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My presumption that tit-for-tat retaliation between the Iranian and the Israeli has ended is premature?

Next time, nuclear facilities Israel [Dimona] and Iran [Natanz] will not be exempt from military action!

"Iran threatens to strike at Israeli nuclear facilities. Israel hit Iran"

From |April 20, 2024.

"Ahmad Hagtalab, a senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, voiced a new portion of threats addressed to the State of Israel."

"In particular, the commander, who is responsible for ensuring the safety of Iran’s nuclear facilities, cautioned that due to threats posed by Israel, the Islamic Republic could revise its « nuclear doctrine ». He added that if Israel hits Iran’s nuclear facilities, then official Tehran will hit Israeli nuclear facilities and « will send powerful missiles to completely destroy the planned targets »."

Threats of this nature, even if totally 100 % justified [I am not saying either yes or no] apocalyptic and potentially catastrophic for the whole world!

Such military action might set off a chain reaction of a global scale as greatly feared [ever since 1945]. Armageddon transpiring in the space of less than a full day!

Cooler heads will prevail I am sure. They will, won't they?



This is coolbert:

From the Israeli press the perspective the Israeli attack on Iran.

Limited in scope and scale. 

More a demonstration than anything else.

1. "Target of Israeli attack in Iran was a military base near Natanz, report says"

From Ynetnews.

"Senior US military sources say Israel hit what they intended to strike, indicating that a single primary target was struck multiple times, proving Iran's Russian-made air defense system ineffective"

"The target of the Israeli retaliatory attack on Iran was a military base near Natanz in Isfahan, rather than the nuclear facilities themselves, senior US military sources said on Friday."

"Iran has also produced its own air defense systems, including the long-range Bavar-373. The SA-20c and the SA-5 are mentioned as being housed at Isfahan, which is close to Natanz."

Target near Natanz hit but atomic facilities left unscathed!

2. "US official: Israeli strike targeted air defense radar system for Natanz nuclear facility"

From | Elad Benari, Canada |  Apr 19, 2024. 

"US official tells ABC News that three missiles were fired from Israeli fighter aircraft outside of Iran in Friday morning’s very limited strike."

"Three missiles were fired from Israeli fighter aircraft outside of Iran in Friday morning’s very limited strike, a senior US official told ABC News."

Iranian airspace not breached. Missile attack involving Israeli warplanes carrying air-to-ground missiles but again, those warplanes not intruding into Iranian airspace!

"The Israelis were targeting an air defense radar site near Isfahan that’s part of the protection of the Natanz nuclear facility, the official said."

"The first assessment is that the strike took out the site, but assessment hasn’t been completed, added the official."

"The strike was intended to send a signal to Iran that Israel has these capabilities, but was not looking to escalate the situation, according to the official."

Missile strikes limited in scope and scale indicating that the Israeli not spoiling for a protracted fight with the Iranian. Point-of-honor type military demonstration now concluded, hopefully to the satisfaction of everyone!


Friday, April 19, 2024


This is coolbert:

Beach life Gaza? Gaza? Beach life?

Must not be so bad after all?

"Gazans flock to the beach amid, hostage families fume"

From | article by Nir (Shoko) Cohen.

"Images of Gazans bathing in the sea enrage families of Hamas hostages, as their loved ones continue to languish in captivity; 'This is a joke, and it's at our expense,' says hostage's cousin"

"As Gaza was swept by an early-season heat wave, Gazans flocked to the beaches of the coastal enclave to cool off. The sight of life in Gaza seemingly going back to normal amid war was especially stinging for some of the families of the Israeli hostages who have been held in captivity for 195 days."  

My instantaneous and intuitive reaction here was that beach life as ordinarily understood would be haram [forbidden] behavior for a devout Muslim.

This however seems not to the case. The ulema [religious scholars] have decided that within certain parameters beach life is permissible for a Muslim.  

Beach life halal [permissible] if certain conditions are met. To include:

* "If visiting the beach involves free mixing and looking at semi-naked individuals, it is considered haram or unlawful."

* "It is permissible for a husband to take his wife to the beach, provided they adhere to Islamic teachings and guidance in this regard."

* "Muslims must not dress like non-Muslims at the beach, which means men should not wear swimming trunks and women should not wear bathing suits."

* "Breaking the laws of hijab for the sake of playing in the waves is not permissible."

* "Some scholars argue that going to the beach is not haram, but one must lower their gaze and avoid going for the purpose of looking at immodestly dressed [persons]."


Thursday, April 18, 2024


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Coverage the Iranian press the Israeli counter-strike Iranian targets! 

"Explosion heard near Isfahan due to activation of air defenses"

From | 19 April 2024.

"Explosions have been heard near the central Iranian city of Isfahan due to the activation of air defenses, informed sources say."

See the graphic as posted by Colonel Macgregor. Multiple targets hit Iran. Click on image on see an enlarged view.

"Initial reports say important facilities in the Isfahan province, especially nuclear facilities, are completely safe and no accidents have been reported.

"Following the activation of air defenses in some parts of the country to deal with possible targets, no large-scale hit and explosion caused by any air threat has been reported."

That biggest worry of all will be if Iranian atomic sites and facilities attacked



This is coolbert:

Continuing the Israeli retaliation for events of 13 April.

From the Israeli press. See all links for continuing updates.

 1. "Israel-Hamas War Day 195 | Reports Say Israel Attacked Site in Iran, Explosions Heard in Isfahan"

2. "Israel said to launch ‘limited’ strike on Iran as response to weekend attack" | By TOI STAFF.

"Iran state media reports flights suspended over Isfahan, Shiraz and Tehran * Israel, US remain at odds after holding another virtual meeting on planned IDF offensive in Rafah"

The Israeli have a multiplicity of targets to engage and a multiplicity of means to do so. Soup to nuts type stuff all-inclusive if necessary.

Tit-for-tat retaliation will begat further retaliation. An endless cycle!

"tit for tat: noun phrase - an equivalent given in return (as for an injury) : retaliation in kind"

"We have only just begun." - Karen Carpenter. Indeed!



This is coolbert:

What has been feared has now come to pass.

Direct military conflict between Israel and Iran in retaliation for the events of 13 April.

