Tuesday, October 30, 2018


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Egg-on-face, Russian style.

"have egg on face - - To be suffering embarrassment as a result of some public failure or faux pas."

From the Russian media outlet Russian Times [RT].

"Russia’s largest floating dock sinks, while nation’s sole aircraft carrier still inside"

"Four workers were injured and one is missing as Russia’s largest floating dock quickly went underwater. Its tower crane fell 15 meters, crashing on the country’s only aircraft carrier and piercing a hole in its hull."

Kuznetsov to the bottom! But only indirectly so!

This is the type of  event if having occurred during the Cold War would have classified by the Soviets as a state secret TOP SECRET and known only to a few. In the old Soviet Union planes did not fall out of the sky, ships did not sink, trains die not collide, cars did not run into one another. Those sorts of things only occurred in capitalist nations such as the USA.

The Soviet battleship Novorossiysk having spontaneously exploded while in port, docked, sunk, a mystery never solved



Monday, October 29, 2018


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From Harry at Sharkhunters some info regarding the American submarine force as envisioned for the future.

Virginia class submarine [replacing the Los Angeles class] already a done deal and already at-sea and on patrol.

Columbia class construction of which on-order, to commence in a few years. [replacing the Ohio class missile-firing ballistic missile boats]

Consider also the future of the American submarine force. None of this I was aware of.

"SUPER SUBMARINES – The US Navy plans to develop two new classes of submarine, according to Congressional analysis of the sea service’s shipbuilding plan for 2019. The cost of designing and building five of the new ‘Large Payload Submarine’ cruise missile submarines and 30 of the new SSN(X) attack submarines could set the American tax payers back some $200 Billion by 2048."

Details courtesy this article as seen at the Internet web site The National Interest"

"The Navy's New Submarine Plan Is In. Take a Look."

"Designing and building five of the new Large Payload Submarine cruise-missile subs and 30 of the new SSN(X) attack submarines could set back U.S. taxpayers $200 billion by 2048."

With regard to the "Large Payload Submarine cruise-missile subs" mission of which is to fire a stupendous barrage of cruise-missiles. Four current Ohio class submarines already having a capability. Newer submarines as on-the-drawing-board their design specifically for such a dedicated mission.

"[Large Payload Submarine] based on the Columbia-class hull with its missile tube section reconfigured to perform whatever missions the Navy might want"

Furthermore the SSN(X) submarine an attack boat more suited to wage undersea-warfare, submarine versus submarine, conventional torpedo attack in the ancient and venerable manner.

"the next-generation attack submarine should be faster, stealthier and able to carry more torpedoes than the Virginia class"

Thank you for the input Harry. Note also no diesel/electric boat or Air-independent-propulsion.


Sunday, October 28, 2018


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War! What is it good for?

Good for the birds? At least during war-time in England it has been.

We have to be perfectly clear what we are talking about here.

Shooting of ground-dwelling game birds in England a popular sport. Was one hundred years ago and is now.

Introduced species such as pheasant released in vast numbers on a yearly basis. A prey in-the-sights-of during season by zealous shot-gun wielding hunting enthusiasts. Native grouse also a popular target for the wild-game crowd. Oddball species such as the woodcock also a popular bird highly prized for the table.

Large landed estates of the English upper-class gentry and specified game preserves during peace time employing a small army of game keepers. The game keeper their mission to ward off out-of-season poachers AND SHOOT RAPTORS.

Raptors those birds-of-prey their quarry to include the game birds so highly prized by the hunting set.

Raptors [eagles, falcons, harriers, hawks] shot on sight, no warning given. Raptors seen as A PEST TO BE ELIMINATED.

Indeed, prior to the Great War [WW1] some species of raptors in England having gone extinct in the wild, such large  numbers of the birds shot dead, again, ON-SIGHT no mercy ever given or thought to conservation or preservation. Game birds YES, raptors NEVER!

From the book "The Meaning of Birds" by Barnes. "War is often good for wildlife. Humans concentrate more on killing each other than on killing birds. So the two world ware were good news for British birds of prey. There were fewer gamekeepers on the ground because many were called up, and the whole country had other priorities - - and better uses for ammunition than sport."

Makes sense. Game keepers either volunteering or conscripted for the military their numbers greatly reduced on the "landed estates" and "game preserves", raptors for a period of years allowed to increase and multiply their kind. Human decimation of various species radically reduced. A more sound, sustainable and healthy environment the result.

Thank you war?


Friday, October 26, 2018


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The gryfalcon. The most prized of all the raptors. From the standpoint of the falconer the acme of perfection.

Place this blog entry in the miscellany category, a curiosity and oddity, but not so excessively so. Thanks to the tip from a recent edition of the National Geographic magazine.

Horse racing generally acknowledged as the "Sport of Kings" but consider falconry a close second!

From the time of the Crusades birds as carried with royalty, a symbol of power and wealth. Valued by the Crusader AND THE SARACEN BOTH [Muslims during that period of the Crusades referred to as Saracens].

A gyrfalcon [jer-falcon] belonging to King Philip I of Spain when having gotten loose and captured by the Saracens, the famous Islamic warrior Saladin REFUSING a ransom of a princely sum literally so to be paid for the return of the falcon.

"They were used in the Crusades and were political pawns in wars. Saladin refused to return the 'white gyrfalcon owned by King Philip I [?] of Spain [?]' when it got loose during the Siege of Acre."

One-thousand ducats as offered for the return of the gyrfalcon that amount again refused by Saladin.

By my calculations that amount of one-thousand ducats worth about $160,000 USD as current value!!

All that for one bird! The Saracen and Saladin in particular taking I might assume their perspective the desertion an omen of good, more than anything else retaining the bird as a symbol of good fortune!


Thursday, October 25, 2018


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Here with the Chinese answer to the MQ-25?


"How China's New Missile Concept Could Cripple American Air Power"

"The PL-XX has an very long range [air-air missile] to target the tankers and other support aircraft that form the backbone of American air power."

