity and curiosity of history:

"How a Brooklyn dentist almost formed a Jewish homeland in pre-WW II China"

"Seeing a land free of antisemitism, Albert Einstein and Chinese leaders pushed plans to settle 100,000 Jews fleeing Nazis in Yunnan, the Himalayan foothills of China’s hinterland"

From https://www.timesofisrael.com | By HARRY SAUNDERS |  6/29/24.

"FOREIGN POLICY — On March 7, 1939, China’s top legislative official, Sun Ke, filed a dispatch to the government’s Civil Affairs Office. As a member of the Supreme Council for National Defense, he had spent the previous two years searching for ways to give China a fighting chance against the invading Japanese. Now, Sun Ke wanted to brief his colleagues on a seemingly unrelated issue: the plight of the Jewish people."

"Sun Ke believed that a more suitable refuge could be found in his own country. Not in Shanghai, where 20,000 Jews had already fled, but in the Himalayan foothills of China’s hinterland. With Laos to the south and what was then called Burma to the west, Yunnan was a border province with an unusually temperate climate, staggering natural beauty, and enough uncultivated land to accommodate 100,000 Jews fleeing Nazi persecution. What it lacked in scriptural significance, it made up for with its history free of antisemitic violence."

Idea of Sun Ke never came to fruition! Probably a no-starter from the beginning.

See other instances of proposed Jewish homeland settlement other than British Mandated Palestine:






Sunday, June 30, 2024

Katz WMD.

This is coolbert:

"If we understand that there is an existential danger here, and that Iran, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and all the countries of the Middle East decide that it is time to settle against us, I understand that we have the capabilities to use doomsday weapons," - Katz.

Opacity with ambiguity! Israel the atomic bomb but perhaps much more?

"'We have capabilities to use doomsday weapons,' says expert concerning regional war"

"Yair Katz revealed Israel's capability to combat Iran with doomsday weapons, highlighting international intelligence support and successful defense against an Iranian attack."

From https://www.jpost.com | By ANNA BARSKY  |  JUNE 29, 2024. 

"Yair Katz, Chairman of the Israel Aerospace Industries Workers' Council, revealed at an event in the city of Yehud-Monosson on Saturday that Israel has a weapon that could combat Iran, Maariv reported."


To what extent the Israeli also has their disposal and are also ready to use chemical/biological/radiological munitions I cannot say.

Let me suggest also the American graphite bomb. Can destroy an electric grid system. Without electricity a modern society will quickly revert to a more primitive existence as was lived 1,000 years ago. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphite_bomb



This is coolbert:

More grand strategy the Gazan War.

Options being considered. Soup to nuts type stuff. None of it palatable at this stage.

"From civilian ‘bubbles’ to Arab coalitions, Israel said weighing Gaza post-war schemes"

"WSJ reports Netanyahu entertaining plan that would see Palestinian civilians kept in humanitarian safe zones while IDF continues fight against Hamas"

From https://www.timesofisrael | By TOI STAFF 6/29/24.

"Israeli and American officials are weighing competing proposals for a post-war plan for the Gaza Strip, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday, though progress on the plans is being held up by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s refusal to seriously consider the issue until the offensive against Hamas ends."

Plans, programs, projects, propositions, recommendations, schemes.

What is to be done in Gaza in the aftermath of the war?

At this exact juncture five options having already being suggested or proposed.

As to what the five options are the devoted reader to the blog will have to peruse the entire article.

An impediment, PM Netanyahu his unwillingness to consider grand strategy until Hamas totally defeated?

George Marshal during WW2 3 1/2 years in advance having begun the planning of grand strategy with regard to the outcome of the war and consequences as anticipated.


Saturday, June 29, 2024


This is coolbert:

"The Central Military Commission of the DPRK has officially announced a military alliance with Russia, and next month North Korean [military] engineers will arrive in Donetsk"

North Korean army troops the Ukraine Conflict? Finally the Norks arrive?

"Western media are pumping up information about the possible dispatch of North Korean troops to the North Military District zone"

From https://en.topcor.ru | 26 June 2024. 