Danger of escalation a great concern.

This of course a developing story. See all links for Live Updates! 

1. "Israel has attacked Iran, US official tells CNN" | Kathleen Magramo, Sana Noor Haq, Christian Edwards, Aditi Sangal, Elise Hammond, Amir Vera, Tori B. Powell and Maureen Chowdhury, CNN | April 18, 2024.

"Israel has carried out a strike inside Iran, a US official tells CNN, in a move that threatens to push the region deeper into conflict."

2. "Alleged Israeli strikes reported in Iran"

From | By TZVI JOFFRE | APRIL 19, 2024.

"Syrian reports indicated airstrikes targeted sites belonging to the Syrian Army in the As-Suwayda and Daraa Governorates of southern Syria."

"An Israeli missile strike targeted a site in Iran early Friday morning, according to ABC News. The report came shortly after local sources reported explosions in Isfahan in central Iran, in the As-Suwayda Governorate of southern Syria, and in the Baghdad area and Babil Governorate of Iraq early Friday" morning."

More to follow of a dire and potentially apocalyptic nature I am sure.


Lavender II.

This is coolbert:

More the Israeli AI system, selecting targets without a whole lot of human intervention. See my previous blog entry in this regard.

1. "A Brief History of Kill Lists, from Langley to Lavender"

From | by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies | April 17, 2024.

"The Israeli online magazine +972 has published a detailed report on Israel’s use of an artificial intelligence (AI) system called 'Lavender' to target thousands of Palestinian men in its bombing campaign in Gaza. When Israel attacked Gaza after October 7, the Lavender system had a database of 37,000 Palestinian men with suspected links to Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)."

A quick and dirty history [at least from the era if the Second World War] of "kill lists" as referred to. A data base more properly and correctly termed as a Disposition Matrix.


Medea Benjamin it should noted a gadfly protestor very fond of causing disruption actions that appear often to be of a clownish variety, counter-productive.

2."‘Lavender’: The AI machine directing Israel’s bombing spree in Gaza"

From | By Yuval Abraham | April 3, 2024.

"The Israeli army has marked tens of thousands of Gazans as suspects for assassination, using an AI targeting system with little human oversight and a permissive policy for casualties, +972 and Local Call reveal."

All devoted readers to the blog are strongly encouraged without reservation or qualification to read the entire 972mag article.

Devoted readers to the blog pay particular close attention to the six steps of the AI protocol/algorithm/formulary/equation involved in the targeting process!

This 972mag article having Israeli sources normally very security aware? Almost seems such details as revealed way too good! A degree of suspicion is warranted!


Wednesday, April 17, 2024


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“They cleverly and with a high level of professionalism execute their duties not only at sea, with the protection of the marine borders of the Motherland, but also voluntarily change their place of duty and with weapons in their hands stand up against Ukrainian neo-nazis on the frontline in the special military operation,” 

Not since the final effort of German submariners in April 1945 has there been such a thing!

"Submariners from Russia's Northern Fleet fight and fall in Ukraine"

"A significant number of sailors from the naval base towns in the Kola Peninsula are killed in Russia's war of aggression."

From | ByAtle Staalesen | April 10, 2024.

Devoted readers to the blog strongly encouraged to read the entire article for themselves.

Naval personnel to include submariners. Highly trained/skilled/experienced sailors of the best possible talent volunteering to fight as INFANTRY - THE Ukraine conflict.

Submariners too I might think having secret knowledge of Russian submarines and missions of same! Normally these naval men given the amount of training/skill/experience their loss or even capture too great a risk to take.

Even it can suggested the deployment of such military men seen as a DESPERATION measure?

German submariners without mission at the very end of World War Two formed into tank-busting units. Engaging Russian and allied tanks at close range with pea-shooter panzerfaust anti-tank round.

German anti-tank units as commanded by the famous German U-boat commander Ali Cremer:

"Korvkpt. Cremer left U-2519 in February 1945 to become field commander of the Marine - (Naval Tank Destroying Battalion) which was pitted against British tanks attempting to occupy the city of Hamburg."

"(A naval tank destroying unit under command of Korvettenkapitän Cremer, including volunteers from a U-boat base, destroyed 24 tanks during the last few days.)"

Desperate times calls for desperate measures and all that?



This is coolbert:

Bad idea. Very bad idea!

Collectibles of war? Even when disarmed still dangerous! 

"Jordanians try to sell downed Iranian rockets on the internet"

"‘Used Iranian ballistic missile in good condition’: Online ads in the kingdom — some of them satirical — offer ballistic missiles, or pieces of them, for sale"

From | By GIANLUCA PACCHIANI | 16 April 2024.

"Some Jordanians have been trying to sell remnants of rockets intercepted over their territory during Iran’s dramatic assault against Israel Saturday night, in which hundreds of deadly projectiles were fired from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen."

[. . . .]

"The listed prices varied considerably, ranging from 50 Jordanian dinars ($70) for a piece of a rocket that fell outside Amman, to 120,000 dinars ($170,000) for a full missile."

Satirical to an extent possibly so. But believe me there will be parties interested in purchasing trophies of war of whatever nature.

My biggest concern would be the carcinogen [cancer causing] agents undoubtedly present in some [if not all] the "projectiles". Purchase at your own risk and if you are sorry years later do not complain.


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Burke DDG-51.

This is coolbert:

31-knot Burke still alive after all this many decades? 

Mission ballistic missile intercept and destruction. Mission accomplished!

"American Sailors, Airmen Helped Thwart Iranian Missile Attack on Israel"

From  KRISTINA WONG | 15 Apr 2024..

"While Israeli air defense systems took out most of the 300 missiles and one-way drones fired by Iran during an unprecedented attack on Israel on Saturday, American sailors and airmen in the region helped to shoot down a number of them."

"U.S. sailors on the USS Arleigh Burke and USS Carney, stationed in the Mediterranean Sea, destroyed between four to six Iranian ballistic missiles, according to a senior military official briefing reporters on Sunday."

American radar Site 512 the Negev desert I imagine very active during the Iranian multi-faceted attack on Israel. In particular Site 512 the purpose of which to detect the launch of Iranian BALLISTIC missiles the Middle-East theater. Providing net-centric intercept information to all firing batteries onshore or at-sea.

And job well done! A real world test of all systems with success!



This is coolbet:

The Jordanian speaks!

“' We will shoot down any drone or missile that enters our airspace, ' . . . ' These targets will be fired upon regardless of whether they are Iranian or Israeli. We will not allow anyone to endanger the security of Jordan and the lives of its citizens.' ”

Golly! Fancy such a thing like that. 

A sovereign nation wants to protect their airspace! Golly!

"Jordan intends to shoot down both Iranian and Israeli drones"

From https://www-anti--spiegel-ru | April 14, 2024.

"Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi said Jordan can protect its interests"

"BEIRUT, April 14./ Jordan is able to protect its interests in a situation where escalation threatens all Middle Eastern countries and the escalation of the conflict in the Gaza Strip into a regional war could become a reality. This was reported by the television station Al Mamlaka TV, citing Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi."

See previous blog entry as applicable! Think not pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian! Think rather for the sake of Jordan!


Monday, April 15, 2024


This is coolbert:

Hardly can we forget the Ukraine Conflict!

"Military courts in Russia prosecute a record number of front-line deserters"

"In March 2024, the courts handed down almost 700 sentences in cases of those 'missing' from military service." | Elizaveta Vereykina | April 12, 2024.

"Journalists from the Russian news website Mediazona researched the publicly available records of Russian garrison and district courts and found that the increase in the number of cases against 'refuseniks' (those soldiers who desert - leave the armed forces without permission and with no intention of returning) in 2024 is unprecedented." 

"In March 2024, 684 such sentences were passed by Russian military courts. This means that judges handed down 34 sentences under Article 337 every working day of the month, Mediazona reports."

Traditionally desertion during a time of war the death penalty the normal punishment. Especially for those individuals having deserted while in-the-face-of-the-enemy!

Today we have a kinder more gentler Russia?




This is coolbert:

More from the Iranian press the drone/missile attack on Israel. The Jordanian connection.

1. "Iran warns Jordan it may be next target if it cooperates with Israel"

From Tehran Times ^ | April 14, 2024 | staff | the tip from Israel.

"TEHRAN - Amid escalating tensions, an Iranian military source has suggested that Jordan may face severe repercussions and become the next target if it aligns with the Zionist regime."

2. "Jordan intercepts dozens of Iranian threats heading for Israel"

From | Lior Ben Ari.

"Israel's neighbor acts to down Iranian missiles and drones as part of joint US directive despite Tehran's threats marking it as a target should it aid Jerusalem"

King Abdullah not willing to allow the airspace of his nation to be violated by hostile intruders uninvited!



This is coolbert:

"All the drones and cruise missiles were downed outside of the country’s airspace by the IAF and its allies, including the United States, United Kingdom, Jordan, France, and others." 

"Video Evidence Shows Several Iranian Cruise Missiles Scored Direct Hits"

More video the drone/missile attack Israel.

From | BY TYLER DURDEN | APR 14, 2024.

Ballistic missiles and not cruise missiles the culprits.

"Both Israel and the US have declared a 'victory' in defending against the overnight massive Iranian drone and missile attack, which reportedly saw over 300 projectiles sent toward Israel. Ground anti-air systems were very active, including the Iron Dome, David's Sling, and Arrow system - the latter intended to thwart long-range missiles. The night skies over Israel were lit up for several hours, with explosions ringing out above various cities, especially Jerusalem."

"US systems were also heavily engaged on behalf of Washington's closest Middle East ally. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) also subsequently said its air force fighter jets downed some 170 drones and 30 cruise missiles."

"However, a few videos are widely circulating which appear to offer proof that at least some of Iran's ballistic missiles found their way to a ground target, contradicting Israel's optimistic narrative of almost "all" drones and missiles intercepted."

"The videos purport to show several missiles scoring direct hits on two key Israeli military bases in the south of the country: Nevatim Airbase and Ramon Airbase"


"The bomber will always get through!" And the ballistic missile too. On target? That is the question. When the warhead a conventional explosive it must be!


Sunday, April 14, 2024


This is coolbert:

"The Israeli Air Force released photos and videos of its fighter jets returning after successfully intercepting targets. F-15Is were seen with a mixed loadout which included AIM-7 Sparrow semi-active radar homing missiles and Python 5 and AIM-9L Sidewinder IR-guided missiles."

From | STEFANO D'URSO | April 14, 2024. 

"The footage shows drones and cruise missiles being tracked by targeting pods before being hit by air-to-air missiles."

Go see the various video courtesy the Aviationist article!

"Last night, the Israeli air defenses were put to the test when Iran launched a massive retaliatory drone and missile attack against Israel, nearly two weeks after an Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria killed seven IRGC members. Both surface-to-air air defenses and fighter aircraft were employed, supported by US, UK and Jordanian assets, to stop the attacks before they could strike their targets."

Israeli expense for air defense this one mass attack alone estimated at slightly in excess of $1 billion USD!

By comparison the Iranian attacker that expenditure about one-tenth the amount of the Israeli defender!

"According to Israel’s Ynet, citing Israel’s economic advisor to the former Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Ram Aminach, estimates are that it may have costed Iran around 10% of Israel’s financial hit: ~$100m-$150m."



This is coolbert:

Hey, nobody ever said any of this was going to be cheap, did they?

"News World Countering Iran's overnight attack costs Israel $1.35B: Israeli media" | Anadolu Agency & AFP WORLD | April 14, 2024.

"Countering Iran's overnight attack costs Israel $1.35B: Israeli media"

"Israeli media reported that the interception of dozens of Iranian missiles and drones by Israel overnight incurred a cost of up to 5 billion shekels ($1.35 billion). Each Arrow missile used for interception costs $3.5 million, while a Magic Wand missile costs $1 million, in addition to aircraft sorties involved in interception."

Arrow and Magic Wand strictly [?] used for the intercept of incoming enemy ballistic missiles.

Cost of intercepts drones and cruise missiles too must be taken into consideration. Israeli Iron Dome system each missile when fired an expenditure of about $ 125K USD. 

Many drones and cruise missiles also shot-down by conventional air force fighter/interceptor using either cannon fire or air-to-air- missile. A single sortie of a F-16 costing about "cost per flight hour has been estimated at $7,000 to $22,470 or $24,000". Air intercept using an AIM-9 Sidewinder the cost for the missile alone about $400K USD.

Billions for defense, but not a dime for tribute!


Wider II.

This is coolbert:

As reported by the Iranian press!

"The operation is over from our [Iranian] point of view, but the armed forces are ready and we will act if necessary,” - Baqeri.

The Iranian speaks. Further attacks conditional? HONOR has been satisfied?

1. "IRGC chief: Much harsher response awaits Israel should it attack Iran"

From | 14 April 2024.

"The chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has warned the Israeli regime that Iran’s reaction will be 'certainly much harsher' if the regime responds to Iran’s retaliatory operation."

“'The Zionist regime must stop its past behavior and learn from this [attack]. If the Zionist regime shows any response, our reaction will certainly be much harsher based on this new experience we have gained from their capabilities,' Major General Hossein Salami said on Sunday."

Further combat action and increased hostilities in the skies over the Middle East can be averted IF the Israeli refrain from counter-strike as has been threatened? That is what is being said here?

2."Iran says concluded retaliatory strikes on occupied territories, warns against Israeli response"

14 April 2024.

"The chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Baqeri, says Iran has concluded its retaliatory strikes on the occupied territories, warning of a “stronger” reaction if the Israeli regime responds."

Cooler heads are prevailing? Thankfully and hopefully so. 

Escalation not a certainty after all. I want it to be so.


Wider I.

This is coolbert:

Defense yes, counter-strike no!

As encouraged by President Biden USA. 

1. "Biden lauds ‘remarkable’ Israeli defense against Iran, said to oppose military response"

"US president to convene G7 leaders as Security Council set to meet, is reportedly concerned Netanyahu trying to pull Washington into wider conflict; world leaders condemn ‘reckless’ Iran"


"The United States helped Israel take out almost all of the around 300 drones and missiles fired at it in a 'unprecedented attack' from Iran, US President Joe Biden said early Sunday, amid reported fears in Washington that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will try to pull the Americans into wider regional conflict."

2. "Scoop: Biden told Bibi U.S. won't support an Israeli counterattack on Iran" | Barak Ravid.

"President Biden told Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a call on Saturday that the U.S. won't support any Israeli counterattack against Iran, a senior White House official told Axios."

Increasing tension strongly discouraged. Tit-for-tat retaliation too dangerous. Create an unstable situation with unforeseen consequences. Bad enough in Gaza as it already is.



This is coolbert:

Israeli air defense 99 % effective? Does sound too good to be true?

"IDF: 99% of the 300 or so projectiles fired by Iran at Israel overnight were intercepted"

From Times of Israel ^ | 4/14/24 | Emanuel Fabian | the tip from Freeper.

"IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says 99% of the 300 or so projectiles fired by Iran at Israel overnight were intercepted by air defenses."

"He says Iran launched 170 drones at Israel, and not one entered Israeli airspace. They were all downed outside of the country’s borders by Israel and its allies."

"Another 30 cruise missiles were launched, and not a single one entered Israeli airspace, he says. According to Hagari, 25 of them were downed by the Israeli Air Force."

"In addition, Hagari says Iran fired 120 ballistic missiles at Israel. Some of the missiles managed to bypass Israel’s defenses, hitting the Nevatim Airbase in southern Israel."

"Hagari says slight damage was caused to infrastructure at Nevatim, but the airbase is running as usual."

"Additionally, he says, a handful of drones and missiles were launched from Iraq and Yemen amid the attack, although none entered Israeli airspace."

More than one-third of the "projectiles" launched by the Iranian ballistic missiles. Normally if the radar track determining course and impact area shows the missile warhead will land in an unpopulated and insignificant area no effort will be made at at intercept!


Saturday, April 13, 2024


This is coolbert:

Think not just Iran and Israel. Think additional involvement of USA/British/Jordanian and Yemeni/Iraqi.

Howdy partner!

"US, partners shoot down drones launched by Iran toward Israel"

"Israel and U.S. partners are scrambling to intercept."

From | BY NICHOLAS SLAYTON | APR 13, 2024. 

"U.S. and allied forces are shooting down drones over Iraq and Syria after Iran launched hundreds of uncrewed aerial vehicles toward Israel. The intercepts after Iran began the attack in retaliation for the airstrike against its embassy in Damascus earlier this month, an action it blames on Israel."

"The attack started Saturday evening local time, with Iran launching hundreds of drones. Iran’s partners in Iraq and Yemen also began sending attack UAVs toward Israel, per reports."

Further ESCALATION of an EXTREME nature possible here on a REGIONAL level. How to confine?

I reiterate, the Israeli "doomsday" plane has taken off, been launched. NOTAM's the entire Middle East have been issued. OH BOY!



This is coolbert:

“In response to the Zionist regime’s numerous crimes, including the attack on the consular section of Iran’s Embassy in Damascus and the martyrdom of a number of our country’s commanders and military advisors in Syria, the IRGC’s Aerospace Division launched tens of missiles and drones against certain targets inside the occupied territories,” - IRGC statement.

"Developing: Iran Has Launched A Massive Drone And Missile Attack On Israel" | story by  DAVID CENCIOTTI & STEFANO D'URSO | April 14, 2024.

"The expected retaliation from Iran has eventually arrived: Tehran has launched a drone and missile attack on Israel."

Kamikaze drones, cruise missiles but apparently no ballistic missiles.

"Iran has launched a retaliatory strikes on Israel nearly two weeks after an Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria killed seven IRGC members."

"According to the first reports, 'True Promise', as the Iranian operation has been dubbed, consists of hundreds of kamikaze drones launched from Iranian towards Israel. Cruise missiles have also been reportedly fired. Claims that ballistic missiles were also on their way to Israeli targets have been denied for the moment."

Go see the various screenshots the Aviationist article. The Israeli "doomsday" plane has been launched? Hold onto your hats everyone.



This is coolbert:

From the Israeli press the coverage the massive Iranian cruise missile attack. 

1. "Iranian missiles, drones attack Israel; sirens in Jerusalem and cities in the Negev, Galilee, West Bank"


"Officials say the fact Iran for the first time attacks Israel from its own territory requires 'a decisive response' which will come soon; Israeli officials say 99% of Iran's fire intercepted; U.S. official says 150 missiles fired from Iran; Israeli official says 99% intercepted"

2. "Israel-Hamas War Day 191 | Iran Attacks Israel: Hundreds of Missiles Launched, Most Intercepted; Israel Vows Response"

From | Apr 14, 2024.

3. "Iran attacks Israel: IDF warns that threat is ongoing, interceptions continue"


"Seven-year-old girl from Bedouin village seriously wounded in Iranian attack. • US, Israel, UK, Jordan intercept Iranian projectiles"


* How long can the Iranian continue an attack of such a substantial nature?

* How long before Israeli retaliation occurs? And what will be the of such retaliation?

Again, we have only just begun!



This is coolbert:

What has been feared going to occur has now become so.

Massive Iranian cruise missile attack on Israel.

"Israel intercepts strikes amid Iran's retaliatory attack. Watch CNN."

"Iran launches retaliatory strikes toward Israel. Watch CNN"

"Iran launches barrage of strikes toward Israel"

From | By Tori B. Powell, Chris Lau, Sophie Tanno, Emma Tucker, Kaanita Iyer, Paul LeBlanc and Adrienne Vogt, CNN | April 13, 2024.

 Key points and takeaway:

* "Israel's military said more than 200 'threats' were launched and that it continues to intercept strikes." 

* "US air defense systems in the Middle East also intercepted some Iranian drones, according to two US officials."

* "The retaliatory attack comes as Iran seized a container ship Saturday near the Strait of Hormuz amid heightened regional tensions as the Israel-Hamas war rages on."

We have only just begun I fear!


Testing 1-2-3.

This is coolbert:

“'There will be a pilot with me who will just be watching, as I will be, as the autonomous technology works,' . . . 'Hopefully neither he or I will be needed to fly the airplane.'” - Kendall.

At the controls but not at the controls controlling? Just along for the ride.

Big investment in autonomously operating and presumably AI operating loyal wingman concept to be field tested and evaluated by the boss himself. Secretary of the Air Force.

"AI-operated fighter jet will fly Air Force secretary on test run"

From https://www.c4isrnet | By Tara Copp | AP | Apr 9 [2024].

"The Air Force is betting a large part of its future air warfare on a fleet more than 1,000 autonomously operated drones, and later this spring its top civilian leader plans to climb into one of those artificial intelligence-operated warplanes and let it take him airborne."

"Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall told senators on Tuesday at a hearing on the service’s 2025 budget that he will enter the cockpit of one of the F-16s that the service has converted for drone flight to see for himself how it performs in the air."

See all previous blog entries as pertinent to the topic of the loyal wingman:


Friday, April 12, 2024


This is coolbert:

YAF = Yemen Armed Forces.

No more French naval police actions. Now the real stuff!

"YAF launch drones, ballistic missiles in striking manner: French chief"

From Al Mayadeen English | Source: Le Figaro | 12 Apr 2024.

And don't forget the cruise missiles and unmanned surface vessel attack. YAF able to interdict commercial shipping the Red Sea with multi-faceted attack capability. Hootie Tootie also resilient. Hootie Tootie not so easily deterred!

"The commander of the French FREMM frigate Alsace acknowledges the capabilities of the Yemeni Armed Forces."

"French sources revealed that the French FREMM frigate Alsace has departed from the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, the French newspaper Le Figaro reported on Thursday."

Alsace the French contribution to the European ASPIDES mission the Red Sea. Alsace hopefully to be replaced by another FREMM class vessel with full naval combat load.

"The frigate's commander, Jerome Henry, acknowledged that the Yemeni Armed Forces 'do not hesitate to use drones and ballistic missiles in a very surprising and striking manner.'"

"'It has been a long time since we dealt with this level of weapons and violence,' he pointed out."

That French navy not having seen such combat action at least since the time of World War Two? You fire at the enemy and the enemy fires at you. Combat actions with pirates don't count.



This is coolbert:

From naval policing actions to high-intensity warfare, the French prepare!

"France preparing for naval warfare, rear-admiral says"

From TASS | 11 APR [2024].

"According to Jacques Mallard, Western navies have to adapt to a new environment with 'increasingly uninhibited competitors'"

"BRUSSELS, April 11. /TASS/. The French Navy is preparing for potential military operations amid growing risks of an armed conflict, Rear Admiral Jacques Mallard, the commander of France’s carrier battle group, said."

"The French navy is shifting its training away from a focus on policing operations to gird for war against foes who want 'to destroy us,' he told Politico. 'We now train for other missions, in particular what we call high-intensity warfare,' Mallard noted."

High-intensity warfare in the American sense of the term meaning the use of weapons of mass destruction [WMD]! It might be the French define that phrase differently!

Prepare for the worst! Hope for the best?


Thursday, April 11, 2024


This is coolbert:

SVR = Russian foreign intelligence service.

The Russians have them. The Americans want them too?

 Convicts recruited to serve in the Ukraine Conflict. American private military contractors hiring criminals for military service?

If this indeed be true consider the entire concept to be EXCEEDINGLY bad!

"SVR: American PMCs are recruiting drug cartel members into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine"

From  https://www-kommersant-ru | 04/09/2024. 

"American private military companies, with the assistance of the authorities, are recruiting members of Mexican and Colombian drug cartels in prisons. They plan to send the recruited criminals to Ukraine to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was reported by the press bureau of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of Russia."

“'The United States is resorting to increasingly desperate methods in its attempts to turn the tide in the Ukrainian theater of operations, replenishing the ranks of demoralized Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters with a multinational rabble with a penchant for armed violence,' the SVR said in a statement to TASS . Criminals who agree are promised a complete amnesty with the expectation that they will never return from Ukraine, the SVR claims."

Convicts released from prison to perform military service in almost all instances their performance poor. A "rabble" indeed, persons unwilling and unable by background to comport themselves in a disciplined and soldiery manner. Military men they are not! Merely continue their bad behavior of whatever sort when an advantage presents itself!


Wednesday, April 10, 2024


This is coolbert:

Article Five the NATO charter applies? 

"Would NATO Really Hang France Out To Dry If Russia Pulverized Its Forces In Ukraine?"

"be hung out to dry:  to be in a very difficult situation where you have been abandoned by the people who previously supported you"

BY TYLER DURDEN | APRIL 07, 2024 | original article Authored by Andrew Korybko via Substack,

"The Wall Street Journal cited an unnamed US official on Wednesday to report that 'Macron told allies that there would be no need to involve NATO or the U.S. if Russia targeted French troops' that might conventionally deploy to Ukraine in the coming future per his infamous proposal from late February."

"While he might have indeed said that, it can’t be taken for granted that the bloc or its American leader would stand aside and let Russia pulverize their partner’s forces in that former Soviet Republic."

"It would reflect very poorly on them for one of NATO’s largest members to be defeated by their traditional adversary on a neighboring nation’s soil. Even though a French official claimed that Macron only had training missions, operating defensive systems, and cyberwarfare in mind when he tabled his proposal, Russia already promised to target any of its troops there."

Article Five the NATO charter when invoked DOES NOT necessarily mean combat intervention. Means some sort of response required but might be non-lethal rather than lethal.


Barbarossa II.

This is coolbert:

Barbarossa II. The German moves east!! But all for the better! The trip-wire permanently in place!

Tripwire: "A tripwire force . . . is a strategic approach in deterrence theory. The tripwire force is a military force smaller than that of a potential adversary, which is designed to signal the defending side's commitment to an armed response to future aggression without triggering a security spiral."

"German Troops Start First Major Foreign Deployment Since the Second World War"

From | BREITBART LONDON | Apr 2024.

"VILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) – Lithuanian leaders hailed a 'historic event' as Germany on Monday began deploying troops in the Baltic country – a NATO member – marking the first time since World War II that German forces will be based outside the country on a long-term basis."

"About two dozen soldiers arrived in Lithuania, laying the groundwork for a further 150 to join them later this year. The deployment is expected to be up to its full strength of 5,000 by the end of 2027."


General Rommel, wo sind Sie? Die NATO braucht Sie!


Tuesday, April 9, 2024


This is coolbert:


Here from various Israeli media web sites the perspective what seems to be an apparent military pullback of combat elements the Gazan War.

1. "In an ever-evolving strategy in Gaza, the IDF pullback is a smart move"

From | Ron Ben-Yishai | 04.07.24.

"Analysis: Israeli forces left Khan Younis, but the IDF remains an hour away from any operational location, and tactical maneuvering in Gaza will continue, with surprise raids as seen in Al Shifa; Instead of remaining static targets in the field, soldiers will adopt a more dynamic stance, also allowing refugees to leave Rafah"

2. "Gallant: IDF withdrawal from Khan Yunis in preparation for Rafah operation"


"As reports emerge of the IDF's withdrawal from Khan Yunis to prepare for a Rafah operation, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant tours the IDF's Southern Command, saying that IDF preparing for next stage."

3. "Haaretz Today | Netanyahu Talks of 'Total Victory.' So Why Is the IDF Withdrawing From Southern Gaza?"

 From | Anshel Pfeffer | Apr 7, 2024. 

"The IDF is pulling out from southern Gaza exactly six months after the Hamas assault on Israel, but Netanyahu is in no hurry to end the war"

That general consensus and perception is that this troop movement is not a response to American or international pressure? The proud Israeli does not want to admit have given into foreign imposed constraints and influence?


Bridge II.

This is coolbert:

Career military personnel USA of all services, married men with household goods and personal automobile in trouble?

Again, the Key bridge Baltimore harbor. Troops in the general sense either moving to a permanent assignment accompanied by family facing a dilemma.

"Key Bridge collapse affecting shipments of some troops’ belongings"

From | By Karen Jowers | Mar 28 [2024].

"Some troops' shipments may be delayed because of the Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore. Parts of the Francis Scott Key Bridge remain after a container ship collided with a support column March 26, 2024, causing the suspension of all vessel traffic into and out of the Port of Baltimore. (WJLA via AP)"

"Some shipments of troops’ household goods and personal vehicles have stalled after Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed Tuesday, halting vessel traffic at the Port of Baltimore, U.S. Transportation Command said Wednesday."

"No military operations have been affected by the port’s inability to send out or receive ships, command spokesman Erik Anthony told Military Times."

"TRANSCOM officials are working with the military services, the household goods-shipping contractors and the vehicle-shipping contractor to identify which belongings are affected"


* It has always been the case that enlisted during a permanent change of station [PCS] were always allowed to ship four-hundred pounds [about 180 kg.] of personal items to their next duty station.

* Officers and career NCO's with family allowed to ship in excess of the four-hundred pounds.

See previous and other blog entries and links as applicable:


Sunday, April 7, 2024

Bridge I.

This is coolbert.

Barges, tugs, jet fuel!

At least to some extent Baltimore harbor again open to shipping into and out of! First vessel through a temporary channel carrying military cargo!

"Air Force fuel barge is first to use new Baltimore bridge site channel"

From |  By Tassanee Vegpongsa and Lea Skene | Apr 2 [2024].

"BALTIMORE (AP) — A tugboat pushing a fuel barge was the first vessel to use an alternate channel to bypass the wreckage of Baltimore’s collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge, which had blocked traffic along the vital port’s main shipping channel."

"The barge supplying jet fuel to the Department of Defense left late Monday and was destined for Delaware’s Dover Air Force Base, though officials have said the temporary channel is open primarily to vessels that are helping with the cleanup effort. Some barges and tugs that have been stuck in the Port of Baltimore since the collapse are also scheduled to pass through the channel."

See previous blog entry the collapse of the Key bridge.

See also an analysis of bridge/infrastructure vulnerability and danger as posed to American naval forces. Analysis by Colonel Austin Bay.


Hamas II.

This is coolbert:

Everyone should be surprise by this? I for one was!

No further Israeli attack on the southern part of the Gaza Strip? Hamas fighting units will be able to re-constitute themselves in some manner. 

From the Israeli stand-point this means accepting half-a-loaf rather than the full loaf?

"IDF ends active ground invasion, completely withdraws from southern Gaza"

From The Jerusalem Post ^ | April 7: 2024 | By YONAH JEREMY BOB. The tip from Freeper.

"The IDF on Sunday announced that it had concluded the active invasion stage of the war for now while leaving open the possibility of a future new invasion of Rafah in deep southern Gaza. Although a top IDF official said that this change had nothing to do with US pressure, the timing was unmistakable in coming right after the IDF’s disastrous mistaken killing of seven humanitarian aid workers last week. Critically, this means that Palestinians can, on one hand, move freely within southern Gaza and Khan Yunis and that there is a complete vacuum for preventing a return of Hamas..."


* It would seem the promised full and complete destruction of Hamas will NOT be achieved.

* Israeli hostages will remain in captivity for a more or less indefinite time unless this withdrawal is part of some sort of package deal!

* Politically this will mean the end of the career of Benjamin Netanyahu?

Obviously this is a story not yet confirmed or denied as they say. A negative for the Israeli? I might think so.


Saturday, April 6, 2024


This is coolbert:

Something not right here!

Read from the wiki the first siege of Al-Shifa.

Read from the wiki the second siege of Al-Shifa.

Al-Shifa hospital Gaza City now obliterated. A second siege and battle with Hamas fighters the hospital now a destroyed hulk of a building.

Israeli ground forces Gaza City having since November declared the region cleared of Hamas fighters, mission accomplished, resistance nil, the area secured and pacified.

Mission however not so accomplished, resistance not so nil, the area not so cleared and secured/pacified after all.

"This is how Israel's 'Navy SEALs' took over al Shifa Hospital"

"Now, top officers do not even refer to Shifa as 'Shifa Hospital' but as 'the Shifa compound' to reflect their belief that it was more a command center than an abused hospital."

From | By YONAH JEREMY BOB | APRIL 1, 2024.

Click on image to see an enlarged view. A Doonesbury cartoon from 1982 [the Siege of Beirut]. All thanks to Garry Trudeau. How so very but sadly apropos to the Al-Shifa siege [1 & 2] over forty years later.

"The IDF on Monday successfully withdrew from Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza, after an intense two-week battle. The operation to take control of it from over a thousand terrorists was successful partly due to the direct participation of the Shayetet 13 special forces unit."

A thousand or so Hamas combatants present for the battle # 2! That is a considerable number to have survived the immense Israeli aerial bombardment and initial ground assault escaping hale/hearty/whole to fight again another day.


Friday, April 5, 2024


This is coolbert:

“'When Aaron Bushnell took his own life at the Israeli Embassy for the people of Gaza, that had a profound impact on me. I felt and resonated exactly with how he was feeling, and so that was really powerful and influential,' . . . 'But what really infuriated me was the response afterward. Leadership within the military and within our government were just silent. There was utter silence surrounding Aaron Bushnell and what he did.'” - Hebert.

"Active Duty Airman on White House Hunger Strike Against Starvation of Children in Gaza" | by Gerry Condon |  April 3, 2024.

"An active-duty Air Force airman is on a hunger strike in front of the White House, in solidarity with the children of Gaza, who are being deliberately starved to death."

The man is an active duty airman and apparently is absent without leave [AWOL].

"Larry Hebert, a Senior Airman with six years in the Air Force, began his hunger strike at the White House on Easter Sunday. He says he will be present at the White House from 10 am to 3 pm, April 1-6, and will then move to the House of Representatives, beginning Monday, April 8, when Congress is back in session."

Picketing the White House while AWOL it would not surprise me if the FBI or military police will just show up and whisk the airman away for judicial punishment. This remains to be seen!


Thursday, April 4, 2024


This is coolbert:

Roulette! Russian roulette that is! That is so funny.

"Shapps (UK Defense Minister): Nato states playing ‘Russian roulette’ with lack of defense spending"

From The Telegraph ^ | 4/3/24 | Ben-Riley Smith | the tip from Freeper.

"Nato countries that do not spend two per cent of GDP on defense spending are playing 'Russian roulette' with the West’s future, Grant Shapps has warned."

"In an article for The Telegraph to mark the military alliance’s 75th anniversary, the Defense Secretary argued that allies must accept we are now in 'a pre-war world';”. Last year, just 11 Nato members met its two per cent target, first set almost two decades ago, with France and Germany among the nations that spent less on defense."


The Lithuanians want increased spending. The Poles want increased spending. President Trump wanted increased spending. Suddenly EVERYONE wants increased spending.

See the most recent previous blog entries as pertinent:



This is coolbert:

Vigilantes the Ukraine Conflict. Vigilantes = Watchmen.

"vigilante: noun - broadly : a self-appointed doer of justice"

Vigilantes - target Moscow! Award and kudos for success!!

"Ukraine gives award to foreign vigilantes for hacks on Russia"

From | By Joe Tidy | Cyber correspondent.

"A team of vigilante hackers carrying out cyber-attacks against Russia has been sent awards of gratitude by Ukraine's military."

Let us be clear! Not paid mercenaries! Volunteers.

"The team, One Fist, has stolen data from Russian military firms and hacked cameras to spy on troops."

"The certificates are a controversial sign of how modern warfare is shifting."

"Concerns have been raised about the practice of states encouraging civilian hackers."

Secure Russian computer systems found to be not so secure after all! Has there ever been a computer system that experienced and very adept hackers have NOT BEEN able to compromise?



This is coolbert:

OH, I am telling you people, SKYNET and the rise of the machines forthcoming.

AI Gaza. The Israeli connection. AI = Artificial Intelligence.

"‘Lavender’: The AI machine directing Israel’s bombing spree in Gaza"

"The Israeli army has marked tens of thousands of Gazans as suspects for assassination, using an AI targeting system with little human oversight and a permissive policy for casualties, +972 and Local Call reveal."

From | By Yuval Abraham | April 3, 2024.

"In 2021, a book titled 'The Human-Machine Team: How to Create Synergy Between Human and Artificial Intelligence That Will Revolutionize Our World” was released in English under the pen name “Brigadier General Y.S.' In it, the author — a man who we confirmed to be the current commander of the elite Israeli intelligence unit 8200 — makes the case for designing a special machine that could rapidly process massive amounts of data to generate thousands of potential 'targets' for military strikes in the heat of a war. Such technology, he writes, would resolve what he described as a 'human bottleneck for both locating the new targets and decision-making to approve the targets.'”

An  Israeli AI system called LAVENDER not only a concept but now a real-world tested going concern.

Devoted readers to the blog will want to read the entire article!


Bulgaria WP.

 This is coolbert:

Where is a will there is a way! WP = White phosphorus.

"Bulgarian Tea Party: How CIA Supplies Ukraine with white phosphorus"

From CIAGATE ^ | AUG 14, 2023 | CIAGATE | the tip from Freeper.

"American intelligence services managed to establish an unofficial channel for the procurement and supply of arms and ammunition from Bulgaria to Ukraine, bypassing the U.S. Congress as well as ignoring the opinion of ordinary Americans. READ: How CIA Foists Military Equipment to Ukraine Through Private War Companies From the very beginning of the war in Ukraine, Sofia's position on the issue of providing military assistance to Kyiv was ambiguous. Bulgarian government has repeatedly stated that it doesn’t provide Ukraine with heavy weapons'''

NO HEAVY WEAPONS. Small arms and ammunition for same quite permissible.

Bulgaria a NATO partner but eschewing an open and overt HEAVY weapons delivery to Ukraine. 


Wednesday, April 3, 2024


This is coolbert:

Intercept and destruction a Hootie Tootie drone the Red Sea. French navy stands tall. Helicopter of war the French way! 

"Helicopter From French Navy Destroyer Shoots Down Houthi UAV In Red Sea"

From | DAVID CENCIOTTI | March 20, 2024.

"A French Navy helicopter launched from a destroyer supporting EUNAVFOR ASPIDES operation in the Red Sea, shot down a Houthi UAV."

European naval contingent the Red Sea as operating independently the American sponsored Operation Prosperity Guardian.

"On Mar. 20, 2024, a Marine Nationale (French Navy) helicopter embarked on a French destroyer, shot down a Houthi UAV threatening commercial navigation in the Red Sea, the EUNAVFOR ASPIDES military operation’s official X account announced."

"No additional details about the downing have been released so far."

Once more the cost-efficient manner of intercept and destruction of a Hootie Tootie drone. Italian warship the same vicinity having previously using a rapid-fire 76 mm naval gun to do so.

Intercept possibly by a Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters) AS565 Panther. Means of shoot-down not specified. Still no need to expend a $ million dollar ship-borne air-to air missile to destroy a $ 20,000 drone.

Bon travail mes amis. Plus de la même chose si possible. Continuez votre bon travail.


910th AW.

This is coolbert:

Reserve unit United States Air Force [USAF] with an unusual mission. Spray operations on-call.

"Air Force Reserve C-130J-30 Super Hercules Prepare To Take Over Aerial Spray Ops From C-130Hs"

From | DAVID CENCIOTTI | April 2, 2024.

"The 910th AW (Airlift Wing) prepares to upgrade its C-130H Hercules fleet to new C-130J Super Hercules for aerial spray missions."

"Based at Youngstown Air Reserve Station, Ohio, is a pretty unique unit of the Department of Defense: the only one with aerial spray capability and dedicated aerial spray maintenance flight"

Not pretty unique. Is unique.

Spraying defoliation missions the Second-Indo China very controversial. Applications of defoliant Agent Orange [and other agents too] the more or less everlasting chemical residue as thought to be responsible for various ailments American military personnel and Vietnamese civilians even decades after the end of the war.

From a caption as accompanying one of the images the Aviationist article:

"A 910th Airlift Wing C-130H Hercules aircraft performs an aerial spray pass over the Utah Test and Training Range, March 8. The Wing launched its 2018 spray season Mar. 5-16, 2018, at the range, near Hill AFB, Utah, to eliminate Halogeton, an invasive weed species that poses a risk to Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) crews at the range. The 910th operates the Department of Defense’s (DOD) only large area fixed-wing aerial spray capability to control vegetation, disease-carrying insects, pest insects, and to disperse oil spills in large bodies of water."

Missions not confined to defoliation operations. Operations spraying seem to be of a soup to nuts nature as demanded and on-call. 910th AW active and we should all be very grateful. Yeoman work done with panache'.


Tuesday, April 2, 2024


This is coolbert:

 “'Turkish supplies of trinitrotoluene, known as TNT, and nitroguanidine, which is used as a propellant, would be crucial in the production of Nato-standard 155mm caliber ammunition — potentially tripling production, according to officials familiar with the discussions,' . . . 'Turkey is already on track to becoming the biggest seller of the artillery shells to the US as early as this year.'”

The arsenal of democracy [USA]no longer the arsenal it once was!

Replenishment of American stockpiles 155 mm artillery rounds only to be accomplished with the acquiescence of the Turk?

"Turkey Expected To Become US' Largest Supplier Of Artillery"

Authored by Ahmed Adel via | the tip from Zero Hedge | APR 02, 2024.

"Turkey is set to become the United States’ largest supplier of artillery shells as NATO allies have exhausted their stocks and now struggle to ship ammunition to Ukraine. Turkey’s indirect support for Ukraine is also supplemented by direct support, such as producing drones and warships, yet Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan offers himself as a viable partner in searching for peace between Ukraine and Russia."

NOT I think FINISHED and ready-to-go artillery rounds. Rather the EXPLOSIVE [TNT] and the artillery round PROPELLENT material.



This is coolbert:

Problem solved! F-35 American Lightning fighter/bomber warplane can now fly unimpeded during a time of lightning discharge!

"EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon clears F-35 to fly in lightning after years-long hold"

From Breaking Defense ^ | April 01, 2024 | Valerie Insinna and Michael Marrow

"WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has lifted lightning restrictions for the most widely used version of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, allowing the Lockheed Martin jet to fly in thunderstorms for the first time since 2020, Breaking Defense has learned. The Defense Department formally lifted the restrictions on March 19 after devising a hardware and software fix for the lightning protection system used aboard the F-35A conventional takeoff and landing variant"

Solution achieved by a combination of hardware and software modifications! I surely hope so.

This all had to do with some sort of difficulty the OBIGGS apparatus the F-35?

Please don't ask me what OBIGGS is because I don't have a clue!