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Rheinmetall stock value going to take a big hit? Poor performance [?] of the Leopard tank the Ukraine Conflict to blame?

"Aging Leopard Tanks 'Not Prepared' for Combat in Ukraine Hurt Rheinmetall's Reputation"

From Russian controlled media outlet

"A former US Army commander told Sputnik that the lackluster performance of the Leopard tanks in Ukraine was hurting maker Rheinmetall, as the Western media has built the aging weapons up as the latest 'wunderwaffe' or 'wonder weapon' that would turn the tide against Russia."

"According to US media reports based on Ukrainian data, Ukraine has received 71 of the Leopard 2 main battle tanks promised to it, five of which have been destroyed outright and at least another 10 have suffered sufficient damage to send them back to repair stations in Poland and Germany."


"It’s unclear how many Leopard 2s have taken part in the counteroffensive operation that began in June, but according to Earl Rasmussen, an international consultant and retired US Army lieutenant colonel, they have 'absolutely not' been the game-changers they were imagined to be."

Devoted readers to the blog will want to read the entire article. Especially paying close attention to the comments of Colonel Rasmussen. Most informative.



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Birds of the Corvid family have always been seen as harbingers of death.

The Ukraine Conflict too!

Russian military airfields currently under siege by itty-bitty drones. Asymmetric warfare combat aviation cheap and dirty and successful.

"Asymmetric warfare refers to a type of war between belligerents whose relative military power, strategy, or tactics differ significantly."

"Ukraine Now Using “Cardboard Drones” to Devastate Russian Airfields"

From Medium | the article by Wes O'Donnell.

"If there were a single phrase that could define the Ukrainian war effort, specifically its attack capabilities, it would be 'bang for the buck.'”

Asymmetric warfare at it's finest!

"In the summer of last [2022] year, I marveled at Ukraine’s ‘MacGyver’ army and its ability to do more with less."

"A year [2023] later Ukraine is still showing the world how wars will be fought in the decades to come."

"Named after Edgar Allen Poe’s favorite bird, the raven, Ukraine is now using the Australian-made Corvo Precision Payload Delivery System (PPDS) to destroy Russian aircraft."

"The Corvo PPDS is an ultra-light drone with an airframe made of waxed cardboard (waxed to make it waterproof) and supplied as a self-assembly flatpack."

HL [heavy-lift] version of the PPDS range about 120 miles with reduced payload. [about 200km] 

Ground control stations have an option for beyond-horizon communication when PPDS used in the extended range mode.

The entire Wes O'Donnell article only available to Medium subscribers!



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Ukrainian drone attacks inside Russia proper continue in an ever increasing number. 

Asymmetric warfare waged against valuable and almost irreplaceable Russian military aviation assets. 

Small size but potent drones [almost hobbyist type drones] wreak havoc of an unacceptable nature.

"Ukrainian Drones Sweep Across Russia, Military Planes Destroyed, Kyiv Vows to ‘Increase Scale’" | the story by Chris York, Maryna Shashkova | August 30, 2023.

"Kyiv officials said four Il-76 transport aircraft were “destroyed” in what appears to be one of Ukraine’s largest drone attacks on targets inside Russia to date."

"Ukrainian drones targeted several regions across Russia overnight, from an airport near the Estonian border to the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea."


"The most significant strike appears to be at the airport in Pskov. Kremlin media citing emergency services said four Il-76 transport aircraft, the workhorse of the Russian military, were damaged in the attack."

This would have occurred at the military airfield called Ostrov-5 vicinity Pskov.

See prior blog entry drastic measures in response to the drone attacks threatened. The consequences if drones indeed launched from the territory of a NATO constituent nation consequences possibly quite severe. 

Comrades and friends. Beware the drone. Little guy carry big bang! Literally and figuratively both!


Wednesday, August 30, 2023


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Ukrainian drones as attacking multiple targets in Russia proper and all on the same day were launched from NATO territory. The Baltic nations [which exactly not mentioned] are to blame! Russian anger great. This could present a rationale for a widening of the Ukraine Conflict onto NATO territory.

From a Ukrainian OSINT [open source intelligence] tweet the pronouncement of the Russian!

* OSINT (Uri) 🇺🇦

* @UKikaski

"Russian media regarding the drone strike on the Pskov airbase in Russia:

If it turns out that they (the drones) were launched from the Baltics, this will change the entire political landscape, because this is direct aggression. This can become a signal that will lead to cardinal changes in our behavior on the borders with the Baltic states and in general with respect to these countries. If this is recorded and proven, I do not rule out that there will be a military response. But for this, of course, very clear and obvious evidence is needed." - Head of the State Duma Control Committee, Oleg Morozov.

This is the airfield Pskov actually under attack? Looks like something really big detonated with perhaps a lot of damage. See the entire video for yourself.

Ostrov-5 the Russian military airfield Pskov. Ostrov-5 now reputed according to the wiki entry the home base of a Russian army aviation brigade.

OH, I'm telling you people, beware!



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Strong words from the former Italian Prime Minister.

"‘Defeat for All’ — NATO’s Strategy in Ukraine Has Failed, Says Former Italian PM"

"The West’s strategy in Ukraine and attempts to crush the Russian economy have failed, representing a 'defeat for all', former Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said"

From | KURT ZINDULKA | 29 Aug 2023.

"Commenting on the state of the American-led NATO alliance’s proxy war against Moscow, the former Italian leader said that the strategy of pouring 'continuous military supplies' into Ukraine and 'the logic of escalation' has failed to deliver on the stated goals of the globalist leaders in Europe and Washington."


* As I have mentioned in many previous blog entries, the NATO nations including the USA have sent massive amounts [and are continuing to send] of military munitions to the Ukrainian. Even to the extent of eliminating stockpiles of war-making bang stuff that the NATO nations would need for their own defense.

* This almost cavalier talk of using tactical nuclear weapons too is most worrying. Even a minor use [is their a minor use?] of atomic weapons might lead very quickly to inevitable escalation for all that will mean.

