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Ryabkov speaks and so does Medvedev!

"Russia’s Medvedev announces plans to deploy new weapons on Kuril Islands"

"The politician emphasized that the Kurils 'is not a `disputed region’, it is Russia'"

 From | 30 Jan 2024.

"MOSCOW, January 30. /TASS/. Russian Security Council Deputy Head Dmitry Medvedev announced Moscow’s plans to develop the Kuril Islands, including by deploying new weapons there."

 "The Kurils will develop actively, and their strategic role will grow in parallel, including the deployment of new weapons there," - Dmitry Medvedev [?]

From the wiki entry an explanation of the Kural Islands dispute:

"The San Francisco Peace Treaty, signed between the Allies and Japan in 1951, states that Japan renounces 'all right, title and claim to the Kuril Islands', but does not explicitly recognize the Soviet Union's sovereignty over them. Japan claims that at least some of the disputed islands are not a part of the Kuril Islands, and thus are not covered by the treaty. Russia maintains that the Soviet Union's sovereignty over the islands was recognized in post-war agreements. Japan and the Soviet Union ended their formal state of war with the Soviet–Japanese Joint Declaration of 1956 but did not sign a peace treaty"

The Russian and Japanese have not ever yet to sign a peace treaty formally ending World War II between the two nations. A proclamation was issued but not a formal peace treaty?



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"With regard to the hypothetical return of American tactical nuclear weapons to the UK, I would like to strongly warn them against this destabilizing step,” - Ryabkov.

"Russia strongly warns US not to bring its nukes back to UK"

"Russia makes strongest warning to US against deploying nukes in UK"

 From | 30.01.2024.

"The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the return of US nuclear weapons to Great Britain could be a likely, albeit destabilizing scenario. Reports about USA's plans to deploy nukes in the UK earlier appeared in The Telegraph."

"Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov said that the decision of the US authorities to return nuclear weapons to the UK would be a destabilizing step. Moscow 'strongly warns' Washington against such a move, he added."

The last time English had the pleasure of stationing American atomic weapons in their homeland was 1981 with the arrival of the American ground launched cruise missiles [GLCM]. There was a lot of controversy about this deployment at the time you can will expect to be a lot of controversy about the stationing of American nuclear weapons in England in 2024 also.

It can even be suggested by the cynical skeptic that if the Russian is against such an eventuality this a good idea and not bad?



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#1 The Russo-Ukrainian War I refer to as the Ukraine Conflict.

#2 Hamas-Israel War. From this moment forward, I will refer to as the Gazan War.

Thanks here from the several articles by Christopher A. Lawrence, casualty figures both wars, estimates/guesstimates based upon assumptions that you can assume are partially valid/invalid.

1. "The Russo-Ukrainian War – Day 699"

 From | Christopher A. Lawrence | 23 January 2024.

"Assuming a 4-to-1 wounded-to-killed ratio (which is an assumption, it could be higher, it is probably not much lower), then:

* Russian: 84,568 killed and 338,272 wounded.

* Ukraine: 63,426 killed and 253,704 wounded."

See previous blog entry based upon United Kingdom estimates/guesstimates total casualties, the Russian side, Ukraine conflict about 500,000 casualties total and about 100,000 dead, very close as to what the estimate/guesstimates valid or invalid based upon the assumptions of Stephen Lawrence.

2. "Losses in the Hamas-Israel War – Day 111"

From | Christopher A. Lawrence | 25 January 2024.

* "Total losses for the Israeli armed forces during the offensive into Gaza is 219 (as of 22 January)."

This figure only for Israeli ground forces in the aftermath of events has transpired, seven October 2023.

* "Hamas’ actual losses are harder to gauge. Israel is claiming that they have killed about 9,000 Hamas fighters in Gaza along with more than 1,000 killed during the attacks on 7 October."

Going to be very hard for the Israeli to calculate the number of Hamas dead with any sort of real accuracy. I might  suppose many Hamas fighters buried under rubble will never be exhumed or uncovered. Many Hamas fighters also buried alive in collapsed underground tunnels as a result of aerial bombardment direct hits. Israeli figures predominantly estimate/guesstimate? 

* "Israel is estimating that as many at 16,000 Hamas have been wounded. The U.S. estimates between 10,500 to 11,700 wounded. This produces some unusually low wounded-to-killed ratios."

Yes, indeed, that wounded to kill ratio very unusually low! Normally that ratio quite correctly and reasonably is usually calculated at 4 to 1. Maybe 3 to 1 furthermore quite ballpark.

See additionally the CV curriculum vitae of Trevor Depuy. A very distinguished American military officer of the Second World War not even having reached the age of 30 years he had already commanded American and allied combat units of considerable size and did so in a very respectable and honorable manner. I cannot but help to be impressed.

"Dupuy attended West Point, graduating in the class of 1938. During World War II he commanded a U.S. Army artillery battalion, a Chinese artillery group, and an artillery detachment from the British 36th Infantry Division."


Tuesday, January 30, 2024


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More admonitions and warnings, very scary in nature from senior NATO and European military authorities and commanders.

1. "WW3 Watch: Prepare For Russian Missiles, Drones, Sabotage Against European Cities Says NATO Officer"

From  | OLIVER JJ LANE | 30 Jan 2024.

"A top NATO general warns the lessons of the Ukraine War shows Europe its interior and cities cannot expect to be left untouched if Russia and the Alliance fight."

“'Rear areas will be severely contested' in an attempt to 'destroy lines of communication' in the case of a war between Russia and NATO, a top general from the alliance states, while warning the ability of NATO to credibly deter aggression has been eroded since the end of the Cold War.

We are talking here first of all about Russian long range missile attack the target of which will be vital/critical infrastructure.

Secondly, we are talking about ground force attack behind-the-lines by the famed Soviet/Russian SPETSNAZ.

SPETSNAZ, Soviet and now Russian special purpose units, ranger/commando types, cut-throat killer-elite.

A major function and goal of SPETSNAZ attack Western Europe will be to destroy the nuclear weapons capacity of Great Britain and France.

2. "Why are European Governments Urging Citizens to Stockpile Prescription Drugs?"


