Wednesday, June 12, 2019


This is coolbert:

For navy divers only?

From the Washington Times and the article by Ben Wolfgang

"Pentagon eyes controversial diet in bid to build more lethal warriors"

"Ditching carbs [carbohydrates] may be the key to military success in America’s future wars".

"Top Pentagon officials say research has shown that human bodies in ketosis — the goal of the popular and controversial ketogenic diet — can stay underwater for longer periods, making the fat- and protein-heavy eating plan a potential benefit to military divers. It is one example of a rapidly growing trend as military researchers zero in on how nutrition and certain drugs can enhance how fighting men and women perform in battle."

Personally I am not so familiar with the ketogenic diet. Other than it is controversial. Allows navy divers are able to function in a much more effective manner?

Drugs of course too work and are quite effective in many instances but also have serious problems if used in a prolonged and irresponsible manner, creating unwanted dependencies.

I guess the idea is - - in lieu of something better, go with it??


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