"PL-XX appears similar in concept to the Soviet K-100 missile. Developed by Novator, the K-100 was unique among air-to-air missiles in being a two stage missile, using a booster rocket from the ground-based S-300 surface-to-air missile to give it range of 186 miles."

With regard to the K-100: "The Novator KS-172 is a Russian air-to-air missile designed as an 'AWACS killer' at ranges up to 400 km. [250 miles]. The missile has had various names during its troubled history, including K-100"


Deny the American aircraft-carrier combat aviation units in a Sea-Air battle access to air-refueling tankers and you have a war-winning measure for the Chinese?


Wednesday, October 24, 2018


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Continuing with material as germane to the previous stealth blog entries as seen here and here.

See this video courtesy You Tube the topic of which was the Tacit Blue program. A fly-able demonstrator model [not an unmanned remotely-controlled drone] curved-surface stealth aircraft the original mission as envisioned was surveillance of the battlefield at the very point of contact between two opposing forces. Tacit Blue aircraft referred to as the Whale! It says the demonstrator model now on display at the USAF Museum, Dayton, Ohio, USA? This I do not remember seeing during my most recent visit earlier this year.

As described Tacit Blue unconditionally unstable with regard to yaw [heading] and pitch [up/down motion].

Until the advent of the U.S. Navy MQ-25 [Stingray] Tacit a stealth technology thought to be out of date? But has been resurrected with a new mission in mind, aerial refueling of naval aviation, carrier-borne.With regard to technology better late than never?

Good luck Stingray! 


Houthi Navy.

This is coolbert:

"cock·le - - noun: cockleshell 2. a small shallow boat."

Strangely enough [?] the Houthi rebels, Yemeni hill tribesmen NOW even possessing a naval capability. That Strait of Bab al-Mandab crucial to regional and international oceanic commerce.

From the Internet web site of H. I. Sutton and as extracted an entire article devoted to the Houthi navy to the extent such an entity exists.

"Houthi Naval capabilities"

"The Houthis have increasingly adopted an asymmetrical naval doctrine focusing on small boats and shore based anti-ship missiles. They have been aided and influenced by Iranian forces. The strategy has scored some modest successes but the advantage remains with the well-equipped Saudi-UAE coalition."

Houthi cockleshell-navy threat currently as existing and consisting of:

* Low Profile Vessel (LPV).

* Explosive Boats.

* Sea Mines.

* Combat Swimmers.

* Other vessels.

Explosive boats as described a remotely-controlled speed boat packed with high-explosive. Ram a target and explode! The improvised-explosive-device [IED] naval version!

Real-time screen capture [as of only yesterday and thanks to maritimetraffic.com] maritime traffic vicinity Strait of Bab al- Mandab. A crucial choke-point yesterday, tomorrow, forever. Maritime traffic [red and green arrows] moving to and fro, Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Click on image to see an enlarged view.

Houthi naval threat even if NO DAMAGE EVER DONE  to a naval or merchant vessel the danger boosting insurance rates making transport by sea in that part of the world  cost-prohibitive!

The Houthi if nothing else resilient and resourceful.


Tuesday, October 23, 2018


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Good to go now rather than better tomorrow?

Consider various links the topic of which is Tacit Blue. Original fly-able stealth aviation technology from forty years ago now.

Technology and design concepts as incorporated into the U.S. Navy drone MQ-25.

"Northrop Tacit Blue - Wikipedia"

"The Northrop Tacit Blue was a technology demonstrator aircraft created to demonstrate that a low-observable stealth surveillance aircraft with a low probability of intercept radar and other sensors could operate close to the forward line of battle with a high degree of survivability."

Tacit Blue the concept NOT selected as adequate to meet stealth requirements as envisioned at the time. The Lockheed Nighthawk [F-117] with faceted surface chose instead. Nighthawk no longer in the inventory, now retired. BUT TACIT BLUE STILL GOING STRONG?

Warplanes stealth of such aerodynamic complexity cannot be manually flown but with great difficulty. Unconditionally unstable and constantly needing correction while in flight beyond the ability of a human pilot. Additional and continuous computer corrections needed.

A human in the loop as they say but with a lotta on board computer adjunct support.


Friday, October 19, 2018


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From the outstanding Internet web site "War is Boring" several articles the topic of which is the latest U.S. Naval aviation UAV warplane. MQ-25 Stingray.


1. "The U.S. Navy’s New Carrier Drone Borrows 1970s Stealth"

"MQ-25 shows Tacit Blue's influence"

"The U.S. Navy’s new MQ-25 Stingray aerial-refueling drone bears an uncanny resemblance to an experimental U.S. military plane from the late 1970s. And that similarity could point to the way for the Stingray’s potential evolution from a tanker into a stealthy surveillance and strike aircraft."

Finished and flying product [MQ-25] top. Tacit Blue stealth concept shown below. Curved surfaces for stealth and not a faceted surface [as was the F-117]. Tacit Blue was a fly-able aircraft [image as shown not having a proper scale] but very unstable.

2. "After 20 Years, the U.S. Navy Finally Buys a Carrier Drone"

"How will the MQ-25 evolve?"

"The U.S. Navy on Aug. 30, 2018 chose Chicago-based Boeing to build the sailing branch’s first carrier-launched unmanned aerial vehicle."

"In choosing Boeing to build the MQ-25 Stingray multi-mission tanker, the Navy has opened the next major chapter in a story that began in the mid-1990s, when the sailing branch worked alongside the U.S. Air Force to develop a fighter-like drone."

This is a stealth warplane based on OLDER technology [1970] but still do-able now and effective to the extent needed. GOOD TO GO NOW RATHER THAN BETTER TOMORROW!


Thursday, October 18, 2018


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From the Internet web site Press Reader and the article as seen in the Chicago Tribune the American Central Intelligence Agency honors some deceased operatives.

"Fog Lifted for CIA smokejumpers"

"Spy agency honors early casualties of 'secret war' in Laos."

"They were young firefighters-turned-CIA operatives working thousand of miles from home in a remote area of Southeast Asia . . .. David Bevan, Darrell Eubanks and John Lewis, all their their mid-20's, were on a mission to drop supplies to anti-Communist forces in what was then known as the Kingdom of Laos."