"European Governments Fear Prescription Drug Shortages – Urge Stockpiling"

"The question of whether or not you should be prepared for prescription drug shortages is not an issue that has received much coverage here in the U.S., nor is it an issue the Biden administration seems at all concerned about." 

"In Europe, however, the issue is not just getting attention from the media, some European governments are actually encouraging citizens to stockpile prescription drugs."

Supply chain of drugs to the European population might be curtailed during a time of war. Additionally, no possibility of alternative sources will be available in the interim.

Consider also, that stockpiling of drugs and medication’s of all sorts is not necessarily a good idea, rather quite often a bad idea, for a variety of reasons do not do any of that, unless it is so absolutely necessary, and then only under the most rarest of circumstances"

"keep in mind you do not want to needlessly stockpile medications. Medications have expiration dates. Also, it is possible that the dose of your medication could change in the future, making the stockpiled medication superfluous. It may be reasonable to consider a one-month supply as a back-up. More than that could be potentially wasteful."

See previous blog entries war warnings it’s from senior European military commanders and officials:



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"All that this signing ceremony has advertised is NATO’s weakness — the atrophying of its defense industrial base, the corruption of its military procurement process, and the incompetence of its elites." - D. Sacks.

See this tweet from David Sacks. The Shell Crisis of 1915 during WW1 previously having been been noted. The shell crisis of the Ukraine Conflict now having been addressed but it seems very tepid and half-hearted manner!

Demand will be far greater than even the most promising estimates of productivity!

Click on image to see an enlarged view.

See all previous blog entries the Ukraine Conflict shell crisis:


Cohors XX.

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Courtesy here the Professor Al Nofi CIC number # 481 as seen at the Internet website Strategy Page. Thanks in all cases to Al Nofi and Strategy Page.

A morning report, a Roman military element the Middle East:

"From the Archives - Morning Reports, cohors XX Palmyrenorum"

  Al Nofi's CIC Issue #481, Nov 4th, 2023.

"Among their many military innovations, the Romans seem to have invented paperwork, a matter about which we’ve commented before. Some of this paperwork actually survives, usually in trash heaps near long-abandoned fortresses."

Click on image to see an enlarged view.

Seven individual troops detailed for the procuring of lions for the garrisons arena!

"Among Ancient Romans, bestiarii (singular bestiarius) were those who went into combat with beasts, or were exposed to them."

Bestiarii often those of the gladiator class, but not exclusively, fighting to the death in the arena a very dangerous animal. Games they were called!

This particular bas-relief shows the great king of the Assyrians Ashurbanipal killing a lion, a demonstration of martial prowess and ability on the part of the great king!

Great symbolism here! The King of Beasts. An animal even when mortally wounded, yet continues to fight even to the death. A worthy opponent for a KING.

The Asiatic lion in prehistoric times found from the Dinaric Alps all the way to India across the Middle East!


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The beer test the various YouTube videos:

The gun stabilizer of a modern main battle tank, MBT, an important technological innovation, which allows the tank to fire and hit a target while on the move.

"This enables the modern tank using the current stabilization systems to hit a target moving thirty miles an hour [about 50 km/hr] while [the target] is moving at the same speed at ranges of 2,000 meters or more, as accurately as if standing still."

The gun stabilizer existed in primitive forms prior to and during the World War II, but were so ineffective as to mainly not in use. Much more advanced versions of the gun stabilizer [electro-mechanical apparatus] now exist in more or less in all MBT. Armor now engaging in a duel both vehicles able to shoot while moving and hit the target.

During WWII, a tanker while engaging an enemy tank would have to come to a complete stop before firing placing themselves in dangerous and disadvantageous position.

Gun stabilizer has greatly mitigated these difficulties.

1. "When a German Leopard 2 tank carried a beer without spilling a drop"

"A video created by the German Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) in 1986"

"Many battle tanks throughout history have become feared opponents in the theatre of war, yet not all of them can brag about the ability to balance a beer on their gun like the German Leopard 2 tank."

2. "How Can a Glass of Beer Demonstrate the Quality of a Tank?"

"A glass of beer and a gun. Ukrainian defense companies are publishing videos demonstrating the high quality of their armored vehicles with original tests."

"Using its well-crafted suspension and level turret, the tank was so stable it could balance a tankard glass of beer on the end of its 120mm gun."

The Soviet era, defector SUVOROV described the T–64 tank as a pissy tank.

"pissy: adjective - 2 slang : IRRITATING, ANNOYING"

"Gun could not hit the target. Treads fell off at an unexpected time. The engine required constant maintenance in situ by a team of factory professionals.

The Ukrainians evidently have worked out all the kinks of the T-64 and now have a much improved model to include the gun stabilizer.

3. "Leopard 1 beer test"

"As far as I [Jay Liu] know, the Leopard 1A1 was the first tank to achieve this effectively. With a good crew and even on rough terrain, it could hit a stationary target while on the move almost as well as if it were firing on a short stop."

"This was the primary selling point of the Leopard 1, thus it's huge popularity on the international market despite having no real armor, and mounting a fairly standard L7 105 rifled gun."

Before there was Leopard Two there was Leopard One. As described the main selling point of a Leopard One was the gun stabilizer. This particular tank the YouTube video has UN markings and a Danish crew.


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Even as we speak at this very moment, the Israeli military creating a buffer zone between Israel proper and the Gaza Strip. An area to be rendered totally devoid of any sort of human habitation for all eternity as much as the Israeli might like to think so.

"Israel demolishing buildings in Gaza to create buffer zone — Financial Times"

From | 25 JAN [2024].

"LONDON, January 25. /TASS/. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has demolished 1,100 buildings in the border areas of the embattled Gaza Strip to create a buffer zone following US statements against making any changes in the enclave’s borders, The Financial Times (FT) writes, citing informed sources."

That buffer zone being cleared of any sort of human habitation mostly accomplished I might think by the Israeli military version of the Caterpillar D9 bulldozer. Perhaps more correctly referred to as the kill-dozer.