* Economic sanctions as applied to the Russian seem to have not had the desired outcome. Rein in the Russian, compel Vlad to stop! Sanctions alone from the energy standpoint, Russia and the rest of Europe both, have caused a big bite but not so terrible and disastrous as might have been anticipated.



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Death card the Ukraine Conflict. Not since the Vietnam War have I ever heard of such an item. That is over fifty years ago now!

"photoshop: verb transitive - To digitally edit or alter a picture or photograph."

"The Ace of Spades: How American soldiers used 'the death card' as a psychological weapon during the Vietnam War"

From | Mar 29, 2018 | Nikola Budanovic.

"The Ace of Spades gained notoriety after Francis Ford Coppola’s war epic, Apocalypse Now, hit screens in 1979. The card was flung onto the bodies of dead enemy soldiers as part of psychological warfare designed to reap fear in the Vietnamese.

Next time Charlie, you are next! That is the message being sent!

"The card, associated with death, could be found among standard-issued card decks distributed to soldiers. The practice of putting those cards on the bodies of dead enemies began in Vietnam and was most probably initiated by American soldiers in the field."

"But in Vietnam, it took on a darker and more sinister meaning. The intention was to target the alleged superstitions of the North Vietnamese, by making the Ace of Spades the symbol of death, humiliation, and suffering."

"It was believed that all these features were well-known to the Vietnamese and that the card was a potent symbol that would strike fear into the enemy ranks."

Death card the Ukraine Conflict that image as accompanies this specific blog entry the men on the ground laying face down appear to be alive, tied up, not dead. That hand holding the card has an appearance from my examination to be perhaps photoshopped. But I might be wrong.



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It continues unabated. Ukrainian drone strikes Russia proper. This time with multiplicity of targets struck more or less simultaneously.

"Ukrainian Drones Strike Six Russian Regions, Destroy Planes at Airfield"

From US News ^ | 8/29/2023 | via Reuters the tip from Freeper.

"Ukrainian drones struck targets in at least six regions deep within Russia on Wednesday, including an airfield where they destroyed military transport planes, in one of the broadest volleys yet of Kyiv's campaign to turn the tables on Moscow. Russian officials described attacks on targets in the Pskov, Bryansk, Kaluga, Orlov, Ryazan and Moscow regions. The Russian foreign ministry said the attacks would "not go unpunished" and could not have reached so far into Russian territory without Western help"

Dark forces [secret services] of NATO complicit? So the Russian might think so. Mr. Russian, I would not be so sure about that!

Ukrainian drone attack Russia proper not merely onesie-twosie anymore. Raids more frequent and involving multiple drones.

"Onesie-twosie: Individually; one at a time; in small batches or amounts at a time."

See recent previous blog entries apparent Ukrainian drone attacks Russian airfields:


Tuesday, August 29, 2023

76th GAAD.

This is coolbert:

“arguably Russia’s best division and is relatively fresh,”

Best divisional-sized unit in the Russian army. Blooded but still fresh as they say. Sent on a rushed basis to the schwerpunkt?

"Schwerpunktprinzip was a heuristic tool used in the German Army . . . to make decisions about priority from tactics to strategy. It was translated as center of gravity, crucial, focal point, and point of main effort"

"As Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Gains Momentum, Russia Is Deploying Some Of Its Last Good Reserves"

From David Axe | Forbes Staff | Aug 27, 2023.

"The Kremlin is rushing reinforcements to southern Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Oblast. It’s a desperate bid to prevent a major Ukrainian breakthrough along a critical axis."

"The reinforcements are from the 76th Guards Air Assault Division, which is “arguably Russia’s best division and is relatively fresh,” according to Rob Lee, an analyst with the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia. The division most recently went on the attack early this year around Kreminna, where the Russians still are sustaining a limited offensive."

"Indicates that Russia has possibly committed multiple regiments from the VDV’s 76th Air Assault Division to the south (73rd Center fought in the Robotyne area) from the Kreminna front. The 76th is arguably Russia’s best division and is relatively fresh."

The focal point at this exact moment the main scene-of-the-action the Ukrainian Spring/Summer counter-offensive? Sending your best unit indicates a criticality has been reached that sounds even mildly ominous for the Russian and can reasonably inferred to be so? 



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Very grim indeed! Wagner PMC those combatants killed-in-action the Ukraine Conflict their burial locations a nice and neat cemetery now desecrated. Obliterated you could almost say. And done in a heavy-handed manner!

"heavy-handed: Overly blunt, forceful, or tactless."

 "DEAD & BURIED Wagner Group graves being DEMOLISHED by bulldozer after murder of Prigozhin as Russia ‘destroys cemetery he opened’"

From | Juliana Cruz Lima | 25 Aug 2023.

"A WAGNER Group cemetery has been demolished after leader Yevgeny Prigozhin was killed in a fireball jet crash."

"Hundreds of graves in the Russian village of Nikolayevka have had their crosses removed and were bulldozed to the ground."

"Earlier this year, the mercenary cemetery appeared in the southwestern region of Samara Oblast, where the late Wagner warlord unveiled a black obelisk in April."

"But on Friday, crosses and wreaths were 'piled up like rubbish' and the avenue that once was a memorial was replaced with a gravel-covered field."

Go see the embedded video. It does look bad. One pile of crosses and another of wreaths.

See additional prior blog entries Wagner PMC cemeteries:


Plan 4.

This is coolbert:

Invasion USA WW2 the Axis powers.


"Axis Powers can try it if they combine fleets to win sea superiority"

From | the article by Philip Wylie.

As Extracted from a Life magazine article dated Mar. 2, 1942.

"Plan 4 is the much-discussed invasion by way of Gibraltar-Dakar-Natal-Trinidad, which President Roosevelt's Good Neighbor policy as tried to defend against. It is based on combining the Jap, German, Italian and Vichy navies, freed by the capture of Gibraltar and Suez. They must fight the Allied fleets somewhere. Invasion pours up the Mississippi Valley."

Pentagon planners indeed immediately after American entry into the war apparently did see Plan 4 as a possible!