Persons as recruited an selected for air-crop missions over Laos those most suitable personnel found among those forest firefighters known as smokejmpers.

"A smokejumper is a wildland firefighter who parachutes into a remote area to combat wildfires. Smokejumpers are most often deployed to fires that are extremely remote."

"(The) CIA specifically invited/recruited smokejumpers into the covert operations business for several reasons: 1) We were damned good looking. 2) we didn't get airsick. 6) We were not active duty military 9) We were deniable. 10 ) Did I mention that we were good looking?"

Smokejumpers men of proven and demonstrable courage and ability of which there was no doubt. Ideal recruits for air-drop missions over unfriendly territory! At least the CIA thought so.

Fighting a forest fire about as close as you can get to combat without having the presence of an enemy shooting at you? Add parachutist to that list of analogous aspects.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018


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Sunni versus Shia but much more than that?

The civil war in Yemen continues unabated apparently without any end in sight. As in Syria the presence of foreign military interventionists a major factor in the conflict.

Without regard to only those in the Saudi coalition arrayed against the Houthi rebels and as extracted from the South Front Internet web site:


"Let’s count the countries, which have participated in the activities of the Saudi-led coalition, and define their roles."

Nations part and parcel of the Saudi coalition to include:

* Saudi Arabia.
* United Arab Emirates (UAE).
* Bahrein.
* Kuwait.
* Qatar.
* Jordan.
* Morocco.
* Egypt.
* Senegal.
* Sudan.

Understanding full well the contributions of each nation other than Saudi rather limited and sometimes only consisting of promises not kept.

Houthi fighters pose in front of the destroyed armored wheeled vehicle  That vehicle with slat armor but still vulnerable to a lightly-armed but still determined adversary 

"The US, some NATO countries, Turkey and others were involved in secondary roles. Their main goals are logistics, reconnaissance, arms delivery, moral support etc. but, according to some reports, the US Armed Forces have taken and are taking a limited role in clashes at the Saudi-Yemeni border."

"Secondary" roles but I might think much more significant that realized.


Yemen a regional conflict with potential global geo-political ramifications? Strait of Bab al-Mandeb and all that!



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One man, many weapons!

The Winged Hussars of the Polish cavalry I was familiar with.

The Leatherjackets [Soldados de Cuero] of New Spain I was not familiar with. [Spanish colonial possessions in North and South America referred to as New Spain]

Cavalry of the period each horseman in both cases carrying a mélange of weaponry.

 "mélange - - n. A mixture"

Poles carrying: * Lance * saber * rapier * musket * pistol * bow and arrow * war hammer.

One man, many weapons!

That Spanish soldado his multiplicity of weaponry to include: * short musket * a pair of pistols * bow and arrows * a short sword * a lance.

Again, one man, many weapons!

Armor also integral to the heavy cavalryman of the time. Poles wearing a metal helmet, metal breast plate and metal gauntlets.

Soldado carrying a small shield [buckler] and wearing a jacket consisting of seven thick layers of leather Leatherjackets!

"though leather was of course well known back into the Spanish colonial days the Southwest....the Soldados de Cuero (leatherjackets) wore these to stop Apache arrows"

Soldado rated as BEST horsemen in the world. Stirrups in the Mongol manner a platform allowing for the horseman to stand up while riding.

Read at this web site the advantage to be gained for the rider using a stirrup of the "Mongol" variety.



Monday, October 15, 2018


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Some damn fool thing in the Balkans?

All of this is rather strange. At least to me.

From the Russia Insider Internet web site. Russia Insider I had not heard of before. Some sort of Moscow government controlled media akin to RT and Sputnik?

"NATO Welcomes Another Military Midget"

"Today the transatlantic alliance [NATO] has descended into farce. Earlier this year, NATO invited the small Balkans country of Macedonia to join its ranks. In what now passes for the historic 'Great Game' in Europe, officials anxiously awaited the results of Macedonia’s referendum on a national name change. Approval would allow the Western alliance to augment its collective forces by an astounding 8,000 men and 31 tanks."

Macedonia the nation-state desiring entry into the European Union and eventual membership into the NATO alliance.

All this abhorrent to the Russian? That referendum not even including 50 % of the voting public and is not going to be binding?

See other Internet web sites and articles here and here the topic of which was a variety of outsider machinations. Macedonia as a strategic factor in Balkan and European calculations I think to many the very idea is amusing. But no?

Some damn fool thing in the Balkans must be taken in the context of Sarajevo, the Archduke and his wife, 1914! Hardly that we might never forget.



Friday, October 12, 2018


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Australians now at odds with the French? Shortfin now fini? Soryu yes Barracuda no? I thought this was a done deal!

From the story as seen at Freeper.

"Aussies At Impasse With France Over New Sub; Japan May Win"

"You don’t often think about France and Australia, unless you really know your history and know that a French explorer arrived in the Antipodes days after the First Fleet arrived from Britain and that much of the vast continent was surveyed by French sailors. But France and Australia may grow much closer . . .  if they can sign a strategic partnership agreement to clear the path for work on a stealthy attack submarine known as the Shortfin Barracuda. That is beginning to look less likely, with French and Australian politicians and policymakers increasingly questioning the program."

"France and Australia must resolve major differences over the Aussie’ new submarine program before a new Australian government is elected next year, and the most obvious alternative is Japan."

A$50 billion [Australian dollars] contract at stake here? NO chump change as they say.

See previous blog entries the topic of which was the next-generation RAN submarine. Royal Australian Navy having decided first on the French model Shortfin Barracuda but now the impasse?





This is coolbert:

To war with insect! Cyborg style!

"Cyborg - - A cyborg short for "cybernetic organism" is a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts"

"Cyborg insect! Beyond micro-drone. A weapon of war."

Thanks to Freeper and the original story from Live Science.

"The Pentagon Wants to Make an Army of Virus-Spreading Insects. Scientists Are Concerned."

"Pentagon research project called 'Insect Allies.' Funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the project involves using gene-editing techniques like CRISPR to infect insects with modified viruses that could help make America's crops more resilient."

