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Surface to air missile [SAM] Iran! Sayyad-1, Sayyad-2, Sayyad-3.

From a previous blog entry:

"Those are MAJOR size drones [and expensive] normally flying at high altitude. The Iranian possesses some sort of very sophisticated surface-air-missile [SAM] with HITHERTO UNKNOWN capability?"

Iranian SAM in this case hardly UNKNOWN!

From the Internet web site Strategy Page everything you always wanted to know about Iranian air defense but were afraid to ask:

"Air Defense: Defending Iranian Air Space"

"June 23, 2019: In early June Iran announced that its new Khordad 15 radar and air defense fire control system had entered service. Three weeks later Iran announced it had shot down an American Triton maritime surveillance UAV (an aircraft based on the 14 ton RQ-4 Global Hawk)."

SAM in question that downed the Triton drone evidently an Iranian Sayyad-3. Sayyad-3 an improved version of the Sayyad-2. Sayyad-2 in turn A KNOCK-OFF COPY of the U.S. navy SM-1 missile as was purchased over four decades ago by the regime of the Shah!!

"Iran's Sayyad-2 is based on the RIM-66 (SM-1) naval SAM and launched from Patriot-style canisters. Source: Iran MoD".  "The Sayyad-2 is a canister-launched version of the RIM-66 Standard (SM-1) naval surface-to-air missile that Iran obtained from the United States before the 1979 revolution"

Details of Sayyad-2 and Sayyad-3 here.

Iran even possessing an air defense radar of Over-the-horizon [OTH] of indigenous [?] design. Few countries have such a capability as OTH!

For those devoted readers to the blog also consider the Sayyad-1 additionally a knock-off copy of the antiquated Soviet era SA-2 SAM [NATO code name Guideline].

Iranian air defense rather more formidable that American military planners would like to believe?


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