See the YouTube video describing the Caterpillar D9 bulldozer the Israeli military variety:

"IDF Caterpillar D9 Armored Bulldozer TACTICS of the Israeli Defense Forces in the Anti-Tunnel War"

Consider the Israeli as being the world masters of modifying a commercially available vehicle in such a matter as to create a combat system of considerable capability. Not always necessarily used for combat engineering purposes, but much more beyond that!

I might thing too the ripper at the rear of the D9 is being used to tear apart cemeteries Gaza. In this matter I have a degree of confidence about my suspicions.



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"The army’s [German] procurement department allowed gunmaker Heckler & Koch to test the weapon using civilian ammunition, rather than the same cartridges used by the army.

Testing was also allowed to take place at room temperature rather than at extreme temperatures."

For shame, H & K and German military procurement. You both knew better, but did not do better. For shame again and again.


"Germany’s new rifle ‘inaccurate in battle’"

From | Jörg Luyken IN BERLIN 26 January 2024.

"Report finds weapon fails to meet army standards despite defense minister’s pledge to make the Bundeswehr ‘war fit’"

"The German army’s new assault rifle is not accurate enough and cannot be relied upon to work properly in battle, according to a classified report."

"military-standard ammunition, said the report, which was sent to the Bundestag by Germany’s national audit office."

“Current testing by the army in laboratory conditions shows that the weapon doesn’t meet army standards when loaded with combat ammunition,” said the review, which was first revealed by Der Spiegel news magazine."

This is a perfect instance of déjà vu all over again. As it was with the AR.-15/M -16 in Vietnam for American forces so as it is now for the German military with their most modern assault rifle?

AR-15 tested with one type of ammunition, but then issued to the troops in the field as the M-16 with a second type of ammunition that was found to be inferior!!

"The M16 and 5.56×45 mm cartridge was tested and approved with the use of a DuPont IMR8208M extruded powder, which was switched to Olin Mathieson WC846 ball powder which produced much more fouling, which quickly jammed the action of the M16 (unless the gun was cleaned well and often)."

Déjà vu all over again, but this time the Germans rather than the Americans!

And to all this General Rommel would say exactly what?


Saturday, January 27, 2024

Refuseniks II.

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"refusenik: noun - A person who refuses to do something"

"An observer is one of the most significant roles in the defense of Israel.”

By observer is meant within the American military a sentry? Boots-on-the-ground?

Israeli youth of military conscription age a very small number now refusing enlistment and at least one instance in receiving a jail sentence.

1. "Israeli press review: Female recruits detained after refusing to serve"

"Female recruits detained after refusing to serve"

"Dozens of Israeli female recruits who have refused to serve as observers in the aftermath of the 7 October attack have been detained and are facing harsh conditions, according to a report on Ynet on Wednesday."

"The recruits reportedly refused to leave the recruitment center and travel to the training base at the Border Protection School in Sayarim, Israel."

2. "In ‘Solidarity With the Innocent in Gaza,’ Israeli Refusenik Gets 30 More Days in Prison"

From | by Brett Wilkins | January 24, 2024.

"'I don't see myself as the hero or anything while people are being massacred every day in Gaza,' said 18-year-old conscientious objector Tal Mitnick."

Tal a native born Israeli [American-Israeli] but perhaps has been infected with American idealism? I would like to think he is an idealist, but somehow I might think otherwise!


Levi II.

This is coolbert:

It seems Levi Simon his rather obnoxious, and from the perspective of many, even offensive Internet website social media video has brought him attention of a unwanted nature.        

Levi now the target for disruptive behavior, London, England. You might recall that Levi is a dual national citizen English/Israeli.

See the YouTube Short Levi the potential confrontation with by Ali Dawah. an activist obviously in favor the Palestinian cause.

See the entire You Tube portfolio Ali Dawah. Yes I might indeed suggest that this man also is a gadfly and provocateur take it for what it is worth. You the devoted reader decide for yourselves.


Levi I.

This is coolbert:

"schmo: noun - slang JERK sense 1a"

"Boys Clubhouse, which last week hosted Levi Simon, a British man who fought in Gaza, runs project in Jerusalem which supports boys it helps to enlist for Israeli military"

From | By Simon Hooper in London and Lubna Masarwa in Jerusalem | 24 January 2024. 

"A London youth club for vulnerable Jewish boys runs a project in Jerusalem which assists young British men it has supported to join the Israeli army."

See the You Tube video an Israeli soldier acting as a schmo, a big jerk!

Search of a residence for weapons and war-making stuff not done in a professional manner. No real discipline and filming the entire event in a provocative manner insulting.

There is something else here to it is perhaps much more serious and drastic. This video was recorded from a smart phone being carried by Levi? I wonder if that soldier has any idea that Hamas operatives can place malware on your smart phone that allows Hamas to observe you from a distance without you even knowing it. Hamas can surreptitiously turn your smart phone on/off, know where you are, listen to you, and perhaps even see you.

All sorts of intelligence questions regarding Levi and his who/what/where/when and perhaps even why and how can be answered by use of Hamas malware placed on Levi’s smart phone.

Levi needs to be admonished by his superiors in a harsh manner. "Stop your nonsense. You make the rest of us look very bad."


Friday, January 26, 2024


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B-21 bomber fast-tracked! 

"fast-track: adjective - 2: of, relating to, or being a construction procedure in which work on a building begins before designs are completed"

Going right to production with a whole lot of testing of prototypes? Quite unusual.

"B-21 Raider bomber zooms into fast-track production"

From | By GABRIEL HONRADA  | JANUARY 24, 2024.

"Next-generation stealth aircraft goes into production just two months after initial flight tests, underscoring the geostrategic urgency of its deployment"

"The US has announced that its next-generation stealth bomber is now slated for production, signaling a new era in aerial warfare and strategic deterrence amid renewed great power competition with China and Russia."

"Several news outlets reported that the B-21 Raider stealth bomber, the next-generation aircraft of the US Air Force, is now ready for production by defense contractor Northrop Grumman."

Rushing a major product directly to production without a whole lot of testing is not necessarily a good sign.

WW3 is around the corner and the B-21 bomber will be of great importance and badly needed. Again we’re not being told something that we need to know.

The Germans know! The Swedes know! The Norwegians and British know! The B-21 bomber program also knows?


S-300 Ru.