"A week has passed since Vladimir Putin’s visit to Pyongyang and the signing of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement between the Russian Federation and the DPRK, and Western media continue to speculate about the consequences of this agreement."

"In particular, the Western press began to disperse the narrative about the imminent arrival of a contingent from North Korea in the zone of a special military operation. A number of military analysts are confident that in the near future Pyongyang will send its troops to Ukraine to 'fight side by side with Russia.'"


"pumped: adjective - filled with energetic excitement and enthusiasm"

Pumped until the time they [NK] start coming home in body bags.

See previous blog entries the North Korean involvement Ukraine Conflict:









Friday, June 28, 2024


This is coolbert:

"Reloading VLS silos at sea has become an increasingly discussed subject since coalition warships have been engaged against missile and drone attacks in the Red Sea. The limited stocks held in each ship of anti-air missiles have required ships to take lengthy journeys to and from allied ports to resupply, as currently they are unable to reload these missiles while at sea."

Hitherto impossible while-at-sea-and-underway replenishment of naval vertical launch system [VLS]  missiles of the surface-to-air variety solution now found! The French lead the way?

"French Navy Trials Ship to Ship Vertical Launch Missile Resupply"

June 27, 2024 | by KAI GREET

"The French Navy has revealed the testing of a new capability to resupply and reload vertical launch system (VLS) missiles on warships from its newest generation of fleet logistics vessels."

"Photos released by the French Navy, or Marine Nationale, on its X social media account have demonstrated a new development that would allow greater flexibility in the force’s ability to restock missile payloads on its surface ships."

Warships needing a refill of VLS silos now not required to return to home port for ordnance restock. Can be accomplished while at sea and underway! This gives considerable advantage.

Think the naval task forces vicinity Yemen repeatedly bombarded with drone/cruise missile attack. Expenditure of VLS missiles extraordinary.

See previous blog entries as apropos:





AI Military.

This is coolbert:

Instances of AI the military dimension.

1. "Ukraine Develops Drones That Can Recognize, Shoot ‘Based on Uniforms’"

From  https://www.thedefensepost.com | by JOE SABALLA | JUNE 27, 2024.

"A Ukrainian tech startup has developed artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled drones that can be programmed to recognize and shoot based on uniforms."

Separate the wheat [friendly troops] from the chaff [the bad guys] and target the latter!

"The unmanned platforms are reportedly capable of communicating with one another, making quick decisions on where to attack, and approaching targets as a 'swarm.'"

As Palmer should be well aware the future of AI military applications is not tomorrow, it is now!

2. "US Firm Develops AI-Enabled, Anti-GPS Jamming Navigation System"

 JOE SABALLA | JUNE 27, 2024.

"American tech startup SandboxAQ has launched a new artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled navigation system it said can address persistent GPS jamming."

"Called the AQNav, the technology leverages powerful quantum sensors to gather data from the Earth’s crustal magnetic field."

This is MagNav. The topic of a prior blog entry: https://tinyurl.com/3mdbaznd

"This allows the system to provide real-time navigation in areas where GPS signals are denied or unavailable."

AI-enabled MagNav also not the future. Is now. Total reliance on satellite outer-space based navigation systems GPS or GLONASS not an absolute.

"In every war they invent a new way of killing you!"



This is coolbert:

Often I have wondered about this! The Russian since the start of the Ukraine Conflict have avoided the use of lethal chemical agents. Not just white phosphorous [WP] or riot agent but poison gases that can be deadly.

Apparently however the Russian HAS been using mortally dangerous chemical munitions and repeatedly!

"NBC Weapons: Chemical Warfare in Ukraine"

From https://www.strategypage.com an extract:

Chemical warfare the Ukraine Conflict. Lethal agents!

"June 26, 2024: Russia has used lethal poison gas against Ukraine for the entire 2022 war, sometimes including the Novichok nerve gas. It started out with one use early on, during the siege of Mariupol, became sporadic for most of the war and suddenly became constant (100+ per month) starting in April 2024. The use of nerve agents increased too, but how much is not clear. The only consistent items in every use are that all were delivered by UAVs and drones on Ukrainian forward areas, and all involved the forbidden agent Chloropicrin, which is principally an irritant that is lethal in higher doses. Chloropicrin is used by itself or in conjunction with more lethal agents."