Plan 4 to include the combined fleets of Germany, Italy, Japan and Vichy France to force a crossing of the Atlantic, landing successfully with an invading force Brazil. This was thought to be a possible during the early stages of the war after American entry into the conflict. British fleet either "bottled up" in home waters or rendered impotent in some manner.

"bottle up: verb(tr, adverb) - to keep (an army or other force) contained or trapped"

The American 1st Cavalry Division kept as as strategic reserve stateside until 1943 such was the concern of American senior military officers that some sort of Axis invasion of either Western Mexico or along the coast of Brazil might actually transpire. Soldiers men-a-horse it thought be advantageous in such a situation.

The threat of Axis forces invading the Western Hemisphere was perceived to be real, definitely conceivable under the right set of circumstances.

See further my prior graphic blog entry, the invasion of USA by Imperial Japan.


Monday, August 28, 2023


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"Even many of the submitters themselves admit in their accounts that they aren’t entirely convinced of the paranormal and don’t really know what they saw. They just know something strange occurred and don’t want to keep it in."

From Coffee or Die Magazine | August 23, 2023 | article by Jenna Biter. All thanks to Jenna. Image accompanying this blog entry and edited version of the original by Pvt. Adeline Witherspoon.


"Reported sightings of skinwalkers, UFOs, Bigfoot, a 'box witch,' [?] and plenty of other strange creatures populate Tales From the Grid Square’s Instagram feed. Nick Orton, the Army logistician who runs the account under a pseudonym because he’s on active duty, told Coffee or Die that the stories he shares aren’t his own inventions; rather, they’re sourced from within the military community at large — and apparently, they’re true."

Anecdotal accounts of paranormal experiences by American military personnel being collected and placed into an anthology. Military personnel their observations, experiences and narrative to be more trusted? Trained and disinterested parties without agenda reports of the paranormal to be more valid and authentic.

Devoted readers to the blog see all my prior posts the topic the paranormal. Go to the right hand margin of the web page, scroll down until you see labels and click on Paranormal.

Please don't ask me what a "box witch" is?



This is coolbert:

I am always watching for instances of paranormal activity that has the military dimension. That military man a trained observer without apparent agenda sightings of "strange objects" of an unidentifiable nature more valid.

From only several days ago as reported relatively recent incidents of American military aviators encountering UFO [unidentified flying object]. Long thought by some to be aliens arriving destination earth in a space ship with inter-galactic capability. The aliens their intention unknown. [study humanity??]

"‘Look at that thing, dude’ … US fighter pilots track UFO in new video from Pentagon’s secret vault"

"Does Pentagon still have a UFO program? The answer is a bit mysterious"


"Just before leaving his job as the US Defense Department two months ago, intelligence officer Luis Elizondo quietly arranged to secure the release of three of the most unusual videos in the Pentagon’s secret vaults: raw footage from encounters between fighter jets and 'anomalous aerial vehicles' [AAV]  - military jargon for UFOs."

"The videos, all taken from cockpit cameras, show pilots struggling to lock their radars on oval-shaped vessels that, on screen, look vaguely like giant flying Tic Tacs."


In the Second World War these UFO referred to as Foo Fighters. And as witnessed and seen by all  the combat aviators of the major warring nations.

Reports and sightings of UFO surprisingly goes all the way back to the Great War, British night-fighter pilots having seen artificial lights at altitude from objects resembling a railway passenger car with the shades drawn.


Sunday, August 27, 2023


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Bridge the Kerch Strait again under attack. Ukrainian unmanned drone surface vessel USV basically a floating bomb.

"Sea Baby: The Ukrainian Navy's 'Bridge Killer' Maritime Drone"

From | 16 Aug. 2023.

"The July 17 attack on the Kerch Bridge is one of the more successful, and noteworthy, maritime drone attacks. Now, via an exclusive with CNN, the Ukrainian government has revealed more details about the drones used."

"The USV (uncrewed surface vessel) is a previously unseen variation. Given the nickname 'Sea Baby', the design features a new hull design with a rising skiff-like bow. More significantly, yet unseen, it may have been equipped with a special warhead. Reports indicate a 860kg [about nineteen-hundred pounds] warhead, much larger than the other models".

Why even need a navy with highly trained personnel anymore is what I ask? Future surface warfare with USV engaging USV all you need is a room full of 8th graders with a lot of video game playing expertise.

Devoted readers to the blog are invited to read the entire H. I. Sutton article for themselves!



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"'As part of the investigation of the plane crash in the Tver region, molecular-genetic examinations have been completed,'"

Genetic analysis confirms that Yevgeniyy Prigozhin the owner/commander of Wagner PMC was aboard the jet that crashed, resulting in the deaths of all passengers and crew. Yevgeniyy gone!

From this point forward let us hope there will be no more controversy as to the death of Yevgeniyy. The man has perished.

"‘Genetic tests’ confirm that Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin was among 10 people killed in plane crash, Russian investigators say"

From | article by PERKIN AMALARAJ | 27 August 2023.

* "Russian officials said they have confirmed Prigozhin's death via genetic tests"

 * "Prigozhin died two months after launching a failed coup against Vladimir Putin"

"Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin has been confirmed dead after genetic analysis of bodies found in Wednesday's plane crash, Russian officials have said."

"Russia's Investigative Committee said the identities of all 10 victims had been established and corresponded to those on the flight's passenger list."

Wagner PMC personnel will now be incorporated into the Russian army in totality? That remains to be seen.


Saturday, August 26, 2023


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"White phosphorus causes severe burns and irritation, liver, kidney, heart, lung, or bone damage, and death. The Geneva Convention prohibits the use of white phosphorus shells against civilian targets. Protocol III of the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons also explicitly prohibits the use of white phosphorus."

White phosphorus 155 mm rounds [WP] surreptitiously purchased and sent to the Ukrainian via Bulgaria.

"How CIA Supplies Ukraine With White Phosphorus"   

From the Indian media outlet  |  August 23, 2023.

"Today we’d like to talk about Bulgaria again and shed light on another CIA gray scheme for arms smuggling. American intelligence services managed to establish an unofficial channel for the procurement and supply of arms and ammunition from Bulgaria to Ukraine, bypassing the U.S. Congress as well as ignoring the opinions of ordinary Americans."