This is coolbert:

Ukrainian drone AQ-400 striking Russian targets and doing a lot of damage to infrastructure of a vital nature?

1. "Russia Reinforces St Petersburg Air Defenses with S-300 System After Ukrainian Drone Strike"

From Military Watch Magazine Editorial Staff | January-23rd-2024.

"The Russian Air Force has redeployed S-300 air defense systems from the S-300P family to support the air defense of St Petersburg, after successful Ukrainian drone strike destroyed the Ust-Luga gas export terminal."

2. "Ukrainian Drones Hit Rosneft Refinery in Russia - Source"

From US News via Reuters ^ | 01/25/2024'

"Ukrainian drones attacked a Rosneft-owned oil refinery in southern Russia in the latest such strike on Russian energy infrastructure, a Ukrainian source said on Thursday."

Ukrainian drone AQ-400  to be coming off the assembly line at a rate of 1,000 per month as is the goal. This is an asymmetric weapon of the highest order especially when used in a swarm fashion against an important target. Russian S-300 can intercept and shoot down these drones, but again the cost-benefit-ratio is greatly to the advantage of the Ukrainian. Much as cost-benefit-ratio drone attack the Red Sea much to the advantage of the Hootie Tootie rebels.



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A five-year war WW3 atomic weapons may or may not be use!

"BLOW BY BLOW AI [Artificial intelligence] predicts how WW3 may play out year-by-year with Arctic battles, nuke fears & over 20 million dead in futile 5yr clash"

From |  Georgie English | Jan 24 2024.

"ChatGPT also gave their say on if nukes will be used in a potential WW3 and just how damaging they could be"

"ARTIFICIAL Intelligence [AI] has revealed the horrors of what could happen across the world in the next five years if WW3 is started."

"The clever technology has made a set of chilling predictions warning that if a war began this year then it could quickly cause nuclear fears, battles in the Arctic and over 20 million tragic deaths."

See the article graphic the key points and take away.

World War I the number of dead about one person in 200 alive at the time in 1914 perishing because of hostilities.

20,000,000 people dying during World War Three will mean that about one person in 400 alive today dead as a result of conflict.

Unrestrained use of weapons of mass destruction [WMD] by all parties involved and you can expect that death toll of 20 million to be much greater?


Thursday, January 25, 2024


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Disaster and catastrophe the Ukraine conflict!!

If this indeed be, so, there has not been an event like this since the end of World War II.

1. "Dozens of Ukrainian POWs killed in Russia plane crash"

"74 people killed in Russia plane crash, no survivor" 

"Ministry says 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war on plane that crashed"

Thanks to for the video:

2. "Russia says Kyiv downed POW plane, no survivors"

From https://insiderpaper | January 24, 2024.

"Russia on Wednesday accused Ukraine of shooting down a military transport plane carrying dozens of Ukrainian prisoners headed for a prisoner exchange, killing everyone on board."

"Kyiv confirmed that a prisoner exchange was due to take place on Wednesday, but said it had no reliable information on the passengers of the downed plane."

Friendly fire, Ukrainian, bringing down a Russian Il-76 transport aircraft that was full of Ukrainian prisoners of war. They were going to be part of a prisoner exchange the swap with the Russians.

It already being alleged that an American patriot missile brought down the Russian transport airplane with everybody on board perishing in the process.

See a discussion Japanese Hell Ships the Second World War crammed full of allied prisoner of war being sunk by Allied submarines loss of life by friendly fire just enormous.

Deaths of those prisoners of war, World War II and the Ukraine conflict inadvertent not purposeful or intentional.



This is coolbert:

Herewith once more an extract, a paragraph from a very recent Strategy Page Internet website article with my commentary!

Russian military bloggers continuing to be avid supporters of the Russian special military operation the Ukraine Conflict, but highly critical of the top echelon leadership to include the general staff officers and commander-in-chief of the Russian army and armed forces Vlad Putin.

"Attrition: Russian Casualties Keep Increasing"

"This criticism made it obvious that the Russian government was losing the support of its own people, including a growing number of senior officers who spoke out, usually via encrypted messages on Telegram, an internet app in Russia and Ukraine. Early on many of these Russian Internet based military bloggers supported the invasion and were supplied with information by the Russian government, including opportunities to spend some time with the troops inside Ukraine. After a few months the Russian bloggers were no longer reporting the official Russian version of events in Ukraine, but what was being reported by Russian veterans of the fighting."

When the Russian military bloggers become critical of the government or the special military operation you know something with the war is going badly for the Russian. Back in the days of the old Soviet Union, and especially during the time of J. Stalin, criticism of any sort during wartime would’ve gotten you a death penalty and quick execution with a bullet to the back of the neck.

Again Russian military bloggers continue to be enthusiasts for the Ukraine Conflict special military operation, but highly critical of the leadership in the central government in Moscow to include all those at the apex of the command structure. Something wrong!


Cargo II.

This is coolbert:

Herewith an extract, a paragraph from a very recent Strategy Page Internet website article with my commentary!

"Attrition: Russian Casualties Keep Increasing"

"Russia lost more troops in less than a year of fighting in Ukraine than they did during eight years of fighting in Afghanistan during the 1980s."

According to the figures of the American general William Odom, the Red Army in Afghanistan suffered about 20,000 casualties of which about 5,000 were battlefield fatalities, killed-in-action.

The Red Army additionally in Afghanistan had about 300,000 non-battlefield casualties, probably hepatitis from drinking bad water.

Consider that is generally accepted [?] that the Russian army during the Ukraine Conflict in two years of sustained action has had about 500,000 casualties of which about 100,000 are battlefield fatalities.

By my reckoning that means that mortal combat the Ukraine conflict is about 80 times more intense than the experience of the Red Army in Afghanistan. That is very significant without question. That assumes that 500,000 figure is more or less ball park close to being accurate.

Hey, nobody ever said war is going to be easy did they!


K & S.

This is coolbert:

K & S = Kristoffersen & Sanders.

First the German. Then the Swedes. Then the Dutchman. Now the Norwegian and the Englishman. They all say the same thing!

And I ask the question once more. Do all these people know something we don’t but should know?