HAS THE POTENTIALITY AS A BIO WEAPON VECTOR [vector an organism, typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.]. IF YOU CAN USE THESE CYBORG TO MAKE AMERICAN CROPS MORE "RESILIENT" YOU CAN ALSO USE TO MAKE CROPS OF AN ENEMY LESS RESILIENT!

The future is NOW too! These cyborg insects already commercially available.


DWI Darwin.

This is coolbert:

Another American military man behaving badly. Aussies beware.

"Head of US marine force in Darwin stood down for drink-driving on nightclub strip"

Thanks to the tip from Freeper and the story by Jacqueline Breen courtesy ABC.

"The head of the US marine force stationed in the Top End [Darwin] has been relieved of his command for drink-driving on Darwin's nightclub strip."

"Colonel James Schnelle, 48, appeared in Darwin Local Court this morning, charged with medium-range drink-driving."

Charged and evidently relieved of command. Pending conviction? That is not clear? Nonetheless the man removed from his position.

Be ashamed. Be very ashamed. Setting a poor example for the lower ranking and younger men.

See previous blog entry [with further links] the topic the USMC contingent stationed Darwin:



Thursday, October 11, 2018


This is coolbert:

C^3 = Command, control. communications.

Again belatedly so from that latest edition of the DEBKAfile news letter:

"Syria's S-300s will be integrated in Russia's national nuclear C^3 command and control system"

3 October.

"When Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Oct. 2 that the 'unified' S-300 air defense systems in Syria will be installed in Syria by Oct. 20, he meant its integration in the Russian homeland system. That is the real import of Moscow's response to the downing of its Il-20 spy plane on Sept. 17 . . . Putin seized on the disaster to establish in Syria an advanced air defense weapons system linked not only to the Russian Khmeimim Air Base in Latakia, but integrated in Russia's own C^3 command, control and communications system against nuclear attack."

During the era of the Cold War Soviet air defense referred to as PVO Strany. Air Defense of the Homeland. That combined force of surface-air missiles, manned interceptors, radars and anti-aircraft -artillery.

PVO now gone since the time of having merged with the Russian Air Force.

Syria and Russian air defense now a combined and unified entity with robustness that cannot be denied. A regional threat beyond mere borders!

Unprecedented and ominous and obviously of concern to the Israeli primarily so?



This is coolbert:

Dress rehearsal? A show of force? Iranian missiles and drones with an impressive demonstration of regional reach and capability.

Belatedly from that latest edition of the DEBKAfile news letter:

1. "Rev Guards fire 8 missiles from Iran against ISIS in E. Syria"
1 October.

"Tehran state media reported that on Monday, Oct. 1 IRGC missiles targeted the 'headquarters of the terrorists' [Islamic State] east of the Euphrates in Syria in reprisal for their attack on a military parade in Ahvaz on Sept. 8, which killed 30 people and injured scores. The missiles were fired from the Iranian Kurdish region of Kermanshah. It was the second time in three weeks that the Revolutionary Guards had fired surface missiles from their base in Kermanshah at a target outside Iran."

2. "Strategic breakthrough for Iran in unimpeded drone-missile attack on E. Syria"
2 October.

"Neither Israel nor the US intervened when Iran broke new strategic ground on Monday, Oct. 1 by sending a squadron of 11 stealth UAVs to attack ISIS [Islamic State] in E. Syria . . . The attack drones were greater cause for concern than the 8 surface missiles the Revolutionary Guards launched from their base in Kermanshah in western Iran. Like the missiles, the assault drones cut through Iraqi air space to their targets in Syria without asking Baghdad for permission, but, unlike the missiles, they also returned to home base by the same route unhindered."


See also this War is Boring Internet web site article the topic of which is the Iranian UAV program.


Korean War VIII.

This is coolbert:


Final link to the You Tube video the topic being the Korean War:

"Korean War - PART 31, Who won the war?"

"Some Korean people discuss their feelings about the war..."

As to the Korean War, who lost and who won:

* North Korea definitely lost the war. Too much death and destruction for what was gained.

* South Korea definitely lost the war. Too much death and destruction for what was gained.

* The United States lost the war. Too much death and expenditure of resources for what was gained. Goal of unifying Korea under the flag of the United Nation Command not achieved.

* Communist China lost the war. Too much death and expenditure of resources for what was gained. Goal of unifying Korea under the banner of Red Communism not achieved.

* The Soviet Union lost the war. Intrigues of Stalin thwarted. Kim in the aftermath of the war more independent of Stalin and the Soviet Union and Communist China both I would think much to the chagrin of Moscow and Peking..

* Japan indirectly won the war. American protective posture assurance more or less guaranteed. Long-term American commitment in Asia a result of the war.

* Nationalist China indirectly won the war. American protective posture assurance more or less guaranteed. Long-term American anti-communist commitment in Asia a result of the war.

* America too indirectly WON THE WAR! Cold War adversaries so impressed [and frightened?] with American resolve in Korea further attempts by hostile powers [communist] to provoke an additional and much-wider scale "hot war" [such as in Europe] muted and averted.

* South Korea [ROK] too in the long-run WON the war! It took many decades but the South Korea story of economic development and now democracy robust perhaps one of the most remarkable stories in the entire history of mankind! Can someone suggest or find a historical parallel or equivalent?

The end! Now we know where we have been we have a better idea of how we got here [Korean Crisis] and to an extent where we are going?? I am not sure.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Korean War VII.

This is coolbert:

Further links to the You Tube video the topic of which is the Korean War:

"Korean War - PART 26, Koje-do POW Camp"

"The commander of Kojedo Island POW camp, General Dodd, is captured by his own prisoners. He promised to stop forced 'screening' of POWs. He was relieved of command upon release."

* Chinese communist prisoners-of-war took the Koje-do camp over. Captured and held hostage the American general in charge of the camp.

* Chinese Communist Forces [CCF] Red Army commissars voluntarily and with quite deliberate intent surrendering to the American military. Object to gain access to Chinese army troops held captive by the United Nations command. Commissars their goal to organize communist troops for resistance of whatever nature was possible.

* Larry Wu-Tai Chin the Chinese Communist spy one of the most devastating spies in all of history. Larry by the estimate of the CIA a man single-handedly prolonging the Korea War by at least a year!

* Germ warfare allegations continue to this day but are a HOAX. Commie agitation and propaganda [agit-prop] effective even unto this very day!

* American machinations to remove Rhee an operation code-named Ever-Ready. AGAIN RHEE SEEN AS A LOOSE CANNON.

"loose can·non - - noun - - an unpredictable or uncontrolled person who is likely to cause unintentional damage."

"Korean War - PART 27, Denouement"

"denouement - - n. The conclusion or resolution of a plot"

"The war is coming close to an end. Close to 5 million refugees live in the South. Millions of children were abandoned. The vast disparity between the relative wealth of the foreigners in South Korea and the great poverty of the Korean population, in their own country, stands out."

* 5 million refugees [1 million abandoned children] in South Korea. A tremendous strain on the entire society.

* South Korea not a wealthy country BEFORE the war. Conditions during the war exacerbated by millions of refugees for which there was no accommodation. The separation of families between North and South continues almost seventy years later.

"Korean War - PART 28, End of the War"

"President Syngman Rhee releases North Korean POWs to derail the armistice talks (6:25). The Armistice talks go into the final phases. Operation 'Little Switch', the first big exchange of prisoners, takes place. In the meantime, the war goes on."

* Rhee continues with misguided and counter-productive efforts to disrupt armistice talk. Releases North Korean POW on his own initiative.

* Armistice when finally signed done without the participation of Rhee.

* Both sides of the war attempting to gain an upper hand during truce negotiations. Combat continuing while talks in progress. That demilitarized zone [DMZ] the demarcation line as to be set where the fighting had stopped.

* When armistice talks concluded, the adversaries more or less in the same location as when the war started. A stalemate without reasonable amelioration.

"Korean War - PART 29, Two Koreas...again"

"The political regimes of both the DPRK and the ROK consolidate and solidify their control over their respective parts of Korea after the war. Kim Il Sung purges political rivals in the north, while Syngman Rhee plays his own political games in the south."

* Kim purging his own Communist party of Stalinist elements! Those continuing to be loyal to the Soviet. Kim becomes his own man!

* Rhee unfortunately ruling in the manner of the strong-man, an autocrat who brooks no opposition. Protruding nails will be hammered is the expression most applicable..

* Some Chinese POW under UNC control mutilating or tattooing their bodies in defiance, evidence of their refusing repatriation to mainland China.

"Korean War - PART 30, Post-War Korea"

"The war ends with Korea still divided."

* Economic miracle of South Korea in the aftermath of the war undeniable.

* North Korea their rebuilding also remarkable, but at great cost societal-wise.

More to follow!


Korean War VI.

This is coolbert:

Still yet more links to the You Tube video the topic of which is the Korean War:

"Korean War - PART 21, Prisoners of War [1]"

"The Gloucesters of the British 29th Brigade are taken prisoner of war after the battle of the Imjin River in April, 1951. The war stabilizes at around the 38th parallel, and the two sides agree to negotiate in the summer of 1951"

* Korea the last war British Commonwealth Forces fought as part of a single integrated command.

* Communist treatment of UNC POW must be thought of as beyond mere incarceration. Also an educational process.

* The last two years of the war the status of prisoners of war [POW] and repatriation of POW a central issue of negotiations between the warring parties. The Korean War basically a single year of movement followed by several years of wrangling over an armistice and POW repatriation.

* See prior blog entry the experience of Sir Michael Caine the actor during his service in Korea.

"Korean War - PART 22, Bombing of North Korea"

"This episode details the UN bombing campaign over North Korea and the results for the people on the ground. The majority of civilians killed in the Korean War were killed in North Korea by air attack. (This segment on the bombing of North Korea was censored from the US version of this documentary.)."

* That American strategic bombing effort the target North Korean cities far greater than what I had thought.

* Tactical air campaign Operation Strangle the results of which were inconclusive.

* Strategic bombing did not work in Korea. 600,000 tons of bombs. 2 million civilians dead in North Korea but the adversary still not capitulating.

"Korean War - PART 23, Prisoners of War [2]"

"Truce talks continue as the war goes on. The Battle of Heartbreak Ridge (known to the North Koreans as 'The Battle of Height 1211') in October 1951 was Verdun-style trench warfare, albeit with perhaps more fire-and-maneuver than the Great War battle. The North Koreans believe that this was the toughest battle of the war"

* United Nations forces thought to be more prepared and adept at trench style warfare in the manner of combat ala' World War I.

* American air force prepared for use of atomic weapons. This was Hudson Harbor. Repeated demonstrations to intimidate the communist leadership. Use of atomic weapons was indeed a possible.

* Chinese Communist treatment of UNC POW more correct and humane.

"Korean War - PART 24 Geojedo POW camp [3]"

"The Western prisoners' Chinese captors attempt to 're-educate' them, and try to get the POWs to question their countries' involvement in the war"

* American military promulgates the Code of Conduct in the aftermath of the Korean War. The behavior of some American military personnel while in communist captivity found to be wanting and remedial measures taken.

* American POW nearly a thousand of them sent to the Soviet Union for Nuclear/Chemical/Biological warfare experimentation.

* North Korean/Chinese/Soviet efforts at re-education of UNC POW yielding scant results it would appear for the amount of effort as expended.

* American soldiers found to be deficient in their knowledge of chain-of-command.Again, performance of some American troops in communist captivity found to be lacking.

* Behavior of communist POW under control of UNC "an example how POW should behave to create maximum nuisance value". A military best.

"Korean War - PART 25, Germ Warfare"

"The North Koreans and Chinese alleged that the USA dropped disease-infected insects on North Korea and China in 1952."

* Insects used as biological warfare vectors during winter not a do-able?

* Those North Korean propaganda films showing personnel testing for germ agents those lab technicians not taking precautionary protective measures .

* Accusation of germ warfare when made difficult if not impossible to disprove.

More to follow!


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Korean War V.

This is coolbert:

Yet still more links to the You Tube video the topic of which is the Korean War:

"Korean War - PART 16, The Low Point"

"200,000 PLA troops roll back the UN army from North Korea. 10 PLA divisions slam into the 8th Army in the west, sending them back to the south. The war is going very badly for the UN forces, as a major Chinese intervention was not foreseen"

* Communist Chinese Forces [CCF] known even in the fall of 1950 to number more like 300,000 troops the immediate area of the Manchurian/Korean border.

* The Chinese offensive consisting of Phase One [early November] and Phase Two [late November].

* CCF units at that exact moment probably the BEST light infantry in the world.  Experienced, motivated, hardened, resolute. As was the North Korean soldier in June 1950 so was the CCF soldier in November 1950. American troops far outclassed in some instances?

* Chinese soldiers fully well understand not impervious to extreme cold. Probably suffering worse than UNC personnel.

"Korean War - PART 17, Winter of 1950 / Atrocities"

"The US Marines of the 10th Corps fight their way out of the Chinese envelopment, helped by uncontested control of the air. The retreat was orderly, unlike the 'bug-out' in the west."

* Bug-out as to leave quickly. In the Korean context American troops in some instances retiring from the battlefield in a less than orderly and planned manner.

* U.S. Army RCT [Regimental Combat Team] 31 more or less obliterated east of the Chosin reservoir. Twenty-four hundred men at the start of the battle [28 November], four days later only four-hundred men left standing!!

* UNC forces betrayed by treachery of the worst possible sort. The spy ring of Philby/Burgess/MacLean passing secrets of inestimable value to the communist during this period.

"Korean War - PART 18, Retreat from the North"

"General Walton Walker is killed in a jeep accident in North Korea. The 10th Corps leaves North Korea. Humiliated, the UN forces destroy as much as they can in their retreat out of North Korea"

* Only two nations in the history of warfare [U.S. and Great Britain] have demonstrated a capacity to execute a reverse amphibious operation while under pressure and done so in an organized manner, not a disastrous pell mell retreat. The evacuation of X Corps from Wonsan such an instance.

"Korean War - PART 19, Hard fighting"

"The combined Chinese/North Korean forces try to defeat the UN in South Korea. Ridgeway's [sic] change of strategy meant that the UN forces would hold ground, relinquish it, then counterattack with superior air and artillery support"

* Matt Ridgway the only senior American combat commander in Korea who seems to have emerged from the conflict with his reputation more or less intact.

* Measures as implemented by Ridgway to counter the massed human-wave attacks of the Chinese called "Meatgrinder".

"Korean War - PART 20, MacArthur is Fired"

"MacArthur is fired due to his criticism of US president, Truman"

* MacArthur wanting to widen the war into Manchuria. MacArthur wanting to use the atomic bomb. MacArthur also wanting to "lay down" a radioactive cobalt layer on the border between Manchuria and Korea. MacArthur also wanting to commit Nationalist Chinese troops to the fray.

* Douglas MacArthur unfortunately having a big mouth and openly critical of American military policy in Korea. A big mouth and openly critical and expressing himself too frequently. His dismissal a sad ending to an illustrious career.

More to follow!


Korean War IV.

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Continuing yet further with more links from a You Tube video the topic of which is the Korean War:

"Korean War - PART 11, I Landings (August 1950)Incheon"

"The Incheon landings of Operation Chromite effectively turns around the disaster for the UN forces."

* Japanese personnel [in a civilian capacity] participating in the Incheon landings. Those Japanese having an intimate knowledge of the tidal conditions present Incheon. [second most extreme tidal conditions in the world!]

* Naval assets and merchant vessels as devoted to Chromite their world-wide movement to vicinity of Incheon apparently not detected by communist intelligence?

"Korean War - PART 12, Breakout: Sept. 1950-"

"The 8th US Army and the 10th US Corps link up on September 22nd, and are successful in capturing Seoul. North Korean atrocities are discovered upon the recapture of South Korean territory." .

* Seoul changing hands four times during the war. A capital city of a nation [ROK] more or less obliterated by constant and unremitting combat.

"Korean War - PART 13, To the 38th Parallel and beyond-"

"The South Korean army crosses the 38th parallel, and MacArthur soon follows, without much thought to the consequences with China."

* Pursue your enemy, allowing the foe no let or surcease. Do not allow the adversary to reconstitute as an organized fighting units. Sound military doctrine.

"Korean War - PART 14, China enters-"

"Here (at 3:52), the French journalist, Philippe Daudy, addresses the Americans' use of the term, 'gook' in the Korean War. Also in this episode: Secretary of the Army [State] George C. Marshall is concerned that the US public will not understand that ideas of 'winning' and 'losing' are not exactly applicable to a limited war, like Korea."

* Gook that word derogatory in nature a derivation of the Korean words for American person [Mi-guk] and Korean person [Han-guk]

* Indeed, the American public having thought such a conflict as Korea with the ground combat would never occur again. NOR was victory as understood within the context of the Second World War possible.

* Once more [twice in a period of less than six months] MacArthur and Far East Command caught with their pants down, surprised by the Chinese onslaught. Very experienced and competent commander and staff again flummoxed and made to look very bad!

* See the previously highly classified American CIA document item # 1 the numbers of CCF troops as close to the Manchurian/Korean border and their intention as made manifest.

"Korean War- PART 15, The Rout of the UN"

"MacArthur asks the US Air Force to make good on its promise to obliterate the Chinese forces now routing the UN armies out of North Korea. President Truman is afraid of widening the war, and asks that bombing be restricted to Korea to avoid a wider war."

* That number of North Koreans killed by American saturation bombing prodigious. Estimated to be as many as two million?

 * MacArthur his his pronouncement that the war might be over by Christmas neither a boast or a declaration. "If all goes according to plan some of the boys might be home for Christmas." If! Some! Might! Devoted readers to the blog make your own determination.

More to follow!


Friday, October 5, 2018

Korean War III.

This is coolbert:

Continuing with links to the You Tube video the topic the Korean War:

"Korean War - PART 6, The First Weeks (June, July 1950"

"In the first few weeks of the North Korean attack of June 1950, the USA changes its defense policy in East Asia to include defending South Korea and Taiwan from attack."

* The American Seventh Fleet interposing in the Formosa [Taiwan] Strait between Red China and Taiwan. [protection of the Nationalist government on Formosa guaranteed with conditions].

* South Korean army units [more of a constabulary force as that term understood] understandably not able to withstand massed formations of advancing T-34 tanks. Retreat and regroup the only option and this done repeatedly. Often retreat in a routed and disorganized manner. This again somewhat understandably so.

* The Soviet delegation as part and parcel of the United Nations Security Council boycotting all proceedings totally absent from UN deliberations to send a UN combat force to Korea in response to the North Korean invasion.

"Korean War - PART 7, The First Weeks (June, July 1950"

"In this episode is a detailed description of the USA's first land battle involving Task Force [TF]  Smith, and the ill-preparedness of US soldiers who thought they were in Korea to just make a show of force."

* Task Force Smith [as commanded by Lt. Colonel Smith] an under strength and ill-prepared unit. A task force as designated normally consisting of a full-strength infantry battalion reinforced. Smith having under his command two companies of infantry not even fully manned and a single battery of artillery [six guns].

* Strange that the effectiveness of the Soviet T-34 tank not anticipated. T-34 more or less impervious to American anti-tank weaponry.

* None of the military planners in Washington working under emergency conditions actually thought TF Smith would have to do battle with the North Koreans. TF Smith merely would set up a blocking-position beyond the North Korean would not dare move further south. This of course was not to be!

* The North Korean army a mix of regular conventional ground units and guerrilla combatants. Teams [four-man] in civilian dress infiltrating south with columns of refugees. Each man of the team armed with dagger, pistol, hand grenades concealed on their person. Fight during hours of darkness, taking advantage of a situation to attack American units when possible.

"Korean War - PART 8, Summer of 1950"

"This episode outlines the great expansion of the US defense budget in response to a new US policy outlined in NSC-68; an expansion that made defense expenditures amount to about 20% of US GDP"

* Conscription for military service becoming an aspect of American life for over two decades as a result of Korea.

* American defense spending as a percentage of the federal budget increases markedly.

"Korean War - PART 9, July, August 1950"

"This episode details the fighting around the Naktong River, west of Taegu and the Pusan perimeter."

* Read here of the spontaneous and ad hoc codebreaker unit able to provide extremely vital real-time intelligence to UNC forces as besieged during the fighting in and around the Pusan Perimeter.

"Korean War - PART 10, Pre-Incheon (August 1950"

"UN forces enjoy almost complete air superiority, and the bombing campaign begins. The Naktong River battles continue, with the NKPA pushing UN forces further into a tighter perimeter east of the Naktong and south of Pohang."

* Air superiority continuing until the arrival of Soviet piloted MiG-15. Relentless B-29 saturation bombing of North Korea continuing until early 1951 and the events that became known as "Black Thursday". Soviet MiG-15 jet fighter proven to be superior to the American counter-part at that stage of the war.

* Contingency plans were drawn for a Dunkirk-type reverse amphibious operation if the situation in the Pusan perimeter became too acute.

More to follow!


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Korean War II.

This is coolbert:

Beginning here with links to the You Tube video the topic of which is the Korean War:

"Korean War - PART 1, Prelude to war (1945)"

"An explanation of the first year(s) of the Occupation of Korea (1945-1949), and some of the key Koreans and Foreign authorities involved."

* Korea since 1905 until American and Soviet liberation as controlled and ruled by Japan.

* North Korea [DPRK] relatively strong and prosperous as opposed to to South Korea [ROK] in those immediate years in the aftermath of the Second World War. The North having industrial development [courtesy of the Japanese] of a fairly substantial sort.

* North Korea their military very well organized and equipped. Possessing heavy weapons such as tanks [T-34] and artillery.

* South Korea [ROK] relatively poor and almost exclusively agrarian when compared to North Korea [DPRK]. Very little if any industrial capacity.

* South Korea their military more along the lines of a constabulary force [conventionally armed police] rather than an army. NOT possessing heavy weapons as understood, tanks, artillery, etc. Personnel quite often hold-overs from the period of Japanese rule, a constabulary cadre of which having a reputation for knocking and breaking open heads on command.

To be more precise for the edification of the reader a constabulary:

"A military or paramilitary type force [constabulary] consisting of soldiers trained for police duties . . .

"Korean War - PART 2, Prelude to war (1946-1947)"

"A further explanation of the Korean factional powers that took over the Russian"'s and USA's respective occupation zones of Korea during the 1945-1947 period."

* Kim Il Sung his curriculum vitae [CV] not well understood. According to some Kim was [?] a Soviet citizen of ethnic Korean background, a captain in the Red Army and had fought at Stalingrad. A puppet figurehead as installed by Stalin. Loyal, obedient, reliable in all measures to create a Stalinist totalitarian regime.

* Syngman Rhee American educated and a Christian [with Austrian-born wife] but with an autocratic style and apparent messianic complex whose policies often were at odds with an American sense of fair play, free elections, etc. RHEE A LOOSE CANNON!

* North Korean a dictatorial system using draconian methods of population control no opposition present or allowed. South Korea the populace more politically fractured, a situation contentious and discordant. South Korean political situation CHAOTIC.

"Korean War - PART 3, Yeosu - Sunchon Rebellion (1948-1949"

"An explanation of the Yeosu-Suncheon Rebellion, Jeju Island Uprising, withdrawal of the occupation forces, and the willingness of both the northern AND southern regimes to begin a war to unify Korea."

 * "Ferment existed in the South, pro and con Rhee. Revolutionary violence and reprisal surprisingly [?] more common than generally thought.

"Korean War - PART 4, Beginning of 'The War' (1949-1950"

"This episode deals with the January 12, 1950 Press Club speech by US Secretary of State Dean Acheson which left Korea out of the United States' 'defense perimeter'. Also is an explanation of the North Korean preparations for war."

* The Dean Acheson speech controversial. Often it is suggested that  Korea not being included in the from that American "defense perimeter" as stated sending a go-ahead signal [even if unintentional] to the North Korean.

* To have a complete and 100 % full understanding as to the origins of the Korean War see the You Tube video:  "Messengers from Moscow - Part 2 of 4 (BBC 1995)".  Seventeen minutes into the video as shown and elaborated upon documents from Soviet archives without question [?] verifying the go-ahead signal from Stalin, North Korea and Kim merely executing prepared plans for the invasion south. Stalin having his well-thought-out reasons for war, to gain long-term advantage over Communist China, Soviet unquestioned dominance in the Far East the goal.

* Tensions obvious to all. Incursions by both sides more common [?] than realized.

"Korean War - PART 5, Beginning of the Attack (June 1950)"

"The Korean Civil War enters into a major phase: The South Korean military attempts to deal with the initial attack from the North in June 1950. The North Koreans blame the South Korean army on the Ongjin Peninsula of attacking first."

* North Korean [DPRK units at that exact moment probably the BEST light infantry in the world. Troops having combat experience in World War Two [WW2] and the Chinese Civil War. Soldiers experience, hardened, resolute.

* Surprisingly so [?] the U.S. government does not seem to had an apparatus in place to deal with crisis. Ad hoc response only possible and then subjected to continuous dynamic change for which only very imprecise information was available.

* Also surprisingly so [?] MacArthur and his Far East Command caught flat-footed and flummoxed by the North Korean attack! MacArthur and his staff veterans of the Second World War and highly experienced. but caught off-guard, bewildered and baffled by events as transpired.

More to follow!


Korean War I.

This is coolbert:

Here begins a series of blog entries, links to a You Tube video the subject of which is the Korean War.


As originally produced almost thirty years ago but so much more significant as it pertains to the present day Korean Nuclear Crisis.

My comments as usual starred! * 

You cannot know where you are and where you might be going unless you know where you have been?

"Korea: The Unknown War (1988– )

By —Mark Lovmo. And all thanks to Mark.

"A documentary about the Korean War by Thames Television that aired in the Summer of 1988 and in the US in August 1990 through WGBH Boston. Including interviews with participants from both the United Nations (USA, UK), South Korea and North Korea,he war."



Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Sarmat II.

This is coolbert:

"First Sarmat ICBM flight tests to begin in early 2019 — source"

Sarmat. Son of Satan. Satan-2. But has yet to be born? Hey! I thought this was a done deal!

From the Russian media outlet TASS and thanks to the tip from Jeff.

"Sarmat is a promising silo-based missile complex with the heavy liquid-propellant ICBM capable of carrying nuclear charges"

"MOSCOW, October 2. /TASS/. The first flight tests of the promising Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) are expected to be conducted in the beginning of next year, a source in the Russian defense industry sector told TASS on Tuesday."

Yet one more Russian super-weapon as touted. One of these liquid-fueled ICBM with a multiplicity of nuclear warheads of prodigious size as carried and as boasted could wipe out all of Texas!


But the missile has yet to even be tested once!

As in the Cold War. "We Soviets/Russians have these enormous and unstoppable super-weapons for which there is no defense and for which you American capitalist running dogs have no equivalent counterpart and never will!" Etc.

But the missile has even yet to fly?

Devoted readers to the blog draw your own conclusions!! Don't count your chickens before they hatch.


Tuesday, October 2, 2018


This is coolbert:

The Burma Railway I had heard of. The Sumatra Railway I had not heard of. Both often referred to as the Railway of Death. As it was in Burma so was it too in Sumatra.

From that era of the Second World War. Allied prisoner of war [POW] and Asian impressed labor [Javanese] forced to build a railway to expedite cross-island [Sumatra] Japanese military movement.

That loss of life during construction of the railway horrific in the extreme. Allied POW and impressed labor basically succumbing to harsh working conditions, cruel and barbaric treatment, disease, malnutrition, etc. What else you might ask!

Thanks to the tip from the BBC History magazine and the original article by Dr Lizzie Oliver.

"The Sumatra Railway, also referred to as the Pekanbaru Death Railway, was a railway project of the Imperial Japanese army in Sumatra during the Second World War. It was designed to connect Pekanbaru to Muaro in an effort to strengthen the military and logistical infrastructure for coal and troop shipments . . . They used forced labour and prisoners of war. 6,500 Dutch, mostly Indo-Europeans, 1000 British prisoners of war along with 300 POWs from America, Australia and New Zealand. This number of POWs was dwarfed however by the over 120,000 Indonesian, mostly Javanese, forced workers called Romusha which were put to work by the Japanese army. By the time the work was completed in August 1945 almost a third of the European POWs had died and only around 16,000 of the 120,000 Indonesian Romusha had survived."

"The railway was completed on VJ Day, 15 August 1945. It was only USED ONCE and then quickly became overgrown by the jungle."


Being a captive of the Japanese during WW2 not a pleasant experience fully understood and for which no further elaboration required!!


Monday, October 1, 2018


This is coolbert:

More scare tactics from the Russian? Yet one more hypersonic missile designed to put the fear of GOD into the Americans and NATO? Arrow [NATO codename]! R-37M.

From Freeper and Deagel:

"Putin's latest weapon: Hypersonic air-to-air missile fired from Russian stealth jets"

"...Russia is set to add a hypersonic missile to its arsenal which can hit targets almost 200 miles away, Moscow's official media outlet has reported. The R-37M missile, which is designed to target enemy aircraft and can travel at Mach 6 - more than 4,500mph - is an upgrade on a Soviet-era weapon first launched in 1985"

Arrow not a new weapon. R-37 has been around for at least thirty years. A long-range air to air missile originally as conceived to be employed strictly [?] by Soviet Air Defense [PVO Strany].

Missile in the configuration R-37M hypersonic and an improved version of the original missile but NOT a whole lot more than that? Formidable YES but not a brand-new system. Hypersonic YES but that is all the rage isn't it? Advertise everything as hypersonic for the purpose of hype. A play on words not unintended!

Nothing to worry about or see folks, move along?