"the media [has] previously reported that Bulgaria supplied Ukraine with ammunition and light weapons, both with an official announcement of the military aid and in a non-public way."

The delivery of WP rounds might cause a lot of controversy. The Bulgarian sends stockpiled WP to the Ukrainian but does only through and intermediary that is a CIA front company?

Noetic International Inc. used as the front company. Used to escape American Congressional oversight.

WP not a forbidden weapon of war if used to mark a target. Used intentionally against civilian targets in a malicious manner a violation of the laws of land warfare. A weapon that can cause unnecessary suffering.



This is coolbert:

Poland not waiting. Prepare for war while you can!

Apache helicopter to the rescue Poland. A bunch of them.

"Biden Admin Approves Massive Helicopter Sale To Poland"

Article by Kyle Anzalone via The Libertarian Institute | AUG 24, 2023. Via

"Warsaw plans to buy nearly 100 Apache attack helicopters manufactured by Boeing for $12 billion. Until Poland receives the helicopters, the US will provide Apaches to its NATO ally."

"The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced the State Department greenlit the massive arms sale on Monday. The deal is for 96 AH-64E Apache Attack Helicopters, spare parts, thousands of missiles, other munitions, as well as maintenance and training for the helicopters."

Also from "The Aviationist" and thanks to same.

* @TheAviationist

* With 96 Apache helicopters, Poland will operate the largest international fleet of AH-64s, second only to the U.S.

Given the experience of the Russian helicopter fleet in Ukraine, I hope the Poles will have given heed to "lessons learned" and incorporate proper measures to ensure proper effectiveness of the Apache in case of war with the Russian.



This is coolbert:

More stuff the Yevgeniyy Prigozhin death!

1. "New clues suggest Yevgeny Prigozhin plane was bombed: Video shows 'buyers viewing plane on day it crashed' as jet owners say no repairs were carried out despite stewardess revealing last-minute 'maintenance'"

From | RACHAEL BUNYAN | 25 August 2023.

"Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin said to have died in a plane crash near Moscow"

"Fresh clues suggest that a bomb was planted onboard private jet before crash"

Last minute maintenance or "buyers" touring the plane prior to take-off. OH, we all know, don't we!

2. "Kremlin Says ‘Nyet’– Calls Accusations It Killed Wagner Chief Prigozhin an ‘Absolute Lie’"

From | SIMON KENT | 25 Aug 2023.

"The Kremlin on Thursday dismissed Western suggestions Wagner Group warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin had been murdered on its orders in a plane crash as an 'absolute lie' while adding confirmation of his death is dependent on test results."

Confirmation of death only upon test results. Like the infamous [JFK] Kennedy autopsy. OH, we all know, don't we!

3. "Zelensky: We Didn’t Do It, but Reported Prigozhin Death ‘Will Definitely Help Us’".

From | ARTEL | 24 Aug 2023.

"Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denied any involvement in the plane crash north of Moscow on Wednesday that reportedly killed Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, telling reporters 'everyone realizes' who the true culprit is."

OH, everyone knows whodunnit, don't we!


Friday, August 25, 2023


This is coolbert:

As I have predicted it has already begun! 

"Wagner Plane 'Crash' Whodunnit & Is Prigozhin Really Dead?"

"whodunit: noun - a detective story or mystery story"

From | the article by TYLER DURDEN | AUG 24, 2023. Scoop on the story originally thanks to Nancy Youssef.

"Update(1324 ET): The assessment out of the US is changing fast, or rather anonymous US officials can't get their story straight."




* * *

"President Putin has vowed that the criminal investigation into the widely reported death of Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin will be pursued to completion. Prigozhin is believed to have gone down with nine others, including top Wagner commander Dmitry Utki, in a plane crash outside Moscow on Wednesday which was caused either by an anti-aircraft missile or possibly midflight bombing."

Speculation and conjecture regarding the death of Yevgeniyy I can well surmise going to be a long-lasting topic of discussion devoted readers to the blog please be assured.


Pilot F-16.

This is coolbert:

"'The pilots will first receive English language training in Texas and then begin months of flight training in Arizona, said the U.S. official who addressed the issue on Thursday, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss future training plans.'"

"Pentagon To Send Ukrainian Pilots For F-16 Training To Texas & Arizona" | the article by TYLER DURDEN | AUG 24, 2023.

"A US official has informed The New York Times on Thursday that the Pentagon plans to begin training Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets inside the US, as part of a program which could start as early as September."

"Already a program has been kicked off in the Netherlands and Denmark, which Kiev has complained has been too slow to get off the ground, also given it only includes six Ukrainian pilots. At this rate, the expected date that Ukraine could be piloting the US-made jets in battle keeps getting pushed back - from estimates of next summer to now perhaps end of 2024."


"'That’s the condition. So, if Denmark and the Netherlands are taking the lead on training, if they just do not have the capacity … to train as many pilots as Ukraine wants to send or plans to send, then we will… help train stateside,'" 

And the ground crews and maintenance staff are going to receive training where? Norway, Holland, Denmark donate the aircraft but much more to put these planes in the air in combat where they can make a difference. And not until the end of 2024. But learn English first!


Thursday, August 24, 2023


This is coolbert:

At least from my perspective the madness continues. Front-line and vital military hardware donated by constituent nations of the NATO alliance to Ukraine a demonstration altruistic and in good faith but reckless and foolhardy at the same. 

First heavy artillery and now combat warplanes!

 "Reports: NATO-member Norway Follows the Netherlands, Denmark to Donate F-16 Fighters to Ukraine"

 From | the article by SIMON KENT|24 Aug 2023 the tip from Mihash.

"Numerous reports Thursday said NATO-member Norway has rushed to follow the Netherlands and Denmark to donate U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine."

Dutch donated F-16 according to various web sites probably will not arrive until the end of 2024? That makes sense. You need to train pilots and ground crews, obtain many COMEX full of spare parts, etc. 

And will those planes even make a difference can reasonably be asked?

"Top Ukraine General Blames Counteroffensive Struggles on Lack of Western Fighter Jets and Weapons"

That breakthrough grand spring/summer offensive of the Ukrainian running into determined Russian resistance. According to Colonel Austin Bay such a combined-arms offensive can ONLY succeed if a strong air force a "major component" supporting the ground forces.

Read the entire Austin Bay article the Ukrainian spring/summer counter-offensive his observations and comments.



This is coolbert:

Unless you live in a total news vacuum you cannot have but heard that Yevgeniyy the head musician of the Wagner Group now gone. Yevgeniyy just the other day having been the subject of a prior blog entry. The man hail and hearty at that time. Looking toward the future and all that. Now poof, Progozhin having terminated this existence.

"Wagner Boss's Plane Was Deliberately Downed, US Officials Believe"

From Reuters and Washington Free Beacon Staff | August 24, 2023 the tip from Freeper.

"U.S. officials told media outlets on Thursday that they believe the plane presumed to be carrying mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin was deliberately taken down, though there was some disagreement as to how exactly the plane was destroyed."

"Russian air authorities have said Prigozhin, his right-hand man Dmitry Utkin, and eight other people were on the private plane that crashed with no survivors north of Moscow on Wednesday."

"Two U.S. officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told Reuters that it was likely a surface-to-air missile originating from inside Russia shot down the plane."


My comment: This event let me predict will become the source of endless conspiracy theories far into the future. The plane spontaneously blew up from mechanical trouble. It was a bomb onboard. It was Putin who ordered the event. It was angry Wagnerites. It was a missile. It was a missile from the ground. It was a missile fired from a plane. Prigozhin was on the manifest but not on board. The remains are not his. DNA testing must be done. More DNA testing must be done. A man greatly resembling Yevgeniyy has been seen a number of times dining at a Burger King restaurant in Irkutsk. Etc. Endlessly.


Wednesday, August 23, 2023


This is coolbert:

"Sauver ou périr".

By order of Napoleon!

Paris Fire Brigade.

Do it ze French way! Fire fighting Paris and Marseille. 

Came across this quite by accident.

"The Paris Fire Brigade (French: Brigade des sapeurs-pompiers de Paris, BSPP) is a French Army unit which serves as the primary fire and rescue service for Paris, the city's inner suburbs and certain sites of national strategic importance."

"The brigade's main area of responsibility is the City of Paris and the surrounding départements of Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, and Hauts-de-Seine . . . It also serves the Centre Spatial Guyanais in Kourou, the DGA Military Rocket Test Centre in Biscarosse, and the Lacq gas field. As with the other fire services of France, the brigade provides technical rescue, search and rescue and fire prevention services and is one of the providers of emergency medical services."

"The brigade is one of two fire services in France that is part of the armed forces, with the other being the Marseille Naval Fire Battalion (BMPM). It is a unit of the French Army's Engineering Arm (l'arme du génie) and the firefighters are therefore sappers (sapeurs . . . sapeurs-pompiers). With 8,550 firefighters, it is the largest fire service in Europe and the third largest urban fire service in the world, after the Tokyo Fire Department and New York City Fire Department. Its motto is 'Save or Perish'."

Firefighting I have often thought about as close as you can get to mortal combat on the battlefield without having an adversary shooting at you. Especially when fighting a forest fire. Teamwork required, a plan followed, each firefighter comporting himself in a disciplined manner. AND that element of danger present of course.



This is coolbert:

Ukrainian drone attack damages two Russian Backfire Tu-22M3 bomber aircraft. Half the surviving force relocated to the Kola peninsula of the far north in response.

"Russia relocates Tu-22M3 bombers to Kola Peninsula after drone attack"

"During Saturday, at least six Tu-22M3 aircraft have been relocated from the Soltsy-2 air base in Novgorod region to the Olenya air base on the Kola Peninsula."

From | the story by Thomas Nilsen | August 19, 2023.

"The Olenya Air Base south of Murmansk is again seen as a safe location for bombers from airports hit by Ukrainian drones."

"Soltsy-2 was in the early morning hit by a drone. Russia’s Defense Ministry confirms the attack and says one aircraft was damaged due to a fire, Interfax reports."

"A Ukrainian war blogger reports on Telegram about two Tu-22M3 being damaged."

"Soltsy-2 air base is located some 650 kilometers [about 400 miles] north of Ukraine and is home to the 840th Heavy Bomber Regiment. Russia has frequently used Tu-22M3 bombers to launch attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine."

"According to our information, there is damage to at least two sides of the Tu-22m3 at Soltsy. According to the latest data, about 10 Tu-22m3 units were stationed at the base airfield." Thanks here google translate Ukrainian to English that original input from war_monitor!

Only a limited number of those long-range bomber warplanes in the Russian inventory. Tu-95, Tu-160, Tu-22M3. 

Seek safe haven. The loss of even a few of these warplanes I can well imagine not lightly taken by the Kremlin. The fact the planes destroyed not on mission but on the ground both an injury and an insult.


Tuesday, August 22, 2023


This is coolbert:

Captured! The most dangerous beast of them all! At least from the standpoint of air-to-air missiles and aerial combat.

Russian R-37M air-to-air long-range missile.

1. "Exclusive Insight: Russia’s Secret Air-to-Air Missile Shortage"

From | By Jeffrey Fischer | November 16, 2022.

"OPINION: Exclusive Insight: Russia’s Secret Air-to-Air Missile Shortage"

"This article was drafted and submitted to the U.S. Defense Department for Security Review on 4 Nov., a week before Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson. Given that withdrawal, the premise of this article resonates even greater."

"In mid-October, Asia Times published an article stating Russia was seeking Iranian missiles to replenish their ballistic ground-to-ground missile stocks.  This isn’t surprising given the massive number of missiles employed to date since Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.  Extrapolating Russia’s need for increased ground-to-ground missile stocks, however, presents an interesting question. What about their air-to-air missile inventory? Recent press out of Russia suggests a problem… a far greater problem."

Russians having expended [having been reported 1 Nov 2022] a top-of-the-line and never before used R-37M air-to-air missile. 

R-37M a long-range air-to-air missile with well beyond-visual-range [BVR] capability. That mission and intent of R-37M to engage NATO warplanes of a particular high-value type, AWACS and American strategic bomber aircraft!

AWACS = Airborne Warning and Control System.

Not to be used in aerial run-of-the-mill dogfighting in the skies over Ukraine.

It can be reasonably be inferred that the R-37M exists only in limited numbers the use of which the Ukraine Conflict was not to be expected?

2. "The remains of Russia’s rare and deadly R-37M air-to-air missile were found in Ukraine."

From | article by Dylan Malyasov | Feb 13, 2023.

"The wreckage of an apparent Russian very long-range R-37M air-to-air missile points to the type’s use against Ukrainian military aircraft without entering their air defense zone."

"The R-37M, known to NATO as the AA-13 Axehead, is a modern 124-mile-range air-to-air missile. It is a long-range missile intended to destroy various air targets (airplane, cruise missile, helicopter) while keeping the launch platform out of the range of any fighters or air defense unit that might be protecting the target." 124 miles = about 200 kilometers.

A R-37M has been found partially buried and recovered by Ukrainian forces. I am sure a close examination of the remnants has already been done by NATO intelligence and technical services.



This is coolbert:

Australia, United Kingdom, United States [AUKUS] all in unison the Far East. British, Japan, Italy [GCAP] the Far East also!

Think Tempest 6th generation fighter plane.

1. "AUKUS and GCAP set new Indo-Pacific security template"

From | story by Alessio Patalano | March 28, 2023.

"Technology cooperation more than a response to China's military modernization"


"Later the same week, British, Japanese and Italian defense ministers met in Tokyo to set plans for jointly developing a sixth-generation fighter jet in what is now known as the Global Combat Air Program (GCAP)."

The sixth generation air superiority/supremacy fighter warplane. Stealth/AI/directed energy. GCAP a collective effort to design such a warplane. The combat aviators delight and must be so for decades to come.

2. "UK industry to play key role in new Global Combat Air Program, delivering next phase of combat air fighter jet development"

From | 9 Dec 2022.

"The UK’s sovereign industry partners, under Team Tempest, will support the significant endeavor announced today by the Governments of the UK, Japan and Italy, which will see the three nations build a truly international program, with a shared ambition to develop a next generation [6th] fighter aircraft under a new Global Combat Air Program (GCAP)."

ONLY very vaguely was I aware of GCAP. Beyond a conception phase now, development going to take a long time and even longer before such a warplane takes to the air. Hey, no one ever said any of this was going to be easy!



This is coolbert:

Yevgeniyy speaks! Recruiting video Africa?

"Wagner's Prigozhin Issues Recruiting Video From Africa"

From via Reuters | article by TYLER DURDEN | AUG 22, 2023. 

"Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of Russia's Wagner private military company, has popped up in Africa, and issued his first full video address to the public since the mutiny events of June 23-24."

 "The temperature is +50 [122 deg. F.] - everything as we like. The Wagner PMC makes Russia even greater on all continents, and Africa - more free. Justice and happiness - for the African people, we're making life a nightmare for ISIS and Al-Qaeda and other bandits," 

Go here to see and hear the entire tweet. Sans translation subtitles unfortunately!

Devoted readers to the blog encouraged to read the entire article for themselves. Wagner active in Africa, those preponderance of African nations have signed military agreements with Russia! We have hardly heard the last of the musicians.


Monday, August 21, 2023


This is coolbert:

Italians the Far East? Italians? Patria e Onore!

Aviation assets the Italian air force the Far East we are well aware of. Now Italian naval assets too!

"East: Italy's Defense Diplomacy"

(Source:; posted April 25, 2023) article by Timothy Ash.

"PARIS --- Like many European countries, Italy looks to the East: the future deployment of the Italian Navy aircraft carrier Cavour, and its main stopovers, draw the map of the Italy’s defense diplomacy of in the Indo-Pacific region."

"Soft and hard power: the art of using selective warships"

Hard & soft Italian style on display undeniably so and for all to behold.

"The ITS Morosini, the second ship in the new PPA class of offshore patrol vessels in name, but clearly a frigate in fact, will cruise eastwards for five months (from April 6 to September 13) . . . This is pure hard power."

"In addition, the Italian Navy’s tall ship, the Vespucci training sailing ship, will travel during 22 months, visit 28 countries: this is the soft power."

"China is clearly being targeted here, as Italy is keen on having more than a jump seat in the region.

Indeed. China is the target here. Show the flag, bilateral military training to demonstrate resolve and commitment. Hard & soft in unison.


Sunday, August 20, 2023


This is coolbert:

Almost fourteen hundred years ago! But not forgotten.

"Today in History: Christians and Muslims Fight in the World's Most Decisive Battle"

From | article by RAYMOND IBRAHIM | AUGUST 20, 2023.

Thanks to You Tube for the video.

"Today in history, on Aug. 20, 636, arguably the single most consequential battle — certainly between Islam and the West— took place. Occurring just four years after the Muslim prophet Muhammad had died, not only did the military engagement decide whether the Arabian creed thrives or dies, but it also became a chief source of inspiration and instruction for jihadists throughout the centuries — right down to the Islamic State. And yet, very few in the West are even aware of the Battle of Yarmuk’s existence — much less how it motivates contemporary Islamic terrorists."


* Yarmuk substantial and monumental it can be agreed by everyone. 

* Byzantine defeat decisive Yarmuk without question.

* Decisiveness surpassing all other combat I guess debatable.

*Al-Walid rated among the top ten generals of all time.

* Al-Walid a master of single combat, a duel.

See all my previous blog entries a mention of Khalid al-Walid:



This is coolbert:

More on Travis King. The American soldier who crossed the border into North Korea.

1."After North Korea Response, Expert Says Army Pvt. Travis King's Future Is Likely Political Pawn"

From | By Konstantin Toropin | 16 Aug 2023.

"North Korea's acknowledgment Tuesday that it is holding runaway Army Pvt. Travis King has raised fresh questions about the unusual case, but experts say the reclusive regime's statement suggests the young soldier is proving to be a poor hostage."

2. "North Korea Asserts US Soldier Travis King Crossed Border After Becoming Disillusioned With America" | 17 Aug 2023.

"North Korea asserted Wednesday that a U.S. soldier who bolted across the heavily armed Korean border last month did so after becoming disillusioned with the inequality of American society and racial discrimination in its Army. (Aug. 16) AP"

Travis having just been released from having spent three months in a South Korean [ROK] prison for disorderly behavior was on the verge of being returned to the USA. His prospects not good. More than likely was going to be tried under military law, given a sentence in the stockade and given a dishonorable discharge.

His decision to cross the border [I am wary of calling this a defection] based hardly on inequality and discrimination.



This is coolbert:

"Guided detonation munitions are designed to explode at a precise point on their flight path, calculated by the fire control system. In particular, when firing at ground targets, this makes it possible to hit enemy personnel hiding in a trench more effectively, as the projectile explodes when it reaches a point exactly above the trench. As a result, enemy soldiers are exposed to damaging factors such as shell fragments, high-explosive effect and shock wave."

"Russia Develops First 23mm Guided Detonation Munition - Source"

From | article by VLADIMIR KARNOZOV | 17.08.2023.

"KUBINKA, Moscow Region (Sputnik) - The first guided detonation munition of the smallest caliber of 23 millimeters (0.9 inches), which will multiply the effectiveness of drone destruction, has been developed in Russia, a source told Sputnik on Thursday."

"The test firing of the new munition type is set to take place in the near future, after which it will be demonstrated to potential customers, the source added."

"For the first time in our country, we have managed to install a controlled detonation [mechanism] in a 23-mm caliber ammunition. The development will allow to multiply the effectiveness of hitting small targets such as copters and drones," 


This sounds like a 23 mm version of the AHEAD round. AHEAD [Advanced Hit Efficiency And Destruction] munition. Automatically programmed at the muzzle to: "explode at a precise point on their flight path". See a full and complete description of AHEAD.

"Ahead [sic] rounds aimed at the target’s intercept point. Every projectile is programmed by a muzzle based electromagnetic inductor, which sets an electronic timer to activate and separate the projectile into 152 heavy tungsten metal spin-stabilized sub-projectiles . . . forming a lethal cone shaped metal cloud, placed ahead of the target in its flight path."

AHEAD has been around for decades now. Nothing new. Just that the Russian has now the round in a reduced size caliber.


Saturday, August 19, 2023


This is coolbert:

As with the American B-52 bomber so too with the Soviet era long-range bomber Tu-95!

"More Power for the Mighty 'Bear'"

"The Tu-95 'Bear-H' is getting more power through the latest incarnation of the Kuznretsov NK -12 turboprop"

"ODK [United Engine Corporation] is also working on the NK-12MPM, a further development of the NK-12 turboprop series, with the intention of installing it in the Tu-95MS 'Bear-H' strategic bomber. According to a recent statement by ODK’s parent Rostec corporation, the improved engine gives a boost in take-off performance and payload-range capability . . . To cope with the extra power, the Aerosyla company is working on a redesigned AK-60T propeller that would replace the AV-60K and halve vibration levels."


Regarding the engine NK-12MPM and the need for new propellers: 

"The Tu-95 is one of the loudest military aircraft, particularly because the tips of the propeller blades move faster than the speed of sound."

I suspect the Bear and B-52 both one day might even have a centenary celebration!



This is coolbert:

Yet one more uniformed branch of the U.S government until recently I was not aware of.

"National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps"

As with the Public Health Service consists strictly of those of officer rank. No enlisted personnel or warrant ranks.

"The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps, known informally as the NOAA Corps, is one of eight federal uniformed services of the United States, and operates under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a scientific agency overseen by the Department of Commerce. The NOAA Corps is made up of scientifically and technically trained officers. The NOAA Corps and the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps are the only U.S. uniformed services that consist only of commissioned officers, with no enlisted or warrant officer ranks."

"NOAA Corps officers can be militarized by the President of the United States under the provisions of 33 U.S.C. § 3061"

Mission and duty of NOAA:

"The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a Washington, D.C.–based scientific and regulatory agency within the United States."



This is coolbert:

"Along with the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps, the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is one of two uniformed services that consist only of commissioned officers and has no enlisted or warrant officer ranks, although warrant officers have been authorized for use within the service"

Until just a short time ago was not aware the United States has eight uniformed services. Consider:

"United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps"

"The United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (US PHSCC), also referred to as the Commissioned Corps of the United States Public Health Service, is the uniformed service branch of the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) and one of the eight uniformed services of the United States alongside the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Air Force, Space Force, and the NOAA Corps. The commissioned corps' primary mission is the protection, promotion, and advancement of health and safety of the general public."


"According to 5 U.S.C. § 8331, service in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps after June 30, 1960, is considered military service for retirement purposes. Under 42 U.S.C. § 213, active service in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is considered active military service for the purposes of most veterans' benefits and for anti-discrimination laws."

Public health service has their own decorations and are encouraged to wear military dress. Serve with titles of military rank.

Public health service even having a Presidential Unit Citation award. Distinct and unique decoration not to be confused with the Presidential Unit Citation as is awarded to the conventional war-making military services.

"On 24 September 2015, President Barack Obama presented the Presidential Unit Citation to the officers of the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps for the 2013–2016 Ebola epidemic in West Africa and the United States. On 19 January 2021, President Donald Trump presented the citation to all Commissioned Corps officers serving from 2020 to 2021, for their extraordinary performance of duty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Only officers, no enlisted or warrants. Who waxes and buffs the floors?


Friday, August 18, 2023

AD Guam.

This is coolbert:

Guam! "Where America's Day Begins".

Air defense [AD] Guam! Thwart the potential Chinese military threat! 

Everything you always wanted to know but never asked.

1. "Shadow Patrol from the 36th Security Forces Squadron"

From | NEWS | Sept. 7, 2018.

JET [Jungle Enforcement Team] that element of the USA Air Force Security Force trained in stealthy jungle movement and patrolling during hours of darkness. JET operating the vicinity the inactive Northwest Field and not Andersen AFB proper.

2. "Mysterious Drone Incursions Have Occurred Over U.S. THAAD Anti-Ballistic Missile Battery In Guam"

From | article by TYLER ROGOWAY AND JOSEPH TREVITHICK | NOV 27, 2020.   

"It’s yet another reminder of just how vulnerable highly strategic assets, even air defense systems, are to low-end drones."

3. "Guam’s THAAD missile defense battery will relocate to new Marine Corps base"

From | article by WYATT OLSON | STARS AND STRIPES • May 10, 2022.

"The Army is relocating its THAAD missile defense battery on Guam from Andersen Air Force Base to the nearby Marine Corps base [Camp Blaz] still under construction, according to military officials."

4. "Andersen air base security intercepts drone"

From | Daily Post Staff | Jun 13, 2022.

"Andersen Air Force Base's security personnel interdicted a drone that was detected within military airspace June 11."

Culprits located and detained! Sounds like local mischief makers!

5. "Guam’s Airspace Set To Be Most Defended On Earth In New Plans"

From the "THE WARZONE" via | article by Joseph Trevithick | August 11, 2023.

"Guam is set to gain as many as 20 new air defense sites packed with surface-to-air interceptors, radars, and more as part of a massive defensive upgrade plan."

I might well imagine AD Guam a multiplicity of AD systems to include but not necessarily limited to:  * THAAD  * Aegis Ashore * Patriot * MANPAD * SHORAD * Anti-Drone * C-RAM  * Roving off-shore dedicated Burke class destroyer carrying a dedicated abundance of surface-to-air missiles.

Radars too I think airborne AEW of the Hawkeye or Sentry variety aloft. Radars beyond ground based.

A lot of Milspeak "embrace the suck" stuff here that devoted reader to the blog must investigate further for themselves.



This is coolbert:

Not quite a Sleeping Beauty but we are headed the right direction. Combat canoe Ukraine.

More from | article by H I Sutton | 08 August 2023.

"Ukrainian Special Forces Poloz-M16 Canoe"

Image courtesy the Ukrainian MoD.

"Ukrainian armed forces have been shown testing an indigenous motorized canoe, the Poloz-M16. The two-person design is not typical of military canoes which are most often of the folding kayak type. Instead it is a hard hull type with hard deck and soft covers, and an electric motor at the stern. The crew can also use double-ended kayak style paddles."

"Poloz-M16 is produced by Adamant Shipyard. The canoe was seen armed with a single locally designed UAG-40 40mm grenade launcher. The 18kg [40 pounds] weapon has light recoil, making mounting practical. it is compatible with NATO 40mm grenade ammunition. Range is reported at [about a mile]."

Combat kayak used by the Australian Jaywick raiders the Second World War.

See my previous blog entry naval commando one-man submersible kayak:


Thursday, August 17, 2023


This is coolbert:

At a moment of crisis when determination and will is needed the German falls down?

Agreed upon agreement for NATO constituent states to spend yearly 2 % of GDP on military spending gone by either clever bookkeeping or accounting?

"Germany walks back plan to meet NATO spending target on annual basis"

From Reuters via Yahoo ^ | August 16th, 2023 | Holger Hansen | 8/17/2023.

"BERLIN (Reuters) -The German government has retreated from a plan to legally commit itself to meeting NATO's 2% military spending target on an annual basis, a government source told Reuters on Wednesday. A corresponding clause in a draft of the budget financing law passed by the cabinet of Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Wednesday was deleted at short notice, the source said. The change means that Germany will be able to stick to its current pledge of meeting the 2% target on average over a five-year period"

Those European nations NATO loathe to spend money on defense allocations. The social welfare safety-net system must be maintained by the politician. Guns or butter and butter usually comes out on top that sort of thing.

If nothing the German [and the rest of NATO for that matter] need to really fast replenish stocks of bang-stuff and bang-making stuff and do so more or less on a crash basis. The body is weak and so is the spirit however.

See recent blog entries that topic German defense and war-making budgeting:

Und zu all dem würde General Rommel sagen?


C-19 T3X.

This is coolbert:

Canadian Rangers the far north have their new weapons. As of 2018.

Ancient and venerable but still highly effective for arctic conditions the British SMLE rifle gone. Replaced by the C-19 rifle. SMLE = Short Magazine Lee Enfield.

Go see the You Tube video and all thanks to You Tube:

"Members of 5th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (5 CPRG) were issued their C-19 rifles last week, in Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador. This video shows the classroom training on the rifle, to ensure that proper use, handling and safety are maintained." See the wiki entry the Rangers.

"ranger: noun - A wanderer; a rover. A member of an armed troop employed in patrolling a specific region."

Regarding the Canadian Rangers:

* Their mission: "They regularly conduct surveillance, sovereignty patrols (SOVPATS), and inspections of the North Warning System. They also act as guides, scouts, and subject-matter experts in such disciplines as wilderness survival"

* Canadian active-duty military units operating the arctic far north in danger from attack by the great white bear of the north, the polar bear. Canadian rangers acting in the role of predator control saviors to rescue, thwarting off attack by the beast.

* C-19 rifle not chambered for the .303 SMLE round. C-19 also the non-detachable magazine holding ten rounds. Same as the SMLE.

* Weapon does include some useful and well thought out modifications and features that make it ideal for arctic conditions.


Wednesday, August 16, 2023


This is coolbert:

See all these very short but informative You Tube video, naval tactics. All entries via "Kings and Generals". 

Crossing the T.

Crossing the T. The counter.

Naval ram. Ram: "The weapon comprised an underwater prolongation of the bow of the ship to form an armored beak, usually between 2 and 4 meters (6–12 ft) in length. This would be driven into the hull of an enemy ship to puncture, sink or disable it." You go to the bottom Ben Hur style.

German WW2 submarine wolfpack.


* Read from previous blog entries here and here another way of countering Crossing the T. Innovative practiced technique of the German High Seas fleet twice used at Jutland.

* It is often suggested that the advanced German World War Two submarine Type XXI had a war-winning potential. Read this discussion from a previous blog entry within context of the Wolfpack tactic that says this is not so.