And from the wiki:

"In World War I, German forces used concentrated chloropicrin against Allied forces as a tear gas. While not as lethal as other chemical weapons, it induced vomiting and forced Allied soldiers to remove their masks to vomit, exposing them to more toxic gases used as weapons during the war."


* This chloropicrin an old-fashioned choking agent. But can be lethal in high-dosage.

* Quite clever [?] to use chloropicrin to "break mask" all the while under attack from much more lethal poison gases.

 * Presumably the use of nerve agent would [?] requires a mandatory release order direct from Putin?

* Even more widespread usage of deadly chemical agents only going to further complicate reconstruction in the aftermath of the war. That bad stuff is like a forever chemical.


Thursday, June 27, 2024


This is coolbert:

“Software will change how war is waged. The battlefield of the future will teem with artificially intelligent, unmanned systems, which fight, gather reconnaissance data, and communicate at breathtaking speeds.” - Palmer Luckey.

Palmer old fellow the future is now! Herewith an extract from an antiwar.com article!

"Philosopher Kings or New-Age Militarists?"

From https://original.antiwar.com | by William Hartung and Tom Engelhardt | June 26, 2024.

"Philosopher Kings or New-Age Militarists?"

"Silicon Valley and the Rush Toward Automated Warfare"

"Venture capital and military startup firms in Silicon Valley have begun aggressively selling a version of automated warfare that will deeply incorporate artificial intelligence (AI). Those companies and their CEOs are now pressing full speed ahead with that emerging technology, largely dismissing the risk of malfunctions that could lead to the future slaughter of civilians, not to speak of the possibility of dangerous scenarios of escalation between major military powers. The reasons for this headlong rush include a misplaced faith in 'miracle weapons,' but above all else, this surge of support for emerging military technologies is driven by the ultimate rationale of the military-industrial complex: vast sums of money to be made."


See previous blog entries the Israeli LAVENDER AI targeting software:





This is coolbert:

“Those who are cruel to animals and abuse them are displaying patterns of behavior that will eventually lead them to harm humans as well. Causing suffering of animals is not about animals alone, but rather an expression of human dignity, consideration of the feelings of others, protection of animals, and the sanctity of life in general."

Israeli military man behaving badly? Frog cooked alive in a microwave oven!

"Comm. service and demotion: punishment for soldier who heated frog to death in microwave"

From https://www.israelnationalnews.com |  Jun 26, 2024.

"Military court judges determined that ‘the defendant inflicted unnecessary suffering on the animal,’ and sentenced him to community service, payment of a fine of NIS 1,500 [about $ 400 USD] and demotion to the rank of private."

Event occurring in March 2023. Community service in lieu of four months in prison + fine! Sounds like a fair punishment to me!

If all you have to worry about from your military personnel is the rare odd type that kills a frog in a microwave over you really don't have much to worry about. I guess that would be the positive perspective.


Wednesday, June 26, 2024

ITS Cavour.

This is coolbert:

Power projection and global reach the Italian navy? The Italians?

"Italian Carrier Strike Group Arrives In Singapore As Part Of Indo-Pacific Operational Campaign"

From https://theaviationist.com | June 24, 2024 | STEFANO D'URSO.

"The ITS Cavour left its port earlier this month for a five-month cruise that will allow the aircraft carrier to work with multiple regional partners in the Indo-Pacific region."

"The Italian Navy quietly deployed, without much fanfare, its Carrier Strike Group (CSG) to the Indo-Pacific region earlier this month. Today, the service announced the arrival in Singapore for a logistic stop of the 31st Naval Group, as the core of the CSG made of the ITS Cavour and the ITS Alpino FREMM frigate has been called."

ITS Cavour carrying a dozen or so F-35B Lightning warplanes now certified for combat operations.

Think too this not the first time Italian warships have ventured into the waters east of Singapore.

British/Canadian/Italian/German/Indian naval vessels the last few years surprisingly found far from home waters. Patrols and missions now to include the Indo-Pacific region.

See previous blog entries as applicable to topic: