Sunday, June 16, 2019


This is coolbert:

Jawan beware! Aisha, Fareeda, Laila and Yasmin are not your friend.

From the Internet web site Strategy Page an full article [first paragraph copied here in entirety] as devoted to how Indian soldiers entrapped for espionage purposes by social media, smart phones, malware. I recommend the article highly without qualification or reservation.

"Winning: Honey Trap Wars"

"June 8, 2019: Once more the Indian Army found one of its personnel recruited as a spy by Pakistani agents pretending to be an Indian woman who entraps the soldier as a regular supplied of information. The latest case was unusual in that the female Pakistani agent calling an army staff officer serving in the headquarters of a unit stationed in northeast India. The Pakistan spy said she was from the Army Wives Welfare Association but that officer was away from the office and the call was transferred to a 25 year old corporal. The Pakistani agent found the corporal suitable for entrapment and during their brief phone call persuaded him to contact her via her Internet accounts on WhatsApp and Instagram to continue their conversation. That was how the Pakistani agent 'developed' the corporal as a provider of information on Indian army troop movements."

The single best way to get a man to talk of secrets he knows is the femme fatale. Men have a tremendous desire to impress women they ARE somebody. What better way to impress than reveal secrets "in confidence" of course. And once that first indiscretion made, believe me, ain't no going back.


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