1. "Countdown to conflict with Putin: Norway's defense chief becomes latest military figure to warn Europe has three years to prepare for war with Russia"

From | By CHRIS JEWERS | 23 January 2024.

"Eirik Kristoffersen said NATO countries have 'two, maybe three' years to prepare"

"He [Kristoffersen] warned that Russia has ramped up its military supplies faster than expected with help from Iran and North Korea, and that Europe must be ready" 

2. "British public should be ready to fight Putin, UK army chief says"


"Brits need mental ‘shift’ to be ready for major conflict, General Patrick Sanders says."

"People in Britain should be ready to serve in the military in the event of a war with Russia, the head of the British army has warned."

See previous blog entries the topic as applicable:


Wednesday, January 24, 2024


This is coolbert:

"We are developing a brand-new product capable of blurring the silhouette of a person. This is our exclusive know-how based on coating fabrics with a certain composition," - HindreX’s spokesperson.

Nothing new here? I might think that is so but I am not sure. Such material and apparel has been around for a long time now, but I am uncertain.

Battlefield individual soldier cloaking device, but only from thermal imaging devices!

"Russia’s New Camouflage Cloak to Help Soldiers Become ‘Invisible’ on Battlefield"

From  |  22.01.2024.

"The new camouflage suit, due to be rolled out before the end of January, features state-of-the-art fabric that will help Russian soldiers successfully tackle [evade] thermal imagers."

"Russian company HinderX is finalizing tests of an advanced camouflage cloak designed to protect Russian troops from Ukrainian thermal imaging equipment in the special operation."

Again a cloaking device, but only from thermal imaging devices. Will make you more difficult to see but not impossible to see!

This is not your average every-day Star Trek Klingon cloaking device!



This is coolbert:

US Army base Roi-Namur South Pacific Ocean? There actually is such a facility?

Freak oceanic wave action Roi-Namur causing extensive damage to the US Army base.

"Video Shows Floodwaters Smashing Through Army Base Doors, Flooding Dining Room"

"Roi-Namur is an island in the north part of the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Today it is a major part of the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site [Reagan Test Site], hosting several radar systems used for tracking and characterizing missile reentry vehicles (RV) and their penetration aids (penaids)"

"The Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site, commonly referred to as the Reagan Test Site . . . is a missile test range in Marshall Islands (Pacific Ocean). It covers about 750,000 square miles (1,900,000 km2) and includes rocket launch sites at the Kwajalein Atoll (on multiple islands), Wake Island, and Aur Atoll. It primarily functions as a test facility for U.S. missile defense and space research programs. The Reagan Test Site is under the command of the US Army Kwajalein Atoll, or USAKA"

Of course I should have a well understood the US Army base Roi-Namur a facility for the testing, research and development of anti-ballistic missile technology.

Within context of current worldwide and strategic geopolitical considerations the US Army base Roi-Namur now having a special significance and importance?


R & M.

This is coolbert:

R & M = Rats and Mice.

Eternal warfare the Ukraine Conflict. Rats, mice, and other vermin bearing disease.

"Rats and mice swarm trenches in Ukraine in grisly echo of World War I"

From | By Christian Edwards and Olga Voitovych | CNN | January 21, 2024.

"grisly: adjective - Causing repugnance; gruesome. synonym: ghastly."

"The frontlines of Russia’s war in Ukraine have become infested with rats and mice, reportedly spreading disease that causes soldiers to vomit and bleed from their eyes, crippling combat capability and recreating the gruesome conditions that plagued troops in the trench warfare of World War I."

Traditionally disease has been the biggest cause of death among soldiers during wartime. Generally more deaths from illness than deaths from battle field injury. Rats, mice and other vermin carrying disease which is spread to soldiers.

The Ukraine Conflict has now devolved into a stalemated carve-up, neither side able to prevail. both sides now resorting to trench warfare with active defense as the only option. Expect that a long and stalemated period of inconclusive and positional warfare will now occur. Conditions most favorable for of all types of verminous critters. 

See my previous blog entry the rat problem as existed in the trenches of World War One:


Tuesday, January 23, 2024


This is coolbert:

I’ll believe it when I see it!

As offered by the Israeli a two-month truce to the Gaza War with terms & conditions!

The Israeli already denying this proposal!

"Israel Offers Substantial 2-Month Gaza Ceasefire For Release Of All Hostages"

From | BY TYLER DURDEN | JAN 22, 2024.            

"In a huge and surprise development, Israel has made a substantial proposal for a new ceasefire deal that includes multiple phases at the end of which all remaining hostages held in Gaza would be released. The negotiations front has been quiet and considered to be a failure for the past couple months, leading to general pessimism that Israel had a new proposal in the works. At the same time the Red Sea crisis and damage to global shipping through the vital transit waterway has reached a boiling point."

As to terms and conditions for a two-month truce devoted readers to the blog will just have to read the entire article for themselves!

See previous blog entry the 20-day truce that never materialized!



This is coolbert. 

See prior blog entry cemeteries of Gaza a victim of the Gaza War.

Cemeteries being desecrated by Israeli troops? Bodies removed from an entire area torn apart by bulldozers or so it seems. Not just one or two cemeteries more than a dozen?

Bodies when exposed in exhumed, then carried away by the Israeli for purposes unknown!

"Israeli military bulldozes [D9] 16 cemeteries in Gaza: Report"

From | Zeynep Katre Oran  |22.01.2024.

"Army confirms to Anadolu that they opened some graves to extract bodies"

"The Israeli military has destroyed at least 16 cemeteries in Gaza, US news agency CNN reported over the weekend, citing satellite imagery and social media footage."

"The army demolished the graveyards during its ground operation using bulldozers and even extracted some bodies from graves, it said."

I think I fully understand what is occurring here. The Israeli army is digging up the cemeteries and looking for Israeli hostages as having perished while in Hamas captivity. Remains of dead Israeli hostages being buried by Hamas in secret locations to be used as bargaining chips during negotiations if in any eventuality the process occurs.

It is not so much that I don’t believe such things it is more like I don’t want to believe such things.


M19 ARAT-1.

This is coolbert:

ARAT = Abrams Reactive Armor Tile.

Once more read the wiki entry reactive armor

A battalion-sized unit of American Abrams tanks now being deployed to Ukraine being equipped with reactive armor. I believe this is more correctly referred to as side or skirt armor. Enhanced protection against all sorts of antitank weaponry, missile and otherwise.

Jan 14, 2024.

"A video of an M1 Abrams in Ukraine near the frontlines. It is fitted with M19 ARAT-1 dynamic protection armor. How does Explosive Reactive Armor work?"

See the video:

This also:

From | NEWS ARMY | By Dylan Malyasov | Jan 14, 2024.

"Ukrainian soldiers are adding extra protection to their M1A1SA Abrams main battle tanks in the form of explosive reactive armor."

"Soldiers started fitting the Abrams Reactive Armor Tile (ARAT) suite on recently received tanks. The ARAT is a Tank Urban Survival Kit [TUSK] component that was mounted on Abrams tanks during deployments to the Middle East."

See prior blog entries, the TUSK Abrams tank modifications:



This is coolbert:

BRAT = Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles.

First, see the wiki entry reactive armor

Reactive armor, Bradley vehicles, as being used in the Ukraine conflict receiving upgraded armor, bolt on reactive armor tiles.

1. "Ukrainian Bradley M2A2 upgraded with BRAT reactive armor"

 From | POSTED ON MONDAY, 24 JULY 2023.

"According to a Telegram post by NMFTE on July 22, 2023, a Ukrainian Bradley M2A2, equipped with the BRAT (Bradley Reactive Armor Tiles) dynamic protection kit, is used in a counteroffensive against Russian positions near the city of Zaporizhzhia, in southeast Ukraine."

2. "US Army Completes Successful Iron Fist Tests Series on Bradley Armored Fighting..."

From | By Tamir Eshel | Jan 5, 2023.

"The US Army recently completed rigorous testing on the Iron Fist Active Protection System (APS) that showed significantly improved results over previous tests. The testing completed in October 2022 of the Iron Fist Light Decoupled (IFLD) system demonstrated improvements in both durability and system effectiveness, compared to the previous testing on the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle."

See the wiki entry Active Protection System.

Active protection systems [APS] the entire concept not merely a passive system, but active can be used to intercept and defeat an anti-tank guided missile ATGM, or rocket propelled grenade projectile, RPG. The American version is referred to as Iron Fist?

Bradley the Ukraine Conflict gonna need upgraded armor protection!


Monday, January 22, 2024


This is coolbert:

Oh, I am glad it is only a very small number. Only a very small number. Thank you, John Kirby.

American soldiers based in Iraq suffering traumatic brain damage as a result of ballistic missile attack.

1. "WATCH: Kirby Brushes Off News of US Troops Undergoing Evaluation For Traumatic Brain Injuries After Missile Attack: 'It’s Only a Very Small Number of US Troops That Were Affected'

From | By Cristina Laila | Jan. 21, 2024.

"Biden spox [spokesman] John Kirby on Sunday morning callously brushed off news of US troops 'undergoing evaluation' for traumatic brain injuries after Iran-backed terrorists launched a missile attack in Iraq."

And for the treatment traumatic brain injury!

2. "Psychoactive drug ibogaine effectively treats traumatic brain injury in special ops military vets"

From | By Sarah C.P. Williams | January 5, 2024.

"Stanford Medicine researchers find that ibogaine, a plant-based psychoactive compound, safely led to improvements in depression, anxiety and functioning among veterans with traumatic brain injuries."

Remains to be seen if this ibogaine treatment is successful. Ibogaine used already to treat drug addicts, such as Hunter Biden, the infamous son of the President Biden.

I guess if it is good for Hunter it is good for your average-every-day American soldier, suffering from traumatic brain damage.



This is coolbert: 


At least it was classified in 1958. Now declassified and placed on the Internet for all to see.

WHACKY idea of the American Central Intelligence Agency. Create a terrorizing  psychological weapon based upon the Jericho trumpets as had been employed on the Ju-87 German Stuka dive bomber WWII.

"whacky: adjective - as in bizarre, different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity or suspicion"

"How the CIA Worked With a Nazi Scientist to Develop a Cold War Sonic Weapon of Pure Terror"

From | Military Watch Magazine Editorial Staff  October-5th-2021.

"The Stuka [Ju-87] was a [German WW2] close air support asset. It would be used to attack enemy ground forces directly. The sound of dozens of those sirens would be pretty terrifying. So if you make your enemy duck, your forces can move more freely. You might even harm their moral enough to make them break their line, or cease advancing, when they have an otherwise significant advantage."

Looney, whacko, loony, cuckoo, nutty, eccentric, strange, barmy, nutty.

Regarding the Jericho trumpets mounted on the landing gear of the Ju-87 Stuka read further:

"Upon the leading edges of its faired main gear legs were mounted ram-air sirens known as Jericho trumpets, which became a propaganda symbol of German air power and of the so-called Blitzkrieg victories of 1939–1942, as well as providing Stuka pilots with audible feedback as to speed"

Project as described again whacky and forlorn, never came to fruition, and we can very well be glad that it didn’t. Read the eight page document as describing the entire proposal from the CIA declassified reading room. Very interesting reading.

"Mental is to the physical as three is to one"?


Sunday, January 21, 2024


This is coolbert:

Here with a You Tube video, a discussion and analysis of the shoot down/damage most recently the two Russian aircraft flying over the Sea of Azov.

  Jan 17, 2024.

"Russia appears to have lost a Beriev A-50 (AWACS) over the Sea of Azov. An IL-22 was damaged. Ukraine claims to have done this, Russia says it was friendly fire. Here is what happened and what we don't know (yet)."

See the You Tube video:


 Patriot surface to air missile shot down/damaged the Russian military aircraft?

 Friendly fire [Russian] shot down/damaged the Russian military aircraft?

Let me suggest that these two Russian military aircraft shot down/damaged over the sea of Azov the demise the result of a long-range air to air missile of the METEOR variety.

METEOR very similar to the Russian R-37 long-range air to air missile.

"The Meteor is an European active radar guided beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) developed and manufactured by MBDA. It offers a multi-shot capability (multiple launches against multiple targets), and has the ability to engage highly maneuverable targets such as jet aircraft, and small targets such as UAVs and cruise missiles in a heavy electronic countermeasures (ECM) environment with a range far in excess of 200 kilometres [about 120 miles]."

Someone knows the answer to all these questions, but isn't saying!


Hunky Dory.

This is coolbert:

"hunky-dory: adjective - quite satisfactory : FINE"

“'I’m not going to say everything is going to go wrong tomorrow, but we have to realize it is not a given that we are in peace' . . . 'not everything is plannable, not everything is going to be hunky-dory for the next 20 years.'” - Adm. Bauer.

Do these people in senior positions within NATO know something we should know? 

"NATO: Next 20 Years Not ‘Hunky Dory’ and Public Needs to Prepare Itself to Survive ‘The First 36 Hours’ of War"

From | OLIVER JJ LANE | 19 Jan 2024.

"NATO militaries are better prepared for war now than they were a year ago but broader society hasn’t yet realized it needs to as well, and if the public starts panic-buying radios, torches, and bottled water to 'survive the first 36 hours' then ;that’s great', the alliance’s military chief said."

See prior blog entries as applicable:



This is coolbert: 

"before the Second World War Italy's technology was at an incredibly high level . . . achievements, especially in the sphere of aviation, submarines and high-speed launches, were really amazing . . . the Italians were the unrecognized geniuses of military and naval technology." - Suvorov.

The Italians great inventors and geniuses of military technology except for mortars?

"Ukrainian Units Disappointed: New Italian Weapons Are Worse than 80 Year Old World War II Equipment"

From  | Military Watch Magazine Editorial Staff  | December-7th-2022.

Range only 2 to 2 1/2 miles?

"In the latest of several scandals involving European built weapons supplied to the Ukrainian Military for its ongoing war against Russia, Italian armaments have been harshly criticized for their quality with the Mod63 120mm mortar in particular singled out. 'They are much worse than their Soviet equivalents from WWII,' Ukrainian reports indicated, with issues with ammunition deliveries from Italy further limiting the assets’ usefulness. 'Today we are barely able to fire two rounds per minute that do not fly beyond 3-4 km, less than half of what we expected. We are trying to replace them with much more advanced Swedish mortars,'”

Red Army mortars of the 120 mm caliber version during World War II cast-iron smooth-bore tubes firing a cast-iron mortar bomb. Very cheap and easy to manufacture. Red Army 120 mm mortars produced during WW2 in just the most enormous and prodigious numbers.

Favored by the Red Army commanders as an outstanding weapon, proliferating the battlefield in great numbers, firing an enormous amount of mortar bomb ammunition at the enemy.

In the opinion of the Red Army military commander cast-iron mortar bombs very favorable with regard to splintering in a manner that can cause a lot of damage to human tissue.

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways!


Saturday, January 20, 2024

332 BCE.

This is coolbert:

BCE = Before Common Era.

Gaza means strong. Referring to the battlements and fortifications Gaza city.

"As it was in the beginning, as it is now, as it always will be world without end. Amen."

The people of Gaza, during mortal armed conflict recalcitrant, fighting to the very end, even to their  extreme detriment.

The people of Gaza stubborn and intractable in accord to their ancient tradition.

As it was in the days of Alexander the Great. King of Macedon.

"Siege of Gaza" [332 BCE]

The inhabitants of Gaza, even when faced with a situation that was bleak, dire, hopeless continuing to fight in a manner that was defiant.

Alexander, the Great of Macedon seeking to secure his sea-borne lines of communication with Greece and Macedon besieging the city of Gaza 332 BCE.

"The siege of Gaza, as part of the Wars of Alexander the Great, took place in October of 332 BCE. Resulting in a victory for Macedon, it ended the 31st Dynasty of Egypt, which functioned as a satrapy under the Achaemenid Persian Empire."

"Alexander succeeded in [b]reaching the walls of Gaza by utilizing the engines that he had employed earlier that year, during the siege of Tyre. Following three unsuccessful assaults, the Macedonian army was able to storm and take the Gazan stronghold.:

The fate of Batis, the commander of the Gaza garrison most terrible. Put to death and dragged through streets of Gaza behind the chariot as was Héctor at Troy.

The entire population of Gaza surviving the siege subjected to as cruel a punishment possible. All the men executed, the women and children sold into slavery. Gaza totally depopulated!

That is how things were done back in those days!



This is coolbert: 

A very grim task, indeed, counting the deaths of Komi people as killed the Ukraine Conflict.

"Counting of killed Komi warriors reaches 400"

"It is unknown how many soldiers from the north Russian region that actually have lost their lives in the war, but a local count now reaches four hundred."

From  |  By Atle Staalesen January 17, 2024.

"It is the Pesets Telegram channel that has counted the number of men from the Komi Republic that are confirmed killed in Ukraine."

"On the 16th of January, the number reached 400."

"It was Oleg Cheredov from the regional capital city of Syktyvkar that became the 400th man on the death list."

Komi people this is not your fight. You are acting in solidarity with the people of the Russian Federation but this is not your battle!

See previous blog entries the participation of the Komi people in the Ukraine Conflict:


Friday, January 19, 2024


This is coolbert:

It is with much anxiety that I make this blog entry. It might create needless hackles in some quarters. Nonetheless, here is the post.

"hackle: noun - 3. hackles plural b. TEMPER, DANDER"

Israeli citizens cheering, applauding and laughing as bombs drop on Gaza, retaliation for the murderous Hamas attack of 7 October 2023.

Proverbs 24:17-18: The Message (MSG)

"Don’t laugh when your enemy falls; don’t gloat over his collapse. GOD might see, and become very provoked, and then take pity on his [your enemy] plight."

This video courtesy of a website with an unspeakable name, which shall go unmentioned to infinity:

That proverb from the Old Testament of the Hebrew people as valid today as it was 3,300 years ago, the death of the Egyptian army of Pharaoh during the Red Sea Crossing not something to be cheered, applauded and laughed about. Scripture validates!

During the Exodus from Egypt in ancient times and as it is now with the Gaza War, the aerial bombardment of an overwhelming nature.

I fully understand the reaction of the Israeli public with regard to the extreme events having occurred on 7 October 2023 creating a lot of hate and anger.

Devoted readers to the blog you are going to have to decide all this for yourself!



This is coolbert:

The various European powers have now come to their senses, are now ramping-up production of war-making stuff. The hand writing is on the wall and now something of a drastic nature must be done.

"France Ramps Up Weapons Production for Ukraine, Cut Time to Make New Artillery From 30 to 15 Months"

From  | BREITBART LONDON | 18 Jan 2024.

"PARIS (AP) – French manufacturers have reduced the manufacturing times for some of the weapons systems they supply to Ukraine by half or more, as France increasingly switches away from its previous policy of dipping into its own military stocks to support the war effort against Russia’s invasion, France’s defense minister said in an interview published Thursday."

Specifically, with regard to the French CAESAR self-propelled howitzer:

"In peacetime the production rate at Nexter was understood to be 10 CAESARs per year. The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine boosted demand. By early 2023 Nexter's factory in Bourges was producing between two and four units per month in continuous operation. The next milestone expected is to produce eight CAESARs a month by December 2023."

See prior blog entries the CAESAR self-propelled howitzer:


Thursday, January 18, 2024

Typhoon UK.

This is coolbert:

British warplanes the Yemeni mission flying a protracted and dangerous mission.

See the You Tube video:

"Sky News military analyst Prof Michael Clarke looks at the military operation behind the UK-US air strikes on Houthi rebels in Yemen."

"He said fighter jets and support aircraft would have flown a 3,200-mile round trip from British bases in Cyprus, spending at least eight hours in the air."

See the combat range of a British Typhoon warplane in the ground attack mode:

"Combat range -  601 km (325 nmi; 373 mi) ground attack, lo-lo-lo (with 3 × external 1,000 l tanks)"

British Typhoon warplanes the Yemeni mission each carrying four 500 pound bombs of the Pave-way IV version.

Presumably the Typhoon warplanes additionally having a supporting retinue of other military aircraft all the way to the target and back. Accompanied at a minimum by a Voyager air-air refueling tanker.



This is coolbert: 

A milestone indeed has been reached.  # 1,000th F-35 fighter plane is now come off the assembly line.

The USAF's goal was to purchase about 2,500 F 35 for the inventory. Whether that figure will be actually realized or not I cannot say but is probably a budget issue more than anything else.

That number of 1,000 F-35 includes those that were sold to foreign countries. 1.000 planes have not been delivered to the USAF.

"Lockheed Martin Has Built The 1000th F-35."

From  |   STEFANO D'URSO  |  January 17, 2024.

"The 1000th F-35 Lighting II jet will be delivered once it receives the necessary TR-3 hardware and final TR-3 software."

"Lockheed Martin confirmed it has built the 1000th F-35, an important milestone for the multinational program which is about to hit another milestone soon: the full rate production decision in early 2024. The company said in a statement emailed to us that the aircraft has not yet been delivered and further details about the airframe, customer and photos will be released upon delivery."

And the final cost of a brand spanking new F-35 coming of assembly line is what exactly? Cost per-plane originally touted at about 30 to $40 million USD. At this exact moment in time the actual amount probably much more than that.

The die has been cast, the game is afoot. It is F-35 or nothing there not being any alternative. F-35 will rule the skies at least until the year until the year 2050? I sure hope so.


Wednesday, January 17, 2024

USAF Yemen.

This is coolbert:

Cruise missile the Red Sea direct attack American naval vessel!

Cruise missiles shot out of the sky by United States Air Force combat warplanes?

"Air Force [USAF] says it stopped anti-ship cruise missile fired at US Navy ship but Houthi rebels claim it was a 'direct hit'"

FROM |  FEATURED WIB |  January 16, 2024 | Staff Writer.

"Washington — The US military said another missile fired by the Houthi rebels based in Yemen was intercepted in the south of the Red Sea."

"The rebels had fired the anti-ship cruise missile towards a US Navy destroyer around 4:45 pm (1345 GMT) on Sunday, the US military’s regional command announced in the early hours of Monday on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter."

"The missile was intercepted by the US Air Force near the Yemeni coastal city of al Hudaida. There were no reports of casualties or damage."

Hey! I thought that the Red Sea mission intercepts of Hootie Tootie drones was strictly a US Navy mission and not involving the Air Force. But this has now been seen to be not true? Air Force fighter plane shooting down the cruise missile were based from where exactly? 



This is coolbert.

"plow: verb - 5. to spend or invest (money) in substantial amounts —used with into"

French naval vessel under attack direct drone attack the Red Sea.

Hootie Tootie the Red Sea still has the power and advantage. Drone attack benefit-cost-ratio still very much in the favor of Hootie Tootie and perhaps always will be.

$1 million missile required to shoot down either a $2,000 are $20,000 drone.

"French Navy Plows Through Million Dollar Missiles To Defeat Cheap Houthi Drones"

From  | via | BY TYLER DURDEN  |   JAN 15, 2024.

"French warship in Red Sea targeted by drones launched from Yemen"

"France says that one of its warships in the Red Sea was targeted by two drones coming from Yemen. Both were intercepted and shot down." 

"A key reason that Yemen's Houthis are unlikely to halt their attacks on Red Sea shipping as well as Western warships parked there is because immense pressure on the global transit waterway can be kept up, while it costs little to persist with such launches."

This French war ship not under the command of TF-153. French naval assets the Red Sea operate only under a NATO/European command.

This French warship is a FREMM class frigate with 16 vertical launch system cells.

FREMM fires the ASTER surface to air missile.

ASTER answer consisting of four variants. Local and wide area defense and ballistic missile defense short and medium range. Warships of the FREMM class generally carry a mix of ASTER surface to air missiles task tailored?

To keep a viable combat effectiveness all nations with military vessels active in the Red Sea mission intercepting Hootie Tootie drones need to have at least four vessels dedicated to the mission at any given moment. 

One vessel at home port reloading the various vertical launch system cells. A second along the way to patrol station. A third returning from patrol station to home port and the fourth on-station preparing to engage enemy.

Please recall that these missiles fired from these vertical launch cells of warships can only be reloaded at a home port.